When socialists get their way the laws of human depravity follow

When communist styled socialism does not work as planned, their leaders turn toward fascism as the answer. A perfect example of that is China. Media still calls China, “Communist China”, but it actually is a crony capitalist fascist system. Islam also is a fascist system. The world is not becoming more communist. The world is rapidly becoming more fascist.

The large demonstrations in Europe against the G-20 are demonstrations in favor of communist globalism. However, if these dupes get their way they will not get world communism at all. They will get Chinese styled fascism. The Chinese model is what the power elite intends for the whole world.

The Capitalist free enterprise system gave Europe the wealth and prosperity it now has, but these anarchists rioting do not care about that. They want a utopian world where they think government will give them everything that they want. It will not turn out that way. Those pushing world socialism will reap a tyrannical fascist nightmare. Control freaks always rise to the top in humanist governments. That is the first law of human depravity.

Many in Europe, America and the world believe socialism is the answer for everything. That is because they want a free lunch. Most of these young people demonstrating have not yet even tried to make something out of their lives. They have been brainwashed by Marxists professors that have taken over most universities. They learn nothing useful in their universities other than learning how to organize to bitch, complain and riot.

The leftists expect to receive cradle to grave handouts from people that do work for a living. They think those that worked to achieve something with their lives owe them a living. According to these covetous leftists everyone that has more wealth are privileged racists.

What would happen if the leftists actually got their way? One only need look at Hitler’s Germany, the Soviet Union, China, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela for examples.

The end result of Communism other than a revolution and a return to the free enterprise system is fascism. Wait! Don’t these people demonstrating in Europe and America claim to be anti-fascist?  Yet, pure fascism is actually what they will reap if they get their way. And they are sure to get their way because socialistic entitlements have already made it impossible for the capitalist free enterprise system to succeed. Socialist programs have made all the Western nations bankrupt. There is no way they ever can pay for all the entitlements promised. Almost all nations of the West have debts that cannot be repaid. The whole system is about to collapse. It will be replaced with fascism along with its crony capitalism.

The problems caused by socialism are already making nations in Europe turn more tyrannical and fascist. I do not even think you can call most nations of Western Europe democracies any longer. The elite are ruling the people of Europe just like they did in the past.

Just look at Macron of France, he thinks he should rule like Jupiter (Zeus). Where have I heard someone claim that before? It was Antiochus IV Epiphanes. He thought he was the embodiment of Jupiter (Zeus). Antiochus IV Epiphanes was the Old Testament foreshadow of the Antichrist. (I am not making any Antichrist claims here, but Macron certainly bears watching.) France is rapidly becoming a fascist state. The state dictates everything. People in France have no real freedom. It is not much better in other Western European nations either. In fact, most of the world is becoming fascist.

Those living under socialistic fascism will reap tyranny. Government will more and more tell everyone how to live their lives. Under socialistic fascism there is little chance of advancement out of the common-class. Fascist governments pick the winners and the losers. Most commoners only have cradle to grave mediocrity to look forward to.

It really becomes about impossible to overthrow fascism once the government has taken away all the means of revolution. Those demonstrating against fascist and communist tyranny are likely to get themselves killed or at least imprisoned. When world government becomes fascist and tyrannical, disarms everyone, and has everyone under surveillance, people on earth will find themselves trapped on a prison planet.

Don’t expect media to lead the way out of the slide into global socialistic fascism either. What is called mainstream media is owned by a half-dozen multinational corporations. They are already part of the emerging global crony fascist system. That is why they always carry water for globalists and leftists.

Leftists are antichrist. Communists and their fascist cousins do not allow the worship of Jesus Christ. Just look at the history of socialism. They will oppress all that do not worship the state as the highest power. Those asking for world socialism might as well be asking for hell to come to earth. Satan will prove to be the god of the leftists.

I have no doubt that the Antichrist will use the left to get into power. Even so, the world system he sets up will be as fascist as was Germany under Hitler. The Antichrist system is fascism. Who can make war with the Beast! You must take the mark to buy or sell! You must worship him! Keep in mind, that Hitler was an Antichrist prototype not communist Mao.

The world under socialistic fascism will be controlled by rich elites who also will be controlling the few hundred huge corporations and foundations that will control the world. After the elite gain control of the world, do you really think they will care about cradle to grave security for commoners? If anything, the fascists leaders will claim that there are too many undesirables and they will implement systematic ways to eliminate them.

Hitler wanted to eliminate the Jews and the Gypsies but it would not have ended there, Christians would have been next. Stalin, Lenin and Mao tried to eliminate Christianity. Marxist socialism violates all of God’s ten commandments. I do not see how a Marxist can be a Christian!

Those joining with the left are not rational thinking beings. These people seem to be under some form of demonic mind control. Apparently, these people are the people that Romans Chapter One talks about. These people refuse to acknowledge God in their thoughts and deeds. God said the people He describes in Romans One are given over to a reprobate mind. The people who fit what God said there continually prove this to be true. They cannot think things through to rational logical conclusions.

Most on the left reject God, so God has allowed them to reap the errors of their own depravity. That is the second law of human depravity. Many leading the leftist movement are demon possessed people. Those following them act out demonic rebellion against everything instituted by God. That is the third law of human depravity. The war against marriage, family and Christianity is totally demonic.

The differences between the left and the right will lead to civil conflict everywhere. The reasons why that will happen will become increasingly clear as we head toward satanic led world government. When socialists get their way, fascist hell on earth will soon follow. That is the fourth law of human depravity. The demonic attacks coming are sure to be legion.

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When socialists get their way the laws of human depravity follow — 23 Comments

  1. Hi Don,
    Macron. Hmm. Interesting. If the time line that most of us who visit your site hold to is anywhere near accurate, the AC (whether he knows he is the one or not) must already be here on earth and jockeying his way into position. Do you think the Jews would accept someone like Macron? Do you know if he has any Jewish ancestry?

  2. Hi Doug,

    There is a difference between what religious Jews and what secular Jews in Israel will accept. The atheists of Israel will accept just about anything for the promise of peace and security. What the Jews accept today might have nothing to do with what they will accept tomorrow anyway.

    I do not know of any Jewish ancestry.

  3. Great article Don. I always look forward to your insightful thoughts and opinions. I don’t know if any one entity is to blame for the insanity displayed by the left, but the education system and the media have to be at the very top.
    I think the main reason why professors are so far left is because they never had to live in the real world. They have been sheltered their entire lives in acedemia where they play god in their classroom.
    The media has been proven to intentionally report false narratives. They have no oversight and are owned by radicals. One of the best things Trump has done is show how corrupt the media really is. I dont see anything getting better until the radicals are routed from these two areas.
    Dont even get me started on these antifa morons. My brother and I filmed a youtube video of them protesting in my city a few months ago. It actually has a few hundred thousand views now I think. Im pretty sure they all have some mental disorder.
    2nd Timithy Ch. 3 also comes to mind as well.

  4. Hi Don,

    Well, population reduction is definitely on the leftist agenda. So I think it’s a given that “undesirable’s” will be disposed of. Just like the demonically controlled churches, society wants conformity, and NOT people who can think for themselves.

    As for Macron, he is shaping up to be a scary character. But, one of France’s other previous President’s, Nicolas Sarkozy, had more than a few Christians I knew, speculating the same kinds of things. If I remember correctly, Macron was a defender of the French Jew’s just after the attacks last year. Because of the talk about how many Jew’s were leaving France to resettle in Israel. Was he trying to ingratiate himself? Perhaps.

    As for the article on the whole, I’m in total agreement. It’s hard not to worry, and remind ourselves that there’s a better existence coming soon. It seems everyday just gets harder & harder to get things done. People are more difficult to deal with. You want to ask if they left their brains at home or something. I can’t tell ya how often I’m left to just sadly shake my head in disbelief at some of the stupidity I encounter daily.

    Daily praying, “come Lord Jesus,” soon!

  5. Good article Don. I think that after the Rapture of the Church that those left in power will rapidly go the socialist/fascist route. Imagine, for example, America without born again Christians. I think immediately the Hillary supporters, the Occupy crowd, the resistor crowd and such will immediately seize power and jump right into the Anti-Christ system. If one could combine European and North American military equipment and systems under a single organized ruthless fascist leadership their is real meaning to the “Who could make war with the beast” question.
    I have come to believe that there really wasn’t much difference between the National Socialist German Workers Party (Nazi) and the Soviet Union. Both were socialist and murdered millions of people who did not go along, but the Nazis focused on German nationalism to enlarge and make Germany greater. The Soviet Union, and modern socialists, push international socialism to make the entire world a living prison. Thank God we will be watching from above.

  6. Don, I had seen the article about Macron a few days ago and figured you would mention this at any time. I forgot about Antiochus IV Epiphanes desecrating the temple with Zeus’ statue. I don’t recall anyone other than maybe Hitler making statements like this in the modern era. I also find it interesting that Macron’s first name is Emmanuel.


  7. Great article Don,

    Karl Marx embraced Darwin’s evolution. It served him well for the basis in natural selection for the class struggle in history. Darwin influenced a list of dictators including Hitler and everyone else you mentioned, even Margret Sanger.

    First thing Authoritarian dictatorships teaches is evolution.

    If they can get RID OF this idea that there’s a creator who created everyone in His own Image and everyone is created equal has rights IF THEY CAN they can say you are not created equal & u don’t have any rights & it’s just survival of the fittest if someone has more power over you then you are inferior & they can dominate over you. socialism.

    Get the God goers (term I just made up) ppl not sold out to God just go to church. Get God goers to doubt the Word of God bc it doesn’t line up with the evolutionist teaching.

    I tend to agree that there was no gap of time in the gap theory (not to turn the subject) but the idea causes the evolution minded person to began to open their mind to the possibility of a created world not the other, explosion.

    Trapped on a prison planet well said. You can see it w/ the smart phones everywhere it’s a alternative reality and getting much worse.

  8. Bill,

    I have often said, and im sure most here are aware, that evolution is the underlying cause of most of the insanity of western society.

  9. Yup, it’s been one of the tools of Satan. Darwin hated the Bible and anything to do w/ God. This knowledge we here may take for granted but common people would respond “oh? he did?” don’t have a clue.

    Try it out some time, walk into a local church start up a conversation of how old the earth is then say.. ya Darwin definitely was a atheist & hated anything about the Bible. Then see the confused look on their face. “Oh he did?”

  10. At one time Darwin believed in God and the bible. He gradually lost faith and became an Agnostic. He was not hateful toward God, the Bible, or his Christian friends. He most likely was never a true believer or he couldn’t have been lost in the end.
    Isn’t the false-christ supposed to be an Assyrian with a stern countenance?
    I wonder if the media will still support Macron after his spokesperson said, “his thoughts are too complex for journalists to understand.” Probably. Mindless clones.

  11. Hi Caitlin,

    I really don’t think Macron will be the Antichrist. However, leaders like him could be of the ten that have one mind with the Antichrist.

  12. Don, there are many commenters on the internet who, when using the language you do, I tend to shy from. Your articles and posts however continue to engage and provoke me to serious thought. Your arguments are cogent and well versed. You also have a gift for setting naked truth in words. After many years of reading your site I still find myself educated time and again. Your remarks and arguments about the socialist/marxist left becoming fascist (which they so loudly protest against) are spot on. I cannot but help think of the Pharisees in Matthew 23, although the context is slightly different.

    Re. Macron, I agree he is a type of the forthcoming man of sin who shall be revealed after that which restrains is removed. Macron grows more shocking by the day. His language is more about “the world” than France. He prefigures “solutions” to the current and coming global issues. I think I am in such shock I find it difficult to know where to start any lucid response to his person/position/attitude. It is a stark reminder that most of us alive today have little understanding of exactly how bad the global situation can/will become. The system of the Beast will be almost unimaginably horrific to any follower of Christ. It is doubly shocking to think AC will be heralded as a (false) saviour by the masses.

    This also relates to your more considered, albeit less popular, timeline for significant events in the end times. There is much yet to be fulfilled and while some events (fall of Damascus) can occur any day, the current horror of the world will pale by comparison with what is coming. Things are going to get very bad, and then seemingly utopian (peace and safety) before the end. Today’s mix of outrage (before the false peace), flawed political analogies, fake news, and false flags (IOW depravity) are embodied by Macron and many other current world leaders. Small wonder it is written that “iniquity shall abound” (Matthew 24:12 KJV).

    Thank you. God bless you and this ministry.

  13. Can’t fault a word of this Don. The Tribulation is just around the corner.

  14. Caitlin ,
    I believe you are correct that anti – christ is an Assyrian , I understand Daniel Chapter 11 to say he will come from the Grecian portion ( King Of the North ) of the old empire of Alexander the great which split into 4 parts after the death of Alexander . I think Isaiah 10 and Micah 5 called him the Assyrian and somehow he has a Jewish connection or lineage. Some belief he is from the tribe of Dan. BLESSING to You

  15. Don, in my prior comment I only barely touched on the theme of depravity, which is central to this blog. Since noone else has taken up this line of query I shall have a go. I am wondering how you came up with the four laws of human depravity? I have read over them several times and here is my simplistic paraphrased understanding:

    1st law: Socialist leaders are depraved (demon-possessed.)

    2nd law: Depravity is defined by God to be punitively consequential.

    3rd law: Demon-possessed leaders inspire depraved (demonic) behaviour.

    4th law: Depraved behaviour thrives on conflict (and eventually leads to Hell on Earth).

    Any guidance you can offer will be gratefully recieved. I originally wrote a much longer comment, explaining my reasoning, but this seems more to the point for now.

    EDIT: I had the most difficulty discerning the nature of the 4th law. I wanted to couch each of my paraphrasings in more overtly depravity-based wordings.

  16. Owen,

    It was a literary device to point out the depravity. Not something anyone should ponder over as if there are actually any such four laws of human depravity.

  17. Another great article. Thanks Don. The insanity seems to be increasing at a faster rate than ever before. I don’t see how the freedoms we have enjoyed in the recent past can last much longer.

  18. Superb article Don. The Scriptures clearly indicate that the societal situation will degenerate to depravity as the age of grace comes to a close.

    “But the Spirit explicitly says (exact words) that in the later times (near end
    of the dispensation of the church age) some will fall away from the faith,
    paying attention to deceitful spirits and doctrines of demons.” 1 Timothy 4:1

  19. Insanity is the new normal. What happened in Hamburg during the G20-excepting crowd size-is what the right lives with everyday. I had an address for a video but I must have copied it wrong. Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern: The End of Germany. You tube. (Yeah, I watch Stefan.)
    The very unbelievable truth is that the right just accepts it as their way of life now.

  20. Caitlin you are so right. Insanity reigns supreme. The spineless Republicans in our government are a prime example of the right just accepting things. They won’t stand up for us, they won’t stand up for Trump, they stand for nothing but themselves. It’s like we’re all flying solo, although in reality we’re not, because we have our Lord Jesus. We truly have become foreigners in our own land.

  21. I have always thought the Nazis’ – The National Socialist German Workers’ Party – and Communists were just two similar branches from the same depraved, twisted tree. I never agreed with Nazis being categorized as the extreme of the far Right…I just saw them as Commies with a National bent and the Soviet Commies (Lenin until the Soviet collapse) as internationalists of the same perverted and demonic ilk…both from the far Left.

    I also believe as Don stated in his article: “The whole system is about to collapse. It will be replaced with fascism along with its crony capitalism.”

    That international economic collapse will be the precursor to the globalist’s dream that the AC will eventually hijack and use to consolidate power…that is why there is a War on Cash and the Banksters are herding U.S. (and the world) into a digital pen…massive CONTROL.

    Great Article…will read it again and keep one eye on the Frog Prez.

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