America destroyed through apathy and vulnerable electrical grid?

The gravest danger to America is the survival of its electrical grid. If that grid should go down for months or years, America will cease to exist as a nation of any consequence. If the grid failed across America, and we could not get it up again within several months, hundreds of millions of people could die of thirst, starvation, disease, and civil conflict over the few resources that could be scavenged.

The foremost experts on EMP’s say it could take 4 to 10 years to restore the grid after two small nuclear explosions fifty miles above the East and West coasts of the United States or even one well placed nuke about 200 miles above the center of the nation. With that in mind, you might think this nation would not be apathetic about our electrical grid vulnerabilities.  However, reality indicates that America is either ignorant or apathetic about the threat to our grid.

People in this nation better start taking this danger seriously, even now it might already be too late to prevent the destruction of this nation by the destruction of its electrical grid. This nation has become totally dependent on electricity for everything. Congress is informed about this grave danger but almost a decade after their own commission reported to them on the EMP dangers, they still have not taken any meaningful action to protect the nation. A few leaders have tried to get bills passed to start dealing with our electrical grid vulnerability but so far their efforts have produced no legislation.

There are a number of ways that the electrical grid could fail across much of this nation:

1. A Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) attack from a country like North Korea or Iran could be carried out by a crude nuke fired from a crude missile from a crude freighter offshore. The ship could then be scuttled and we would not even know who to blame.

Both North Korea and Iran will have missiles that could reach over the United States within two years and the thought that we could shoot them down is just wishful thinking . Don’t rule out an EMP attack by China or Russia in the future either. Obama intends to get rid of most of our nuclear weapons so any limited damage we could do to them in return, they are already preparing for.

2. A solar explosion directed at the earth strong enough to fry long transmission lines and transformers happens about every 100 years. The last one took place in 1921. An even stronger explosion on the sun occurred in 1859. Today we have hundreds of ultra high voltage transformers that step up voltage so that electricity can be transmitted long distances with minimal loss. These transformers can easily be fried by a solar EMP of the historical magnitudes mentioned. The transformers are as big as a house and they are made overseas. There are few spares and it takes years to build them. With those facts, think of the nightmare of trying to replace dozens or hundreds of these transformers. It would take several years at best and we would only have days until our whole civilization starts to break down.

3. A cyber attack could cause equipment failure and damage to our electrical grid that could take months to repair.

4. Terrorist attacks could take out critical installations necessary for the electric grid to function. With no redundancy whole regions could be without power for weeks or months.

All of these dangers are very real. They could and most likely would indirectly bring the death of  thousands to hundreds of millions of people in this nation. Any of these dangers could take place at any time, yet Americans live in apathy worrying more about the next Super Bowl than the survival of this nation. More money will be spent on that one game than it would take to protect all of our critical high voltage transformers.

For just $1 billion dollars, most lives in this nation could be saved by protecting the critical transformers. It’s not a matter of if the grid will fail if we do nothing, it is really a matter of when and for how long the grid will be down. Even so, the apathetic and the self-serving people that they elect have so far chosen not to spend that billion dollars to save their own nation from destruction.

Some in powerful positions in Congress do not want to spend the money or to put the expense on the utility companies to ground their transformers and to build in some redundancy. They would rather play Russian roulette with our lives.

Of the over 500 electric companies in this nation, only a few are now trying to protect their equipment from the solar EMP threat. So obviously legislative action is needed or the free enterprise system with its annual bottom line will not get it done in time to save our nation.

So how do astute individuals prepare for what now looks to be inevitable power grid failures? For localized events, people need to have several weeks of extra food and water on hand but for a long-term national outage, preparation in the cities is about useless. Even if city dwellers did stockpile, what they have will be taken away from them in short order. Everyone will be at the mercy of the local authorities, if local authorities even can get established in what will become a war zone.

Some in remote rural areas might be able to survive a few months before roving bands of heavily armed predators systematically loot their area. All your own guns will do, is deter some lone wolves. When they come in organized packs your guns will just get you killed. Read “One Second After” for a somewhat realistic account of America without electricity during the first year. It is not a heart warming story.

Therefore, the only wise thing for Americans to do, is to get their government representatives to pass the “Shield Act”. If it passed, it would be the start of protecting vital equipment so that the electrical grid would either remain up or so that it could be restored within a survivable time frame.

I have already written posts on this danger, so if you want more information about these dangers and what an EMP would do, read the related posts at the end of this article and follow the links in those articles.

One thing that I found out recently that I did not know when I wrote those other articles is that spent reactor rods are being stored on nuclear power plant sites all over this country in cooling ponds because we do not have any other place to store this nuclear material. The big danger is that we only have enough diesel fuel for about a week to pump water to the cooling pools that cool those highly radioactive rods.

So, after the diesel fuel runs out, all the spent reactor rods being stored on site at our nuclear power plants will boil off the water and the spent rods will start burning and produce deadly nuclear fallout on this nation. We had a taste of what could happen in Japan this year. However, they soon had equipment flown in and water to cool the rods. After an EMP that would not be likely. When the rods start burning in dozens of plants it will be a thousand times worse than what happened in Japan. Most of the country will become radioactive, then go thank Senator Harry Reed for stopping us from moving those spent fuel rods to deep underground caverns in Nevada.

As stupid and apathetic as the people in this nation have proved to be on many critical issues, do we even deserve to survive as a nation? There are elite people in the world that think we do not. Some elitists running the world and the UN might think they would be saving the world by destroying the United States. Just like they think that Israel needs to be sacrificed for the sake of world peace.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


34 thoughts on “America destroyed through apathy and vulnerable electrical grid?

  1. Don,

    I think stupid and apathetic is being too kind.

    Though it’s not a completely accurate analogy, I think “we”, our country (the U.S. as a majority) are about as in tune to coming events as the people in Noah’s day despite the “writing on the wall”.

    Our country (and other nations in the world) is on the edge of many cliffs…the “fiscal cliff” being the big one in the news lately.

    Eat, drink, be merry, and laugh at those who give warnings of future events is a common theme from what I gather in talking to people.


    I do have a question and have read differing opinions in my research about the effects of EMP’s.

    Would a modern vehicle (highly electronically calibrated via on-board computers) necessarily not operate after the EMP, if it were not running at the time of the EMP or the gamma aftermath ?

    I tend to think, unless the vehicle was shielded…then the electronics would surge and burn out.

    Some say yay, some say nay…I won’t go into the science of both sides, I’d like to read what you and your readers have to say about it.

  2. Hi ~David,

    I recently read from an expert that 90 percent of cars would still run. However, even those ten percent would block any exodus from the cities and the only fuel available will be what is in your tank.

    I am not sure why he disagrees with previous experts on this matter. If anyone knows why the electronics on most cars would not get fried with an EMP let us know. I understand that some police forces now have the ability to shut down cars. So how do they do it? Do they just jam the electronics or damage the electronics?

  3. Don, writing or calling my representatives is useless, as I live in far northern Illinois and have far too liberal state reps such as Dick Durbin. Need I say more. Unless they can make a buck off it, my reps put their heads in the mire, as I have written and called on numerous occasions for other concerns. I am hoping my wife’s corporation decides to relocate to a tax friendly state in the future but not holding my breath. Having read “One Second After,” I am not too confident in my survival. If the roving gangs do not get us, the spent fuel rods stored at the decommissioned Zion Nuclear power plant about 20 miles away would get us. The company that is disassembling the plant is having financial problems as of recent reports so I expect them to take short cuts. Do you have any spare space for a fellow American and his family? (chuckle)

  4. Hi Robert,

    Actually I believe it was the Republicans that blocked the Shield Act the last time it was brought up. They thought it would mean more regulation expense on the electrical utilities or something like that.

    There is plenty of property in the Ozarks for sale at very low prices and they generally have water.

  5. Intake of those iodine tablets would have to stop after two weeks (according to the sales literature – for what reason, I don’t know as I’m not a medical doctor or chemist).

    I think we only need to prepare for a few weeks and then we are doomed to the nuclear fallout anyway. Those roving bands of thugs won’t be bothering anyone either, at that point.

    I don’t know, but I would think there is no place in CONUS where you would escape the lethal nuclear fallout.

    I guess I’ve prepared about what I can within reason, but the nuclear fallout scenario trumps everything. We may be with the Lord before the rapture.

    Love in Christ

  6. Craig,

    I think once you get the maximum doze of iodine in your system taking more will just poison you.

    High radiation from burning rods might not bring death right away. It depends on the exposure level which would be different at different locations. Higher background radiation would lead to much more cancer down the line for sure. If you are not downwind from a nuclear site you might escape most of the radiation. The rods at some point will burn up and the fallout will stop but the radiation will contaminate the soil downwind for quite some time. I do not know the time that it takes for these spent rods to burn up.

  7. Don,

    I’ve thought about the Golden Hordes quite a bit and am pretty convinced that not many would not make it very far from the cities. Without gas, most would soon be afoot. Those who did make it out will be facing country folk with rifles. I don’t think they would last very long. I’m thinking specifically of the Ozarks where we have a home. Nearest town of any size is Springfield, and that’s 70 miles away. I’m hoping by time any reach our neck of the woods, they’d be real shy of the old timers who are fairly strong willed and capable.

    Have you heard anything about how solar panels would fare in an EMP?

    Far as recommending the Ozarks, I would advise against moving here. They are an awful place to live. Mostly desolate county with scorpions and snakes and other vile vermin. And the people are downright hostile! Why would anybody wish to move here! 😉

  8. Doug,

    I don’t think you can run much off of solar panels in the Ozarks unless you have money to burn. But, before long that might be the best use of dollars anyway. The inverter and other devices used in solar may or may not survive an EMP. Who really knows, when you do not know the strength of the pulse?

    Heck, in the Ozarks the Amish get along pretty good without electric.

    Here is my advise. Get a garden cart with big solid wheels, a big pot, matches and a shovel and a good hand saw. Then go out get some water and wood and hit those vile vermin over the head on the way with the shovel and throw them in the water pot on the cart. When you get home, start a fire, put the pot on the fire and then add some insects and weeds and have a feast.

  9. My wife wants a donkey and donkey cart. Will that work?

    Far as solar goes, my neighbor a mile down the road ran his house solely on solar electric panels for twelve years and never had an outage. Then he hooked up to the grid — White River Electric Coop — and that first winter he had his first power outage. The price of solar has fallen tremendously over the last year. It will cost me 7k to connect from the grid because the nearest line is almost a half mile away. For that kind of money I can install a solar system that will run most of our needs. The rest will come from propane.

    You’re right about the Amish, and it may come to that one of these days.

  10. Doug,

    A Donkey will work if nobody eats it.

    Every electric company is different but $7,000 for a half mile is cheap. With my Coop it is $5.50 a foot, but they let you pay it off over 5 years and also deduct any electric charges during those five years.

    I looked into solar just last year and with the batteries I could not even get a system that would do 500 kilowatts a month for less then the low 20’s and that was after the tax rebates. Then keep in mind that you will need a diesel backup generator because sometimes the sun don’t shine around here for a week. And also keep in mind the cost for the equipment will be all upfront and you will need new batteries every five years.

  11. Don,

    My Co-op plants the first 3 poles free — that amounts to about 900 feet, I believe. The other expense I would have to bear on my own would be cutting a 30 foot wide power corridor through the forest. Something I do not want to do. You see these corridors all over the place and they are like flashing neon signs pointing toward your house. Not something you want to advertise in a grid-down situation.

    Here is a link to the system I was referring to. It’s a good starter kit and you can add extra panels and batteries later. My friend uses 16 golf cart batteries, and he takes proper care of them. Replacement interval is about 8 years for him.

  12. Doug,

    That might work for a small cabin with a window air conditioner but we now use about five time the amount of electric a month that the system you linked to would produce. I probably could cut our electric use in half with a better insulated smaller house with a ground source heat pump and by getting rid of certain appliances but I would still be looking at about a $20,000 system. I don’t think solar is going to get any cheaper anytime soon. The price of everything in them is about to go up and the dollar is about to tank.

    My Coop does the corridors and also gets the easements for that $5.50 a foot but we get no free distance. I figure bringing in electric to my larger property would cost almost $15,000 but we would get back some of that in free electric for the first five years.

    I know what you mean about the corridor. You can get the lines put underground but then it costs twice as much. Anyway, doing any of that is probably a few years in the future for me, if I survive that long.

  13. Don and Doug,

    I have the solution for your and my power needs.

    I’ll let you move onto my property in Arizona.

    The sun is always out and the wind is almost always blowing.

    You two build your solar (and wind generators) for our three households…and I charge you nothing to build on my land.

    You can have all the donkeys and carts you want, and there is plenty of brush (weeds) to burn…and AZ is a very gun friendly state.

  14. ~David,

    Who you kidding? Where you live there is not enough vegetation to even feed one donkey for a month and there is no water or food. Why would we need to build on your land when we already have our own?

  15. ~David,

    I’d be reluctant to move to any border state now. Folks down south of you are getting restless to realign boundaries back the way they were before 1847. They’ve already moved most of their army into your backyard — euphemistically called drug gangs or warbands. Think Huns, Visigoths, and the Old Roman Empire. Read Toynbee. 😉

  16. An EMP will destroy the panels and equipment.

    I’ve had very little output from one decent panel – certainly nothing worthy of running any appliance… maybe a small electrical gizmo, but that’s about it. You’d have to invest more than 20K for anything worthwhile. I’m thinking a windmill/generator will do major output, compared to solar.

    In any case, I wrapped my solar panel (this thing is at least 5 feet if not 6 feet in length, and 4 feet in width easy) in cardboard and then wrapped and sealed in heavy duty aluminum foil and put it in my attic. Did the same with the accessories (converter/invertor, charge controller, volt meter, etc) – all sealed in foil (with cardboard barrier in between).

    Face it – if you put an off-grid system in place, you need a complete sealed spare set to resurrect after the “event(s)”.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re going back to 1860, then you have to go back to 1860. An EMP is indefensible and everything comes down to community.

    But the nuclear rod burn up scenario is going to trump everything, IMO.

  17. Dear Don
    Fools may follow fallacies and let them. The word of truth is mere foolishness for those who are counted for the great tribulation and it is definite that they perish. Carry on with full light. Your studies are inspirational.

  18. Don, while I do continue to read your website I must add to this topic here a perspective. This topic and many other similar doomsday scenarios just always depress the living daylights out of me. Where even in the Bible can you find peace and hope when you have a 1000 foot high tsunami coming at you with no way to run?!?

    When all is said and done there is zero hope with the scenario you paint. Absolutely zero. Even if you did store up 6 months of food and water your doomed, right? So it’s all fine and dandy to have this knowledge (vs not knowing it and being devastated emotionally when it happens) but what do we really do with it minus store the info in our brains and make sure we have extra food and water?

    Unless the rapture happens real soon I see the vast majority of people perishing and it seems God is just standing by watching it all happen. Why would God even allow the world to be created like this in he first place knowing from the beginning of time it would be epic fail? Please don’t quote the “free will” stuff because that just seems cold and ruthless. Yes I know free will is the doctrinal thing most all pastors will use to explain it but after 25 yrs of being a Christ follower I still find no peace in it and personally it doesn’t make sense. He knew all this would happen so why create a World that was predisposed to this insanity and lunacy?

    I am just trying to understand why God would even create the world the way it is, knowing it would be so screwed up and nobody would do common sense things to avoid all this that is coming. Yes ultimately our Hope is in the Lord but do I have to watch my 2yr old daughter and 8 yr old son starve as we all hope in God? How will we survive? Will God rain down manna from the sky? It just seems like weare pretty much doomed if the rapture doesn’t happen soon! Sorry, just can’t find true peace in any of this.

  19. Erin,

    One point in bringing the EMP issue up was that we can do something about it. It is as simple as putting pressure on your congressional representatives and senators to get the “Shield Act” passed. As I said, our grid would survive an EMP attack if just one billion dollars of safeguards were built into the system. We all have to die but we may not have to die this way or this soon if we see the danger and take some prudent action.

    People have always died on this fallen earth from one cause or another and that will continue until our bodies are made indestructible. The reason men die is because they are living in a fallen nature of flesh and they choose to do evil. God provided a way for man to choose eternal life but that life is apart from these natural bodies.

    Why did God allow this fall at all? Because He does not create robots and He provided a way of salvation from the start through His Son. Jesus already conquered death for us but for two thousand years God has allowed this world that is under the bondage of Satan and death to continue because He is long suffering not willing that any should perish but all come to Christ Jesus and be saved.

    God apparently is patiently waiting for all those destined to become sons of Light and the bride of Christ to come in. When the fullness of the Gentles comes in, believers will be taken and evil will be dealt with on earth. God may be looking for a specific number to come in and not a date and that is why no one can determined the date of the Rapture.

    God told us the end from the beginning. This fallen world is perishing, it is heading for destruction. we need to be saved out of it. This temporal world is ruled by the Devil and that is why the world will go increasingly insane until Satan is bound and those who hate God are removed. However, those born from above are not of this world and should not be overly concerned about trying to fix a world that cannot be fixed by man. That is where the social justice and Dominion Theology Christians miss it. The Church cannot create a utopia on earth until Jesus returns and deals with evil. Our job is to give the gospel so those who hear can be saved out of this world.

    Exactly why the fall took place is debatable. Perhaps man was created to replace rebellious angels and what is happening on earth not only replaces the angels that followed Satan it also is a demonstration for the other angels. The true nature of God is revealed to them through Jesus and those being saved.

    I don’t know everything, but I do know that whatever the reason, everything works together for good for those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

    All flesh dies. How and when they die is up to God. My suggestion is to dwell on the eternal promises given to those who love God, even though you cannot understand His purpose for allowing the insanity.

    By the way, the theology of all this is getting off the post topic. Therefore, I will not be posting follow-up comments as to why God allowed evil in the world here.

  20. I tend to dismiss characterizations of the book of Revelation and general “end-times” prophecy as “doomsday”. Instead, I consider it “opportunity”;

    There is zero mention of the Americas in the Book of Revelation, from powers to the sub-kings/kingdomes – this “non-mention” can occur in essentially one of two ways: voluntarily or non-voluntarily. Which way do you think it occurs? I seriously doubt that the American continent repents, resists the world evil, pulls back etc. That leaves the “involuntary” scenario. I’m convinced it’s the “apathy and vulnerable electrical grid” scenario that accomplishes the ultimate judgment, which is not to say various other scenarios won’t play out (see Don’s “dangers” list).

    Let’s say we get 6 months, for agument sake? That is 6 months of opportunity to witness. I pray that my neighbors would stand in eternity as members of the bride with us. Unfortunately, right now, attempts to “shine the light” go no where. But, under judgment, maybe my walking through end times prophecy, knowing the labor pains are undeniable, to a captive audience will be enough to convince some that the truth is the truth and creation is creation and scripture and prophecy are undeniable and the eternal choice is real – and we add to the bride’s numbers before our very eyes. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m pretty content with knowing we’ll be with the Lord, adding to the make-up of His bride.

  21. Don

    Loved your answer to Erin and may I add a word in the same vein.

    “Shall not the God of all the earth do right?” Of course He will, therefore we must accept the current plight of the world as His will (albeit permissive), permitted for some purpose even if that purpose is beyond our comprehension.

    Therefore the Christian’s peace will not be found in this world but in a deeper relationship with God through Jesus Christ. During the coming trials (which are not uncommon to man) we must look to Him (God’s word) for that comfort and peace, and teach our little ones also so that they too might experience the same.

    What we see happening is the inevitable result of nations straying from God’s direct will; in such a situation there is no peace for the wicked, but believers can have further comfort and peace in the promise of Christ’s calling us home before the even more terrible times to come.

    Using the words “Look up” is not just some Christian thing, it is a very real promise.

  22. Hi Don. I have to say that I agree with what Erin is saying about the doomsday gloom that seems to be in the air these days. I have thought about an EMP or solar flare disaster happening but what if God used this to explain away the rapture? Think about what we would do as soon as the power went out. I know that as for me…I would start walking home to meet with my family and as all this is happening and also in maybe the darkness and quiet we will here the trumpet blast and the voice of the archangel. Who would really know what became of you? Thanks so much for your insight sir.

  23. Kevin,

    God will not try to explain away the Rapture but Satan will. It is God’s desire for men to know the truth. Having said that, I would not rule out an EMP from some world power under the control of Satan shortly after the Rapture to try to confuse the issue.

  24. Don,
    After reading this artical a few days ago I sent an email to our President and CEO THOMAS R. VOSS her at Ameren Corporation about the threats of an EMP strike on our country. His reply was as follows…

    Last summer where a number of threat scenarios were analyzed and discussed. Last Fall I attended a classified briefing put on by the Federal government.

    We will continue to study and address these issues that serve as a threat to our way of life. However due to Homeland security concerns, I am not allowed to go into specifics but trust me we are very focused on these issues.

    Thanks again for your memo.

    I really have many doubts as to much being done on protection of our grid as that would delute the bottom line profits of these major corperations, and in turn effect the bonuses for middle and upper management.
    The best thing that followers of Christ can do is to be prepared as much as possible and have faith in knowing GOD is in charge. As usual your articals inspire much thought.

  25. All we see is the government buying bullets.

    To me, that projects one and only one intent: to kill people – especially people who are individuals.

    The emphasis should be to protect the transformers. Bullets don’t thwart electons.

  26. Craig,

    I have read reports over the last few years that the government is also stockpiling food supplies…on order from major food producers.

    This is prohibited by government for the people, there is an anti-hording law that, of course, does not apply to government.

    As Don has said in previous articles, if we hoard whatever ourselves, if the feds know about it in a time of crisis, they’ll just take it…not to mention the thugs who will attempt to take it also.

  27. ~David,

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I do not think there are any laws against stockpiling food supplies. That may be true in some local emergency situations but I think you can now buy what you want. In fact, the last I heard Homeland Security was telling people that that they needed to have some water and food supplies on hand for emergencies.

    There was a time during and after world war two when the Federal government had huge strategic reserves of grains, basic food products and raw material. I think they should go back to having such reserves because it is only a matter of time to when when there are disruptions.



    I’m still trying to get the facts straight on the anti-hording law.

    It looks to me like the original Bill (number 10998) was set forth by JFK in 1962…but was later modified and enacted by Bill Clinton in 1994 in the case of Martial Law.

    It appears that there is no law on stockpiling “hording” supplies…..but there appears to be a law against keeping those stockpiled items in a time of crisis (martial law).

  29. I thank you for the many hours of inspirational and informative reading.

    I just went over some HAARP websites and wonder if this weapon or shield would be protecting us from EMP? I am not sure I understand enough about electricity or the atmosphere to determine it’s uses and wondered if you could enlighten me on this subject.

    I appreciate any insight you might offer.

  30. There is a lot of speculation about HAARP and what it can be used for and all the conjecture on these sites means nothing if what they claim is false. Even if the HAARP system had the capabilities to down a long range hardened missile (which I doubt). I think it would not stop an attack from sea. It certainly is not going to protect us from the pulse of a nuclear blast once it is set off far above the mainland.

  31. I was hoping. I guess we are in for a rough ride but I did call my senators about the shield bill and I hope enough will do so. Thanks for the insight.

  32. New to your site today. Lots of great reading…

    I started getting an uneasy feeling back in Jan. of 2010. I don’t know why, I just felt I needed to store some food, and start a garden. About a month ago I finihsed a small solar power system I can run many lights, computer, router, TV and freezer. I have about $1,600 invested.

    I wish I could put my finger on why I started feeling uneasy, bu tI can’t. God speaking to His people?

  33. I just wanted to say Merry Christmas, and thanks for the great information. I believe the uneasy feeling is a gift from God. I am drawn closer to Him everyday. I tell my children, ” I am one smile away from a good cry at all times.” It is as if I am drawn to Him tenderly. I can’t explain it other than so many of us have it that it must be from Him. It is not fear or despair, but an anticipation and restlessness that encourages us to do the things we need to like call our reps and prepare our families for challenging living. I hope everyone feels His presence in a mighty way. I hope our numbers are fulfilled soon. Maranatha!

  34. All these responses are great! I have learned so much just from listening to all of you. However, I can only prepare so much. I don’t have the financial means for solar or anything pricey like that. I can (& have) stored some food & water. I would like to own a gun (but lessons can get expensive) and when you’re on a limited income, that’s a little hard. I (& others) who are not financially strong will just have to “Trust God” to protect and guard us from the enemy (until its our time for Him to take us Home)! There is that scripture that says,
    when I come back, will I find faith on the earth?….Good Question! God, keep us under the shelter of Your Wings!! AMEN!

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