American Oligarchy rules nation with police state enforcement

You might not yet even realize that you are under police state control, but you will soon. Americans are now ruled by an Oligarchy that controls an increasingly powerful police state that has Big Brother surveillance capabilities.

Everything you do will be regulated and if you do not abide by the rule of the elite and their police state enforcers the little liberty and freedom that you still have will cease to exist. The huge growth of armed federal agents in the Department of Homeland Security and the militarization of almost all local police forces and the control of them by directives from Homeland Security ought to tell you something about where we are heading as a nation.

The federal, state, local, corporate, educational, and religious control freaks and the complicit enforcement agencies in America have taken unprecedented Big Brother tyrannical powers over all Americans. They fully intend to make all Americans conform to the wishes of the ruling Oligarchy through threats, enforcement, re-education, and psychosocial dynamics (politically correct group think).

Nothing threatening to this neo-facsist worldview will be allowed in America once the Bible thumpers and constitutional conservatives are marginalized, neutralized, and brought under statist police state control. The only major resistance to police state rule left in America is in the rural areas, but even there, the brainwashing program coming from government controlled MSM and schools is bringing about compliance.

Many aware of what is going on, are now expecting martial law to be declared for one reason or another. That will happen someday to complete the federal power grab but meanwhile martial law does not have to be declared. Government can already do just about anything it wants and there is very little that any single individual can do about it. When government is not required to abide by the Constitution it has little reason to suspend it under some declaration of martial law.

States and local governments have allowed themselves to become controlled through federal government funding. They will take no action against federal abuse that will threaten their revenue from the federal government. Even worse, states and big cities have their own ruling Oligarchy. Many states and cities are even more tyrannical than is the federal government.

The control freak tyrants only put on their smiley face and back down when they smell the tar and feathers coming. The ruling Oligarchy only fear is the organized fanatics with pitch forks (lawyers). That is why they kowtow to socialist-facists, Islamo-facists, homo-fascists, race-fascists, environmental-fascists, carbon-nazies, thought-nazies, femi-nazies, etc. The ruling Oligarchy does not fear the more passive majority in America that is not organized and not coming after them with pitch forks.

Christians and constitutional patriots ought to learn something from the fascist radicals. It is going to take more than just a few more conservatives elected to Congress to overthrow the ruling oligarchy and the fascist minorities that control them. It will take nothing less than a grass-roots nationalistic movement back toward a Constitutional Republic to save what the founders set up. Just believing the lie that America is still a Democratic Republic is not going to make it one.

Do you realize that the government can now round people up for any reason that they think presents some arbitrary threat? They can detain people indefinably and not even allow them to have legal counsel. The Supreme Court recently would not even hear the arguments against such abuse of federal powers because they say nobody has standing in court until it actually happens to them. That sounds like Catch 22 to me (Google it). The fact that these federal police state powers have not been used much yet, does not mean that they will not use them extensively in the future.

The Oligarchy and the radicals who control them know where the Obama policies will take the USA and they are not leading us toward any Sunday School picnic. The planned destruction of America is already underway by those that hate what America stands for in the world. These are the same communist radicals of the 60’s and their red diaper baby offspring.

Those bringing down America know that civil disobedience is inevitable because the “recovery” and spending was designed to bring about systemic economic collapse that will kill the American dollar in the near future and bring about massive riots and martial law. When that happens the government will attempt to control everyone and everything. Then the round-up of everyone seen as a threat to their collectivist global worldview will be attempted. (They may bite off more than they can chew, it only takes armed resistance by a determined few percent to bring about a formidable insurgency.)

Those ruling America today do not abide by the Constitution of America. They have made our Constitution a joke. They twist parts of the Constitution to mean what they want it to say and they do not enforce the parts they don’t want. Every single one of our constitutional freedoms are under attack by the Oligarchy running this country.

Our “representatives” in government just lie to our face. They take an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic but most of them become complicit with the domestic enemies that intend to destroy our liberty. Washington is full of traitors and a third of our country knows it. But, few dare call it treason.

What freedoms do you have left in America, except for what the Oligarchy running our government allow? Who could even get elected to national office in this country without the support of the Oligarchy that controls the money and the press?

You might think that you have freedom to say what you want on the Internet or in your home. However, say something that is not politically correct and you might just find out how much freedom of speech you really have. And who is not being recorded in these days of big brother surveillance? God forbid, that someone accuses you of being a racist in a nation run by black racists, self hating whites, and self hating Jews.

You might think you own your home and property. But government can find a way to take it from you anytime they wish. You do not have the freedom to do what you want with your own property without first getting government permits. You do not even have the freedom to rent out your property to whomever you wish. If government at any level wants your land they will find a way to take it and there is little that you can do about it unless you have very deep pockets.

You cannot even drive the roads in this nation without the risk of being pulled over without cause and then having your vehicle searched. You think that is not a problem because you have nothing to fear from law enforcement? Tell it to those who have had their property confiscated but cannot afford to prove that they are innocent? Tell it to those who have had their cash taken because a dog alerts to paper money that almost always has some illegal drug residue (Google it).

Do you think you can just sail through those DWI road blocks because you do not drink? Tell that to the 95+ percent of people who get summoned to court for whatever these roadblocks fishing trips can find. Show me your papers comrade! But, if you’re an illegal alien you are on the politically correct list so our laws do not apply to you.

Like your dogs? Better hope than nobody call the police on you and SWAT comes over. They can kill your dogs and ask you questions later. Like to have a campfire on your property? You better check the local burn ordinances first. Want grass on your property? Better check with the water police and better keep it mowed but don’t use that gas mower when the air is stagnant. Want to have a pond? Do you really want EPA to take control of your land?

Want relatives to stay over? better check if you are allowed to have people sleep over and don’t forget that Bible studies or parties are not allowed in residential areas without permits.

Got a barking dog? The police will be coming. Got a barking spouse? The police and Family Services will be coming. Got an illegal alien? Nobody will be coming.

That is where we are at, but it is nothing compared to where we will be heading if we do not reign in the oligarchies, the police state, and the Big Brother bureaucratic control freaks that rule at all levels of government in our land. We had better reestablish a Democratic Republic in America or we will soon become something like Venezuela where they stand in line for toilet paper, only our toilet paper will be made in U.S. dollars.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


10 thoughts on “American Oligarchy rules nation with police state enforcement

  1. Don,

    C’mon, this article is just fear mongering and…wait a sec’, are “they” monitoring this comment ?

    As I was saying, you are not being rational and are just…huh, was that a drone that just hovered and watched me through my window ?

    Anyway Don, you really need to get a grip, you are…umm, who are those uniformed agents at my front door and why do they have automatic weapons ?

  2. I guess the Clippers owner Sterling is an example of what happens if someone accuses you of being racist. You will lose your job, your reputation, and be sued for big sums of money.

  3. I think that “prince of this world” thinks if he can “own” it all he will have an advantage over God’s plan. I have to wonder if this turn to the “dark side” was planned far in advance. All I can say is to repent and trust in Jesus for salvation because any security in this present world is disappearing fast.

  4. Hi Don,

    Amen and amen.The vast majority are asleep,or have their head’s buried in the sand.I’m always amazed how people swallow the garbage from the MSM.They are experiencing cognitive dissonance when you try to explain or offer evidence to the contrary.You would think people want to know the truth,.

  5. Don, I know what you are saying is true, but that doesn’t keep me from feeling sick. You may have something on a larger scale in mind, but loss of freedom always starts small, almost undetectable, and grows until it’s too late to reverse it. Adolph Hitler said something along that line.

    Can I give an example? There is an apartment building in our town owned by the National Church Residences. To qualify for residency a person has to be low income, 62 or older, or have a mobile disability. Therefore many of the residents are in wheelchairs or walk with the use of walkers or canes. The residence is also subsidized by HUD. It has been here for 25 years. Regardless of anyone’s opinion of smoking or the use of tobacco products the National Church Residence has decided that it will be against their policy. No one will be allowed to smoke in their own apartment or use tobacco products. There are a lot of smokers in that apartment building. They have been told they have 10 months to quit or receive a 60 day evacuation notice. Some of these people have lived there for 10 years. It is their home, they pay rent, they can’t afford to move and they have no place to go. And they want the right to smoke.

    My personal opinion is that smoking is no worse than overeating and getting fat. That may be the next thing the National Church Residence attacks. After New York City tried to ban 16 oz. soft drinks from movie theaters I wouldn’t be shocked to see the government regulate our diets. I think they are already working on it.

    A lot of people seem to be aware of the big brother government that’s rising in the U.S. but they don’t know what to do about it. Neither do I.

  6. Jim,

    Just as the Control Freak Oligarchy is not acting responsibly and ethically for the people of this nation.

    Those that harbor hatred in their heart for others, show that the ‘cream does rise to the top’ in some instances.

  7. Don, here’s another example of rabid government out of control. Our city council in small, rural Wichita Falls, Texas just passed an ordinance that if your animal gets pregnant, you must pay the city a $100 “litter fee”. If you intend to sell any of the animals, you have to pay city hall another $100 fee. Now we’re being fined for “littering” above and beyond the “Don’t mess with Texas” roadside trash clean-up campaign. We’re already in stage 5 water use drought restrictions. What’s next ? Telling us how many sheets of toilet paper to use ???!!!

  8. Don,
    What you are saying here is so TRUE… I continue to try and make myself right with God. I look back on my life and this country and the way things where in the 1960’s. They were not perfect then, but it’s like day to night compared to what we now have.
    We have lost our sense of honor, humility, and the dedication to personal responsibility. We are now a country that believes our wellbeing is someone else’s responsibility. Lies and abuses by our highest officials go unchallenged. We have bald face lies and deceit continually flowing form our highest levels of Government, and this is being replicated all the way down through the ranks of Government. Cheating has become a way of life for many Americans. We now even have Churches not teaching the true word of God. (God Bless people like YOU, John Macarthur, Alistair Begg) The corruption on Wall Street was unheard of a few short decades ago, short of a few exceptions. Men use to hold themselves to ethics and moral principles.
    What has happened to the separation of Governmental Powers? The Executive branch totally ignores the Legislative, and Judiciary branches of Government, and vice versa. The rule of Law is no longer operative in America, and the foundations there of have been turned upside down. We have corruption throughout the Executive branch of Government with a President in the White House who is CLEARLY prohibited from being there by the Laws of the U.S. Constitution. He has denied any evidence for his eligibility for the Office of U.S. Presidency. This just scratches the surface of problems with Obama.
    The Legislative branch is astonishing, they sign bills they don’t read, and they fail to exhibit the most elementary ethical conduct. This alone should be enough to put the majority of them on trial for Treason against the U.S. They all took an Oath of Office to protect the Constitution, and they totally ignore it.
    The Judiciary Branch is amazing in itself, reversing decisions on trials by jury? Ignoring Laws that are established. The recourse for this is impeachment, in the early days of this country that would have happened, but there is no political will from the other branches of Government to do so today. We have a Judiciary Branch that is now making laws instead of evaluating law. Politicians have become unaccountable and totally corrupt.
    We have been looted and plundered by the banks, Financial Institutions, Federal Reserve, and the Government, nothing has been done correctly, and not by accident. The majority of this has not happened overnight but in the last 4 to 5 decades.
    The deliberate dumbing down of America through our educational system is no accident. On the surface you would think that this is just mismanagement, but in reality it has been designed to fail. I blame the people in the State and Federal departments of education for this! In 1962 we let our government (The Supreme Court) remove God form our schools and our right as citizens to public prayer.
    Don I do not hold much hope for our country at this point. I think we could be looking at a very possible EMP event; this will shut this country down immediately. No banking, no food in stores, no fuel for people, you get the picture. Then Marshall Law rolls out and the roundup of people the elite see as a threat. Christians, Constitutionalist, Gun owners, etc.
    I hope I’m wrong but I think all this is not very far at all in our future…
    God Bless you Don and all your readers.

  9. I wish that I could disagree with the trends you describe but they have been accelerating for some time. I do not just blame Obama, as some do, as I consider him a symptom and not the cause of the loss of freedoms. That said, those who believe in Christ have a lot to look forward to after the few bad years. Consider who will be “left behind” after the Rapture and how much freedom they will allow. Glad I won’t be around to enjoy it.

  10. How, I wish that you were wrong-that your words were just the ravings of a lunatic. But I know that it’s true and even worse than you say. I was reading in the latest issue of the Berean Call (the late Dave Hunt’s publication) that the government is changing their language from Freedom of Religion to Freedom of Worship. The idea behind Freedom of Worship is that it is something private, never public, and deeply personal, and excludes “proselytizing.” Freedom of Worship is never on display in the public square, like Freedom of Religion. Freedom of Worship is a secret religion. And the only response from Christianity is a great big yawn.

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