The worldwide debt reset brings in the cashless 666 system.

The worldwide debt reset could be pushed off for another decade or so using smoke, mirrors, bailouts and bail-ins, but sooner or later it will occur. The debts of nations are at the point where only the interest on national debts are being paid. The principle on national debts is no longer repayable. It will never be paid.

By a debt reset, I mean that national debts will not be paid. Nations will agree to start over under a new monetary system.

The reality that we are living in is that most nations are so indebted that they cannot raise enough tax revenue to even pay their bills. They borrow more each year just to get by. They can only do this as long as others are willing to give them credit. Nobody is going to knowingly invest where they know they are going to lose money.

Some nations cannot pay the bills and they cannot borrow either. They then resort to printing more money to make ends meet. That devalues their currency and that leads to an inflation spiral. It only ends with a total economic melt down. An example of that is now playing out in Venezuela.

The United States is the biggest economy in the world, so I will use the U.S. as the example of western indebted nations. Keep in mind, that there are industrialized nations in worse financial shape.

In eight years under President Obama the national debt in the United States has more than doubled to 20 trillion dollars. By 2030, that debt will probably rise to 40 trillion dollars. That figure does not include unfunded or underfunded liabilities for future entitlements.

By 2030, America will be paying 2 trillion dollars a year on the interest alone if interest is at the historical average of 5 percent. Let’s assume that the money raised by the federal government also almost doubles over those thirteen years. Let’s assume that government taxes will bring in 6 trillion dollars in 2030 (taxes now bring in $3.25 trillion – they borrow the rest). That means that one in three tax dollars raised in 2030 would go to pay the interest on the national debt.

That debt load obviously would be at the point where nobody would lend to America at normal interest rates anymore. And at higher interest rates even the interest on the debt could not be paid. This is what happened in Greece. That nation was bailed out at the last second by Germany. Greece will continue to need German bailouts in the future or they will default. The economy of the United States is far too big to be bailed out by anyone. When the United States can no longer borrow, previous creditors will be stuck with bad debt.

So who are the lenders that will lose? It will be the savers. To a limited extent that is already being demonstrated. Inflation erosion of the wealth of savers is ongoing. The Federal Reserve bank has expanded the money supply and held down interest rates to less than that of inflation since 2008. Over the last eight years, policies of the U.S. Federal Reserve with their money expansion and zero interest rates robbed traditional savers of at least fifteen percent of their savings when adjusted for inflation.

Over the last few years, a couple of nations also allowed bail-ins where savers were robbed of a good chunk of their savings. National federal reserves manipulated interest rates and national governments allowed bail-ins. These policies make savers the dupes of those borrowing from banking institutions.

Banksters got away with this because politicians are bought and paid for by banking institutions and until recently there were few other safer places for common people to put their savings.

Those that continuously lose ground when putting savings in banks will see no reason to save for the future. The millennial generation does not save. This year the interest rates have risen slightly but it is still less than that of inflation. Any future economic downturn would bring a prompt return to zero or even negative interest rates.

The future policy for economic downturns in most nations now includes negative interest rates and bail-ins. Banks that get in trouble will be allowed to rob savers to pay off their debt. During the next downturn those that have deposits in financial institutions that buy debt could lose part or all of their wealth. Don’t be deceived. Government will certainly steal your savings, or let banksters do it, if they thought that was necessary to prevent economic and social breakdown.

I think the debt crises in the nations of the world will be one of the things that the Antichrist will solve. When debt makes federal reserve notes only good for toilet paper, this world leader will come up with a scheme for a worldwide debt reset. It also will be the cashless electronic buy/sell system of Revelation 13.

The debt reset will wipe out debt but it will also wipe out quite a bit of wealth. Savers in banks will lose just about everything. Those hording gold and silver for these days will be in for a shock. Gold and silver will not help people in the days of the Antichrist.

Jas 5:1   Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.
2  Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.
3  Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

A man will be only worth what the government controlled system says he is worth. All he once owned will not even be his to claim outside the 666 electronic system. You can’t buy or sell without the number or the mark because that system will be the only monetary system allowed on earth.

The devices and the chips to monitor and track people are developed. They will be refined over the next decade. The satellite communications to connect people from anywhere on earth to the cashless system are to be in place by next decade.

Scandinavian nations have already announced that they are implementing a cashless society. India presently is forcing people to stop using cash. The banks of the world plan to phase out cash soon.

I think the astute can see the handwriting on the wall. When national economic systems fail because of debt the cashless electronic debit system that starts over will be welcomed.

Some Christians keep looking for the next Jubilee. I have news for them. The next Jubilee is the Jubilee declared by the false Christ. That Jubilee will bring about a worldwide debt reset among other things. The electronic cashless system that banksters dream of will be implemented. I do not think that this is the Jubilee that certain Christians expect, but it is the next Jubilee that the world will get.

Bible prophecy foretold this cashless economic system. From what we already see taking place, we should see that this worldwide cashless system is only a decade or two away. The need for a worldwide debt reset makes a new economic system certain before the 2030’s.


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The worldwide debt reset brings in the cashless 666 system. — 25 Comments

  1. May the Lord bless the Koenig family, Don, do you have any recommendations on purchasing physical gold and silver while the cost appears to be at its bottom. I was going to wait for the Fed to raise interest rates this month which should put the metals near it lows. I am curious with the predictions of what could happen to the dollar in the near future (10 yrs) and if the scripture above on the rust on the treasures could be during the tribulation which my hope is to be in His Glory!

  2. Hi Don, I look forward to each of your articles as they help me remain alert and sober minded regarding Jesus’ promise of His soon return. I see how biometric verification, convenience (RFID), and security are pushing society further and further toward the type of system you reference in Revelation 13 but do you think the economic plan implemented by Antichrist will already be in place before the tribulation period and just mandated as a requirement by Antichrist or that the worldwide economic system described won’t be put in place until Antichrist implements it? I’m not sure this question makes much difference but just as an added variable to watch for I guess. Thank you again for taking the time for this important ministry effort.

  3. Hi Jonathan,

    The electronic system probably will already be in place but other means of exchange may still exist as well. It will not become the system warned about, until the False prophet forces people to take the mark. At that time it will become the only commerce system allowed.

    I think there is more here than just opting into the commerce system. I think the mark also somehow changes people’s genetics. Those that take it become a hybrid of fallen angels and therefore can no longer be saved by the God/man Kinsman Redeemer.

  4. Don technology is advancing so rapidly that it is definitely possible even now probably. The RFID technology has been around for at least a couple decades I think. I can only imagine the tech available now. The problem would be the linking of all people, which you mentioned regarding the satellites. But whenever he comes to power, whatever is not ready could be on short notice.

    I like your idea about how the mark could possibly change one’s DNA. That would make sense since those who do can no longer be saved.

    Thanks for your blog.

  5. Very interesting article Don thanks. I thought the balloon and solar drone concepts were cool,but not in a mark of the beast kind of way though ha.Their implementation would undoubtedly increase the ability of the beast govt/antichrist to introduce the mark, assuming it is technological in nature. I also had no idea that “white noise” could be used to transmit wifi. Very very interesting. iPhones for everyone it seems.

  6. You might want to check out John Macarthur’s latest teachings. He is now teaching that you can be saved by grace but unless you are living under the Lordship of Christ, you are not really saved. Jesus is really not good enough to save us and now we must save ourselves. He believes we can earn heaven if we just make ourselves good enough. If we could have done that, Jesus would have never had to die for us.

    Instead of believing that we love Him for saving us and obey Him because we love Him for what He has done for us.

    He is also teaching that you can take the mark of the beast and still be saved. Not sure on that last one because it was second hand.

    Paul said if we preach any other gospel than the gospel of grace for salvation, we should be accursed. But men love to boast in their own works to save them I guess.

  7. Seems like the angel of light is deceiving people faster than we can come up with ways to reject the savior for salvation. Most are trusting in themselves to save themselves. If they had trusted Jesus for their salvation they would Know they can’t be lost and can never come under condemnation. Jesus must be very happy to know that the horrible death He went through to save us is not quite good enough.

    As far as I know Jesus was the only one who ever walked the face of the earth to live a sinless life so that we could be saved through what He did for us.

    I know this does not belong here, but people are being kept out of the kingdom by the false teachers. It is really sad to me, but not much you can do except expose them as they come up.

    Thanks for the space to vent. Keep up the good work with your end time events as they unroll. You have far more discernment than most, and do not buy into every new thing that comes down the pike.

  8. James,

    Even after saying what I said you continued with another comment that has nothing to do with the topic so I removed it.

    Read my comment policy. My comment section is not the place to tell people what is on your mind about anything that happens to be on your mind.

    If you want to tell me something that is off the post topic, I have an email address for that. If people want to say something on this blog on another topic they need to look for a topic that is somewhat appropriate.

    People that comment here need to stay on the post topic because if they go off onto rabbit trails people interested in the topic will stop reading or responding to further comments.

  9. Don

    I see the movement by the world into a financial black hole as occurring sooner than you. (Because I see it as a third horse of the apocalypse event.) Over the last two decades, the worldwide government, corporate and financial debts have already piled up so high that any type of financial market hiccup will send many places around the world into a debt implosion. This is most likely to be Italy (with its’ recent election supporting that direction) or another at risk European country. After all, every single Euro country all recently voted at the UN to divide Jerusalem between Israel & Palestine forever. Time is growing closer.

    India’s recent banning of larger denomination money is causing strong ripples in their economy. It may even be that this strong armed government move away from allowing people to use untraceable cash is a cause of the worldwide collapse. It is certainly a model for what ever country can expect in the next few years.

    It could even be with the unfunded and over promised government pension plans around the United States. Even Dallas has a crisis rolling there. Houston is ready to dedicate 1/2 of new taxes over the next 30 years to handle the problem. Obviously, a very unsustainable situation.

    No doubt the antichrist will tie into the debt forgiveness in his move towards one world government. Declaring allegiance to him through the 666 mark may even allow you a personal “jubilee” from debt (based on the Old Testament in some perverted way).

    Good post!

  10. Hi Fount,

    You say the debt collapse will happening sooner because you think that is the third horse. That is not an argument because in your thinking the first two horses have been riding for two thousand years. Therefore, the third and forth horse also could take thousands of years to be fulfilled in that line of thinking.

    I agree that the collapse can happen years before the Antichrist. I thought it could happen over 15 years ago. Yet, here we are, and the longer it is pushed off by smoke and mirrors the more likely the Antichrist is involved in the global debt reset. The globalists are shooting for 2030 for global governance. That is now in the plans of the UN.

    As, for dividing Jerusalem. Even Israel would agree to that if they could get a peace deal with the false messiah. In any case, it can’t happen as long as the U.S. opposes it. It won’t happen under the Trump administration unless Israel agrees with it.

    Thirteen years is not long at all in the global scheme of things. The payback for unfunded and underfunded liabilities certainly can be pushed off for a little more than a decade.

  11. God is our deliverer, even if a believer finds themself to be in the system you mention, God will see them through to whatever end God wants.

  12. Don,

    I too believe the powers that be can just keep the fake economy going as long as they want to. All of the employment statistics are false, and the Dow is just the big businesses mainly.
    Everyone says, ” Look at the stock market! Wow, it’s greater than ever. No more Recession!” Meanwhile more and more people enter the wrong side of the Labor Force participation (another record last month) and enroll in food stamp programs etc. Just placating the masses a little bit longer I say until everything is in place.

    I also believe a major war(s)must come. Probably after the crash? Just as WWII followed the Great Depression, so this war may. Could it be one that leads into or is the Gog/Magog war I wonder?

  13. Just two quick comments Don. First, this issue of dividing the land of Israel. I think this is a big distraction at the moment because the land is already divided. God gave the descendants of Abraham an inheritance from — I’m pulling this from memory — the River of Egypt to the Euphrates, if that memory serves. In that case, the land is already divided. It has to be reunited in order for it to be divided again.

    Second comment is really a question. If the US goes cashless, how do you foresee that coming about? Will cash be confiscated? Or simply no longer printed but still allowed to be used until it disappears? Also, is there a distinction between paper money, which are Federal Reserve notes, and coins, which are not Federal Reserve notes? Somewhere, a long time ago, I heard these two species are considered different, especially if the government decides again to devalue the currency.

    Enjoying all these articles, Don. Appreciate your efforts! ~ Doug

  14. Hi Doug,

    Good point. God’s land promised to Israel is still parted. It remains parted until the end time gathering of the nations spoken about in Joel 3:2. I think some teachers just read want they want into the Joel passage.

    I think the government, employers, bankers and businesses will just keep turning the screws on cash. A major step has already been taken by putting government welfare on credit cards. Other government benefits also are deposited in a digital account. Many major employers will no longer send a pay check. You have to have a direct deposit account. Even business now prefer credit and debit cards. A few will not even accept cash. As cash falls out of favor, those using it will become such a tiny minority that it will be easy to pass legislation doing away with cash.

    Cash will go the way of the thousand dollar bill. It will no longer be printed or accepted. You will have to take any you have to a federal reserve where it would be converted to digital currency. After a short period, any further turning in of cash would could be denied.

    Today’s common coins really have no value of their own. They are worth a percentage of the one dollar federal reserve note.

  15. There is some talk about putting all world currency back on the gold standard. However, hoarders of gold should not rejoice. The world banksters are considering making gold worth tens of thousands of dollars an ounce but they would only pay those that now have gold what they think gold was worth before the reevaluation. The huge difference would be used to pay down national debts. It sounds like another bankster ponzi scheme to me.

  16. Far as gold goes, I don’t see it as a form of money so much as a means to preserve wealth through a financial crisis. After the dollar collapses — should it collapse — gold could be used to exchange for whatever new money is in place. Gold maintains value through an emergency situation. I guess real estate and classic cars preform the same function, only gold is easier to hide, transport, and place a monetary value on. If one country only pays what they “think” it is worth, another country may pay more, and perhaps in a new, stable currency. As it is, keeping your money in dollars is the same as burning a part of your money every year.

  17. Hi Don,

    Interesting that you bring up the idea of DNA alteration just as CRISPR is coming into its own. At the same time, I don’t remember the term for the study of ensoulment, but I have read some interesting debate on the nature of pro-creation whereby the father is the source of the spirit and the mother the body, making the Nephilim different from humans particularly because their angelic fathers imparted them with a non human spirits (leading to demons). The same source puts forth then that God destroyed the antedeluvian world to prevent that veratible spiritual “virus” from completely wiping out the remaining human spirits left to carry on the human race as God designed it. Do you have any thoughts or further information in that area?

  18. Doug,

    In a global system under a gold standard the price of gold would be global. One country is not going to be able to bid against another for your gold. The way I understand what some have proposed is let’s say gold was worth a thousand dollars an ounce before the reset. They could then set the value at $30,000 an ounce. They would then send you a bill for your gain of $29,000 per ounce. The money would pay off national debts. Of course if you would not or could not pay you could sell your gold to them but they will only give you $1000 per ounce. I do not know how they would determine who has the gold. Maybe that is why the schemers have not done it already. Keep in mind, that you never could sell gold coins or bullion unless you could prove that you paid government the $29,000 per ounce.

  19. Perhaps you’re right Don. Maybe I can use your argument to convince my wife we need to buy another classic sports car? 😉 If your scenario plays out, would silver fare any better? I’m hoping to be outa here by time all this comes down.

  20. Hi ho silver. Better to get a classic sports car and a good horse. You can’t take them with you but they are pretty to look at while you’re here. The Bible even says that horses will be used in the end time wars.

  21. Don

    You are missing my attempted point about the four horses. They are tools – the antichrist message, wars & violence, famine and pestilence, death – that Satan has used for nearly 2,000 years in his attempt to disrupt or destroy Christianity. Witness how successful his last horse – the green of Islam – has done using these very tools. (At the trail of the seals, these tools – leading to deaths of so many Christian martyrs will convict him.)

    There will be little doubt he will be using all four in various places around the world as we move into these final years of the end of our age.

    As to the 2030 UN agenda adopted by the many basically on a Jewish festival day – this is the globalist’s agenda of how to run the world. I see this as being superseded by the “good government” of the anti-Christ (because of disasters in the world from the four horsemen) before they expire in 2030.

    We both agree things will be getting rough with our money, our investments and our economy – I just see it coming a little sooner than you. As one who has personally managed many millions of dollars for some of the wealthiest people on the planet, I have some contacts and sources that agree with my earlier timing. Everyone needs to be ready sooner than later.


  22. Hi Fount,

    I am not missing your four horse interpretation attempt. I just do not agree with any historist interpretation of Revelation. I think these things occur in the last 7 to 10 years.

    I think major world calamities are coming as mentioned in the seals but they are not necessarily as soon as you think. I say as soon as next decade.

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