Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Apr 2014

It looks to me like the Russians are promoting violence in the cities for an excuse to invade. It certainly looks like Russia intends to move into Eastern Ukraine very soon. Most of the Russian army of any worth is dug in on the Ukraine border and ready to invade if any order comes from Putin. The small Ukrainian army can do little to stop the Russians should they invade. Putin wants another Russian empire and what Putin wants Putin gets. This is just the start of that effort.

The Russian SU-24 buzzing of the USS Donald Cook guided-missile destroyer in the Black Sea gave the message that Obama should not even think of providing any direct military support to the Ukrainian military. Putin knows the wind of destiny is in his favor right now. NATO will take no direct military action and Obama will always take the easy way out.

This will be the start of a new cold war. However, this Russian expansion and the future alliances toward Putin’s goal of a Russian led Eurasian union will eventually end in the Ezekiel 38-39 war about 10 to 20 years down the road.


The BLM action in Nevada against the Bundy ranch was getting interesting. I guess they thought they would just send in an overwhelming force and remove Bundy’s cattle from the BLM land. It did not quite work out the way they thought because fed up armed Americans came from elsewhere and were not intimidated by federal orders. The lives of  government agents were at risk, so they backed off.

Next time they will do it differently. They will probably find a reason to seize the Bundy’s ranch through some ruling of some federal judge and they will enforce the ranch seizure by sending in a joint government SWAT force in the middle of the night. Then they will bus everyone to government detention centers and just take over the ranch.

The Forest Service is now taking over another very large ranch in SW New Mexico. I wonder if anyone will stand with them?

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why western states just gave the federal government most of their land? I can understand why they allowed federal land management in states that once did not have the resources to manage land within their boundaries, but federal ownership? Somehow, I do not think that is what these sovereign states had in mind when they let the Feds take over.

The federal ownership of lands within sovereign states has been brought up in court but the federal government controls the judges so guess who wins? The federal government owns about 80 percent of Nevada. Large parts of other western states are also owned by our federal government. State sovereignty and federal ownership of these state lands is an oxymoron.

I am not on the side of some of these big cattle ranchers either. They get grazing rights on public lands for a very small fee but they act like they own the thousands of acres that their cattle roam on. They act like you have no right being out there on public land.

I have spent a lot of time camping around in the West. There is little federal land that is not totally fouled by cattle dung and that also goes for the water on federal lands. Cattle dung floating in the rivers does not exactly encourage going in the water. I was into gold panning for a short time, but I gave it up because there is cattle dung all along the stream banks and the flies that breed in them make being anywhere near the water unbearable.  If it’s not cattle ranchers claiming the public lands as their own, it is the mining claims that nobody works anymore.

From what I have experienced, I think that federal government actually does a very poor job managing our public land. They cannot even keep our forests from burning down with their stupid burn or no burn policies. Maybe lands that are not national parks should be given back to the states to manage or sell.


I keep waiting for the stock and bond market to crash, but they keep chugging along. It is like 2007 all over again. I hope those playing the market learn from the past but obviously they will not. The big players can get their stocks cashed out pretty quick but the little people in investment and retirement funds simply will not have the time to do that. When the big people start pulling out, the stock market crash will be swift. It is the little guy that will lose.

Beef and pork prices are at all time highs and chicken is no bargain. I guess our taskmasters in Washington think the natives should be forced to eat rice and beans and eat like the Mexicans that they help import.


If  you do any Internet transactions you should be aware of the Heartbleed bug.  It is the worst bug ever to be found because it directly effects data that people thought was secure. Most of those “secure sites” are not secure after all. Your passwords, encryption keys, credit cards, social security number, address, health data, etc., could have been compromised on any site using OpenSLL (that is most of the addresses starting with HTTPS in your address bar or that shows a lock on the bottom of your browser). That is almost all sites that sell anything on the Internet including most email servers.

I read that our own National Security Agency knew about and exploited this Heartbleed bug for two years for their own spying purposes. If that is true, thanks NSA, for doing your job to keep Americans secure. With friends in government like you, we do not need enemies.

I have told people for quite some time that I do think that Internet sites are secure. Now we find out just one reason. I am sure there will be other reasons found out down the line. I do not think giving personal data over the Internet is the wisest of moves.

I think the Internet is like our electrical Grid. One day you’re going to wake up and find out it no longer operates. Then what? There is one fellow named Adam Crain who wanted to test the security of our grid. What Adam found out shocked him. Homeland security has now just figured out that the lights could go out in Georgia and elsewhere just about anytime that enemy hackers make a concerted effort to attack the grid.

When these things happen, don’t blame God because we became slaves to our own inventions. Blame Al Gore. Remember, Gore invented the Internet and global warming and Gore also reinvented the government when he was Vice President. The reinvention of government first indoctrinated all government workers with socialist politically correct thought. Then socialist group think by the mediocre was the new invention that Al Gore used to run our government. I was in government at the time. I know. We are now reaping the whirlwind of Al Gore’s reinvented government. (Or did this whirlwind come from global warming just like the cold winter that we had?) Control freaks like Al Gore became the gods of many in this nation, then we wonder why our nation is in trouble?

I suppose you know that Windows XP is not being supported anymore. This operating system will be widely exploited by the crooks because about 25 percent of people on the Internet still use Windows XP.  This is another security disaster in the making, so if you still have XP and use it on the Internet, you need to figure out how to get a more secure operating system.

I had a Windows XP system running on my old computer until last week. I installed Ubuntu (Linux) on it. There are some differences but it will do everything that XP did and more. Sure, there is some learning curve but there is on any operating system. And this one is free and much more secure than Windows. I no longer feel like a Windows slave and that is worth a lot. I can now choose to use Windows 7 on my primary computer or I can choose to use Ubuntu on my old computer or I can use Google Android on my tablet. Actually, you can put the Windows and Ubuntu operating systems on the same computer and boot up either one. However, if you make one mistake in the installation you might reformat your hard drive or cause your computer to not boot at all. So, I do not recommend taking that risk without having a full backup that you know will work.

Now, if Mozilla, that created the FireFox browser, does not change their Nazi agenda against people who are pro family, they also will get replaced. Don’t be a slave to software or thought police that wish to control your mind. There usually are alternatives.


I guess I would be in remiss to not even mention the four blood moons that are taking place over the next two years. Those hyping these lunar eclipses are everywhere. They even have appeared on the main stream media. Keep in mind that MSM loves for Christians to hype predictions so they can later mock those that take the Bible literally. For that reason, you ought to know why I take the position that I do about these blood moons.

My position does not mean that something significant in the world will not happen in the next two years. It always does, and looking at the world right now you can bet that these guys will be able to find some fulfillment that they can say fulfilled their conjecture. Just keep in mind that these eclipses have nothing at all to do with Joel, Revelation, or what Jesus said. That is explained in my article and the links within.

That article above is the most hit on article on this website so far this month. Last month my article on Russia was tops. It had well over 10,000 downloads. The article on blood moons just moved into number seven on the top downloads of all time on this Blog and it is still climbing. It got over 1500 downloads just yesterday. It probably will slow down for a while since the first of these four blood just took place. If Russia moves into the Ukraine, the Russia article could take off again, or if Russia invades the blood moon conjectures’, might say it is a fulfillment and then both articles would be heavily hit. At this point, it does look like this will be a record month for traffic on my website and Blog.

I can know what Americans are concerned about by the articles on my website that they find using search engines.  Next month it might be about the stock market crash or something the Pope did or something else.

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 Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


45 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Apr 2014

  1. All: Did you see this? Ukraine Jews coming out of a synagogue were given flyers instructing them to register themselves and their property to officials or face deportment. The source of the flyers is unknown.
    Todd Starnes of Fox News reported this in an article I just read. Basically that is all the information he had. He recommended arming the Jews.
    I’m interested in this development if anyone else has more info on it.

  2. Hi Don,

    My old device was a windows phone,it started doing all kinds of crash stuff,not sure what the cause was,finally did a hard reset and still had problems.Could be it was just old and or operating system was too outdated,non comparability with updated websites.Finally got free upgrade to HTC EVO 4G LTE and I love it.Very close to the HTC ONE. With 32 GB card that’s more storage than I’ll ever use.

    Now with that said,when I signed up for facebook(because some site content I could not access) I used my Gmail password and Google immediately asked me to change my password on Gmail.So did because they said my account may have been at risk for a highjacking.Then I changed my regular email password to new Gmail one,because I could not access stock email.All these pass words we need,voice mail too etc. Is causeing me a head ache.

    What do any of you think about security programs for android smart phones,is it worth it?

    As to the rest of the articles, we sure do live in interesting times.A few years ago it did not look like Russia was much of threat,and I figured they needed at least 10yrs before that would happen.Never planed on the US being so week,but knew we had another Carter on our hands.Its pretty amazeing how fast things are moveing towards prophetic fulfillments.

  3. Caitlin

    This is the latest:

    Ynet reported that the notices, sent as the Passover holiday began, were signed by Denis Pushilin, chairman of Donetsk’s temporary government.

    But a spokesman for Pushilin told Fox News their organization denies being behind the flyers or distributing them. The spokesman accused pro-Ukrainian groups of circulating them as a false flag operation to cause an international incident.


    The problem in the Ukraine is everyone is trying to make the other side look evil to gain support.

  4. Hi Don,

    Welcome to Linux. Hope all goes well with the transition. Have been using Ubuntu for many years now. Have tried several distros and keep coming back to Ubuntu. A pretty straight forward option with lots of software choices. Many of them very good quality. Definitely liberating to be free of the Windows software cycle. A bit of a learning curve as you say, but not too bad. The new LTS (long term stable) release of Ubuntu just out today. Will be updating all my machines. All the best…

  5. Don,

    I want to ask you an opinion question in regard to…

    The Russian SU-24 buzzing of the USS Donald Cook guided-missile destroyer in the Black Sea.

    My Q4U: If we had, say, a Ronald Reagan type president in office at this time, all things being equal to what they are in these times…of course, our military would be in a different state of readiness and not gutted, that said…what do you think would have happened with that Russian Plane ?

    Nothing, Shot Down ???

  6. David L,

    Don’t overestimate Russia’s military capabilities. They have a long way to go before they build up a world class army again. Of course they do have nukes but they can’t invade the middle east without a real army.

  7. Don,

    Not really overestimateing Russia,but the lack of serious response by the the west,or NATO,makes Putin look stronger.Also will only encourage him all the more.I do agree with your timeline for events over the next 20 years.There are a lot of variables,so you won’t ever find me makeing predictions.I do like the scenarios that Bill Salas writes about for psalm 83 and think that something like that needs to come before Ezekiel 38-39.
    Oh and Gmail gave Me a notice about the protections they put in place about automatically downloading pictures in email.How they are scaning for viruses and or malware,closeing the back door so to speak.

  8. Psalm 83 is a prayer, not a prophecy. Why do people keep insisting on treating it as such? All it shows is that nothing has changed and the same people are still sworn to the destruction of Israel. While the prayer has yet to be answered, and I have confidence it eventually will be, nowhere in the psalm does God say He will do anything.

  9. “Psalm 83 is a prayer, not a prophecy.”

    I have thought the same thing William but the fact that scripture does tell us Israel will be used in their destruction would I think authenticate it as a prophecy.

  10. Thank you Don and Ann S. for the links.

    I was glad to see that no one had registered. Was wondering what they would have been told if they had shown up to register since the officials deny any connection with the flyers.

  11. Hi all,

    For those interested in why psalm 83 plays a role in end times eschatology, Dr. David Reagan gives some really good Q&A in this link
    He is in agreement with Bill Salus,who is on Dons link page I believe.At some point Israel will likely do a preemptive strike on Iran’s nuclear sites,and Iran could start a proxy war in which the other neighboring nations could pile on.
    Knowing more about the old testament is very helpful in understanding this subject.Most Christians really have never studied the major and minor prophets.Bible study is work and requires an investment of time.But why bother when all we have to do is watch a few movies.

  12. David L,

    I am aware of what Bill Salus teaches. It is interesting, but I have not fully bought into it. I wrote my own critique of his first two books.

    I now think his theory about a greatly expanded Israel is getting less likely all the time. I think Israel will join into the Mediterranean Union along with the EU and everything will be much like it was in Jesus day when the false Messiah arrives on the scene. In other words, Israel will become a protectorate of the Roman Empire rather than a great power.


  13. Thanks Don, I will read the suggested material.I don’t think Israel will conquer and subjugate all her neighbors,but if there is a war of the inner ring countries against Israel ,I do believe she will win.How the end of hostilities are drawn up,maybe treaties,your guess is as good as anyone else.The whole thing may blend into the next set of nations joining together and then the european union will be forced to act.I’m just speculating here,and not settled personally.

  14. Don I think that is a pretty good hypothesis regarding Israel joining the EU/MU or whatever it will be. As far as Psalm 83 goes I think all the previous wars involving the Arabs and Jews could have fulfilled it if indeed it is a prophecy. Especially with the 67′ victory and recapture of Jerusalem. As for Russia, Don I know they will be coming into the holy land to take a spoil and many believe it could be Israel’s oil/ natural gas supplies. I wonder if Russia ends up severely disrupting the flow into Europe, which opens the door for Israel to begin supplying Europe. I don’t know if that is even possible but just a thought. I also read a quote from Putin regarding retaking Alaska. His reply was that it was too cold…maybe a hint that he is looking south? Thanks.

  15. Hi Don:
    I look forward each week to your fresh insight. After reading Bill Salas’ books and listening to his question/answerer sessions I too have a hard time buying into ALL that he claims will happen due to Ps 83. It does however intrigue my thoughts somewhat. Personally I cannot see the MU or the EU having anything to do with Israel because of the heavy Islamic persuasion in their government. The issue with Iran WILL have to be dealt with soon but God doesn’t need any help from governments, the IDF or any army for that matter to accomplish his will. We have to remember that God does NOT live in a box and can do anything any time He desires. Especially when it comes to His people.

  16. While we do know that the land promised to Israel WILL have the borders originally promised to Abraham, it doesn’t logically look like those borders will happen anytime soon.

    That said, we do not know what future technologies will be used to solidify borders in the future either, for all we know, there could be armed drone surveillance as the future border agents…in which case, population counts could be irrelevant in protecting borders.

    Only God Knows How and What will be employed in the future to assure Israel of its promised borders.

    From a human logic standpoint, I think Don is correct…as far as we can figure at this point.

  17. …the one thing we do know about those Israel borders promised to Abraham, is they will happen no later than when Jesus’ Feet Hit the Mount of Olives.

    It’s Game Over for all who oppose Israel at that point, of course.

  18. If Psalm 83 is prophetic, the language from vss 9-18 would suggest destruction and utter subjugation. The continuing belligerence of the Arab States toward Israel is not the attitude of subjugated nations, therefore Psalm 83 is still future.

  19. To David,

    Haven’t these land promises to Israel already been fulfilled in the past?

    Joshua 21:43-45

    43 And the LORD gave unto Israel all the land which he sware to give unto their fathers; and they possessed it, and dwelt therein. 44 And the LORD gave them rest round about, according to all that he sware unto their fathers: and there stood not a man of all their enemies before them; the LORD delivered all their enemies into their hand. 45 There failed not ought of any good thing which the LORD had spoken unto the house of Israel; all came to pass.

  20. Don,

    What moves or statements has President Putin made that cause you to believe he wants a new Russian Empire? I see the whole matter of the Ukraine as an ill-conceived coup encouraged by some elements in the EU after Ukraine decided to reject a trade deal with the EU.

    You don’t walk up to a bear and poke it in the eye? That is common sense, what were they thinking?

    Personally I think the creations of the National Parks was a good idea, I benefit greatly from the Ozark National Forest as I love to hike and explore in my jeep. Truly beautiful country, that I would have very limited access too if it were sold into private ownership.

    Finally the clear cutting has stopped, and they have moved to a thinning process which is visually more appealing than the former. If only they would leave the hardwoods alone….but I understand the paper industry needs a mix of the different fibers.

  21. David V,

    Try doing a Google search on Putin Eurasian union. Putin’s statements are not secret. Who is behind the Ukrainian crises is debatable. The fact that Pultin wants to form an Eurasian union is not.

    There is no doubt that some states needed the Federal Government to manage their land when they did not have the people or the resources to do it themselves. Those days are gone and land management is not the same as claiming ownership.

    You do not really need national forests if the states managed the lands within their borders. For example, about a third of New York state is state park and it is managed better than Federal forests. There is a small amount of national forest nearby in NE Pennsylvania but it is a mess in contrast to the NY state park on the other side of the border. The federal forest is almost totally taken over by ferns.

    There is probably as much state forests (conservation areas) in the Ozarks as their are National lands. In fact the national forests in some states like Missouri are still largely owned by private owners. The Feds drew the borders for the federal forests but they never came up with the money to buy the lands that were already held by private owners. For example the city of Winona Missouri is in the middle of Federal Forest and I know for a fact that much of the land around Winona Missouri is still in private ownership.

    What if the Presidents want to declare any land in a state to be federal land. Well, they are doing just that, by declaring huge tracts of land to be national monuments against the wishes of sovereign states.

  22. Don,

    The first paragraph gave the impression (to me anyway) that you are suggesting that Putin/Russia is planning on invading more countries after an eventual conquest of Ukraine in a desire for a future Russian Empire. I consider such differently than the desire for an economic union with nations that are already aligned with Russian and which is modeled after the European Union.

    On the National Parks vs State Parks vs Private Ownership question, I am glad this area of the country has large amounts of public land which to enjoy. I would be against moving these land into private hands, but wouldn’t argue too loudly against moving more lands from Federal to State control, even though we might have to pay higher fees for using the same land. Around here Federal land is generally more “wilderness” whereas State land is more “civilized”, personally enjoy both depending on what level of “Adventure” I am seeking.

    I give you the Buffalo National River as a successful example of the “wilderness concept”, many streams to kayak/canoe in Arkansas but none are as pristine, nor give the feeling of remoteness, like the Buffalo.

    And don’t support the President being able to independently declare National Monuments, the Antiquities Act should be changed, allowing the President to temporarily assume the right to property under the provisions of the act but require congressional approval before such land is fully assumed by the Federal Government. Basically my ideas would “freeze” the land until Congress could act in approval or denial of the Presidents suggestion.

  23. David V,

    If you read the Putin’s statements, you would see that He regrets the fall of the Soviet Union and intends to see something like that form again. I am sure he would like to have friendly states just join with him, but as his military power increases again, I see Russia acting no different than it did in the Cold War. Remember, that the Soviet Union was not just Russia. It was states in E. Europe that were controlled or highly influenced by Russia through the threat of force.

    Putin will invade more countries. He sees himself as a new Czar of a greater Russia and the savior of Christianity against the decadent West and Islam. I wrote a long section on Putin in my Feb perspectives newsletter. It is in the last section. Putin could very well be Gog.


    In the part of the Ozarks where I am living, the state lands are more wilderness like than the national forests lands because the national lands have a lot of private ownership. I agree that on the federal scenic waterways on the Buffalo, the Current, River, Jack Forks and others, that they are operated like National Parks and are very wild. There is very little private ownership on them. I love conservation areas and wilderness areas as long as the people can use and enjoy them. I hope we will continue to increase wild public lands. However, if wilderness areas means that people are not allowed to do anything on them to enjoy them, I would be against that.

    By the way, I live near huge tracts of private land and they are just as wild as the state and federal lands. The big difference is that some do not want the public to trespass on them.

  24. Don,

    Perhaps it is a matter of perspective, I am slightly embarrassed to admit being an admirer of Vladimir Putin, the politician/world leader, and do pay attention to what he says but obviously being an citizen of America, miss out on a lot. A Google search couldn’t find any quotes that would show he sees war/invasion as a viable option to the re-establishment of a greater Russia. The Crimean region is historically part of Russia, my opinion is that this is a special case, and I would strongly encourage the EU not to provoke the Bear any further, then resolve the situation with Putin as quickly as possible.

    What I did find was a good article on the subject, which closely aligns with my opinion on the matter, that I would like to share: http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-26769481

    I agree that he is projecting himself in the tradition of the Czars. As far as whether he is Gog or not, I will leave that to you and others with a better understanding of what is or isn’t prophecy in the fulfilling.

  25. David V,

    So your an admirer of a ruthless thug that kills his enemies, killed the free press, and has amassed a personal fortune of about $40 billion by using his position of power. Putin will get his Eurasian union by any means that he can.

    Mark your words on Ukraine because the Crimean region is just one of Putin’s first steps toward his greater Russia. I am sure if he can get his way without military force he will go that route, but he is not going to be backing down from his goals. I think other parts of the Ukraine will join or align with Russia and other nations will do so as well by one means or another. NATO is not gearing up in Poland because they do not see Russia as being any danger. Some say he has eyes on Finland and Moldova. However, believe what you want. What Russia actually does to achieve Putin’s desires will all come out in the news.

  26. To: David V,

    Though I am not a supporter of Putin for obvious reasons, I do however, have respect for the man.

    Right or wrong, evil or not, Putin at least stands for something and is very strong about it…which is a heckuva lot more than we can say about our current administration and political landscape as a whole.

    Putin knows that our tooth-fairy and chief Obama is a schmuck and does not back down from his spineless lines drawn in the sand…and Putin has at least publicly denounced abortion, homosexuality, and other perversions in his own country…which again, is more than we can say about our current socialist regime.

    I do not like what Putin did in Crimea, I tend to think that Crimea is ‘just the start’ of Putin’s Russia literally becoming the Gog of Biblical Prophecy, just my opinion…and I think nobody other than The Lord God Almighty Himself will stop Putin when he makes the tragic mistake of coming against Israel.

  27. ~David,

    Most world tyrants come in riding on a white horse or they will never get the dictatorial powers. Putin has unsurpassed popularity in Russia because of his recent power plays even while Russia was going into recession. The Russians just love their strong men. Our own strong man came in on a white horse but it apparently was the white rocking horse that he never grew up on.

  28. I know this is subjective but if one “Google Earths” the Ukraine one sees a natural border between east and west – the Dnienper River system. Nations are quite often set upon such lines. This could be an interesting ‘space’ to watch.

    I wonder if the sanctions threatened by Europe against Russia ‘could’ be the catalyst of a Russian and Allies invasion of Israel. Bear with me…

    Russia could retaliate against any sanctions by closing off their oil flow (35% was one figure I read) and Europe would be forced to go elsewhere, and where else could they go? Israel’s new found oil and gas, piped up through Cyprus and Greece could be an answer. The infrastructure would take some time to put in place so it could take a year or two (or three).

    I think you have written that Israel’s resources are yet to be fully proven Don, but such a scenario, if it came to fruition, would be a sufficient ‘hook in the jaw’ to draw Gog to Israel’s mountains.

    We live in Interesting times.

  29. Hi Brian,

    I do not think Israel can possibly develop enough gas to replace the Russian Gas. The U.S. could develop enough gas over time but even that will take a lot of development.

    I don’t think that Russia will allow anyone to take away their European markets. They will go to war first and they won’t be going toward Israel. They will be going to protect their pipelines and their markets. Without energy exports Russia would soon be third world nation. For that reason, I also do not see Russia cutting off the gas to Europe for more than a few days.

    I agree with the natural border in Ukraine. Russia wants the Eastern Ukraine where the Russian speaking people are. I doupt if they will put troops in Western Ukraine anytime soon unless it is to put down a civil war.

    Actually, Israel seems to be getting along better with Putin today then they do with Obama. I think we are putting the cart way before the horse to think anything that we see today will be the hook in the Jaw of Gog. That thought suddenly comes to mind of Gog. Apparently something changes that gives him the idea to come against Israel to take a spoil. It could be a world crop failure or more likely the U.S. or Islam being taken out of the equation somehow. Since Gog is turned around and brought down he might already be in a war in Eastern Europe.

  30. If 2030 – 2040 is anywhere near accurate regarding the return of Christ, 2030, minus the seven years Tribulation and three and a half years of Israel’s freedom to burn Gog’s weaponry, makes a ‘possible’ Gog invasion of Israel just six years away. Of course if the true date is 2040 or later then we are looking at sixteen plus years

    I vaguely remember you saying you were turning toward a mid trib attack by Gog, I cannot see that as possible myself, but am naturally interested in anything you have for such a change of mind?

  31. Hi Brian,

    That is assuming that the Gog invasion is 3 1/2 years before the last seven years and the return of Christ is in 2030. All of that of course is conjecture. I still say 10 to 20 years is much more likely then six. Russia has a plan to rebuild her military but it won’t get accomplished in just six years. Russia could not even get all the players together that are mentioned in six years.

    I am not sure when Gog invades. However, since it is one of the most significant prophetic events to the nation of Israel in future prophecy it either has to bring in the final seven years or it is within the final seven years. Also the Gog war events end in the restored Kingdom according to any sequential reading of Ez 39.

  32. Regarding federal ownership of lands. I’d have to check my Constitution again to be sure, but I was under the impression that the only lands legally permitted to be owned by the government are Washington DC, federal forts and harbors, and territories. I may be misspeaking here, but that’s what I’m recalling off the top of my head. If the Constitution hasn’t been amended in this regard, then all nationally owned land is illegal. But then, most of what this government has done of recent borders on larceny.

    You’re right Don about the Ozarks being a wild land. We need a machete to tramp through our property down in Ozark County.

  33. Hi Doug,

    I call the Ozark forests the green hell. It is a place not to venture in the summertime unless you got a few screws loose.

    It is federal judges that ruled that state public lands managed by the federal government now belong to the federal government. The states certainly did not give them ownership.

  34. Don,

    It would be interesting if you did a study on the 2520 year relationship to Israel. I noticed your 2nd coming timeline didn’t include the possibility that there could be 2520 years from when Daniel was given the prophecy in 483 BC to the 2nd coming. This would be around 2037 AD.

    It is just interesting that there are also 2520 days in the last 7 year tribulation. Maybe the days are years from the prophecy to the end. Another curious tidbit is that the angel was held up for 21 days by demonic forces. 2520/21= 120. So maybe it has meaning maybe not but there seems to be some sort of relationship.

  35. Jim,

    Where do you get that Daniel was giving any prophecy in 483 BC? That would be after his lifetime. For example Daniel got his vision of the 70 weeks about 538 BC when he was already an old man. He was born sometime around 610 BC or before.

    The 2520 days in Revelation is what 7 years adds up to under the lunar calender. There is 1260 days for the two prophets and a 42 month period for the Beast. It adds up to seven years. Then there is the seven year covenant with the Prince of the latter years also mentioned by Daniel that starts these last seven years.

  36. Don and All,

    On this 27th day of April, 2014 where Pope’s are canonizing other Pope’s into Sainthood, I find it more profound that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Sunday called the Holocaust “the most heinous crime” of modern history.

    I am very surprised to hear that after hearing so much rhetoric from Islam over the years that either the “Holocaust never happened” or that “they (the Jews) deserved it”.

    Thankfully, Netanyahu doesn’t seem to be buying into his cheap words…I’m sure the international community will use what Abbas said to further sympathy for the Palestinians, as usual…and use it to “show” just how inflexible Israel is.

    I guess that’s the whole reason for it…just putting on a stage show for the world to weigh in on ?

    If that statement should backfire on Abbas and there is an outpouring of empathy for Israels right to exist in their homeland, I can’t help but think that Abbas as Palestinian President is over.

    Bring on the next tyrant, I guess.

  37. To God, Don, And All….

    Apparently, Michael Bloomberg has decided that he is going to dictate terms to Yahweh God…when he “gets to heaven”…uh huh, just look at this quote and the article if you wish.

    “I am telling you, if there is a God, when I get to heaven I’m not stopping to be interviewed. I am heading straight in,” he told reporter Jeremy Peters. “I have earned my place in heaven. It’s not even close.”


    Yeah, I’m guessing that Mr Bloomberg needs to change that attitude or he’s going to find his earthly millions won’t even buy him one glass of much needed ice water.

  38. ~David

    As Obama would say, Bloomberg did not earn all his billions we did that.

    Bloomberg uses his billions for evil and calls it good. As man can be justified and made righteous by what they believe in their heart and confess with their mouth of needing God’s Savior and gift to men. The self-righteous damn themselves through what they believe in their heart and confess with their own mouth when they declare themselves God’s gift to men.

  39. AnnS,

    The Vatican policing the holy sites to the three main Abrahamic religions has always been the goal of the Roman Catholic Church. I do not think it will happen until there is a one world religion that is led by the Harlot of Revelation 17 (the Vatican), so we are not quite there yet. It seems that in the first half of the last seven years the Vatican will administer these lands as part of the seven year covenant with the many.

    What we should expect first, is a world war against Islamists followed by a a removal of all offending passages in all religious “holy books” and the outlawing of the expression of anything that might offend someone or lead them to violence. This will be done in the name of world peace and in the name of a universal (catholic) “God” of course. And of course, the persecution of true believers in Christianity for the sake of peace and tolerance will be thought to be doing God a favor. True believers will have to go underground.

    Some want the great war with the Jehadist’s to happen soon to get it over with but they ought to be careful what they wish for. They need to know that severe persecution of fundamental Christians that will not alter their beliefs will follow right after this war (fifth seal in Revelation).

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