The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: Large collection of Gnostic lies lore and myth

The Genesis 6 Conspiracy, by Gary Wayne, was mentioned on this blog so a brief critique of the book seems appropriate.

I decided to get the book after I watched some interviews with Gary Wayne on YouTube. The book is about 800 pages and all of it is rather small print. The word count is equal to about three normal sized books. The book has almost 100 chapters. It includes a bibliography that numbers about 130 publications and that is followed by 100 pages of end notes (3000 to 4000 of them!). The book is a difficult read. There are a lot of mythological names to deal with.

The subtitle is How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind (put humankind back under the control of those with Nephilim blood lines).

Gary Wayne claims to be a Christian contrarian who has maintained a lifelong love affair with biblical prophecy, history, and mythology. He developed this work over thirty years. It appears that Gary Wayne is entirely self-learned since he offers no academic credentials in the book or in the interviews that I saw. What also is absent from The Genesis 6 Conspiracy is any endorsements by peers, scholars, religious figures or anyone else.

The book is written like none I have ever read before. About half the passages in the book end with an end note that refers to a document that somehow supports what Wayne just said. I have no idea if these are direct quotes, paraphrases or just Wayne’s own understanding of what was written? I am not about to check out the thousands of end noted publicans to figure that out either. Most of the publications documented are obscure books that would not be readily available to most people.

Gary Wayne writes as if readers should be familiar with his sources. He often just gives last names in his narrative and says this person says thus-and-so. One needs to go to the Bibliography or end notes to see who and what work Wayne might be referring to.

The Genesis 6 Conspiracy contains a lot of information but in my opinion it does not make a good reference book on mythology, Gnosticism or anything else because it is very difficult to find anything in it. A glossary might help but with all the names it would add another 100 pages to the book.

While reading the book I got the impression that Gary Wayne extracted and documented thousands of short passages from the works in his Bibliography that he might later use as he wrote his book. It seems like he pasted in the extracted passages wherever he thought they would best fit. That probably is not what he did, but that is the impression that I got from the endless end noted short statements that minimally seem to fit the narrative. Of course, I have no way of knowing how Wayne actually constructed his book.

Much of what Wayne says in the The Genesis 6 Conspiracy comes from second-hand or third-hand sources. All the sources Wayne uses comes from the 130 works in his Biography. Most of these are dictionaries, encyclopedias, “holy books”, apocryphal books, Gnostic books, works on mythology, conspiracy theorists, books on free masonry and ilk.

Quoting modern sources like Encyclopedia Americana or Unger’s Bible dictionary for academic support on ancient texts, names and mythology is a bit sophomoric to me. Also, to quote what the Qur’an says about pre-history and Bible history, as if the Qur’an adds additional truth to the Bible narrative shows a very high regard for a demonically inspired deception complied a long time after the biblical events. Wayne should take heed of what Paul was saying in Galatians chapter one.

Let me give you a couple of examples of why I think Wayne’s research is lacking in scholarship. Wayne end notes Gary Kah and Jim Marrs in many passages on Masonry as if Kah and Marrs are experts on the plans of illuminated Masons. Using conspiracy theorists to talk about Masonry only works if they actually have inside information. Do Kah and Marrs actually know the Illuminati plans to bring in the luciferian global government, or do they just write as if they do? Wayne would be more convincing if he used documented first hand sources for what the Mansons/Illuminati are planning. Just quoting what Kah and Marrs wrote about Masonry does not make it true. Marrs writes on many topics and is widely thought to be a crackpot.

Another example is that Wayne uses Zacharia Sitchin for ancient pre-history and Dan Brown for Gnostic blood lines and grail theories. Both have been discredited by real scholars, so why use them? I believe that Dr. Michael Heiser has proven that Sitchin is wrong and that Sitchin could not even read original ancient texts. Brown is no source of truth to be quoted either. He has tried and failed to disprove the resurrection of Jesus Christ by claiming Jesus got married and had offspring. There is much in Brown’s books disproved by biblical scholars.

I am sure real experts (certainly not me) that are more familiar with the sources that Gary Wayne used could find many more questionable research issues. Even so, I do not think any real expert would even bother critiquing this book because they would not waste their time critiquing fantasy.

The whole narrative of the book is based on a false premise. Gary Wayne believes humans existed on earth long before the creation of Adam. He calls them the “people of day six”. It sounds a bit like the gap theory but it does not fit that theory either. Wayne thinks humans were on the earth for thousands of years before Adam. He claims that the creation of Adam is a later creation. Apparently people were living and dying on earth long before the curse in Wayne’s world. He says that Cain’s father was not Adam. He claims a dark angel or Satan impregnated Eve and she had Cain.

That is not what the Bible says. The Bible clearly says that Adam knew (had sex with) Eve his wife and she conceived and bore Cain. Eve even says, “I have acquired a man from the Lord”. Then according to Wayne, the satanic Cain mates with these “humans of day six” and they produce offspring in constant opposition to the descendants of Seth. This serpent seed doctrine is nothing new, it is considered heresy. From that false doctrine the proponents can then claim there is satanic genetics being passed down through blood lines and races. It can become a fleshly elect verses a non elect battle of humanoids rather than just a spiritual battle. That is what the Nazi’s believed. They thought they were the elect race.

Wayne indicates that Cain’s descendants interbred with the Nephilim. He claims the flood narrative allows for some “sixth day humans” and Cain/Nephilim humans to have survived the flood. He said that is because God was only referring to the Seth line of humans in scripture that said that only Noah and his family survived. Wayne’s believes that non Seth human survivors allowed the Cain/Nephilim reptilian dragon blood lines to be passed down after the flood and Wayne believes they are still being passed down through royalty and secret societies. Wayne claims the Antichrist will come from the Cain/Nephilim blood lines.

Most of the book is tracing those reptilian blood lines through royalty and secret societies. Along the way you get other mythological figures such as fairy’s, elf’s, vampires and aliens.

I do not doubt that some of the people and the secret societies that Wayne traced, believed they were/are the guardians for secret knowledge and are the conveyors of luciferian blood lines. They of course are believing a lie. They might even try to convey that lie to the world and God might even allow the Antichrist the power to convince others to believe their lie. Even so, it had nothing to do with passed down Cain/Nephilim DNA and reptilian blood lines. It has everything to do with spiritual deception.

I have other news for the author, the Qur’an is not the third scripture as Wayne claims. It is a demonic antichrist substitute for the Bible. It is not a companion scripture to get more information about pre-history or biblical days.

The Antichrist will come with all deception. And I am sure the claims of secret knowledge will play a role in that. However, we have to stay true to the words in the Bible. Being a contrarian to what God clearly said is risky. Those promoting serpent seed doctrine are walking on dangerous ground.

The book gives the impression of parallel truths. Wayne of course would not say that the Gnostic writings are scripture, yet he uses Gnostic writings and other questionable sources as if they are truth (at least truth believed by the dark side that others should also be aware of). The book gives the impression that there is one truth from God and another truth from and for the dark side. I do not think anything coming from the dark side is reliable information. I do not believe Christians should be quoting or promoting demonic books condemned by the Church even if that is done to present the point of view of the dark side.

Dr. Ken Johnson writes excellent commentaries on ancient extra biblical books. Someone asked Johnson when he was going to write commentaries on the Gnostic gospels. He said never. They are nothing but garbage! That should be our attitude toward them. We should not be trying to find out satanic truth from such trash. Yet, Wayne seems to hold these Gnostic writings in high regard.

Gary Wayne believes that if we are not aware of the deceptions that he writes about we will be misled by the revisionism of the Antichrist after he ascends from the abyss. The Bible is clear that all on earth will be told the whole story and given the everlasting gospel before these things happen (Rev 10:7, Re 14:6). Those that reject the message of the 144,000 and God’s angels do so because they do not want the God of Heaven to be their God. Nobody is going to blindly pledge allegiance to the Antichrist. People will choose to do so with full knowledge of what that means. They will choose Lucifer because the only god they will ever love is the luciferian god that they believe they are part of.

I obviously do not recommend The Genesis 6 Conspiracy. The book does contain some useful insights and information but knowing or thinking that you know the dark things of Satan can cause some people harm. The book will be a tedious read for many. Some will not finish the book and others will not comprehend or will disregard much of what was said. For all the reasons mentioned I do not believe The Genesis 6 Conspiracy will have much impact on students of eschatology.

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The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: Large collection of Gnostic lies lore and myth — 18 Comments

  1. My Internet service is still down. I had to travel 50 miles to post this today. I think the delay is that Centurylink need to replace DSL lines that were shorted out by the storms and the floods.

  2. Don ,
    Glad to see you are up and running again . Thanks for saving me the time of even bothering with Gary Wayne’s book. You mentioned Dan Brown , he copied the authors of Holy Blood , Holy Grail and The Messanic Legacy in his book. I also saw the movie based on Brown’s book. I’ve read Holy Blood , Holy Grail and it is exactly what you say it is , garbage !!! Blessings to you .

  3. Don – I checked by your May posts and was surprised (and concerned) to read that your internet service was still down from those storms. I wanted to let you know I was praying for you last night. Your whole area must’ve been hit hard (we didn’t hear much about it on our news). Our next-door neighbor called us yesterday because their internet service (different from ours) had been down for 24 hours and he was worried because he works from home and relies on it. We invited him to use our home office. All that to say … how just a very temporary outage can upset a life – and you all have really been through it with the storms and all. Prayers continue …

    p.s. we’ve been busy but I will be back to catch up with your latest Biblical postings

  4. Hi Vicki,

    It was the worst flood in history here. Flooding starts at about 20 feet here. The river got to 37.2 feet. That is 8 feet higher then ever recorded here on the river. Half the houses and buildings in town have to be gutted. Many will never be reoccupied. Many businesses are shut down and some will never reopen. Thus, many people also lost their jobs. Not many people had flood insurance. Some probably were not even in a flood zone but they got flooded anyway. My place is high and dry at least 20 feet above where the river got.

  5. Hi Don,

    I was going to say something about you playing at the water park all week but there’s nothing funny about people losing their homes and businesses. I’m really sorry to hear about the devastation.

    Here are my thoughts on your present article.

    Initially I thought Gary Wayne had some interesting ideas but he went too far out so I stopped watching his videos. Now that I’ve read your critique I’m glad I did.
    How do we know what goes on in the secret societies, they’re secret? I got curious so looked up famous free masons. Some of the names on the lists just floored me. Roy Rogers, Red Skelton, Gene Autry?

    There are other videos by “Christians” that start out with biblical truth then wind up in outer space so I don’t always know where the red line should be drawn. I think a lot of them draw from Tom Horn and each other. “Babylon Rising” (Rob Skiba) and Anthony Patch’s commentaries on CERN propose Nimrod’s resurrection as the anti christ. Scientists are doing strange and unholy experiments so who knows? Nevertheless, I quit watching. I can’t verify all the points and I’m not going to chase it.

    I’m also not one who thinks “if it isn’t in the bible then it doesn’t exist.”

    It’s good to have you wade through all these books so I don’t waste my money on them. “The Unseen Realm” was a good buy though. Not sorry for that one.

  6. Glad to hear that the floods did not reach you. My brother, in the edge of Eastern Oklahoma Ozarks got a huge amount of rain all at once and their rivers really flooded too. All we got here is East Texas was just few measly tornados. Nothing hit me this year, I we have been hit in the past and I certain pray that God helps those affected by the floods and tornados, at least those that ask his help.

    I am one that made it halfway through the Genesis 6 Conspiracy and quit. I agree with your evaluation completely. I quit because the author accepted the Koran as valid and his use of Gnostic references. My opinion is that quotes from the Harry Potter novels, that I did not read, would be as useful as those. That said, there are indications that the Nephilim, as genetic modifications to humans, may very well be returning but I believe he spins a long story which is not based on Biblical prophecy and should be really treated as someone’s non Biblical speculations.

  7. I recently became aware of a couple of relatives that are Mason’s. I would appreciate some basic information from my brothers and sisters here to let me know what their beliefs are compared to the truth?

  8. Don, glad to hear things are getting better. I made it through about 80 pages and put the book away. I found much of what Wayne suggested to be quite a stretch of the imagination, and frankly seemed made up at times.

  9. Hi Stephen

    Most Mason’s are just in a good ole boy club. Only a few at the top know that it is all a front for the luciferian elite. You can find out what it is a about by just doing a Google search.

  10. Hi Steven,

    As Don will tell you, there are two kinds of Masons, the good ole boys network, and the high ranking secretive leaders. The former think they are doing good charitable works, but never realize they are funding an anti-biblical organization. In fact, from my own personal, but highly limited experience, they generally seem to avoid talking about religion & politics. So, a Christian really should not be in close association with or supporting this group. There is some decent information online, but be cautious about who is putting it out there, as with all things online.

    And thanks Don, for doing the hard work of wading through the garbage, so we can avoid the dangers. Glad your new place was not hit by the flooding, hope and pray for your neighbors well being. Blessings.

  11. Thanks David and Don, just wanted to save some time and get some basic info without wading through google garbage. They definitely qualify for the good ole boy branch and believe the Bible is the Word of God.

  12. HI people,

    My internet is still down. I drove by the local CentryLink facilities yesterday. It was obvious that their whole complex was under about ten feet of water. It could be awhile. Meanwhile I do most of my Internet at a McDonald’s 50 miles away. The more local Mcdonalds are not functioning either. I will be working on a new book review this week.

    I am not getting much news about what is happening in the world. The radio coverage is pretty superficial.

  13. Hi Don,
    Well, nothing much happening so you aren’t missing much. Deep State still at war with Trump. Still trying to frighten Americans with stories that the kid with the funny hair cut is suicidal. Yawn. Hope you’re up and running soon.

  14. Don, The story of the week was/is the president fired Comey and upset the democrats. (AH, poor things!) This of course after they called for Comey to resign after he reopened Hillary’s email investigation a week before the election.

    Le Pen lost to Macron. Bye bye France.

    A special commission was created just to follow N. Korea and what to do about it.

  15. This is a respond to the article by Mr. Don Koenig.
    I agreed with you almost until I reached the following lines,
    “I have other news for the author, the Qur’an is not the third scripture as Wayne claims. It is a demonic antichrist substitute for the Bible. It is not a companion scripture to get more information about pre-history or biblical days

    What is your source and proof for making such a strong and definite statement towards one of the most 3 popular religions in the history?

  16. Fara,

    My source is the teaching of the Bible. The Qur’an is full of false teaching. For example, it says that Allah has no Son. If God had no Son, God lied in the Bible. If God has no Son, the Christian religion is eliminated. So Obviously Christians cannot support the Qur’an as being God given Scripture and still call themselves Christians. There are many such examples, God does not contradict Himself, so for Bible believing Christians either the Bible is correct or the Qur’an did not come from God. It is that simple.

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