Jesus was born on the Feast of Tabernacles

Dr. Reagan is correct, the only date of the birth of Jesus that makes any sense is on the Feast of Tabernacles. That date will even be celebrated in the millennium and all people of the nations on earth will have to appear before Jesus on that day (Zec 14:16). Jesus was the light of the world and the swaddling cloth Jesus was wrapped in was the same material as that of the wick of the lamp in the temple. Jesus came on the Feast of Tabernacles and dwelt among men as the light of the world. All words of scriptures have meaning but some have deepening meaning than many think. Jesus was born on the Feast of Tabernacles and Mary became pregnant on Christmas Eve. So we really celebrate His conception not his birth on Christmas.

Christian Worldview Network – Brannon Howse – When Was Jesus Born?

The seventh month of the Jewish calendar is the month of the Feast of Tabernacles. John 1:14, speaking of Jesus as the Word, says: “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, full of grace and truth.” The word “dwelt” that is used here is the Greek word “skenoo” which literally means “to tabernacle”!

So, when God came to earth to tabernacle among Men it appears that He timed His arrival in the Bethlehem manger to coincide with the Feast of Tabernacles. That was only appropriate, for the Feast of Tabernacles is the most joyous of all the Jewish feasts. It is, in fact, their feast of thanksgiving.

The total meaning of that feast will not be fulfilled until the Lord returns again to tabernacle among Men for a thousand years while He reigns over the earth from Mt. Zion in Jerusalem. Isn’t the Word of God marvelous?

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18 thoughts on “Jesus was born on the Feast of Tabernacles

  1. I’m just curious, since you posted this and I also read Dr. Reagan’s article. I’ve also read Jack Kelley’s article about all of this on his Tis the Season article over on gracethrufaith. Do you think it’s wrong to celebrate Christ’s birth on Dec. 25 like we do now? How about the Christmas Tree and things that we do here in the U.S. as part of tradition (and I’m NOT talking about shopping- I HATE the whole commercialism aspect)?

  2. I do not think there is anything wrong with celebrating Jesus Birth on Dec 25 since God really came into the world on that day in a sense because life really begins at conception. Who know the early Church might of even knew these things. There was already a date to celibate his actual birth. Perhaps all this truth got lost when the institutional Church tried to remove everything Jewish from Christianity

    The way most of us now celibate His birth with all the commercialism is obviously not the way Christians should be calibrating anything.

    You know, when it comes to these things the Church has freedom. Let everyone be convinced in his own mind.

    Christmas trees and decorations are tradition, few associate them with pagan worship anymore so it is really nothing more than putting decorations on the birthday cake. Now if you feel it is wrong to do it, instead of feeling self condemned you should not do it.

  3. Mr Koenig, I like reading your old articles. Though there’s one thing I disagree with here. Christmas eve to the feast of tabernacles is about 11 months, not 9.

  4. Paul,
    Thanks, but I don’t know why you disagree here. The date of the Feast of Tabernacles is Tishrei 15, this date varies quite a bit on our calender from year to year but in 2010 the Feast of Tabernacles was held on September 23rd which is exactly 9 months from Christmas eve. Tabernacles falls in September or October it is never falls in November.

  5. Thanks. I actually meant for it to be a question. New year starts around spring time(March/April). And the 7th month would be around September/October. Got my math wrong. I probably wasted your time.

  6. No problem, the Jewish calender can be very confusing. The first month of their calender is in the Spring but the New Year is on Tishrei 1, their seventh month in the fall, and that falls in our September or October.

  7. As a Christian you are free to keep any day as you feel led. When Jesus returns the nations will need to appear before the Lord on the Feast of Tabernacles. I am sure Jesus will give everyone the details.

  8. When I was a member of the Worldwide Church of God (Armstrongites) we believed that the Lord would return on the 1st Day of The Feast of Tebernacles. True, they did not believe in the Rapture but they thought that was when He was returning at Armageddon. What would be your take on that, Don?
    Also, you appear to be very categorical that Jesus was conceived on Christmas Eve? Can you please explain what makes you that convinced? And do you think it matters if we believe that or not? Thanks.

  9. Martin,

    The reasons why I think Jesus was born on the Feast of Tabernacle are in the article. We also know that the Feast of Tabernacles in some years can be within 9 months of Christmas. Since I cannot tell you with any certainty what year Jesus was actually born and therefore what date Tabernacles fell on that year on our calender, I cannot prove or be dogmatic that this was actually the case. This is just my best guess view.

    As, for the date that Jesus will return for Armageddon. He will obviously fulfill a fall feast and it will probably be the Feast of Trumpets. Tabernacles is probably the date that Jesus sets up His Kingdom on earth.

  10. Chris,

    I liked most of part I. I did not get into the rest. I have my doubts about the year of the Lord’s birth although 6 BC is possible. Also John coming in the Spirit of Elijah as a baby does not meet the Jewish expectations. The Jews expect Elijah to return as an adult like when he was taken and that is why they put a place setting out for him and not a baby bottle. Elijah will still come as one of the two witnesses. Anyway, that is my two cents.

  11. Don;t you think jesus was talking about John being the “one who cried in the wilderness” and therefore fulfilled the role of Elijah?I never thought he was talking about reincarnation, but the role.


  12. Faith,

    Obviously Jesus was not talking about reincarnation, no such concept was ever taught in scripture and I do not think anyone was implying that here.

  13. I found this INCREDIBLE date (Hebrew and Roman) calculator. These dates are accurate because they are recorded based on the precise clockwork of the astrological events of each year (solstices, equinox, new moons, etc…(see the bottom of each page). It even goes forward into future dating…check it out:

    As for the “Jewish expectation” of Elijah. There is no record of John fulfilling this Elijah /Passover tradition in any other way. In fact, that is all this Passover expectation was…a tradition. And we all know Jesus did not have much respect for the Jew’s traditions. No one knows where this tradition came from…but I do believe God allowed this one as it does point to John coming as Elijah on Passover. Indeed, if Jesus was born on Tabernacles which is late September /early October, and we know John was born 6 months earlier, John’s would have been born on or VERY near Passover. God informed us of this 6 month birth difference for SOME reason! What could that reason be if not this? The Jews expect Elijah to come right before (preparing the way for) the Messiah, but they missed him just as they missed the Messiah. They missed Elijah and the Messiah because like the other fulfillments…they had the wrong expectations as to how they would be fulfilled.

  14. Chris,

    John was not Elijah he even said so (John 1:25). In the spirit and prophetic office of Elijah he made the way clear for the coming of the Messiah to Israel by giving Israel the coming Kingdom message and the witnesses that Jesus was the Messiah. The Elijah that never died will also fulfill the role of announcing the coming Kingdom and the return of Jesus as a witness to the whole world before judgment comes on the world for rejecting Jesus. After that judgment Jesus will then return to fulfill all prophecy.

  15. gods appointed days like tabernacles is not to know what everyone else thinks about them, it is what god thinks about them. 4 blood red moons 2 eclipses of the sun, all 6 will be happening very soon, 2014 and 2015, appointed days and great signs in the heavens, these are clearly connected, passover and tabernacles will witness a full blood red moon for two years in a row on the very same day,god is sending us signs, on the day they killed his son, and the day his son was born to take away all our sins, think about that. the sun will eclipse on the appointed day of trumpets, also known as the day of judgement, and again on the first day of the first month on gods calender, whatever these signs realy mean we will find out very soon, god bless you on your search for his truth and love.

  16. Hotrod,

    These so called blood moons probably mean nothing prophetically. These blood moons and eclipses of the sun are not unusual and the eclipses will not even be seen in Israel. By the way, blood moons are not usually blood red. The following article explains it all.

    Some Bible prophecy “experts” just spend their life looking for things to hype to sell to gullible followers. Those following them are only taken to the cleaners. What Joel was talking about were not naturally reoccurring events.

    I wrote an article on that subject not very long ago.

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