The truth about Charlottesville in defense of President Trump

I can’t believe what I have been hearing over the last week. Has everyone lost their collective mind? Even many conservative Republicans and people like Sean Hannity do not know the facts about Charlottesville or else they are afraid to oppose the hysteria. They act as if President Donald Trump said something wrong about what happened. In defense of President Trump, someone needs to set the record straight.

As the violence was happening in Charlottesville. Trump said the blame for the violence could be attributed to hating people on all sides. That set the media in a frenzy because they wanted Trump to condemn just the neo-Nazis and white supremacists as if all supporting the Robert E. Lee monument were such. That is not the case. Trump said there were bad and good people on both sides in that park and there were.

The coalition of right wing groups and people who assembled there had a legal permit to hold that rally in support of the monument. Many attending were people who believed that historical monuments such as this one should not be removed because of pressure from America hating leftists. Some came because they identify with the Southern Confederacy in one way or another. Others at the rally came because they were tired of the leftist war against whites in this nation so they came in support of white people, free speech and first amendment rights. Even oath keepers attended. Sure, there were some whacked out Neo-Nazis and a few KKK wannabes but they did not dominate. Even so, last I heard people had the right to peacefully assemble in America and had the right of free speech.

What actually happened is that leftist radicals unlawfully assembled in that park to try to deny these US citizens their constitutional rights. The leftists had no permit to assemble but they came with helmets, shields, pepper spray and clubs for the purpose of violence against those exercising those constitutional rights.

I watched what happened in that park for two hours that Saturday and from what I saw almost all the violence was started by people on the left. The left should not even have been there. These were organized groups, they should have been told to leave because they did not have a permit to demonstrate in that park that day. It was an unlawful assembly. Later, many of these should have been arrested for inciting a riot.

The police were complicit in the violence that happened. The Mayor told the police to stand down. That gave the left free rein to attack the legally assembled supporters of the Lee monument. The left sprayed people with pepper spray and mace, spit in their face and did other disgusting things. Obviously that is going to provoke some violent counter reactions and that was their purpose. The supporters of the monument moved toward the monument and gathered near it but police put up barriers to keep them from exiting in another direction. The police then were told (probably by the governor) to declare that it was now an unlawful assembly. They told people near the monument that they would be arrested if they did not exit the park in the same direction that they came in. In other words, they forced the monument supporters to exit back through the people who were inciting a riot.

Obviously this police herding resulted in violence. One woman was killed when one on the right lost it when leftist people where pounding on his car. He drove into the crowd and ran over a woman and killed her.

That is the crux of what happened. Trump condemned violence from all sides but that was not enough for the complicit leftist media. They wanted Trump to condemn everyone on the right so that they could advance their all whites not supporting the leftists are racists propaganda. Trump did not fall for it and the media predictably went nuts.

Many so-called conservatives just panicked and said that Trump should condemn everyone on the right in that park. As if all on the right were Nazi’s and totally responsible for the violence. I heard some conservatives say that anyone marching with Nazi’s believe the same as them and should be condemned. The reality of the situation is that the Neo-Nazi’s were only a small fringe of those that showed up for the rally. The few radicals did not speak for the vast majority attending.

Now people like Mitt Romney are saying that Trump needs to apologize for what he said (blaming both sides) when both sides were clearly to blame for the violence. In fact, it was the leftists that came looking for the violence. If you want to know which Republicans will stand with Trump on his agenda to make America great again, just take a look at their position on this issue. It says it all. If they cower to appease the left, they really are not with us. Romney, McCain, Graham, Rubio and many other Republican leaders are not with us. They would rather kiss up to the leftist media.

If you want to know the real truth, the left were involved on all sides in Charlottesville. Nazis are national socialists, they are of the left. The Antifa are international communists, they are of the left. The Mayor of Charlottesville is of the left and so is the governor of Virginia. The governor is a Clinton crony and is hoping to run for President in 2020. The only right-wing conservatives in that park were Americans that want to conserve our history and white Americans that were tired of the left calling them racists and Nazis.

The leftist media shows great disrespect for our President. They want him removed. If I were President I would have them removed. I would only allow an impartial press to attend the briefings which these days means hardly any press at all. The main stream media is controlled by five or six leftist fascist corporations. It is time for President Trump to do something about this imbalance. He also should do something about the leftist fascist control of social media and search media.

The real threat to this nation comes from the left. It comes from international communists calling themselves “progressives” and it comes from left wing fascist like multinational corporations. The few hundred clowns in KKK uniforms and swastikas are no threat to America but the millions of those on the left that want to destroy our Republic are a grave threat to America. It is time to deal with the real domestic enemies of our Constitution.

This whole Charlottesville operation seems like a leftist plot to continue to destabilize our nation. Make no mistake, the Antifa wants America’s system of government overthrown. Black lives matter has the same agenda. Many of the people showing up are paid agitators and brainwashed morons. Even the right-wing rally in Charlottesville is suspect. The organizer of that was someone who held prior rallies in support of Obama. It looks to me that the whole Charlottesville operation was a leftist set up from the start. It was a set up by those wanting to bring chaos to America. They will continue their agenda until they are stopped. Support Trump or these America hating leftists will destroy America.

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The truth about Charlottesville in defense of President Trump — 33 Comments

  1. I agree completely Don, and you nailed all the facts of that event square on the head. Unfortunately, many people mainly listen to what the media twists and portrays the event as instead of doing their own research on it. Van Jones from CNN was actually visibly sobbing on the air because of Donald Trump’s statement. But yet they act like they are being impartial and just “presenting the facts” when they are doing anything but… These are truly wicked people because they absolutely refuse to condemn antifah, black lives matter, and other violent leftist groups which get bussed in for the sole purpose of causing riots.

    Another sad part of all this is that it is leading towards “erasing” all history which these people disagree with or find “offensive”…

    Don, this makes me think of the 6th danger in your Imminent Danger for the United States of America Superpower article you wrote many many years ago… There is so much division right now in America that we will soon destroy ourselves from within, and we may even do so before an EMP or cyber attack is levied upon us from a foreign nation.

    These are not good times for America, but we have the comfort that God will one day call us home to be his Bride, and that he is in control of all things.

  2. Don, I agree with all you said. I don’t understand why Fox News doesn’t expose the communist in what’s happening. Are they afraid?

  3. You hit the nail on the head, Don. Can’t really add anything to this other than to observe that the country is going bats**t crazy and heading for a civil war — the first, I might add, as the war of 1861 was not a civil war no matter how much certain historians, especially Lincoln lovers, want you to believe such. This really feels like another false flag, especially when the police are told to first stand down, and then they move in and herd those legally-permitted people, who were there to protest the destruction of our country’s history and culture back, toward the enemy.

  4. Hi George,

    Fox is becoming part of the problem. The few conservative left probably won’t be around much longer. The sons of Rupert Murdoch that recently took over Fox News are progressives. Fox News don’t even say they are fair and balanced anymore.

  5. Thank you Don! You are correct. I got a phone call from a friend saying Trump is acting like this is OK etc…..then I heard the comments for myself. I see nothing wrong with what he said…he condemned violence on both sides and said there were people protesting peacefully and called out the ones who were attacking with clubs because nobody else would. I’m standing with the president on this and I’m half black half Guatemalan….I’m sure I’ll get a lot of backlash from people of my race

  6. Has everyone lost their collective minds? Absolutely! Everything you said is right on. What’s happening to Trump because of this Charlottesville mess is mind boggling. Seems like this country is coming apart at the seams even faster than ever. Watching those twits kicking the statue and spitting on it was a sad commentary on where we are today. They looked so stupid. A huge problem is that the young people of today are not taught history anymore and if anything they’re taught revisionist history making America out to be evil. I almost feel as if there is no turning back now. The media, the Democrats, the left and the traitor Republicans have become too powerful and because of so much of America’s blind acceptance of the lies being told and their lack of wanting to educate themselves to the truth makes it almost impossible to see how things can change. Any rational person can see that what Trump said was true. It will be interesting to see if we’ll ever get the truth on what happened. Maybe the guy just panicked after all and hit the gas, but we’ll probably never find out because it wouldn’t fit their narrative of Trump being a racist. The Senator from Missouri calling for Trumps assasination should have already been arrested. That’s how messed up things have become. She’ll probably skate. What a sad state of affairs. I hope Trump continues to do what he’s doing. I hope he keeps calling out the liars and frauds. I say keep tweeting. No matter what, if things get dire, go down swinging. All I can do is pray for him and pray that somehow this thoroughly screwed up country wakes up.

  7. Don, you’re absolutely right. I fear that, at some point, someone is going to start shooting. And then we could have a civil war of sorts with the left vs the right. Which would inevitably lead to marshal law. I am for the monuments and had family who fought for the Confederacy. I also know the war was not based solely on freeing the slaves. In fact there were many, many slaves who fought for the South. To the victor goes the right to write history though. I say let the communities vote on the monuments. The Fed, State, and local governments should not be allowed to just remove the monuments at will.

  8. I agree with your perspective on this because it is looking like Reichstag fire that the Communists/National Socialists used in Germany as justification to destroy the Weimar Republic and give total power to Hitler. For those who haven’t read up on the event, after Hitler became Chancelor of Germany but before he got total power, a fire was started in the German Reichstag (parliament) and was blamed on the Communists, they even pinned the blame on a guy, and gave the Nazis the basis for giving absolute power to the Nazis. I see the violence set up as a similar staged event to justify a coup. As a full blood redneck, I consider that the woman who went looking for trouble and found it as not a surprise and is not a martyr but sadly, another sinner who may be now in hell.

    My ancestors all fought for the Southern Confederacy (I doubt they had slaves) during the War for Southern Independence (that is the name my college professor used), and I really hate the lies told today by progressives to rewrite history but it will only get worse as we approach the end. There are similar efforts to pretend that Jews never lived in Ancient Israel and that the Holocaust did not happen. This world is under the prince of lies. We must remember that our real home lies above and we are looking for the call to “come up hither”.

  9. I used to think we were heading for a civil war but I don’t think it will be much of a shooting war unless the military is convinced to war against rural Americans. I just do not see that happening for long before the military rebels. And most in the leftist big cities are way too soft to fight any kind of real civil war. Who would even want to draft these dependents? As soon as the city lights went out they would be fighting each other. If Mao had our generation of misfits he never would have taken China.

  10. Don, I agree with your analysis where it not be much of a civil war. Cut off power, food, water supplies, welfare, and internet and the cities will collapse. The problem is that the drivers behind this only want to damage the US. Their minions are clueless and absolutely lack any discernment. They actually believe that they will be able to keep the countryside in line. I hope to see the Rapture, before war. However, I do not put any stupid action past those deceived by the powers and principalities driving the divisions in this country. As I said though, our home is with Christ, as an old gospel song says that I learned in childhood “this world is not my home, I am only passing through”. That is the attitude I need to not get upset with so much bad going on. There are still many people needing to understand Christ’s message.

  11. I agree on every point. Also McAuliffe claimed the police weren’t equipped to handle the violence. The police said, yes we were. McAuliffe claimed the police found caches of weapons the right had stashed around the city. The police said, no we didn’t.

    I’m going to paraphrase what Rush Limbaugh said because I don’t remember the exact words. ‘If you can convince enough Americans that the US was founded on racism and white supremacy then it is an illegitimate nation not worth defending as it is.’

    Then to add to my chagrin I saw that Bannon had left the WH. Amid all the reporting on that situation Bannon made a statement. He said, I’m going to war for Trump, not against him.” That made me feel better.

  12. Don,

    The very first thought I had was that the entire event was orchestrated. Something just seemed off with the few supposed KKK and neo nazi protesters. I would not be suprised if they were also paid leftist protesters.

  13. Hi Caitlin,

    Steve Bannon will probably be more effective running Brietbart and doing interviews on news sites that still tell the truth.

  14. Don, in regards to the military rebelling against those who give them their orders, I don’t know if I would trust that to happen. I look at the big cities who have had issues with protests & riots and law enforcement are told to stand down. Maybe I’m wrong but I think they are no different than average citizens who given the choice of giving up their job, paycheck, pension vs doing what they are told under threat of losing the above mentioned, I am not too convinced they would side with what’s right. Only time will tell.

  15. Don, the statement you made about your reasons for there not being a civil war made me laugh.

  16. Using prophecy as my guide, there is little time left [for America]. Who says America makes it past Summer?, let alone contemplate scenarios or fool myself into thinking I can save America from itself. Per biblical truth, I am an alien in the current world incarnation and the world I will assist in administration is the next incarnation to come when Jesus returns to rule with an iron rod.

    Also, Trump continues to demonstrate that he is not part of “The Way”. He represents a pause in God’s judgment on America, and from what I can see, God’s judgment on America is about to pick up speed where it left off before Trump.

    I am more interested in my calling with the Lord and my relationship with Jesus than wading in to saving America from itself (Good men work for Jesus). This isn’t 1770, it’s 2017 (and the rider on the white horse / breaking of the first seal is approx. no more than ten years off and, from the looks of things, America is removed from any relevance probably long before that). It would be nice if the rapture happened prior, but don’t disillusion yourself on that notion.

    With that said, I do applaud those that have the integrity to stand for the principles of the constitution.

    And thank you Don, not just for your service to the Lord, but also this article, because I can’t seem to get the truth of the Charlottesville story anywhere else (nor, holding down and job, I don’t have time to get to the truth or facts of these matters).

    I also am realizing that I am spending too much time watching all of this mess unfold (watch and pray, yes) and, instead, I’m going to live each day and enjoy what little remains of my days here.


  17. Hi Donovan,

    What you can do is pray for our President and defend any of his agenda in the public square that supports a Christian worldview and biblical morality. Obviously just more “progressing” down the path of Marxism like his enemies want is antichrist.

  18. Hi,

    I am also more concerned about the digital attacks on free speech, since the Google “purge” also includes bible prophecy sites (and vid’s). That is more disconcerting to me than the monument discussion.

    I also tend to “fight for creationism” — even those on the right who support Trumps’s side will argue with me tooth-and-nail on the whole “millions/billions-of-years” nonsense.

    Trump had it right the first time – [paraphrasing] “There is plenty of blame to go around.” (actually, IMO, the bulk of the blame lies squarely on the vicious hateful left). However, Trump should have stopped there, as opposed to making repeated attempts to appease the “false witness” fake news (and this event is colossal fake news). Trump got played. The only scripture that keeps popping in to my head is Jesus’ own words: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Condemning groups by name throws “babies out with bath water.” Trump, if he was part of “The Way” would have taking advantage of the opportunity to educate the wicked about the truth of God and His word.

    I would constantly remind any fake news agent “thou shalt not bear false witness” in any of these confrontations.

    The real people who should be punished with the current justice system, besides the violent groups BLM and Antifa, should be the Democrat mayor of Charlottsville and Gov of VA — those two should be held accountable for their acts / official directions to encourage and non-punish the violence and lawbreaker that occurred on their watch – these monstrous (not just negligent) acts by these people are implicit in the death and injury that occurred on their watch. Jesus will hold them accountable at the Great White Thrown Judgment (barring their unlikely turn to true faith).

    OK, I think I dumped my head. Thanks for the soap box opportunity, Don (I couldn’t post this anywhere else).

  19. Hi Craig,

    The people on the right in Charlottsville were not even allowed to practice their free speech last Saturday even though they had a permit to do so. The Governor shut it down before their program even started. Now watch what will happen in Boston today. This rally is specifically about free speech but the the left will try to deny them their free speech. The leftists are busing people in from all over the country. This is now going to happen wherever conservatives speak in public places.

  20. How on earth can this be allowed to happen? Why is Sessions not arresting everyone who is violating the constitution? Free speech is the very basis of our society. There has to be someone willing to do their duty. Arrest everyone from the protesters to the mayor to the ones financing anarchy.

  21. Thanks Don,
    I have been trying to explain to everyone what you outlined better than I could but now I have a little better verbiage to speak. I believe that what is going on with the monument outrage is a Trojan Horse that will eventually lead to our Constitution. They will claim that since it was written by slave owning racist it must be illegitimate and replaced with the Snowflake Bill of Rights. I truly believe this Horse is being ridden by Obama and planned in his war room in DC. Hopefully Trump will offer WikiLeaks’s Assange a pardon and release what he claims to be mind boggling info on the Democratic Party!! ( ) The eclipse Monday and exactly 33 days later the signs in the sky on September 23rd described in Revelation 12 is interesting but I will not quit my job just yet. I will continue to look up which gives me my daily renewal, peace and strength!!

  22. It takes two to tangle and I didn’t see anything wrong w/ Trumps comments in fact I agreed w/ him it was the msm that turned it around & IF u listen to them long enough u start to get brain washed.

    Now I’m noticing the msm putting blame on “far right Christians” as one republican senator put it. A few days ago I heard msm say the church is also to blame for not going against Trump. For that republican sen. he also said that he was a Christian & supports gay marriage because it’s love.. I guess sin’s not an issue for him or Romans 1.

    That driver no doubt did that on purpose & ppl were interviewed that knew him said he was into Hitler stuff.. and no doubt that from what I saw there was a lot of Nazi folks there, it showed them all repeating “Jews will not replace us” & other crap like that. It wasn’t just a few.

    That girl (I pray for the family) was a casualty of the day I just hope she was saved but I have my thoughts on that but I don’t know. Once we pass from this life that’s it eternity awaits no going back.

    I don’t like all this taking our history down but does the north have statues of their generals? I honestly don’t recall w/out a google search.

    Great article Don.

  23. What Stephen just said sounds right but I would say it’s being orchestrated in the demonic realm more then just planning by man alone.

    Fundamental Bible believing Christians are going to be going up against the rest of the world and hard too.. sooner then we think I believe.. praise God!

  24. Regarding the Boston extravaganza, it seems to me it only takes a couple hundred to occupy ten times that many in Satan’s forces.

    What would be more interesting would be to get a permit for the express purpose of praising the name of Jesus Christ, and publicize that event on social media.

  25. Hi Craig,

    Christian rallies do happen but the media does not cover them. It seems to me that the conservatives that said they would attend the rally in Boston got intimidated. Only a few dozen showed up and they cut the program short. On the other hand, I heard as many as 40,000 people showed up for the counter demonstration. They had nothing to demonstrate against. They came from all over the country to demonstrate against what? Free speech?

  26. The Beast system moves with the speed of a leopard. The 4th beast Daniel/John wrote of is here, fully intact, moving with speed of a Leopard. Expect change that you could of never imagined real soon. Do not get to attached to your belongings.

  27. I agree with everything you said Don. And I like so many others, are frustrated beyond belief over all that is happening. I’m sure by now, most of you know about all the big tech companies conspired against free speech, and acting as thought police, pat themselves on the back. However, some groups, typically left leaning, did take them to task. The Electronic Frontier Foundation for one, took a brave stance against the censorship being perpetrated by the likes of Google, Facebook,Twitter,Cloudflare,PayPal, and many others who piled on. Here is there article from the other day: Free Speech, EFF
    Don’t let the title mislead you. It is definitely about protecting the rights of free speech, and the dangerous precedent being set.

  28. Thank you Don
    This is right on I have listened to President Trump speech more than once to see where the brain-dead politicians get their ammo and their is none. President Trump spoke the truth and the ones that have come out publicly, republicans and demorats to disparage him are leftist, Enemies of The United States of America.

  29. Thank you Don. Another great blog post! Antifa are the new Brown Shirts. The media looks the other way because they can’t come right out and condone violence, so this is a good fit for the Left. They have enforcers now who can do their physical intimidation and projection of power for them. I predict Antifa will start vandalizing the homes, business and property of people who oppose them as the Nazis did in the lead up to WWII. The media supports them, the politicians are afraid to take them on. Who’s to stop them on their march to murder and mayhem? And when they start bombing churches and defacing Christian business, the media will surely bury those stories as we already see them doing. Have you seen the latest from the BLM, racist, Marxist thugs? They have a list of demands for white people to give up their property and give it to black people. Is the media calling them bigoted racists or hateful or calling them out for who and what they are. Of course not! They’re were his invited guests. I also predict Antifa , BLM and other academics to repaint the white house to a color that isn’t racist. Look for a rainbow or dark earth tones.

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