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Israel has officially started peace talks with the “Palestinians” again. The so-called Palestinians say they want a state between Israel and Jordan but they already are the majority in a state called Jordan. What they really want is to take over land of Israel. Maybe they think the prosperity of Israel would transfer to them if they occupied Israel? Someone ought to tell these delusional dependents that it takes education and hard work to build up a prosperous society. If these Arabs took over Israel it would be a barren desert again within ten years.

Anyway, this peace for a State charade has been going on for decades and it is the so-called Palestinians that always end up torpedoing any peace effort because they really do not want peace with Israel. They are indoctrinated hate filled Islamic plantation slaves that are occupying the land for the everlasting handouts that the whole Israel hating world gives them.

Hamas controls half of the so-called Palestinians and they are against even having peace talks with Israel. So we might wonder why the U.S. wants peace talks now when everyone knows that there will be no peace as a result of these talks. There could be an agreement with Abbas but it would soon by overruled by the people. Certainly Israel knows that peace is not the goal of these people. So why is Israel even playing the game?

I think they are playing the game to keep the Islamists divided and to throw a bone to narcissists like Obama that believe their own press. Obama probably thinks he got the Nobel Peace prize because he is destined to become the great world peacemaker. Yet, this “peacemaker” has done more to alienate allies of America and divide his own country than any other person since the birth of the nation.

Israel is in the peace talks because the great threat to them right now is Shi’ite Iran and Hezbollah, and Syria if it remains under the military forces of Assad. The peace effort is being pushed by Sunni Muslims. The Sunni do not want Iran to control the Fertile Crescent and Sunni led Saudi Arabia is quite aware of Iranian 12er’s eschatology and its Mahdi figure that would put Saudi Arabia under Shi’ite Iranian control.

The U.S. under Obama has clearly sided with the Sunni Muslims and more specifically with their Muslim Brotherhood faction. That is why Obama dumped Mubarak and that is why the Obama administration got so upset when the Egyptian military threw the Muslim Brotherhood out of office.  There is a similar miscalculation in Syria where the Sunni Muslims are fighting against Assad and his military. The Obama administration thought the Muslim brotherhood would have Assad out within a couple of weeks and Hillary Clinton even said as much well over a year ago. Things are not going like the Obama administration believed in Syria because Assad got military support from Iran and Hezbollah and the Russians threaten.

Therefore, Israel now believes that peace talks are to their advantage. Israel will now do whatever it takes to appease the Sunni because of the greater Shi’ite threat to Israel coming from Iran and Hezbollah. Israel will appease the Sunni and the West by carrying out peace talks in the Middle East while the Sunni and the West expand their military actions against the Shi’ite threat coming from Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria.

A strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities becomes more acceptable by America if Iran continues supporting Assad militarily while the Sunni and the West are playing an active military role in the war to overthrow Assad. It is quite a chess game that all involved are playing, but the outcome is questionable.


There is very little talk right now about any military action against Iran by either Israel or America. I think there is good reason for that. Iran is now working on broadening its nuclear base rather than crossing Israel’s red line. They do not want to cross the red line right now and give the U.S. or Israel an excuse to knock out their nuclear facilities before they harden and broaden their military and nuclear programs.

I also believe that Obama is hoping for some agreement with the new President of Iran to allow inspections to take place and Iran is giving him every indication to believe that this is a possibility. Iran knows that sanctions would be immediately lifted if they even agree to allow such inspections. America did that in N. Korea and the U.S. was bamboozled for decades while N. Korea continued its nuclear development. If Iran can pull that delaying action off for even another decade we very well could be at the time of the Gog war when Bible prophecy says Iran comes against Israel.

Those running Iran are still expecting the 12th Imam or Mahdi to come to save their day. In a very recent 12er conference in Iran, the Iranian Mullahs were saying that the war in Syria would lead to the coming of the Mahdi. In other words, they do not intend to allow Syria to fall to the Sunni. The civil war in Syria very well could go on for years. I believe the latest speculation about the timing of the coming of the Mahdi among the 12er’s was that it would be around 2015. However, that date is not set in concrete. In 12’er eschatology, wars and messages received by their supreme leader from the “Mahdi” determines when he is coming and not any set date.

The coming Shi’ite savior figure that will unite Islam and establish world Islamic rule is the only logical reason that Iranian leaders would believe the Shi’ite agenda could prevail over the 85 percent Sunni of Islam. Even so, there will be no supernatural Mahdi coming. This mythological figure will not be fulfilled by the Antichrist either as some ex-Muslims and near-sighted Bible prophecy teachers wish to believe.

Another point that Bible prophecy students might consider is that none of what we see happening today allows for any possibility of a Psalm 83 war occurring within the next few years. The Arabs now are way too divided and too concerned with Iran to come united against Israel in any fulfillment of Psalm 83.


The economy is getting better if you want to believe our government and the government controlled media. They say the GDP increased by a whole 1.7 percent last quarter. Like that is good? But, even this low 1.7 percent is a lying figure. They just started counting things that for good reason were never included in our GDP before. You can Google that if your interested in how government liars figure.

Meanwhile, the Federal Reserve just keeps creating about 85 billion dollars of new money each month. When they stop or double up on the printing, the whole game is over. A nation cannot just keep printing money without consequences. Here is what I think you need to watch. Watch the ten-year treasury bond interest rate. It was down to about 1.5 percent. It is now over 2.5 percent. If the Fed continues the present rate of quantitative easing, or stops this program, and the ten-year interest rates rise to even 4 or 5 percent, we will be on the brink of a contraction. Since we never had a real recovery after the last contraction, it will be a depression. If the Fed increases the amount of quantitative easing (money creation) even more, and the ten-year interest rate still continues to rise, you will know that we are heading toward hyperinflation that will lead to the death of the dollar.

The five-year “recovery” is not really happening for most in America. 77 percent of the jobs added last year were just part-time jobs and most of them were near minimum wage service jobs. The percentage of homeowners in this country is at a 18 year low and the percentage of adults living with their parents is at an all time high. The workforce percentage of adults continues to shrink. Packages in grocery stores also continue to shrink but the prices stay the same or rise. Hours worked and wages continue to fall but the price of necessities like food, gas, and health insurance continue to rise. Debt continues to rise. Large cities are even starting to go bankrupt. Those on food stamps and government assistance continue to increase and all this is happening in what we are supposed to believe is the fifth year of an economic recovery???

The stock market is insane, there is nothing behind this rise other than easy money from the Fed and leveraged investor gambling. It is all going to come crashing down like a house of cards shortly. Since nobody learned anything from the crash of 2008  a much worse crash is coming. I Don’t think that housing is going to hold its value either. As soon as interest rates rise, few will be able to finance a house. Less buyers and more repossession means another crash in the real value of housing.

By the way, the national debt reached its legal limit two months ago, but the national debt has not increased at all in the last two months. Someone tell me how that is legally done??


When you think about the evil cabal of godless Marxists that have gained control over much of this country we might even believe an EMP over our East and West coast could be a God sent remedy. What we need to keep in mind is that everything that we have taken for granted in this country could be changed in a flash. I do not know how many experts have warned our government to take some action about our very vulnerable electrical grid but still they do nothing.

Many in America just mock what is good and promote what is evil as if God approves. America is not guaranteed tomorrow, nor is she mentioned in end time Bible prophecy. This nation apparently has lost all fear of God, but when disaster strikes, the powers that be, still like to call these disasters acts of God. How prophetic!

Another Item in the news you might keep in mind this month is that our “Intelligence” has determined that an attack from Al Qaeda on some U.S. target or targets is imminent. This is the same terrorist outfit that was behind the 9/11 attack and that Obama implied was all but defeated just before the 2012 election. Since that time, it is the same terrorist outfit that was involved in the Benghazi attack and is on the rise in many nations. Apparently it also is the main outfit that the U.S. is helping in Syria to overthrow Assad. Talk about schizophrenic foreign policy!


I guess you have heard about the Arctic ice all melting in the main stream news. What the mainstream media will never tell you is that the Arctic had the shortest summer ever recorded this year. Any Arctic ice melt is most likely due to soot from  China’s coal fueled power plants because China still has almost no pollution control. Antarctica continues to amass more ice, and the last I read, most of Antarctica was still cooling. In fact, the earth has not warmed for almost two decades and is actually trending colder.

Sun spot activity has fallen drastically during the latest solar cycle and that points toward future global cooling. The earth could get much colder and that really would be a danger to the expanding population on this planet. The continual hype on MSM that CO2 is causing global warming is disinformation. The truth that the planet is not warming will not stop the Obama administration from trying to shut down our coal plants and enforcing other global warming policies because global warming was never really about global warming, it is a means to an end for global governance.


We all know that our government leaders are for the freedom and liberty of people living in the U.S. and are acting constitutionally, right? All this NSA surveillance in the U.S. is just to protect us from the threat of terrorism, right? The fact that over 95 percent of all terrorists acts in the world are carried out by Muslims, but our government says that Muslim terrorism is not the threat, should give us a clue that our government lies to us regularly. However, few catch on.

The peons, plantation slaves, and TV addicts are led to believe by our government that it is those nasty tea party and Bible believing Christians that abide by the law but oppose big government tyranny that are the terrorist threat to America. NSA and Homeland Security needs to keep their Big Brother eye on Bible believing Christians and Patriots and they must never forget to keep both eyes on those crazy veterans of foreign wars.


Gee… George Zimmerman was not convicted. Maybe that is because it was obvious from the start that he was actually defending himself. Now young Negro hoodlums are using his acquittal as one more excuse to attack innocent Caucasians. Not that the mainstream press is actually reporting on all the Negro mob actions that have occurred and still continue to go on.

Hatred and violence toward one race or tribe will lead to a counteraction of hate and violence toward the race attacking them. How many times have we seen this play out in world history? People learn nothing from history. If they actually knew God’s history, they would know that all people are members of the Human Race. Skin shades will not be issues in the Body of Christ, so those calling themselves Christians ought to take heed.

Negro father’s in America need to get their teens under control. However, they can’t because most Negro fathers are not raising their kids. When most of the young male role models in our Negro inner cities are gangsters, the kids are going to be raised up to be gangsters. Where is the Negro and Mulatto Clergy in all this?

Do my correct English terms offend you or do you just like to have things black or white like so many racists? The fact is that many calling themselves black have white Caucasians in their family tree. Remember even the “black” president has a white mother. Would Negros in America be following him if his skin shade was that of his mother?

Where are the “black Christian” leaders? A few are speaking up but very few. There are too many like the “Rev” Wright, Sharpton, and Jackson that make their living preaching black racism dressed in the garment of indignation. Can we even tell the truth in this country anymore or must everyone quote the progressive talking heads that speak out of their bird brained minds that they have well buried in the sand? Or is their head really up their progressive posterior?


The state of Christianity in our nation continues to decline. Just about all large churches are corrupted by some heresy and it is because they have moved away from teaching the scriptures in proper context. The big mega churches seem to be combining into some hybrid Harlot that increasingly combines Word of Faith, prosperity teaching, claims of apostolic powers, nationalistic religious dominionism, emergent mysticism, and paganism. It is getting really weird out there because few know or care about Bible doctrine anymore. Bible doctrine is simply the doctrine about Jesus Christ. Without a solid doctrinal foundation, all you have left is your own feelings. Everyone does what is right in their own eyes making themselves their own God.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing are in the pulpits and many attending are there to get their ears itched or to achieve some religious high. According to Ed Decker, even Mormons are now mixing their own heretical doctrine with that of new evangelical heretics. No wonder the New Evangelicals think that Mormons are Christians.

The end result is that the salvation message is not taught anymore, what is given out to seekers on Sunday is heretical theatrics. What is given to feed the true believers that still remain in these congregations is spoiled milk. The fact that these are the fastest growing churches in America speaks wonders about the state of Christianity in America.

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