Chuck Baldwin Draws the line in the sand (or snow) of Montana.

I think this article by Chuck Baldwin draws the line in the sand (or should I say the snows) of Montana that the government need not attempt to cross. These items should be non negotiable to any real American patriot. I am posting this because I just happen to agree with all the lines in the sand that Baldwin has drawn in his article. I am sure I could add some more, but I think what he has here is a fine start.

Here is an except from his article it gives the opening statement for his non negotiables.

I would argue that we, like our patriot forebears, have also endured “patient sufferance.” For at least a half-century, we have patiently endured the erosion and abridgment of our freedoms and liberties. We have watched the federal government become an overbearing and meddlesome Nanny State that pokes its nose and sticks its fingers in virtually everything we do. We cannot drive a car, buy a gun, or even flush a toilet without Big Brother’s permission. We are taxed, regulated, and snooped-on from the time we are born to the day we die. And then after we are dead, we are taxed again.

In the same way that Jefferson and Company patiently suffered up until that shot was fired that was heard around the world, we who love freedom today are likewise patiently suffering “a long train of abuses and usurpations.” In fact, I would even dare say that these States United have become a boiling caldron of justifiable frustration and even anger.

Accordingly, it is incumbent upon us to very seriously and thoughtfully examine those principles that we absolutely will never cede or surrender. We have already surrendered much of the freedom that was bequeathed to us by our forefathers. We are now to the point that we must define those principles that form our “line in the sand” and that we will not surrender under any circumstance. Either that, or we must admit to ourselves that there is nothing–no principle, no freedom, no matter how sacred–that we will not surrender to Big Government.

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Well said! I think one of the reasons that that the Baldwins moved to Montana is that they knew it would get rather risky to continue to practice free speech in the state of Florida.

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2 thoughts on “Chuck Baldwin Draws the line in the sand (or snow) of Montana.

  1. Live Free Or Die — and if Jesus doesn’t come soon, it’s probably gonna be the latter… And, seeing the rapture is likely many years off (relatively speaking), it could be the latter, social war or world war, or both or not; If fascism comes to my door, it will come down to live free or die – unfortunately, but that won’t nor was it my choosing;

    Speaking of the rapture… I wonder… If “patient suffering” has to continue with pretty much the “marginalization of the west in hand”, where is “like a thief in the night” ??

    Sorry for the exasperation… Obviously, Chuck has reached that point (well written, I might add);

    I don’t even look to the mid term or beyond, in which their might be a turn to the “other side of the aisle”, as having much impact – as I view the “other side of the aisle” as nothing more than a “slowing of the blood letting”;

    The DEMS are clearly devoted to the anti-christ (any spirit that does not acknowledge that Jesus is the Christ…) and yet their prominence (and that of the media) is nothing more than a reflection of how rotten to the marrow the populous is;

    I think your last line sums up for me why they moved… Now, I [finally] get it – They’re just looking for a place to continue their current ministry, versus some other agenda (which was where my head was pondering in the prior blog); Finding a place to continue their current ministry without major disruption seems like a good move – particularly if we’re gonna be stuck here another decade or so (deep breath);

    Yes – live free or die… Of course, NH had decided to abandon that mantra well over a half century ago;

  2. I wonder IF the government will concoct (sp?) some sort of story about the Baldwins being anti-government and try and turn them into a crazy cult? Makes me sad to see the destruction of our country and everybody just looks the other way. ; {

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