America can have riots and civil war or a temporary benevolent dictator.

It is clear to me that this country is now hopelessly divided and there will be no solution if we do not find a very strong leader that can shock Americans into reality by telling them the unvarnished truth about where the nation is heading and making it clear that the only alternative to his own radical proposals will be social breakdown with riots and even a civil war. We need someone with the communication skills and likability of Ronald Regan and Glenn Beck and the independent resources of someone like Ross Perot. Maybe It could be someone with outstanding social networking skills that can bypass the lame-stream media that will certainly gather their liberal forces against him.

Frankly, right now, the only way I see America getting that kind of leader is if a massive crises hits the US within a year so that a radical popularist leader might be driven to the forefront several months before most of the 2012 presidential primaries. I think America now only has two choices left. One is riots and civil war and the other is to elect a temporary benevolent dictator that will have full support from a super-majority Congress to do whatever is necessary to save this nation from the Marxists evils that have already been set in motion.

Here are a few facts about our situation for people who still can process reality.

We have overextended our military and we can no longer afford to be the world policeman anymore. In other words, we have no choice but to bring almost all of our troops home.

China, Japan and other nations have made it clear that they will be reducing the foreign debt that they hold and the bulk of that is in US Treasuries. That means, they will no longer be buying US Treasuries and we still need $3 trillion in new loans each year to just pay off old loans coming due and to cover our yearly deficits.

Even as I speak, the Federal Reserve is buying up 70 percent of our own Treasuries because there are few buyers and because they need to keep interest rates low to help expand the economy. In order to do that, the Federal Reserve just creates more money, and that makes every dollar worth less. That is why the dollar is now crashing against most other world currencies.

When creditors are not buying enough of the debt of a nation to keep essential government services and entitlements going there really are only two things that the nation can do to continue funding. They can either just print more money, or they could pay higher interest rates so that it will attract more creditors. The first solution collapses the currency bringing inflation. The second solution forces government to pay more to borrow and if the debt continues to increase it will create an interest rate spiral and collapse the economy.

Either scenario is deadly to the middle class and wage slaves. If the currency gets weaker the price of everything goes up but wages stay the same. If interest rates go up businesses will not be created or expand. Therefore,  jobs are not created and big-ticket items that have to be financed like homes and cars have higher payments. Higher interest rates always brings about an economic slow down and in a weak economy like ours that would be devastating. Greece with more than 20 percent unemployment and 22 percent interest rates is a prime example of this playing out now. The EU may or may not continue to bail out Greece but nobody in the world has the resources to bail the US.

Americans is heading toward a massive depression, hyper-inflation or stagflation. Economists debate on how the collapse of the United States will come, but the astute know it is coming unless there is a timely radical change in America. All scenarios will wipe out most of the middle class in America and it would end many federal entitlement programs for the poor because there simply would be no way to fund them. So even all the progressively made government dependents will be committing economic suicide if they vote to continue the Obamanation.

The main reason oil prices are going up and will continue to go up under this administration is an insane economic policy, an insane federal energy policy and an insane foreign policy. I could write thousands of words of detail about this but I think one word covers the situation quite adequately, “insane”. Those that now run are government are simply out of their mind.

Our domestic social policies are also insane. Again, I could write thousands of words explaining the issues but when the majority of the voters of the United States vote for statist Marxist politicians as a solution to the problems in America that segment of America is “insane”. At least a third of the people in this nation have already lost their mind. The majority of the urban people in America are now brainwashed and they have no ability to critically think through important national issues for themselves. If you don’t believe me ask your urban acquaintances about anything of national importance and see what answers you will receive. All they know is brainwashing drivel fed to them from lame-stream media and pop trivia. The majority of the people living in rural areas are still basically sane and they are the only real hope left for this nation but even in rural areas that sane majority grows smaller every day.

Who could fill the shoes and be the type of leader that America needs now to get us through this crises?

None of the front-runners for President in any way qualify as a leader that can carry off the changes that America needs to survive as a world power. Some think that Donald Trump could be that man, but let’s be realistic. Trump is really a RINO and he is also a CINO. Trump has been all over the board politically and his real religion is the love of money. He simply does not have the integrity and the Christian attributes necessary to be a benevolent dictator. He has a history of supporting liberal policies and even Obama. Now he is saying some common sense things that the unbrainwashed already know and it gets him in the limelight. But, once Trump obtained the Presidential Office he would stuff his administration with RINO’s like himself that would just continue the statist progressive world agenda.

Instead of helping the conservative Christian cause, Trump could actually kill it by splitting the sane votes against Obama and therefore handing the election to the insane that would vote for the devil himself if he were a Democrat. Trump will become a favorite of the lame-stream media who will use his American idol appeal to defeat the Republicans. Trump already said that if he runs for President and if he does not get the Republican nomination he will run for President as an Independent.  If  Trump then gets only 5 or 10 percent of the national vote that would end any chance of  a Republican defeating Obama and taking the white house in 2012.

Although there are some leaders that probably could lead America through the dark days coming I do not think that most are electable. There could be a few exceptions and that is what we need to look for. My choice of the perfect righteous benevolent dictator candidate would be Franklin Graham. He might even be electable, but I know he won’t run because he is not a politician and he believes he has a higher calling.  Therefore, since the type of leader I am talking about  probably will never appear, there probably will be no major changes to solve our problems unless there is a military coop. I would not say a military coop is entirely out of the question if Obama gets exposed as a fraud and the Democrats refuse to force him to step down. Another possibility is that He will declare martial law for some reason and cross the red line and the generals will tell him that he must step down.

Here are some of my out-of-the-box suggestions that a temporary benevolent dictator might take to save America.

Foreign Policy:

Kick the UN out of America and remove the US from all world governance organizations.

Pull our forces out of Europe. Almost 70 years from World War II, Europe should be able to provide for their own self-defense, and if they cannot they deserve to be taken over.

Pull out of South Korea, Formosa and South Korea. These countries are strong enough to form their own alliance and take care of their own defense from the threat of China, as long as we are there they will not do it themselves and we will end up fighting their war.

Nullify all disarmament treaties with Russia. They are all designed to screw us.

Produce about one-hundred 250 megaton bombs reserved to destroy the main cities and deep bunker complexes of any nation that world dare attack our nation with nukes. The delivery system would be secret and yet to be determined.  I am suggesting the return of MAD in spades as a deterrent for an increasingly mad world.

Pull out all troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan. I am sure those in these areas will continually be fighting each other and we do not want to be in the middle of their wars. Israel can take care of themselves if we get out-of-the-way. Any terrorist camp that is found plotting against America would be annotated by air strikes and our special forces.

Start a North American economic and common defense union. It would not supersede any national government.

Overthrow Chavez in Venezuela and the Marxist government in Cuba. Establish a new Monroe like doctrine for the Americas. Marxist dictatorships or drug cartels will not be allowed in the Americas, period! There should be a joint command formed to wipe out all drug cartels in the Americas.

We will get our oil from the Americas at a reasonable price by not allowing oil exports out of the Americas during times when the Middle East is in turmoil or trying to use oil as a weapon against us. If necessary we should use our navy to escort oil tankers to our ports as needed.

Make airborne, shipborne and ground laser and electric pulse systems the major priority for offense and self-defense in our military.

Domestic and Economic Policy

Restructure our debt. We will put into place a balanced budget amendment by 2014. Foreign holding on US. debt will be paid only as we can afford to pay them off. Our nation will make the determination of who gets paid off first. Until then, US bonds will pay a three percent interest rate. Ten percent of our annual national budget would go toward paying off this $16+ trillion national debt until it is retired.

The IRS would be abolished. Tax would mainly come from a national sales consumption tax.

Energy independence at reasonable cost should be the number one domestic national security priority and it should supersede environmental concerns.

All things that can be, will be run by state and local governments. Therefore, many federal agencies will be totally abolished.

Social Security retirement age will be gradually raised to 70 and have livable benefits. Early retirement will be phased out except for those with real disabilities. Medicare benefits also should be gradually raised to age 70.

Veteran hospitals and clinics would only be used for disabled veterans and not for everyone that ever joined the military. Service connection presumptions will have to be re-looked because when common diseases of the general population like diabetes and prostate disease is presumed service connected with medical and financial compensation for life, just maybe, the presumption supposition is getting out of hand?? I am a vet so save your cards and letters. There should be a couple of independent studies and let the facts on this matter speak for themselves.

Other than Medicare the only medical insurance provided for all should be a low-cost catastrophic insurance plan through a payroll tax. Otherwise you buy your own insurance or pay the fees yourself. I assure you if insurance was largely done away with, medical visits would cost half of what they do now and health care in this country would fall to about 10 percent of GNP from the 17 percent, and rising, that we have now. For those on low incomes we can have sliding scale clinics. It costs over $1000 a month to buy family insurance today and you still pay another 1/3 of the costs with co-payments and deductibles. How many clinic visits can you make in a year if you had that money  in your pocket each year and a typical visit costs about 40 bucks instead of $80. That would take place if insurance middlemen and government regulators got out-of-the-way.

Congress should give the military police powers as necessary for a few years to clean up our inner city gang and border problems. Many cities have already become hellholes.  After domestic security is brought under control the military would not be allowed to perform police functions in this nation anymore. Eminent domain must now be temporally used in large sections of our inner cities to enable large-scale economic and housing redevelopment within our inner cities. The end goal should be to allow working people to occupy homes in cities near where they work and have safe efficient mass transit so that a car will not even be needed in the inner cities.

Marriage would be between one man and one woman in the US and homosexuality would again be reason for discharge for those in the military. Homosexuals would not be a protected species or get special benefits, they would be under local laws of the community like everyone else.

Abortion would not be at the choice of a mother it would be performed only to save the life of a mother at the choice of the mother. Adoption would be the alternative.

No more lifelong professional federal politicians. Three terms would be the maximum in the House (6 years) and Senate (12 years).

A constitutional amendment needs to be passed establishing basic parental rights over their children allowing reasonable corporal punishment and the right to know about medical procedures and birth control procedures on children that are under their authority.

No more porn on the Internet or on media. Filters would be used and sites would be shut down (too bad libertarians).

After all the mess is cleaned up, have Congress go over all old federal laws and repeal all those that violate the Constitution and states rights. After that is all taken care of, the powers of the benevolent dictator and federal government will be strictly limited to what the constitution allows.

It seems to me that this nation is now so divided that riots and civil war will become inevitable. The only alternative to the civil upheaval that is coming is for a leader to rise to the occasion and become a benevolent dictator to set America back on course. The only other peaceful possibility is to divide the nation into separate nations.  Will we find a new George Washington, or will we find the end of the United States? The choice is really ours.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


65 thoughts on “America can have riots and civil war or a temporary benevolent dictator.

  1. “We need someone with the communication skills and likability of Ronald Regan and Glenn Beck and the independent resources of someone like Ross Perot. Maybe It could be someone with outstanding social networking skills that can bypass the lame-stream media that will certainly gather liberal forces against him.”

    Sounds like a pretty good likeness of Anti-Christ…

  2. Don,Generally, I like these ideas. You should perhaps mention returning to an honest monetary system backed by real assets. Being a libertarian, I’d argue some of the points you made, but not strongly. I would go along with the porn filters. I don’t, however, think we will accomplish any of this through the electoral process. I see either capitulation to a police state, which we are already in, or revolt and civil war. In the end, dividing the country into separate nations may be the best course. For years I’ve thought that health insurance only serves to raise the cost of health care. Do away with the insurance and the cost would fall to a level most people could afford. One final thought I’d add to this is, once the nation or “nations” return to a sane, constitutional level, we ought to allow — with proper apologies — those States that legally succeeded in 1861 to chose whether or not they wish to resume their Confederacy.

  3. Doug, actually I agree with what you said. I don’t think any such person will show up. I was giving the alternative if there actually is enough sane people left to vote for a person that will return us to a path of sanity. At this point that is very doubtful, but we do have about a year left to find a strong conservative candidate There can be a lot of downhill for our nation in the next 12 months and that could bring some repentance and some demand for a conservative statesmen alternative so who knows?

    Russ, throughout history God raised by strong leaders to save people that were put under oppression and to save the innocent. The Antichrist is not coming from the United States and he is not coming as soon as many might think. The Beast/Antichrist also does not get his powers until God allows it and that will not happen until He that hinders is taken out of the way. God is in control of the earth, not Satan. Satan can do nothing unless God allows it and if God allows nations to go down the tubes you can be sure that this chastisement is meant to further God’s agenda to mature people in Christ or to bring people to Christ.

  4. I just don’t know how much and what kind of preparation I can do in one, if not two years. But, to me, 2013 and beyond is totally “dicey”; I don’t see a high probability of an EMP this year or next; All I can do is pray that God will have some grace to allow those that are His to, above and beyond “watch and pray”, to make essential preparations.

    I love these kinds of posts, if for no other reason than “I told you so”; Keep them up, even if the possibility of the country following through is “doubtful”; As you state, “… further God’s agenda to mature people in Christ / bring people to Christ”;

    Take care, God bless, Come Lord

  5. It seems like it will take a miracle (or a counterfeit one) to end the madness in this nation. Sadly my sense is that it will be Civil War II unless the Antichrist comes onto the scene first.

    BUT here’s are chance to shine in Him; let us not be among the many whose love will have grown cold…

  6. Good post Don. Regarding some of your points, #1definitely bring the troops home frpm the sandbox and station then in the SW United States. The back door is wide open and the bad guys KNOW IT. Any American citizen STUPID enough to go to to Mexico should be required tosign a waiver, and if the narcos happen to grab you while you exercise your “right” to travel where you choose, so be it. You’re on your own, don’t expect to be rescued by the US, and don’t expect any level of civility by these mercenary, Godless savages. #2, Don, were already IN a depression. I think you might mean a WORSE one.

  7. Don,

    I agree and would vote for all that you listed in this article, it is what NEEDS to be done to preserve these United States. I just don’t see it as a viable reality with the corruption, immorality, and power hungry greed that permeate our government, judicial system, and society in general. This is an opinion based on what I read daily in the news.

    *”The majority of the urban people in America are now brainwashed and they have no ability to critically think through important national issues for themselves.”*
    I think you hit the nail on the head (and the core problem) with this statement and I experience this personally when talking to others about world issues.

    The civil chaos & unrest in these United States that you’ve written about in this article (and before), I think is inevitable because people aren’t paying attention NOW and will be “shocked” when the camels back is broken, their shock and hopelessness will drive them into the chaotic, civil unrest, behavior.

    Yes, it is up to us as a nations people…but how are the people ignorant to these facts (the majority), who don’t want to know these facts, who only know a self centered awareness, who are more concerned with celebrities idols lives than their own, going to do their part to force the “powers that be” into getting these things done ?
    I don’t think we, as a minority (Christ believing) can do it alone.

    I, personally, am thankful every day that no matter how bad things get, that the Lord Jesus Christ gave us the greatest hope of all time.

    I am also thankful for this blog and all the people who contribute here, I regard it as one of few bastions of common sense available, and most importantly, a Biblical, Christ centered perspective.

  8. Great article Don!

    Loved all your suggestions. Unfortunately, they are too common sense for any elected official to take to heart. It has become all too apparent, that this country is going down and nothing besides God’s intervention can stop it. Unfortunately, many in this country don’t want to hear about or from the Lord, so He’s going to let them have their way and then ask, “how’s that working for you?”

    Riots? I don’t think we have seen nothing yet. Once the money runs out and the sponges don’t get their monthly stipend via welfare, food stamps and the myriad of other government entitlements, they will take to the streets and cities will burn. Remember the chaos in Wisconsin? And that was just over collective bargaining! What will happen when you don’t get your government check and be able to go down to the local bar to have a few brews with the fellas? It won’t be pretty!

    Hate to sound so pessimistic, but it is what it is. Praise God that He is on the throne and in control. He knows what He is doing and will get His children through it.

  9. Don,After thinking again about your article…your right…if a “benevolent dictator” was somehow given full power reign over government bureaucracy and Washington red tape…yeah, that could work…but a dictatorship on one side or the other would insight chaos also, I think.The libs would go crazy with man/woman marriage defined, true abortion laws, and no porn “rights”.

  10. No doubt the liberals will go crazy and burn the cites but they are going to do that anyway because the gravy train has about run out of fuel. Even if a RINO gets elected they will burn the cites. Even if Obama gets reelected things will get so bad that they will still burn the cities.

    The truth of the matter is that when the economy takes a turns for the worst again (and it will) we will have martial law in this country. Right now most of the military is with the Conservatives and they are likely to follow the orders of a conservative President but if you have a socialist president using the military toward his own end to destroy the way of life and oppose the values of those in rural America there will be a civil war because many of the military and the police will also turn against the evil.

    Anyone who thinks that what is happening in the Middle East can’t happen here is not paying attention. Even in the 2008 crises the bankers were warning the president that there would be a systematic break down and their would be martial law if he did not bail out certain banks and corporations. They were not just blowing smoke there would have been riots in the streets. Next time there will be nothing left to bail with, and as soon as another straw gets lain on the economic camels back that day of reckoning could come. It could come as soon as this year.

    What do you think would happen to the price of oil and the world economy if Iran and Saudi Arabia went at it? There are dozens of candidates for that last straw, yet Americans listen to the advise of American Idols and mock people like Franklin Graham when he speaks the truth about the Obamanation and the evil of Islam.

    There were prophets among Israel but the people mocked them and they did not listen. Today the Bible believing Spirit led Church is God’s mouth-peace to this nation but even many of those claiming to believe in Jesus mock the message about any chastisement coming to this nation because of its evil. Much of a nation that once knew the name of the Creator now rejects Him for their various idols.

    America: choose this day whom you will serve!

  11. Yep Don, what you just said is the way I see it.
    I have friends & acquaintances whom I try to talk to about Jesus and even basic world events and they don’t/won’t see it and think I’m just a Jesus believing looney who needs a crutch…and hey, I know the best crutch there is…Jesus Christ, the Messiah : )

    They (most of society I see locally) definitely believe civil unrest as in the Middle East can’t/won’t happen here…that we are just going through a slow spell and things will turn for the better as they always have.

    Martial Law ! Sometimes I think that’s what it might take for some to wake up but I’m not sure of that either.

    Just another reason why I like coming to this blog…I guess it’s a comfort zone for me, though, I do know it’s still my duty to get the word out to the non-believers.
    Again, thank you, all of you who contribute here…Love In Christ : )

  12. Great post Don and great replies from all. From hearing and reading info from magazines,the Bible,your pastor, etc we have all heard about what the end times (not neccessarily the next few years)would entail and what to expect. It was like reading stories of war or tribulations from the bible, hard to really grasp or feel the fear/emotions unless you personally experienced it. Even though i am a Christian it is still fearful to live in these times. In just a short period of time we went from the most powerful,blessed,creditor to bankrupt in monetary and moral ways.Even though we have money in the bank,my wifes good paying job, an almost paid off mortgage the USA does not feel as carefree or hopeful as it used to. People are on edge and many don’t want to associate with anyone. Personally out of 10 neighbors we know 2 well, the rest its a wave to acknowledge and thats about it, even for the ones we’ve known over 10 yrs. Family is the same. Brothers that live 20 minutes away have no time to visit or call but can travel an hour to their inlaw side of the family. Even my own Dad when asked if he is coming to our daughters H.S. graduation says “we’ll see if i’m not busy.” He has time for his buddies but not family since my mom passed away 2-1/2 yrs ago. She was the rock that held us together. I always wondered if the Wisconsin well water was laced with too much fertilizer that affected my Dad and other people. LOL I’m laughed at when i say one of my fave programs is the Walton’s but not Family Guy. As Charleton Heston said ” It’s a Madhouse!!!!!!!!”

  13. I have been saying we will have civil war, revolution, martial law for several years and people from neighbors, family, friends, co workers think you are a nut job. We live in the greatest country in the world and that could never happen. Pride will and has destroyed us. I am not too confident in our future as a nation as many are more worried about American Idol, bread and circuses, etc and don’t want to face reality. If they are still working they feel the world is great but never contribute to others that have fallen on hard times as its their own fault. I am told i should’nt give to local food banks because who knows how many are abusing the system which they cannot and must submit proof of need but there is hardly any compassion from people any longer. I have always been a giver of everything and my wife says don’t let the world change you and others or there is no hope.
    I only do what God says to do,feed and clothe the needy, he did’nt say check they’re qualifications or ID’s, unless i missed that part.

  14. Minds change…

    I too have been saying (mostly in my family, but also in blog comments) that we are headed for disaster and social breakdown.

    My wife has heard this for years from me and could never imagine that such things could happen…

    …She’s changed her mind and we are expecting things to come down around our ears as early as this autumn.

    BUT we are both sure that our Great God will see us through one way or another, and we are determined to continue to love others and especially those He brings into our lives. Since we have been hosting foreign students lately, I have the sense that we could acquire another child if things get really bad and one of these kids gets stranded here.

    Moreover, I have no expectation that I will retire in the world’s sense of the word, and my “life insurance policy” is “to die for,” with benefits beyond my ability to conceive and backed by the Creator of the Universe, who happens to be a closer than a brother!!! :-)

    It’s probably going to be a “bumpy” ride into eternity for us. I have this vision that we are in the final moments of a plane crash where the nose has just made contact with the ground and there are milliseconds left before total destruction. YET, we who are His, will be preserved through this calamity whether by death or rapture, AND we will be held in His hand throughout the entire ordeal on both sides of the “wreck.”

    “Our redemption draws near…” :-)

  15. Amen, Brett.

    I just read that Obama has released his long form birth certificate. Surprise, surprise! What timing!! D. Trump is breathing down his back with billions of dollars to use to search for the thing, Obama has announced his reelection bid, and suddenly there it is! Makes one wonder if the thing isn’t a well crafted forgery supported by VERY large bribes? How is it to be reconciled with the one allegedly from his birth in Kenya? The man has to be an idiot to have let this issue cloud his presidency for so long if he indeed had this document all along!

    We do live in interesting times, but the time grow wearisome. Can’t wait to hear the voice and the trumpet and find myself and family instantly in the air in the presence of our Lord, Jesus!

  16. I’ve looked at the image of the birth certificate, and it looks “photo-shopped” to me.

    Whether the document is real or not, and whether the president is eligible to serve or not, prolonging this controversy as he has is something he needs to answer for.

    Interesting times…

  17. I think we have seen nothing yet in this country. This is only the beginning of our national chastisement. So those getting weary had better take some spiritual Geritol 😮 and prepare for the long haul.

  18. Also read the new link I put in the main post that speaks about the hellholes that some cities have already become.

  19. I like what you said Brett.

    As far as Obama’s birther thing…who really knows, all I know for sure is he’s a terrible (or perfect) president to have at a critical time in US history.

    I doubt Obama will ever get pushed to answer for anything, I’m sure he has a Czar for that.

  20. Don,

    Fascinating, but not surprising article on “American Hellholes”.

    Ya’know…I would be among the insane also with what is happening and with what is going to happen shortly if not for my love of Yeshua, the Christ…I think Christians are given quite the advantage in these “Prophecy Years” and we should be thankful and hey, we know how it all pans out and who wins in the end…last play of the game, Jesus scores a miracle “touchdown” and wins the EternityBowl : )

  21. Don,

    Now I know why people drink. If it didn’t make me sick, I’d probably flirt with boozing up. I’ve gone from being optimistic and prayerful to being depressed. I don’t get it. It seems to me that the prayers of the saints effect little? Every morning I check online news and learn of another abhorrent crime committed by a certain segment of society, yet their acts are never highlighted by the mainstream media. I’m disgusted with hearing about a woman/transgender being kicked nearly to death in a McDonalds, or two British tourists being shot to death, or some woman nearly being decapitated by her boyfriend, or hearing of an elderly couple getting stomped to death. Or hearing of flash mobs of 50 people fighting at the DC Zoo. Etc.That’s worrisome enough, but the nation is being invaded by foreigners running drugs. Then there are people fighting with swords in a temple. Mosques poping up across the country. Then I hear that at a Denny’s a fat copy slugged a 98lb woman while his partner holds her down. I read of the SWAT team going after a mom who refused to give her daughter pharma drugs. The politicians from the GOP to the Dems are corrupt. The Tea Party fizzed out. The new House members do nothing. TSA continues to molest people. Etc. I want to leave the country, but, I don’t want to be microwaved or groped. I’m worried that I would be singled out since I have psoriasis.

  22. OpenYourEyes,

    Hey, don’t get down…these are the things(the attitude of humanity as in the days of Noah) that the Lord told us would come. This is a time to be joyful knowing that the Lord God Almighty will soon call us home.

    These are exciting times for the believers in Yeshua, the Messiah…we know he’s at the door.

  23. OpenYourEyes? :-)

    It *is* distressing that our nation, and the world are rapidly deteriorating. Yet it is what His Word teaches us to expect, so in that sense, it’s encouraging that we are close to the end of this part of history.

    While I pray for the events and people in the world beyond and I see little to encourage me, I see much to encourage me as I pray for those and those events that are close to home and in my sphere of influence – each answer to prayer is a thrill and each one grows my trust in Him…

    …It’s also encouraging that my small example has set-off a bit of a chain-reaction with those close to me who are believers: THEY are concentrating on their sphere of influence, growing in their dependence, seeing Him answer, and growing in encouragement. AND we share the things our Great God has done for us and our concerns, and each of us are mutually encouraged. AND we are coming to expect His *extravagance* in the things He does, the way He answers prayers that touch many in many ways we could not have guessed – it’s exciting, it’s awe-inspiring, and our trust, love for Him and dependence upon Him grows! We are *so blessed*!!!

  24. Epic fail is all that is left. Too much sin and rebellion.

    Don, when you say a major event of some sort, what do you think in the next 1 yr or so? EMP or nukes goi g off?

  25. I don’t think Don was saying there would be a major event, only that a major event is what it would take to get America to accept a benevolent dictator. I wanted to clarify because I think that none of us are really prepared to survive with any level of self sufficiency, even for a short time, for a major event (and when I say “us”, I mean the enlightened and avid reader/watcher/prayer). My time line is end of 2012 to get some essential preparations in order.

  26. Craig,

    What are you doing to be prepared by the end of 2012 ?
    The only thing I’m doing is food preps with rotating canned supplies that I eat anyway…any other suggestions/ideas ?

  27. To all of you my brethren in Christ:
    My wife and I have been Christians for over forty years and have had to budget most of our lives, yet I can say in all truth that we have NEVER, NEVER needed for anything, and many if not most of our wants have also been supplied (And we have not neglected to give to the Lord’s work).
    I do not expect things will change, for “God will supply every need of ours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus”; the operative word in this is the word “needs”.
    So let us, above all else, look to him to supply what may be needed the most in the days to come, i.e. courage and steadfastness.

  28. Thank you Brian from OZ, I am discouraged this week. Christians I speak with are scared because everything is out of control. I had to say to a lady at bible study today, the world around us is “shinking sand,” but our lives are built on the “solid Rock.” We won’t be untouched by events around us but our God knows how to make a distinction between the righteous and the wicked. (remember the 10 plagues?) I’m even more pessimistic than David, I think we will see some sort of collape into anarchy by the fall of this year and Obama will declare martial law and become our “benevolent dictator.” God help us…..

  29. Jack, I do not know what is going to happen next or when it will happen. I do not think I can improve much on what I already said in my 2010-2020 world trends forecast (#3 on sidebar) and on my Imminent Danger series (top bar). A lot really depends on the choices that Americans make in the months ahead. Therefore, I am not optimistic for this nation.

    I think Christians should heed the watchmen in the Church and prepare. If Christians are prepared both physically and spiritually for events that we say that we know are coming. God can use that preparation as a great witnesses to unbelievers in the coming storms.

    If even Christians in America are scared now, can you imagine what the panic will be like among non believers that only have faith in American idols? I agree with Brian, God knows how to provide for the physical needs of His children so each of us needs to be sure that our own preparations for the future are a work of faith and not fear motivated by a lack of faith in God.

  30. Ammi,

    I look forward to meeting you in heaven.

    And yes, I am pessimistic about the direction of man in this world. I don’t see humanity getting better, however, at the same time, I am excited and gleamingly joyful because we are that much closer to being in the presence of our Lord And Savior.

    The subject matter discussed on Don’s blog is my main focus in life anyway…so, I tell people what is happening factually in this country & worldwide spiritually, politically, & economically, what is happening in the Middle East, they look at it as doom and gloom talk. They ask me why I’m optimistic and joyful about it.

    Then I tell them the ‘Good News’ about The Redeemer, the ONLY True and Living God, Yeshua, the Messiah.

    I think we are living in a glorious time.

  31. It is with deep sorrow that I inform you that Rev David Wilkerson of Times Sq Church was killed in a car crash. Please pray for his loved ones and his Church. Rev. Wilkerson certainly was a godly man who lived a godly life trying to win souls for Christ. He certainly is with Christ now.

  32. Abba, please be with Gwen and the rest of the family, and the truck driver too. Please remind the truck driver there was nothing more he could do. Please be with David’s many friends and brethren who are now grieving. We will meet again! Abba, thank You for blessing us with such people!

  33. Oh I really like how you put it Don, ‘see that our preparedness is a work of faith and not fear.’ Here is a good scripture for us to meditate on; “Let your character be free from the love of money, being content with what you have; for He Himself has said,’I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you,’ so that we confidently say,’The Lord is my helper, I will not be afraid. What shall man do to me?” Heb. 13:5,6 Sometimes I have to say to my Savior; Lord, I believe, help my unbelief.

    I was shocked to read last night about the fatal car accident that took the life of David Wilkerson. I wondered what it could mean for such a watchman to be silenced. Lord, raise up more like him for the days ahead. Prayers of comfort, strength and peace go up for his family.

    We must not be lacking in efforts to encourage one another, even more so as we see the day approaching. Thank you David for that. I’ve just been feeling like Lot, I guess, distressed at the blatant sin that surrounds us in this world. BUT…..JESUS SHINES BRIGHTER!

  34. Wow, I’ve just read the “Hellholes” link Don provided, and things are starting to sound like something out to the scifi dystopias I’ve read through the years. I never have cared for cities and now I’m even more put-off.

    I remember traveling through Oakland and Silicon Valley on business shortly before the big Northridge earthquake and noticing that it was a nice area of the world (even if it was horribly expensive). It’s sad to see and hear of such things…

  35. Hi, to answer Dave et al, on the types of preparations…

    Water: I just got a manual well pump for my water well (currently outside use) and I tested the water twice; I have iodine tablets and those small micron filters. Water is your number one priority. I have a ton of clean water and I can share that with my entire neighborhood – there is a big witnessing tool.

    Food – renewable seeding and fruit bushes and trees. I have a cast net and will get a gill net – great for fishing and small game.

    Shelter – get your house and roof all square away now. You may not get materials later.

    Foil wrap / seal small electronics devices you would have otherwise discarded. My old laptop isn’t worth anything now. If it’s the only working laptop in 20 miles, it is worth gold. You can barter this stuff, let alone share.

    Firearms against roving bands of gangs / thugs.

    I have no idea if there is any truth to the saying “Heaven helps those who help themselves”, but I think it’s apropos.

    Keep your head in the game (watch and pray), although not necessarily your wallet.

    God bless.

  36. Craig,

    Thank you, your obviously an astute guy, I commend you.
    The people on Don’s blog are something special, in my opinion.

  37. In light of these recent tornado plagues, which killed around 300 people, I noticed something peculiar. The areas hit would technically be deemed areas where God-fearing, conservative, patriots live. It wasn’t San Fran hit, or any such place, but the storm caused inexpressible damage in an area where people were bound to be praying desperately for it to fizzle out. On the weather websites, I remember reading in the comment sections of people praying for safety. But these storms were something out of a sci-fi horror film. I’m having a hard time reconciling why thousands of people lost everything, lived in sheer terror for 2-3 days and 300+ perished. As Christians, how do we explain that knowing fellow Christians were fervently praying against the storm?

  38. This is something I’ve wondered myself from time to time, OpenYourEyes. But then I have to remind myself that the god of this world is Satan, and for a while at least, God has let him out on a long leash. Also, this is an area of the country known as tornado alley, and if God were to intervene in the usual nature there just because Christians live there, the world would no longer be a predictable place to live in — what I mean to say is, the laws of physics have to remain constant or nothing is reliable. I don’t know if that makes sense. It took me a while to ponder on it at first. God certainly can control the laws of physics, and he does alter them from time to time according to His will. We call those interventions miracles. I don’t think, however, that humans could exist in a world where miracles were the norm. The whole basis for rational science is that nature’s laws — the laws of gravity, electromagnetism, the weak forces and strong forces — work consistently.

  39. Christians live in a fallen world and there are known natural risks in areas that we get to live in. Also how can you possibly know that the people that were killed were praying for safety? Just because Christians pray does not mean that God will answer yes. Nor does praying mean that God must protect areas of the earth from inevitable natural events.

    Why did so many lose everything in the storms? Because they were in the path of storms that destroy everything in there path. The people of NE Japan were no more wicked than Americans, and don’t think Christians are not acting wickedly. Just because we are Christians does not mean that God has to protect the natural lives of those that already died with Christ and already have everlasting life. We are only left here to serve God, and if the Lord tarries, everyone in the flesh will die somehow.

    Job prayed for his family everyday and they all got wiped out by tornadoes so read Job.

  40. @Open Your Eyes; If we, whose thoughts are not as high as the Creator, could figure everything out we wouldn’t need faith. There are many multiples of layers of reasons as to “the why’ in any situation that God allows. We can’t know them all. We can not tame God by our prayers, and He is not obligated to answer just because one is a “conservative patriot.” We can look into our own hearts to understand why evil exists, the question should be asked, ‘why is there good in the world?’ The Lord owes us nothing except to take us to be with Him if we are His. We owe Him everything. I could die tomorrow in a car crash, that doesn’t change God’s character. It is appointed once for man to die. It’s up to Him when that day is.

    I read that the crops which are normally raised in the storm damaged south will be ruined, adding to already precarious food shortages and higher prices. That might be one reason for the storm.

  41. OpenYourEyes, I sympathize with your feelings about the loss of life and property to what may have well been good Christians and God fearing people. As Don suggested to read Job, If I remember correctly the devil did it to Job.

    I would like to point out that there are still plenty of God fearing people who live in SF, believe it or not. I am third generation SF and lived in the heart of the Castro for over a year recently to house and pet sit for a relative. You could walk up and down Castro street night and day much more safely than many other American cities. Is there sexual sin? yes absolutely, but no more so than what you’ll find on the beaches of Florida during spring break, or any other town or city in America for that matter. Some day SF will be hit with another major earthquake probably causing lots of property damage and loss of life. Some people will say it’s God’s judgement on the gays, other God fearing people who lost a loved one could, using the book of Job, attribute it to the devil.

    Considering the loss of life due to starvation and strife in North Africa and the Middle East and probably much of the rest of the world. I wonder when God will judge America and specifically our Fed Chairman Bernanke and our politicians for causing the massive inflation in the price of oil and food which is indirectly responsible for people right now starving around the world and for the unrest leading to death of poor people in North Africa and the Middle east.

    Why is it when difficult times come it’s the poor who suffer? With the stock market nearly back to all time highs the rich are fully satisfied.

    When the terror event of 9/11 happened I was incensed to see Palestinians and Egyptians dancing in the streets. I couldn’t understand how these people could be happy over the loss of innocent lives in the twin towers attacks. Now I look around at what is happening to the average person in America and how the Fed with large American Banks and multi-national corporations is plundering this country and I realize now that this is what these same entities have been doing to foreign countries for probably the past fifty years. The American working class was the last bone with any meat on it to pick and now they have turned in on their own. Actually it’s been going on for probably a couple of decades only now becoming apparent to me. These deaths attributable to our own countries leadership seems much more egregious to me than whatever sexual sin may be going on in SF. And so I wonder when God will judge America’s leadership and other times I ponder if this leadership is to Americans what the Babylonians were to Israel.

    God bless.

  42. Nah, the people will have to die and struggle as always and slug it out with the banksters that want to control the population. You know what works best? Its the .44 magnum in my holster that says I’ll die a free man and you’ll ask to be a slave.

  43. I hear what you’re saying about Job. However, what about all of the Bible promises for protection as seen in Psalm 91 or Psalm 121? There aren’t any disclaimers in those Psalms stating, “These promises are null and void if you live in an area given to weather extremes, crime, etc.” Is it just a matter of being full of faith or prayed up as I’ve heard some people say? That might explain why person A sometimes sees different results from person B. What are your thoughts?

  44. Job was not killed when the Tornado took everything out of his life because God would not let Satan take his life. God gives life and He takes it away. Those that have a mission from God to complete on earth will not die until their work is done. Nevertheless, all Christians die at some point because we are like flowers. Some bloom early and some late and collectively we make a wonderful garden pleasing to God but after we peaked we no longer have a purpose on earth.

  45. Well I guess I’ll be here quite a while longer… Although if I have to shovel one more blizzard off the driveway, that might be when I peak :)

  46. @OpenYourEyes,

    We live amidst something of a paradox: as much as our God loves us as individuals (and this love is beyond our comprehension), we are also a PART of a MUCH BIGGER thing that God is doing: There are clouds of witnesses in the Heavenlies (Eph 3:10, Heb 12:1, 1 Pet 1:2, 1 Cor 4:9) who are watching what God is doing and how we respond. God is making a point FAR BEYOND us to all of creation in general. So in a sense, whether we live or die or how we die must be subject to the THE BIGGER THING. That’s not to say that our suffering is “nothing.” NO!! God does watch over each of us, AND He will ensure that we are cared-for in eternity and that ALL ACCOUNTS balance – certainly a lot of this is paid by Jesus Himself. I think that this speaks to the cases of innocent children dying in this fallen world, and for “bad” things that happen to “good” people. (I put “bad” and “good” in quotes, because what we think-of as bad, may actually be good when viewed from God’s perspective, AND nobody is truly “good” – we are all fallen, and once we’ve grown to the point where we can tell good from bad, we do bad in accordance to our sin nature.)

  47. When I wrote:

    what we think-of as bad, may actually be good when viewed from God’s perspective

    I think I should clarify this by adding that our Great God has this amazing knack for taking what is distorted, what is blemished, things gone bad, and rather than disposing of them, He redeems them, weaving them together in His *extravagance* such that the end result is more beautiful, right and good, than even the original thing, situation or person. He could throw us away (maybe should throw me away), but He doesn’t. We are not the same as we were before we fell (in our own ways) and we are not the same before we received our cruel marks from the world. BUT He will change these things, remaking us so that our blemishes are turned to something like beautiful birth-marks…

    I had this “vision” the other day concerning this and the nail-prints that are still in Jesus’ hands. I had always wondered why Jesus’ glorified body would have these marks, and why among all the glorified bodies, His would be “imperfect” (it saddened me). Then I suddenly thought that it may well be that we too will bear our personal marks of our “cross” and instead of being ugly as thy appear now, they will be made into beautiful marks of our growth, just as His marks will be beautiful to us for what they signify of His self-sacrifice for us. Perhaps this is one additional way that we will identify in His life, death and resurrection? Please understand that I don’t think we will exist in eternity as deformed humans, only that I suspect that we will each bear special marks of our journey in this difficult part of eternity, whether it be in body, soul or both.

    I think Abba brought this vision to me because I have been deeply (and irrationally) afraid of what I will be (the form I will take-on) in eternity. I LONG AND ACHE for eternity, to be before my Lord who loves me, but there are important parts of me that exist (and exist as they do) because of The Fall. These things are integral to my core identity, and if removed will so change who I am, that I will no longer be “me” and the continuity I have as an integrated person will be broken. “I” will still be alive and glorified, but it will not really be “me,” it will be someone else – I will have ceased to exist. (I’m not speaking of anything related to my sin-nature – I CAN’T WAIT for that for go!!!!!!!) Abba has “said” to me that He will not remove anything from me that is truly me, and that He will “fix” me by adding to me rather than subtracting from me. This is a great comfort, but it is something I’m still working into my heart.

    People are *so complicated*, but our God is *so extravagant*…

  48. Hi Brett

    I do not doubt that we, as individual personalities, will exist eternally, not with the old nature but the new, and I believe the Scriptures are an example.

    The Scriptures are divine yet they bear the marks of the individuality of their human authors.
    Is it not reasonable to believe it will be the same with us, children of the Divine God.

  49. Reflecting on my own above comments, maybe I need to recant on my condemnation of the Bernank and our politicians for their handling of our monetary and fiscal policies. I mean if judgment hasn’t come to America for these past forty years and 40+ million abortions then who am I to condemn these characters.

    Of course an emp attack would settle most accounts and the ensuing chaos would wipe most of us out. Now that’s a scary thought. Didn’t Billy Graham say that if God didn’t judge America that he would need to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah?

  50. Hi Don,
    I would like to say to you and all your readers; that as one who lives in Ringgold, Georgia where the F-4 tornado struck that most all had warning that the storm was approaching and most had more than ample time to prepare as best as one could for it. That in and of itself was a tremendous blessing. I say that because as we discuss the coming hard times for this country as well as the rest of the world, we have the Bible giving us warning to prepare as best we can. That too, is a tremendous blessing for those that will read and heed the Creator’s words. I did not lose any loved ones in the storm; thankfully, nor was my home harmed in any way. I was anticipating the storm’s approach and as it neared I was at peace with it, my only concern was that my son, his wife and my grandsons were not with me. They are fine also.

    We have a huge storm brewing in this world, much worse than what the South just experienced. We have been warned from a GOD that loves us, to prepare. I believe with my whole heart in the rapture of the church, but I do not know the day of this event. Therefore, I must prepare for my loved ones physical needs while still on this planet because it will wax worse and worse. We have been told. Put some feet on those prayers and do what you can honestly do for your physical needs in hard times and let the Lord carry the burden that you cannot. In closing:

    John 14

    1Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

    2In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

    3And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also.

    4And whither I go ye know, and the way ye know.

  51. Don , only GOD HIMSELF can save this country. We need a statesman , not another politician.
    The problems are so vast even the “few” honest members of congress who want to do something have no idea where to begin. Fixing America requires fixing the church in America, then GOD might hear us . The responsibility of each of us is to fix ourselves and love one another, when and “IF ” we who profess to be Christians clean up our act , I believe 2 Chroicles 7:14 is a principle that applies, only GOD can heal this nation.

  52. Well…I’m not an american,but still i’m glad to read this article,it’s good for me to know whats happening over the other country.Great post…very well discussed..

  53. No strong leader can rise in the US. Because the hiper articulate liberals in the media and academia will make sure he or she becomes discredited. Look what they managed to do to Sarah Palin. They latched on to one bad answer in one interview to spin that into a message of “Palin is an ignorant crackpot”. It is irrational bacause she showed she was a reasonably able leader in Alaska but they managed to make the “she is an ignorant cracpot” stick to the minds of millions of Americans.

    They will do so with anyone else. I fear those who love America, who want to take it back to the roots and values that made it great will not prevail unless they are able to figure out a way to reach the people directly and neutralize the liberals.

    It really is a propaganda war.

    If we do not succeed I fear for America; there will be breakdown, massive antisemitism because we have too many Jewish liberals unable to see we need a strong and prosperous America and that can only be done if the vast majority Americans recover their self belief. The influential Jewis community leadership is behaving very stupidly not rooting for a conservative America. At least I hope Orthodox religious Jews defend a moral Cristian America. This a unique time.

  54. If the trends to appease the Liberal insane continue by the Republicans we will have to dump the Republican party and bring about a political revolt from the Tea Party base. If we still lose it will be time to form a new country. Hey, there is hope. The Christian Southern Republic of Sudan just split from a much larger Northern Islamic controlled Sudan and the South Sudan government is based on Christianity and they love America and our free enterprise system. If they can do it with 8 million people. The fifty to 100 million Bible believers in this nation can do it. However, we might have to take over a couple of regions in this nation and form a new Republic..Don’t worry about the socialists controlling the rest of the American territory. They will soon bankrupt themselves and in the end the bulk of the military will not be with them. We have until 2012 to get rid of the Left through the ballot box. After then my only question is which states or counties within states will be the first ones to secede into the new union. One think is sure, there simply cannot be a thoroughly divided nation and a United States

  55. I agree with victor.

    Don, I am hoping that your insight will prove me wrong…and there will be some kind of coming together like you say that will make a difference…I want to be surprised…I want to see a real government for the people, by the people.

    I hope my view of the U.S. as a done deal is proven very wrong.

  56. I can see Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Loosiana banding together. The Norf will be forced to disband the EPA because there will be few oil related businesses to monitor. Alaska and Montana may join on the first “go round” – maybe the Dakotas, also.

  57. Regarding the coming riots and destruction that we’ve talked about coming to the U.S., do you think it will be/get as bad (or worse) as it is in Mexico right now ?

  58. If we continue down the path we are on we are heading for race riots, class warfare and even civil war. It then get much worse than the drug wars in Mexico.

    The radical left already have a day or rage scheduled on the 17 of this month and they will be marking on Washington on Oct 1st because Obama is not quite as nuts as these radicals want him to be.

    That is just the start of it. The Left eat their young. I think they will even be fighting each other in the democratic convention in Chicago next year. It will be 1968 all over in spades. The whole point of the radicals is to intimidate in order to save the world from us humans.

  59. I read your article written in 2011. It’s now 2014 and soon to be 2015. I personally like your idea of a forming a separate nation out of this country. I don’t know how plausible that would be but it would certainly be the best move true Christians and conservatives could make. I also think about the civil war we found before. Do you think the feds would allow the formation of a separate nation or do you think it would end in bloodshed as before? Also, do you think this is even possible and how would we even get started? A lot of questions but you have really piqued my interest. May our God richly bless you – I love your website – it’s right up with Grace thru Faith.

  60. Regina,

    If the division is so great that the people of America want it, there is little the politicians can do about it. For example, The people of Scotland will be deciding if they want to stay in the United Kingdom this week.

    If the division of America happens, it probably will be to stop the bloodshed. Once the bloodshed does start because there is an economic collapse because half the nation wants to live under statist big brother socialism and tyranny and the other half wants to remain in a Constitutional Democratic Republic. People will start talking about it. You can only have a United States if the majority of the States are united on the Constitution of the nation.

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