Commonsense reasons why Jesus returns before 2040

You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that Jesus returns very soon. Here are just eleven commonsense reasons unique to our generation that indicate Jesus returns before 2040.

1.  We can know that Jesus returns before 2040 because mankind is planning to put a human colony on Mars by 2030.

Space X led by multi Billionaire Elon Musk has a very aggressive program to put people on Mars by the middle of the 2020’s. NASA and the European Space Agency are also planning Mars missions that should put people on Mars before 2030. I think China will also have a program to put people on Mars or the Moon.

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Pseudo Christianity now rules post Christian America

Most institutional Christianity in America today is pseudo Christianity. It has the appearance of Christianity but it is just a religious facade led by wolves in sheep’s clothing and hirelings lording over a flock of mostly goats. The leaders of pseudo Christianity appear as shepherds but they speak with a forked tongue.

Pseudo Christianity is now the vast majority in America. That is why astute Christian people are saying that America is now a post Christian nation even though over 70 percent of American adults still claim to be Christian.

100 pointers that should help you understand, identify or avoid pseudo Christianity:

  1. Those that believe you become a Christian through a ritual of baptism as an infant or as an adult, probably are in pseudo Christianity.
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Where are the God-fearing American men?

Americans have allowed depraved Marxist’s and depraved racist radicals to rise to power in government, educational institutions and most media. These people hate traditional Christian America and they are doing everything they can to destroy the nation built by the mostly white Christian builders. Bringing in millions of darker skinned migrants is part of their racist plan to change America. Where are the God-fearing American men that will stand against them?

These haters with influence in our nation also want to change America by bringing in more people who hate Christianity. I do not know why Americans cannot see that bringing in Muslims is just part of the hateful agenda to destroy Christianity in America.

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Catching Up On A Few Major Issues In The Age Of Depravity

A lot has happened since I stopped blogging about a year ago. I will just document six major issues in this age of depravity post. Keep in mind that any complete discussion on these six issues in this age of depravity could not be accomplished in any reasonably sized article.


1. Trumping up the 2016 presidential election. Donald Trump for president? Ha ha ha ha. Who would have thought his present poll numbers were even remotely possible? After what the Obama administration did, and the Republican Congress has failed to do, I do understand why American’s are fed up with politicians.

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