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Much of the reason many first world nations have such high unemployment and are so indebted is because of economic treaties set up by globalists with bought and paid for politicians. These economic treaties gave corporations incentives to move their manufacturing to poorer nations where labor was cheaper. Then, as the poor nations industrialized, manufacturing jobs were lost in the rich nations and unemployment in these nations began to rise. The unemployed in these rich nations no longer paid sufficient taxes, so taxes had to be raised. However, the tax increases just made other corporations uncompetitive. That drove them out of business or make them also move to poorer nations, thus compounding the problem.

To prevent social unrest in rich nations where jobs were no longer secure, cradle to grave social programs had to be provided. Taxes were already too high, so governments had to borrow money to pay for all these social guarantees and programs. Then, interest paid on their borrowing kept compounding until these once rich nations had a debt load that they could not sustain.

The world downturn in 2008 brought this economic problem sharply into focus. As long as massive debt remains and the poorer nations are under bidding first world nations for manufacturing there really is no way for these first world nations to fix their economies. Unemployment in many nations is now at great depression levels and it is still inching higher while debt continues to increase.

You might think that exporting jobs to third world nations would lead to prosperity in those emerging nations. To some limited extent it has, but much of that wealth went to the privileged class that used their wealth to leverage borrowing for continued future expansion. They became so confident that emergent market expansion would continue, that they borrowed large sums of money to continue the expansion. Now that the world has tightened its belt, further expansion is not needed but it still is being built anyway. The manufactures in these nations will not have enough markets for their products but they will still have to pay off or turn-over short-term loans that now demand very high interest rates.

In other words, they are in the same debt spiral found in first world nations but the risks of default are higher and inflation is higher so they have to pay much higher short-term interest rates. If the world economy does not pick up real soon, there is going to be an economic blood bath in these third world nations. We already see evidence of that starting to happen in some nations.

Economics is fueling massive protests and riots all over the world that American mainstream media rarely covers. Many of these emerging nations have very high inflation. In Argentina the inflation rate is 40 percent. Venezuela has inflation over 100 percent and they are now on the brink of a revolution. Inflation is raging in many other nations as well. Inflation occurs because nations are cutting the value of their currencies to get competitive advantage over other nations to reduce their own unemployment. The currency wars is what caused the world depression of the 1920’s and 30’s and now it seems that the world is taking the same course.

The US. has been largely immune because it is the world reserve currency. When the currencies of other nations became unstable, investors found security in U.S. Treasuries. That is not likely to continue much longer. As America shows unsustainable debt problems of her own, many nations want a new global currency.

In spite of the smoke and mirrors used by the Obama administration, most of America is not in an economic recovery. Wages are still falling and the percent of people in the American workforce keeps falling. The number of people on food stamps is still rising. Those with incomes under the national poverty level is still rising. The fall in unemployment numbers is because millions that once had full times jobs took part-time jobs, retired, gave up, or are on disability.

The Stock Market is about the only thing recovering and that rise is caused by Federal Reserve easy money policy. The Fed created money to lend out at near zero interest rates so the stock market became about the only investment exceeding the real inflation rate. The Federal Reserve itself is now so indebted that whether it buys more debt, or stops buying debt, interest rates will start to rise significantly. When it does, America will be in for another economic downturn.

Instead of the fair weather recovery that is being reported by media. I see a lot of storm clouds gathering that will soon put us in the second phase of a world depression.

Wal-Mart and McDonald’s sales have turned down. Manufacturing sales are falling. Property sales in California are declining again. Produce prices this year will be rising due to the extremely dry weather in California and cold in the south. Beef herds are now as small as they were when the U.S. had half the people. Pork prices, chicken and egg prices have increased dramatically. The main reason livestock is falling is because of high feed prices and much of the high feed prices are caused by government policy to convert grains into fuel alcohol. In addition, health care costs are going up a lot for many and energy prices are rising.

No matter what the government says about inflation you can be sure that it is going to cost Americans much more to live this year than it did last year and their wages will not increase. The economy for 2014 does not look good, and a recent survey of Americans confirms that most Americans agree.

The whole world looks to be on the brink of an economic panic. What will start the run for the door and what governments will do about the resultant social unrest will probably become news headlines shortly.


America has a lawless President that rules by unconstitutional decree and nobody knows what to do about it. I do not know how far he can push this before grass-roots rebellion surfaces. The House of Representatives says they can do nothing to stop him. They say they cannot even sue Obama in federal court because they claim they would not have “standing”. That sounds loony, some of Obama’s decrees will cost taxpayers billions of dollars, and who represents taxpayers and controls the budget if not the House of Representatives? If anyone has “standing” it would be the House.

A Federal Judge once again ruled against the voters of a state, by ruling that Virginia’s law that bans homosexual marriage is unconstitutional. Federal judges in four different states have now made this ruling against the voters of these sovereign states. That in itself is unconstitutional, it violates the tenth amendment and probably others. So if the Supreme Court rules to uphold these lower court decisions, homosexual marriage will be legal in every state in the union whether the people in those states like it or not. If the Supreme Court rules in favor of the voters of the states, Obama just might make homosexual marriage legal in every state through executive order. Who is going to stop him?

I guess the only legal way to overrule the Supreme Court would be through a constitutional amendment. Maybe that will happen when the price of admission to the gay pride circus parade costs Americans so much that nobody wants to be entertained by the side-show freaks anymore.

I wonder what would happen if the states just did not abide by decisions of federal judges that make rulings that have nothing to do with the U.S. Constitutional? The ruling on homosexual marriage is not a one time deal; legislating through judges or executive order happens much too often. This is unconstitutional, it makes a mockery of the separation of powers set up by our founding fathers to keep any one of the three branches of government from becoming tyrannical. If the federal government will not abide by the U.S. Constitution that all swore to uphold, why should state governments abide by federal laws that just makes states complicit with federal lawlessness?

The EPA just took away one million acres of land from the state of Wyoming and gave it to the Indians. The EPA??? Where did they get such powers? It is another lawless action by federal bureaucrats. It will now go to the courts. The federal government already does anything it wants on over 35 percent of the state of Wyoming. I do not know why the people in western states even put up with federal land grabs? If this federal tyranny continues, the first state to secede will probably achieve a doubling of their population in short order.

There are other land grabs coming in the future through executive order. The President can make anything he wants a federal national monument. Huge acreage in a state can be declared monuments by the decree of just one man. The President can just save everyone much trouble by just declaring the whole USA a national monument. Then there will be no more reason to have states, Congress, or elections. I hate giving this budding dictator ideas, but we might as well get this over with.


I think other foreign affairs for this month were adequately covered in my previous article of last week, so you might want to read that. From what I can see, the whole world is on the brink of military conflicts and civil upheavals. It has been 100 years since World War I but it seems that the world has learned nothing and is going down the same road.


Some Evangelical leaders are calling Putin a defender of the Christian faith. Are they totally nuts??? Have they got so far off track themselves that they have become total loons? The only thing that Putin defends is Catholicism and his own police state agenda. Putin might be the richest man in the world. Some estimate his wealth between $40 and $70 billion but he stole that money from the Russian people. He recently announced the end of his marriage to his wife. Putin has had mistresses throughout his political career. People that oppose Putin publicly, seem to end up dead. Putin is some outstanding Christian model for Evangelical leaders to look up to!

Apparently, what is required to be a defender of the Christian faith in the eyes of some Evangelical leaders is to attend a Russian Orthodox church once in a while, make the sign of the cross, be against homosexuality, kiss the Pope’s ring and kiss a statue of Mary??  :twisted:

Putin’s own writings show that he sees himself as a new Czar that will defend the faith from Islam and save Christianity. Putin is acting more like the Antichrist than any defender of the true Christian faith. He is in league with the Pope who could emerge as his False Prophet. If Putin makes alliances with other Orthodox Catholic, Roman Catholic, and pseudo Protestant Christian nations as the great savior of the pseudo Christian world, as Putin thinks he is destined to become, you better hedge your bets about the Antichrist coming from West Europe. Putin very well could fill the bill.

Putin has put in place plans to modernize the Russian military and have that completed within 10 to 15 years. So, even the timing for last day events looks about on schedule.  Yes, it is likely that Putin will be Gog, but is Gog really exempted from also becoming the Antichrist in the end time scenario?

Here is some food-for thought: Most dispensational Bible prophecy writers have thought the Antichrist would come out of counterfeit Christianity and be a figure out of a revived Roman Empire. Putin can fit that belief. Most thought the Antichrist would come out of Western Europe but it might not be that simple. The Roman empire expanded into Eastern Europe. Putin’s ancestry is said to be a mystery, nobody knows anything about his lineage earlier than his grandfather. Putin’s family spoke German at home. Maybe that is some clue where the Putin’s came from. One of the ethnic groups that comes down with Gog can include the Germanic descendents of the ancient Roman Empire.

Naturally speaking, who in the world today has both the power to guarantee Israel’s security but can then break the covenant and lead a host of nations from the north and east against Israel? Only one man in the world today can pull that off. I am not saying that Putin will be the Antichrist, the whole power structure of the world could radically change from what we see now. However, today, Putin seems more likely to fit that role than any other prominent leader in the world. If the Antichrist is not Putin, it seems that the person that rises to power could be someone very much like him.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


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