America may be in a inflationary depression by 2011 and a world war by 2012.

Gerald Celente is interviewed by Human Events in my quoted article and like usual world trends forecaster Gerald Celente has some interesting things to say. I see things pretty much happening the way that Celente is saying myself. If you see any green shoots coming from this administration’s nutty economic policies you better pick them and convert them into something useful while you still can. Housing is not going to recover with all the unemployment, repossessions, and the now rising interest rates. The interest rates have to rise because no one wants to finance our risky debt anymore. So our government will just print the money they need causing the crash of the dollar and making a great recession into a great hyper inflationary depression.

I do not see any substantial recovery in the next year but the next year will seem like living in good times compared to what is coming. After the hyper inflationary depression starts I see America’s living standards declining to that of Mexico. But, our spoiled brat criminal generation who expect endless handouts from everyone will just burn the cities and take what they want. Then a world war will be necessary so everyone can be enslaved by government in the name of national security. At that time you will see a dictatorship, martial law, script coupons for money, a draft, and rationing of everything. We also might have a civil war and/or secession because some states and some people are just not going to go along with the federal agenda.

Celente thinks the bail out bubble will burst in 2010 and hit full force about 2011 and that sounds about accurate to me. After that you will have civil upheavals and martial law. Then the foreign war will probably come before the national presidential election in 2012 so there will be no election just an indefinite extension of political terms.

I am not saying our government will start that war on purpose but when your in a national crises your enemies come for the kill and it gives reasons to overreact. The U.S. must be economically destroyed and our nation largely disarmed for the Beast out of Europe to gain power over the world. One way to get America to disarm is to destroy her economy by making the dollar so worthless that she cannot afford to make new weapons and also to get America in a world war so she will use up all the high tech weapons that she now has. The war of course will be for the purpose of subjecting most of the radical Muslim nations to the Beast that is rising out of the old Roman Empire. So that probably is why America is not in Bible prophecy.

Anyway I think you will want to know what Gerald Celente has to say. Perhaps David Wilkerson’s vision is also correct.

Exclusive Interview with Future Prediction Expert Gerald Celente – HUMAN EVENTS

Human Events had the opportunity to interview forecaster extraordinaire Gerald Celente, President of Trends Research Institute, several days ago — and the future he predicts looks bleak indeed. In fact, as Mr. Celente sees it, the Great Depression will seem like a mild recession as what waits for us in 2011 hits with the force of a Katrina financial hurricane.

Mr. Celente puts part of the blame squarely on the federal government, and especially FED Chairman Bernanke and Treasury Secretary Geithner, and warns us not to believe a word they say “They’re the same people who didn’t see it coming – are now telling us the worst is over, that ‘green shoots are spouting upwards’. But they were wrong before. They’re wrong on this too”.

“When you pump out tons of money manure into this system based on nothing – printing press paper, it’s like giving a patient with a chronic disease a pain killer — it won’t cure the patient.”

“But let’s go beyond the economics. Our whole Constitution has been abrogated. The president simply writes an Executive Order to do whatever he wants. Nationalize the banks, take over the insurance industry, automobile industry, health care industry…
None of it is constitutional.”

Mr. Celente observes that “people used to think of America as that shining beacon on the hill with ‘liberty and justice for all…’ .” So what happened?

“Morality is missing from our American public consciousness. Start with Wall Street. It’s run by a criminal gang. The only question is ‘how much can you make, how much can you steal?’ At the bottom, the welfare recipient says ‘how much can I take?’ And the government is in on the take.”

“Our society is now based on consumption — 70% of the GDP. This is more than we produce. So to pay our bills, we use funny money invented in 1913 with the creation of the Federal Reserve and the fiat dollar based on credit (debt) — the fractional reserve system. In 1930’s you bought what you could afford. You saved up to buy your home. The easy credit of the 90’s has destroyed the country. Now you borrow what you can’t afford – and the nation’s done the same.”

Mr. Celente predicts the use of printing press money will cause the “greater depression”.

“I predict continuing deflation of real estate, followed by extreme currency inflation — ultimately becoming worthless.

“Our unemployment numbers are also bogus. For example, the construction industry is really above 20% , and the government is creating low-level jobs, not real jobs. The US total real unemployment is more like 16%. Before the crisis is over, it will reach 25% – great depression numbers.”

“When people have lost everything they have nothing to lose. Violence and crime will explode. Look at the OECD figures. The number of people not graduating from high school is exploding — they’re wacked out on drugs. New York City will look like Mexico City in a few years. The collapse of morality from top down — and especially in the government — makes it inevitable.”

“We predict state secessionist movements will rival the breakup of the Soviet Union.”

“The only way we can ever recover is to return to individual community, personal responsibility, local government. Next, average will disappear, Quality will return. Look at GM. Junk cars financed by junk bonds. Now owned by a junk government. As a consumer, don’t consume quantity — consume quality.”

“Now they’re creating the bailout bubble — which will ultimately dwarf the real estate bubble. It will cause the implosion of the global economy world wide — which will not be able to be repaired by creating yet another bubble. Every time the government fails, it tells a bigger lie and then a still bigger lie.”

“These previous bubbles were not allowed to pop — but they didn’t destroy the infrastructure of the country. This bailout bubble will.”

“But this bubble will be the last one. After the final blowout of the bailout bubble, we are concerned that the government will take the nation into war. This is a historical precedent that’s been done over and over again.”

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11 thoughts on “America may be in a inflationary depression by 2011 and a world war by 2012.

  1. I wonder if Wilkerson is using some of Bible prophecy and current trends to make these “prophecies” and claims that these predictions came from God in a vision. I mean I could see these things coming since many folks believe that we “evolved” from an ape and since we “evolved” morality is “relative” and we should act like animals. Even the homos think that their lifestyle is natural because some animals do these behaviors.

    John MacArthur wrote a great article on Romans 1. He discusses what happens when God abandons a nation

    And Dr. Reagan wrote a series of blog posts that talks about the “New Tolerance”

    Thank you for keeping us warned on whats going on. Our dumb media and even Fox News to some degree is not telling us everything that is actually going on.

  2. My own opinion is like what you suggest. Wilkerson reads the Bible and thinks about these things and then when thoughts come into his mind about coming judgments he claims they are visions from God. This is not unusual with often presumptuous Pentecostals.

    I think astute Christians know judgment has to come to America if the people do not repent. Billy Graham said that when America was still a relatively moral nation.

    Thanks for the links to these articles from two excellent teachers.

  3. Don, things are snow-balling at a rapid pace. You should also add the June 6th article from Jack Kelley at GraceThruFaith . These United States are not what they used to be and we should keep warning everyone to put their trust in Jesus, so that our yearnings would be for citizenship in Heaven.

  4. I read that Don’t Pray for America article the other day. I was always been taught that we need to pray for America. I’m glad Jack Kelley wrote that article. It sure did corrected my thinking on this matter.

    The only thing I know is that there is a very small amount of astute Christians in this country. Most “Christians” think that everything will go “same as usual” for now on. You can even go to a conservative Baptist Church and the folks there do not have a clue that judgment is coming. I guess they think America is special and we are not going to face judgment like nations before us has.

  5. I agree with this article completely. Justin you are correct. It amazes me that the vast majority of so called Christians do not even have a clue as to what is happening. Most are not financially wise and live paycheck to paycheck. Most are going to be slammed by these events and totally unprepared. They will walk around like a deer in headlights. I am saddened by this. I try to talk about these inevitable trends to others and their eyes gloss over. People are walking around this country like this is just another cycle and we will all come out of this just fine. You cannot print your way out of a debt laden black hole. The natural laws of economics, that GOD created, cannot and will not be violated. This country will reap what it sows both Spiritually and Economically. It will make what happened in Russia look tame. The Lord is already judging this nation and world. Just look at the insanity of crime.

    The Lord will not stand for all this much longer. He is a righteous God and Holy. We must approach the Lord with much fear and trembling. This country mocks God but God cannot and will not be mocked.

    Even now, come Lord Jesus.

  6. I am glad to see that many here get it.

    If you haven’t read it, I highly suggest you read Don’s article on his home page:

    “Preparing to Live in Perilous Times in America”

    There is some excellent advice on what we should be doing…now!

    On a personal note, my garden is going gangbusters. I’ll be a food-canning fool this summer and fall. Not only will I have food, but I am learning some valuable skills which could be indispensible in rough times. You’d be surprised how few people don’t know these basic skills which used to be common place years ago.

    Be prepared.

  7. It’s bizarre isn’t it Bob ?

    I look at the news and I think…well, hello McFly…if you went to TPY blog, you’d have known this was going to happen : )

  8. Gerald Celente is a very astute and perceptive man.
    It’s interesting, Don, that you wrote the above over two years ago and just look at how much of Celente’s words have come to pass.
    I think that alone tells us that the Rapture cannot be that far off, especially bearing in mind what Dave Hunt has written and said on the matter. And, as far as I’m concerned, Dave Hunt is one of the most astute and perceptive of Christian writers/broadcasters. (I was impressed by your own obectivity and perception on the blog regarding the Islamic anti-Christ, Don. Your replies reminded me of Dave’s!)
    Dave Hunt has for two or three decades pointed out that there will be relative prosperity up to the Rapture. The fact that people will be marrying and giving in marriage [Matt 24:38] etc., would seem to tell us as much.
    But as we now appear to be heading–almost–imminently for a terrible economic crash it could be that the Rapture will happen sooner, especially if Mr Hunt’s view is correct. Anyway, we are all to be expecting the Rapture at any moment.

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