Jim Bakker is back on the air and cooks up a new Heritage like Village called Morningside

I am not going to judge the man I think he paid his dues. I just thought many would like to know that Jim Bakker is back on the air and has created something very much like Heritage Village all over again. This project is called Morningside. I don’t think Jim Bakker will make the same mistakes he made with Heritage Village because this project is backed by a wealthy businessman who believed in Bakkers idea for a Christian community.

We will have to wait and see what the content of his new show will be like but I know he has renounced the property gospel and just maybe he can do something useful promoting the gospel in his old age. Time will tell.

Jim Bakker waits 41 minutes into his one-hour show to make his plea.

He begins by noting they have been off the air for six weeks.

“We have really gotten behind financially,” he says, fingering a crease
in his khakis. “So we really need a miracle. The cost of moving, just
to get the stuff you need — and we needed to get a few more
microphones, we didn’t even have enough time to get the bugs worked out
of things. It just takes a lot of money.”

He is talking directly to the camera now. He says he has a music CD for
“a love gift of $30″ and a DVD about marriage for a $55 donation. He
decides to offer a recording of his sermon about prison, just $20.

Off to the side in the audience sits Gloria Elliott. Few people have
stood with Bakker longer. A singer, she began working with Bakker in
1969 when he was on “The 700 Club.” She was there when Bakker was on
top of the world, when Heritage USA was a place of “total class from
the moment you pulled onto the driveway.” She was there when Bakker
tumbled. She now sings on his TV show once a month.

She knows there are skeptics. “Some folks say he’s doing the same old thing again,” she said.

The show band begins playing louder, forcing Elliott to nearly shout.

“But I’m telling you — and you don’t have to believe me — his heart is right,” she said. “It is in the right place.”

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91 thoughts on “Jim Bakker is back on the air and cooks up a new Heritage like Village called Morningside

  1. I’ve watched his show quite a few times and it is a mixed bag. He has renounced the prosperity gospel and has done some good teaching on some subjects. However, he is aligned with Rick Joiner, who has been a guest and frequently talked about on the show. Bakker believes he is builing a “city of refuge” at Morningside, like what Joiner is doing. He doesn’t believe in the pre-trib rapture anymore, but supports Joiner’s teachings. I have mixed feelings about Jim’s return to TV. I have several family members who were saved watching the PTL Club who witnessed to me, and I accepted Christ. I have gratitude to Jim and his ministry and think his prison sentence was way too harsh. His involvement with the new reconstituted “Kansas City Prophets” really concerns me though. I’m praying his theology will get on course.

  2. Wow! Thanks for that information. Rick Joiner and the Kansas City Prophets are the worse type of heretics. They claim to speak for God when they get nothing from God and hear their own presumptions.

    Bakker obviously shows that he still does not have any discernment at all. He goes from one damnable heresy to the next. With this new knowledge I do not recommend that anyone watch or support Jim Bakker.

    SO SAD!

  4. What I have read about Bakker’s son is not encouraging. The nut does not fall far from the tree.

    “Stinky Ministries” is now a franchise managed by Beelzebub and there are already more Stinky Ministries in this nation than there are MacDonalds.

    I advise everyone to thoroughly check out all ministries before you give them one red cent. But lets face it, some people obviously have a brain defect and are incredibly gullible and easily conned. Often they even turn out to be a family member or spouse.

    Someone once said there is a sucker born every minute. Con men understand that and they are always prowling around looking for that next victim. Con artists are predators of innocent people with disabilities and they should not be allowed to live in society but our defective law system make it almost impossible for people to see that justice is done.

  5. i’m a christian and believe in people, in a america where so many honest people are hurting so bad, this man is still asking for love gifts, not hurting for money, and wanting to build big religous centers. now he’s hawking money for survivalous food, his tabernacle,and cheap jewerly.if people want to get right with god, give within your community.forgive your enemies.i know some wonderful ministers, who live poor and live by their faith. they have time to consoul anybody, and never ask for money.the way to god has never envolved money. have faith and be kind to everyone. god talks to no one, and certinly not about money..to be a christian is about deep faith and kindness. all the money in the world will not get you to heaven. take care of yourselfs and loved ones and have faith in christ.i can’t judge, but this man is no different than he was in the 70’s.tell him 6to live with no income in these hard times, get out on the street with all these people, that can’t afford to eat and i might respect him. where did he get the money for all this surgery, when people are starving.in the old days i would’ve have him clipped, but i think the lord will take care of him in the end

  6. I guess the thing that concerns me is the statement Jim made in his book, “I Was Wrong” where he stated that God had made clear to him that he was not to be involved anymore in television ministry. So what happened here? Either he was wrong again and God did not say that or God did indeed say that and now Jim is “Wrong” again. The only other option that God changed His mind is not really an option is it?

  7. Been stunned to see Jim Bakker back on TV up to his old tricks. Morningside sounds like a replica of the Heritage USA debacle. This is unreal! Convicted con man gets out of jail early and returns to commit the same crimes years later. Only in America where you can do anything in the name of religion and it is not questioned. Bakker is a disgusting little man who’s ego is only exceeded by his greed. That said, he is only one of many, many money grubbing tv preachers who do the same thing. I just find it amazing that such a con is not questioned, that these crooks are allowed to flourish ! Sure, Sen. Grassley is supposedly investigating, but notice nothing has come of that and it’s been almost two years. These tv preachers have run rampant for too long, have ripped off too many people and need to be stopped. The arrogance of Copeland, his buddy Dollar, Mike “Money” Murdock, Leroy Jenkins, Paula White, Todd “Mike Murdock Clone” Coontz, Benny Hinn, etc, etc, etc, ad naueum (too many to mention) is something to see. These guys care about one thing, MONEY. And I’m sick of hearing this “seed faith” b.s. Just a play on words, nothing else, seed in the bible has nothing to do with giving away cash! I guess we can thank Oral Roberts for that nonsense. Thanks Oral, seen any 900 foot Jesus’s lately?
    It is so comical to watch these “actors”, yet at the same time it is so sickening. They should not be allowed on tv.

  8. Notice that all the names GA mentioned are Word of Faith prosperity clones. The real question is why so many people follow these deceivers. Can it be that they appeal to lazy biblically illiterate people looking for a shortcut to material gain and success? Could it be that their Christianity is based on a false gospel of manipulating God through “the force” of their words of faith, instead of just trusting Jesus (real faith) to provide for their needs? How does trying to speak something into existence by saying positive words or sending gifts to these people to get a hundred fold blessing differ from witchcraft?

    Actually, government censoring these people from TV is not the answer. We do not want government deciding religious issues and who gets heard. Of course if they are breaking laws they should be prosecuted. The real Church should quite playing footsie with these Word Faith people and instead expose them for the wolves in sheep’s clothing heretics they clearly are. What would Paul do?

  9. Good comment Don. I’m sure what Paul would do is what Paul did, call them out by name and denounce them. Of course the American church has become by and large so milquetoast that we just couldn’t do that…it would be….oh horror of all horrors…judgmental!

  10. jim bakker is a con. he found out people’s weaknesses long ago and thrives on their fears to make his money. he will go straight to hell. i’m sure he thinks he will go in the other direction. i don’t understand the federal government allowing him to ask for money (love gifts) again after the PTL (Heritage) fiasco. he shouldn’t be allowed to ask for a cup of sugar from a neighbor as far as i am concerned. his present wife is looking more like Tammy Fay with all her makeup and jewelry. if Jim Bakker owes the government $6,000,000 how in the world can they afford the way they live? I know, from gullable people sending in their last dollars hoping to buy their way into heaven. Older people get scared and they think Jim Bakker is the answer. Please people get smart. You lived a good life, saved a little. Please keep what you have. Jim Bakker is not going to reserve a spot for you in heaven with your love gifts. Take care of your family and friends but don’t give your money to Jim Bakker. He doesn’t even know what you look like nor does he care. Your children and family care. Their they one that will be at your side when you need something. When you leave this earth and we will all leave here, won’t you want to leave something for your family? Jim Bakker doesn’t need your hard-earned money. Please wake up.

    by now you have guess I loathe Jim Bakker. i don’t like anyone who takes from people…scared and fearful people.

  11. I know Jim and Lori personally and am not of their church. All of you are so very wrong. The reason you will never see anything come from an investigation is because they do nothing illegal. As for their wealth, they have none. Yes they are blessed with an extremely nominal income, though far less than they deserve considering the work that they do. Every penny donated to their ministry is used for the greater good of promoting Jesus Christ as the one true savior as they believe. Jim learned from his past mistakes and is bent on serving the Lord. He could speak once a month keep all the offerings for himself, provide his wife with everything she desires and live quietly, wealthy with relative anonimity for the rest of his life. Think about it and look into it. You will learn the trurh.

  12. Last I read, Bakker said something to the effect of, “God spoke to my heart and now homosexuality is ok”. Wrong. That wasn’t God speaking to you pal.

    Bakker is and will always be an opportunist. I don’t believe he isn’t making a lot of money. A leopard doesn’t change his spots.

  13. I am honestly shocked at the number of post-tribulation-rapture “ministers” popping up today. There is not even any support for it Biblically, and it requires almost a complete deliteralization of prophetic scriptures, to the point where the reader would no longer be able to receive the promised blessing of God from reading it (i.e. The Book of Revelation).

    When someone goes from the pre-tribulation viewpoint …. to the post-tribulation viewpoint, you can bet the farm it’s because they think too much time has passed waiting for the Lord to return.

    There is a reason why the number one statement made by our Lord concerning the times of the end is:


    Almost all the spiritual deception within the world today, has come out of America, via the airwaves and by other means as well.

  14. hjim bakker made the biggest sin in prison haveing sex with another man and he said he enjoyed it…hes just another greedy preacher that does not practicse what he preaches on sowing and reaping… i challange a tv preacher to send me $1000. so they can get a 100 fold return

  15. Goodness me, is it my lucky day :) today or is it ? I have found a few people sane enough to be ONTO to this Jim Bakker creep. He is one of T H E most obnoxious, repugnant creatures that I have ever come across in all of my life, eeeeech :( . But he is in real good company with Bob D’Andrea who grants (speak sells) Bakker airtime on his CTN station – D’Andrea who owns 14 tv stations yet keeps right on fleecing viewers for more and more money with this “telethons” and his 6 other book/tapes/cosmetics and what not all else little friends … right, somebody said that “nuts don’t fall far from the stem’, inadvertently more than one nut are in play here …

    I came to faith much later so as to know what exactly went down with this “PTL” deal Bakker was involved in and went to the can for, but I DO know it was all fraud and maybe even racketeering of some sort, including s-x with some babe that put the screws to him …

    Bakker now has a “store” show where he sells everybody’s books and tapes, CD’s and dime store jewelry to anyone who is gullable enough to fall for his “buy one and it will be credited to your account in heaven” BS ! His wife Lori is a woman with a personality that makes my blood boil, what a cheesecake patsy ! Each day she appears on the “show” she looks like shes gained another 5 lbs over nite ! If I was her, I would clip his wings something fierce and forbid him to dumb me down and interrupt me while speaking on national television for starters, it makes me violently ill how he treats her, a true chauvinist ! But she is none the better to put up with it all, touche !

    Bakker is a phoney baloney and a self-centered “the world owes ME”- egomaniac, excactly the kind of people Jesus surrounded himself with , eh ?? Right ! Bakker doesnt even do a good job “acting” .. his phoney is so fake and repugnant that only a minute or two of his chatter encourages vomiting! Why would anybody in their right mind give him the right time of day if anything ? But here MONEY dictates in 2 ways: Bakker fleeces people with his endless “be prepared” peddling of astraunaute food … and “Lori’s Jewelry” … just like his good Buddy D’Andrea does with endless “telethons”, birds of the same feather flock don’t they ? Has anyone at all noticed that NOBODY of any worthwhile capacity from the christian community EVER appear on this so called “show” ? surprise surprise ! … Another worthwhile mentioned fleecer is this Hal Lindsey nobody mentioned before who, after 15 million sold copies of his book STILL bleeds viewers for money,along with Irvin Baxter who has an altogether different totally twisted logic about the word of God and tries to “sell” that each day on a radio show that he does .. are these all the “falsies” Jesus referred to in Matthew 14, I THINK SO !

    As long as D’andrea promotes this freakshow, it will stay on the air, but we do have REMOTE controls that allow us to preempt CTN or skip it altogether.

    “”””exhaling”””” .. THANK you for providing a forum to air, I thought I was all alone suffering with “Bakker” flu and come to find out, I am NOT :) Praise the Lord :)

    Thanks everyone for reading my post and please post back – Keen Riches :)

  16. I agree with most of what you said but Hal Lindsey is not a nobody and he is not wealthy by a long shot. He needs the income from his books just to stay in his Bible prophecy ministry and live.

  17. Don:

    Hello and thanks for responding to my post …. but your remark about Hal Lindsay, I say this:

    His “begging” for money is the same song and dance we hear from ALL of them …. and …. W H A T ?? in your opinion did he do with revenue of 15 million sold books ??? That could not have been pocket change by a long shot ! or .. did he forget to hire a Judas ? Whatever the case: here’s to Hal Lindsay: Put up or shut up !

    Alright ?

  18. This post is not about Hal Lindsey and this is the last that will be said about him here. If you are that interested in how he did not make as much as you think on his best selling book and how he lost it all, do some research.

  19. I guess keenriches did not get my message or read my posting policy. After NOTHING but seven attacks comments in this blog in a row keenriches comments have been deleted and is banned. I do not need your kind on my Blog.

  20. I have decided Bakker is the con artist of con artists. The old guard from PTL still follow this slick snake oil salesman. Now he is pumping fear into his followers so they will purchase his dry food that will last for 20 years. On top of this Bakker is no Bible scholar but covers-up his lack of knowledge. Rick Joyner, one of his buddies, is highly renowned as a heretic per Biblle scholars. I have learned that people will never learn. Study the Bible and dedicate yourself to God’s word. When man preaches things that don’t align with the Bible call that man just what scriptures calls him…a false prophet. I used to visit PTL and now realize it was a cesspool. Thank God for destroying this cesspool and making me realize how wrong I was for supporting PTL. God will not be mocked. Torah gave us instruction how to follow God. Read Torah (Bible) and stick with it. Don’t send your money to the slick snake oil salesman and support a local worthy ministry or person that needs your help.

  21. I have not been keeping up with Bakker since I do not get his program. From what I have been hearing from others it tells me the dog has returned to his vomit.

    Rick Joyner certainly is a documented false prophet.and anyone with any discernment at all would know that.

  22. In order to sell his dry food, Bakker is using Timothy ( a man who will not support his family is worse than an infidel) to alarm his flock. According to Bakker give $1000 so you can feed your family during time of crisis. He then admonishes his flock just how bad they are if they don’t buy. He is quick to tell them they are worse than unbelievers when they don’t give $1000. This guy is one slick snake oil salesman and if you say anything questionable about Bakker his followers will attack. What a pathetic situation! I was personally acquainted with PTL which was one large cesspool. Praise God for destroying it.

  23. If anyone wants a store of food on hand they can just go to the supermarket. There are many things on the shelf that will keep for years and you can rotate them as you use them. Why feed these scum suckers?

  24. I am a Christian and dont recall anywhere in the Bible where Christ commanded us to build Multi million dollar retreats for Christians.Think of how many starving destitute children and people this money could of helped.Jim Bakker claims he is building a ministry to preach the gospel.I have watched this show.No Gospel being preached here.Just a lot of junk being sold like some kind of freaked out shopping channel.What a slap in the face to people who give up their better part of life to go to third world countries and live with next to nothing,their lives in jeporady to preach the gospel.I think it is more church people that support Bakker,not true Christians as God gives us discernment.I think Bakker has been decieved by Satan or maybe he is a wolf in sheeps clothing.At any rate he seems to be preying on alot of confused people

  25. Jim Bakker does not own Morningside another man does and Jim Bakker has almost gone through all of that man’s money. This man used to be a multi-millionaire. Now they have tied everything up into Jim Bakker because they had attended Heritage USA way back when and their marriage was saved supposedly by Jim Bakker. I do not know why people do not give God the Praise for things like that I mean if he can use a Donkey he could even use Jim Bakker for that. LOL…. If God would been given all of the credit instead of Jim Bakker this man may have given his money to the needy or maybe he would have kept it and be 23 million dollars richer right now.
    Anyway maybe this man feels some sort of obligation to Jim Bakker but none the less, Jim and Lori live at Morningside and they have 3 floors of the building that they live in. They are not living frugle that is for sure. They are living high off the hog on this other man’s money of course asking for more money from their TV and internet audience probably so that the REAL OWNER of Morningside can make something from the 23 million dollars he has invested into Jim Bakker. They definitley do not live what they are preaching we know first hand.

  26. Some Christian people are just easily taken in by con artists.

    I guess the moral of the story is those that hitch their wagon to an ass will follow the ass wherever he goes.

  27. Been out to Morningside and those people are taken in and Brain washed by Jim Bakker. Even the man who is the real owner of the property Jerry has taken all of his money because he says Bakker Saved His Marriage (not God), and now his wife is upset all the time because Bakker is taking all their money. He is just doing the Same old thing with a new spin on it. The man who co-wrote Bakker’s book I Was Wrong was in an Adulteress Affair when he wrote The Refuge and more! You are all right this is another Jim Jones situation here. These people are brainwashing kids also with The Master’s Commission Program Bakker says he wants to leave his legacy to them. LOL What legacy? Of Stealing from People Lieing About People, Homosexuality and Adultery? Right on!
    He has all the boys and girls living in the SAME HOUSE.. I bet that is real fun for them. LOL
    The government needs to shut them down. They are claiming to even have a Homeland Security Person ON STAFF there! How is it that this man can still be begging for LOVE GIFTS and PARTNERSHIPS? He should not ever be allowed to be on TV again!

  28. I heard a Rabbi say that old Hebrew writings say: If a prophet comes to your town and ask for food, then feed him. If the prophet ask for money, then stone him. All the televangelist would be stoned and all this false teaching would be eliminated. Now here is the question: Is God more upset at these false prophets or is God more upset with the people who follow the false prophet? Thanks for letting me vent!!!

  29. I don’t know very much about Jim Bakker’s current ministry. I didn’t care for his previous PTL show at all. I have read his book, “I Was Wrong” and like the changes I see. I don’t know the motive of his heart, but I am extremely glad to see a former “prosperity” preacher renounce that heresy! He may be a crook, I don’t know; but, I am glad to have his voice against that anti-Christian teaching! I have been Pentecostal all my life and am grieved to see our churches being taken over by a totally different message from the original tenants of Pentecostalism. If some of our Pentecostal forefathers were raised from the dead and came back to the 21st century Pentecostal Church; they wouldn’t recognise the church service as being a Christian service and certainly not a Pentecostal meeting! Thank you Jim Bakker for taking a stand against this tide of false doctrine!

  30. I’ve known a guy John Collings, he’s all over the internet and talks about when he worked for “JIM BAKKER TV-Show”, he is on Youtube.com and the tabloids did a story as well 2/23/2010 “The National Examiner” and NWAtalent.com under singer!!!

  31. I look at his program sporadically, and in the past several times I’ve caught a few minutes, the vast majority of the time is occupied with hawking survivalist packages of food, water and other accessory items – as well as vitamins, salves/ointments, garden items (including “Legacy Seeds” for $100, and “Sprout Gardens” for $50). More products and gimmicks than Ron Popeil, but even more costly, and many/most with some repetitive “donation” required. (Screen now displaying a Vita Vision Club 30-Day package for 50-bucks, and ironically Baker’s berating the love of money – more ironic than anything O. Henry ever wrote.) Also, notice, he mentioned Lowe’s and Radio Shack during his yammerings. Wanna bet that this doesn’t coax a discount or arrange a donation from these folks? In the final analysis, this guy is simply “doing business.” And his “business” is a continuing end-of-the-world prophecy, and peddling whatever he can tie-in to swipe your credit card into his system.

  32. Jim Bakker’s book called,”I Was Wrong ” was really good…long,but good….So was Lori Bakker’s book.
    There’s a high recidivism rate among convicts who are released. I’m afraid he’s going in that direction, b/c he’s doing the same thing he did before…….asking people to send in money for him.

  33. I live in the seeming center of the Word of Faith followers. It is amazing how loyal those that are deceived are.

    Don, you have exposed many of the WOF deceptive defenses; such as “don’t attack My anointed” – which is routinely used to silence critics. The WOF deceivers REAL concern is that their income stream will be interrupted. I appreciate your commentary on these predators

    These deceivers are VERY clever. They wrap and protect their money dealings by using highly paid lawyers to cloak their dealings in tax free organizations.

    By substituting emotionalism for sound Biblical teaching – they are able to keep their religious captives subdued and sending in money. I don’t know what kind of hate mail that Jacob Prash receives – but he is (IMO) one of the most Biblically knowledgeable men that pulls no punches on these blood suckers. Go Jacob, Go!

  34. I see the PTL man is back on the air with a new wife and sidekick, like the old Johnny Carson and Ed McMann tonight’s Show. You know it’s amazing how their theme is on improving your health and excercising. When I watch and see the size of Jim and Laurie’s sidekick, Kevin Shorey, I hate to have to be the plumber fixing the plugged toilet after he used it. That guy needs to get with the program and loose some weight. P-e-e-e-w-w-w!!!! I personally hope that the Bakkers’ mean business with the Lord and take this endeaver seriously. Right now, there are a lot of gallible believers giving all their money away to television preachers who seem more interested in the cash they get than souls. I do have to laugh though, when I see so many preachers that have’nt got their act together and are telling others how to live. Sorry to have to say that, but it’s true.

  35. Just came upon this site. I have been actively seeking help to get Bakker off TV for some time now in order to reduce his accessibility to gullible, elderly, infirmed viewers hoping to go to heaven or be prepared with buckets of dried soups when “the end” comes…soon!. He scammed my poor old parents for 1 grand some PTL years ago and I think this latest is even worse, as contributions are surely supporting his “condo” life style…..and apparently several family members.

    Supporters told me my parents gave based on their faith at the time. I say info they based their contribution was disgustingly false and beyond scamming. Shame on Jim Bakker AND his latest “front man: Jerry Crawford. If Lori has all money in her name, GIVE IT BACK.

  36. 2002-2003, i was cast as a singer/makeup-artist/set assistant.”Tantalizing Quest 04240″, is my auto-bi and talks about my misshap with TV-Jim Bakker. For an autographed copy of $20.00 and all sales final. John Collings po box 253 McNeil, AR 71752 and check out “Youtube.com” John Collings Reel. I wasn’t inerested in Jim Bakker sexualy, but he tried!! And i said “NO” and was cut from the TELEVISION SHOW”. Stuff happen’s!!!

  37. Since the disater in Japan, all Bakker hawks is products you buy as a “love gift” to stay alive. How many dry soup packets and water pitchers can one possibly usein a nuclear disaster? Those “free” iodide pills are a disgusting attempt to scare vulerable folks into feeling safe as a result of his “visions from God” Basically 99.9% of his show he preaches is selling flash lights, water filters, dry food, and of course Lori’s pearl earrings and braclets to finance continued air time to fund his life style.

    How many of you hear about his material support of food, water, clothing to the needy in US and 3rd world countries. Ask yourselves that!

  38. Hey Gibby, how many pastors do you know who are warning the (prophetically illiterate, liberal) Church we’re in a tailspin? Go ahead and “judge” Bakker and Joyner if you want to play God, but what we need is a thousand Jeremiahs preaching repentance. You got it all backwards bro! Dolph

  39. Joyner is a well known false prophet of the New Apostolic Reformation. The only thing he has ever been right about is that planting wanted fluff in itching ears produces a itching ear pandemic. Baker is a convicted con man and swindler. God is not speaking through either. These are part of the problem in those that identify with Christianity they not part of the solution and there are no Jeremiahs on earth today. They are not necessary since God told us the future in His Word.

    Anyone who thinks God is giving special Revelation to these presumptions hucksters that have their own agenda are part of the problem. You are deceived. I can Judge that Baker and Joyner have a past history of making false presumptions in the name of God. I also can judge that what they claim does not line up with what the Bible actually says.

    The big problem in evangelical Christianity today is that people are following self anointed that set themselves up as God’s elect and His spokesmen on earth rather than learn the sound doctrine given by the real foundations of the Church. It amazes me how some Pentecostals reject the Bulls of the Pope as coming from God but then accept any decreed of these self anointed popes that claim to speak for God on earth?

  40. Don, this week, 5 days in a row, Bakker and Joyner warned America of tribulation coming and to repent. For this they deserve applause. What are your prophets saying? Would that be the New York Times? Dolph

  41. Anyone with half a brain can see hard times are coming to America it does not take a prophet. Bakker also has ulterior motives. He sells fear and I suppose Joyner is collecting a fee to help him sell fear. By the way, Joyner is NAR and he believes in Dominion Theology. He believes the Church is going to have to take the world for Christ before Christ even returns.

    So if these people think they can fight a physical war with a supernatural Antichrist and Satan’s angels they do not need to be selling survival supplies they should be selling suckers pine boxes. What you fear mongers and the fear mongers for the last fifty years never learn is that the time of the Antichrist is still likely beyond the lifespan of these survival goods. I know people stuck with 30 year old survival food. You want to eat it?

    My prophets are in the Bible and they talk about Israel and the nations that come against Israel. The foundations of the Church called the Apostles say the Church should trust in God and should always be looking for His appearing so they can escape the great trial coming upon the world.

    The rest of your statement and other statements that you made on other topics just shows that you have a deep felt need to be the final authority on any topic and to be an insulting ass as well.

    Even so, the fact is that you mislead people to try to get them to accept your heretical views. I think I have given you enough warnings and enough benefit of the doubt. Therefore, you are now permanently banned from commenting on this blog and I am seriously considering denying you read access to my website as well.

  42. Joyner is NAR and he believes in Dominion Theology. He believes the Church is going to have to take the world for Christ before Christ even returns.

    I have never understood how anyone can buy into this. We are steadily getting further away from Christ as nations, not closer. I question any theology that depends on man.

    My thinking on survival food is to have as much supply as possible but to keep it rotated by date so it never goes bad, maybe I’m missing something here.

  43. David,

    Anyone can have a years supply of food by just rotating non perishables that you are going to be using anyway. It even makes financial sense because food is pretty certain to go up in price. There simply is no good reason for Christians to buy all this expensive survival food.

  44. “Therefore, you are now permanently banned from commenting on this blog and I am seriously considering denying you read access to my website as well”

    Hi Don
    I was wondering when the axe was going to fall.

  45. Yeah, Dolph actually make sense once in a while so I have been monitored his comments before I posted them. I would say that half of his comments never got posted. He always finds a way to promote his aberrant views and put in sarcastic innuendos that are really disguised personal attacks so he really has no place here. He also emails me which is why he may be blocked from the site completely. I find it amazing what is being passed off as Christianity today and what gullible people buy into, and yes that includes Bakker and Joyner and ilk.

  46. What can we do to put Bakker into a catagory in public view” is seen -at the least- as a questionable” charitiy? Blog as much as we will, someone else’s family member is being swindled.

  47. “There is a sucker born every minute.” P.T. Barnum ( Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus )
    The Greatest Show on Earth. Barnum is responsible for that famous quote.


  48. Let’s see now. On one side of the aisle we have the ‘word faith buffoons. Murdock even looks
    evil and his ‘wisdon keys’ are a joke. Here’s real wisdon. Read the book of Proverbs and turn off charlatans and frauds like Murdock, Copeland, the Crouches and on and on and on…Then
    we have on the other side of the aisle ( but in the same twisted arena ) Mr. Rick ‘seeker sensitive’ Warren and his 10 year Daniel Plan with some guest stars from Oprah’s New Age celebrity list teaching the confused members of Saddleback and followers how to lose that unwanted fat. Where’s Tony Roberts? He wasn’t invited to give a motivational speech? Then there’s poor old Robert Schueller giving his best Oral Roberts impersonation and pleading for cash to keep his pretty palace afloat. This could go on forever but you get the point. Around every bush, tree, rock and hiding in every crack is another ‘snake’ promoting another Gospel and another Jesus and most Christians go along day in and day out ignoring signs that should be slapping them upside the head. We are not long for this world and our redemptions is surely drawing nigh. I won’t even comment on Bakker and Pat Robertson and his yearly ‘Jeanne Dixon’ like predictions. Stay focused on Gods Word and you won’t be deceived. Mt. 24:4


  49. How about we all ask Bakker to send loads of food buckets to our local food pantry on his dime. Feed the poor to face the future !

  50. quit judgeing these people. that God job. not yours. I think you people who judge others will be judge when God GUDGEMENT come to us all. if these men are doing wrong then they well haft to answer to God so let God judge them not you.God i come to you to ask for forgivness to all these people who judge others. just like Jesus said he who with out sin cast the first storn. so we all have sin and it God who will judge us not man. God bless you all

  51. Leo,

    The Church is supposed to be discerning and compare all things said by those claiming to be brothers in Christ with God’s written word. We are not judging their salvation only God knows who will be saved. But if the fruit from the tree is wormy I think people that already ate their fruit and got a mouthful of worms have the duty to warn other Christians so that they will not be tempted themselves. Now if they show true repentance we should forgive them but you do not put the fallen right back into leadership. Here people are doing that and we see the con man pattern repeating itself. So where is the repentance? It’s not like these people do not have a prior history!

    If you know these men are doing wrong and you are saying nothing you will answer to God for your sin of silence. Why? because they are misleading millions to follow a message of greed and fear rather than the one true Gospel. Its amazing how some people can just misapply scripture. The casting the first stone was about a unbeliever caught in a sin that required the penelty of death it was not saying we cannot judge words and deeds. Your prayer is presumptious and you are the one that is judging Christians with such words.

  52. Don:

    I appreciate your comments, saying more precise than I.

    My family has been burned. Shame on us, if we don’t attempt to warn others.

    I actually had a Jim Bakker worker “Megahan” respond to my request to send our upstate, poor NYS food pantry some food donations. “Meghan” told me I should be more “humble” and ask local providers for help. DAH, like we aren’t already doing that.

    My humility will be judged by my Lord, not my MEGHAN”

  53. Tune into Jiiiiimmmmmm Bakker live this week for more fear mongering reporting brought to you from the tornado devastated areas of Georgia, Louisiana, etc. Did they go there with food, relief, and a heart and hands to help those people who lost everything. NO! When Jim Bakkers grandson was confronted directly about their purpose in going there and if they took the food buckets and survivalist supplies from “Jims storehouse” there was “no comment”. No they went there with their mobile television studio and filmed those poor peoples destroyed lives never offering a helping hand. Jim did find a local tv station camera to use to preach to the body of Christ about how we are to help out those in need in these last days. Isn’t that why you use your whole show to create fear in people so they will send you lots of $$$$$$$$$$$,s for the cheap junk you send them. Weren’t some of those profits from the masses you have scared silly used to help those in need, ha, ha. But sadly it isn’t funny. Another sad and sorry story is the flooding in Branson. I laughed the day he had his friend Dino on the show to bring in more revenue from the devastation there. Dino has made millions. Jim wants you to buy Dino’s CDs, and some of the profits will go to Dino to rebuild his life. What about helping the many who aren’t rich and famous and without the resources that Dino has in the Branson area? Another laughable moment in the live show was when Dino points to his garage roof and says his buckets of food are in there. Jim tries to recover by saying “They will be there for you when the water goes down, they are air and water tight”. Dino responds with “If they don’t float down the river first”. I am sure they edited that out of the final cutting for the show! The only one Jim is looking out for is himself. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. Please people get your eyes on God “who will supply your every need”. Jim Bakker will be there in your hour of need to promote himself…..God will be there for you to meet your every need in these troubled times.

  54. Look, the one’s really deceived are all of those who post judgmental, sarcastic, hateful comments about any and all other believers in Jesus Christ—including the Word of Faith believers. It’s an abomination according to the Word of God in Proverbs 6—sowing discord among brethren. The Holy Spirit pleads for “brethren to dwell together in unity”, and says how beautiful it really is. It pleases Him!! So why don’t all you people with arrogant, self-righteous comments just repent and get it over with, before the Lord returns? “As much as is possible, dwell in peace with all men.”

    And remember, you may think you’re only speaking truth and warning others—but God knows your HEART. “In the multitude of words sin is not lacking, but he that restrains his lips is wise.” (Prov. 10:19) Lord, have mercy on us!

  55. I see, you think we need to have unity on a false gospel and you think that we should not expose the wolves in sheep’s clothing among us because you want to believe that anyone that gives lip service to Jesus is part of His flock? However, you who claim that Christians should unite with heretics are the ones that are sowing the discord among the true brethren that are trying to expose false teachers with biblical doctrine. It is people like you that sow discord among the true brethren by promoting wolves in sheep’s clothing that teach people to worship their own mouth.

    There already is unity in the Body through the Holy Spirit but there can be no unity with people whose doctrine twists God’s word to make it a book of unfounded false presumptions.

    I think Peter, James Paul and Jude warned us about these people and I think you should take heed. And your misapplying scripture here carries no weight with me. Paul was clearly not telling us to embrace heretics in the Church. You might take heed of what is taught in the following verses.

    2Ti 3:16 All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:
    2Ti 4:2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.
    2Ti 4:3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;

    Acts 20:28 Take heed therefore unto yourselves, and to all the flock, over the which the Holy Ghost hath made you overseers, to feed the church of God, which he hath purchased with his own blood.
    29 For I know this, that after my departing shall grievous wolves enter in among you, not sparing the flock.
    30 Also of your own selves shall men arise, speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them.

    Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
    22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
    23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

    2Pe 2:1 But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

    So if they qualify as heretics they should be identified as such and not united with. I suppose you think we should also unite with the Mormons because they confess another Jesus? Or maybe we should accept the New Age because they have a Christ conscientiousness and their doctrine is much like those in Word of Faith?

    For the most part The Word of Faith leaders have departed from sound doctrine. Their Jesus is too often just the servant of their own mouth.

  56. If I may…

    Even the Muslims claim Jesus…their heretical belief is that Jesus (the “misleading” prophet) will come back and prosecute (with death) any who reject Islam…because while Jesus was “away”, he became a Muslim.

    What is absolutely abhorrent to me is that that unity churches in the U.S. are embracing “Chrislam”…with some even reading the Qur’an at the Sunday services …unbelievable.

    World Net Daily has an excellent recent article on this…

  57. J. Ann H.,
    Christians are commanded to contend for the truth. God’s WORD is the only truth we need. Jesus
    warned us there would be many false teachers and HE said take care not to be deceived. Once a
    pastor’s wife told me that most people who attend church are there as consumers. If anyone goes
    to church for ONLY what they receive they missed Jesus message. Giving is more than putting
    money in an offering plate, it means time and effort to contribute to the needs of others.
    Jesus washed the disciples feet to teach us something, He said we must all be servants of one
    another. If I hear something contrary to scripture in Church, I am going to challenge it. These
    Word of Faith hucksters who preach that God must give you whatever you confess are liars. Jesus
    said by their fruit you shall know them. Beware those who talk about your need to give money
    and never talk about anything else. Contending for the truth is hardly sowing discord among
    the brethren , it’s trying to prevent the innocent from being decieved .

  58. To J Ann,

    What does buckets of food, junk jewelry, I care caps, etc. have to do with spreading the gospel? The comments by Bakker believers show how much they focus on Jim and coming to his defense then Gods. A little mixed up priorities?! The time Jesus showed the most anger was at the temple and the buying and selling getting in the way of others coming to a real and personnel relationship with God. Jesus was always about the Fathers business.

    If you claim to be a preacher shouldn’t your priorities be the same as Christ’s. As believers we should all be putting God first not man. Amazing the Bakker fans can be so deceived that they can’t see everything he is doing is about just building another monument to himself. That is all Morningside is about. It’s about big business for him and Crawford. We are called to take the gospel to the world. He takes his food buckets, survivalist junk, and scare tactics to the world to get others to buy into his fear message. It Keeps him in business! Enough of Revelation! It’s all so unbalanced! There are 65 other books in the Bible. If he wants to focus on the last days so much maybe he should spend some time on 2 Timothy 3:1 “But realize this that in the last days difficult times will come. For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money.” Then go watch the show and ask yourself how many times does he mention me, I need money, Lori’s house, building roads, building a shelter for Morningside residents, etc. etc.

    Get a stopwatch out and count the minutes in his hour show promoting his junk, and building Morningside. Then count how much time is spent on the physical condition and not the spiritual condition of the body. “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit”. I believe God cares more about the spiritual than physical condition of your heart. It is appointed that all men shall die. Jump on his trampoline, take his vitamins, don’t eat meat. You die anyways. Yes, those things are good to do and we should be good stewards of our health but again way out of balance! All his health shows to sell his vitamins, silver sol, diet books, etc. etc. again how much time is devoted to the real gospel. Ask yourself would Jim accept and bring into his condos those in need? I believe he would for the right price. I believe if you were a widow or an orphan with in need you’d be sleeping in the cold if you went there looking for help! I say that tongue in cheek because I know of one who was and the police were called to take them to a shelter. I have heard there has been many others turned away. He tells them he’s building a safe place for Christians to go to, when they get there with a empty billfold they aren’t welcome.

    Can you imagine if all ministries were run that way, how many through the ages would never have come to Christ! I think of George Mueller taking in all those orphans and thanking God for the food to feed them as they sat at a empty table. After giving thanks comes a knock on the door and a God delivery of food shows up! (by the way I believe God still does that, so if you don’t have food buckets don’t panic)! So what does he need all this money for if he isn’t going to share his foodbuckets, but keep them in storehouses? Why does he need fancy condos if he doesn’t give shelter to the homeless? Why does he need a underground bunker if it is only for those who move there and pay lots of $’s to live there?

    Good grief, attack the people who are using their God given wisdom! We are called to be wise as serpents, not be taken in by them! Do you also believe Jesus shouldn’t have gotten so mad at the temple and overturned all those tables! Do you believe that Jesus, Paul, Peter, James etc. should have kept their mouths shut and not given warnings about heresy and false teaching. I Guess in your world neither Jesus or any of the disciples would have been concerned about what Jim is doing. And for that fact they wouldn’t have been concerned for Jim’s soul and ultimate destination after death and confronted him with the truth to repent? I for one will continue to pray for Jim and that he starts preaching the true Gospel, and that he will desire to truly minister to the body of Christ. I will pray for you J. Ann. And if you think I am wrong and the enemy please pray for me. I am always willing to listen to the prompting of the Holy Spirit. If He tells me I am wrong I will stand corrected.

    One last word all this unity stuff is not scriptural. What do you do with the scriptures where God says: “If you don’t leave father, mother, brother etc.,” “what fellowship has light with darkness”, “don’t be unequally yoked”, “you will know them by their fruits”. He has much to say about who to not be in fellowship and relationship with! Read the whole book of Proverbs for instruction of who to be friends with and who to look out for! Bottom line for me is Phillipians 2:20…They seek after their own interests, not those of Christ Jesus. When He comes back I don’t want to be caught with that kind of crowd!

  59. Scripturesearcher ,
    You post is RIGHT ON , sadly Jim Bakker isn’t the only one peddling junk. Something I’ve never
    heard a sermon on in Church , Why was Jesus so angry in the temple ? It was near Passover and
    those who could were to bring a Passover Lamb for an offering, it was to be a lamb without
    blemish , the best you had. The Chief Priest and his staff had to inspect your lamb, of course they would find something wrong with the lamb you brought, but would sell you an acceptable one
    at an inflated price. That is why Jesus called them a den of thieves. Too many pastors fail to
    teach any background cultural history about the Jewish customs during Jesus earthly ministry.

  60. It seems to me that Jim Bakker and Rick Warren have this down pat…they’ve turned the Sacred Word of The Living God and made it into a thriving, lucrative business.

  61. Don, I am now starting to question many preachers. Is it my imagination or is there more bold people in pulpits teaching false doctrines today? Thank you for sharing about the temple offerings. That was a new understanding for me. I appreciate all that I learn here on this blog. You are a good teacher. I appreciated the scriptures about heretics. One thing these people who stand by these hucksters do is always quote the scriptures about how we are to dwell in unity. They always say we are not to touch Gods anointed. So I am glad for the way you clarified how we are to always contend for the truth.

  62. Scripturesearcher,

    I guess false doctrine has always been a plague in Christendom but never before could heretics use mass media like today to deceive so many people in so short a time.

    The new heresies are now appearing faster than the Christian astute can even expose them. Heresy is now coming from many different movements but they now all seem to be leading to a great apostasy from the true faith and the Harlot of Revelation 17.

    This revisionism and relativism in the churches probably would not be so acceptable in the churches if humanistic postmodern thinking had not first brainwashed most coming out of our educational systems.

    The claim that we need unity is the only thing the supporters of these aberrant teachers have for a defense because what they teach cannot be supported by taking scripture in any honest context.

    There cannot be unity in Christ based on lies. The Holy Spirit is not confused. The people that claim to have special anointing from the Holy Spirit and twist His written word are.

    I appreciate your own wise input.

  63. I have read this blog from start to the last entry on June 30, 2011. Insightful at some points. Alarming on some levels. I appreciate that no one on the blog is being profane or insulting to one another. The debate is relatively healthy and often informative. Thank you all for giving this random browser a great deal to think about and consider.

  64. Because you said nothing specific why do I get the feeling that you are really a fishing robot? I get general statements all the time and generally they do not get posted. New visitors that want to comment on this blog are going to have to make it clear to me that they are actually real people or they will not get posted. I gave you the benefit of the doubt here, but believe me I have my doubts.

  65. What do you do with a teacher who is mostly right? Are their minor points about which we can differ without being labelled a heretic? Does anybody have everything right? Do you get points for studying, trying, working as hard as you can? Is there any margin for error?

    I’m not asking to be a smart aleck or trouble maker. I’m just trying to figure out who to trust. I just moved to a new area and want to find the right church and church leader.

  66. Hi Ed Rose,

    All teachers have some error. The title heretic should be is reserved for those that teach contrary to the essential points of the Christian faith.

    How can you find out who to trust? The only way is to learn the truth for yourself. You can do that by listening to teachers that have a good reputation among Christians and are not being labeled heretics, but primarily you should learn the Bible for yourself and compare what they teach to what the Bible actually says.

    I wrote a article on what to look for when trying to find a church to attend.


  67. yep he is at it again. He is trying the scare tatic of sending money when the anitchrist comes. Its very sad to see this and hear it. Its so clear to anyone who watches his show. He loves money. I digusted by it all.

  68. I just can’t help but think that these people who are reaping profits in God’s Holy Name are going to have to answer for this upon their judgment.

    These prosperity people don’t seem to respect The Lord, let alone love him.

  69. Amen. I’m so sick of his domesday preaching, yet he keeps trying to bilk money from those gullible enough to send it. Who would want to eat 20 yr old food amyway? Time and again I’ve written to ask he send some food buckets to our small town food pantry, only to be told they are a “preaching” ministry. Then why are they selling food? Sometimes the whole show is devoted to selling stuff and showing us his campgrounds, marble statues “Lori jewelry made in China and oout house with keys for a price!

    He’s living arrangements are just marvelous compared to those he cheats with his false preaching, while he feasts off those of meager means and loving hearts. It”s shameful!

  70. Gibby your 20 year old food quip reminds me of all those “buy gold” ads.

    So… they want us to buy “their gold” with devaluing greenbacks… so WE get a tangible and stable, if not an increasing asset… while they get…. WHAT …cash?

    Who makes that deal?

  71. I watch The Jim Bakker Show every night. I was feeling like he had really repented for what he had done at PTL. At least I was really hoping. Ive started noticing on every show he is asking for a love offering for something. He is always wanting to build something like Lori’s House or sell food, jewerly, books, music, etc. I am beginning to see the light and hate to admit it, but i feel like he is taking something good and greed is taking over and he will eventually have another Heritage. As of last night I decided I wont waste my time with this anymore.

  72. He is on Monday through Friday. How sad people still give him their money and even more sad than
    that he takes it. Lori his wife has a new outfit on every night. She is right their by his side agreeing with everything he says. Greed got him once, may get him again. I really did like watching the show until I saw that he was doing the very same thing as PTL. Money, money, money, Give me, give me, give me.

  73. Pam,

    I don’t know a lot about this subject but I do recall Jesus getting VERY upset when the money changers used his house for profit…or “a den of thieves.”

    If Jesus turned the tables over when he was here on earth for this infraction, I imagine it won’t be nice for those at the judgment who used The Lord for profit.

  74. People who commit crimes and do their time, then get out and do the same crimes again. I really don’t see alot of difference in what Jim Bakker is doing. He committed a crime. Served his time and doing basically the same thing again. money, money, money,

  75. I believe I’ve seen it all today. Bakker is selling powder made from beets (yes the vegetable)to reduce blood pressure in the name of the Lord for a “donation”. The federal health organization should be looking into this one!

  76. I cannot believe Bakker is doing this again, and living like a wealthy man(which he is).He has no shame, when it involves money.I don’t watch him, but have a friend who does, and thinks he is wonderful.I told her to find a good Bible believing church and get involved.Sitting at home watching these evangelist’s will mess up the mind. She does not believe he was involved in a homosexual relationship. This is really sad.

  77. Yes, Janet. They live among us. They dutifully send in their seed money and wait for the mother ship to come by and dispense their anointed blessings.

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