Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Feb 2013

The primary Windows XP computer system that I have used for almost 10 years crashed last week and would not boot into Windows. I tried everything to no avail, so I eventually reformatted the disk. I reloaded windows XP and tried to download service pack 2 and 3 from Microsoft but that is one experience that failed that I would not like to try to duplicate any time soon.

I finally came to the conclusion that it was not worth all the effort to get that computer on-line again since I had already moved quite a bit of what I needed to my new laptop computer.

Anyway, much of last week was spent trouble shooting the computer and then downloading new software that I needed on my new laptop. I can’t use my scanner with the new 64-bit  system because there is no driver for it, but I did find a driver for the printer. I guess I could run the scanner off of my old computer when I need it. I think the main thing left undone is learning the various learning curves on the various software that I downloaded.

I had to download a new Bible search software, so I downloaded three of them. They all have a lot of free modules, but of course you must pay to unlock  modules that are not in the public domain. One that I downloaded is called “Online Bible”, this is an upgrade of the software that I have used for many years. I will probably still use this software for general searches because I am so familiar with the program.

I also downloaded “theWorld” and “e-sword”.  e-Sword is the easier software of the two to use but theWord has more functions. Both of these software allow you to download the usual classics but they also point you to a directory that has thousands of other third-party books and commentaries that will integrate with their graphic user interface. I downloaded my Revelation Commentary and it fully integrates with chapters and verses of the Bible. So I can look up a verse in Revelation, click on my name and see what I said about that passage.

I had to find a replacement for HMTL webpage creation software for files on my website that are not in the WordPress Blog. I had used Visual Page,  but the software is about 15 years old and will not load on the new computer. I found a dandy free website creation software called “Microsoft Expression Web 4″. I think this free software ranks right up there with the best commercial products. I am not planing any new design to the website anytime soon but this software will allow me to do updates.

Anyway, it looks like I am now set up to go. Getting used to this laptop keyboard seems to be my biggest problem now.


It looks like North Korea is getting ready to do two nuclear bomb tests. They also produced a video showing their bomb hitting New York City. They are also sharing nuclear information and rocket information with Iran. The day of the EMP draws ever closer but our Congress seems to be dysfunctional. Why do I get this feeling that one day soon, these United States of America will cease to exist? I guess we cannot say that we were not warned, Congress was made aware of this threat almost a decade ago.  Obama came in like a savior but he just may go out like a failed power grid.


If you believe MSM and the stock market, America is in a recovery. In truth, we are in an economic mess. The markets are going up because few other investments pay any interest thanks to the Federal Reserve money creation and debt buying scheme. Meanwhile, savers with bank accounts lose money after adjusting for inflation because of those artificially low interest rates.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, 7 million workers will lose their health insurance due to Obamacare. I believe that is double what was claimed when the health bill was sold. I am not sure that number is correct either. I know many employers will just adjust their staff downward and will convert full time workers to part time workers so that they do not have to provide health insurance or pay the fine.

This “recovery” had an official GNP downturn of .01 percent in the last quarter of last year and that figure is not adjusted for inflation. Three of those negative quarters in a row is the very definition of a recession. Unemployment is going up again and even more people are no longer being counted as being in the work force. Why do we have 8 million less workers than we once had with our still rising population if we are in a recovery?

Why is average income still falling if we are in a recovery? And why are prices rising so quickly if there is little inflation? If this is a recovery, I would hate to see what happens in the next official recession or when inflation takes off. However, you can bet your bottom dollar that they always show up.

The real question is, how can the government keep spending trillions more dollars then they take in and not have anything tangible to show for it except for more national debt? And that debt is going to finish us off once interest rates do their inevitable rise. The only question is how long can smoke and mirror tricks fool people before they catch on and the panic takes place and the riots break out?

Obamacare will add trillions more to the national debt and if his immigration policy is passed that will add even more trillions. It is like the democrats have an America death wish.

Argentina is putting price controls on food. The Argentinians never learn that price controls and women idols are not wise political choices to make, and we never learn that entrenched politicians always sell us out and let government bureaucrats enslave us. We do not need food price controls here because soon we will be eating the ammo stockpile of Homeland Security.


Did you know that black mobs are beating and robbing people and businesses in big cities all over this nation? It is a plague, but hardly anything is ever reported on it on the MSM. When they do report on it, they do not mention the color of the attackers. Even the police forces will not comment on it. Somebody better start dealing with this problem and not only because of the obvious injustice. It also is setting things up for major riots in this nation. Sooner or later a couple of black mobsters are going to be shot and killed in self-defense by a white person, then the big riots start.

Some governors and most big city mayors want people disarmed so that they cannot protect their lives and their property from these mobs. But, if the victim waits for the police to show up, the victim still has been beaten and robbed and the criminals will not be sticking around to be arrested. When have you ever heard of the police showing up to stop a flash mob attack, or the knock the brains out of a white or Asian “game”? So, without self-defense or police protection, where is the deterrence? Because black mobs continue to get away with these crimes, it is spreading like a plague.

This is what you get when you have kids brought up by street thugs because they have no father. This is what you get when half the black youth in inter cities cannot get a job because they cannot fill out the job application, make change for a dollar, or even talk English. This permissive “progressive” agenda in America is really working wonders. It is working wonders to destroy this nation!


Obama as President, Biden as Vice President, Kerry as Secretary of State, Hagel as Defense Secretary – need I say more? The foxes are already in the hen house and Chicken Sam took the last train to the perverted coasts singing bye bye America die. And the three men I admire most The Father, Son and the Holy Ghost have been banished to the Heartland.


From the emails I get, I see that once again I need to point out that the Psalm 83 war is not going to be fulfilled in the next couple of years. Every time something happens in the Middle East certain people see it as the possible launching point for the Psalm 83 war. There very well could be an imminent major war in the Middle East, but at best it will only be a precursor to the Psalm 83 war. And no, Israel is not going to make Damascus uninhabitable and cease from being a city during this civil war in Syria. And no, one nuclear bomb or even a few could not possibly fulfill that Isaiah prophecy.

It is almost like some people are wanting to see Israel get into a major war so that they have to nuke their enemies. I think God told us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, not hope for a war so that we can believe the Rapture is upon us. Some Christian people are wasting their lives trying to figure out every detail in prophetic passages when they don’t even expect to be here when those events happen. So what is the point, after the Rapture do they plan to tell God what is going to happen?

And please, if you’re going to email and ask me a question on some point of prophecy, don’t do it with the intention of trying to start an argument. I have better things to do with my time, even if you do not. Also, I trashed four long-winded blog comments just this morning. If you wish to comment on my blog, at least read my commenting policy at least once. I also have news, unparagraphed long-winded comments are not going to get posted. They are almost unreadable.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


22 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Feb 2013

  1. I work with computers for a living and can gladly point you in the right direction for free / legal software that is open sourced or help you troubleshoot issues.

    Have a nice day, sir.

  2. Thanks David,

    I think I have what I need and the issues are pretty much resolved. What do you think about running some version of Linux on my old computer?

  3. Sorry to hear about all your computer troubles Don i know how much a pain in the neck they can be. Don’t worry you will get used to the laptop keyboard it took me awhile to get accustomed to it as well. I do all me homework and essays on my laptop.

    The leftists seem to be attacking our military with a vengeance lately. Women in combat? That is a bad idea on so many levels, but I guess if it’s really about equality then woman should start registering for selective service when they turn 18 now.

  4. Sorry for the computer pain. My scanner runs on one last XP hard drive as well. Old IBM, fast and great scans, none to compare for the cost 10 years ago. I was worried you had decided not to write and I’m thankful you are still at it.

    I would hope that people who are not ethnically proud are feeling more empowered by Christ than the others by Satan. Manson was put away for murders he hoped would lead to race wars. People knocking on others on the street and in businesses might not be so lucky as to make it to a jail cell. There is no screaming racism when a flash mob is amok. We need to get our post-racial perspective straight.

    Glad your back on line.

  5. I wondered what had happened, I have checked often for your blog but then thought maybe there was nothing important to talk about. I certainly agree with your numbers on the economy, thought I was the only person that felt something awry with the numbers. Do certainly agree that this cannot continue for much longer before something happens, which I feel is not good. As a Canadian I watch your politics with great intrest, we seem to follow course within a year. Sounds like Mr. OBAMA does not want our dirty oil so it appears we are looking arcross the seas for new customers. One thing I do know it sure is a good thing that GOD is in control. My biggest problem this week is I had to buy a new washing machine. Keep writing I enjoy your blogs immensely.

  6. Julie,

    Thanks, but I never was off line. My website is on a webhost and I had the other computer on-line. I just was too busy to write and post anything new, but I did make some comments.

  7. Jerry,

    I have USB keyboards, there just is not room for one the way that I have the PC set up on the desk right now. I have the laptop on the desk keyboard pull out and I have another monitor above it on desktop. That way I have two screens where one is right above the other.

  8. Don,
    Have been using Linux for years now and have experimented with several different variants. Ubuntu seems to be the most popular and user friendly (the one I currently use). Everything I used to do in Windows ( I was an IT guy at one time) I can do with Linux. There is some very good quality, free, open-source software in the Linux community. There is usually a bit of a learning curve initially as with anything new. Linux has come along way in the last few years.


  9. Don,

    “We do not need food price controls here because soon we will be eating the ammo stockpile of Homeland Security.”

    Couldn’t have said it better! I suppose you saw where HS has bought another 26 millions rounds? Make you wonder what they’re afraid of!

    Sorry you had to deal with computer problems. They can be a real pain. I’ve been nursing several XP machines here, dreading the time I might have to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8. My wife uses Windows 7, it’s really different from XP. I have no desire to go down that road. My son programs in Linux and encourages me to load it onto one of my old computers. I would, other than I don’t need the hassle of learning a new OS.

    Have used e-Sword for years and like it a lot.

  10. Speaking of the HS purchase of all this ammuntion, do you think the reasoning could be to keep citizens from being able to buy ammo? So maybe next they will begin to buy all of the guns as well. Then the government won’t have to worry about the 2nd ammendment, except for those who already have firearms. Maybe this is far fetched, but this administration could just print up as much money as it needed to purchase any firearm it wanted. I mean they are printing money non stop as it is right, what’s another trillion?

  11. Don,

    Just a few more thoughts on the Linux option. Out of the box driver support for linux is pretty good. The neat thing about Linux is that most distributions offer a live-cd or live-dvd option on their installation media. This allows you to boot up from the cd or dvd and play with the operating system and applications without altering your hard drive. Keep in mind though, that because your running the OS from a drive with slow disk access speeds compared to a hard drive, it will feel slow during this test run. But you will get a feel for the OS and be able to see if all your hardware works before you actually pull the trigger and do a full install. At one time, say 5+ years ago) a person needed to be able to use the command line to tweak their Linux system. This is generally no longer the case. Linux distros have matured a lot. Almost everything can be done without ever having to use the command line.

    Generally, in Linux, the memory requirements are less than in Windows. There are several very good Linux distros with very rich desktop environments (that rival the latest that Microsoft and Apple has to offer). Several of the more popular Linux distros also offer lighter versions of their OS that use a different Dektop Environment and thus less resource hungry (some as little as 128 MB memory). By nature, Linux is more stable, secure and less flicked than the alternatives. Virus threats are no longer a worry.

    A good source for information on Linux variants is distrowatch.com. The more popular Linux distros have extensive support via help forums or technical articles splashed around at various places around the web. Two of the most popular with their lighter variants are:

    Linux Mint also available in lighter versions using XFCE desktop
    Ubuntu 12.04 LTS or lighter versions Xubuntu (XFCE) and Lubuntu (LXDE)

  12. Steve

    That is farfetched, and no, that is not the reason why I think Homeland security is buying a lot of ammo. The government does not even control the money supply, the bankers do that. However, under martial law conditions I can see where turning in guns might get you some special rationing coupons.

  13. Morning Don, I guess there are going to be lots of far-fetched conjecture because Ephesians 6:12 is not being heeded. We are battling bankers consolidating their power, the Fed gov’t trying to consolidate it’s power and we must gird our loins with the truth and fight back against the grand deceiver and destroyer. We know where it goes and where it ends and what the finish will be. We just need to fight the good fight. he is going to take us to the end and he is working over-time, he knows his time is limited as well. Detroit is bankrupt, Baltimore is nearly there, NY is pushing gun control while people are buried in global warming, without power and still not recovered from Sandy. HS buys ammo but won’t fix the red tape or homes there. Best we can do is stand up for right, take a bullet if that is His plan for us and smile because we won’t have eternal life in hell like those coming after us. It is hard to watch and know our end is coming but I am reminded of Ecclesiastes in that anything we do gives no joy unless it is God’s will and plan for us. Surely now is the time for us to decide we need salvation and either you choose the gov’t and Satan for it or you go with God and put up with his plan and justice for us all. Lord have mercy, as if that’s any choice.

  14. Don,

    I am so sorry about your computer problems. It can be so time consuming to get everything up and running. Glad you are back.

    The black mob situation is truly alarming……and you are right…..it isn’t being covered in the news. First I had heard of it, so thanks for that. Another reason to get out of cities.

    Only Jesus can turn the hearts of these uneducated, unemployed wayward young people around. Most have been trapped (by design, I might add) for generations in hopelessness and despair. Never even getting a taste that there could be another life for them out there. I love the ministry of Star Parker because she addresses these issues.


  15. You can restore your old computer with Linux. Get yourself a copy of Linux Mint 14 and you will be back up and running in no time. It will probably recognize your scanner too.

    By the way, would you be willing to syndicate a column on my website at TribulationProject.com? I could use the content since I don’t have the time to write anymore. Let me know if you are interested. I could at least help you get your message out in another place besides here.

  16. Ted,

    You got caught in the spam Que for some reason, the software probably thinks you are selling something.
    Thanks for the info. I tried downloading Ubuntu from their site but for some reason it just will not download. I wanted to download it and then move the operating system engine to my other computer but am having no success.

  17. Hi Donald,

    Your another one that mentioned the word Linux and got caught up in my spam filter. The programers of the spam software must be prejudice.

    I will be looking at Linux at some point for my other computer. I Don’t know which brand of it that I will use yet. I still have this idea that I could restore the disk with most of what I had on it since I do have a .mring image file of the disk from a backup a few months ago. The problem is getting Macrium Reflect backup and restore software to even load on the windows XP computer that is now running on service pack 1 with a browser that will not even access the internet without crashing.

    I need to try a few more things when I get the time. I did try transferring the Macrium Reflect setup software from another computer but it starts loading and then just stops. Maybe it needs a internet connection? I just do not have time to fool with it right now.

    I probably can run the scanner on the XP system as it is if the driver that I got with the scanner will install. I have not got around to trying it yet. I don’t think I want to keep that XP system going just for the scanner. If I cannot restore most of what I had on the disk before the reformat then Linux makes sense.

    On the subject of syndication. It has been my policy that others can copy my articles if they include a link to where they got the article and also give me credit for writing it.

  18. Don,

    Let me know how you make out. Regardless of what distro you choose to try, I think you will be at least – intrigued. The transition from windows to linux is usually fairly smooth today. Negative experiences are usually driver related. Some manufacturers just refuse to provide linux driver support and/or open the technical data so that others in the opensource community can write the drivers for their hardware. The majority of people are able to install Linux successfully with all their hardware working properly right off the bat. I hope this is the case for you as well. I like the freedom that comes with using open source software and operating systems. It was refreshing to jump off the bandwagon. Best of Luck!!

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