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Obama laid out his gun plan like some Emperor-in-Chief talking down to his subjects. He claims that his program is the way to stop gun violence. It will not do that, because gun violence is just one symptom of the real disease called covetousness and hate.

Obama has done more to divide this nation and create class hate in this country than any president ever has. Obama’s real plan is to use the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy as a springboard to attack American Second Amendment rights. And I am sure he also knows that doing this will create move division and hate. There lies the real agenda.

The problem with the weapons restrictions on so-called assault weapons is that restrictions will have no effect on the murder rate in this country. Since Congress let the prior assault weapons ban die, the murder rate from guns has actually declined.

In spite of the propaganda that you hear from the liberal media, rifles of any kind are hardly ever used as the murder weapon of choice in the United States. Hammers and fists killed far more people in 2011 than did rifles.

So called assault weapons, really have the same guts as semi automatic hunting rifles. The main different is outward appearance. They are not automatic weapons. The M-16 is a true assault rifle. This rifle has been common military issue since Vietnam but the possession of a M-16 is illegal in this country without a costly and very restrictive special license. That also goes for the military assault rifles made in other countries.

The reason for Obama’s executive orders is about tracking and control of people who own guns. Then when something else arises, the executive branch can just give the order to confiscate all guns and Congress will not have any way of stopping the illegal order except by defunding programs or impeachment. However, with a complicit Senate that cannot be done. Then states will divide and civil war becomes likely.

Obama comparing himself to Lincoln might have more meaning than you think. The first civil war under Lincoln was fought over states rights and the second may be fought to make states comply with a federal government that puts America under the decrees of the globalists of the UN.

Obama knows that most of what he called for will never get through Congress. I also think he knows that his executive orders will be challenged in court. In fact, I think he is counting on it.

Obama is quite aware that he will have to replace two or more Supreme Court justices in his second term. Then, by the time the constitutionality of his executive orders gets to the Supreme Court, he will have the votes in the court to get the second amendment declared a collective right and not an individual right. Last time the vote was 5-4 for individual gun rights. Next time it will be 5-4 or 6-3 against individual gun rights.

When that happens, private collections will be confiscated and hunting rifles will have to be signed out for hunting like in Britain. Once the Supreme Court rules that the militia mention in the second amendment is only to prevent foreign threats, there will be no reason to allow civilians to have private guns to prevent themselves from criminals or from tyranny from an outlaw domestic government.

Liberals know they do not have the votes to get the Second Amendment repealed in this country, so they want to redefine what it says. Never mind that our forefathers made it absolutely clear in other documents that the right to bear arms was given so that “we the people” would have the means to overthrow a government that became tyrannical.

The liberals know that as long as people possess guns to resist statist tyranny, they cannot establish all the other humanistic illegal unconstitutional actions that they want to cram down our throat in the name of global government with its agenda 21 and other agendas.

Everything I warned about in 2008 before Obama was even elected is taking place. You can read that post and the many comments here You want a socialist Obama-nation?. The one still unfilled warning that I made is the civil war. However, that looks more likely all the time because it is obvious that Obama is hell-bent on continuing his agenda to divide and conquer America.

The next thing your going to be hit in the teeth with this year is legalizing illegals and then next year your going to find out what really is in the Unaffordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) .

As a bonus in his second term, we are getting four Obama co-conspirators to head up State, Defense, Treasury and the CIA. (They will probably be approved by our liberal controlled Senate.) These four will cost this country dearly. And of course, big sister in Homeland Security will remain to keep all heads in line and common body parts friskily handled by the TSA goon squads.

They are taking down the see through your clothes walk through machines because they have other ways to get under your clothes that work. They can even check out what is under your clothes from a distance without ever getting your permission.


France obviously is now getting involved in a war with the Al Quada and their Islamofascist friends of North Africa. The terrorists have plenty of arms, thanks to the NATO assisted overthrow of Gaddafi.

France, Europe and America are still pretending that Islam is not the threat. It was only last year that Obama said that Al Quada was on the run. Yeah, they are now running all over Africa. The United States announced that it is sending special forces to thirty-five African countries because of this terrorist threat that we are suppose to believe that Islam does not support.

How long can France and others keep lying about the Islamic threat until the natives in Europe figure out the truth the hard way? I guess when the French come home in body bags and terrorism rises in France some natives will catch on.

At this point NATO wants to stay out of it. However, as terrorist bombs go off in Paris and hostages are taken, the French will be pleading for help and they will drag in NATO.

Will Frenchmen really fight, or will they just contract it out? This might be a good time for all you mercenaries to prepare to join the new French Foreign Legion.
All this supports my belief that the revived Roman Empire will rule North Africa as well as much of the Middle East just like they did in the time of Jesus. It seems that NATO will increasingly become the military might of the revived Roman Empire. Who can war against the Beast?


Germany had a depressing economic fourth quarter because they are actually making the necessary economic corrections to remain financially strong. Most of the rest of Europe is a hopeless economic basket case because of socialism and debt. Germany, on the other hand, is getting its house in order to economically control Western Europe.

Germany just announced that they are bringing back home much of the gold that they were storing in the United States and France for protection in the cold war. One might question why now?  Germany has the second largest gold reserves in the world. When America falls and the EU collapses and morphs into a more powerful beast, will a gold backed German “Mark” become the world reserve currency and fulfill a dual reference as the “Mark” of the Beast??

Japan has just devalued their currency. Russia said currency wars have now begun. Nations are purposely devaluing their currency by printing money to try to increase market share. If major nations like the US, Japan, Europe, Argentina and China weaken their currency to increase world market share, there will be a race to the bottom. Money backed by nothing but good faith soon could be worthless if nations show bad faith. Then the strong “Mark” of Germany may take on a life of its own .


A Lifeway survey said that two-thirds of Americans say that they do not think Homosexuality is a sin or they are not sure. Yet, 77 percent of Americans claim to be Christians?

According to the article, the percentage of Americans not seeing homosexuality as a sin has increased ten percent in just one year. Do you believe that people’s views change that fast without massive brainwashing?

If the liberal brainwashing has equal success promoting statism and the end of individual rights, we won’t have anything but bureaucratic control freaks running our lives shortly. If they brainwash people on illegal immigration, a welfare state, global warming, high taxes, unilateral disarmament, and other progressive agendas, we will become the failed state that the world elite really want America to become.

If there are not equally strong deprogramming efforts to counter this progressive brainwashing of our people, conservatives and Bible believing Christians will increasingly become demonized and marginalized. Persecution will certainly follow.

After the Second Amendment is neutralized they will come after the First Amendment. After that is neutralized, we will no longer have a voice at all. By the way, I do not even think that Obama and most in his administration would deny that humanistic collectivist world government is their ultimate end goal.

Given the rate of brainwashing, there probably is only about two or three years of unpolitically correct free speech left in this country to even communicate these things to you. If Conservative and Christian leaders are ever going to do something about the collectivist take over of America by this invasion of the humanistic mind and soul snatchers, they better shift into Warp Drive.


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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


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