Apostasy In the Church

Apostasy in the Church, by Don Koenig
The reason for this article
Most of the major Christian denominations have deviated from biblical Christianity in one way or another. It is not the purpose of this article to point a finger at any one group, or to tell true Christians to get out of their denomination or not to fellowship. I understand that this article will not win me any popularity contest but very few others are talking about the apostasy in the church institutions that identifies with Christianity and the practices within that deviate from true biblical Christianity.The one true Church of God is interwoven in all Christian denominations. I have noticed in my own experiences that there is at least a small core of believers in just about every church in every denomination. I have at one time in my life been part of all the major groups listed below and I have first hand knowledge of what they practice (except the Orthodox).My purpose is to expose the darkness so that the true light of the gospel of Christ will shine. I do not believe that true Christians can significantly change an overwhelmingly apostate carnal Christian church. What we can do however, is not be deceived by Satan or support what is not of God in our churches.

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 Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


19 thoughts on “Apostasy In the Church

  1. Hi Don.

    Your article is first class & I believe spot on. You say about groups of Christians in church’s being true, or should I say some small groups in church’s being true.

    Again Yes I agree with you, you are spot on again. From what I have seen, where we are told in the word that the church or the true church will go underground. I can not remember where this is but I am sure you know what I mean. I believe & from what I have seen. This is happening but not how some people would think, churchs meeting in secret, all hush hush. No not like that from what I have seen I believe these true groups are forming out of the study groups.

    Study groups are becoming so big & are now meeting so often with more often or not teachers that are not of the churchs they go to, or using tapes or DVD’s of what is known to be true Bible believing teachers. Like lets say DR Arnold Fruchtenbuam or Hal Lindsey, Dave Hunt or Billy Crone. There are lots more than that as I know you are more than aware of.

    As you have said the world has gone totaly upside down & we are again told of this in the word of God. The one thing that still totaly bemuses me after all this time is this. Even after going & checking on what ever religion you wish & doing all the checks & finding all the facts that you can possably find, no matter after doing all that. If you go back to the Bible no other book can give the same proof the same facts the same 100% spot on mark where prophesy is concerned. Also no other book can give the same proof through history, Archaeology oh lets face it any other science going they have even found out that the Bible is right on quantum science as well.

    No matter what way they try to go they just can not get away with the facts of what is in the word of God. It proves them wrong at every turn & in doing this proves that the God of the Bible is true. Why will people not just open there eyes ears hearts & minds & just accept what God is showning them every time.

    All we can do is to pray that God will open the eyes of these people, that they hear his knocking, that they understand that even if they close there eyes & hum very loud even if they stamp there feet, it will not change the facts or the truth. Lord I ask that you help these people see the truth in the short time that is left to us now. I ask this in the name of our Lord & saviour Jesus Christ.

    God Bless you all

    oh by the way don it is me Gary, I just use 831 on anyting like this.

    God bless you & your ministry always.

  2. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for the excellent post.

    Paul Proctor says he cannot find a good church in his area and has started his own home study group. I think many like him are fed up with what the churches are dishing out these days.


  3. If you want to see the church without apostasy, look at believers in countries where being a Christian cause you to lose all your possessions, be imprisoned, tortured or killed. The lukewarm, and Christians in name only don’t even exist in those places. The Voice of the Martyrs is an excellent source of true stories of true believers in terrible circumstances.
    Dr. Diana

  4. Hi Dr. Diana

    Good point! It seems most in the West are into Churchianity rather than Christianity. It appears that persecution and hard times brings out the best in Christians and their local churches. I guess most who have it easy in the world get much too attached to the world and start churches that tend to appeal to the man of flesh.

  5. Hi All.

    Dr Diana yes you are right what you have said & I do know about this ministry, as a matter of fact I get there news letters sent through to me all the time. There are also some other great ministries that are in the same field / area.

    This is one of the big flags being waved faster & faster, that again shows us where we are in relation to scripture & end time events. We are told that all these things are to happen in the end times, & boy are they happening.

    I think that I may have said to don before but I will say this again. I really do believe that we are so near the time that whoever name is the last one in the book of life, I do believe that we are so close to that person making his or her commitment. Hence we are so close to us all being called by our Lord & Saviour, I think that you can even feel his breath on the backs of your necks.

    The abominations that are happening in other countries with regard to Christians is & are horrible to say the least & nothing is being done about them. Even the so called Christian church the roman catholics / the pope are & is saying nothing to these abominations. When I think about these thing I can not help but remember those pore little girls being raped & then beheaded in the name of islam, so called religion of peace my foot.

    These people are twisted evil bigots. They have even changed there own book the quran to show that the Bible is wrong, but when you go into this book it say & so does Mohammad that if you wish to check on the validity of what he says then you are to check with the children of the book of the old & new testaments, but they clearly ignore all refs to these kinds of verses now.

    No my friend we are in those last days that we are told of in the true word of God. All we now must be doing is as we are told to do in the parable of the brides & that is to watch & wait, he is coming & he is coming soon.

    God Bless you all

  6. Most of my website is about how we can know we are very near the coming of Jesus. I have 25 world trends that all correlate to indicate that we are in the prophetic generation. I also wrote an article about why this is the age of Laodicea and how we can know we are in the end times even apart from world signs by what is happening in the institutional churches

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  8. I do not know why anyone would think billions would be taken in any rapture. There are less then 2 billion that identify with Christianity and what percentage of those actually believe the faith they say they identify with?

    Also, the great white throne and the rapture are more than a thousand years apart

  9. Hi there!

    Agree with all, the church at large is dead on its feet. I rant about that often in my blog (have one here somewhere but now only post at my web). When I tell people I can’t find a church to join they assume I have a “holier than thou” attitude problem, regardless of how I try to explain the rampant heresy that should be so obvious. Science says “a body at rest tends to remain at rest”, and it aptly describes churchianity. It’s not only resting and immovable, but downright dead.

  10. Hi teknomom, welcome to the discussion. I feel your pain, We always have a hard time finding a good church when we move to a new location (which has been quite frequent.)it seems some areas of the country are harder than others. Paul Proctor said he gave up looking for a church and they now have a home church that meet in their home.

    My are lucky here we have a good church. I wrote about this church on my website.


    By the way, does anyone know how to post a link from the comments section. I see no way of doing it? Meanwhile just copy it in your browser if you want to read about it.


  11. Hi Teknomon,

    I know I can do it from the posting area but then I would create a new topic on the blog. What I don’t know is how anyone can do it from the comments area. as you did. How did you do that?? Perhaps I can do it by posting it by email instead of on this blogger site.

  12. Hi Don,

    For the link I just put “a” tags around it, like so (use <> instead of[]):

    [a href=”urlhere”]text to show[/a]

  13. Yeah, that’s what others were pretty much saying on the board I saw this in. One person added that it’s more likely that the other nations were against our being in Iraq because they would get their hands caught in the oil-for-food cookie jar, which (believe it or not) I was saying from day one.

    But I think we need to be paying more attention to China. They were a sleeping giant for so long that even today few people see them as a significant threat. I think they’re just smarter than the Muslims who overtly hate us and so cannot hide their true intentions. China is quiet and very sneaky, and a major end-times player as you know. People want so much to force-fit the US in there, when they should be focused on China’s awakening.

  14. I think the article is part true and part groundless opinion based on conspiracy like speculations. Those that claim such things can never provide any real proof.

    He says the latest war on Iraq was because they were breaching this oil.
    agreement with the US. The idea is nonsense. Iraq was hardly producing any oil at the time.

    Although I do not agree with some of his conspiracy speculations I do agree with some things he said in the article.

    With the enemies we have in the world and with the deficits we are running the dollar will be in big trouble in the near future.

    I also sincerely doubt that Iran will be testing any nuclear weapon in March. The best information I have is that they are still at least 2 years away from a nuclear weapon.

    I also doubt if we will attack Iran in March. We would not be going through the UN sanctions process if we did not intend to give the threat of UN sanctions some time to influence the policy of Iran.

    I simply do not see an attack on Iran before the mid term elections and I do not see Israel doing it before their elections.

    It actually makes no difference even if his specutlations were true, In the end Russia, China and Islamic countries will do what is in their national interest and it will not be compatable with the interests of the United States.

    The real threat besides a war with Islam and the West is that trillions of US dollars are held by foreign countries. If they ever start dumping dollars, for whatever reason, we are in very big trouble.

    Astute Christians should already know that the United States and the world in in for very troubling times in the near future. I write about some of the things that could soon happen in my imminent danger series.

  15. You of course are right China is the greater world threat in the long term

    I do think Islam is a greater threat to the West in the next decade or two.

    China is not stupid, as long as we are buying 200 billion dollars more a year from the Chinese then we are selling they will not be a major threat to the destruction of the US.

    Nevertheless, a day is coming when China no longer needs the US and if we are still a viable nation at that point (I have my doubts) they will do something about it.

    I think the biblical war from the kings of East is about 20 to 30 years off. This timing fits in nice with Bible prophecy, China’s demographics, oil dependency, and the time it will take for China to become the major superpower both economically and militarily in the world.

    The huge over abundance of men due to China’s one child policy has fostered 5 boys for 4 girls in China for almost three decades. The total men of fighting age in China will peak in 20 to 30 year.

    I think some in Western government think that helping China to develop will help bring about the socialist world peace they envision. They believe China will become dependent on trade and will want peace. Therefore, the Western powers have a policy of appeasement and trade imbalances toward China.

    What Western leaders fail to understand is that the leadership in China really does not give a hoot about the common people in China or peace with the West. What they need and want the prosperity for is to develop military power and to use that power to bring about their own Eastern new world order.

    We have learned nothing from Soviet Russia and will reap the consequences of a new threat from Russia as well as from China in the not to distant future.

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