Americans need to get out of pending war zones while there is time

Are Americans fed up yet? If not, I think many Americans will soon have had it with our government and our dependent class. I think it might be wise for some of you to get out of pending American war zones while there is still time left for you to do that.

Why should anyone think that a President given to America to bring judgment on America would now not bring judgment on America? The only question left in my mind, is will America learn its lesson and restore conservative constitutional sanity to this nation or will Obama get Americans permission to finish the job of cutting their own throats?

We can either deal with our debt and overspending problem now or the dollar will be destroyed long before the end of this decade. The real question is, can America reduce its entitlements without bringing civil unrest from all the government dependents that our government created over the years? The answer is no. It will not even happen in Greece and Europe but here in the US it will morph beyond labor demonstrations, it will turn into race riots.

The hate and racism in the inner cities is simply at an incredible level and it is fed by race baiting Marxists that are in our governments, medias, education systems, prisons and even in our inner city church pulpits. These America hating race baiters make their living telling people how to become dependents of the government and teach them that whitey is to blame for all the problems of people of color. They really want to see what they believe is the white devil and the American free economic system destroyed. If you white people do not believe me about the underlying hatred in these areas of the country try walking in a Mexican or black section of the inner cities some night and experience the “loving” reception that you will receive. Only don’t blame me if you go behind the white lines and you wake up dead. As I wrote this article Glenn Beck told his audience tearfully that he and his family were not well received in NYC by hate filled people.

The cities are already on the brink of burning and Americans have not even made any entitlement cuts yet? Just last weekend we had mobs in gangs of 50 in some of our cities stealing whatever they wanted. We had tens of thousand of illegal Mexicans in the city of L.A. booing the American team in a soccer game and disrespecting the American flag while supporting a Mexican nation that cannot even provide them with a livelihood.

They have a nation with a government that is totally corrupted by graft and drugs but they hate the Americans that feed them. So why are they here? Go home to your rice and beans and fix your own corrupt system! They made our borders a war zone, trash our land, burden our welfare system, burned our forests and take American jobs but Obama mocks those that care enough about America to want more secure borders. Yet, it seems that not enough Americans have cared about America or Obama would not be President.

So what is the answer to prevent the race riots that I am sure are coming? The plain truth is that there is no answer. We Americans have allowed this idealist social experiment to go on way too far and way too long. We have allowed Marxist globalists with their multiculturalism and social engineering to ruin our nation. Intercity strife is now inevitable and I think it would be wise for you to get as far away from these pending war zones in America as you can, while you still can.

The damage done by Obama with his foreign policy of appeasement could bring us into World War III anytime now. We have a situation in the Gulf where we and NATO might soon be bombing Syria and where Iran might come to Syria’s defense by striking at our forces or Israel. Meanwhile further east, we are losing Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan to radicals. And Russia, China and North Korea are aiding our enemies.

India simply is not going to allow radicals to take over a nuclear Pakistan. Nobody knows all the players of the next world war but some of them are rather obvious and we could see World War III begin at anytime. It looks like we are in 1939 and Americans would be wise to not be in the war zone if we cannot project our super power status in the way that we should.

Seems to me that we will wait for Iran to destroy one of our bases or a carrier group with the nuclear weapons that Iran probably already has. I can’t prove that statement but our Intelligence agencies have a record of being wrong on nuclear weapon capabilities. Saddam almost had a nuke before the first Gulf War and we did not know that. North Korea also had nuclear weapons development that we did not know about. Israel also got nukes as did Russia, China, Britain, France and South Africa and except for Israel about the first we knew that they had actually developed nuclear weapons capability was when they tested them. Today through computer modeling it is possible to have active nuclear weapons without even physically testing them.

Some never learn from history. Are we doomed to another Pearl Harbor type attack under this administration? Or maybe it will be an EMP attack that could destroy America because liberals see no evil except for the evil that they see in Christians that are able to identify good and evil.

I have read reports that indicate that we have recently placed quite a bit of fire power in the gulf area and Obama and Turkey are now saying that Assad of Syria must go. However, Assad will not go easily and what will Assad do with his chemical and biological weapons if we start bombing Syrian forces like we did in Libya? Will he strike Israel to get the attention off of himself? I think that is more likely than not and when Israel responds to strikes from Syria or Iran or their proxies the whole Middle East will destabilize into mass insanity. Mass insanity seems to be a terminal disease for all those that concern themselves with the existence of Israel in the Middle East.

What impact will World War III have on people in America? How do you fight a world war without a draft? Does anyone really think that there is enough unity in this nation to even have a draft? World wars allow the governments involved to take dictatorial powers over the people but how does our government even enforce government decrees when they will not even be able to keep order in their own cities and countryside? It sounds to me that if we get in a world war the United States would soon devolve into Mad Max territory.

A world war under Obama would split this nation into factions. It could even split the armed forces. You cannot have a united front in a nation that is divided. Under Obama’s America we would have to pull out, but if we did that the war would be taken to Europe, India and the Far East, and we would not escape this war any more than we escaped world war II. Further, under Obama you could add to the war an internal civil war as well as wide spread terrorism.

Of course this is all speculation about where Obama is taking us, but like I said, Obama was given to America for its judgment. Don’t think that we will escape the consequences of electing him as President. The majority in America chose him because they wanted his godless big government socialist ways. We might have one more chance to get this right in 2012, but don’t bet the farm that the riots and war can even be put off that long. And don’t bet the farm that Americans will suddenly get morals and actually vote for someone who fears God. Will Americans in 2012 vote for a decent leader that expects people to work for a living, live within their means, and pay their fair share of the taxes that are required to pay for the national government programs that they want? Somehow that seems far fetched.

If Americans do not turn this country around soon, they had better get themselves as far away from the pending war zones as possible. Time for Americans is rapidly running out.

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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


25 thoughts on “Americans need to get out of pending war zones while there is time

  1. It certainly is clear that Iraq is lost, why do we bother maintaining any military presence there at all. They don’t appreciate any of the liberation from the tyranny, and now, have told us to get out, and that they will not help us with oil. It’s clear that they will be a hostile Muslim country to the U.S. once again.

    Pakistan is also clearly no U.S. ally. They were obviously harboring Bin Laden and have since killed &/or arrested some who exposed his location.

    Iran just declared that they have missile strength to reach NATO and U.S. bases so yea, the anticipation of a Syrian strike might be in the works…could surely be a prelude to WW3. Not that Iran needs an excuse, I doubt they’d miss any opportunity to start a war.

    From what I can tell, your right Don, and this generation of young Americans is totally unprepared for anything of this magnitude.

    Note: I changed my name slightly to differentiate myself from the other David.

  2. Yes, It is sad that Glenn Beck can’t enjoy an evening with his family at a public event in a liberal environment, but Don, as your article explains, this is the world we live in today. Glenn should have known that also.

    In the red, white, and blue nation of yesteryear, we’d be appalled at what was done to Glenn and his family, but today, you come to expect it.

    This liberal, emotion fed, mob mentality is the reason why Obama was elected President in the first place (see O’Reilly’s interviews pre-2008 election) and despite his lackluster performance, he has a chance for a repeat performance…or should I say, a chance to complete his destruction of America.

    I think people, especially my age, in their 40’s and older need to wake up and understand that this is not the same United States that we saw 10 – 20 years ago…and to expect it, or to expect some politician (through 2012 election) to make things the way they were, is hopeful ignorance in my opinion.

    Yes, through the upcoming 2012 election, we hope to stave off the inevitable but isn’t that all we’re really doing ? Is it really possible to turn this sinking ship around ?

    Christians, above all, reading Don’s blog should know humanity is not going to make things better from this point. We are in the end times as prophesied in the Bible.

    It is not a time for despair, it is a time to rejoice, because The Living God, our Savior, says our redemption is ‘nigh, close at hand.

  3. I think if Obama wins in 2012 the gloves will come off and things will get bad fast. Most people think that Obama is an ok guy and they say he killed osama so he must be good. In my young generation it is not “cool” to be a conservative and almost everyone at college ik will vote for Obama. If Obama is meant for our judgement then I would bet he will win another term. Will Americans accept getting ourselves into ww3 after the ongoing wars we have today? I think somthing big will happen for americans to support such a war like an emp or a nuclear attack on us.

  4. Jim,

    I know that what you just said is the reality of the majority of the youth today but I’m also glad to see young people like yourself who are aware and hopefully won’t cave to the peer pressures.

    I can only imagine how difficult it would be to talk about the Living God to your classmates.

  5. If there are riots sometime in the future in the U.S., they won’t be just race riots. They are going to be a full-fledged rioting of the youth. Youth unemployment (ages 18-24) is around 25% last time I checked. Too much time on their hands coupled with the demagogues in D.C. and “progressive” groups agitating them, coupled with being addicted to violence through the TV and Xbox is a wicked stew.

  6. I think the writing is on the wall for these United States. We’ve become a nation of tribes. People who in their minds have no vested interest in this country other than to take what they can get. They have no respect or love for this country. It’s just a different mind set. There definitely will be race riots, especially as we enter the even worse part of this depression that we’re in. The so called leaders have done everything they can think of to delay the inevitable, but it’s coming. I don’t think there are any real answers except through prayer & to ask God to forgive us & show us the way. Humility is sorely missing in America. The train wreck is fast upon us.

  7. Don why do you differentiate people according to their race and not their mentality or beliefs. There are people of all races that love God and want to see the prosperity of their nation.

  8. John,

    I know true Christians would not take part in the mob mentality in our inner cities and Christians of color in our inner cities would work if they could and they would not want to be identified as government depends, but true Christians are a minority. And let me be clear, true Christians of any shade are not the problem in this nation.

    Nevertheless, we do need to face reality because it is soon going to become evident. Our inner cities are racist time bombs. Most in the inner cities are not Christians and most people in the inner cities are people of color and many have been taught to be racists. They do not like anyone of a different shade in their space and there is a drug culture and a general attitude among many that government owes them a living. Of course there are white racists as well but most white racists do not even occupy the inner cities so they are not going to be the ones burning them.

    If people of color in the inner cities did not have general common mentalities and beliefs I would not have to write about the common Leftist and racist mindset that many have been taught. Let’s face it, 97 percent of Blacks in this country voted for Obama and so did the vast majority of Latinos and they will vote for him again. So you have to come to the conclusion that either these people believe in Obama’s views which are contrary to Christian moral values and beliefs, as well as our constitutional form of government, or they are voting for a man only because of his race. So what does either imply?

  9. As a white male, I can tell you from first hand experience that white supremacist pigs are at least as bad as the other racist…and talk about war zones, these white pigs guard their territory like they actually have a right to.

    What makes me most sick about these white idiots is they often claim some divine inspiration from God. True, they are not as prevalent in our inner cities, however, that is because they are cowards and hide in rural areas.

    Sure, you can buy a house in Detroit now for literally $1 because of the black racist, but a black man is prohibited because of his color in some areas and the people make it clear.

    All the racist groups including KKK, Black Panthers, etc have been a bane in this country’s side for a very long time, it’s something that should have been dealt with a long, long time ago.

  10. And, as far as economic damage in the U.S…

    It is true that the percentages dictate that Black, Mexican, Latino’s etc. have the majority of the government welfare state, however, it’s the majority white man in political office that has truly destroyed this country economically.

  11. Mankind is not going to end racism other than through salvation and a spiritual rebirth. Racism or prejudice and bullying occurs in every nation in this fallen world where there are people that look different from others in significant ways. Many think we can end racism by calling other people racists but that is like thinking you can end evil by telling people that they are evil.

    Anyway, the point in this post is that the inner cities of America are about to explode because racism has become acceptable to many people of color if it comes from a person of color. Our politicians even promote race baiters and racist organizations like La Raza (The Race) that are led by people that obviously hate America and now America is about to reap the consequences.

  12. Don,

    How true.
    Thankfully, the Living God looks at human hearts, not by anything superficial like humanity.

    And I apologize if I took the comments off topic.

  13. Abba, please shine the light of Jesus through us by Your Spirit as we see that the storm is nearly upon us. The calm before this storm has past, I think, and we are now feeling the initial gusts and droplets. You know all this and far more, and it is only in You that we have hope now, and in Your presence forever. We praise You that You have this war under control and that You will win and You will keep us close by Your promise. Help us to brace ourselves against this wind of hate and destruction; some of us will be destroyed as the world understand destruction, but may this happen in a way that make clear to all that You are God and forgiveness in Christ is still available, BUT time grows short! Please do not let our love grow cold; in ourselves this will happen, but Your Spirit must sustain us! We look to see the great things You will do in and through we Your children as we long for your soon return! Please glorify Yourself in us: Father, Jesus and Spirit!

  14. I agree that Obama is a terrible president for your country. But so was Bush, Clinton, Bush Sr, Regan, Carter, Ford, Nixon and more. Do you really believe any of these class of criminals are “good Christians” because they say so? They are lying, they have fooled you and they will continue to fool you as well.

    You need to ban the Democrat and Republican parties and then arrest the lobbyists and charge them with treason. The enemy is not in Iran, Russia, Syria or Afghanistan. The enemy is in Washington DC!

  15. Fonestar,

    The enemy of Christians in any nation are those that follow the spirit of Satan. That would include most of the leaders of the world. Banning parties and putting lobbyists in jail for treason will not change the fact that many if not most Americans have allowed or supported the humanistic agenda that empowers these people. Also, denying that we have enemies in Iran, Russia, Syria, Afghanistan or elsewhere will not change the fact that there are people there that want us dead there. The enemy is not Washington DC as you said. The enemy is those that empower Satan and his minions.

  16. Live in Ohio and have just become unemployed thanks to our REPUBLICAN governor KASICH.Hate the DEMOCRATS just as much, understand. I have worked since 15 years of age longer if you include the paper route I had as a child: paid off a student loan which took me 8 years, saved 17,000 over 7 years making 35,000 a year to put as a down payment for my first home, don’t own a fancy car or crap big screen chinese T.V., don’t have any children, never been on any kind of welfare, pay property taxes to the school system, pay federal taxes for child credits, pay federal taxes for businesses and yet have been vilified by this governor because I was a state worker making 32,000 a year.All the while he praises a black welfare mother with 2 children, section 8 housing, reduced utilities, free food for her kids at school and free college eduction since 1987. This womans clemency hearing is coming up end of July per the governors request because as he stated in his speech after winning the election she was just trying to better herself. Like I said before hate both republicans and democrats same dog different colour. As far as illegals in this country what a joke: anchor babies with their tin numbers given thru the federal government knowing full well the parents are illegal, s.s. fruad rampant all the while filing tax returns state, federal and local with governements blessing, companies paying foreign workers huge salaries while these same workers pay very little in taxes if anything to this country(not sure if paying their home countries maybe someone can find this out, this country not enforcing e-verification. Can’t afford to lose my home worked to damn hard for it, but hey whats an honest hardworking person suppose to do.Do have savings which has actually hurt me because if I had lived beyond my means and not saved would qualify for one of many federal and state programs to help me stay in my home. What America has become one only needs to read about THE RISE AND FALL OF THE ROMAM EMPIRE after being a welfare state. Didn’t ask to be unemployed since 6/30/2011 and not have any medical. I just want to work.
    White working class

  17. Thank you for the time that you take to write all of this Don. My husband is on vacation this week. We spent some time this afternoon talking about the “state” of this country. There are serious problems swirling in this nation. I read some of the comments outloud to him and he agrees with your understanding of the serious problems America is facing.
    We live South of Chicago and we are extremely concerned about what will happen if blacks lose their government hand outs.
    I want to stay safe, but I am living through some tough situations as a white lady who is often shown disdain and hatred from black women in public.
    They do not know me. I have true Christian love in my heart and have a white family and a black family. There are some///only some///black churches that are openly teaching black liberation theology in this area and there are blacks that now openly show nasty disdain in public to white people. Maybe not where you live, but this is what God has planned for my life, because my steps are ordered by him.
    It is okay/my husband understands what I am going through. They think they can act rudely because “they have a black president now”.So —pray for people to come to Christ while they still have time. The only things that will last for eternity are the things we do for Christ. Remember, I share these comments with you to help you grow up in Christ. As things unravel in this country, your awareness of the awful racial undercurrents will! spare you when some of their government hand outs are taken.

  18. and addressing the comments of John: —John, the mentality of blacks in chicagoland is very racially charged. We are living with it here. If there are harsh cut backs on government hand outs it will be bad when the non-working males cannot count on the working females and also the females who receive handouts and there are many, many extended family households that count on a combination of work and handouts with non-working individuals in the households.

  19. Don, I like the way you keep to the point.
    To you folks in the US, we have the same problems. Race has never been much of a problem here. We British have always been more divided by class or, in Ireland and parts of Scotland, by relgion. Protestants and Catholics (mainly “working-class” ones) tended to be intolerant of each other.
    In the past couple of decades, though, those attitudes have abated quite a bit, certainly here in Scotland anyway.
    Till recently, either side would tolerate Moslems, Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, sun-worhippers, New Agers, atheists, &c., before Catholics would tolerate Protestants or Protestants Catholics. As the Irish commedian Dave Allan once commented, “If it was ever proven there was no God, Ireland would be full of Catholic atheists and Protestant atheists.”
    That would have applied to a significant part of Scotland too.
    However, since 9/ll and the growth of true Islamism (which the media here erroneously calls radical Islamicism) anti-Islamic feeling has become widespread.
    The fact that the media, the liberals and the Left, have continually tried to paint Islam in a good light, somewhat ridiculously, has further infuriated much of the British public. This is especially so in the light of the fact that our media, the liberals and Left try to maintain that anyone who is anti-Islam is a racist.
    As Islam is a religion and not a race–and a particularly racist religion at that–the media, the liberals and Left are further alienating themselves from the ordinary people.
    The same media, liberals and Left have tried to blame the US for much of our problems.
    The interesting thing is that the British working classes are the ones who truly see through this. So do most people in our armed forces. One former member of the British Fleet Air Arm
    told me a week ago, that it made him ashamed to hear those anti-American statements.
    As in the US, our politicians and media are not fit to shovel horse dung. They are incompetent and anti-God to a man.
    The following may sound conspiracy theorist but our country is virtually run by freemasons. (This is verified–to give merely one example–by Martin Short in his book “Inside the Brotherhood”–an incredibly objective book written by an experienced and logical researcher. He identifies his leads and his sources. [This book can be purchased on Amazon and I’d encourage you to read it.]
    He tells of his dealings with people in the uper echelons of British public life–judges, high-ranking police officers, armed forces officers, British Intelligence, &c. His expose shows how this form of witchcraft permeates our whole British society, including British overseas lands and the former Commonwealth.)
    It is hardly a surprise, then, that Britain, which once boasted it ruled the waves (though it now waives the rules!), is now a fifty-fith rate nation.
    Our once Christian nation doesn’t even have Christian leaders that speak for it.
    Anglicanism, the main state religion, like the Scottish Episcopalians and the Church of Ireland, are virtually in the Vatican’s pocket. And there are many in the Church of Scotland that wish they too were.
    These so-called churches are also rife with ecumeniism, Replacement Theology and other heresies. I have a friend who resigned his post as a minister recently because of other ministers flouting their practising homosexual lifestyles.
    We were warned: “As in the days of Noah… As in the days of Lot… As in the days of Sodom…”–things at which many of the clerics in the above churches would scoff!
    There is little we can do about those things.
    Don, I think, tells us above how we ought to deal with this present situation. Though he is applying it to the US it applies here in Britain too. Actually, it applies to most of the Western World. We are finished. All we can really do is occupy until He comes.
    Amen to what Don says in his July 5th comment above.

  20. Thanks Martin,

    When people knowing reject the Creator, the only thing they have left to believe in, is some way to evolve to become like God themselves. The elites of the world that reject God use the prevailing belief (mystery religion) within their own domain to their own advantage. It all goes back to the Babylonian rebellion. When false religions all unite against the God of heaven once again, the end will come.

  21. I agree with Don. We are headed for a nuclear war because the world has turned against God and atheism is the main religion now. God has already sent warnings – tsunamis and earthquakes are on the rise. Can’t you people see the evil that is spreading throughout the world?!

    Pray and change your ways before you die because many people are going to hell when the bomb hits.

    I may sound like a religious nut, but I’m not. Get out of America and go to Argentina or the southern part of the globe before the war breaks out, because there will be no sun (nuclear winter) no food! and contamination everywhere!

    Get out and pray and ask for God’s mercy and the conversion of sinners to save other people’s souls. Please people – this is no time for mud slinging – this is time for conversion and if you believe, get out of America and Europe or whereever you are and try to get as far far south on the globe as you can.

    Please listen and watch the news!

  22. Don, news coming out of Pakistan and India 9/7/2014 indicates considerable ISIS propaganda being spread. This cancer is spreading quickly.
    I am so looking forward to being ‘caught away’ into Yeshua’s loving arms soon….and to meet my fellow Christians. Shalom.

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