Signs are pointing toward another world war starting very soon

One hundred years after World War I there are many signs pointing toward another world war. It likely will begin in just a matter of months. The flash points are Syria, Israel, Iran, Ukraine and North Korea. The major world powers involved would include Russia, China, NATO and the US.

America is now blaming Assad of Syria for a nerve gas attack that killed scores of people. There is no doubt that nerve gas was used, but blaming Assad for the attack is premature and it might be misguided. After years of the United States telling Assad that he had to go, the United States just a week ago said that he could stay. Why then would Assad now risk losing it all by using nerve agents on a remote village of no consequence?

Assad was not supposed to even have nerve agents. According to Obama, Russia and the UN he gave them up and they were destroyed. Yet, the main stream news media and the Trump administration are convinced that Assad was behind the nerve gas attack. Both stories cannot be true. Did they destroy their gas stockpiles or not? And if they did not, why did Obama, Russia and the UN claim that they did? Why would Assad use nerve gas when he is winning the war and he knows what would happen if he used the gas. It does not make sense.

In response to the gas, yesterday the US launched a cruise missile attack on a base where they think the gas came from. In the short time they had to gather intelligence they can’t possibly know with any certainty that Assad was behind the attack. Ron Paul thinks it is a false flag and he explains why.  Rand Paul thinks the bombing is unconstitutional. The usual hawks like McCain and Graham just love the cruise missile response.

The reports are that Trump turned against Assad and directed the cruise missile attack because he was horrified about beautiful little children being gassed. Before that apparently Trump had little problem with Assad’s bombings that killed tens of thousands of people. False flags are designed to cause emotional knee-jerk responses and if it was a false flag, Trump fell for it.

It is known that Al Qaeda has it own gas manufacturing capability and with Assad winning the war it seems logical to me that Al Qaeda would want to try to make it look like Assad used gas. If you recall, they probably did that a few years ago. The nerve gas attack conveniently allows America to insist that Assad must go after all. The Secretary of State is already talking about building a coalition of forces to accomplish removing Assad. The gas attack gives America a reason to not have a deal with Russia on Syria. The real issue with the deep state Russiaphobe neo-con hawks is Russia having bases in Syria.

You cannot believe anything coming from our government because they lie to the people so much. History is clear that false flags were used to get us involved in past wars. Government leaders today are not getting more honest. Professional political liars and the secret intelligence agencies are controlling the narrative. All is secret because they do not want Americans to even know the truth.

Are we now going to once again support Al Qaeda against Assad? It was the Arab Spring revolution that started the Syrian civil war. America helped fund and arm that revolution in the first place. Many of the rebels America supported soon morphed into ISIS. Six years later, a quarter of a million dead, and Europe being destabilized by millions of war refuges and America learns nothing. That is exactly what Russia is saying.

Russia says Assad did not do it. They claim bombs hit a facility where the gas may have been stored. Russia will oppose America’s actions in Syria and if Russians are killed it could spiral into a world war. Russia is already feeling paranoid with NATO and the neo-cons building a first strike capability near its borders. It will not take much for Russia to believe that an imminent attack is coming and to preemptively launch against strategic targets.

Putin has said that conditions are now worse than they were in the cold war. In the cold war, there almost was nuclear war a couple of times when Russia thought it was about to be attacked by the West. Europeans and American Globalists are acting like they want Russia out of the picture and Russia is acting like a wounded bear. We should keep in mind that Russia is allied with Iran and Syria. We should sit down with Russia and work out these issues instead of acting like Russia is a threat to everyone. It can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

America would be the big loser in a nuclear war against Russia. Most of the Russia population would survive but most Americans would die due to their near total dependence on modern infrastructure. The destruction of America is what some globalists want, so it may happen. A war with Russia might be the best way to bring that about.

If America got in a war with Russia, China might fight with Russia. If America gets in a war with China, Russia might fight with China. A naval or air conflict in the South China Sea could break out at any time and quickly escalate into a war. This becomes even more likely if the world economy tanks.

America has just made it clear that it will use the military option if the nuclear buildup and missile development in North Korea does not stop. I think North Korea will attempt to take down our grid if fighting takes place. The North Koreans have two satellites in orbit over the United States and there is a good chance that one or both have a nuke on board. I suggest that those satellites be taken out before America attempts any military action against North Korea.

If we get tied down in Korea or anywhere else, I can see Iran making a move in the middle east. Iran could release Hezbollah to fire thousands of missiles into Israel. Israel will then occupy Lebanon and air strike Iran. Syria with help from Iran would try to take back the Golan Heights. There could be a world war started in the middle east with Israel, NATO and the Sunni nations on one side and Russia and the Shiite nations on the other. Where Turkey would align is anyone’s guess.

Turkey is being controlled by an Islamic dictator that is black mailing the EU by threatening to send millions of Muslim invaders to further destabilize Europe. I am convinced the Muslim invasion of Europe will bring about civil war in Europe. The only question is where it will begin and how soon?

President Trump thinks he is his own man but it seems to me that he gets misled quite easily. It appears that the deep state establishment with its neo-con hawks are back in control. The decision to bomb Syria makes Trump look tough and that probably was the main reason for it. That attack is not going to fix the problem in Syria, it will just get us deeper involved. The gas attack gave the neo-cons an excuse to send a message to North Korea, Iran, Russia and China.

Why is Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, acting like some alternate Secretary of State? The conflicts against Steve Bannon originate with Kushner and security adviser McMaster. Apparently, these two are more acceptable to the deep state then Flynn and Bannon. McMaster does not believe that there is Islamic terrorism or that radical Islam exists. He appears to be a neo-con Russiaphobe. We are now getting the same type of people that Clinton would have put in. It also is a mistake to put close relatives in the White House to work on policy. Trump will prove to be more loyal to his family then he is to his promises to the American people.

Many high level positions are still filled or are being filled with Obama people and Islamic agents. If Trump just made one mistake, I might call it a fluke but I am seeing a very troubling trend developing. After just a few months in office it looks like Trump is beginning to abandon some of the platform that he ran on.

There are betrayals underway by the Trump administration that make it obvious that Trump has little interest in carrying out some of the agenda that he ran on. The health bill that Trump supported was not a repeal and replacement of Obamacare. It was a statist socialist bill that was much like Obamacare. When the Freedom Caucus opposed it, and the bill was not passed, Trump declared war on the Freedom Caucus. He called the Freedom Caucus and the Democrats the enemy. The influences of the Freedom Caucus got Trump elected in the first place.

Trump ran on deporting all illegals but that changed into just deporting those with a criminal record. One prime example of betrayal is seen in Trump’s selection to head the Border Patrol. The Border Patrol feels betrayed by the Trump administration. The Border Patrol was against the Obama immigration polices and that is why they stood with Trump in the election. Trump gives them payback by putting a guy in charge that advanced the Obama agenda that they hated.

It looks to me like Kushner, Ivanka and McMaster will increasingly set the Trump agenda. Ivanka and Kushner think like democrats and that will reflect on social issues. McMaster will work with the neo-con hawks and get us involved in more nation building and foreign wars. I do not think the libertarian views of Steve Brannon will exist in the White House much longer.

With all the flash points suddenly appearing at the same time, I have to think the globalists intend to get the world into another world war. With Europe breaking apart, I think the globalists have now come to a conclusion that a new world war is necessary in order to realign the nations, bring a superstate in Europe and bring about their globalist agenda. Mostly the U.S. and Russia stand in the way of globalism. They will try to get them to destroy each other.  After all, order out of chaos is their motto.

Why do the elite want a world war now? Because their old world order is collapsing and they know they are about to be exposed for their widespread pedophilia rings and satanic witchcraft. They do not want to go to prison where grown men will give them payback. Many of the Western elite have remote hideouts where they think they can survive a world war and then come back and set up a new world order and rule again. Remember, their fascist daddies hid in the Americas after the Third Reich was defeated.

I can easily see Iran, North Korea, Russia, China and others forming an axis to fight against the  world order that is now being enforced by America. World War happened twice in the last 100 years. They both were started to realign the world order and bring about globalism. It will happen again in the very near future. With all the flash points and with all the unstable leaders in charge, it might be wise for us to stock up on supplies while we still can.

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Signs are pointing toward another world war starting very soon — 100 Comments

  1. Hi Don,
    Kushner is an interesting character. He owns 666 Fifth Avenue, is a devout Jew, and is setting himself up for something big. Hmm. Makes one wonder.

  2. doug,

    he is also in charge of brokering the middle east peace deal!!! hmm interesting.. i might actually consider stockpiling cuz this is getting out of control

  3. Don you hit the nail on the head. Everything you said is exactly what I am thinking as well.

    I do not like where we are headed. I voted for Trump and will still support him, but he has made some serious mistakes. Namely turning his back on the base.

    This strike on Syria may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Eventually Russia is going to act. You cannot keep pushing and not expect retaliation. When it comes, it will be swift and punishing. Remember, Putin stated that the US would not be so fortunate in the next world conflict and I believe he is absolutely right.

    I pray for the families of our soldiers who are most likely headed back into harms way. How quickly many forget the sacrifice that is given. All of these talking heads giving their strategic opinions. All of them blood thirsty for war and death. Not them though. Always someone else’s blood.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Yeah we should pray for our soldiers, but an EMP will hit home. Americans don’t realize just how vulnerable we are. Putin understands that America can be taken down in a flash.

  5. the only way to make assad step down is to destroy damascus like it says in the bible and i think that prophecy will come soon.

  6. If things get much worse I may head to the family farm. Only problem is that I have land, but no shelter. Yet anyways.

    An EMP would bring walking dead scenario to real life. Thank the Lord I don’t live in the big cities. I try to keep a bug out bag in my car with food, water, ammo, make shift survival kit. Would only last me so long though.

    Anyone have any suggestions for survival stuff? Maybe a book that is recommended?

  7. Hi Don,

    All I know is what I read, what is reported, and it looks like I’ve read everything you talk about in this article. Unfortunately I have to agree with you on all of it.

  8. Don, if we have WWIII does that change your timeline for the Rapture? In part of my misspent youth I was a submarine officer (on a missile sub), I believe that WWIII would go nuclear, with the bombs going off like Fourth of July firecrackers. The problem we discussed, in my time, was that a tactical weapon we use would be seen as a strategic weapon by the other side. Once one goes off, a lot more will likely follow. It is easy to see the massive casualties that start in Revelation 6, should that occur.

    I believe we are in the time sequencing that God has set to restore Israel as the center of his interaction with mankind and to remove the Church. That said, God may not allow the war, at this time. God may allow destruction of the US without the Rapture, but WWIII would have such huge consequence that it would seem, to me, to be the great war discussed in Revelation 6. If you are correct about it starting in 2017, we may see the “Blessed Hope” of the Church this year. I believe that God will delay the war until his time is ready for the spiritual restoration of Israel, if he is not ready yet. He may be ready to do so though. However, as a believer, that has seen a few hard times, I always remember Psalms 37:25. “I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.” Whatever happens, we are to keep our faith in our Lord and trust him to guide us through it.

  9. Don,

    I have been reading for several years from Israeli News Sources that Syria still has massive stockpiles of Chemical Weapons from Saddam Hussein.

    Israel News claims that Israeli Intel knows exactly where they are, they monitor them around the clock, and will strike and destroy them if they (Israel) ever feels they are a direct threat to them, via the “wrong people” gaining access to them.

    I think it is most likely that the Intel Trump acted on was from Israel anyway…and I’d bet it was accurate.

  10. Hi Don, all,

    I have been following along over the last couple months, and sad to say, I have to agree with everything that’s been written. It’s all coming to a head, and it’s like waiting for the storm to hit, that you see on the horizon. I don’t really have much to add. But, getting familiar with survival skills, and having supplies on hand is never a bad idea. You might want to learn gardening too, if you never tried your hand at it. I’ve been at it for little over four years now.

  11. I always wondered if what others in alternative media said is true, mainly Trump being a globalist plant though it would be hard to fathom or he is a damn good actor. Even though he appointed Gorsuch, I have no faith in him. Look what happened with Justice Roberts. After seeing some of his appointments I have to wonder, but he may also be getting poor advice along with the leftover deep state employees still in Washington. D.C. Is a cesspool of corruption and the American people, myself included trust nobody in the upper echelon of government, business, or media. It’s as though we have become what the USSR once was. I don’t know how America could survive an attack from a foreign nation, let alone survive the division of its people. I always stockpile water, canned & packaged food, toilet paper, cash, etc, but only for a 2-3 week period. After that there is no point. I will have to rely on God for provision if it’s his will or I will meet my maker sooner than expected.

  12. Hi Phil,

    I think a world war can happen before the Rapture. After all we had two of them in the last 100 years. I really do not have a timeline for the Rapture. I just say the second coming will most likely be in the 2030’s

    I also am not saying that this world war will start in 2017. It probably will start in the next year or two but it could evolve into a world war from a regional war over even more years.

    This war could be the war at the second seal in Revelation but remember I think the first seals occur before the last seven years. In any case, there will be a number of big wars after this one.

  13. I’m glad to see I’m not the only one extremely dissappointed and concerned with the direction Trump has taken. How did Trump go from saying we will destroy ISIS and befriend Russia, to bombing Assad under false pretenses and agitating Russia?! This is no different than if that evil hag Hillary would have won. Plus this happens as soon as Bannon seems to have been pushed aside for Jared Kushner. Who is this Kushner guy anyway? We did not elect him, but he seems to be the 2nd in command for some insane reason.

  14. Nice article once again.

    Perhaps Trump launched that missile attack to show he’s not aliened w/ Russia? To kinda debunk media talking points, That’s why it didn’t do much damage they just used that airstrip again & launched another attack using conventional weapons this time.

    It probably was a false flag for multiple purposes.

    Why in the world would we allow North Korea have one satellite not to mention two! over the United States is beyond me.

    With Trump I’m hearing his attention span isn’t that great he goes w/ the last opinion he hears. That might be rubbish but I’m not too pleased w/ him.

    Kushner’s brother gave money to Clinton and supports Clinton’s in a big way. Kushner’s rise on the world stage is very interesting to me and that he’s Jewish too..

    Don, now does the antichrist necessarily have to be Assyrian?

    That seems to be the only hole in this case. IF he makes a piece deal w/ Israel I think people in the prophecy know will began to scratch their heads.

    As all the rumors of war come to a head and missiles began to fly say as in stages rapid stages that is, then if the cool headed Kushner calls for a emergency world council at once to halt all fighting then comes up w/ a solution for piece then I think we have a case.

    We live in interesting times.

  15. bill,

    it is a possibility but i thought the antichrist had no love for women and kushner is a married man so im not sure about him.

  16. Bill, He has no love for Jesus, who was “the desire of women”. Back then, the desire of women was to give birth to the Messiah.

  17. Hi Bill,

    Every time there is a Jew associated with the white house we get such unmerited speculation.

    Kushner is not the Antichrist. Yes, it appears to me that the Antichrist needs to be Assyrian. He is said to come from Dan of the land of Bashan (the Syrian side of the Golan heights).

    In any case, nobody is the Beast Antichrist until he gets a head wound that is healed, become incarnated and kills the two witnesses. When he rises pseudo Christians will think that he is the return of Jesus Christ. Jews will think that he is the Messiah. Muslims will think that he is the Mahdi, Buddhists will think he is the Lord Maitreya, Hindus will think he is the Lord Vishnu and on it goes. All religions will see him as a fulfillment.

    Besides, Kushner is too skinny and pleasant looking to be the Beast. Satin would reject him. The Beast Antichrist will have a fierce countenance. (Da 8:23).

  18. I think Don is correct that Antichrist is an Assyrian from Dan , I believe a careful verse by verse study of Daniel 11 supports that conclusion. I also think Isaiah 10 supports that conclusion. He may very well have some Jewish heritage or connection.

  19. I believe it is possible to have another World War without a nuclear holocaust being the end result. After all what kinda of spoils will go to the victor if everything is destroyed and uninhabitable? I believe the use of tactical nukes would be much more likely. It may be that nuclear warheads are somewhat obsolete anyway.

  20. Steve,

    A scrimmage in not a world war. Russia has Satan II missiles that can deliver a warhead rated at 200 megatons. Do you think they are willing to lose a world war with the United States when all they have to do is put one EMP over the United States and send us back to the nineteenth century? The spoils of war are not the issue. Sovereignty would be the issue. The problem in this country and why the nation is now at risk is that everyone is living in glass houses but too many of them still think they can throw stones.

  21. wow thats a monster bomb, i think the bomb dropped on japan wasn’t even 1 megaton so 200 is a crazy number

  22. Don that is true. I guess Russia views themselves as the resistance to the NWO.

    Also, what’s your take on Israeli influence in our govt? If it’s there do you see it as a positive? It’s my opinion that we should support Israel at all costs, but I know some do not see it that way. For instance war with Iran or something of the like that could be avoidable. Maybe that is too off topic.

  23. Hi Steve,

    I think being on the right side of Israel is in our best interests.

    The U.S. is not going to avoid war by trying to appease evil predator regimes.

  24. crazy article.. these russians have some powerful missiles able to destroy the size of france? huh we dont stand a chance and they have no reason to be scared of us

  25. So Don, would a single nuclear strike with a large megaton payload have the same type of EMP affect on our national grid as one detonated in the atmosphere over the US?

  26. Seems to me an EMP strike by one side would result in the same type of retaliation by the other side . Both we and the Russians have nuclear capability from submarines . If you attack us are you also attacking Canada and Mexico as they would likely be affected to some extent. Also , just read we have dispatched The USS Carl Vinson carrier group to the Korean Peninsula .Things could get interesting there. I see no good solution for the situation in Syria, and would leave it alone unless Israel is attacked. I personally would go nuclear if necessary to defend Israel.

  27. Steve,

    An EMP only happens in line of sight of the nuclear blast. The big factor is the altitude of the nuclear blast not the payload. It is likely that Russia would attempt to cause an EMP to cripple America and at the same try to take out any retaliatory capability. For example, Russia probably could take out all of our aircraft carriers and our nuclear bombers bases in a flash. Hitting them back with nukes than is pretty much down to our subs and some NATO assets. Russia also has the capability to cause tidal waves on our coasts. By the way, Russia and China probably can take down our grid by just using cyber warfare. We might not even know who did it. Would we then nuke them?

  28. Don Fritts,

    We have much more to to lose from an EMP war. Russia does not have our grid. Russia is not an economic power. Russia also is much larger. I also think at their high latitude an EMP would have less effect. If Russia takes down our grid, up to 90 percent of people in the US could die because of the collapse of vital infrastructure and the social breakdown. I doubt if we could take out 15 percent of the Russia population even with an all out nuclear attack.

    Russia is far more prepared for a nuclear war than America is. They have huge underground shelters and even the civilians drill for a nuclear attack.

  29. Thanks for the breakdown Don. I seem to remember reading an article somewhat recently about Russian civilians drilling for a nuclear strike and taking shelter in one of the bunkers. The US population will be completely caught off guard if a nuclear war breaks out.

    An interesting note. I found one of our old fallout shelters at a post office near me. There was a radiation sign on the outer wall of the building labeled fallout shelter.

  30. Hi you all, Dr Savage had a segment on nerve gas Friday, most agreed that it was not nerve gas used because the cleanup crew was in there without any protection. Also the choking and spasms are a symptom of a different type of gas. Anyway I am totally convinced they have something on Trump and/or that he is not very smart and/or is corrupt. He has let me down on everything he has done/not done. Sad and I am grieving. I was prepared for it, but it still hurts.
    These convergences are happening on all fronts…medical, food, water, geopolitical, and more. We need to be prepared on all fronts. I agree that after a month or so of being a prepped, what is it worth? I hope Jesus comes to get us before it gets reall really bad.
    God bless.

  31. Don,
    I came across a statement last night that said if America collapsed (was destroyed) the world economy would collapse. Economics not being my strong point I did a little research but came up with some agreeing and some disagreeing. What do you think?

    If so, who would be foolish enough to try to destroy us? If not so then my question is moot.

  32. Hi Caitlin,

    It does not matter. If the world economy collapsed, national economies would still exist. Who would be so foolish? Those that think that they have sufficient resources to recover from a world war.

    By the way, war does not have to come as a result of a rational decision, usually war is the result of emotional responses.

  33. With China’s deployment of 150k troops to the NK border, I wonder if Trump and Xi came to some sort of agreement on regime change and or military action?

    I guess the troops could be there to prevent a massive refugee crisis on their border. Or perhaps they will actively participate in the removal process, quite a diplomatic accomplishment if true. Maybe another option, Chinese support for NK. Which would be quite problematic. In any case I hope we can avoid war. Unfortunately that is looking less and less likely.

    Don, would an EMP strike on NK be beneficial in nullifying their response? Be it conventional (artillery) or nuclear?

  34. Okay Don thanks.

    I don’t think Trump or Putin are stupid men but as you say “rational decision vs emotional responses.” Is there any rationality in Kim’s head at all?

    I’m not abandoning Trump because Assad lost some planes. The whole world has become so unhinged I’m just caught up in where does it go from here and how long will it take to get there.

  35. Hi Steve,

    I would think the Chinese troops are being put there in case the Kim regime falls. They do not want Koreans coming into China.

    I do not think nuclear EMP’s over North Korea would degrade their forces very much. I am sure their nuclear weapons are hardened and their other stuff is pretty low tech. I think we could use conventional EMP’s for critical target areas.

  36. With the number of nuclear missiles that the usa has, it doesnt even have to make a direct hit to kill 90% of the population not only of Russia but also kill by fallout the surrounding european countries and parts of china.
    Russia’s underground shelters cannot even accommodate 3% of it’s population.
    But granted it means some of them will survive but it wont be as optimistic for them as you think.
    Nuclear fallout and radiation everywhere.
    Then remember russia is very cold.

    America has already hardened several of its bases and missiles against EMP.
    Their priority would be protecting operations.
    They dont really care about the civilian population.
    Russia can kill them off and the super elite wouldnt care.

    Inspite of this, i dont believe America and Russia would want to go this far.
    It isnt time yet.

  37. bongito,

    We target military assets not population centers. Our nukes are relatively low yield, so I do not agree that 90 percent of Russians would die in a nuclear war with the U.S.

  38. Don, the problem that I see is not the wide scale destruction of 90% of the population. In my misspent youth I was an officer on a Polaris submarine. I read every public article that I could concerning this. The problem Russia has is that it’s transportation and communications all go through a limited number of chokepoints. One article, from Scientific American, I think, in the 1980’s analyzed the effect on the Soviet Union. One big issue, at the time, was that the centralized state had 90%, I believe was the number, of the rail lines went to Moscow then from Moscow. The same was true of telecommunications. They were much easier to control too. That was the product of the centralized state planning. The rail system has probably not changed a lot, telecommunications probably have. A war which disabled the rail transport and telecommunication system of the US or Russia would paralyze either country. A lot of minorities in Russia do not like Russia. Because of that, I personally, consider that destruction will not happen before the Ezekiel War. Gog has to have a large, undamaged state (or so I think) to produce the army Ezekiel foresaw. I do not really think Russia or China will push to a war of nations now because they will not survive (we may not either). I agree the main threat is the short fat guy in North Korea or the religious nuts in Iran and an EMP attack.

  39. I’m going to be controversial because of a desire for biblical truth, not from a desire to be contrary.

    Naked Bible Podcast Episode 152: Ezekiel 38-39, Part 1 (Terminology)
    Heiser addresses the fallacies of translating Hebrew nesi’ ro’sh as “prince of Rosh” and interpreting the phrase as modern-day Russia. and the difficulties ancient translators had with the term.

    Episode 153: Ezekiel 38-39, Part 2 (Interpretation)

    Okay, bottom line from part 1. Gog-Magog is not Russia and has nothing to do with Russia. If this is correct it could be a game-changer in the way we view Russia and the end times. I’m not saying I know which view is correct, but it’s a valid study from someone who actually can translate Hebrew.

    Part 2 addresses who Gog-Magog is.

    I’ll leave it to all of you as to whether you want to explore this, it’s on You Tube.

    Does it change a potential with a war with Russia? I don’t know but there doesn’t seem to be any reason for one if neither the US or Russia are involved in the Ezekiel 38-39 war.

    Have a nice Easter ya’ll.

  40. Thanks for bringing this up, Caitlin. I too have been listening to Dr. Heiser’s podcasts — I’m going through them all from the beginning — and debated whether or not to mention it here because the Gog/Magog/Russian theory is so firmly entrenched in the conservative, pre-trib mind. I too thought it was settled science because Chuck Missler taught it as truth, but realize now that it isn’t necessarily so. Dr. Heiser’s Ezekiel 38 & 39 studies (as with most of them) were real eye-openers.

  41. Doug, Caitlin, I have not listened to anyone’s podcast. He may be right, I suspect that we will all someday look back and say WOW! However, I based my opinion on the free book published by Dr. Jon Mark Ruthven at this link . He may be wrong too. I do not know but there is still the “uttermost part of the north” discussion in the Bible. There is only one “uttermost part of the north”. I still think Russia. I would be foolish to trust my interpretation, but we need to trust Christ. Whatever happens, we are his. The whole thing may be post rapture, I have read that too. Even without Ezekiel, Russia will not want war with us. They would lose and lose badly if it remained non nuclear. No one would win a nuclear war but they would cease to be a viable country should that happen and Putin wants to avoid that as much as we want to avoid seeing it happen here. I believe Don is still right. The danger is the small fry like NK or Iran.

  42. Hi Caitlin and Doug,

    The idea that it is Russia is not just based on the word Rush. The Rush argument is nothing new and it is not the basis for believing that the main player is Russia. For example, according to Dr. Ken Johnson. The book of Jasher (a 1000 BC history book) indicates that the people in question in this Ezekiel prophecy settled in what is now South Russia. In fact, he thinks those who teach otherwise really do not know ancient history.

  43. Be careful with Dr. Heiser. He has no real Eschatology. He does not know when it will all play out. I do not believe Heiser even claims to be premillennial. People with his background usually are amillennial. In other words he does not look at prophecy like those that take it literally.

    Nothing is settled science for those that believe Bible prophecy is some form of allegory.

  44. Hi Phil,

    Dr Ruthven is another scholar in the same league as Dr. Ken Johnson. They both claim Russia will lead that war. When I published an article over ten years ago on this topic, Dr. Ruthven emailed me giving me support for what I said. He also sent me a copy of his book that researched this. I then provided a link to his book from that article. The book is called The Prophecy That is Shaping History. Click on that title to get a free pdf copy of the book.

    This is my article on this topic.

    Actually, it probably was this article that triggered his email.

  45. Hi Don,

    Not sure if Heiser is Pre or A, but I do know he doesn’t talk much about it, and he doesn’t traffic much in Eschatology. As far as Magog is concerned, he claims these people are well known and from from around Turkey. The big concern I have with Dr. Heiser is that he is so scholarly-centric, I come away from his teachings with the sinking feeling that the only way to really understand the Bible is by immersing myself in Semitic history and learning Hebrew, Greek, Assyrian, and Ammorite Pig Latin. It’s at these times that I have to remind myself that God’s word is for all ages and all peoples, and therefore must be able to be understood by all who read it, if they do so diligently. I have no problem with Russia not being involved in Ezekiel 38 & 39 — at present Russia does seem to be more Christian than the US — but I do have a problem with the church going through Jacob’s Trouble, which is another area he plays it close to the vest. Even so, his teachings are very interesting and educational. Exercise discernment is the advice here.

    I tried clicking on the title above, Don, but nothing happened.
    (Oops, ignore the above. I found it in the article you linked to. Thanks ~ Doug)

  46. Hi Doug,

    Just because someone is an expert in ancient texts does not mean they will teach all theology correct. I mean the Bible Answer Man (Hank Hanegraaff) just converted to Eastern Orthodox?????

    I believe experts with Premillennial Theology on matters of Eschatology. Many amillennial people are just trying to disprove anyone with premillennial theology. Make no mistake, the Bible taken literally only teaches Premillennial Theology. Those that think differently are interpreting scriptures through their theology.

    I forgot to put in the link but I fixed it.

  47. The Bible man goes Eastern Ortho? Who’d have thought it? I’m just sitting here shaking my head in wonderment. It just keeps coming ,don’t it ? Unreal.

  48. Just wanted to add my two cents in on Dr. Heiser. When his name first was mentioned on one of your other blogs, I was really interested and so went to his website and also watched a few You Tube videos he made. It didn’t take me long to realize he was way above my pay grade, but still interesting. However, I happened onto one of his You Tube videos, a very short one talking about the rapture. The way he explained it left me with a terrible sinking feeling that the rapture would not happen. That’s when I quit listening to or reading anything of his, because when I read the Bible, it plainly says we have the Blessed Hope. That’s what I hold onto every day. It’s what keeps me “running the race.” So, Don, I thank you for pointing out that just because an “expert” says something, doesn’t make it so. Thanks for all you do, Don. I couldn’t get through the day without you and Grace Thru Faith.

  49. Thanks Grandma Linda,

    If I recall correctly Heiser does not believe in Dispensational Theology with its pre-trib Rapture doctrine. Like I said, those that believe that the Bible teaches Premillennial Theology should get further illumination on Bible prophecy from premillennial teachers. The very early church fathers before Augustine taught that those in Christ would be removed before the tribulation. A literal interpretation of the scriptures does not allow for amillennial or postmillennial beliefs that often become infected with Replacement Theology.

  50. Hi Don,
    I was pretty sure my post wouldn’t play well here.

    Heiser is amillennial and he doesn’t even like to get into eschatology. He has said some things that made me angry because I didn’t agree but that doesn’t make him wrong about everything just as premillennial teachers are not right about everything.

    It wasn’t long ago that I still believed Eve was talking to a snake in the garden. I’ve learned a lot from Heiser and from you too and I haven’t agreed with you on all points either. Unless someone is way out in left field I don’t shut them off because there’s something that could be learned from them. I know enough about the bible to use discernment but not enough not to explore. My personal opinion about Russia is irrelevant but I do believe Gog is a supernatural demonic being.

    BTW, Heiser does agree with you about the gap theory, he says no. That didn’t play well here either, did it? lol.

    I’m still in the process of filtering out traditional presumption. A lot of the comments on your blog are interesting, useful and educational. I learn from them too.

  51. To me, one of the worst issue’s these days, are those who are always searching for the next NEW thing. But in reality, “there is nothing new under the sun” just different takes, on old heresies. One of the things done most, is redefining words to make new ideas fit preconceived notions. Not just redefining, but rather RE-interpreting the meanings of those words.

    I guess God’s Word needs their help after 2000+ years. The plain meaning is just too easy.

  52. Hi Caitlin,

    I am aware of much of Heisers teachings. He is very good when he stays within his area of expertise. He misses it on Bible prophecy because he does not take Bible prophecy or Revelation literally. Yes, Heiser does not buy into the gap theory. It creates more problems than it solves.

  53. Hi David L,

    Gnosticism is reappearing big time in Christianity. Those that claim new knowledge are redefining the faith. When the false Messiah appears the neo-gnostics will believe that he is Jesus Christ because their “enlightened” understanding of Christ will allow for it.

  54. Just getting around to reading your summer articles. This article I noted an error. The Shia cannot be on both sides. I am sure you meant that the Sunnis would be on the side of NATO and Israel.

  55. I think you fixed it the wrong way?
    I believe the Sunni nations align with Israel and NATO. The Shia nations of Iran, Syria, and now Iraq align with Russia.

  56. Thanks Don,

    I needed a good laugh! Self deprecating remarks always welcomed. We all have dyslexia at times though.😁

  57. I see a third major war on the horizon as well. After all, each major war, was implemented for a specific reason. World war 1 brought us the league of nations and This failed to unite the world. Then the second world war brought us the United nations. This has stuck. I feel the third World War will bring us the One World Government. They will say that the world needs to unite with one government to avoid any further conflict so men can live in Peace and Safety.Then the end will come.

  58. I don’t know what others are thinking about World Events at this time but now I am asking myself, how can the current escalation in Israel NOT lead to a significant war ?

    Islam will be incited by their taskmasters, Worldwide, if President Trump does what no President has done, though, authorized by U.S. Congress since the mid-90’s.

    Here is what Mahmud Abbas had to say about it…

    “The American recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel destroys the peace process,” president Mahmud Abbas’s spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeina said in a statement to AFP.

    “The American recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and moving the American embassy to Jerusalem involves the same level of danger to the future of the peace process and pushes the region into instability,” he said.

    Islam is not going to take this lightly, if it happens, I think there will be chaos and “infidel” lives lost worldwide by Islamists.

    Further this with Israel today bombing what is believed to be either an Iranian base or a cache’ of weapons in Damascus.

    There is no doubt that Iran (Persia) is setting themselves up in Syria to mount attacks against Israel in the future, and they have Putin’s backing.

    How can war even possibly be averted ?

    Sure, Trump could NOT move the Embassy to Jerusalem like every President before him who didn’t want to be responsible for inciting a war…and sure, it might take time for Iran to try to continue to set up bases while also being bombed by Israel.

    Israel will not allow Iran to get too comfortable in Syria unless these bases can somehow be built covertly, or Putin threatens Israel and says there will be a Russian response if you (Israel) continue to bomb our allies or our interests, Iran.

    I am seeing an escalation forming…Anyone Else ?

  59. Hi ~David,

    I think Putin already threatened Israel but Israel said they will take any action necessary for their own defense. Even so, I don’t think Russia will be coming down for a few years. I also do not see the Arabs uniting over Jerusalem right now. The Saudis and Egypt are not going to back a war with Israel right now. They are more concerned with Iran.

    There probably will be another war with Hezbollah within a year or two and Lebanon will lose. A Russia, Iran, Turkey alliance is prophetic to Ezekiel 38 but its going to take some years for that to develop. There are other nations mentioned in that scripture that are not now in any position to come against Israel.

    The big question for the next couple of years is will there be a third world war even before the Ezekiel 38 war? There are flash points like North Korea and Iran for such a war.

  60. Don,

    I have not read that Putin threatened Israel, however, I did read that Putin told Israel that Iran in Syria is legitimate and they are staying…much to the consternation of Israel.

    I do not think this war would be the “Hook in the Jaw” quite yet, but still significant.

    Cush, Put, and Togarmah don’t appear to be in any position at this point for the Ezekiel War.

    From my understanding of Scripture, the Saudi’s will not come against Israel, in fact, the Saudi’s will do nothing more than voice their displeasure of an attack of Israel and the Saudi’s have already made those statements publicly…I’m not sure about Egypt but I don’t think they would be a participant from this point to the Ezekiel war.

    The Saudi’s have no love for Israel but they know that they also are a target by Iran…so Israel is the Saudi’s best defense, of course…and the Saudi’s for a long time now have let Israel use their air space.

    Iran, from what I’ve read and heard from reports is trying to get closer to the Golan Heights…but Israel keeps destroying their attempts and will not allow it.

    It is just my opinion, and hopefully I am wrong, however, I do think that Islam will go Looney Tunes Worldwide if Trump does indeed move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem…Islam is very territorial and once they believe they have “conquered” an area, they resist any and all concessions with a vengeance.

    Sunni Islam is on a Worldwide caliphate tract, I do see them going bonkers if the embassy which would recognize the legitimacy of Israel comes into being, this would be a new “Nakba”…after all, we are talking about Islam’s 3rd holiest site (Jerusalem) and they are already drunken like the rest of the world with the “Burdensome Stone”…I see this in the UN assembly every time they gather.

    Iran is clearly trying to set themselves up in Syria for attacks towards Israel, I think Iran with their Shiite theology cares about little else other than destroying the U.S. and Israel and bringing about their Mahdi…Iran has made it clear that regardless of the possible civilian casualty count and even if they are destroyed, it’s worth it to usher in their Shiite Mahdi.

    This coming war or perhaps, just a pre-war, is not the Ezekiel War…but it sounds very significant and appears to me to be an escalation towards the future Ezekiel War.

    I have not read or heard of my above scenario, this is just my opinion.

  61. Let the games begin..

    It appears to me from from every report I’ve seen and heard on Christian News Channels and even Fox News over the last few days that President Trump will indeed move the Embassy to Jerusalem, at least as a future proposal…and, of course, recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital in the same speech, likely tomorrow, Wednesday.

    Islam will get violent Worldwide, that is obvious and is being hinted at strongly by sources…will it go to unprecedented levels ?

    Our U.S. Marines are apparently on “Stand By” according to some sources, where exactly would these U.S. Marines be located that are on standby ?…I’ve heard differing reports on this and my best source who always has Reliable Intel Reports has not posted on YouTube…yet.

    This might not become a “Declared War” but could result in an “Undeclared War” very easily, depending on how extreme Islam takes this.

    I do not like violence or bloodshed and I am not a war-monger, however, my heart is with Israel and the Jews, it’s time for the world to get serious and start stepping on these cockroaches who harass Israel and the rest of the world…how I do wish that Islam could see right now that Israel’s land will actually extend from the Nile to the Euphrates upon future Prophetic Fulfillment…Islam would be spinning in circles like the Tasmanian Devil.

    No offense intended towards the ‘Tasmanian Devil’.

    Assuming this plays out tomorrow as it appears, I would say I am very proud of our President Donald Trump, this should have been done in the mid to late 90’s…but it’s taken President Trump in 2017 to finally stand up to Islam and the games with no consequences, not to mention the rarely fulfilled campaign promises, that these politicians play.

    It’s About Time !

  62. I just saw the news that President Trump will move the American embassy to Jerusalem
    I see David has beat me to sharing that news.
    The disappointing part is that it takes a minimum of 3 to 4 years to move an embassy anywhere. I didn’t know that.

  63. ICYMI here is one of the best articles I’ve seen on this. And it forces the State Dept to move sooner, rather than later. Here is a link, and excerpt.

    (I’m not wild about “the Resurgent” moving to this new platform, but..?) Steve Berman is a conservative and Christian writer of good quality.

    “President Trump informed Middle East leaders he intends to let 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act go into effect. Good Trump.

    The United States Congress passed S-1322 on October 24, 1995, with both houses of Congress voting overwhelmingly in favor (87% for, 8% against). President Bill Clinton let the bill become law without signing or vetoing, and Public Law 104-45, known as the Jerusalem Embassy Act, went on the books.

    The Act recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and imposes steep (50%) holdbacks against State Department funding for “Acquisition and Maintenance of Buildings Abroad” for each fiscal year that the U.S. embassy in Israel is not moved to Jerusalem.

    It has been the position of each administration since Clinton to sign a waiver to delay the Act’s implementation every six months. Today, President Trump will not sign the waiver, fulfilling a major campaign promise.”

  64. Hi ~David,

    At this point I do not think the Muslims will do much other then demonstrate at our embassies. That is probably why the Marines are on stand by. They guard them.

    The only reason we have not done it sooner is there is always a peace process in the works but rational people know that Muslims do not want peace with Israel.

  65. Hi all, and Steve, Don,

    I should have posted this month’s ago. After Don suggested to Steve a survival blog, I found this app that contains a survival manual that can work offline for your android device.(an inexpensive Solar charger would be helpful too)The author pulls together lots of information and sources too. There is a full wiki page with this info too. Tons of helpful things, large and small. The wiki is basically the same as the app.

    Survival Manual to help you overcome hard situations without internet (offline)

  66. How Disappointing !

    Islam wins through intimidation once again.

    God gave Israel, including Jerusalem, to the Hebrews / Jews…It IS God’s Land Given to the Covenant Jews.

    Israel, since May 14, 1948 have been thrust into many wars because of their hostile neighbors in the inner and outer circle surrounding Israel…and the world media and minds of mush condemn Israel.

    Israel wins every war, ends up with more land, then gives it back as a token for peace that does not promote any sort of peace with Islam…and the world media and minds of mush condemn Israel.

    Israel is very passive about the daily rockets being fired from the Gaza Strip…the land area that Israel gave to the Palestinians to boost the Palestinians health and well being and take these ungrateful Palestinians out of horrible living conditions, but the World Stage only takes up the “Palestinian Cause”.

    Israel tolerates living among the very religion that is bound and determined to destroy them…and the world media and minds of mush condemn Israel.

    Islam could care less if the U.S. recognize’s Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. The U.S. is the “Great Satan” to Islam anyway. This works to do nothing but give Islam more rhetoric to hate the U.S. even more, as if Islam needs reasons to hate more.

    Sure, Islam will protest this and argue about it on their soapbox just as a show of strength, but ultimately, this means nothing.

    Now, if Trump would NOT have signed the waiver, and arrangements were being made, starting TODAY, to move the Embassy to Jerusalem, then Islam would have went violently berserk…and everyone know’s it, hence the reason why President Trump was persuaded to sign the waiver as every President before him.

    So, the News Reports were wrong, ultimately President Trump gave lip service on his bravado Embassy move to Jerusalem and nothing else.

    Campaign Promise Fail For President Trump.

    How Disappointing !

  67. ~David,

    What are you talking about? Trump recognized that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel today and plans to move the embassy there. He never said it would be moved there the minute he announced it. We first will have to find a suitable building or build one and move all of what is needed there.

    This article explains the delay.

  68. Don,

    If it weren’t an issue, President Trump would NOT have signed “The Six Month Waiver”.

    President Trump can have all the architects and planners working on an Embassy in Jerusalem but by signing “The Six Month Waiver” once again, it does little else than put Islam on a Six Month Alert for more of their “activities”, and Islam is very serious about this proposed Jerusalem Embassy move.

    What, because President Trump says it’s going to happen, it’s an absolute in six months, a year from now ?…or perhaps it will have to be done by the next U.S. President Elect…???

    Today, Wednesday, December 6, 2017 was the perfect time to NOT sign “The Waiver” because there is only the violent Islamic factor today…in six months, there will likely be a lot of intentional influences having an impact with “The Waiver”…and what ?…does anyone think in six months, Islam will not be the same violent volcano ready to erupt ?

    Islamic strategists are not stupid, they are genius at underhanded tactics, they do the unthinkable to get their desired result…we’ve seen this over and over again since 9/11.

    On such a critical issue like Islamist Ownership (in their opinion) that can never be given back and no concessions can ever be made with the infidel, does anyone really think that Islam isn’t going to prepare to do whatever they need to do to strategically make this Embassy move to Jerusalem a lot less feasible in six months ?

    Now since Islam has six months to work on it, I’m sure Dr. Evil and his Muslim Minions are in their Batcave already devising their sinister plan.

    Islam, if nothing else is clever…in a sinister way.

    I think Islam strategize’s things well from an execution standpoint for their desired results but is mostly violent and brutal…but has a modern track record of being effective through intimidation.

    Islam does not get what they want or don’t want through speeches, they get what they want through extreme intimidation because they have a very long track record of extreme violent tactics.

    Also, in Six Months, is the UN and whomever else going to weigh-in on President Trump’s proposed Jerusalem Embassy move ?…now was the time to NOT sign “The Waiver”…if it weren’t such a huge issue, President Trump simply would not have signed The Waiver and the Embassy would OFFICIALLY be underway.

    I am disappointed also that President Trump seems to think, or at least acknowledge the notion that a ‘Two State Solution” and/or “Peace” is even possible…where is Pence’s Biblical Knowledge and Wisdom on this ?

    Islam cannot and will NEVER agree to peace…it goes against the core Islamic nature…If Islam did in actuality agree to Peace, Islam would cease to exist as their entire religion is based on violence and conquering.

    Islam has been killing amongst themselves over the rightful successor of Mohammad for the last 1500 years and Islam has been violent as a means for their religion for about 1500 years, this is not going to change, obviously.

    “The Waiver” was everything, the Speech Promise is lip service, the verbal Declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital has minimal effect on anything pertaining to Ownership and/or Peace.

    And yes, I’ve read the number of excuses making its way around the News Circuit as to why President Trump signed the 6 Month Waiver…I’m not buying it.

    We’ll see what happens between now and the next go-around in Six Months.


    Mr. Trump said that he also directs the State Department to begin the process of moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, but he will sign a waiver that will delay the move in order to avoid significant funding cuts, senior administration officials said before his statement. Officials said that it was not possible to move the embassy to Jerusalem immediately, however, and it could take “a matter of some years.”


    Trump signing “The Waiver” is all over the news, though, I did notice that some News Outlets like Fox News aren’t explaining it all very well.

    Yeah, and if “significant funding cuts” do turn out to be reasoning why President Trump did sign “The Waiver” as has been done over the 22 years…I would bet highly the consequences for NOT signing “The Waiver” in the future will be even more severe, Islam and all those that oppose Israel and the Jews will see to that.

  70. David, Don,

    Apparently David only skimmed the article, and the MSM we all should know by now, can’t be trusted.

    This quote from the CBS article, NEAR the end, of course!

    “The latest deadline to sign the waiver was Monday, but the White House has not yet said whether he signed it.”

  71. David L.,

    After reading several articles today about this scenario, they have all indicated President Trump has already, will, or intends on signing “The Waiver”.

    Has it been done ?…likely yes, but who knows when it happened or will happen officially, I don’t think President Trump is going to Scooby Doo all of us and not sign The Waiver now.

    Oh, how I do wish that wasn’t true.

  72. ~David

    Why would Trump sign a waver about a law moving the embassy to Jerusalem when he declared today that we recognize that Jerusalem is the capitol of Israel and directed the State Department to move the embassy there? Would Trump then have to keep signing wavers every six months until the embassy is ready? I think not because the executive order that was holding it up has already been given.

    It could be that Trump has to sign the delay of the move for funding reasons but that does not change the directive. They have to move over 1000 people and build a large complex in Jerusalem, that cannot be done overnight. And they will need additional congressional funding to accomplish it. That is not Trump’s fault. I do not know what more he could have done?

    Congress overwhelming approved this move in a law passed in 1995. I do not think they are going to back out now. How would they even get any rescinding of the law passed while Trump or Pence is in office?

  73. Don, I think the media is trying to sow discord by being vague, but I too just listened to Trumps speech, and there is no doubt, the embassy IS moving. If Trump gave the State Dept. any kind of waiver, he might possibly have given them relief from the monetary penalty only by creating a NEW temporary waiver, only for that aspect.It could even be reviewed every quarter, to make sure progress is being made. And I’m not even sure that’s a reality.


    Don / David L.,

    I respectfully disagree.

    How can anyone say, because they listened to President Trump’s Speech, the Embassy moving is an absolute.

    I listened to it also.

    The heat is going to be heavily turned up by Islam long before another “Waiver” decision is made.

    This Jerusalem Embassy move is a huge matter in Islam, as they are very, very territorial.

    Now, I come from a standpoint of liking what President Trump has done so far as President…I believe if President Trump stays the course, he will be the best President we’ve had since Ronald Reagan.

    It was announced today that “The Waiver” was signed, like I thought we all knew.

    Now, here is where I think the error is on President Trump’s part…

    Islam reacted as we knew they would, with rage…and that was only after a formal verbal declaration of Jerusalem being Israel’s Capital.

    Nothing has been confirmed in writing and nothing is official as of yet…just President Trump’s Word.

    If / When The Waiver is NOT signed, and the Embassy move becomes official, the Muslim’s are going to be even more outraged than what we saw yesterday and today…and they are going to be ready for it.

    If President Trump would have officially, NOT signed The Waiver at this time, Islam would have still thrown their tantrum…but it would be over and done with in time.

    Islam will now prepare itself for this proposed move, we are not going to see a kinder, gentler Islam…they will be much, much worse and who knows what World Entities will now try to influence this Embassy Move.

    Now, I am not saying the Embassy won’t move Jerusalem, I think there is a chance it will…but it will be vastly more difficult in the future…which is a part of my point.

  75. One more thing…

    If anyone thinks The Waiver decision to sign or not is just a formality or not that big of a deal, look at the facts, it was approved in 1995 and still not executed 22 years later.

    I won’t rehash the reasoning here on why it has not been signed all this time.

  76. David,

    As I stated earlier, you are not reading things correctly, and I’m showing great restraint in not using several adjectives that come to my mind. Here is the article header you posted. Please note the DATE!!!

    June 1 2017, 10:21 am ET
    Trump Signs Waiver to Keep Embassy in Tel Aviv

    by Ali Vitali

  77. Yep David L.,

    I did make an error on that article date…but you don’t have to restrain your adjectives.

    It is all over the news on the proposed Waiver signing.

    But, you must be correct David L., because a President said it, it will be done as GB1, Clinton, GB2, and Obama always did what they proposed.

    And, I’m sure I’m overreacting, there will not be any issue with The Waiver NON-signing in the future, Islam will act with responsibility, value for life, and integrity.

  78. ~David,

    That was not the point. The article you quoted was about the waver that Trump signed six months ago. You should not have used it to try to prove that he signed a waver again. The end result was a rant based on nothing.

    I first thought you were reading old information but with your link to that article I assumed that it was current news. I never thought about looking at the date on the article. I am glad that David L. noticed that.

    So basically all you were claiming about Trump not keeping his promise was wrong. If you were in the media you would have to retract what you said. And you should.

  79. Don,
    Here is an official press release from the whitehouse, and it’s amazing that nearly every republican and a few democrats commending the presidents actions. I did a page search, and waiver is not even in anything. If, he’d have signed it again, absolutely none of these Congress critters would be praising this. Itd be political suicide.

  80. Don,

    This is not about Trump keeping his promise, he promised weeks before the speech to do exactly what he said and did.

    Trump, never promised to not sign the Waiver which is what I was focusing on in his speech.

    I am upset about it, very upset about it…

    In the opening of Trump’s speech about Jerusalem when he was talking about “The Waiver”, I thought for sure, he was going to say, “The Waiver” will not be signed and we will move forward per the 1995 proposal to build the Embassy in Jerusalem.

    He never said that, and there was not even a promise to not sign the damn thing in his speech.

    After his speech, I’ve been listening, watching, and reading news In anticipation of the signing becoming official public knowledge…they all have said he has already, or will be signing The Waiver.

    Yes again, I did screw up with those two links…I wish I would not have posted them, now the focus is on my error instead of what I said about the inevitable realities in dealing with Islam.

  81. David, we are still waiting on your proof? Show us 2 links that agree with what you are saying, or give it up. And read through the multitude of comments by congressmen in that link I provided while you’re at it.

  82. ~David,

    I think you are making wrong assumptions. The waver just delays the law. Now that Trump did not sign the waver the law passed in 1995 moving the embassy to Jerusalem goes into effect. There will no longer be any waver every six months for him to sign. Trump did not have to say he would not sign the waver, not signing it put the law into effect. If you know something that says differently, let’s see the proof.

  83. David L.,

    I am actually listening to the news right now and hearing the same exact thing over and over again.

    But, do you see this David L., because I made a readily admitted error, the entire focus of what I said is completely focused on that error. I screwed up, I’ve said that how many times now ?…but that doesn’t change my point.

    What I said will happen should be a surprise to nobody, if The Waiver is not signed and the Jerusalem Embassy goes forward officially, then Islam will go even more Looney Tunes than what we’ve seen yesterday and today.

    If it is signed and every resource has indicated that it will or already has…then, Islam will only be able to focus and act out based on the verbal declaration of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

    The only proof I can offer at this exact moment is on exactly what President Trump said and didn’t say…and what the news is telling me, which hopefully is accessible to everyone.

    I am very focused at the moment on this Waiver signing becoming official as it is a huge endeavor.

    And while I’m at it, Don, you have a strict policy on your blog of people who say things on your blog that are not accurate or are misleading, I violated that policy…it was not intentional, I assure you, but I did and readily admit that.

    I believe my point is still valid, however.

  84. David, it’s very simple, by NOT signing the waiver, the law is now in effect. For the President to order the state department to start with plans to move the embassy, had he actually signed the waiver, HE would be BREAKING THE LAW or at the very least, advocating others do so. And do you think that nearly every Senator and Congressman would be congratulating him? Or the press and leftist progressives around the world would be up in arms if he actually signed the stupid thing?

    Your points about the Islamic world are not really anything new, are they. They hate Israel no matter what happens.

    So, save yourself the aggravation of looking to prove a wrong assumption on your part, that he signed it. The waiver was not signed, and the law went into effect last Monday, right after the deadline passed. Finito!

  85. ~David

    I read and listen to a lot of news every day and I have not heard such a claim about Trump signing the waver even once.

    All you have to do is give a link to a news source that says what you claim. I think by not signing the waver the 1995 law now went into effect so there is no need for any more Presidential wavers.

    The very reason why I am disputing you on this Blog is because I think you have it wrong. You can either admit you got it wrong or you can provide a link to a valid news source that backs up what you claim. That should not be so hard to do since you claim you are hearing it all over the news. A Zionist Bible prophecy teacher on Youtube or the Radio would not qualify.

    We know the Muslims will go nuts over Israel they always do. However, you basically called out Trump and implied that Trump copped out over Jerusalem or will cop out. What more could Trump have done?


    OK, I will admit at the start, I did not read this entire article…because it is all over the news, so why bother…I picked the news source at the beginning of the search (dated December 6th, yesterday) list that had something to say about this, I really know nothing about the NY Daily Times…but they are one of many on this topic.

    I did, however, make sure I had the date correct this time.

    And, YES, by law, Trump can STILL sign The Waiver despite being past Monday’s deadline.

    I am not going to give you a link to that…I ask you to look that clause up yourself.

    And, just for the record, I am rooting very hard that Trump NEVER signs the damn thing….but that is not what ALL the news reports are saying…and not one source I’ve seen, heard, or watched, has said President Trump WILL NOT sign ‘The Waiver’ either.

    If Trump does NOT sign The Waiver, I was wrong for calling out President Trump.

    If Trump DOES sign The Waiver today, tomorrow, or whenever, then the trouble leading up to the next ‘The Waiver’ will be extremely likely as I said.

    Perhaps he is doing all this intentionally and planning on NOT signing The Waiver…but that is not official and far from what I’m hearing and reading.

    But again, my entire point at the very beginning of this was about the dangers of Islam and what will happen…possibly a Declared or Undeclared war, now that is my opinion and not as concrete as the Islamic responses I mentioned.

  87. David, I’m sorry, but this update to an article dated Wed., Dec. 6th, only states:

    “Like several commanders-in-chief before him, President Trump is expected to sign a six-month waiver on plans to move the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”


    “In the meantime, Trump HAS TO authorize a six-month delay as spelled out in the Jerusalem Embassy Act”

    Says WHO? There is no source quoted for this, and only speculation here. Just how does the paper KNOW what the President will, or will not do, Did or Did Nit Do?

    Like I said, the MSM print intentional mistakes all the time, then later print retractions buried where no one will ever see. And, as I said, if Trump DID NOT sign it on Monday, then it’s the Law Now..

    What I and I’m sure Don, would like to see, is, an article that states Trump Signed the Waiver ON (this day) meaning Monday Dec. 4th, 2017 and not wishful speculation by the press. Neither he, nor I, both if us news junkies I’m sure, can validate your claims.

  88. ~David,

    Thanks for the link. I stand corrected. It seems the law moving the embassy to Jerusalem was passed in 1995. What has been happening since then is a waver of actually moving it on the grounds of national security.

    Trump was told by his people that it would take a number of years to move the embassy to Jerusalem. Here was Trump’s response to his people.

    The LA Times reported on Thursday that Trump is likely to sign the waiver again, but that at a recent discussion on the subject, he expressed anger about having to do so, and stated that postponing the move indefinitely is “unacceptable.” The report also said that Trump asked his aides to prepare a plan of how to eventually move the embassy, even if such a move would not be carried out immediately.

    read more:

    There are funding issues involved. Without the waiver, crucial State Department funding to the embassy would be cut off.

    I have not found anything definite yet that Trump actually signed the waver but there are reports that he is expected to do so.

  89. I just watched my most trusted Middle East resources say that President Trump already signed ‘The Waiver’.

    I will not bother to give out this resource as it will not hold water in this discussion, but he has yet to be incorrect in the many years I’ve watched him…of course, there is always a first.

    I would bet, if it is true that President Trump signed or will sign, ‘The Waiver’…that it should be public known news shortly.

    I don’t understand why no news outlet is giving us concrete details about this yet.

    The funding issue was the first thing I saw that convinced me initially that ‘The Waiver’ would be signed.

    Assuming this is correct and ‘The Waiver’ has already been signed or will be signed as all indications are saying, to me anyhow…

    Let’s see what happens in 6 months, a year, 5 years, or whenever…when this U.S. Jerusalem Embassy Waiver becomes an issue again.

  90. David L.,

    To be honest, I screwed all this up and I apologize.

    I was careless and didn’t use valid articles to make my point, which is a direct violation of Don’s policies.

    I assure you, it was not intentional.

    I will pay better attention to dates and read articles more thoroughly before posting links.

  91. David,

    No need to apologize. What i find hard to believe, is that most of the major Israeli News sources have this story, but very few, and I mean only a couple MSM sources even come close to being thorough. The last link I posted was by far, the most complete. It could be, that the MSM want to keep the anger going, and are only focused on reactions to the eventuality of the embassy move. It’s certainly a subject worth keeping an eye on.
    Take care,

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