2013 update to the coming crash caused by world debt

I thought it was time to update my coming economic crash caused by world debt article. That article is still receiving a few thousand downloads a month, so updating it seems appropriate. Some think everything is fine now and we are on our way to economic recovery but this update should dispel that myth.

I can’t post the whole update or article here because it is posted elsewhere on this site and I would end up with a duplicate content penalty by the search engines. Therefore, you will have to follow the link at the end of this post to read most of what I said in the update and the original article.  What follows are a few excerpts from my 2013 update.

The coming crash caused by world debt

2013 update – I actually wrote this article in 2000 and I have been updating the debt figures and also inserting new information along the way, but it is now 2013 and what I said would be coming has been underway but our government has also done unthinkable and unconstitutional things to push off the inevitable debt crash for a number of years. Even so, I believe what they have been doing is also going to make a recovery impossible before massive world wars and civil upheavals.

The first thing I want to say is that if you are in the stock market right now, it might be wise to get out now, or you are likely to lose your savings again like so many did in the crash of 2008. The numbers may drop as far or worse than the last crash and the value of stocks adjusted for inflation are likely to be far worse.

The EU nations are in the longest recession in their history and there is no end in sight. Japan is in recession and has not had any growth in almost two decades. Greece has 30 percent unemployment and they burned city trees last winter for heat. Riots are inevitable. Spain, France and Italy and others are not far behind and fascism is rising in many EU nations.

 No future generation can possibly pay this huge rapidly increasing debt and soon nobody will be stupid enough to continue to finance our increasingly risky debt at the abnormally low interest rates that came about by illegal actions of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve Bank created 4 trillions dollars to buy most of our new recent national debt and mortgage debt with money that they created and that nobody will buy in the future. It is a Ponzi scheme.

That happened in the 1930’s and it made a bad recession into a long world depression. That now seems to be our future and along with the deflation depression or hyperinflationary depression that is bound to come, it will allow the rise of populist demigods who will convince people that they know who is to blame and that they have all the answers. In other words, we are now repeating the same mistakes of the 30’s that led to the nationalist socialistic movements and the start of World War II. It will not be different this time except the stakes for the world will be much higher.

The same mistakes in housing in the US are being made all over again. I do not think this is a good time to invest in residential real estate unless you plan to really live in the house. The recent climb in values will probably be short lived as this country goes back into the next phase of this depression. Investment speculators who think we are in recovery are once again buying real estate and driving up prices. The percent of Americans owning their own home is actually still falling and have fallen to 1990’s home ownership levels. Family income in the United States and hours worked is still falling. The recovery is mostly phony and what recovery there seems to be is really built on the Federal Reserve creating more money and more government borrowing.

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5 thoughts on “2013 update to the coming crash caused by world debt

  1. Don,

    Barring some solar CME event, and as oriented to the Americas, using all of the above financial / economic and other various political fodder, how do you see all of this working in to world war(s) scenarios?

    You’ve brought up dealing with Iran, and that of course has repurcussions for the Americas, although conflict with Iran is more about their nuclear thread to Isreal and the regional instability in general versus the dismal economic situation of the various key world players.

    I guess I’m looking more for your “unofficial hunches” vice what you have posted on your site (which is likely a bit more “reserved”, as it should be). In other words, “speculation encouraged” (not that I would hold you to it, only to get ideas thrown out there).

  2. Craig,

    It is hard to say how all this will actually play out, wars and world events often do not play out like anyone expects. Read my 2010-2020 world trends projections for my views about events during this decade (sidebar).

  3. I have been thinking over the past year that this global debt issue is something that could bring more nations under a unified financial system and government. Just like how countries in the EU, like Greece are being assimilated via debt I can see the same thing happening to the west.
    I think that someone will one day say, hey let’s just wipe the slate clean. You just sign over your country and its resources, fall under our system and your debt is no more.
    There may be a lot more that happens and probably a lot of pain between now and then but it is just a thought I had for where this could go.

    More motivation to be real about out faith and endure.

  4. Whew… I think I found (consumed) your site around 2011 time frame and missed the 2010-2020 projection page (although I don’t tend to peruse blogs — I should).

    Suffice to say, I’m only “prepared” for the rapture which, as you say, may or may not happen in this decade. The rest of “beyond overwhelming”.

    I will say the whole “doomsday prepper” thing (as on one of the cable channels) is a turn off to me. First, it’s not a “day” and second I see prophecy and not “doom”. Sometimes I say the “Lord’s Prayer” has creation’s purpose covered in three words, namely: ‘We’, ‘Our’ and ‘Us’. Thus, hiding is something the wicked shall be doing when God’s judgment comes (which is not breaking seals) and not the genuine [pre-rapture] bride. Just sayin’

    Financial-wise, I’m not gonna try to find a rock / mattress to “hide” accumulated wealth. I managed to survive to this point based on the innate qualities the Lord created me (us) with, and so that’s what I’ll work with when the crash happens (which looks imminent). In the mean time, I’ll try to obtain some strategic items and leave it at that.

    While I’m here – I also do not see “revival” happening (at least not now) as even some genuine Christians are praying for.

    I guess “hang on for a crazy ride”. Thanks again.

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