Electrical grid down could kill most in America within the decade

I have addressed this issue several times over the years but apparently Americans are still not getting the message about the grave danger of an extended electrical grid down situation. If this should occur, most Americans probably will not survive this decade. (See the related posts at the bottom for previous articles.)

This is not some danger that I am pulling out of thin air. It is no conspiracy theory. This is a grave danger to our nation that is established in scientific fact. All the experts that have looked into the grid down possibility have warned our leaders of the dire consequences. Nevertheless, after over a decade of these warnings, our representatives in Washington still refuse to take any action to protect the lives of millions of Americans.

We basically have about 18 critical infrastructures in this country and virtually all of them are dependent on electricity. Most people in this nation receive electricity from power stations that transmit their electricity over our electrical grid infrastructure.

I will briefly get into the most likely reasons why a grid down situation could happen. I get into more detail on three of these in my Imminent Danger Series. (I do not include all-out nuclear war with Russia and China in the four listed below because there is no practical defense for that other than the threat of mutually assured destruction.)

The four most likely grid down threats are:

1. An earth directed coronal mass ejection (CME) from the sun. The electromagnetic radiation could fry high voltage transformers.

2. One or more high altitude nuclear blasts from an enemy nation causing an electromagnetic pulse (known as an EMP or HEMP). It could fry most electronics.

3. Cyber attacks that bring down and damage the computers and the electronic equipment that control the grid.

4. Sabotage that is coordinated to target critical points of our electrical grid in order to make it fail.

1. CME’s happen all the time on the sun. They usually are not strong enough to cause damage on the earth because our magnetic belts and our atmosphere block out most of the electromagnetic radiation. Nevertheless, every hundred years or so there is an earth directed CME’s of such power that it would generate enough back amperage in long power lines to fry modern unprotected ultra high voltage transformers.

We have about 200 of these ultra high voltage transformers on the national grid but there are few spares. These transformers are as big as a house.  It takes a year or two to build just one transformer and they are shipped from overseas. There are known ways to protect these transformers from a solar caused electrical surge but someone has to pay the cost.

Congress has been quite aware of this danger for a decade but any bill to do anything about protecting those transformers never gets through both houses of Congress. Pleasing special interests is more important to most in Washington than spending a billion dollars to protect millions of American lives.

By the way, just last week we had a X5 solar flare on the Sun but it was not pointed at the earth. The same sun spot causing many M and X class flares is now making the third trip around the sun. We had better hope that it does not fire off an X20 while facing the earth. And that sun spot is just one of many threats that come and go on the sun regularly. Doing nothing is like playing Russian Roulette because we know such an event will happen about every hundred years on the average.

The solar flare and CME known as the Carrington Event took place in 1859. It produced enough electricity in telegraph wires to overload them and start fires. A Carrington like event today would fry many of the high voltage transformers on our grid.

2. A nuclear weapon exploded at 10 to 300 miles above the earth will cause an EMP. If a super EMP nuke was exploded 300 hundred miles in altitude above the center of the U.S. it very well could fry most unprotected electronic equipment within the entire nation.

Nuclear bombs at 50 miles altitude over all three coasts would also send EMP’s over most of the nation. Experts that have reported to Congress on this EMP threat said that between 60 and 90 percent of the people in our nation could be dead in the first year. I wrote on this EMP imminent danger 8 years ago and nothing has been done since. You might get the book “One Second After”if you want all the gruesome details in novel form of what it could be like living in America after such an EMP attack.

There are four nations that are openly hostile toward America that could attempt an EMP attack.

Iran – has been working on developing nuclear weapons for 30 years now. Other nations have developed nuclear bombs in less than a decade so we should not be naive. Iran has secret nuclear facilities that nobody has inspected. The testing of nuclear warheads can now be simulated on computers. Iran has medium range nuclear capable missiles that can be fired from small cargo ships. Iran is putting satellites into orbit and they are working on land based missiles that can reach the United States.

American intelligence has always been blind-sighted on the nuclear bomb development in other nations. I think that will also turn out to be the case with Iran.

North Korea – they have proved that they have nukes and they have a long range missile system. They have put satellites in space and there is now one in orbit that takes it over the U.S. Further, two SA-2 nuclear capable missile were recently found on a ship near the Panama Canal that came from N. Korea.

Iran and N. Korea are working in cahoots on their nuclear programs so we should assume that they have similar nuclear capabilities.

China – definitely can produce EMP’s over the U.S. from their submarine force. There simply is no defense against sub launched nuclear missiles. I think they were sending us a message when a sub launched missile was fired from off of our Pacific Coast toward the open sea in 2010.

Russia –  is as advanced as any nation in the world in nuclear capabilities. They probably could pull off an EMP over the U.S. and make it look like someone else did it. Why would they do that? I have news, the Cold War is not over. Putin has delusions of grandeur and plans to reform the Soviet Union and would love to see the U.S. out of his way. As I speak, Russia is asserting itself by invading Ukraine.

Any of these nations could fire off nukes and scuttle their ships and we probably would never know who did it with any degree of certainty. Not that we would be in any position to fight them anyway.

An EMP might even be pulled off by a terrorist organization that acquired a couple of nuclear bombs, missiles, and cargo ships from one of the nations above or Pakistan. Who do we attack then and how?

3. All of our recent defense chiefs and homeland security chiefs have said that they think a cyber attack is the greatest threat to our electrical grid and other national infrastructures. In fact, at least one said that such a cyber attack should be expected within two years. That was said two years ago.

A cyber attack on the grid might not be quickly restored. Cyber attacks can actually damage critical equipment. That was proved in Iran. And grids just do not come up quickly. Power is needed to even start the process. It could take weeks or months to restore the national grid over most of the nation and by that time there would be massive food riots and looting in the cities.

4. Direct sabotage could take place on key targets like substations. We recently had one such attack in California. Much of the damage was caused by over one hundred rounds of rifle fire shot at the substation from long range but there was also hands on sabotage of the station. These people apparently knew what they were doing. The damage took out this major substation for months. It did not take down the grid because they were able to reroute the power, but this was only one substation.

If several substations were taken out at the same time, our grid could not handle that and the terrorist enemies that have infiltrated America are quite aware of that. Many of these substations are very remote and they are not protected. That makes them easy targets.

“Christians” in America like to think this cannot happen to them because they think God would not allow their death. I think that is a false presumption. For one thing, most “Christians” in America have a hope of salvation that is not taught in the Bible. They have their own designer God and Christ and get saved by doing more good than bad in their own eyes. Visible Christianity in America today appears to be more of a harlot than a bride.

Another fact is that God allows Christians in nations to suffer the same fate as the nation that the Christians occupy. Christians died in all of America’s wars. God does not promise to deliver us from death. All Christians that ever lived have died for one reason or another. The death of the natural bodies of God’s people is not some major issue for God because He will raise them back up again. There is no true death for true believers, there is just a passing on to what God has prepared for us.

Some think God needs Christians in America to get out the message out to the world before the end comes. Really? Is God dependent on American evangelism that mostly presents Christianity to the world as a false gospel of social justice, your best life now, or some form of new age signs and wonders Dominion Theology? Where is the salvation message for those bound in their sins coming from the teaching of the “New Evangelicals” that are controlling most of American evangelism? God can and will raise up 144,000 Israelis to get out the message before the end comes. He does not need America.

We should not be so smug as to believe that America will not reap what she is sowing at home and around the world just because there are Christians in America.

People ask me what can we then do to prepare?

This is my article on preparing for such situations. Actually, other than getting saved through trusting in Christ, there is not much you can do to prepare for going through anything of this magnitude. You can be proactive and tell your representatives in Washington to start taking this grid vulnerability and EMP threat seriously. You can tell them to take action to harden our infrastructure or they will be living in their very own political dark age.

If the majority of people in this nation choose to do nothing to protect themselves from danger, they will receive the just fate of their carelessness. They have been warned, but they choose to live like nothing can happen to them. History is full of examples of people living in false security before destruction came on them.

Other than getting your representatives to take defensive action, you really only can prepare for a few weeks for an extended grid down situation on your own. Anything more, like stocking large quantities of survival supplies is likely to get you killed even sooner if it not a joint community effort. The human predators will just come and take all that you have. If you physically try to stop them you will be dead. Sure, a remnant will survive, but your own physical preparations probably will have little to do with who it is that survives.

America has had a decade to prepare for the grid down threat but has done nothing. The nation  is rapidly running out of time to harden its infrastructures. If you expect to see the new decade, I suggest that you tell your representatives to get busy and make the survivability of our grid the top national priority. It already may be too late. Everyone is worrying about many economic and social issues and those issues are important. However, if our electrical grid goes down for an extended period, these affairs of a nation that would not protect her source of power will become totally meaningless.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


42 thoughts on “Electrical grid down could kill most in America within the decade

  1. This Nation is not likely to survive. Maybe Mexico can do something with what is left.Or China or Russia can turn it into a penal colony for their malcontents. I really don’t see our survival of Obama. Only Divine intervention could change our march to doom.

  2. Hi, and thank you Don for being a watchman with integrity,

    I have given up on the political representatives.

    I suspect my attempts at reasonable preparation are in vain, but I have some means and thus prepare, within reason, anyway.

    My local watershed is teaming with life and could produce sustenance for my neighborhood, give or take. However, there’s one more problem, for my area — cooling rods.

    If the local nuclear power plant goes, which is likely, then the potential food source is gone.

    While I’m here – a coordinated attack would be targeted to cause the most calamity. Say, for argument sake, TUE through THU at, say, 6 p.m. EST.

    Suffice to say, as for me and my house, we have prepared, eternally, by choosing to call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation. Our lamps are ready.

    After noodling on this eminant danger for a few years, it all comes down to community. And, by the looks of things, there is no preparation possible for the situation, particularly a godless generation of adulescents being groomed for godlessness and scoffing at prophecy and truth.

  3. Don, I think this is kinda on-topic, so I hope you will allow it on. The longer I read your and some other sites, the more I realize that, as Pre-Trib Rapture of a Believer as I am, the more I am convinced that we are gonna have to eat way more of the proverbial poop sandwich than I and others ever thought we would have to prior to leaving here either by the Rapture or death. I find myself praying more and more for the Lord to PLEASE come for us, but at the same time praying for the strength and courage to do what I have to do, and above all, to not either live or die like a coward if circumstances come to that. I don’t mean to be melodramatic, but I would never want to stand before the Lord and have to answer for a charge of said cowardly behavior. I honestly believe that aside from not accepting Him as Savior, cowardice is His second most hated sin. Just my thoughts, but I mean them.

  4. It’s amazing how our government refuses to act on this manner. A billion dollars in exchange for the lives of millions of Americans and the survival of our country seems like a no brainer to me. What do they have to lose by implementing policies to harden our grid?
    It reminds me of Star Wars during the attack of the death star. You have a massively powerful object but if you shoot a missile in this tiny open hole the entire station blows up. Why would they design it that way lol? It is analogous with the US and an EMP. Why would you not protect against such a lapse in your defenses? Ahh, it makes no sense!

  5. Hi,

    I forgot one other item I’ve been running with, in terms of surprise attack — I would think that the optimal month would be either July/August, when temporatures are at their highest. For example, the dead of winter is an issue for heating, but people can pull the food out of their freezers and plop it outside where it would otherwise freeze for a large portion of the country, geographically. But, at the height of summer, the food goes bad quickly… let alone, other problems.

    The nuclear plants across the country going up is also terrifying. There goes the water, and the air, and the land.

    Even if the powers that be were to attempt to “close the gap”, I think that would only hasten an attack. And thus, the lowly appeasement game is at work.

    All speculation, of course. The only thing for sure — before this decade is out (give or take), the American continent will be a non-mention in all current world events. And I sure doubt it’s because of some “extention of the Roman empire” argument.

  6. Hi Don, a lot of Christians I talk to don’t even know what an EMP is! They do not discern the times at all. In fact they are drowning in pop culture sludge and they love it! The world is a playground and not a battlefield in their eyes. If you try to educate them about it in a rational manner they look at you like you just grew another head. Then they go back to their sitcoms and their social networking.

  7. Hi Anna,

    The whole country is dumbed down, on drugs, or living in Fantasy Land. That is way Obama, Jerry Brown, Osteen, and the Queens are running the American pride carnival.

  8. Hi Don,

    I did a little research and found studies that show an EMP, whether from the sun or nuclear weapon exploded overhead would have much less on our electrical infrastructure than what you are relating to your audience. And no, multiple EMP exploded in the atmosphere wouldn’t have a cumulative effect but rather work to cancel out each other and have less of an effect than one EMP blast.

    From the Electric Power Research Institute after a study of Hawaii from the 1.4-Mt Starfish blast draws this conclusion: it appears highly improbable if not impossible that the EMP from a single nuclear burst could blackout this nation’s power grid. It would be practically impossible for the EMP to cause widespread damage to the U.S. transmission line system. With the exception of isolated cases, it appears highly unlikely that EMP could produce extensive damage to the U.S. distribution grid. A single nuclear device exploded at high altitude will not render vital electrical services inoperable across the entire United States as has been suggested in many media references.Concurrent multiple bomb bursts will not have an additive TEMP effect, and will even interfere to produce less TEMP than a single burst.

    Why isn’t our government doing something to protect us, because research shows it’s not as big a deal as you seem to think it is. Plus our government doesn’t have the authority to “harden” the system. A law would have to first be passed to give the government that authority.

    We do agree that a cyber attack could pose a threat to our electric infrastructure.

  9. David V,

    Anybody can say they found something that says differently, but where are your expert sources? A “little research” on the Internet might not hack it as being reliable information. In my early articles, I have links to experts that were commission by Congress to report to them about the EMP danger.

    Frankly, I find it ludicrous for someone to say that it would almost be impossible for a EMP to cause the electrial grid to come down. Any unusual stress on our grid can cause it to come down. Besides, even if the grid did stay up, the electronic devices that we use might not work. See if your home electronics will work after a lighting strike hits your home that is not surge protected. Besides, what I said about transformers was talking about a solar event not a nuclear EMP. An EMP would effect other equipment on the grid like controllers and electrical generation.

    Also, I do not at all suggest that multiple EMP’s would have a cumulative effect if they occurred over the same area. I was talking about coverage. EMP’s occur in line of sight from the nuclear blast. I was implying that it would take three blasts at 50 miles altitude to cover the most populated area of the U.S. They would not cancel each other out because the pulse over each coast would not overlap each other.

    For several years there have been bills in Congress to protect our transformers. The bills fail because politicians are politicians not because there is no threat. One state even passed a law to take care of the problem within their own state on their own.

    You say research shows it is not a big deal as I think. Where are the links to the experts that you found that contradicts the experts that have reported on this threat?

  10. What worries me the most about the EMP, even if we did all work together in a community to survive is the nuclear power plants. In only 5 minutes on the web I found enough information to see that the power plants themselves are not protected and the spent rods are not contained in a manner that could withstand the meltdown they would undergo when the pumps keeping them cool stopped running. In a very short time(days), the US from the mississippi to the east coast would be covered by radiation that little to nothing can survive. How something that produces a toxin that lasts almost forever can be called clean energy is beyond me. As of this date I am fairly sure that most are not able to continue to run without the grid.

  11. Becky,

    The Nuclear plants are a concern, but they can be brought down. They have back up generators to do that. The generators would also run the cooling pumps to cool stored rods but the generators probably only have enough fuel for a couple of weeks. I suppose getting fuel to nuclear plants would be the number one priority in a grid down situation. Even so, will these generators and pumps even work after an EMP, and if not, will they quickly be able to get hold of some that will do the job?

  12. I am glad we can have this discussion. Thank you. I am not sure how to provide a link here. Paste these in your browser and it should take you to the site and article.

    http://www.epri.com/Pages/Default.aspx This should take you to the Electrical Power Research Institutes homepage.

    http://arxiv.org/ftp/physics/papers/0307/0307127.pdf This should take you to the article I quoted from in my above post written by the EPRI.

    Information about EPRI from Wiki:

    The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) conducts research on issues related to the electric power industry in USA. EPRI is a nonprofit organization funded by the electric utility industry. EPRI is primarily a US-based organization, but receives international participation. EPRI’s area covers different aspects of electric power generation, delivery and its use.

    Following Senate hearings in the early 1970s on the lack of R&D supporting the power industry, all sectors of the U.S. electricity industry pooled their funds to begin an industry-wide collaborative R&D program. EPRI was established in 1973 as the Electric Power Research Institute. Created as an independent, nonprofit organization designed to manage a broad public-private collaborative research program on behalf of the electric utility industry, the industry’s customers, and society at large. EPRI’s creation was a recognition of the impact of electricity on modern life. The institute’s research and development program spans every aspect of generation, environmental protection, power delivery, retail use, and power markets. EPRI provides services to more than 1000 energy-related organizations in 40 countries. It has more than 900 patents to its credit.

    EPRI laid the groundwork in the 1970s for the use of power electronics in the utility system, sometimes known as FACTS (Flexible AC Transmission Systems), established the largest electric and magnetic fields health program in the world and has played a role in resolving scientific questions concerning potential links to cancer.[citation needed] EPRI is in the Advisory Council of the PHEV Research Center and created the world’s largest center for nondestructive testing, used first for nuclear inspection and now increasingly for internal diagnostics of fossil power plants and industrial systems.

    In my own words: These are the experts on the electrical grid. I understand you can find a lot of information that would seemingly support your belief, but if you delve into these sites they offer little scientific evidence and are mostly speculation.

    In the article I have provided they include the mathematical formulas that support their conclusion.

  13. David V,

    The first link to the EPRI website tells me nothing about any conclusion they may have on an EMP, at least I cannot find it. The second link tells me right off that it a different view (from others that previously existed in 1987) so obviously his was a minority view even back then.

    His paper is dated from 1987 and is based on reports before that time. The commission by Congress to further study the danger of an EMP to this nation was done after the 9/11 attack of 2001. I believe they reported to Congress in 2004 using the best information they had and they came to a totally different conclusion. There have also been reports done since then that come to the same conclusion this panel of experts delivered to Congress.

    Furthermore, the primary danger of an EMP is to electronics. We did not have the type of electronics in our infrastructures that we have today in the days of his references and the days that he wrote his paper.

    If the grid even stays up, like it somehow was still a 1987 grid. The electricity probably will not be of any use to other infrastructures since it is quite likely that the modern electronic chips controlling them would be fried.

    Moreover, this paper is based on early nuclear tests of H bombs that were not trying to produce an EMP. There are now know ways to produce super EMP weapons using small nuclear weapons. Also, it is known that an EMP over the South Pacific would not be nearly as strong as over North America.

    His paper, compares an EMP with the pulse from an electrical bolt. The Pulse from an electrical bolt only produces one of three components of a nuclear EMP. So comparing a nuclear EMP to a lightening bolt pulse is like comparing apples and oranges. They are both fruit, but they will deliver different things to your taste buds.

    If you want us to consider than an EMP is not the grave danger to our nation as the modern experts suggest, you need to come up with more modern references that address the electronics issue and dispute the finding of this congressional commission of experts and other modern experts on the effects of an EMP. You have not done that.

  14. Don,

    Are you familiar with Solar Shield? http://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2010/26oct_solarshield/

    This seems like it would work to me, problem is that I can’t find information on it after 2010. With my background in manufacturing, I know how a business detest having expensive parts laying around they have no intention of using such as these expensive transformers you have discussed. This would basically allow the individual power-plants to take their transformers off line before the CME hit.

    Your thoughts?

  15. http://www.wikigrain.org/?req=Mario+Rabinowitz Mario Rabinowitz was Senior Scientist at the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) from 1974 to 1995, which is why I linked EPRI who he represents in the article I submitted to you. Do your research on the author before you cast him aside.

    Basically Mario is the leading scientist in the field we are discussing. Science doesn’t change with time unless another can dispute and prove the prior scientist wrong. And basically at this point they would have to find errors in the formulas he submitted.

    When he said Different, did you ever stop to think perhaps he decided to correct the bad science that had came along?

    Show me somebody that has proved Mario wrong and maybe we have something to further discuss.

    Did you not understand the science he discussed in his article? Admittedly it is difficult.

    As for the electronics most scientist are in agreement that only electronics that are plugged into the grid would be affected. Your vehicle wouldn’t be affected. If you have GFI, your electronics won’t be affected.

    It’s much ado about nothing…sorry, but that is the truth of the matter. I hope you revise your opinion.

  16. This report, by Ph.D.s, is dated November 2010:


    All of life comes down to one choice: believe in the truth, or scoff. That is free will. However, scoff at your own peril.

    I walk backwards from truth/prophecy and attempt to fill in the blanks. As for EMP, everything comes down to E1/E2 and E3. I would not, under any circmustances what so ever, underestimate E1/E2 and certainly not E3.

  17. David V,

    One argument from a scientist about the survivability of our Grid from one EMP, based on our pre 1987 grid and pre 1987 electronics is not a convincing argument for the survivability of our grid or infrastructures today. I am sure the commission that reported to congress in 2004 considered his paper along with many other scientific papers but one paper does make anyone right. A paper does not even have to have correct math. Where are the peer reviews? Not that it matters, we do not have a pre 1987 grid anyway, and the grid is not the only issue.

    In Science there are opposing theories held at the same time. That is the nature of science. Mario does not have to be wrong about the survivability of the grid in pre 1987 from one EMP. However, today we are not in pre 1987, we are in 2014 and electronic chips that control everything are miniaturized and can be much more easily fried by an electrical pulse. Want prove? Take the back off your computer and rub your feet on your rug and then touch your circuit board and you will experience the survivability of a modern circuit board from just static electric. That is why you ground yourself before you work inside your computer today. We did not have to do that on pre 1987 computers. Mario had no way of addressing the EMP effects on modern electronics because he wrote the paper almost 30 years ago.

    The equations in his article may be correct but it only leads to an argument why the pre 1987 grid would not fail from one EMP. We are not in 1987. Our grids are controlled by modern electronics.

    Most electronic equipment that we have are plugged in. Certainly most modern electronics controlling our infrastructures are on-line. As for cars, GFI, etc., it really depends on too many things to make a blanket statement. For example, how close are you to the EMP and how strong is the EMP? Cops can stop cars now using an EMP device so to say a EMP will not affect vehicles with modern electronics is not much more than wishful speculation.

    I have yet to see any convincing proof so why should I revise my opinion? You have not refuted any of the post 9/11 experts. All you did is offer one dated argument in order to enable people to ignore the imminent EMP threat danger so that nothing will be done. An enemy of this nation might have good reason to do that, so why should we buy into your conjecture without viable arguments? We should just believe you because you say so, but offer no recent scientific proof that what you are saying is so?

    Here is the bottom line. Either come up with some proof by EMP experts that deal with the 21 century that say the EMP threat is much ado about nothing as you claim, or that will be the end of what seems to me to be a disinformation argument.

  18. David V,

    Good link to the solar CME problem and part of the solution.
    Nobody is saying we should buy a whole lot of spare transformers. A solar shield is one way to protect the transformers that are in place on the grid and it does not cost that much to do. They know how to protect these transformers. The problem is that almost nothing has been done to get them offline in time or to ground and surge protect them.

  19. Oh well, keep on worrying people over nothing. I would rather trust in science. Seriously though, unless you honestly would rather misinform people, try looking into the Solar Shield, because neither the government nor the utilities are going to spend billions of dollars to have transformers laying around. NOT GONNA HAPPEN, it doesn’t make sense when you can simply turn the transformer off sometime in the 48 hours it takes a CME to reach earth.

    Thankfully our leaders aren’t wearing tin-foil hats to protect themselves from those nasty EMPs.

  20. David V,

    If you really trusted science you would be on the side of the scientific evidence. However, you offer little science that deals with today’s reality. I am also tired of you suggesting that I am misinforming people. Put up or shut up! You think you know something but you really do not have a clue what you are talking about.

    For example, I agree that we need some sort of solar shield. That is why I warn others to get Congress to act. It is not quite as simple as just turning the transformers off as you suggest. That is really a simplistic solution that only deals with part of the problem. That does not stop the back generated amperage on long lines. The back flow must be provided a way to ground out before it fries the smaller wires on the high voltage side of a ultra high voltage transformers. The high voltage transformers are designed to push electricity long distances with minimum loss but these step up transformers cannot take much back flow current. Turning the transformers off is not going to stop that.

    I agree that we are not going to get a lot of transformers laying around, and that is not the objective. We should have 10 or 20 spares. They will be needed anyway because crap happens and they will be needed at some point anyway. When it takes two years to build one of these, you cannot just rely on just-in-time inventory.

    Nobody wears a tin foil hat around here, but those wearing dunce caps seem to appear regularly on the comments. You cannot even separate a nuclear EMP from a CME it seems.

    It is no help to anyone when the uneducated try to sound scientific about a serious problem and just mock those giving out the message. You’re like the typical liberal. You can’t argue the issues with facts so you slander anyone that is a threat to your idealism that mankind will create a utopia if you can just get rid of those not wearing dunce hats like yours.

  21. I can try to dig up the “science”, maybe it is from the “futurescience” website, but a “standard” EMP, in sight lines, is 50 Kilivolts per meter. The vpm for a super EMP is unpublished (according to Jerry over at “future science” — Jerry used another word besides “unpublished”).

    Now, the kvm figure is for the E1/E2 components. The E3 component is, in laypersons terms, the “backflow” on the lines. Oddly, a super EMP contains less of the E3 component. Although, Jerry mentioned that they (and you can probably take guesses as to who “they” are) are countering with a standard payload to re-establish the rather terrifying E3 component (as if the E1/E2 components at well over 50 Kvpm aren’t terrifying enough).

    I read that the major auto manufacturers are conducting simulation tests in which no results have ever been published. Let’s face it, considering the crash test results, any auto manufacturer with high crash test safety results will hawk that in their commercials for months on end. If the major auto manufacturers are going to these extreme lengths to run these expensive tests in “the dark of night”, I would hardly tell people that “vehicles will not be affected” (how do you know? Did you try 50+ Kvpm raining particles on your vehicle today?).

    IMO (in my opinion), I think it’s pretty collasally stupid to consider the particle matter, electromagnectic phenomenon as it is, as produced by an atomic blast (by any other name), raining down in accordance with the already proven E1/E2 and E3 charateristics and think “this is much ado about nothing.” You don’t need to be a scientist (my field is computer science, by the way) to realize that exploding an atomic bomb (by any other name) over a metropolous is “much ado about nothing” (as Satan lied to Eve: “thou shalt surely not die”).

  22. To David V,

    Science, aka humanities best guess at a given time.

    If there is anything we have learned from recorded history, we have learned that humans have been trying to pin absolutes on gravity, matter, and synergistic realities only to find a short time in the future that their previous thesis was wrong.

    We look at God’s universe with absolutes today, however, we do not take into consideration the variables that the future will bring which will greatly modify what we thought was absolute today.

    We think we have evolved so much that we have finally reached a zenith of understanding…and so it has been with every generation before that thought the same thing.

    The only absolute that I know of in the universe is God Himself and His Word that He gave us.

    Those humanists that are depending on science for guidance, I believe, are on a ship in deep sea’s and will eventually fall off the end of that world.

  23. To David

    Cool name by the way.

    I don’t believe actual science is in disagreement with God, rather it is a small way of understanding the world around us that God has created. Faulty science such as evolution is definitely a way that people who are knowingly or unknowingly follow humanism’s ideals, try to justify themselves.

    The Philosophy of humanism, along with Greek philosophy are two sets of ideas that I absolutely detest having a place in Christianity.

    I don’t particular believe humanist are using science for guidance, rather they sometimes use science as a cover for their actual guidance which is the vanity of their imagination.

    Also in my opinion, the study of genetics is in direct conflict with macro-evolution, the first being a testable science with the other being untestable and from man’s imagination and stems from a Greek philosophy.

    As far as science that derived in the past and is still in effect as man’s best science as of today, the list is very long. In fact much of our world’s technological achievements are based upon it.

  24. Don, you are right on. I was in New Orleans when Katrina struck. I was dealing with tramatic brain injury so I’M was unable to drive in that evacuation traffic. I had not been watching TV so I had no idea it was headed our way until someone called me about 8 hours before landfall. Opps!
    We had no electricity for 3+MONTHS. No hospitals, very few grocery stores, no traffic lights, and the city smelled like rotting flesh…..no atms, no banks. It was a challenge.
    Anyway Don you are not exagerating.
    I did have my wonderful God and Bible. I just hope Bush and his buddy Brown have to survive the equivalent some day. They’ll cuddle up to their real god money, power and prestige.
    By the way my work of 25 years was nuclear physics. God created all of these wonderous things. Pray that my brain continue to heal so I’M can be of further service. Since I’m still here HE must need me here.:-)

  25. Donovan,

    Tell others about the dangers of a grid down situation. Most people do not have a clue. If more people contact their representatives and tell them to pass legislation to protect our grid the Shield Act will get through Congress.

  26. Donovan,

    That might be helpful because states can take action on their own. Also, 85 percent of Texas has its own electrical grid and is not on the major U.S. grid.

  27. Whew Don,

    That is interesting.

    So, if the rest of the U.S. power grid was down, I guess we could see a mass invasion of Texas upon an EMP…until Texans have enough of that.

    In a situation like that, I would assume that it would be possible at that point for a state like Texas to become its own Republic and have “power” against tyrannical government…of course, the tyrannical government would want to “kill” that.

  28. Hi ~David,

    You mean you did not watch the TV series? Texas was about to save the rest of the Republic from tyrannical neo-con elements in our government that first caused the EMP and then took over after the EMP. Then the series was abruptly cancelled. Probably, because liberals not want to think about the corner that they had painted themselves in.

  29. Don,

    No, I didn’t see the TV series you’re talking about but I think I read about it.

    Of course, anything that is pro-American or in the best interests of the American people against tyranny…is going to be frowned upon by all media outlets.

    Now, if it were something promoting homosexuality, a Godless society with no Jesus, etc…them I’m sure it would have a 10 year run on TV.

    I don’t watch TV so I really don’t know a lot about that any longer.

  30. I called Congress and had a message relayed to both men who represent Texas to get the bill passed. What should I do next? Get the word out?

  31. Donovan,

    I believe I already answered that. I really am not into micro-managing the lives of people that comment here.

  32. As I have previously shared in other discussion my feedback to Don about this theory – it is certainly a sound one but not one that I see Satan and his anti-Christ choosing to employ. They wish to control the whole world – right? First things first – Satan is NOT God. He cannot communicate in a broad way with millions of people scattered thousands of miles apart like God can. How can Satan control without communication? He can’t. So, in order to maintain maximum control over the world Satan will most likely prevent man made nukes from going off over the US or anywhere else for that matter.

    However, when you read Revelation – and when you get to the wrath of God section – the seven bowls of God’s wrath poured out upon the whole world populated almost exclusively by anti-Christ followers – you get something very interesting.

    Bowl four – the sun scorches the people on the earth – can you see this as an almost unimaginable solar flare of some sort? Bowl five – the anti-Christ’s kingdom is plunged into darkness. Since by that time he is pretty much ruling the world – this means the whole word becomes “dark” – can you see this as loosing all electrical power (lights) to an almost unimaginable solar EMP? Bowl six – the anti-Christ, Satan and the False Prophet are relegated to resorting to send out their spirits to communicate with their forces around the world to come to Armageddon for the final battle. Why don’t they just send out electrical communications? Because of the EMP of bowl five…

    By the way, the next solar maximum – cycle 25 – is expected in 2024…


  33. Fount,

    You make wrong assumptions that also seems contradictory. Nukes exploded over America sometime before the Antichrist even arrives on the scene is not going to interfere with worldwide buy/sell communications that are some years later.

    You said Satan cannot be everywhere but then you assume Satan can stop nukes from going off all over the world. Have you ever considered that the partial destruction of our present communications system will help bring in the new buy/sell system of the Antichrist era?

    Your bowl conjectures may be true, but you are assuming that a grid down situation in the United States has to take place in the worldwide great tribulation. I am saying that it very well could occur before that, and might be the reason why the United States is not a world power during the great tribulation events.

    Like usual your real problem is thinking that the great tribulation is upon us before it arrives.

  34. Hi Mark,

    That was a pretty sobering article. This is the gist of it.

    “Federal reports have revealed that terrorists would only have to sabotage nine out of the 55,000 electric-transmission substations across the U.S. in order to cause a national blackout that could last for more than a year.”

    Taking out nine key substations is not that hard to do but what really shocked me is that they claim that after such an attack the grid could be down for over a year. Most of us would not survive that.

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