America chooses judgment through the fascist tyranny of Obama

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The 2012 election makes it clear to me that the majority of Americans have already been brainwashed by media and the “educational” system to accept fascist tyranny and socialism. The ruling Far Left will now try to force their Marxist globalist ways on all traditional Americans that abhor their godless communistic and fascist socialism. America is now doomed to experience accelerating division, economic collapse, tyranny and self-destruction.

America is now a people with two distinct incompatible ideologies. Some say that Obama will bring judgment on America. Sure, but what they fail to see is that Obama and the Far Left is the prime means being used to bring that judgment on America.

When the majority in America voted the second time for this Communist who pushes abortion, homosexuality, government sponsored stealing, Islam, abuses of power and general anti Christian policies, America showed that it deserves the judgments that Obama will bring on them.

If you think the claim of tyranny from this administration is hyperbole just read the health care law or what Obama’s top adviser said just before the election: (Some say Valerie Jarrett actually runs Obama, and I have no reason to think otherwise.) Jarrett said:


“After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with
us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones
who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they
deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for
us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two
judges ready to go.”


Our society is brainwashed. Too many people now expect something for nothing and it’s not just happening in the big cities.  I reviewed the election results and even states like Texas and Montana had well over 40 percent of the voters choosing Obama. There were only four states that voted in the mid to high 60 percent range for Romney. These states were Oklahoma, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

My point is that there really are very few places where conservatives can go where the state politicians might even try to buck the federal government. It looks like there won’t be state nullification of federal laws in spite of the rhetoric that you might hear. By the time anything like state nullification happens, the Supreme Court will be in Obama’s pocket anyway and they will overrule any challenge by the states.

Most churches of America prove to be self-serving. Most leaders in our churches would not even tell their congregations about the evils that Obama and the national Democrat platform represent. Pastors will not take a political stand because they are afraid of offending someone in their congregation. They would rather have false unity based on numbers and political correctness rather than unity on biblical doctrine and biblical morals.

Pastors just put their beliefs aside about abortion and the homosexual agenda to be all pleasing to whoever enters their churches. Black pastors exchanged what they have taught and what the Bible teaches for the bronze color of the skin of an antichrist. Martin Luther King’s dream has lost its meaning! Most black people themselves are judging others according to the color of their skin rather than by the content of their character. This country is more racist than any time that I can remember thanks to the Divider-in-Chief occupying the White House. Virtually all blacks voted for Obama, most Hispanics voted for Obama, but only 37 percent of the whites voted for Obama.

In my own church, the pastor make it clear that he would not take a political position. What do we have Christian leaders in America for if they will not lead other Christian Americans on the critical moral issues of our day? It is amazing that we have leaders in the Church that understand so little about Christian leadership.

I have the impression that some pastors think the sheep are supposed to teach themselves what the Bible says on every issue. Maybe they could, but if they did, they probably would not need some of you pastors to lord over them. Most of America’s pastors will not take a stand against the evils that are destroying marriage, killing millions through abortion, and enabling the economic destruction of our nation, but they will preach against those that violate their own man-made traditions.

We are entering very evil troubling times. This is not the time to attend a church where the pastor is afraid to take a biblical position because it might offend someone who he chooses not to correct through biblical teaching. It seems that history will repeat itself once again. Many pastors in Germany and Russia tried to appease evil and that led to the death of millions of Jews and Christians.

We are entering times that will try men’s souls. Those that want to play church like we are still in the Happy Days 50’s will soon wonder how they sleep walked into the Soviet Union of that same era.

Since our church leaders will not take a stand, people in their congregations are being misled by lying tyrants that will never deliver anything but misery to this nation. I have already decided that I will not support a church that lives in some Happy Days bubble and cannot discern between civil good and evil. If a  pastor will not teach what the Bible actually says about sin and other biblical issues using proper exegesis, I see no reason to continue to help support their popular delusions in these last days.

I will not be singing “God Bless America” or any such nonsense while God is judging America through Obama and his minions. I for one, now find it hypocritical for people to pretend to honor veterans on patriotic days when they dishonor all veterans by doing nothing themselves to keep America free from domestic enemies of our Constitution. Do you think we veterans served in the military so the ungrateful living dead can hand over this country to enemies of our nation? And then they expect us veterans to stand up and take a bow whenever they feel like blowing their hypocritical patriotic horn? I will not! Even the pledge of allegiance has become a sick joke under the administration of this Obama nation.

one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all.

Do people really think that this America actually exists under Obama and Far Left godless tyranny? They have got to be kidding me!

If you do not think America is already under judgment, you have not been paying attention. Living standards are falling and America is becoming increasingly divided under Obama. Much of the nation is falling apart and is becoming increasingly immoral. The American dream has been replaced with a socialist statist substitute that will continue to bring spiritual, economic and military decline.

Do sane people really think Obama and his ilk will bring jobs back to America through more government regulation and by adding more expense to employers? It is not going to happen! The only reason the bottom has not fallen out already is because this administration has borrowed 6 trillion dollars to continue the overspending party. And the Federal Reserve is buying up our own debt with its own funny money and that is the only reason why interest rates are low.

What do you think will happen when our government has to borrow the next 6 trillion dollars just to keep the country from falling into a black hole over the next four years? Do you really think this administration is going to make the necessary cuts to stop the borrowing anytime during this decade? And we will be too far in debt to even pay the interest on our debt by the next decade! The policies of this administration have ensured that hyperinflation will be in our near future. The globalist elite will have to start another world war to keep people from revolting against the governments that they control.

What are your plans when the government cannot continue funding the Obama welfare state and they make you work as government slaves? Are you ready for the riots, rationing, class and race wars and the inevitable martial law that may come sooner than you may think? Americans wanted an Obama nation and these Americans will get what they asked for.

Do sane people really think that new energy sources will now be coming online under the Obama administration? The EPA is now going to close down power plants and stop new drilling. Don’t be naive. A crisis will bring about energy rationing and once it starts we will never get rid of the rationing as long as the environmental wackos are running the show. Soon $10 gas may be cheap if you can even get it at all.

Good luck finding that doctor you might need under ObamaCare. The costs of ObamaCare will hit this nation in full force in 2014 and it will impact our economy. The doctor shortage, increased patient load, and increasing government interference will make it intolerable for doctors. It won’t be long before you will be standing in line to see nurses. Welcome to the Cuban health model.

You do realize that the Supreme Court will soon be liberal and that means the Constitution and the laws of our land will be redefined to mean anything that these “justices” want it to mean. Have you thought about the consequences of that to your free speech, second amendment rights, religious rights and other constitutional rights? You ought to because your rights will be taken away in the name of safety, national security or being politically correct.

In fact, just one day after the election, Obama said that the United States will support the global small arms ban treaty. With the make up of the Senate this treaty could be ratified. Keep in mind that a ratified arms ban treaty would supersede your second amendments rights to keep guns no matter what the government and media spin doctors might be feeding you.

I hope you now realize that Obama can do just about anything that he wants and He cannot be removed from office? You do realize that now there will be no real investigation about what happened in Libya, Fast and Furious, or any other illegal activity of this administration? The past scandals and other illegal actions under Obama will be nothing compared to what will happen in Obama’s second term. Who can stop his tyranny now when they could not even stop him in his first term?

I no longer see the point to keep writing about American politics on this blog. The majority in this country have decided that they want to live in the USSR. The American experiment is over. This system of government under the Constitution was set up for a moral people. But, most Americans prove that they are no longer a moral people and that they are willing to give up their liberty for some false promise of government security.

What will this post constitutional America morph into? I suspect it could look a lot like Mexico where thugs rule, or Greece where mobs rule, but tyrannical fascism and a dark age like what happened in the USSR is not out of the question.

Soon, all opposing this administration will bring censorship or worse on themselves. I don’t see much point in putting myself in danger to oppose the evil that Americans increasingly show that they want.

I might get more involved in American politics again in the future if there is a real conservative movement in the United States that either completely takes over the Republican leadership or starts a new party. Or I might get involved if there is some real state nullification of federal laws or a secession movement. But, I am not into being a martyr for people who prove that they make more effort to follow sports and other meaningless mindless trivia then to save our constitutional America.

Meanwhile, if America wants to commit national suicide they can do it without advice from me. I am sure the people who elected Obama will not need to be continually reminded about what fools they were. If there is one bright spot in the Republican loss, it is that Obama and the socialists will get the blame for the inevitable economic collapse that would have happened no matter which of these two statists were elected.

I believe the astute should now try to network with other local people of like mind. Yes, that might mean that we will have to find a different church that has church leaders that will not compromise with this satanic world system. Christians also better start home schooling or the satanically controlled indoctrination system will turn your kids against you. People who think your local school boards are controlling the schools really do not have a clue about how all boards are being manipulated to come up with the same agenda as everyone else. I do think before long, so many people will start home schooling that governments will attempt to make home schooling illegal.

I will not be supporting people of any party that do business like usual. Business like usual continually fails to produce candidates that conservatives can support. Do you realize that fewer people voted for Romney than voted for McCain in 2008? Many conservatives and libertarians will not come out to vote for these establishment created phony conservatives.

The Republican establishment never learns, they are already talking about running Jeb Bush or Chris Christy for 2016. The Republican establishment continually offers conservatives a progressive lite and that is why they lost the last two elections to a Communist. True conservatives must clean house in the Republican party and if that fails they need to start their own party.

The approach to the problem in America must radically change. Without conversion to Christianity there will be no return to national sanity. Unfortunately, true Christians are losing ground even in their own churches, so I do not see that happening. I think the bottom line is that it is now time to get prepared for increasing judgment, tyranny, persecution and economic difficulties. These probably are the last days for this once great nation.


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