Supernatural nature of the Beast of Revelation is understated

Many Christians have taken supernatural explanations out of the Bible. They claim to believe the supernatural realm exists but they deny it exists by teaching natural explanations for biblical accounts that do not say what some claim they teach. Two prime examples are the usual Sunday school explanation for when the Sons of God took daughters of men and produced offspring, and the watered down explanation for the nature of the Beast of Revelation.

The Bible clearly teaches that Elohim (angels) had unnatural offspring with women, (the Nephilim) even if many in our churches have an agenda to deny any supernatural explanation. If what is said in Genesis 6: 1-4 stood alone, the natural theory that the sons of Seth had offspring with the daughters of Cain might be considered, but this account does not stand alone.

There are other passages in the Bible that talk about giants on earth and there are other ancient writings that say that angels came down to earth and had offspring with women. They were the giants and the men of legends. Ancient Mesopotamian’s could not have made up stories to agree with a book that was not written yet. Ancient accounts of angel/human offspring predate Moses and Genesis.

What the angels did, brought about the corruption of genetics and that brought about the universal flood judgment. Those that do not understand this never give rational explanations for questions like why the worldwide flood happened, why there are demons on earth, why God told Israel to wipe out all living in Canaan, why judgment will come on earth again, and what is the nature of the Beast in Revelation?

Other than what I just said, I am not going to rehash what happened in Genesis. I already wrote about it here and here.  Other reasonable accounts are available on the Internet by just typing in “Nephilim” in Google.

This article is really about the nature of the Beast of Revelation. I mention the Genesis account because it helps explain the fallen angel supernatural connection.

If you look at mystery religion today, you will find that there is nothing new under the sun. What pagans worshiped in ancient days is what pagans are worshiping today. They might put different names on their deities but they perform the same rituals and sacrifices to try to conjure up something supernatural.

Such mystery religion occultism is apparent in Catholicism, Mormonism, Masonry and witchcraft, but now it is becoming part of western culture through New Age paganism. Just  look at the public luciferian ritual recently performed at sporting events, media ceremonies, and at CERN. The occult pagan rituals recently only practiced in secret societies and mystery religions are now going mainstream like they were back in the days of Babel.

There is a connection between luciferians, pedophilia and child sacrifice. There is more child sacrifice and rape of children than most anyone knows. Luciferians believe they receive supernatural powers from tormenting the souls of the innocent. Occult ritual by world leaders at the Bohemian Grove and elsewhere are done for a reason.

Satanic people are trying to open a door into the unseen realm. In God’s timing they will get what they want. The world is now being set up  for the demonic invasion that comes out of the abyss. It is not going to be like most Christians think. The rise of the Beast will be a profound supernatural event. He will even have the supernatural power to kill God’s supernaturally protected witnesses (Rev 11:7).

When the Beast appears there will be a total paradigm shift in human thinking. The great deception that is coming will be nothing less than a revealing of beings coming out of another dimension (the abyss) that will claim to be the forefathers of humans. They will be convincing because these beings will appear as supernatural god/men to humans. That is why scripture says all of this world will be deceived.

The Beast will be a human/angelic hybrid. God calls him a Beast because he is no longer human. Those that desire to conform to his image by taking his mark cannot be saved because God created humans to be imagers of Himself.  Imagers of Satan can have no place in God’s creation other than the Lake of Fire.

The supernatural Beast will probably identify as Nimrod, Apollo or Zeus. Some scholars that investigate ancient writings theorize that Nimrod was a Nephilim hybrid. All pagan worship started in the days of Nimrod.  The names of the deities change to Zeus, Apollo, etc. but the nature of the beast remains the same. They are fallen angelic demigods. They possess supernatural powers and they rule over principalities (Eph 6:12).

Satan was acting out the god/man concept before the incarnation of Jesus. Satan knew that God had a plan to redeem the human race through a human Messiah. He just did not understand how it would be accomplished.

The flood set back Satan’s agenda to corrupt the genetics of the human race. The confusion of the languages at Babel also set a similar agenda back. The resurrection of Jesus and those born into the body of Christ halted Satan’s plan to set his own god/man on the throne. It cannot happen until he that hinders is removed.

Satan continually tries to carry out God’s plan through himself acting as God. That is why he offered Jesus the god/man position if Jesus would just worship him as God. Satan’s methods are not going to change. He will offer another the god/man position when he has the power to do that.

That is not the same as the God/man (Jesus). The god/man will be a convincing satanic counterfeit to all those that reject Jesus. Satan always counterfeits God. He thinks he is the most high God in God’s creation. The Devil knows the Creator who transcends His creation works through beings in His creation. He also knows the Creator is not going to destroy His own creation. Therefore, Satan supplants and counterfeits God in the Creator’s creation.

The being that we call Satan is the most powerful being in creation. If there were no God of creation, Satan would be the most high God. He is an angel of light. Luciferians believe this being is the most high God. They claim in their writings that the God of the Jews (JHWH) is a lessor created god.

Those that think the Beast empowered by Satan will be limited on earth by human actions are delusional. They deny the supernatural empowerment he will display. Humans will have no power over the Beast. Who can make war with the Beast (Rev 13:4)? The correct answer is no one. None on earth will be able to defeat the Beast. The return of the God/man is required to defeat Satan’s god/man.

The Son of Perdition will be a god/man incarnation just as Jesus is the God/man incarnation. I suspect the god/man will be accomplished much like what occurred in the days of Genesis. Angelic and human DNA will be combined to create a human appearing hybrid.

Scientists can create such a hybrid being today. The new CRISPR gene splicing technology makes it possible. Angelic DNA would of course be needed. The human genome is cut and then other DNA code is pasted in. RNA then transmits this gene information to other cells in the body. Shortly you get a whole new species. This is not hypothetical, scientists are creating human/animal hybrids today. About the only thing still preventing designer humans is ethics. With another decade of the further decline in ethics, and with further experimentation, super-humans and monstrosities become very likely.

I do not know if the Beast will become the Beast in this way. However, I do think that others will take on a genetic code when taking the mark or because of the mark. There is a reason why those taking the mark get a noisome and grievous sore (an unforeseen contraindication?). There also is a reason why nobody will be able to die during the five months of the flying stinging locusts. Not being able to die even if you want to is not natural (Rev 9:6). That probably means that something at least temporarily changed in the genetics of those taking the mark.

I have said before that I think the Antichrist will offer humans immortality in the flesh in his kingdom of god on earth (Babylon). He will not be able to deliver on that but the world will believe him.

When mankind takes on the nature of the Beast by taking his mark they can no longer be saved (Rev 14: 9-12). That tells me that they are no longer of the Adamic race and therefore cannot be saved by the God/man Kinsman Redeemer second Adam (Jesus).

So why do Christians need to know this? They really don’t. Some do insist that Christians will be on earth when the Beast is revealed so they say Christians need to know such things. I believe only those left on earth will need to know these things. In either case, it has nothing to do with salvation by grace or the Christian walk of faith. Maybe that is why there is not much explanation about these things in the Bible. Even so, I do not think Christians should have wooden heads either. Passages in the Bible are put there for a reason. Correct meanings that are not sealed can be known.

There is nothing new under the sun. What happened before will happen again. Jesus said that at the end of this age things on earth would be very much like they were in the days of Noah and Lot just before God’s judgment fell on the unrighteous unaware. You should see that the demonic pagan activities that happened in ancient times and that brought about God’s intervention are increasingly occurring again. As we see the big picture-taking shape, the nature of the Beast becomes known. Through the things that we do observe, we can know the time of fulfillment of those things written about grows ever shorter.

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Supernatural nature of the Beast of Revelation is understated — 28 Comments

  1. woah great article, i was just watching the magicians on youtube perform some insane magic tricks that seem impossible like david blaine, theres many more of them and it says under the youtube channel that demonic spirits are helping them. this guy literally makes frogs come out of his mouth in front of celebrities shocking all of them and these dudes in china make bread appear out of dough without even baking it. i actually do believe that spirits are guiding them.

  2. Another great article Don. I certainly agree with you on the main points of the article. I have come to consider that abortion is a type of child sacrifice, which makes the religious fervor that “progressives” attach to it seem appropriate for such activity. The only lack is a statue of Moloch.

    I have wondered how the beast promises will be implemented. One thought I’ve had is that recently there have been articles about people able to download themselves to a computer in the near future. There may be a conception of an “internet” comprised of chipped people able to communicate at the speed of thought with the promise of eternal life in a matrix. The first thing Christ will do upon returning is to unplug the thing though. In any case, you are right. The only place, that I am readily aware of in scripture, where salvation is no longer possible is after receiving the mark.

  3. Matthew 24 must be speaking to Christ rejecting Jews as it speaks of these events happening while they are still here on earth? Thanks for the private financial advice. Just kidding!!

  4. Isn’t it easier to just have fallen angels, or even Satan himself, impregnate someone? Maybe he will be a literal son of Satan.
    I think we are some years away from gene splicing working perfectly. Plus this world leader will have to at least be in his 30s as it takes time to rise to power in politics. That’s way past 2030-2035.

  5. No reason why this couldn’t have been done 20 or 30 years ago, Jim. The son of the Satan might already be among us. Might already be in a position of power.

  6. One of many questions. Why would God allow one of Noahs daughter in laws to have an inbred seed or whatever from a fallen angel ( demon ) if He was cleansing the earth from all of this?

  7. Hi Jim,

    The Son of Perdition already exists in the Abyss. Remember the Beast rises out of the Abyss.

    I think you also missed another point. The genetic changes that I mention can now be done in adults.

  8. Hi George,

    The fallen angels that left their first estate are chained until the judgment. These did not breed with Noah’s daughter-in-laws. Demons are not fallen angels. Demons are probably the spirits of Nephilium that existed before the flood. Ancient writings say their spirits were cursed to roam the earth.

    There are different theories on how there were Nephilim giants after the flood. It may have to do with genetics of a daughter-in-law. It also could be that some Nephilim went underground or somewhere else and survived the flood. The UFO abductions and conjectures might add some weight to that conjecture. There are other theories. We really do not know.

  9. How will I answer my prayer partner She leans toward thinking that we could be the 2 witnesses.
    Would it be better to stop this partne ship?
    I look forward to your reply,marj

  10. Tell her to read my revelation commentary. The two witnesses are two men not two women. Praying with her depends upon if you want to keep praying with a delusional narcissist or not.

  11. Don I also forgot the important point that the beast must come from out of the abyss. With all the theories and such it’s easy to forget the simple details.

    I have heard about the abduction theory playing into the great deception. If I’m not mistaken and correct me if I’m wrong, it suggests that many people who claim to have been abducted were indeed and their semen or eggs were harvested for the creation of hybrid beings. The abductees being fallen angels as opposed to aliens.

    I’m not sure if that is what you were referring to in any way, but i found this very interesting. I think I actually first learned about it through a link on your site years ago. I guess if the fallen angels were to return to earth with these hybrids, then that would be quite a deception. I suppose the antichrist/false prophet would have to prepare the way for them first though I guess. Anyway very good article.

  12. Hey you started your blog again awesome when did you start back up?

    Also can you explain what is this Pagan religion is? Specifically, what are the top 10 things Nimrod practiced and what was the name (like sacrifice) and how those names changes in other religions (named change but practice the same like sacrifice now equals prolife) and what major religions follow that path?

    Path I assume is start with Nimrod, next evolution was Bayblon, Next was…., Next was…., Next was Roman Catholic Church, Next was Musilm… Next New Age? Just wondering what the history progress was and I am assuming that this spread out over time. And what is the main goal of all this and how are they going to bring it all together to say worship the Beast?

    Glad you are back

  13. Hi Jeremy,

    I only stopped blogging for a year. I started this new blog over a year ago.

    Paganism is the worship of thinks in God’s creation. Coming up with answers to all your questions would take a lot of research and the writing of a book. I suggest that you get started on it.

  14. Don

    As to the giants after the flood. There are four fallen angels held under the Euphrates River to be released during the sixth trumpet event. They do seem to have been found guilty by God for doing the same interbreeding with the human women as was done before the flood. There are four different named tribes of giants (the Rephaim, Emim, Horim and Zamsummin) shown in the Old Testament in the 1406 BC entry period of the ancient Israelis. That Og, King of Bashan was so tall implies that his birth was early in the Nephilim birth lineage, if not an original creature. Four tribes of giants – four angels locked up. Seems like a match to me.


  15. Don

    I also see Nimrod as the first incarnation of a false god. In tracing the chain through the generations, the last named major false gods were the Roman line. In looking at their roles in the past, I see the last name of the anti-Christ as Mercury. That will leave the last name of Satan as Zeus – the god of fortresses that the anti-Christ will worship.

    Both of them this time around will be pretending to be ascending beings “aliens” from some other part of the galaxy. This is why Daniel says they will be worshipping beings no one has ever worshipped before… (our ancestors have worshipped everything on this earth.) The False Prophet will also likely be an alien pretender, SHE will most likely from another “alien race”.

    They will not allow people to experience the “Ascension” (what they are now coming to call the “rapture” – in imitation of the real rapture of course) without taking the angelic DNA which is included in the 666 mark. This is what they are actively teaching in great detail today.

    The greatest deception ever… deceiving even the elect if possible…


  16. Nah… a she. As in the false “Virgin Mary” that has been making mysterious appearances around the world for many years now – worshipped and venerated by Roman Catholics & Muslims alike… SHE will say THIS (the anti-Christ) is my “son” the “real Christ”… can’t imagine a more deceptive argument…


  17. Interesting points, but the Bible also says that the AntiChrist will not have regard for women. Take that to mean what you will, but I don’t think the False Prophet is a woman. Of course this is my opinion.

  18. Actually Don, I refer you back to my 6/19/2013 post on your previous blog for more details.

    For this thread, the Greek of “another beast” introducing the False Prophet in Revelation 13:11 is “allo therion”. Allo & therion are both accusative neuter singular. So, when our English version of Revelation introduces the false prophet it should be clear that it is in the neuter, not in the masculine.

    The Hebrew (our Old Testament) for beast (cheva or chevah) is in the feminine. So, all of the beasts Daniel describes, including those related to Revelation are feminine. The three beasts the anti-Christ himself incorporates are all feminine.

    The Latin Vulgate, when translating from the Greek chose to use “beastiam” for beast. Again a feminine singular word. The English chose masculine for the pronouns despite the underlying beast being neuter.

    Yes, “pseudoprophetes” (the Greek for False Prophet) is a genitive masculine singular. But that may just be a way of referring to prophets in general (like mankind includes male and female). Why? Because the Old Testament had 48 male prophets & 7 female prophets, so as referring to them as a company of prophets (masculine) would have been correct also.

    Not saying the False Prophet must be a female (remember in reality the anti-Christ has no regard for men or women – no humans at all) but the original (non English) Revelation manuscripts certainly support this most vile alternative.


  19. Fount,

    Instead of always searching for alternative explanations to Bible prophecy that nobody is going to believe, you might consider the more orthodox views of translators and teachers.

  20. Hello Don, very interesting article. I certainly agree that one could go off on all sorts of tangents and come up with all sorts of results, but as you stated above I will stick to the more orthodox views. I can’t believe the crap that is being shoved down unsuspecting throats, and is believed to be gospel or Bibical. At this time of year when we celebrate the coming of the messiah (the date really doesn’t matter, what matters is he actually came) to a world that was lost in sin, we should meditate on the fact that this God actually became man and lived with us and died for us. What is coming I am certain will be scary, each day this earth becomes a more difficult place to live. Have a great Christmas.

  21. Don

    I don’t search for any alternative explanations to Bible prophecy – I allow the Bible to speak for itself. This is why I agree with you on the supernatural reality of the Bible’s teaching – starting with the Genesis 6 interpretation. You know that this teaching of yours is certainly not orthodoxy. You also know much of the Bible demands to be read as supernatural.

    For about 14 years I studied and agreed with most of the tenants of the Protestant approach to understanding Revelation. After I had many years of Bible teaching experience (and having read the entire Bible six times) I was asked to move to a new church and teach Revelation on a weekly basis.

    In digging deeply to match Revelation’s confusing statements with other prophetic passages of the Bible, I then started shifting my understandings – especially about the timing of the rapture. After teaching Revelation for six years, I was encouraged to write about end times things. The last seven years, I have spent full time studying and writing about all of the things of the end (including the actual Bible timeline, matching the Bible with the world’s proven markers). Thirty years into studying Revelation and 19 times reading the Bible – I am pretty convinced I understand the things of the end of our age.

    Hundreds around the world already believe me, and I believe many more will once I start publishing more of my research. No Orthodoxy teaching only for me… my only teachings will be the Bible speaking clearly against the real world lies currently spread by Satan.


  22. Even so, the Bible says nothing about a demon passing itself off as Mary as being the False Prophet. Now a demon could be whispering in the False Prophet’s ear. Now that view is Orthodox Protestantism. AKA a demon possessed Pope.

    By the way, what I say in my Revelation Commentary is quite Orthodox. It is premillennial Dispensational Theology. The rest I sometimes talk about is my views on the means that we get to those Revelation events.

  23. Steve: Regarding “the desire of women” of Daniel 11:37, I do believe it should be read as it sounds, the desire belongs to women. It was the desire of Jewish women to give birth to the promised Messiah.

    “He will not regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god. For he shall magnify himself above all.” (MKJV) ‘Above all gods’ is the inference so sexual desire is out of context.

    Some translation have it thus: “… or for the god desired by women…”

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