Free futurist premillennal Revelation commentary by Don Koenig

The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through the Ages” by Don Koenig has been one of the most viewed free Revelation commentaries on the Internet. The first revision of this ebook Revelation commentary has now been completed. The link above will take you to the on-line index of the book. Don first wrote the original Revelation commentary in 2004. This Revelation commentary takes a futurist premillennial modified dispensational view of the events within Revelation. Don Koenig believes the events described in Revelation often through illustrations are literal events and that they should not be spiritualized to the mystical.

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In this commentary, the major differences where I (Don Koenig) differ with the teaching of most futurist premillenial dispensational teachers on Revelation is that I do not think the first seal events are describing events within the final seven years. I do not see God dealing with Israel again for those final seven years mentioned by Daniel until the sixth seal. I believe the four horsemen events are a false tribulation caused by Satanically inspired wars of men to make people believe they went through the tribulation. Conversely, the Trumpet and Vials are clearly judgments directed by God.

Therefore, I think there could be 10.5 years or more from the Rapture until the millennial reign of Jesus. My reasoning is fully explained in my Revelation commentary.

Another major difference from other futurists and fully explained in my commentary is that I think all saved from Adam until the marriage of the Lamb are part of the Body of Christ. In the Holy City in eternity, people like Abraham, Issac, Jacob. Moses, David, Daniel, etc., are not going to be in a subservient position to the those that were grafted into the Olive tree.

Sorry, I am not going to debate any of these issues here because the different views are legend and some of the views I read on Revelation seem also to be possessed by Legend. 😈

This Commentary also goes into far more detail about the identification of Mystery Babylon and Babylon the Great than any other Revelation Commentaries that I am aware of.

I think there is much food for thought throughout this commentary… :roll:. okay, if you don’t believe me, then read it for yourself and you be the judge.

This revision of my Revelation commentary mostly clarifies some thinking in the original and corrects obvious grammar errors. There were hundreds of small changes made in this revision but only about a score of paragraphs were actually rewritten, added or deleted. One major difference from the original is that I took out much of the bold print in my comments for easier reading.

This Revelation Commentary is set up for easy on-line navigation and fast download. Except for the index page there are no pretty pictures. Sorry. If you are looking for pretty pictures this is not the Revelation Commentary that you were looking for. 😥 I did create a PDF file of the whole book so you can download it and look at it off-line or print it out (251 pages 1.22 MB).

I must have spent 40 hours in the last few days just trying to create that PDF file. I was going to merge the HTML files before I created the PDF file. But, I could not find any software in my possession, or downloadable free softwares, that would do that without totally losing the formatting or causing formatting problems. So I created a PDF file for each chapter with a free PDF printer and then found an on-line software that would upload them and merged them together. The problem was that it kept the chapter pages of each of the 28 files rather than putting page numbers for the whole book. I finally found a free software that would add page numbers to PDF files. Adobe is great for giving away free PDF readers but their software for doing anything that takes write capabilities to a PDF file is very expensive…… 🙄 (boring).

The next step for this Revelation Commentary is to try to get the PDF file of this book translated into other languages. People are working on the Spanish version but it is hardly a high priority project with them so I do not think I will see it this year. If you have multiple language skills, would you want to take on a translation project of your own? It would have to be a free ministry. I do not have ads on my site and for that reason I also do not spend a lot of money. If you do want to get involved you should have references (your pastor might do) or you should at least expect a review of your translation by someone else that knows both languages.

I do hope that you will read my Revelation commentary when you can if you have not already done so. I also hope you will find it to be a useful tool to understand what God told us in Revelation. The events of Revelation will probably be playing out in the world within one or two decades so the future events in Revelation may turn out to be a very contemporary reality horror show for the villagers of the damned. 😯



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 Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


51 thoughts on “Free futurist premillennal Revelation commentary by Don Koenig

  1. Thanks Don. God Bless you and your work. I can’t count how many times I’ve read the bible end to end and start again, but I just don’t have the time or gifts to produce something on your level. I think someone described myself more on the “living example”. I don’t think I’ve ever taken to that phrase, but over the years / decades, I’ve grown to wear that badge. I will gladly get started reading the revised edition.

    Again, in appreciation.

  2. I liked the humor in the post and the emoticons were a nice addition. If you need a translation for us Arkies just let me know. I can throw in some yalls, reckons and yonders in the appropriate places. I could also change some of your big word into ones we can understand ie: eschatolgical to end time stuff……Hey I am an Arkie so I can poke fun right 🙂

  3. Bruce,

    I am not familiar with all the ones out there so I can’t say which are the best ones. I do not know if there are good ones on the Internet since I have not even looked at any of them. I would be very careful there.

    The commentaries I use that are exclusively on Daniel are:

    “The Handwriting On The Wall”, by David Jeremiah
    “The End Of The Days”, by, Authur E. Bloomfield
    “The Book of Daniel – A commentary”, by Chuck Missler (MP3 audio with slides and notes) available at

  4. Good work. So since you estimate the rapture being 2023 or so, do you put the2nd coming at around 2030-2033 by your calculations?

  5. Donovan,

    Actually I think in reverse. I think the second coming is in the early to mid 2030’s so I would say the Rapture is 7 or more years before that. The Rapture could be as soon as today but I think it almost certainly will occur by the 2020’s.

  6. All I have to say is great job Don on your commentary. I have read it through multiple times but have not checked it out since you updated it. I plan on re reading it when I have time.

  7. That’s a logical timeframe. I figured that the end of this millennium is about 2027-2035 . If I’m right, then the last days started at 27-35 AD. That would be days 5 and 6. We are late on the sixth day. I believe we are in the last years of the last day.

  8. Don, I like your thoughts, disagree on some, but think your timeline is a bit exaggerated. I am no Harold Camping, but it seems that your overly conservative on calling 2020-2030. Certainly, no one knows, but I personally (my opinion) don’t see how things economically and politically go on beyond 5 years. Jesus said that when He returned, the world would not be ready and unsuspecting. But even now, there is a unsettling feeling that we are already on the edge of the end. I think we are alot further along then we think (technology wise) and pretty soon will cross some boundaries that make going back impossible. Why do you forecast out so far? Honest question here.

  9. That’s a sharp article Don. If you look at Leviticus 23:3, the sabbath is called a holy convocation in the kjv Bible, but the Hebrew word translated as convocation is ‘miqra’ meaning rehearsal. This I believe gives support to your already sharp article.

  10. Pete,

    I have heard that a lot. Over several decades people have been telling me the end was coming in a few years and they were wrong. My views are based on a correlation of many world events that have to be fulfilled before the second coming. I have a 25 article series that deals with these world trends.

    My timing is also based on the reasoning that the Lord’s coming is the start of 7th day and a day is a thousand years. I have a link to my reasoning and the timing of that on my last comment.

    If that is not enough I wrote an article why the Second Coming will not come in this decade like many that are hanging on a fig tree interpretation think.

    I bet I will be proven correct.

    What if there is another world war like world war II and the end still does not come and then once again the world enters a small time of peace? Many thought World War I was the end of the world and many thought World War II was the end. Many thought the Soviet Union would bring about the end in the 1980’s. We are still here. We can’t force prophecy to be fulfilled on our timeline.

  11. I agree, but Jesus gave us the Fig Tree parable that caps off the Olivet Discourse. I think the reason no one can accurately know the exact calendar from creation on forward is because God didn’t want us to know that. But 1948 is a big flashing neon sign. Following with the creation of the EU, UN, internet and computers, global travel and mass communications that have come as a flood. But, we don’t know, and I know some that think the Lord will return this month for a whole host of reasons, which, as much as I’d like that, I think they are too aggressive in their timing. (I hope I’m wrong in this)

  12. I think you are incorrect As to the leaves representing a return of Israel to God. Jesus cursed the fig tree outside of Jerusalem (as his disciples were witness too) for not having fruit, not leaves. What did God tell Jeremiah who the good figs and the bad figs were?
    A generation, has various lengths of time. But your ignoring Jesus words that it (the generation) would not pass away (ie…die out) before it was all said and done. So you go back to the Bible to a Psalm Moses wrote (who lived to be a 120 years) that a mans life is between 70-80 years. 2018 is 70 years, and 80 puts it at 2028.

    I’m not dogmatic that it has to happen this year, but 2030-2040 is pushing it to the other extreme. I wasn’t old enough to even in the group who thought it was in 1988, so dont lump us all together.

  13. Hi Don, I am looking forward to reading the revelation commentary again, i read it once before a few years ago but have to admit that being a new believer in the Lord i missed a lot of important information and didn’t take it all in. Anyway with the guidance of the Holy Spirit i am ready to read it once again and prayerfully will ask God to give me understanding and knowledge of his word as i read it. I really enjoy reading what is on your website and have learned from it although i rarely comment i am a true fan. Right now i am doing a bible study series with Chuck Smith going through every book of the bible i am pleased to say i will be done soon. And on the 13th of this month i am going to a women’s bible study on the book of proverbs i am so excited and looking forward to learning and waiting on the Holy Spirit to guide me as i read God’s word. I will make time to read your commentary Ha haa haaa.

  14. Pete

    If you want to express your views on the fig tree parable and what all that might mean you really need to go to one of the posts I gave you. This is getting this post topic. Also read my comments in the links of those articles. I know I already addressed these issues.

    Any normal definition of a generation is really from a parent’s off-spring to their off-spring. Nobody teaching on this can agree on the length of a generation because the length of a generation has become subjective to the eschatology teacher teaching this subjective interpretation of the parable. I have heard anywhere from 20 to 120 years.

    Whatever one’s conjecture about the length of a generation is keep in mind that if the generation experiencing the first things that Jesus was talking about were to young to know or nobody could understand the point He was making there would have been little point of Jesus even bringing up the subject.

    In the same vein there would be little point in saying that this generation would not pass away until all was completed if all but the longest living did pass away.

    Also keep in mind that all will be completed in LESS than a generation, not a full generation. So if a generation was 20 years it could all be completed by the first pains of the Psalm 83 war and the Gog war later followed by the seven year tribulation. Thus everything is completed in less than a generation and in probably 10 to 18 years. That interpretation can literally fulfill what Jesus said.

    What those that are making it a lifespan from 1948 are really doing is making this a mystical interpretation to be understood by SOME premillennial believers in the Church only. However, the prophecy was actually given to Israel about events in Israel. Then I am to believe that these people are raptured before the fulfillment so they did not even need to know? It was like Jesus was speaking to the wind, if you get the drift.

    I do not think a 2030-2040 Second Coming is the other extreme at all. The other extreme is those that say the Second Coming can be thousands of years in the future. Those that say it is this decade are not dealing with the reality of all that I pointed out in my articles. All cannot be fulfilled in just the next 8 years.

    I was not lumping you with anyone. I was just pointing out the facts. There were many in the past that make claims about when Jesus had to come and it was mainly based on this parable and what they thought a generation was. They were all proven wrong. I do not even blame them for thinking as they did. It seemed likely at the time but they were wrong.

    I am not ignoring Jesus’ words that the generation in Israel that sees the things He was talking about will not pass away until all is fulfilled. I am really saying that those teaching that a generation is a lifespan from 1948 are probably wrong and this view was not what Jesus had in mind.

    If people would not try to pack all end time events in just seven years and take what Jesus said more literally they might get it right.

  15. Again, I’m not dogmatic, I have my opinions as does most everyone else. I appreciate yours although we disagree, you make me think about other perspectives at the least. I’ll end on this though, all of the prophecies concerning Jesus’s first comin up till the destruction of Jerusalem was concluded within 70 years, so it is possible likewise for the 2nd. The “Arab Spring” showed us just how fast it can change.

  16. Pete,

    I think you will need those other perspectives as a back up. There will be a lot of people that will soon need a back-up plan. Just shifting to 80 years from 70 from 1948 is just being a die-hard on a failed theory IMHO.

    I see no reason to believe that the birth of Jesus and the timing of the sack of Jerusalem has anything to do with the span of time from when Israel was allowed to have a state in their homeland until the second coming. Anyone can just pull stuff out to try to make it seem to fit some conjecture. That is how those 88 reasons and Harold Camping dates come to be made.

    I just do not see how all the events I mentioned in my article below can now suddenly just happen. Things do not happen that fast when it comes to building armies etc.

    Wishful thinking and conjecture has often trumped the literal detail of events given in Bible prophecy and that is what I think is happening now with some.

  17. Ruby,

    I too, am going ‘Through The Bible’ with Pastor Chuck Smith.
    I am using his outstanding C3000 audio series, study books, and of course, reading the Bible on what he’s taught.
    It is 600+ hours worth, very thorough and very enjoyable.
    I look forward to it every day, you might call it the highlight of my day : )

  18. Pete. Christ said in Matthew and Mark, ‘whoso readeth, let him understand’. Luke did just that. The ‘abomination of desolation’ was revealed as armies, and the parable of the fig tree includes all the trees, not just fig trees. Period.

  19. I’m very limited with my number of words (I’m on mobile). Don, Daniel were commanded to seal up the words. Then Christ said, let the reader understand. I believe Luke unsealed many of the words of Daniel. In Luke there is no command to unseal the words.

  20. Ric,

    The Abomination that makes desolation spoken by Daniel the prophet in Dan 12:11 is setting up an image in the Temple. I do not know why you would think it is armies? Also in Matthew and Mark Jesus says to learn a parable of the fig tree. So Jesus was talking about learning a parable and a fig tree and it probably relates to His cursing of the fig tree which had no fruit on it at the time of His visitation (the tree represented Israel). In Luke Jesus is talking about the fig tree and all the trees which sheds further light. All three of these passages should be studied when trying to understand the parable.

  21. Don, apart from the cursing of the fig tree, Christ is saying when the fig tree put forth leaves we know summer is near. So likewise, when we see those things mentioned earlier start happening, we know his coming is near. So its not just a fig tree.

  22. Hi David, i too look forward everyday going through the bible studies with Chuck Smith. The bible study is really helping me understand starting from Genesis on. I have learned so much and now i just want to know more and learn everything the Holy Spirit will teach me everyday as i have my daily walk with Jesus. Thank you so much for the web link you send, i will check it out. Have a wonderful day in the Lord.

  23. Ric,

    I agree, the parable is not only about the fig tree it is about Israel and all the nations in conjunction with the signs that Jesus gave. The parable is telling Israel how they can know the promised Kingdom is near, even at the door.

    Some think the parable is really a message about Israel being allowed to be a State in 1948 by the UN. They think the generation that saw this event would not die off. I do not think that this is what Jesus is saying at all and apparently you do not either.

  24. Thanks, Don, for the new revised Commentary on Revelation. It has been of great help, and I am very greatful with you.

    When are you going to do a commentary book on Zechariah? Wouldn’t that be an interesting challenge?

  25. Simply do the maths…

    1948 plus 70 years is 2018 less 7 years tribulation equals 2011.

    We are in the back half of 2011 so the Psalm 83 and the Ezekiel 38-39 battles (not to mention the catching away of the saints) have to occur between now and the end of the year as it seems clear those battles are not part of the tribulation events.
    It would have to be a busy 3 and 1/2 months. Not impossible but highly doubtful.

    I think we can say that this particular interpretation of the parable of the fig tree is dead in the water.

  26. Hi Brian,

    They really should be dating from May 14, 1948 when the state of Israel was created by the UN. That date is already gone. If they want to go from New Year to New Year since the state was created they have to use the Jewish New Year. The next New Year starts Sept 28-30 this year so they have only three weeks left using the 70 year fig tree interpretation. That 70 year interpretation of a generation will soon be replaced by the 80 year interpretation of the length of a generation with the diehards. (some think their interpretation of this parable is direct revelation from God so they cannot be wrong)

  27. Umm, I’m an amateur speaking to the big league’s here but wasn’t there a theory that the calculation might be from when Israel took Jerusalem in the Six Day War, 1967 ?

  28. David ,
    There are at least 2 schools of thought on the 1948 and 1967 dates. Some scholars count 2520
    years (30 day months , 360 day prophetic years ) from ” The Servitude of The Nation” and conclude 1948. In addition they count ” The Desolations of Jerusalem ” as a seperate event
    and conclude 1967. Chuck Missler has some material with some charts on these viewpoints.

  29. ~David

    That became an alternate theory after the 40 year generation did not not pan out and I am sure it will become the primary theory soon.

    So will everything be fulfilled by 2037? It is very likely that this theory will not be proved wrong but I still do not think that this was what Jesus was saying. After all, under the theory the Fig Tree was the state of Israel not Jerusalem and Jerusalem did not become the capital of Israel in 1967 like some think.

    Now, if one wants to think that the taking of Jerusalem was the sprouting of the tree or the putting forth of leaves it is more plausible.

    Since all is likely to be fulfilled by 2037 anyway. Both the idea that the generation seeing Jerusalem in the hands of the Jews and the idea that the generation seeing the first signs fulfilled not passing away will be proved correct (within one’s view of what a generation is).

  30. Very interesting article and comments. I need to return to the scripture after reading your comment that God is not dealing directly with Isreal in regard to the 7 years until the 6th seal. We all have our opinions and no doubt some will be right and some wrong but one thing is certain when our Lord Jesus Christ comes to the air, we who are alive and remain, will all be leaving together.
    Nice work Don, you have put a lot of effort into your studies, may God continue to bless.

  31. Don ,
    As Paul stated , you put I lot of time and effort into this blog and your articles. You are
    helping me to learn and consider some alternatives to some of my prophetic views. Thanks for
    all your time and effort to encourage others and glorify God. BLESSINGS!!!!!!!

  32. Thanks for all the support given on this post and on the blog. In my mind the generally positive response I get on my articles from Christians and Conservatives justifies the 60 to 80 hours a week that I spend doing all that is required to keep it up.

  33. Yes, a million thanks Don for doing all the work you do to maintain this site and all the legwork/research involved. It is much appreciated. You could really be living the High Life if you made this info into DVD’s, CD’s, books, etc and give some of the televangelists a run for their Just kidding Don, we know this is not your goal.

  34. Don, just curious…I know you said you don’t get paid off of this site but what do you do or did do for a living? Don’t have to answer that, was just curious

  35. Donovan,

    I am retired from a career in Government service and I married a much younger highly skilled woman that still works in her profession. 😎

  36. Don

    I’m enjoying your Revelation commentary soooo much. What a wonderful gift you have given to us. Thank you Don. I’m studying (not proof reading); however, I have found a couple of areas that are in need of your attention.

    Rev 5:12—-verse 12 is completely missing.
    Rev 2:12—-Heb 4:12 “and of the joints and marrow,”—-the words—-and marrow—-missing.
    Rev 9—-Jesus tells us that these false Jews—-you have a double “that” listed.

    Forgive me for being picky—who am I to tell you—–I know, I know !!!

  37. I never heard of the Jonah Code and I do not believe in Bible codes. Everything we need to know is in the clear message.

  38. Hi Don ,
    I did some research on The Jonah Code today. It seems Michael Rood belives everything in end time prophecy is based on what he calls The Creator’s Calendar. He tries to sell the idea that the 120 years in Genesis 6:3 means 120 years of Jubilees or 120 Jubilee Cycles. I looked at several translations and none of them say the 120 years that God’s Spirit will not strive with man are to be be Jubilees. From some reviews I read opinion is very divided on his conclusions.
    I had never heard of The Jonah Code before Yvonne’s post. Date setting just never works because we don’t know what year it is on God’s calendar.

  39. Don,

    I heard of and got emailed some version of the 120 jubilee theory many times. I do not disagree with it because 120 jubilees would be 6000 years or six days then the Sabbath millennium would have 20 Jubilees making 150 or seven days.

    The problem I have is that everyone has a different year when they think the 80th Jubilee from creation was fulfilled. Some think it was at the Lord’s birth some think from the start of His ministry, some think from His death. Some use 360 day biblical lunar years and some the 365.25 solar year. But it is futile anyway because we simply cannot be sure when Jesus was born or when he died. The experts are all over the board on that – within about a seven year time period.

  40. Thanks to you Don for your thorough scholarship on matters of prophecy. Clearly we are facing some dramatic changes coming to this nation and the world. With so much theological blurriness, it is good to be educated properly today. Firstly of course is to believe the Good News and partake of the Blessed Hope.
    I am currently teaching Revelation. I found your articles help bring clarity on a number of dispensational, pre-millenial issues. Your studies contrast Bible evidence with mere tradition. I use teachings by C. Missler, R. Showers, R. MacArthur and now have added you to the list of Biblically accurate resources. Respectfully, Charlie P.

  41. Thanks Charlie,

    God be with you in your teaching efforts. It is quite a honor to be included with the names that you mentioned.

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