America chooses judgment through the fascist tyranny of Obama

The 2012 election makes it clear to me that the majority of Americans have already been brainwashed by media and the “educational” system to accept fascist tyranny and socialism. The ruling Far Left will now try to force their Marxist globalist ways on all traditional Americans that abhor their godless communistic and fascist socialism. America is now doomed to experience accelerating division, economic collapse, tyranny and self-destruction.

America is now a people with two distinct incompatible ideologies. Some say that Obama will bring judgment on America. Sure, but what they fail to see is that Obama and the Far Left is the prime means being used to bring that judgment on America.

When the majority in America voted the second time for this Communist who pushes abortion, homosexuality, government sponsored stealing, Islam, abuses of power and general anti Christian policies, America showed that it deserves the judgments that Obama will bring on them.

If you think the claim of tyranny from this administration is hyperbole just read the health care law or what Obama’s top adviser said just before the election: (Some say Valerie Jarrett actually runs Obama, and I have no reason to think otherwise.) Jarrett said:


“After we win this election, it’s our turn. Payback time. Everyone not with
us is against us and they better be ready because we don’t forget. The ones
who helped us will be rewarded, the ones who opposed us will get what they
deserve. There is going to be hell to pay. Congress won’t be a problem for
us this time. No election to worry about after this is over and we have two
judges ready to go.”


Our society is brainwashed. Too many people now expect something for nothing and it’s not just happening in the big cities.  I reviewed the election results and even states like Texas and Montana had well over 40 percent of the voters choosing Obama. There were only four states that voted in the mid to high 60 percent range for Romney. These states were Oklahoma, Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah.

My point is that there really are very few places where conservatives can go where the state politicians might even try to buck the federal government. It looks like there won’t be state nullification of federal laws in spite of the rhetoric that you might hear. By the time anything like state nullification happens, the Supreme Court will be in Obama’s pocket anyway and they will overrule any challenge by the states.

Most churches of America prove to be self-serving. Most leaders in our churches would not even tell their congregations about the evils that Obama and the national Democrat platform represent. Pastors will not take a political stand because they are afraid of offending someone in their congregation. They would rather have false unity based on numbers and political correctness rather than unity on biblical doctrine and biblical morals.

Pastors just put their beliefs aside about abortion and the homosexual agenda to be all pleasing to whoever enters their churches. Black pastors exchanged what they have taught and what the Bible teaches for the bronze color of the skin of an antichrist. Martin Luther King’s dream has lost its meaning! Most black people themselves are judging others according to the color of their skin rather than by the content of their character. This country is more racist than any time that I can remember thanks to the Divider-in-Chief occupying the White House. Virtually all blacks voted for Obama, most Hispanics voted for Obama, but only 37 percent of the whites voted for Obama.

In my own church, the pastor make it clear that he would not take a political position. What do we have Christian leaders in America for if they will not lead other Christian Americans on the critical moral issues of our day? It is amazing that we have leaders in the Church that understand so little about Christian leadership.

I have the impression that some pastors think the sheep are supposed to teach themselves what the Bible says on every issue. Maybe they could, but if they did, they probably would not need some of you pastors to lord over them. Most of America’s pastors will not take a stand against the evils that are destroying marriage, killing millions through abortion, and enabling the economic destruction of our nation, but they will preach against those that violate their own man-made traditions.

We are entering very evil troubling times. This is not the time to attend a church where the pastor is afraid to take a biblical position because it might offend someone who he chooses not to correct through biblical teaching. It seems that history will repeat itself once again. Many pastors in Germany and Russia tried to appease evil and that led to the death of millions of Jews and Christians.

We are entering times that will try men’s souls. Those that want to play church like we are still in the Happy Days 50’s will soon wonder how they sleep walked into the Soviet Union of that same era.

Since our church leaders will not take a stand, people in their congregations are being misled by lying tyrants that will never deliver anything but misery to this nation. I have already decided that I will not support a church that lives in some Happy Days bubble and cannot discern between civil good and evil. If a  pastor will not teach what the Bible actually says about sin and other biblical issues using proper exegesis, I see no reason to continue to help support their popular delusions in these last days.

I will not be singing “God Bless America” or any such nonsense while God is judging America through Obama and his minions. I for one, now find it hypocritical for people to pretend to honor veterans on patriotic days when they dishonor all veterans by doing nothing themselves to keep America free from domestic enemies of our Constitution. Do you think we veterans served in the military so the ungrateful living dead can hand over this country to enemies of our nation? And then they expect us veterans to stand up and take a bow whenever they feel like blowing their hypocritical patriotic horn? I will not! Even the pledge of allegiance has become a sick joke under the administration of this Obama nation.

one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and Justice for all.

Do people really think that this America actually exists under Obama and Far Left godless tyranny? They have got to be kidding me!

If you do not think America is already under judgment, you have not been paying attention. Living standards are falling and America is becoming increasingly divided under Obama. Much of the nation is falling apart and is becoming increasingly immoral. The American dream has been replaced with a socialist statist substitute that will continue to bring spiritual, economic and military decline.

Do sane people really think Obama and his ilk will bring jobs back to America through more government regulation and by adding more expense to employers? It is not going to happen! The only reason the bottom has not fallen out already is because this administration has borrowed 6 trillion dollars to continue the overspending party. And the Federal Reserve is buying up our own debt with its own funny money and that is the only reason why interest rates are low.

What do you think will happen when our government has to borrow the next 6 trillion dollars just to keep the country from falling into a black hole over the next four years? Do you really think this administration is going to make the necessary cuts to stop the borrowing anytime during this decade? And we will be too far in debt to even pay the interest on our debt by the next decade! The policies of this administration have ensured that hyperinflation will be in our near future. The globalist elite will have to start another world war to keep people from revolting against the governments that they control.

What are your plans when the government cannot continue funding the Obama welfare state and they make you work as government slaves? Are you ready for the riots, rationing, class and race wars and the inevitable martial law that may come sooner than you may think? Americans wanted an Obama nation and these Americans will get what they asked for.

Do sane people really think that new energy sources will now be coming online under the Obama administration? The EPA is now going to close down power plants and stop new drilling. Don’t be naive. A crisis will bring about energy rationing and once it starts we will never get rid of the rationing as long as the environmental wackos are running the show. Soon $10 gas may be cheap if you can even get it at all.

Good luck finding that doctor you might need under ObamaCare. The costs of ObamaCare will hit this nation in full force in 2014 and it will impact our economy. The doctor shortage, increased patient load, and increasing government interference will make it intolerable for doctors. It won’t be long before you will be standing in line to see nurses. Welcome to the Cuban health model.

You do realize that the Supreme Court will soon be liberal and that means the Constitution and the laws of our land will be redefined to mean anything that these “justices” want it to mean. Have you thought about the consequences of that to your free speech, second amendment rights, religious rights and other constitutional rights? You ought to because your rights will be taken away in the name of safety, national security or being politically correct.

In fact, just one day after the election, Obama said that the United States will support the global small arms ban treaty. With the make up of the Senate this treaty could be ratified. Keep in mind that a ratified arms ban treaty would supersede your second amendments rights to keep guns no matter what the government and media spin doctors might be feeding you.

I hope you now realize that Obama can do just about anything that he wants and He cannot be removed from office? You do realize that now there will be no real investigation about what happened in Libya, Fast and Furious, or any other illegal activity of this administration? The past scandals and other illegal actions under Obama will be nothing compared to what will happen in Obama’s second term. Who can stop his tyranny now when they could not even stop him in his first term?

I no longer see the point to keep writing about American politics on this blog. The majority in this country have decided that they want to live in the USSR. The American experiment is over. This system of government under the Constitution was set up for a moral people. But, most Americans prove that they are no longer a moral people and that they are willing to give up their liberty for some false promise of government security.

What will this post constitutional America morph into? I suspect it could look a lot like Mexico where thugs rule, or Greece where mobs rule, but tyrannical fascism and a dark age like what happened in the USSR is not out of the question.

Soon, all opposing this administration will bring censorship or worse on themselves. I don’t see much point in putting myself in danger to oppose the evil that Americans increasingly show that they want.

I might get more involved in American politics again in the future if there is a real conservative movement in the United States that either completely takes over the Republican leadership or starts a new party. Or I might get involved if there is some real state nullification of federal laws or a secession movement. But, I am not into being a martyr for people who prove that they make more effort to follow sports and other meaningless mindless trivia then to save our constitutional America.

Meanwhile, if America wants to commit national suicide they can do it without advice from me. I am sure the people who elected Obama will not need to be continually reminded about what fools they were. If there is one bright spot in the Republican loss, it is that Obama and the socialists will get the blame for the inevitable economic collapse that would have happened no matter which of these two statists were elected.

I believe the astute should now try to network with other local people of like mind. Yes, that might mean that we will have to find a different church that has church leaders that will not compromise with this satanic world system. Christians also better start home schooling or the satanically controlled indoctrination system will turn your kids against you. People who think your local school boards are controlling the schools really do not have a clue about how all boards are being manipulated to come up with the same agenda as everyone else. I do think before long, so many people will start home schooling that governments will attempt to make home schooling illegal.

I will not be supporting people of any party that do business like usual. Business like usual continually fails to produce candidates that conservatives can support. Do you realize that fewer people voted for Romney than voted for McCain in 2008? Many conservatives and libertarians will not come out to vote for these establishment created phony conservatives.

The Republican establishment never learns, they are already talking about running Jeb Bush or Chris Christy for 2016. The Republican establishment continually offers conservatives a progressive lite and that is why they lost the last two elections to a Communist. True conservatives must clean house in the Republican party and if that fails they need to start their own party.

The approach to the problem in America must radically change. Without conversion to Christianity there will be no return to national sanity. Unfortunately, true Christians are losing ground even in their own churches, so I do not see that happening. I think the bottom line is that it is now time to get prepared for increasing judgment, tyranny, persecution and economic difficulties. These probably are the last days for this once great nation.


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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


83 thoughts on “America chooses judgment through the fascist tyranny of Obama

  1. I agree Don. I for one am done trying to warn people about the dangers of the far leftists. I am just done. There is nothing more I can do. America made its decision and I accept it. Until there is a secession or a revival I will try to focus on other things as hard as that might be.

  2. Don,
    We the producers of the country are now the minority to the takers. I have lost all faith in the American people. It’s sad that the uniformed zombies of the nation have led us to the bottom of the socialized humanistic slope. Obama can thank the mainstream media for his re-election. I prefer to get the real news from Fox News, the drudge report and infowars. But I wonder how long it will be before big government shuts them down. As of right now, we have lost the country. I recently read from a pastor, paraphrasing. He wrote that as we were spreading the gospel to the nations, we forgotten ours and now have lost it. I would love to see a great awakening but its going to take the hand of God to turn this ship around. I don’t know that I could ever back Chris Christy after the way he sold out to Obama just for showing up in New Jersey for a photo op. Christy literally looked like he was going to make-out with Obama. Looks like hurricane sandy was Obama’s October surprise. It is a sad state of affairs we are now in. Our nation looks nothing like the one I grew up in, I don’t recognize it any longer.

  3. The pastor in our non-denominational church never mentioned names, nor did he mention sins that are now legal in American. He chose to encourage the sheep to vote the bible. I’m sorry, I couldn’t vote for a mormon even though Romney stated he is on the side of biblical moral values.

    Even voting for the Libertarian candidate was conflicting for me as a believer. At least following the constitution was his aim, thus potentially giving the states the right to vote on moral issues. There were no good choices. God’s hand is removed and we are indeed living in perilous times. I pray for our military men and women. My son-in-law soon to be deployed to the gulf. I can not expect our nation to have his back after what happened in Benghazi. God help us.

  4. Wow Don, you really went off in this post. I was checking back to your site every couple hours cuz I knew you were gonna have something to say about this.

  5. Hey Don,
    Great article, I have read them all for the past 3 or 4 years and dont usually commment yet the points and ideas you express need to be be shared with everyone in the church. I certainly agree we will be getting what we asked for as a nation and the outrageous plea of many in my area claiming 2 Chronicles 7:14 is amusing to me. God is using Obama as a global instrument to bring about the things which must happen. We were talking in small group the other day about how similar the circumstances are to the immient rapture of the church… The Jews were looking for a political savior, just as many who claim to be Chritians are looking for a political/financial savior or miracle in their life, yet forget Christ’s teachings in regard to this area and His admonishment to hold our heads high, as our redemption draws near. Thank you for continually speaking the truth and acting as a watchman in this ever changing global scene, I enjoy your work.


  6. Don:
    I appreciate your insightful commentary on the election and the state of America. Where I voted in Ohio it took me an hour and fifteen minutes from when I got in line until my ballots went in the box. It was the first time in all of my years of voting where I had to wait so long to vote. I was encouraged at the time thinking that we were going to have a record turnout. I also thought Romney might have a chance to defeat Obama. Obviously I was wrong. Wrong and dissappointed at how the election turned out. I might even say that I was somewhat shocked at how easily it seemed the president was reelected.

    Before the election I did not like the choices and was dissappointed in the Republican party. There were times when I wondered where the Tea Party was too. It seemed that even so-called conservatives did not want real conservatism. But it was confirmation to me that God is judging America (Rom. 1) and is using the politicians in office to do it. The majority of people in America have itching ears and are seeking what and whom they desire. Hopefully Christians see the total depravity of man and the great lostness around them.

    I would like to recommend a book titled, “The Chaplains and Clergy of the Revolution” by Joel T. Headley. It is a very inspirational account of the pastors who served with our troops in the American Revolution. To put it simply those men of God had some intestinal fortitude or for lack of a better word, they had some balls. The pastors of today are too feminized and lovey dovey to preach the Word. Those who do try to preach the Word and live it are usually misunderstood by their pastor brothers and criticized for being too harsh or unkind. Even most church members would rather have an entertaining event rather than a worship service that exalts God. But I will still trust God and ask Him to refine and use me for His honor and glory. I am a pastor/teacher and I want to be faithful and courageousl until He calls me to Himself.

    To me this election was a wake-up call to any discerning Christian, leader or laymen. Work while it is still day because the night is coming. I think our beliefs will be tested even more severely in the future. These are the last days and Chrisitans need to prepare spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially for what is coming. Sorry for the long rant. I appreciate your work. Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus and help us be found faithful when that time comes!

  7. Obama is a great deceiver. He could tell lies, and people will fall to their knees and worship him as God. I have never witnessed anything like this within my lifetime. Typically, the incumbent always gets voted out of office during a recession, but not this time. Traditionally, when a president gets re-elected, they win more popular votes than last time. Not with Obama. As long as the majority of Americans receive some type of government assistance, they will vote Democrat no matter what.
    Today’s youth have been permanently brainwashed by our liberal public education system. Three states legalized gay marriage via popular vote for the first time in US History. This goes to show that our country has turned its back on God. America is on the verge of a moral meltdown. With that comes a recession and a debt crisis. This is not a coincidence.
    We are losing the culture wars. But we must not give up and neither should we stop fighting for our rights.

  8. Prophecy prophecy prophecy… I’m not leaving out the word “fire” either. No reason to waste time on politics. Just stick with the text for the rewards ceremony.

  9. Don, thank you for being honest and serving our country. There is nothing to add, you have said it all! I am shocked what this country’s people have chosen, and then again I’m not shocked. I have stopped going to church 1-1/2 yrs ago, tired of the watered down message and pastors refusing to endorse a candidate or preach about the worlds ills, no everything is rosy and if you are not blessed you must be praying wrong, not tithing, have sin in your life, etc. This may be off topic but years ago I was going thru unemployment as an electrician and worrying how I would support my family. I was trying to read my bible late into the evening, and the only time in my life that I heard Gods audible voice, not once, but twice. “I am your provider, not man.” I wept but as my pay decreased, my wife’s increased. Of course we still worry with all the chaos, but have learned to rely and trust him more. I pray The Lord guides you and grants you wisdom, provides for you, and puts his hedge of protection over you. You and your site and words are a blessing.

  10. Dear Don,
    This is my first visit to your site. But don’t worry, I share your views. And your frustration. I too have concluded that warning people will have no effect anymore. As you said in the beginning of this essay, Obama and the likes are being used to judge this nation. Having said that, I have been seeking the Lord as to what my role in this new world is to be. I have concluded that prayer is essential and that spreading the gospel is still my main job. How I will do that may change but I will continue to preach the gospel and minister to the people. They truly are ignorant and deceived. I will pray for the blinders to come off their eyes and be there to help them adjust to their new reality. And, I will wait on the wall, like Habakkuk did, to hear what my God will tell me. He has assured me that while life as we know it has ended and we (the righteous) will suffer in some ways, the judgement of this nation is not ours. He will sustain us and provide for us in our captivity. We are the watchmen on the wall, spiritually speaking.

    I understand your anger and frustration! I have been struggling with mine all week. Again and again I have wanted to rail on believers who voted for Obama and explain how stupid they are but I have realized, it will do no good. The blind don’t know they are blind. The deceived don’t believe they are deceived and nothing I have said so far has changed that. So, I pour out my heart to fellow believers like you and those in my personal life who understand the times as we do and I pray…a lot. For me, for my family, for the church to wake up (my own even as well!) for how to be a minister of the gospel to stupid people, etc. I pray a lot.

    I hope you will find encouragement in knowing there are others like you out here. We do exist. We haven’t been on the blog posts but we are here. God still speaks and His true servants are listening. Take heart! You are not alone.

    God bless you brother!

  11. Thanks Julie,

    Now that you found this site don’t be a stranger, it is great to hear the views of godly women

    Blessings to you in Christ.

  12. My dear brethren,

    I feel for you all as such a downturn is hard to contemplate let alone bear.

    Yes there must be hard times to come, not just in the US, for all nations will feel the effect of her fall, but these will be times of reproof only (not God’s wrath) and therefore there will be opportunities for believers to show compassion, and love, and peace where there is no peace, and thus be a witness to others.

    I believe Don is right and Christians should not stir the political pot but remain quietly in the background waiting for opportunities to be given them, for God will be quietly working in the hearts and minds of those careless people who WILL be reproved and awaken from their sleep.

    On another note: It is clear that we are in the last days so we should be encouraged by looking once again at the prophesied events to come.
    Israel and her middle east neighbours are the key players and now that Obama-ism has been cemented in place in the US the events in the middle east are likely to escalate, Israel’s enemies will believe there is no longer any restraint or threat of retaliation and will almost certainly press their ‘advantage’.

    The Psalm 83 war and even the Gog invasion become that much closer and those events are surely a forerunner to our home-going and on a more sombre note, God’s wrath.

    We can look up and at the same time look to the needs of our neighbours.

    Yours in Christ

    Brian from OZ

  13. I agree and believe everything that Don has posted. I live in the liberal state of Califonia. Almost every single non-Christian friend that I know voted for Obama. Almost every single Christian friend that I know voted for Romney. California is a lost cause because the vast majority believe that Republicans are the evil party of the rich. Unless a person is a devoted Christian, it is almost impossible to help them see the truth with so many lies and distortions out there. To Californians, ignorance is their freedom, and the people live in the state of make-believe where government can just take care of them. I am sick and disgusted to my stomach by Obama’s impossible re-election. Even conservative experts threw their hands up in the air and are shocked by the outcome.
    I assure you that there are evangelical and Protestant churches that I have attended who were not afraid to stand up for Biblical values. I’ve attended multiple churches where pastors openly tell the congregation why abortion and gay marriage are wrong. They tell us that it is God’s command to vote for Christian leaders who will fight for our values, not for the Joe Biden’s who are afraid of “imposing” Christian values. They command us that we HAVE to go vote. It is NOT an option. Those are the churches I love.
    However I was upset at one Catholic church in LA that told everyone to go vote, yet they refuse to tell followers HOW they should vote. What are they ashamed of? Being Christian? I also ended all friendships with people who claimed to be Christian and supported gay marriage because I refused to associate myself with hypocrites. They should know better than to choke themselves with the ways of the secular worldview.

  14. Hi Don,
    God Bless you. I stumbled upon your site about a year ago. Your essays have been refreshing and a blessing. Sometimes I found myself chuckling, other times nodding my head with excitement because your knowledge and passion for your subject matter was completely uncompromising. Like your last poster, Julie, I have been overwhelmed with anger and sadness at the blindness and immorality that has enveloped our nation. Like yourself, I know pastors who preach softer now than they did 20 years ago. It really has become more about the money or the fear. I will pray that God will continue to give you powerful messages to share, all in His timing. Take care.

  15. Hello Don,
    Truly enjoyed reading your article today and agree with your summary of the recent events in our country. I have followed your website now for several years but this is the first time I have responded. The scripture from Acts 5:38-39 keeps coming to mind about Gamaliel’s advice to the men of Israel concerning the work of the apostles–“And now I say to you, keep away from these men and let them alone; for if this plan or this work is of men, it will come to nothing, but if it is of God, you cannot overthrow it–lest you even be found to fight against God.” I know this was a different time and concerning the beginning of the church but it sure seems to apply to today. Scripture tells us what leaders will do to us–evil ones will make us weep and good ones will help us to live in peace. I for one pledge my allegiance to the Lamb of God. I also am so tired of hearing the dominionists tell us what we need to do to get this country turned around. Are they fighting against God? I pray “Thy will be done” and “Come quickly, Lord Jesus”. He knows we will destroy ourselves. I grieve for those of you who have so unselfishly served a once great nation. I pray we do not turn our backs on Israel but then scripture says no one comes to Israel’s aid. Anyway, thank you for your website–I have told many people to check it out and I will continue to learn from your teaching. May we all be looking for the uptaker!

  16. Hi Don,
    This may sound strange, but I was hoping Mr.Obama would get re-elected to start some sort of revival in America. God’s judgement of blindness upon this nation is quite overwhelming, but not surprising. My own sisters, who are not saved, think I’m some kind of right-wing whacko. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts and links. Looking forward to see where you go from here. God Bless you.


  17. Greetings Don & Fellow Christians~Thank you for your article & the responses it generates. I was in mourning on Wednesday. I went from anger at times to deep sorrow…grieving & weeping in prayer. I was hoping that our nation would desire to turn back from the evil path we are on, yet it wasn’t meant to be. I read on Joel Rosenberg’s blog that 6.4 million Christians voted for the current administration. It is an oxymoron to say the least! I don’t know why I was shocked, maybe I was hoping that we weren’t that far gone as a nation. I live in Washington State & they passed ‘marriage for all’. This is a devastating time for this nation. The churches are as you state Don. God help us all, we’re going to need it. I really appreciate your site Don, thank you for taking the time & energy. Thank you also for the service to this once great nation. Also, thank you ‘Brian from Oz’ for your comments.

  18. Don Here is some facts from Chuck Missler… How the truth can hurt to look upon…

    Injustices to almighty God in America…
    • Homosexuality is just an “alternative lifestyle”.
    • We murder babies that are socially inconvenient.
    • We change marriage partners like a fashion statement.
    • We have abandoned the sanctity of commitments in all of our relationships.
    • We have clearly disconnected Character from Destiny.
    • Immorality and deceit have also come to characterize the highest offices of our nation as well.
    • Our politics have condoned and covered up more murders than we dare list.
    • Our public enterprises have been prostituted for the convenience of the Elite.
    • Our entertainments have celebrated adultery, fornication, violence, aberrant sexual practices, and every imaginable form of evil.
    • We have become the primary exporters of everything God abhors.
    • Index of leading cultural Indicators for last 30 years.
    ? 560% increase in violent crime
    ? 400% increase in illegitimate births
    ? 400% increase in the divorce rate
    ? 300% increase in single parent homes
    ? 200% increase in teenage suicides
    ? 75% drop in SAT scores
    • Each day in America there are…
    ? 2,795 teen pregnancies
    ? 1,106 teen abortions
    ? 4,219 teenagers contact a sexually transmitted disease
    • Every 64 seconds a baby is born to a teenage mother…
    ? 5 minutes later, a baby will have been born to a teenager who already has a child.
    ? 10 Hours later, 560 babies will have been born to teenagers.
    • Restrictions on society…
    ? Creationism cannot be taught because it requires a belief in God.
    ? Morality cannot be taught because it requires reference to the Bible.
    ? Traditional History cannot be taught because it speaks of the important place of God and our religious values throughout the entire record of human history.
    Thomas Jefferson said it best back in 1781 and I quote…
    “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; and that his justice cannot sleep forever.”

    Thanks again Don for all you do.
    God Bless…

  19. I’m curious. Why does voting conservative generally seem to be the proper way to vote? I am libertarian. Yes, that does entail voting in ways that would possibly end up allowing things considered sinful to be legal. But my reasoning is this: voting conservative, at least among Christians, often translates to voting according to Christian principles. In effect, it’s trying to set Biblical principles, which are given by the Holy Spirit, as the law of a nation. The problem I see is that not all people in the nation have the Holy Spirit. Why do we attempt to place Spirit-inspired laws on people who do not have the Spirit? It’s not like it’s going to make them think, “We shouldn’t do this because it is sin.” They will still persist in sin.

    When Jesus visited a place, he didn’t immediately try to tell people what they shouldn’t do. He gave them the gospel. If they wanted to receive it, he would let them. If they wanted to reject him, he’d let them. I see it being similar when it comes to politics. If they want to follow the Bible, awesome. If not, then it’s unfortunate but forcing it upon them via law probably isn’t going to make them change their minds. Besides, God tried Law with the Jews… and the Old Testament shows how well that turned out.

  20. Some foreigner reportedly said this and it was been going around the email circuits. I think it is spot on.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama, but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools, such as those who made him their president.”

  21. Shawn,

    Our Constitution was based on Christian morality but I don’t think most Conservatives would make sin illegal. Conservatives want to conservative the government that our founders created. If we can’t do that then libertarianism is an alternative because it would limit government tyranny. The problem is that most libertarians have no moral foundation and tend to be isolationists so they are all over the place on critical domestic and foreign issues. If you get can a libertarian majority in this country I might support it over the entrenched establishment, but it will never happen in this country before the next world war or next civil war.

  22. Shawn,

    Speaking for myself (and I’m a conservative, Bible-believing Christian but with libertarian leanings):

    I’m not interested in having the government make all sin illegal. In my opinion, the government has no business telling adults what they can and can’t do provided they are not harming anyone other than themselves in the process. However, we have lots of laws that make sinful things illegal (murder, rape, assault, etc) so just because something is a sin doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a law against because “they will persist in sin.”

    There are two hot button issues that drive this whole culture war: abortion and homosexuality.

    As far as abortion goes, the reason we can and should make it illegal is that it does harm someone other than the person themselves. And that’s what the entire argument is about: the left claims it’s a mass of tissue, the right knows it’s a human life. (I love the picture going around that demonstrates the absurdity of their argument asking how they would refer to that same ‘mass of tissue’ if they found it on another planet.)

    As far as homosexuality goes, again, I don’t think the government needs to tell people what they can and can’t do in the privacy of their own home but that’s not what the debate is about. The debate is about redefining marriage and becoming thought police, demanding that everyone deem the homosexual lifestyle acceptable and normal and it is not and I will not and I will vote accordingly.

    You are quite correct that we should not expect non-Christians to live according to Christian principles and to my knowledge, I don’t think anyone is expecting that. If we want to change the culture, it happens from the bottom up with lives changed by the gospel, not by government edict.

    Aside from those two issues, there is also the issue of stealing from those that earned their money and giving it to those that did not. This is actually the liberals attempt to impose their brand of morality. From a Christian perspective, it IS our responsibility to help the poor and we should be doing that. But like all the other commands, it is an individual one. YOU are to help the poor. You are not to get a big group of people, round up all the people that have money and make them give it to people that don’t have it and then think you have somehow done a good deed. (I’m not saying you advocate that, but liberals do as if it is some virtue to steal because the poor end up getting it.)

    Voting conservative (though not necessarily Republican) is the proper way to vote because it most closely aligns with what the Bible teaches. Voting for liberals / Democrats is voting in direct contradiction to what God has taught. I challenge anyone to biblically justify voting for democrats based on their party platform. I’m not saying you have to vote for Republicans but anyone that claims to be a Christian should not be voting for liberals / Democrats.

  23. I do not intend to allow this to get off topic but I would just like to add to what Mark said that it simply is not true that homosexual practice is not harmful. That is the real reason why it has been outlawed in most civil societies throughout history. Anyone can just look at the average homosexual lifespan compared to the average heterosexuals lifespan to see that homosexual practice proves to be deadly.

    Not only that, they do spread disease and death to the general population because it is a fact that most claiming to be homosexuals are bisexual. Homosexuals with weakened immune systems played a large role in antibiotic resistance diseases that are now spreading like wildfire in the general population.

    These facts are available from our own government so its not like our recent administrations did not know what legalized homosexuality would mean to society. They just chose to take the easy way and to appease a small but vocal special interest group. So instead of taking the normal actions on contagious disease they just pushed condoms to control disease rather than tell Americans the truth and quarantine deadly disease carriers. That folly has brought false security to promiscuous people and early death for millions of people around the globe.

    What about the rights of the general population to be protected from those that disobey God and bring a plague on their nation?

  24. And carrying Don’s post further… Even gambling is deadly, if not detrimental to society.

    I put it this way: It’s one thing to sin, it’s another to promote sin and it’s quite another to “legalize sin” as public policy.

    If the state believes it can own the family, it’s just one simple step for the state to assume it can own the individual.

    “Watch and pray” [and, as Don said on another blog, “resist evil”]

  25. Don,

    That quote above is indeed, “spot on”. I’ve sent it on to other conservative folks. I don’t communicate much with liberal friends anymore on any meaningful level if I wish to keep them as friends. Speaking as a Libertarian myself, I agree with what both Shawn and Mark have to say. The libertarian POV, being that of keeping the government out of our lives, requires that we allow individuals to do pretty much as they please with their own bodies. Homosexuality is a destructive lifestyle, and if evolution were true, there ought to be none left. Unfortunately, as you pointed out, Don, this perverse lifestyle does affect all of us, so should not be condoned even from a Libertarian POV. Abortion is murder plain and simple (unless to save the mother’s life, and then it becomes self defense). Murder is still illegal in this country the last I heard. Also should not be a Libertarian issue. As far as foreign issues are concern, a bit of isolationism might be good for this country. I’m all for leaving the UN and kicking them out of the country — right after they pay all their parking tickets. 😉

  26. Don,

    Please don’t put words in my mouth. I never said it wasn’t harmful. I said people have the right to harm themselves. And I agree with you that homosexuality is harmful both for the individual(s) and to society over time but there is no direct, immediate harm to anyone else.

    I also agree that governments can and should quarantine people that are infected with contagious, deadly diseases. (The misdirection about the origin of AIDS, or GRID – Gay-Related Immune Deficiency as it was originally called, is disgraceful.)

    I just don’t agree that the way we should go about preventing homosexuality is by giving government the power to control what happens in our bedrooms. We do it by sharing the gospel with them.

    So how would you go about preventing homosexuality? Would you outlaw it’s practice? If so, how do you enforce that particulary while keeping government in check?

    (I’m not trying to continue going off-topic but I think the discussion is relevant to your article as well as a direct response to another comment. If you want me to stop responding, just say the word. I would at least like an opportunity to correct the record that I never said homosexuality isn’t harmful.)

  27. Mark,

    There seems to be some failure to communicate here. I was pretty much agreeing with what you said, but injecting my own views and expounding on why I think homosexuality is deadly for society. I was talking to the audience, not directly to you or I would have addressed the comment to you. I never said that you think that homosexuality wasn’t harmful.

    I agree that government should not be in our bedrooms but if people come up with contagious disease then government does have a role to play to protect the general population.

    What would I do about homosexuality, you ask? I would have our schools teach against it using health science rational and for Christians I would add biblical reasons. I would not allow it to be promoted as an acceptable alternate lifestyle like our government, education system, and media are now doing. I would not allow homosexuality to be flaunted in the public square in events like gay pride parades. In other words, I would put this destructive practice way back in the closet where such demonic behavior must be to maintain civil society.

    You said homosexual practice has no direct, immediate harm. I totally disagree, and I said why in my previous comment on this topic. But, I should add to what I said, the mental health problems, the destruction of marriage, and that it is a gateway to even more deviant sexual practices but so is porn and hetero sexuality promiscuity.

    The problem with some libertarians is that they do not see that when man is free to do whatever is right in his own eyes it impacts the whole nation. God ordained government to keep evil under control. In the Kingdom Jesus will rule with a rod of iron. Many Christian scholars realize this role of government and that is why the majority of Bible scholars of the past thought the restrainer of the antichrist was actually government. (It is just a point of fact, it is not my position on who the actual restrainer is).

    Anyway, we are going down a rabbit trail here.

  28. Jonathan,

    For some reason your comment got flagged as spam and got delayed. I intend to strive against the ungodly acts of our government but expecting politics to now change anything is a false hope without conversion of the youth to the true gospel. What people fail to understand is that almost all young people have now been indoctrinated into believing the worldly humanistic agenda. True Christians are going to lose more ground in this country as time goes on if the youth are not deprogrammed. They generally don’t read Christian sites so I am not going to be able to deprogram them. I am really preaching to the choir. The only real answer for the problems of this nation is conversion of it’s people, not politics, but even most Christians and churches forgot their mission, so I do not see it happening without radical judgment events.

  29. I certainly do agree that radical judment events are forthcoming. In free societies like we have in North America, have been totally ignored, just as the abomidibal things that you have spoke of in your article. The free world as we know has been based on Judeo/Christian values, when Canada became a nation the fathers of Conferation called it the Dominion of Canada a phrase I have found in Scripture. I was taught at one time it was named this because this nation was so large that mere man could not govern it, God’s help was emplored in order that this may happen. We are no different up here, all that is wrong is now taught that it is right and visa vera. This I know God is still in control, I pray daily that I hear him.

  30. that is correct don, the youth of today’s society has been brainwashed. My good old christian friends are pure examples of this. Thank god i learned the truth from the bible and also from your articles.

  31. there is also alot of layoffs all over the country as obama got re-elected, and we just made a 6.7 billion arms deal with saudi arabia!!! the funny thing is saudi arabia is in the psalm 83 war. Good job america.

  32. Don,
    I just read Julie’s comments and they are exactly what I’ve been feeling and thinking all week.I agree 100% with your post .Thank you for your service to this once great country.I have felt rage and despair over this election.To be honest,I’m sick of throwing pearls before a bunch of swine.Blind,willingly ignorant people!
    I’m sorry for my grandaughter,who will never learn,except me telling her,about how this once
    strong country came to be.
    God bless you,Don,for your gifts ans wisdom that the Lord blessed you with.

  33. Obama received about 8 million less votes than he did in 2008. I find it troubling that Romney received millions less votes than McCain did in 2008. Almost 3 million registered republicans did not vote. The statistical analysis is that if those 3 million had voted for Romney, Romney would have won the popular vote by a couple hundred thousand. I don’t know about the electoral.
    Some say they won’t vote for a Mormon, or they want a more conservative. I think that those protest non-votes for Romney, have helped bring about a much less moral result. I think that the non votes accept Obama winning over Romney and help the winner which turned out to be Obama.
    Romney is against abortion and would have reinstated the Mexico City policy, so that American taxpayers no longer pay for abortions overseas. That is an example of voting for lesser evil.
    Romney believes in the consitution.
    Romney is against gay marriage.
    There has been an assault on religious liberties by the Obama administration.
    Romney is for a stronger national defense. I think Romney would have been good at job creation which is also important to me as the company I work for cut hours and eliminated higher paying jobs earlier this year for the first time ever.
    It would be great if there was a true born again Christian President, but nothing in the bible says that people have to be born again Christians before they can be governmental authorities who are used greatly by God to advance his purposes.
    The protest non-votes do not work. A third party will only split votes and the liberal Democrates would win. I am not giving up. I will continue to vote for the person that could win the election and the one who will give the best moral foundation in order to live for Christ and to live out your faith.

  34. William

    Well Romney is now water over the dam. So “might haves”, are not going to change reality. Romney would not have got any of his program through the Senate and he would just have took the fall. Then in two years the House would become controlled by the democrats again and they would still run the show. Otherwise, Romney would have compromised with the democrats and nothing he said he would do would actually take place as he said. Politicians always seem to do the opposite of what they campaign on. This has been the case ever since George Herbert Walker Bush (read my lips, no new taxes) founded “Lips Law”.

    Republicans have been putting their faith in a middle of the road establishment candidate for quite a long time and it has gotten them where they are now. If Christian conservatives want to win they should be supporting a candidate that reflects their views. They should not be walking the line. They should vote for someone on their side even if it means they might lose. Those that will not even try always lose. Walking the line with a phony conservative has made conservatives in America a bunch of losers.

    A third party might split the vote but many more Americans may actually vote and cross over if they had a real choice. One thing for sure is that the Republican establishment is never going to come up with a winning candidate unless those ruining the socialist lite Republican establishment get thrown out of leadership.

    Like I said elsewhere, there is more chance that Obama will be converted to true Christianity than a cult leader will. So pray that Obama sees the light.

  35. When I read what you said about rationing I thought about the people in the Northeast who have just been through Hurricane Sandy. Maybe that is a taste of what’s to come? I hope later than sooner…much later. Civilization is great!

  36. Hi David,

    The Northeast coast is an example but it might be more fitting to go back to the time of the Civil War and World War II to see what it will soon be like in this country after a judgment like an EMP, economic collapse, cyber attack or world war impact us. I think something like that will be happening within this decade and people need to prepare for the shortages and the inevitable long term decline in their standard of living.

  37. Good morning Don,

    I was thinking the same thing. If Romney had one, he would have made a fool out of anyway. The left controlled Senate would have stopped any positive changes he would have tried to make. Then Romney would have taken the fall for the “failure”. Or, he would have flip flopped to appease the left in the Senate, and been deemed a failure by both the right and left. My theory is that this is a good thing. By letting the left have free run for a few more years, perhaps the American electorate that wants the left in charge will see the real picture. In any case, God will only allow to happen what is in His will to bring about His ultimate purpose.

    Maybe Obama needed to be in for four more years to ensure that the U.S. stays out of any Israel conflict, so that God will be their delivery in the Psalm 83 conflict? Perhaps that is His plan?? In any case, I think your perspective is right on. We are to stand on Godly principles.

    Thanks for your work here Don! I truly enjoy reading your posts, and the comments of others. Funny thing, as much as the left is rejoicing, they are ignorant of the reality that God is really in control, not them…. lol

    :) Rod in Oregon

  38. If even one state, particulary say TX, makes a serious run at succession, regardless of the outcome, it seems to me that the action is likely to cause the national financial house of cards to take a potentially unrecoverable dive. There would be all out war just to keep the reserve notes afloat. Just a hunch.

  39. This whole concept of Obama being judgement on America is silly.

    The only people who are going to really feel the heat are the people who voted against him. The lefties want Obamacare. They want massive regulations. They want massive taxes. They want higher gas prices. They want more intrusive control.
    I know a bunch of liberals and they lap this stuff up with milk.

    So the left will be overjoyed throughout these 4 years. They’re obviously perfectly fine with the economy as is and everything else that’s happened the past 4 years.

    The only people who will be groaning are the people who voted for Romney or those pious religious types who didn’t.

    But I also know of many religious people who were earnestly praying. Why weren’t those prayers answered? My kids were praying and even though they go to church they don’t really take prayer seriously because they don’t think it really changes things and now I feel like I have egg on the face because we were paying for good decent men to win and look at the result. I just don’t get it. Why would this happen the way it has?

  40. Too late. The die is cast. The worm has turned.America is dead.You can watch the corpse decompose or look out for yourselves. Personally,I have the Pensiado Visa from Panama and I’m moving my gold and silver out of the Country.Things fall apart;the center cannot hold;mere anarchy is loosed upon the world;the blood dimmed tide is loosed,and everywhere the ceremony of innocence is drowned;the best lack all conviction;while the worst are full of passionate intensity.

  41. OpenedEyes,

    The Judgment Obama is already bringing on America is not silly it is already underway and it tragic for anyone depending on the governmental system.

    The lefties only want massive taxes on those that have more then them. The Liberals will hardly be overjoyed when the whole economy collapses and their source of freebies and their jobs cease to exist. They will riot in the streets. See if the liberals will rejoice when then are living in tents and eating in soup kitchens.

    The whole nation will grown under the judgments that America chose by voting for immorality and the globalist UN agenda that will now come in through Obama. liberals will not be exempt any more than liberals without food, gas, and power on the east coast are rejoicing today.

    Why weren’t the prayers of religious people answered? Why should God grant the wishes of a small minority in America when the majority of Americans hate Him and love their many evils? Now through Obama they will reap the consequences of their ways. Why would God answer the prayers of Christians when now the only hope for salvation for lost Americans is that judgment will bring about their repentance? Those praying for prosperity in America are now obviously out of God’s will and that is why it will not happen. Americans chose what it will now receive and Obama and the Senate with Harry Reed and ilk will lead America to destruction.

  42. Hello Don,

    Along with what you said… There is this lack of understanding around prayer that is not being clarified in the Christian community at all. There is this mindset that and answer from God must surely be “what I am praying for”. As it says in Isaiah, “Mans ways are not God’s ways”. God will deal with the nations as He sees fit for his ultimate purpose. I truly believe that the left are unaware of what they have done, and will only realize it come, say, January of 2014 when Obamacare kicks in. Being in a profession that will have to deal with the insurance changes, as a provider, I am already involved in meetings at the county level. Let me share what is to come… All medicaid folks, and those who get their insurance through the “exchange”, will have their medical, mental health, and dental coverages monitored by the insurance “panels”. Yes… What were called “death panels”. These panels will decide whether or not your medical issue is covered or not, based upon how much money is in the “pool” from which all people will draw from. So if your taking more than your fair share, they can cut you off. This is not opinion, this is fact. Now, for a time, people will be able to keep their insurance, until the exchange insurance undercuts them. Eventually, all insured will either be medicaid, or government subsidized exchange plans. The left will gladly go along for awhile, until it starts to impact them personally. I truly believe that Obama needed to be around for another four years if there is any hope for America to be brought to a place of repentance, and understanding that salvation and hope is only in God, not politicians.

    Just thought I would share some information from the inside of this obamacare nightmare thats coming…

    Rod in Oregon

  43. This is all very frightening and I have a lot of kids. I can’t afford health insurance hence we don’t have any. My liberal friends are giddy, gleeful, they truly believe a new age of unicorns and rainbow candy is upon us. They claim we’re hysterical about this healthcare bill, that it’s a good thing. Part of me does wonder if we’re being alarmist and that it will be fine, after all, Nate Silver was proven right and we were proven wrong.

    But what about us Christians? I’ve been having trouble making ends meet now I have to fret even more so about this healthcare bill and other stuff. Are we Christians supposed to go along for the ride and feel terrorized too? I just don’t know what to think? I feel like 2 + 2 no longer equals 4.

  44. Hi Rod,

    Thanks for you professional input, the real goal is for it to become a system like they have in Great Britain where healthcare is government controlled and rationed and health procedures have to be approved by nonprofessional bureaucrats that routinely deny procedures to the elderly and high risk patients.

    And this is just talking about ObamaCare. There are many more things about to hit the American people through Obama. Companies are already laying off people knowing what is coming in 2013. The government just announced that they are taking 1.6 million acres of federal oil shale lands off limits to oil development. We have seen nothing yet, just wait until the Supreme Court turns liberal or their policy of weakness and appeasement gets us into a major war.

  45. OpenedEyes

    Brits thought universal government health care would be great, now they regret it but find they have no power to change it.

    Christians need to go back to the basics. Mush of the stuff we think we need is not necessary for survival. Those Christians who have faith in materialism are going to find their material taken away from them. God knows how to provide for our needs but all the crap we think we need is not necessary to live a Christan life. The standard of living in Christian America is many times that of Christians in third world countries but many of those Christians are much more fruitful and pleasing to God than us materialistic Americans.

  46. As for materialism, I agree many people are over the top with it but that materialism keeps people employed and puts food on the table for families who donate money to charity and churches.

    What about saving money for retirement or kid’s college? Is that pointless now? I want my kids to have a future.

  47. OPenedEyes,

    Do not trust in saving money it will only buy less in the future. Invest in something that is likely to hold its value and/or is useable right now. I think a place to dwell, agricultural land and food and death related industries will do well until the earth is depopulated. Nobody is guaranteed a future in our natural bodies and that includes our kids. If you want your kids to have a great future for eternity help lead them to Christ.

  48. Dear Don, and Opened up eyes,

    The question of healthcare is, well, not a question. With the obamacare plan, the health insurance that is provided will be free for medicaid eligible folks, and the exchange plans will meet basic needs. The people harmed are the groups that require ongoing or expensive care. You will have no choice but end up in the government system. There is the possibility that after four years of this, the nation will indeed wake up, and efforts to swing the pendulum back will succeed… But, our hope is not in human efforts. Trust God. the most important thing you can do for your kids is what Don, and the word of God suggests… Lead them to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Be a good steward. Read Proverbs. Seek wisdom. There really is nothing to “fear”, as Romans 8:28 reminds us.

    Rod in Oregon

    (Glad to help Don) Being involved in this new healthcare business will be challenging, being a follower of the Lord. I expect that given time, my values will put me at odds with the “panels” that will attempt to dictate my treatment more and more. I’ll keep plodding along as the Lord leads… :)

  49. Rod,

    Do you see some sort of underground medicine evolving? Perhaps by doctors who stop working within the system and begin to take care of people on a cash or barter basis and refuse to take any and all insurance? We may be required to sign some sort of release so that lawsuits would no longer be a threat, but that would be preferable to Obamacare If we did completely away with all insurance, wouldn’t that bring down the cost of medicine? Will there be some legal way to opt out of the system?

  50. Hi Doug, I don’t want to deviate from the topic, but if Don permits, I will answer the question as best I can. This is what I see happening. I believe there will be an underground market, much as what has happened in Japan, where those who can pay cash will get in to the doctor faster than those on the government insurance. There will be a reduced fee for cash patients, who will save the provider money not having to deal with the government red tape and insurance. There will be a rationing process for those on insurance. The work I do is chemical dependency counseling. They are already laying the groundwork for significant rationing of a sort. The cost of medical care is not just the insurance companies.. There is quite a bit more to it than that. The cost of government funded or subsidized programs will go out of control very fast. They will try and minimize the cost as much as possible by decreasing payment to providers, and restricting care options. This will result in longer wait times for those on insurance, providers leaving the field, and a new cash client population for those who can afford it. Thats what I see at this point…

    Rod in Oregon

  51. Rod and Doug,

    I could be wrong, but it is my understanding that a reduced fee for cash is not even legal now unless you strictly have a cash only practice and do not take any Medicaid, Medicare,(and maybe insurance money). If it was legal, a provider probably could do quite well on about half the fee they now are forced to charge to stay in business. In fact, providers are now paid about 40 percent of what they ask for by the above.

  52. Don, I have a few questions. Do you think your site has been monitored by the government? And if you had the chance to meet President Obama, would you want to and what would you say to him if you could say what you feel?

  53. Donovan,

    I think people in this country need to be aware that all electronic communications are recorded. What happens is that everything is recorded by the NSA or by sister services in allied foreign nations. They have a large list of keywords that when triggered kicks the communication to live analysts that then determine if further investigation is needed. If something worthwhile is recorded by a foreign country they will just pass the information on to our own NSA.

    I am sure I have used plenty of those keywords.

    If I encountered Obama or any other narcissist or agent of the socialist elite, I would avoid talking to them at all. I do not think you can have a meaningful conversation with someone that believes the world revolves around themselves, but in reality is probably a puppet of whomever he sold his soul to.

    Having said that, Obama is just the visible image that represents the moral problem of the majority of people voting in this nation. A people that would elect someone like Obama to the office of President would also replace him with someone like Hillary, Gore, Pelosi or Harry Reed.

  54. Hi Don, cash payments aside from insurance are still legal. What you cannot do is charge a person on medicaid, or any form of insurance on top of the reimbursement that you receive. A cash only practice is possible, except that the overhead makes it rather difficult. However, with Obamacare, who knows how that will change…


  55. Rod,

    Sure, cash payments are certainly legal but if You’re taking Medicaid or Medicare I believe you cannot charge a cash payer any less then you charge them. but I am sure state laws vary. In any case, with the shortage of providers you can be sure that if providers stop taking Medicaid, Medicare and insurance the government will step in and force them to do so. Of course that will make the shortage worse because some will close shop.

  56. Wow that’s scary, even text messaging?? Now is what Obama did by going to NATO about getting involved with Libya last year unconstitutional because he is suppose to go though Congress about handling those kinds of situations?

  57. The actual number of true believing Christians in America is quite small.I agree that judgment is here.The day after the election my cell phone rang all day….calls from irate Christians who put all of their trust in the republican party and not in Jesus.David Bartons Christian America concept is booser…

  58. We have a believing doctor from our church who has left the ER and regular medicine. He has converted an ambulance into a traveling health clinic. He does house calls whenever possible, but generally parks his “clinic” at a central spot in our rural communities and waits for the folks come to him. He is very upfront with his fee schedule and accepts cash only. He has seen the writing on the wall, so to speak.

  59. Donovan,

    Why not text messaging? Obama has done a lot of unconstitutional things and not just the Libya action. He knows he cannot be removed so it will continue.

  60. Don,
    The bilderbergs got there man, and now there are all kinds of reports of UN legislation trying to get passed here. And so the globalist’s agenda continues. Things are moving rapidly towards the one world government that they envision. Just maybe Obama will make it so bad that the American people will open there eyes and realize what they have done. But I believe the only way there eyes will be opened is if the hand of God does it. It’s sad the dependency of the people has fooled them into thinking Obama is going to help them, Lord if they only knew…

  61. Yes, regardless that the elections was rigged/stolen (the numbers don’t add up – remember the MN, Al Franklen election?). Instead of declaring and implementing Marshall Law (which many were concerned about) they use the computer. The “plants” and inside terrorists have gain a footing that seems nothing can be done. BUT, this plan has been in the works for over 100 years, hasn’t it Don? Not to disqualify anything, just stating.
    Some shows that go with your writing:
    Truth Darer: = even the Cold Case Posse “prove” is tossed aside.

    The facts are meaningless to those who “will not see or can not see (brainwashed).”
    Obama: The Best Gun Salesman … EVER.

  62. Rod,

    Since we are on this topic what’s your thoughts on how midlevel health practitioners such as nurse practitioners and physician assistants will be affected? Will they suffer as bad as MDs or will they actually see an increase in employment and pay due to employers having to pay them less than a MD? I’m going into this field of study so I was curious.

  63. Hi Don, sorry this got off topic.. I hope I didn’t take it there. Not my intent. although the healthcare law is certainly going to be a tyrannical act… As for Jim’ question.. I am not sure about the medical field, as I am in the field of Psychology. But as I see it, there will be alot of work opportunities, lower pay due to the volume of medical workers needed, and long wait times for patients wanting to get care. Personally, with the new healthcare law in place, I would give it alot of prayer and see what God leads.

    This whole healthcare law is more about government control, and really not about getting people medical care.

    Rod in Oregon

  64. hamas leader has been killed!!! hamas said israel has opened the gates of hell!! we are getting closer to psalm 83!! sorry for being of topic.

  65. I believe millions of God-fearing goodhearted Christians who normally vote Republican, in the secrecy of the booth, crossed over and voted for President Obama. They’ll never tell; we’ll never really know. But isn’t it suspicious that the Romney camp verbally wondered where 2 millions votes went as the Obama camp pondered how they had 2 millions extra?!

  66. Actually many Christian conservatives like me did not show up because we are done voting for the same evils dressed in different suits. I think there were at least a few million illegal votes cast for Obama. The real question is why do Americans permit elections to be rigged by the Far Left? Actually, the real question is why did Americans allow union and racist thugs control the local elections in the big cites? And the answer is power, greed, covetousness and racism.

  67. “The Republican establishment never learns, they are already talking about running Jeb Bush or Chris Christy for 2016. The Republican establishment continually offers conservatives a progressive lite and that is why they lost the last two elections to a Communist. True conservatives must clean house in the Republican party and if that fails they need to start their own party.”

    There has been a lot of debate from both sides of the political spectrum regarding the results of the most recent election and how that has particularly impacted the Republican party faithful and those who support the party for representing their personal political objectives. Clearly, the demographics in the US has changed in the past 20-30 years. This is now beginning to significantly influence the political policies and direction for both the Democrat and Republican parties. Moreover, the various instruments used by social-political-economic-cultural institutions have changed the moral and ethical character and general attitude of a vast majority of the population in this same recent time period.

    The general perception among many citizens now is that the Republican party has morphed into something that is essentially a platform used primarily by big corporations and various financial and other monied interests to sustain or achieve elitist goals and objectives. Just as with the Democrat party the Republican party has become full of corrupt and immoral politicians who only care about their own self-interests once they are voted into office. How many times do we see this demonstrated today with the politicians of both parties? Between elections they are spending most of their time campaigning for the next election with a little bit of real work on behalf of the people thrown in.

    These parties are essentially two sides of the same coin now. They are both working for the criminal elites of the world( that actually run the world governments) which is mostly multi-national corporations and the huge financial institutions. You certainly don’t have to take my word for it. There is volume upon volume of information in the public domain which can be accessed and reviewed to support this assertion. The sad and disturbing thing is that many people now acknowledge this but don’t really seem to care. They seem to believe rather naively that their elected politicians really do care to do their best for their constituencies once they are elected. This is a complete fallacy. The entire political system at all levels of government is now so full of rot and corruption, it is virtually irreversable. Trying to remedy the current situation by trying to compete with the current party structure by initiating a new political party would be a temporary band-aid solution at best that would likely not survive long. Mostly what it would do is virtually guarantee that the Democrat party (which is clearly united) would continue to win every future election due to the fragmentation in the voting public among Conservatives come time for casting ballots.

    Clearly, the nation is divided at the present time and this is likely to continue indefinitely. However, if the Republican party has any chance of continuing to represent hard-core bible inspired conservatives in the country and still appeal to the more moderate (and secular) conservatives whose values are still influenced by Judeo/Christian biblical doctrine, then it needs to ensure that the candidates that it elects to office (at any level of government) do not get/have foot-in-mouth disease (like Mourdock and Akin) and that the candidates are properly vetted by their constituents. Moreover, the Republican party must obviously be seen to have compassion for all people. Being seen as a party that is willing to have cancer patients thrown out on the street from hospitals for the sake of balancing a budget does not bode well for any party. The party is now often viewed as being populated with cold, heartless, greedy, rich elitists (who believe paying a fair share of taxes is a crime) which is why you have many moderate Christians voting for the Democrats because they are perceived to care more about the poor, the sick and the disadvantaged (regardless of whether or not that is accurate).

    Until and unless the Republican party is able to appeal to the new demographic reality in the country, I feel that its relevance will continue to decline until it becomes nothing more than a fringe party (or even obsolete). If this means that the country will continue its slide into a state of “socialistic” based decadence, sloth, greed, corruption, laziness, and otherwise general chaos and mayhem inviting God’s judgement, then so be it. If Christians truly believe the prophecies as detailed in the bible, America is going to be judged righteously and severely for all its despicable sins…sooner or later anyway, regardless of what continues to happen politically, socially, economically, or culturally. I’d much rather it all happened as soon as possible so that all citizens of the world can move on to a much better world under the rule of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Nevertheless, we must continue to pray for our leaders, our citizens and the country which is hurting in many, many ways. We ask that God be merciful and gracious in his infinite love.

  68. jycg,

    Although I agree with some of what you say you seem to be giving the talking points from the Far Left view of the Republican party. The Republican establishment is corrupt but not as corrupt or controlled by bankers and big business as you make it out to be. If you check you will see that most of the big multi national corporations and billionaires support the Democratic Party. Republicans need to clean house and become the party that represents the Middle Class, freedom loving people and our Constitution, or we will have a one party system in this country that will take everything the Middle Class has, go broke, and then request foreign aid from Cuba.

  69. I saw on a major Christian magazine’s website some shocking comments regarding Obama’s election. The article was about, “Why weren’t prayers for the election answered.” And of course the article was leaning Romney. Most of the comments were clearly written by a certain demographic that overwhelmingly went for Obama. Some of the things they said:

    – They said that God wants abortion otherwise He would have overturned Roe v Wade.

    – They said the Republicans are just a two issue party, being that we only focus on abortion and homosexuality, and that God is more interested in other sin than just those two. They were alluding to the GOP being the party of greed.

    – They claimed the dems are more Christ-like because they favor policies that benefit the poor.

    – They said Obama cares about people like them whereas Romney is just a rich, racist white guy.

    – They said Obama’s policies help the poor.

    – They were saying they were shocked how much racism there is in the church since the GOP consists of mostly white males.

    – They are convinced we were deluded, that we are deceived.

    – They were absolutely giddy that Obama had won. They are convinced God had answered their prayers to re-elect Obama to stop those evil greedy racist Republican types.

    The more I look at all this, the more apparent it’s ONLY the people who are for faith and family and traditional American values that are going to feel the heat. The liberals are in bliss right now. They have been validated in the public square. Their statistic icon NateSilver has been validated. I seriously doubt that in three to four years they’ll be thinking, “What have we done?” Lots of good Christian people worked hard and prayed hard for a different outcome. It appears they were discredited. And it is these good people who will bear the burden of Obamacare and all of the other stuff coming down the pike. None of it makes sense.

  70. WovesinWoods,

    I really doubt that many Christians were praying that much. I see little evidence of it.

    Liberal “Christian” magazines always take the position of humanism and collectivism because their faith is in humans and human controlled government.

    The GOP has mostly white males and females but the Democratic party has mostly people of color and the white establishment elite. There is much more racism from these people that always vote their race. All socialist tyranny comes to power on the back of an underclass and often that underclass is government created. However, the socialists have never produced a system that makes the underclass better off because they deny the fallen human nature. Socialism destroys incentives to work to improve yourself and that destroys nations.

    Christian conservatives never had a reasonable candidate and that was part of the problem. Election fraud was another part of the problem why they say that Obama won the election.

  71. Why cant the republicans just put up a christian conservative black or hispanic? you could get all the conservative vote plus the republican vote and siphon off maybe 25% of the minority vote from the left. Is my conjecture too far fetched?

  72. Tea party conservatives already tried that with Herman Cain. The Republican establishment turned against him. He was too conservative for them. They thought he could not win.

  73. Don, I am a 70 year Black woman and I didn’t
    vote for Obama. I voted for Romney and I thought he could slow the wrath that is coming.
    With Obama the U.S. will be judged. End of
    story. This is the last election. The next
    event is the Rapture. Obama is the most
    Anti-God and every Anti that you can think of. Black people that are Christians voted for his color not the content of his character. He has no character. I don’t no trust in man. May God bless you and your family.

  74. I believe we have mislead ourselves and forgot who the real enemy behind the curtain is.. It is not Obama, not the liberals, not any group such as Global Elitist or Builderberg. The evil we face is the deception of the Devil. He doesn’t do the job for us, he just makes it easy. His power is his deception. Well, he is at it again. Most people are completely ignorant to what is going on, and are not Believers. The ones who are Believers, do see the truth are focused on the inevitable. The problem with this is that we can’t save this Country, or this World even if we wanted to. It is not our Job. Jesus already saved the world, and people STILL don’t believe it.That is the problem that we must concern ourselves with. Satan has 1/2 the world doing their job ruining the world, and the oter 1/2 is laying out of work for God. We must serve God in the ONLY way we can.. Delivering the Gospel to others. So, the World is going to end, and people are going to die.. We’ve known this forever. However, where will each person be Forever?? That is far more important.

    Thanks, to anyone that serves God by providing others with the Mystery.

  75. David,

    I pretty much agree, but I don’t think half are laying out the work for God.

    Half or maybe more might eventually believe, confess Jesus as Lord, and avoid the lake of Fire in the end. However, most today are not now being led by the Spirit and doing work led by God.

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