Astute Bible prophecy teacher and author Joel Rosenberg (interview)

Here is one great interview with Joel Rosenberg who gives his very astute view of end time events. His latest book is “Dead Heat” – Transcripts

ROSENBERG: Well I think eventually Rome will be the center of the E.U. How is that going to happen? I don`t know. There is a lot I don`t know. The point is the Bible laid out some details it doesn`t give us all the details.

BECK: Is it true that we — we haven`t bombed parts of Iraq because of, not only the historic significance, but the biblical significance of — of Babylon?

ROSENBERG: Babylon itself, Babylon is a province, it`s also a city, but there is no one living in current Babylon, it`s being reconstructed. There is no question American forces were very careful about bombing in the area. However there was some archaeological destruction as troops were coming in and out of there. That was a problem.

But I interviewed for my previous book, “Epicenter,” a nonfiction book, “Epicenter,” you and I have talked about it. I interviewed the chief economic adviser to the current prime minister of Iraq and I said “The New York Times” and others are reporting you have a plan to rebuild Babylon as a cultural epicenter. He said absolutely. He walked me through the plans they have to rebuild the city. They believe cultural tourism in Iraq will be the second largest money producer after oil, two, three, four, five years down the road.

Now, right now it`s almost impossible to imagine people going on a vacation to Iraq.

BECK: Oh, no. Come to Iraq. I mean .

ROSENBERG: I just went there. My family thought I was crazy, president of Crazytown. But look, the Bible says that is what will happen. People will come from all over the world. Revelation describes all the merchants of the earth are coming to Iraq. That`s not that far off I don`t think.

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2 thoughts on “Astute Bible prophecy teacher and author Joel Rosenberg (interview)

  1. Real great seeing this on CNN! Interesting stuff. Great guy that Joel Rosenberg, I’m going to find out more about him and his books. Lots of fascinating details I hadn’t heard about so far and some stuff I’ve been thinking about a lot as well lately.

    I didn’t feel like reading the whole thing so I looked it up on on YouTube where you can watch it. It’s on

    Thanks for adding this to the blog.

  2. Syria will be destroyed and Iraq will flourish. It sounds like side effects of the war of Gog and Magog. Syria and Turkey are mentioned in Ezekiel 38, but Iraq is not one of them. Bush was mocked for using the common phrase “We’re doing the good work of the Lord.” Little did he know he put Iraq in a position of inability to attack anybody, while our new government was instrumental in handing Lybia to Radical Islamists. I love Rosenberg, but I don’t think the US was too careful not to hit Babylon. He himself said there was nobody living there. Babylon was not a target, not based on any Bible study, but strictly on war plans. Yet it did serve prophecy.

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