Memo on FISC abuse by DOJ and FBI is just the beginning

It is important to keep in mind that the release of the memo is only the beginning of the disclosure of illegal government activities. This memo only deals with the way a few Trump hating bureaucrats in the DOJ and the FBI deceived Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judges to allow spying on Donald Trump and associates.

This memo is very important because of what it implies. The DOJ, FBI, DNC and the Clinton campaign were conspiring to deceive the court so they could get a warrant to spy on the Trump campaign to try to keep him from being elected. Then after he was elected, top government officials conspired to try to keep President elect Trump from taking office and later to remove him from office.

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Collectivist traitors and snowflakes attacking the foundations of America

The foundations of America are under attack by socialist collectivists that have taken over much of academia, media, and government. They intend to destroy America because they hate God, nationalism, liberty and individualism. The socialists want a world where everyone on earth is micro managed by “more evolved” Obama and Oprah queens controlling the collective. All of what you see taking place in the cultural war is the means to achieve the Marxist end.

Godless Marxists calling themselves “progressives” now control the political left in America. The political right in America believe that individuals have inalienable rights given by God. Those rights are outlined in our Constitution and its Bill of Rights.

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Globalist socialist coup against Donald Trump and America

A coup is underway in America and the outcome of it will decide whether or not the Marxists get to dictate their world agenda to everyone in America. When I point out that there is a globalist socialist coup against Donald Trump and America, I am talking about a conspired effort by the whole Marxist family. This includes Communists, Progressives, Fabian Socialists, Fascists and Islamists.

The ranting against President Donald Trump on most mainstream news is an all out effort to get public support to remove Trump from office and get their globalist socialist agenda back on track. It also is an effort to keep the focus away from all the criminal activity of the Obama administration.

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Obama: twelfth greatest President or greatest un-American President?

I have had a long dialogue with someone emailing me. He was hostile toward me because of my views on Obama on my blogs. In the course of the dialogue, points were brought up that I addressed. This is not everything said. That would be too long. My comments are in bold.  The abbreviated statements from the other person begin with an *.

*I gave you proof in links.

Cherry picking articles is not proof of anything to me. I could find articles in support of what I said, but I know it would be a waste of time. You say your links were unbiased but most of them are to leftist sites.

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Trump will not end progressive agenda or drain the swamp.

The election of Donald Trump was a godsend to the Church because it may hinder further actions against Christians for four more years. Even so, I do not expect the Trump administration to hinder the progressive slide toward globalism, socialism, debauchery and violence. I also do not expect Trump to drain the swamp.

President Trump will find out very soon that saying you are going to do something and getting it done are two different things.

The Democratic Party is not going to go along with Trump’s agenda and those Republicans that hate Trump are not likely to go along with Trump’s agenda either.

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Hillary’s crimes don’t matter to Romans One people and the indoctrinated

Reality in America can be much scarier than any haunting experiences on Halloween. The possibility of Hillary Clinton becoming President of The United States of America is more scary than fiction.

Bill and Hillary Clinton should be in jail. Hillary’s crimes include willful mishandling of classified information, obstruction of justice, perjury, bribery, money laundering, pay-for-play, racketeering, and possibly treason, sex crimes, and murder. Such crimes would get her executed in about any other non Western country in the world. However, in The United States, Hillary might instead be elected President.

Apparently Hillary’s crimes do not matter to almost half the people in America.

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Halloween fright night spooky stories wake the living dead.

It has been a short and warped Halloween tradition of mine to write about spooky things or to allow others to tell their own spooky stories. I think we can use fright-night to help wake the living dead (brain-dead) among us. Besides, for us warped humans that live and die with regularity, spooky stories on Halloween can remind us that we are mere mortals. They also can be entertaining. 😈

I believe my first spooky story for Halloween was written in 2009. It was about Obama being Rosemary’s baby. The frightening thing about that story is that if I wrote it today, I would not change a thing.

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Elite intend to bring America down – America on the eve of destruction

America could be on the eve of destruction. I think very troubling times are about to hit America. The elite fully intend to bring America down one way or another because a powerful America is an impediment to world governance. They fully plan to have world governance in place by 2030 with or without America.

Obama came from out of nowhere and became President of the USA because the elite promoting him believed he would work to bring America down. He certainly has. With the help of fellow travelers in media, Congress and the courts there was no way to stop him.

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Perspectives on 2016: A world full of crisis.

In spite of Obama’s rosy State of the Union message, from my perspective 2016 will be a year of crisis for the United States and the world in a world full of crisis. Instead of Obama ending his term gloating about his accomplishments, he may end his term with dung on his face when everything falls apart before he leaves office. The fall of Obama might be much like the fall of George Bush on steroids…or laxatives.

Economic crisis in a world full of crisis:

One world crisis that is looking increasing likely in 2016 is an economic downturn. There are indicators that already point to a recession in the United States.

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Are Americans scared to death of terrorists?

During the December 2016 Republican presidential debates Chris Christie said, “people across the country are scared to death of terrorists” and Mike Huckabee said “Americas are just plain scared”.  Both of them implying that Americans are quaking in their boots because of San Bernardino terrorist attack. WRONG!

We sing in our national anthem that America is the home of the free and the land of the BRAVE.  I guess Christie and Huckabee think differently. They say we Americans are “plain scared” and “scared to death”??

America has 22 million military veterans? Are these warriors scared to death of terrorists?? There are many millions more Americans that know how to hunt and shoot guns.

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