A Fourth Reich Roman Empire Revival Fit for a Beast and a Gog Reunion

We may be seeing the start of the Revived Roman Empire taking place before our very eyes. The turmoil in North Africa, Syria, and elsewhere may bring it about. I know many people thought the present EU is the revived Roman Empire but the present EU really does not fit the spatial reality of the Old Roman Empire nor does it have its mothers violent nature.

Here is a map that shows the  extent of the Old Roman Empire. Where there are dates on this map those regions were not part of the Roman Empire at the time of Jesus.

If the Jews had accepted Jesus the Roman Empire would have been destroyed by God and the Roman Empire might never have grown to include the regions that are dated. Of course God is not blind sighted. He knew the future. Even so, the revived Roman Empire does not have to include the areas that were added after Jesus lived on earth. Nevertheless, I assume the revived Roman Empire will include the furthest extent of the Old Roman Empire.

I am not saying that the revived Roman Empire has to be exactly on the borders of the Old Roman Empire but I think it does generally fall in the same area of the Old Roman Empire. There would be little point in believing in Bible prophecy about a revival of the Roman Empire that then turns into the Beast if nothing looking like the revival of the old Roman Empire comes in existence. If The Roman Empire is the 7th world empire before the Beast than she should look much like her old Roman mother and also have the same nature of her mean old Roman mother.

What you should notice about the Old Roman Empire from this map is that it included North Africa, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Iraq and nations SW of Russia and Western Europe. Most of Eastern nations of the EU were not in the old Roman Empire and that would include the Nordic countries and much of Great Britain.

As far out as it might sound, these Eastern European nations might again align with Russia because the tribe of Gomer that comes with Gog in the Ezekiel 38 war probably settled in parts of Eastern Europe. This map is one reason why many Bible prophecy teachers thought the Old Soviet Union was about to fulfill the Gog war in the 1980’s. The Western borders of the old Soviet Union are very near the Eastern borders of the Old Roman Empire. I think before the Gog war can happen there once again will be a realignment of nations allied to Russia. The Bible prophecy teachers had it right about who would come with Russia but God delayed the time-clock by a few decades by collapsing the Soviet Union.

The turmoil in the area of the Old Roman Empire is not going away anytime soon. Algeria looks like it will be next to go into civil war, Libya is now in civil war and that is not likely to change. There is turmoil in Tunisia and there will be further civil uprisings in Egypt between the secularists controlling the military and the Muslim brotherhood.

Syria is controlled by a 15 percent minority supported dictator named Bashar al-Assad. He has resorted to mass killings of Syrians that oppose him just like his evil father did. Bashar al-Assad has even resorted to bringing in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to kill those in his own army that will not fire on the Syrian people. The situation in Syria is really going to get ugly and it would not surprise me if Bashar al-Assad would start a war with Israel as a diversion rather than lose control of Syria.

Turkey is heading for trouble with its Islamist and anti Israel political turn, and many of the nations in South Europe are now economic basket cases. Everyday more and more Germans, Austrians, French and others are turning to the Far Right for the solution. They have had it with the liberal elite and their failed social experiments. The Muslim immigrants are not assimilating, they are not productive citizens and they bite the hand that feeds them. Civil insurrections even civil war between Muslim immigrants and native Europeans becomes inevitable.

European nations now enforcing the no fly zone in Libya will soon have boots on the ground in North Africa and this is all going to get out of hand and the US is not going to be in any position to bail Europe out. So Europe will increasingly polarize and militarize until civil war and foreign wars in Europe and North Africa become their worst nightmare. I think the rise of the Fourth Reich is already beginning in Austria and Germany in opposition to the multicultural idealist socialist elite that brought all this upon the European natives.

I guess Israel will handle Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and anyone else that gives them trouble. Greece and Turkey will once again go to war with each other. I think the end results of all this might very much look like this map. The whole region of the Old Roman Empire will be taken over by the Fourth Reich.

So it looks to me like this whole region is about to blow up. Probably the only thing holding things together is Germany and the US but the US is overextended and has its own dire economic problems and Germany is fed up with the PIIGS of Europe that continue to live beyond their means and expect others to clean out their pen. Therefore, I can see the Germanic people rising again with a Fourth Reich. (Will history record the fourth Reich as from 2014-2030)?

Will the Beast that comes out of this revived Roman Empire and that then goes worldwide have the same nature as Old Rome and also have some of the attributes of the more modern Nazi fascists that tried to put the Roman Empire back together again in the 1940’s? I would not be surprised. I expect that one extreme will be put down by another extreme like always. That is just the history of Europe and our fallen human nature. Then take Holy Spirit led Christians out of the equation in the Rapture and what do you think the Beast government will be like?

There will be a least four catalysts for the Fourth Reich Roman Empire revival that will become fit for a Beast  The wars in North Africa will be one catalyst. The economic problems will be a second catalyst. The wars against Israel and a Sunni Shia war will be the third catalyst. And the Muslim uprisings in Europe and the backlash by the natives will be the fourth catalyst that will bring about the Far Right movement that will end with the authoritarian Beast of Revelation and his occult False prophet.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


19 thoughts on “A Fourth Reich Roman Empire Revival Fit for a Beast and a Gog Reunion

  1. There may be some reunion of the ex Soviet Union countries and Russia and some kind of new, smaller USSR in the near future. I don’t see how Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania are going to reunite with the Russians. There is absolutely no way for Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to ever join Russia again. Only if they are forced to do it. I don’t think that war between Turkey and Greece is possible in the next at least 5-7 years. Not before Turkey becomes a EU member. Later will be even more difficult but not impossible for both of them to fight with each other.

  2. Martin,

    I guess the Eastern European nations could form a separate union my point is that some of these nations may come down against Israel with Gog in the Ezekiel 38 39 war, not that there has to be a new Soviet superstate.

    I think a war between Turkey and Greece over Cyprus or Muslim states is always possible if this whole region destabilizes. I do not think the EU will even survive as it is now. I think it will morph into much the same as you see on the map.

  3. Hey Don,

    While I’ve read elsewhere that the NATO invasion of Libya may be precedent to eventually invade Israel, do you think the European nations getting their hands dirty in North Africa is really the beginning of the ‘pushing Islam back’ war you’ve been talking about? From your final paragraph it seems that North Africa & Southern Europe have their Islamic squabble while Israel is busy fighting of the P83 inner ring.

    Side note: It seems like a lot of things happening in the past few years seemed confusing when they were happening, and then after we caught our breaths we said, ‘oh, of course, that was the start of what we were calling for way before … how did we not notice it?’

    Great post, by the recent return i’m assuming the green hades has been temporarily humbled as a footstool beneath your feet . . .

  4. I think there will be civil wars in all these regions of the Old Roman Empire until the Fourth Reich rises in Europe and takes over the whole area. Islam will then be outlawed in the revived Roman Empire or it will be converted to the pluralism of the Roman based Harlot. Don’t expect this all to play out overnight this will take a decade or two just like the rise of the Third Reich. Israel will be included in the revived Roman Empire but she will first defeat all the enemies around her until the time of Gog.

  5. Eastern European countries are very poor and weak to form a separate union. And they are not going to be richer soon or, in my opinion, ever. Bulgarian army, for example, used to number 120,000 before the fall of communism and now is not more than 15,000. Situation in the rest of the ex communist countries is pretty much the same. They aren’t even well equipped for a real war. East Europe, of course, will attack Israel but they have to be led by someone stronger and richer. And this is not going to be Russia. (If this war happens soon, of course. If it happens in some 20 years from now, who knows.) It may be the USA, if it still exists by that time. I don’t think that Serbia or Bulgaria will be eager to join England in case they are leading an operation against Israel. England sounds just ridiculous in those countries. But they would for sure join a war against Israel led by Germany.

    This format of EU is not going to survive, that’s so obvious. Northern countries have nothing to do with the ex Roman Empire, neither do they fit mentally in what is now EU. They are just different. I have always wandered how could people claim that EU is the new Roman Empire when half of the Roman Empire is not in its borders yet. And what are Poland, Sweden and so on doing in it… I guess that another Southern or, I don’t know – Mediterranean union will be the new Roman Empire. I think you say something about this in your book, or I may be wrong. The question is how Israel is going to be part of the New Roman Empire.

  6. Martin,

    Most credible premillennial Bible scholars and I believe that the Ezekiel 38 39 war is led by Russia. There is no reason why it can’t happen 20 years from now. In fact, I believe this invasion will happen about 20 years from now. There simply is no reason from scripture to believe Western Europe is involved in the Ezekiel 38 war. Ezekiel clearly names the tribes that come against Israel and none of them are from Western Europe.

    Israel is part of the Old Roman Empire so it only makes sense that she will be part of the revived Roman Empire. In fact, she is one of nations in the already proposed Mediterranean Union. The coming prince of Rome confirms a covenant with the many for seven years because Israel will be one of the nations that will be under the protectorate of Rome.

  7. The Ezekiel 38-39 wars (I believe) lead to the ascension of the anti-christ who will be seen as great victor of the west. I don’t know, but my best guess is Prince Harry. He will be assasinated in Jerusalem just after victory -the defeat of the Islamic republic which practically destroys much of Europe (and America, and Israel but though almost destroyed, hang on in victory) – and as his soul rises to go whether it will (up or down), satan will inhabit his body and proclaim a miracle from God. Tsk, tsk, such a liar. I’m really hoping for the rapture at the 3 1/2 year point. But I’m down wit whatever, G.

  8. Oh, yeah, those “islamic” nations WILL join the revived Roman empire, but only after islam has been completely destroyed and the only people left in the mid-east are Christians, etc.

  9. Frankie,

    Actually that is a more likely scenario than most I have heard. I read a old Church prophecy that says the name of the great king that restores Europe to Christianity after a very nasty civil war in Europe will be named Harry. Of course I take all this special revelation stuff with a large grain of salt.

  10. No special knowledge in this whole area, just love reading about it. Have always wondered why the most powerful nation in the world, USA is not mentioned in the End Times. Have read that the true leaders who run the USA are planning on a New World Order for us. Kinda suspect that could be possible if the USA joins up with Mexico and Canada as the North American Union and ultimately blend in with the EU; if not the EU then with whatever organization includes Europe and Russia and all of these could become The New World Order with headquarters in Rome. I tend to think that Charles or Harry could well fit into the president of that NWO or whatever the name becomes. Wife thinks our current leader might just fit into that group as President and I am leaning that way as well even though I do believe that our country is run by the bankers and the Queen’s offspring fit into the bankers stow. Remember reading that the current Pope does not fit and that the Vatican will be headed by another at the time of the Gog Reunion. First time in my 67 years that I am now hearing nearly all credible Christians ( including Billy Graham & the late D.James Kennedy) are now seeing the sprouting of the fig tree. One thing I do notice is that the moral state of the world is decaying more rapidly then ever before at least in the eyes of Christians.

    Frankie’s thoughts about Harry and Islam are very interesting. One thing for sure, the Islam God is nothing like our God, not even close as our God is a loving and compassionate Father and not a religion where on the whim of Allah they might inherit eternal life in an earthly paradise of gluttony and sexual gratification; as I – from Walter Martin, The Kingdom of the Cults.

  11. Eschat,
    Yea, I agree…the world is decaying at an exponential rate now, anyone can read the news to confirm this vs where the world was just 2 years ago.

    Allah and all the rest of the demonic false gods are man made so, of course, their paradise is going to be distorted. I do wish Christians would quit giving Allah credence though. He’s as real as the tooth fairy.

    Frankies thought on Harry is quite intriguing, I would like to hear Don expound upon that more, I guess some old predictors (not Biblical) have said something about it.

  12. I looked the prophecy up, the prophecy came from Anna-Katarina Emmerick July 12, 1820 and the great King’s name was Henry not Harry so we can put that speculation to rest. Of course in her Roman Catholic mind this will be the person that would restore the Church before the Antichrist and not the Antichrist. That is all I am saying about the prophecy so don’t ask.

  13. hi i am a new poster :)
    i came across your blog today in relation to the another subject. i have been reading this one with some interest and wondered if what we may see happening now is Iran’s meddling to further weaken the resolve of the west, to enable them to gain political leverage/power within the region (through the likes of muslim brotherhood etc) knowing that the west’s appetite for war is diminishing as quickly as its bank accounts.
    if so giving both Putin and Ahmadinejad currently friendly relations a huge carrot if they decided to foster these relations in going to war with Israel possible within months rather that yeaers. i ponder this as its my belief it is God who rescues Israel in that war (with mass earth quake etc and so begins the turning back to God for the nation as they no with out a doubt its him) and at the same time destroying the nations that join in that confederacy. Surely then it would be easy for the western nations to rebuild their empire with those threats out of the way.

    Feel free to educate me (a wife n mum from uk) God bless my brothers n sisters in Jesus!

  14. Hi Skarrak.

    I think Iran’s leaders with their strange eschatology want to think that is what is happening but they are in great danger of a revolution against themselves. The Muslim Brotherhood is no friend of Iran. What is more likely to occur is that the Muslim brotherhood will gain control in the Sunni states and that there will be a war against Shiite states like Iran and Iraq for control of the Arab states of the Middle East. The Sunnis Arabs will win of course and then after that the Psalm 83 war is likely to occur.

    I have already written quite a bit about why the Ezekiel 38 and 39 war is not possible in this decade if that is what you are suggesting. Russia really has no viable army right now to be able to come against Israel with Iran and fulfill the prophecy and Israel has to be living in peace when it happens. There are other reasons so you might read these articles


  15. Interesting to read….if the date is correct above this article the described future situation is almost 1-on-1 with what it is now, or still upon us.
    Turmoil in northern africa,
    piigs are failing to restructure their financial positions,
    Germans are getting fed up with paying for failed states,
    shia-sunni war in Syria reaches ever bigger climaxes,

    There are still a lot of things described in the article that haven’t happen yet and that isn’t a very comforting thought.

    Don, good work, can you give us a 2013 update on this article? thanks for the good works.

  16. Vistor,

    Thanks. If you want updates you will have to read later related posts. Use the tags or other search tools to find EU or Russia tagged articles. Also, use the search box on the bottom of the website homepage because much of what I say is in the comments or not on the Blog at all.

  17. Pope Francis will usher in the 4th Reich.. He is being touted as Latin when in fact he is Northern Italian, born to Italian Parents, not Latin. He is emulating Jesus on Earth.. He is the false prophet, the destroyer prophesied by St. Francis.. Very soon folks, very soon..

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