America can have riots and civil war or a temporary benevolent dictator.

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It is clear to me that this country is now hopelessly divided and there will be no solution if we do not find a very strong leader that can shock Americans into reality by telling them the unvarnished truth about where the nation is heading and making it clear that the only alternative to his own radical proposals will be social breakdown with riots and even a civil war. We need someone with the communication skills and likability of Ronald Regan and Glenn Beck and the independent resources of someone like Ross Perot. Maybe It could be someone with outstanding social networking skills that can bypass the lame-stream media that will certainly gather their liberal forces against him.

Frankly, right now, the only way I see America getting that kind of leader is if a massive crises hits the US within a year so that a radical popularist leader might be driven to the forefront several months before most of the 2012 presidential primaries. I think America now only has two choices left. One is riots and civil war and the other is to elect a temporary benevolent dictator that will have full support from a super-majority Congress to do whatever is necessary to save this nation from the Marxists evils that have already been set in motion.

Here are a few facts about our situation for people who still can process reality.

We have overextended our military and we can no longer afford to be the world policeman anymore. In other words, we have no choice but to bring almost all of our troops home.

China, Japan and other nations have made it clear that they will be reducing the foreign debt that they hold and the bulk of that is in US Treasuries. That means, they will no longer be buying US Treasuries and we still need $3 trillion in new loans each year to just pay off old loans coming due and to cover our yearly deficits.

Even as I speak, the Federal Reserve is buying up 70 percent of our own Treasuries because there are few buyers and because they need to keep interest rates low to help expand the economy. In order to do that, the Federal Reserve just creates more money, and that makes every dollar worth less. That is why the dollar is now crashing against most other world currencies.

When creditors are not buying enough of the debt of a nation to keep essential government services and entitlements going there really are only two things that the nation can do to continue funding. They can either just print more money, or they could pay higher interest rates so that it will attract more creditors. The first solution collapses the currency bringing inflation. The second solution forces government to pay more to borrow and if the debt continues to increase it will create an interest rate spiral and collapse the economy.

Either scenario is deadly to the middle class and wage slaves. If the currency gets weaker the price of everything goes up but wages stay the same. If interest rates go up businesses will not be created or expand. Therefore,  jobs are not created and big-ticket items that have to be financed like homes and cars have higher payments. Higher interest rates always brings about an economic slow down and in a weak economy like ours that would be devastating. Greece with more than 20 percent unemployment and 22 percent interest rates is a prime example of this playing out now. The EU may or may not continue to bail out Greece but nobody in the world has the resources to bail the US.

Americans is heading toward a massive depression, hyper-inflation or stagflation. Economists debate on how the collapse of the United States will come, but the astute know it is coming unless there is a timely radical change in America. All scenarios will wipe out most of the middle class in America and it would end many federal entitlement programs for the poor because there simply would be no way to fund them. So even all the progressively made government dependents will be committing economic suicide if they vote to continue the Obamanation.

The main reason oil prices are going up and will continue to go up under this administration is an insane economic policy, an insane federal energy policy and an insane foreign policy. I could write thousands of words of detail about this but I think one word covers the situation quite adequately, “insane”. Those that now run are government are simply out of their mind.

Our domestic social policies are also insane. Again, I could write thousands of words explaining the issues but when the majority of the voters of the United States vote for statist Marxist politicians as a solution to the problems in America that segment of America is “insane”. At least a third of the people in this nation have already lost their mind. The majority of the urban people in America are now brainwashed and they have no ability to critically think through important national issues for themselves. If you don’t believe me ask your urban acquaintances about anything of national importance and see what answers you will receive. All they know is brainwashing drivel fed to them from lame-stream media and pop trivia. The majority of the people living in rural areas are still basically sane and they are the only real hope left for this nation but even in rural areas that sane majority grows smaller every day.

Who could fill the shoes and be the type of leader that America needs now to get us through this crises?

None of the front-runners for President in any way qualify as a leader that can carry off the changes that America needs to survive as a world power. Some think that Donald Trump could be that man, but let’s be realistic. Trump is really a RINO and he is also a CINO. Trump has been all over the board politically and his real religion is the love of money. He simply does not have the integrity and the Christian attributes necessary to be a benevolent dictator. He has a history of supporting liberal policies and even Obama. Now he is saying some common sense things that the unbrainwashed already know and it gets him in the limelight. But, once Trump obtained the Presidential Office he would stuff his administration with RINO’s like himself that would just continue the statist progressive world agenda.

Instead of helping the conservative Christian cause, Trump could actually kill it by splitting the sane votes against Obama and therefore handing the election to the insane that would vote for the devil himself if he were a Democrat. Trump will become a favorite of the lame-stream media who will use his American idol appeal to defeat the Republicans. Trump already said that if he runs for President and if he does not get the Republican nomination he will run for President as an Independent.  If  Trump then gets only 5 or 10 percent of the national vote that would end any chance of  a Republican defeating Obama and taking the white house in 2012.

Although there are some leaders that probably could lead America through the dark days coming I do not think that most are electable. There could be a few exceptions and that is what we need to look for. My choice of the perfect righteous benevolent dictator candidate would be Franklin Graham. He might even be electable, but I know he won’t run because he is not a politician and he believes he has a higher calling.  Therefore, since the type of leader I am talking about  probably will never appear, there probably will be no major changes to solve our problems unless there is a military coop. I would not say a military coop is entirely out of the question if Obama gets exposed as a fraud and the Democrats refuse to force him to step down. Another possibility is that He will declare martial law for some reason and cross the red line and the generals will tell him that he must step down.

Here are some of my out-of-the-box suggestions that a temporary benevolent dictator might take to save America.

Foreign Policy:

Kick the UN out of America and remove the US from all world governance organizations.

Pull our forces out of Europe. Almost 70 years from World War II, Europe should be able to provide for their own self-defense, and if they cannot they deserve to be taken over.

Pull out of South Korea, Formosa and South Korea. These countries are strong enough to form their own alliance and take care of their own defense from the threat of China, as long as we are there they will not do it themselves and we will end up fighting their war.

Nullify all disarmament treaties with Russia. They are all designed to screw us.

Produce about one-hundred 250 megaton bombs reserved to destroy the main cities and deep bunker complexes of any nation that world dare attack our nation with nukes. The delivery system would be secret and yet to be determined.  I am suggesting the return of MAD in spades as a deterrent for an increasingly mad world.

Pull out all troops in the Middle East and Afghanistan. I am sure those in these areas will continually be fighting each other and we do not want to be in the middle of their wars. Israel can take care of themselves if we get out-of-the-way. Any terrorist camp that is found plotting against America would be annotated by air strikes and our special forces.

Start a North American economic and common defense union. It would not supersede any national government.

Overthrow Chavez in Venezuela and the Marxist government in Cuba. Establish a new Monroe like doctrine for the Americas. Marxist dictatorships or drug cartels will not be allowed in the Americas, period! There should be a joint command formed to wipe out all drug cartels in the Americas.

We will get our oil from the Americas at a reasonable price by not allowing oil exports out of the Americas during times when the Middle East is in turmoil or trying to use oil as a weapon against us. If necessary we should use our navy to escort oil tankers to our ports as needed.

Make airborne, shipborne and ground laser and electric pulse systems the major priority for offense and self-defense in our military.

Domestic and Economic Policy

Restructure our debt. We will put into place a balanced budget amendment by 2014. Foreign holding on US. debt will be paid only as we can afford to pay them off. Our nation will make the determination of who gets paid off first. Until then, US bonds will pay a three percent interest rate. Ten percent of our annual national budget would go toward paying off this $16+ trillion national debt until it is retired.

The IRS would be abolished. Tax would mainly come from a national sales consumption tax.

Energy independence at reasonable cost should be the number one domestic national security priority and it should supersede environmental concerns.

All things that can be, will be run by state and local governments. Therefore, many federal agencies will be totally abolished.

Social Security retirement age will be gradually raised to 70 and have livable benefits. Early retirement will be phased out except for those with real disabilities. Medicare benefits also should be gradually raised to age 70.

Veteran hospitals and clinics would only be used for disabled veterans and not for everyone that ever joined the military. Service connection presumptions will have to be re-looked because when common diseases of the general population like diabetes and prostate disease is presumed service connected with medical and financial compensation for life, just maybe, the presumption supposition is getting out of hand?? I am a vet so save your cards and letters. There should be a couple of independent studies and let the facts on this matter speak for themselves.

Other than Medicare the only medical insurance provided for all should be a low-cost catastrophic insurance plan through a payroll tax. Otherwise you buy your own insurance or pay the fees yourself. I assure you if insurance was largely done away with, medical visits would cost half of what they do now and health care in this country would fall to about 10 percent of GNP from the 17 percent, and rising, that we have now. For those on low incomes we can have sliding scale clinics. It costs over $1000 a month to buy family insurance today and you still pay another 1/3 of the costs with co-payments and deductibles. How many clinic visits can you make in a year if you had that money  in your pocket each year and a typical visit costs about 40 bucks instead of $80. That would take place if insurance middlemen and government regulators got out-of-the-way.

Congress should give the military police powers as necessary for a few years to clean up our inner city gang and border problems. Many cities have already become hellholes.  After domestic security is brought under control the military would not be allowed to perform police functions in this nation anymore. Eminent domain must now be temporally used in large sections of our inner cities to enable large-scale economic and housing redevelopment within our inner cities. The end goal should be to allow working people to occupy homes in cities near where they work and have safe efficient mass transit so that a car will not even be needed in the inner cities.

Marriage would be between one man and one woman in the US and homosexuality would again be reason for discharge for those in the military. Homosexuals would not be a protected species or get special benefits, they would be under local laws of the community like everyone else.

Abortion would not be at the choice of a mother it would be performed only to save the life of a mother at the choice of the mother. Adoption would be the alternative.

No more lifelong professional federal politicians. Three terms would be the maximum in the House (6 years) and Senate (12 years).

A constitutional amendment needs to be passed establishing basic parental rights over their children allowing reasonable corporal punishment and the right to know about medical procedures and birth control procedures on children that are under their authority.

No more porn on the Internet or on media. Filters would be used and sites would be shut down (too bad libertarians).

After all the mess is cleaned up, have Congress go over all old federal laws and repeal all those that violate the Constitution and states rights. After that is all taken care of, the powers of the benevolent dictator and federal government will be strictly limited to what the constitution allows.

It seems to me that this nation is now so divided that riots and civil war will become inevitable. The only alternative to the civil upheaval that is coming is for a leader to rise to the occasion and become a benevolent dictator to set America back on course. The only other peaceful possibility is to divide the nation into separate nations.  Will we find a new George Washington, or will we find the end of the United States? The choice is really ours.

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