Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Jan 2014

We have arrived into the year 2014 and it will prove to be the year that Americans either halted the slide into tyranny and godless socialism, or it will be the year that the progressively insane statist socialists gained full effective control over Americans and muzzled those people who still believe in Christian morals and family values.

Battle lines are already forming. A federal judge in Utah and another federal judge in Oklahoma ruled that the laws that banned homosexual marriage in these sovereign states are unconstitutional. Two-thirds of the voters in Utah voted against allowing homosexuals to marry and three-fourths of the voters in Oklahoma did the same. Now, two federal judges just overruled the vote of the vast majority of people in our two most conservative states.

When radicals control who will be appointed to the federal courts the decisions of those appointed will reflect the views of radicals. That is why federal judicial appointments must be approved by the Senate. However, the Senate has been controlled by the radical hard left for a decade, so the justice balance now continually leans hard left. The federal courts are now stacked to favor socialist and godless left-wing radicals.

The anti homosexual marriage laws of these two conservative states will now go to the Supreme Court where the outcome is uncertain. If five judges out of the nine decided against these states, homosexual marriage will be forced on every state in this nation by the end of the year. The tenth amendment to the Constitution would be effectively nullified. Judges appointed by federal Presidents could overrule the will of the people in any state virtually on any matter.

The progressives have stacked the federal courts for a long time. They believe they can now win any decision against those wanting to retain Christian family values and morals. That is why they picked the two most conservative states for this full assault on Christian values in the Heartland. Time is rapidly running out for Americans to do something about progressive judges that pervert the Constitution. Christian Conservatives need to take a stand, get entrenched, go on the offense, and take the high ground in 2014 or we will soon see ourselves outlawed by the godless far left.

Other federal actions that will be forced on the people in 2014 against the wishes of the majority in many states will be Obamacare, immigration reform, expensive global warming decrees, tax increases, gun control, federal land grabs, global sustainable development regulations, globalist treaties, more quantitative easing, and anything else that the crony capitalists and statist bankers want.

There are four main actions that Americans can still take to halt this federal government tyranny. However, if these actions do not gain traction in 2014 the government is not likely to be stopped through any peaceful democratic process before the second American revolution.

1. People are going to have to get organized and get out in the streets and protest. Many millions will have to show up to these rallies and not just the thousands that went to Washington last year. Everyone cannot march on Washington but many can show up downtown in their own big cities and show solidarity for returning to Constitutional government.

This cannot be a one day event. The people will have to have nothing less than a freedom spring. The occupation of our cities will have to continue until state and federal legislators get the message that we are not going to just take this statist tyranny anymore. Half of Egypt showed up in the streets to throw off the tyranny of the Muslim Brotherhood. Is returning to Christian values and keeping our freedoms a less worthy cause? Pastors and Church leaders are going to have to get involved.

2. The GOP will first have to be taken over by conservatives in the primaries and through popular general support. Then conservatives will have to win the Senate in the November 2014 elections. If they do not win the Senate, Obama will continue to rule by executive order and there will be no way of stopping him.

Even if republicans win the Senate in 2014 it still will be very unlikely that they could remove Obama. Removal of an impeached Presidents takes a two-thirds vote in the Senate and that is not going to happen unless the Democrats dump Him. Even so, with a majority in both houses conservatives could defund many of Obama’s programs and whole government agencies if necessary. The spreading protests also could put a lot of pressure on Obama to resign.

3. Two-Thirds of the state legislators will need to call for a convention of the states as outlined in article V of the U.S. Constitution to amend the Constitution. If enough state representatives get on board there is no way the federal government can stop the convention of the states from taking place to limit federal government. Two-thirds of the states need to get on board and call for this convention to take place by early 2016. Some of the Liberty Amendments to our Constitution that they could get ratified to reign in our federal government are:

Limit federal government power over the states.

Term limits in the House and Senate.

Balanced budget amendment.

Supreme Court changes such as term appointments rather than lifetime appointments

Limit federal judges from legislating

Repeal the amendment that created the income tax

Abolish the IRS

Repeal the amendment that created the Federal Reserve

Limit federal taxes to a percentage of income and GDP

Allow religion back in our government and institutions

Add an amendment where Marriage is a covenant between one man and one woman

Nullify federal gun laws


To keep on top of the proposed Liberty Amendments effort, tune into the Mark Levin radio program and find out how you can support this grass-roots effort to restore constitutional government.

4.  Elect a truly conservative President in 2016 that is on the same page.

The only other alternatives to these efforts to restore liberty and Constitutional government will be getting a copy of “the dummies guide of surviving in the new Soviet Union” or joining the secession or revolution that will be coming.


Obama and Kerry are delusional. They actually think that they know how to appease terrorists running the show in the Middle East and this appeasement will achieve peace. Kerry obviously is going all out to try to win a Nobel Peace Prize so that he can again become a contender for president in the 2016 elections. Israel thinks he is obsessed with himself. In other words, they think John Kerry is crazy. That should have been obvious to Americans since his switcheroo during the Vietnam war.

Iran now believes that the West cannot stop them militarily so they have no reason to stop their nuclear weapons program. The facade of talks are to gain time to build their nuclear delivery systems. I would not rule out an EMP attempt on the United States by Iran or N. Korea before the end of Obama’s term, especially if a conservative believing in a strong military is elected in 2016.

China and Japan are issuing threats to each other. I think there will be a major military incident within the year that will help bring about an arms race in South East Asia.

Kim Yung-un of North Korea is literally feeding his relatives to the dogs. Dennis Rodman apparently gets a thrill up his leg when in the presence of this mad-man that has gone nuclear. Rodman even sung happy birthday to the Yung-un like he was Marilyn Monroe singing happy birthday to JFK. We now know Marilyn was having an affair with Kennedy. See any parallel there? In any case, I think the Yung-un’s days are numbered, the dogs are already drooling in anticipation of eating Yung porky pig.

The Military leaders of Egypt outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood. Now they are saying that they are going to wipe out the Hamas terrorist organization. They certainly have the military power to do it. I am sure that Israel will be applauding that military effort. Israel probably will be focusing on wiping out Hezbollah in 2014.


Our government tells us that the economy keeps recovering and unemployment is falling but there is no recovery in most of America. The number of people in the labor force is still falling, it has fallen since 2008 even though the population keeps rising. According to the facts given in the last report, 5 people left the labor force for every person that got a job. Also keep in mind that most of those jobs were low paying jobs and part-time work. Something is wrong with the job recovery picture that our government paints. They expect Americans to believe the recovery lie so they can then push legalizing illegals to appease the multinational crony capitalist corporations that won’t pay a living wage to real Americans.

Many of these Americans that have left the work force must have found jobs in Mexico because they certainly are not employed here. Maybe they are working under the table. Or perhaps their homosexual spouse or their parents or the government or their Meth production is supporting them.

The biggest growth industry in America will soon be Marijuana production and sales. States want part of that action. Maybe a drug driven economic recovery will follow our paper recovery. In Colorado the rocky mountain high has already become a legal reality and it will be on the 2014 ballot in many more states. I fully expect marijuana legalization to be part of the national Democratic platform in 2016.


Did you know that you are going to bail out the health insurance companies for the next few years? It is all in the Obamacare act. If insurance companies lose money the taxpayers will pick up most of the tab for the insurances companies. Insurance companies cannot lose because taxpayers will be subsidizing their losses. Americans are also subsidizing health care costs for most that sign up to Obamacare. Great health system for all those on the receiving end of this wealth redistribution scheme. At least until taxpayers paying for this scheme wise up and stop all the subsidizing.

I hope you do know that security experts are telling Congress that your own computer can be hacked if you even go to this government website. The security is that bad.


An article that I wrote asks the question if Pope Francis is the Antichrist or False Prophet. It has since become the first or second top downloaded article on my website each month. This article will soon be the number two downloaded article of all time on my Blog and it has only been up for less than a year. My article on Pope Francis is not even in the top five on Google, so if I am getting thousands of downloads each month there must be hundreds of thousands of people searching on that term each month. For the record, I do not rule out Pope Francis as being the future False Prophet.

Another blog note is that there will soon be over 14,000 posted comments. If you read one comment a minute you would get through them all in 233 hours.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


25 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Jan 2014

  1. “Kim Yung-un of North Korea is literally feeding his relatives to the dogs.”

    I read that too. They say a lot in North Korea. They say a lot over here too. Obama was born in Hawaii and is a Christian. He said it. It was in the media. Must be true.

    “North Korea tells its people how Americans live today”. It’s a video on liveleak.com. Check it out.

  2. David,

    I have not heard the North Korea leadership or their enablers deny the story. Of course they would lie about America. We are the deadly enemy of the leaders of North Korea.

  3. Don, my wife works for a credit card company and says they hire a lot of Visa workers from India and they promote them a lot too. One of her co-workers always looks like hell but works 18 hr days, sleeps 4 and was just promoted to Sr Manager. His load will be 10 x’s what it is now. When a company’s earnings need to be increased or fall short, they cut workers to please shareholders. I think businesses are cutting their own throats because the employees no longer care and if they can get away with not caring and cheating the company will be toast. I think it will take a lot more before people hit the streets in protest. Maybe the govt is pushing to see if we will react violently. I don’t have answers, but I do pray a lot for wisdom in what to do. At 53 I believe I will not see retirement. Even with being on track, one job loss and one could be wiped out, or economic collapse and most of us will be in the same boat whether we saved or not. Come soon Lord Jesus!

  4. I don’t plan on protesting, but as each day passes more and more people are out of work. And regardless of what’s out there in the media, at the end of the day if you’re facing foreclosure or having a tough time keeping the lights on and feeding your family then I think you’re more likely to protest as a last resort. Or not. I might be wrong.

    Social media is responsible for incidents like thousands of people showing up at a high school house party. It may be the same for protests. And it’s interesting that the smart phones are programmed so that people will be unable to take pictures of massive protests because someone is able to ‘flip the switch’ and disable the smart phone camera. Or maybe if there is ever a situation where people are “rounded up”. I’m not saying that will ever happen or is even likely.

  5. David,

    Social media and video everywhere certainly poses a problem for a police state. I think they will be hitting the kill switch in large hostile protests against the government, massive cyber attacks, and riots. Even so, it will be difficult to pull off, and taking down the Internet will rapidly cause infrastructure problems and shut down the country, so it would be used as a last resort. I believe they did this in Iran and Egypt during some of their social unrest.

  6. Hi Don

    It may be that the best cure for socialism is a harsh dose of socialism …and it is very probable that the western world will reject it, and that the ‘anti-Christ’ will be an ungodly conservative rather than an ungodly socialist.

    The backlash you anticipate suggests he will be ultra-conservative.

  7. Hi Brian,

    I don’t think the Antichrist will turn out to be a conservative in the long run. Hitler was a type of the Antichrist. Hitler was a socialist although the Left paints him as being Far Right. The woman (harlot religion) rides the Beast, so he may appear to be supporting religious values at first but then when Satan incarnates him he turns against religion and the Harlot is burned. The enemies of Christ at His first coming were the religious leaders. The pendulum keeps swinging, it seems to be moving toward the right again in Europe but later it will move left as the Beast promises mankind a socialistic theocracy. However, first they will have to rid the earth of anyone acknowledging the real creator in Heaven as conservatives generally do.

  8. You may very well be right Don.

    The people could become sick to death of ‘Godless socialism’ and still be attracted to a ‘Socialistic god-ocracy’ (theocracy). The present Pope seems to be leading that way.

    In the light of current events and Scripture this is a very good point.

  9. Clint,

    Sure, but lets give it 9 months and see if American conservatives can get their act together. Will they care enough about their future that they even act like the Ukrainians if the government will not listen, or will conservatives just roll over and live in a socialist dictatorship and police state? Like I implied, what happens this year is critical.

  10. David,

    Maybe, but that was what the press believed for weeks. Nobody in the West is really sure of anything that happens in North Korea other than the Yung-un executes his own relatives and girlfriends. This would not even be good satire if it were unbelievable that he is totally capable of doing something like this.

  11. You can’t even say this Nation has gone to hell in a basket anymore.It has gone to hell in a condom.Many of Don’s suggestions are good. But as the party pooper,I think they have no chance of success.Only judgment from the strong hand of the Lord will deliver this Nation from the hand of the wicked.The staff of the wicked-Issiah 14-can only be broken by God.But I wish all of you the best in your efforts.

  12. It’s quite sad.

    In the past, returning troops were able to take advantage of the GI bill and be assured of a good paying job. At the least a soldier could get a job at a factory and make a good living.

    Nowadays a returning soldier has the misfortune to be among the 100,000 Wal-Mart has promised to hire.

  13. Don

    I agree with your analysis in theory but I disagree in the reality of many of those outcomes. As a longtime and active observer of the US political scene I see these results over the next election cycle:

    There are not enough conservatives in the US to make us a conservative country overall. Pew’s 2012 poll shows 39% conservative, 37% moderate & 23% liberal. In the 2012 Presidential election Obama polled 51% versus Romney 47% – a total of 3.5 million more voters. A simple analysis shows Obama pulled 23% liberal + 28% moderate while Romney pulled 39% conservative + 8% moderate. Obviously this is not an exact analysis but generally does means moderates voted 28% liberal versus the 8% who voted moderate in the last election. Why? Moderates tend to be conservative ideologically but vote for their own pocket book – making them operationally liberal. This has been observable since the mid 1960s. Obama was promising them the moon with healthcare reform.

    This healthcare reform promise has now begun to fall completely apart. While the “Obamacare” fiasco & the continuing real economic problems are currently shifting those moderates away from the Democratic (liberal) side (the benefits to the moderates seem a net negative to them at this point in time)- it will not be a big enough shift to make us a conservative country overall.

    The constitutional convention scenario making our country more conservative by constitutional amendment is also highly unlikely. In the 2012 election Obama carried 26 states to Romney’s 24 states. In order to call a constitutional convention in the US 34 states (2/3) would have to vote yes. However – 38 states (3/4) would have to ratify the changes. Since Obama carried 26 states – then 8 would have to shift to Republican to call the convention and 12 would have to shift to Republican to ratify the convention’s results. The “Obamacare” & economic problems driven moderate shift will not be enough to make that many individual states shift.

    Now to the real economic problems. There are less people working in American today than when Obama was first inaugurated five years ago. The unemployment rate is officially less only because the federal government has defined 7 million people that used to work 5 years ago as no longer seeking employment. The economy cannot really grow much with less workers and even the moderates know this – only because it is affecting them and their loved ones directly. This less to them effect contributes to the moderate shift.

    This dual driven (“Obamacare” & bad economy) moderate shift will in my opinion shift the Senate to Republican in the 2014 election. (Obama himself almost admitted as much the other day.) There is historically a high correlation between Presidential approval and Senate elections – now that Obama is polling in the low 40s for his approval rating and he should stay there (or maybe even lower) as “Obamacare” continues to roll out it socialist driven care agenda plus the fact that Obama doesn’t even have a viable plan for economic growth. My prediction is that this moderate shift probably gives the Republicans the Senate with 52 seats – a pick up of 7. This just gives us further federal gridlock as the Republicans will certainly not pick up enough votes to convict Obama in an impeachment proceeding (similar to the Clinton dust up).

    Almost all American courts are now mostly liberal and will stay that way despite the minor moderate shift. No way of removing those liberal judges in the short term. The greatest risk to the US in the judicial area is if a moderate/conservative Supreme Court judges quits or dies before Obama’s next 3 years are up. If before the 2014 election impact is felt then the Supreme Court will be liberal – if after the 2015 swearing in – then a battle royal separating the country in spades.

    Finally, the anti-Christ will surely be seeking all of the natural followers that he can – so he will undoubtedly be appealing to the masses of the poor (that’s where the world’s numbers are) by promising them riches from the wealthy without working. (Note that the unfairness of income distribution is now one of the hottest topics for the US liberals.) So this numbers game seems to assure that the economic message of the anti-Christ will be socialist. Please note that Satan created the socialist/communist movement in the mid 19th century (with its centerpiece that government is god) and subsequently used it to kill more Christians in the 20th century than in any other century since Christ walked the earth. It seems clear to me that Satan has established the worldwide socialist/communist infrastructure for his “son” the anti-Christ to step into.


  14. Fount,

    You are reading your presumption into what I said. I did not say the Antichrist will be conservative. He is not coming quite as soon as you like to think. I think the pendulum in Europe will swing toward the right so the woman can ride the Beast (Dominionist religious influence) and then back toward the left when the Antichrist arrives on the scene and is empowered by Satan. He then persecutes the woman. Hitler was a socialist that came in with church support. He is now labeled as being on the far right by the Left but he certainly was never a right wing conservative. Hitler was a national socialist. He was a prototype of the Antichrist.

    As for conservatives not being able to take over this country, the Liberals took over this country with 23 percent plus some moderates. So it stands to reason that conservatives with 37 percent and some moderates could also take over if people get sick of socialism being shoved down their throats. And if the Republicans will have both houses of Congress like even you suggest in 2014, and then hold them in 2016, a Conservative president could get just about anything that he wants passed or just rule by executive order.

    Also, who people in states voted for in the Presidential election really has little to do with how a state will vote on a state convention. Only about a third of the state legislators lean liberal in this country. So the Convention of the states could be approved by the 2/3rds necessary. It would be much more difficult to get 3/4ths of the states to ratify certain individual amendments. Some amendments like a balanced budget and term limits might pass and other might not. Further, this is not a Constitutional Convention it is a Convention of the states permitted under Article V of the Constitution for states to propose amendments to the Constitution without going through Congress, there is quite a difference.
    The U.S. Congress will do nothing that reigns in their powers but the state legislators certainly might want to reign in federal power.

  15. I agree that Hitler is a foreshadowing of the anti-Christ. The very word Nazi comes from the name of Hitler’s German political party – “National Socialism”. I imagine the anti-Christ was so proud…

    The playing field is not level in the United States for the conservatives. The vast majority of the media, the news outlets and the educational industries are devoutly liberal and intentionally and constantly bombarding everyone with what is now rising to the level of propaganda about the virtues of their socialist system. I note that this is very similar to the actions of Hitler in building up his Nazi “National Socialism” party. It is a powerful movement in the US. We ended up with a completely unknown novice as President – twice! Not to mention nationalized health care for everyone…

    The other hurdle for the conservatives in the US is that the liberals are telling the moderates we will give you more from the rich guys (i.e. mostly conservatives). The moderates really do like something “for nothing” so it is a strong pitch. But the conservatives are telling the moderates not only will they not get more from the rich guys but they need to start actually paying down debt for all the free stuff they and the liberals (someone else) got earlier. Why would the moderates want to pay their and someone else’s bill now when their kids and grandkids can pay for later? However, with the backlash on Obamacare & the poor economy it is likely at least the Senate can turn conservative (Republican). It is not so clear a conservative can be elected President with moderate help. Keep in mind over the last two election cycles, the Republican party nominating system came up with very weak nominees who were both completely out campaigned.

    If you watched the firestorm in Wisconsin over the labor issue a couple of years ago just increase the intensity of that and then put it into all 50 states once a state driven process starts to amend the constitution in a conservative way. Yes I agree more state legislatures are conservative than at the national level but they will each face pressures they have never seen before.

    You and I are not that far off on the coming of the anti-Christ. Your “When Will Jesus Return?” Table Update of November 2013 shows a mid point mean for the rapture in 2025. As a pre-tribulation guy it would seem you would put the clear worldwide introduction of the anti-Christ right after that time. Right? My interpretation of scripture has the clear worldwide introduction of the anti-Christ just a couple of years before your mid point mean year. With that nearness in mind, I just see the roughly ten years remaining (for both of our models) is simply too short a period to start a pendulum swing in any direction other than where the anti-Christ is now clearly steering it.


  16. Fount,

    I agree that conservatives will have a uphill battle. However, anywhere socialism has been tried it ended in a train wreck. Even Europe is now seeing a big swing toward the right. I simply do not see the US population allowing this lawless left wing coup to continue. I also do not see our military continuing to support it or even our police forces. Everyone with an ounce of critical thinking knows that this administration is lawless and unconstitutional. They all swore an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemy’s foreign and domestic.

    I think you are going to see big set backs for the Left wing radicals in national demonstrations this year. You also will see big set backs at the polls and also in Supreme Court rulings. Even many Liberals and some in the MSM see the dangers of allowing this lawless President to play dictator. Big brother is also spying on them because the Radicals trust nobody. Even the independent counsel appointed to advise on what the NSA is doing, advised the president to stop the NSA because the domestic data collection they are doing is illegal. The White House still says differently. This simply is not going to go well for the President. You already see in the polls that he is losing his base.

    You talk about labor pressure on state representatives like they never seen before that happened in Wisconsin. We have little big labor in most states. Pressure the state legislatures have never seen before will probably begin this year and I think it will be coming from conservatives and moderates. People are getting sick and tired of the lies, the lawlessness, what Obamacare means to their health security and the lack of good jobs that Obama’s polices insure.

    When they find out about the proposed convention of the states. They will be telling their own state representatives to get Big Brother federal government off our back. There is going to be a big grass roots effort to inform people this year about that convention of the states. Many ducks are now being lined up for that effort.

    Whatever the case, we will not have long to find out what will happen. I implied in my previous article that the backlash against the radical Left Wing will either start this year through democratic means, or the following years in our country will be filled with violence and destroy our nation.

    You are misunderstanding my Rapture table. The mean point is not when I think the Rapture will happen. It is the mean point of the various dates on the table which mean absolutely nothing about what I think. I have no idea when the Rapture will happen but since I think the second coming will happen before 2040, I suppose the Rapture will happen sometime before 2030.

    You say there is not enough time for the pendulum to swing in any other direction than where the anti-Christ is now clearly steering it. I would have you know that God is in control of this world, not any anti-Christ. There is plenty of time for the world to swing right and then left again under Antichrist rule. The Antichrist rule is only for 42 months and he certainly will have a pendulum swing of his own when he is allowed to rule the earth unrestrained. Until then we could have 20 years for the swing toward religious dominionism to fulfill Revelation 17.

  17. I don;t know how many people noticed,but Virginia just joined Oklahoma and Utah in the -ignore the voters or states rights list.First our new Hillary clone governor signed an executive order banning discrimination against LGBT folks with government jobs. I’m not sure how many in the government identify with any of those groups…and i can;t imagine anyone was bothering them. Virginia is conservative, not backwards.Then the new attorney general declined to offer any counter to the legal push to legalize gay marriage.Voters be damned, they are just going to let it happen.I see comments from Northern Virginians ( as that small area now rules our politics..)about sense returning to government.

    Meanwhile the former Republican governor is fighting for his life, and his wife’s, about campaign contributions and gifts that cannot even be proved illegal.

    I guarantee McCauliffe will NOT tighten political donor requirements…but he will probably raise gas taxes ( oh wait the legislature has to do that)to raise more money for northern virginia roads, the rest of the state–who cares…and other nonsense, such as making it easier to get abortions.. going to be a rough four years.

    We tend to shift parties in the governor;s mansion quite often,and most of them have been competent. All I can hope for is that this guy is SO bad the average Virginia voter will have had enough.We have a balanced budget. it;s really not so bad…until now.

    I understand this all has to happen, but i am still very sad.


  18. I notice that Wilderson’s book the vision predicted these bizarre weather patterns now happening. Will the rest of the prophecies happen: the great earthquakes,financial collapse,ect… I don’t know but I would not bet against him.

  19. J.

    The earth has been having bizarre weather patterns for thousands of years. What the earth is experiencing now is nothing unusual. I put no stock in the Wilkerson prophecies. They were made decades ago and his books clearly implied that these would be events related to issues in those days. Those claiming special revelation today have no track record. Having said that, there certainly will be great earthquakes and financial collapses etc. That is nothing new either.

    I have articles on Wilkerson in the top 100 on the sidebar.

  20. This is an old blog, but worth a new look. America suffers from a disease that cannot be cured or healed by political promises from either party. Romans 1 teaches us that ANY society that follows the prescribed course of Forgetting God and then taking the second step is well on a track to destruction. If nothing else is learned, let us see that homosexuality is a sign of God having given a people over. It may be true that a sin is a sin is a sin, however when a particular sin is an indicator light, let us see what the warning light is trying to indicate, please. The absolute apex of godlessness is when a nation forgets God as creator. The most ‘natural’ part of natural is the sexual attraction of opposites in God’s order. Since God is clearly seen in the things which are, they are without excuse; for ignorance and innocence cannot apply. The annulment of all things pertaining to God pervades and usurps everything in it’s path until even that society’s sexuality is perverted into something other than it’s intended use. We should not be surprised by America’s downfall, it was ~no pun intended~ a natural course of events– once we failed to repent and recognize God as sovereign and omnipotent. The sole hope for America is that God opens the eyes of believers everywhere and that his kingdom expands through evangelism. I absolutely do NOT believe the hype of the televangelist that major revival is coming in 2014, nor do I see how so many send so much to ensure that their prosperity and health soars. They are for the large part as poor as they always were, and dying and getting disease at the same rates as the rest of the world. When God’s people allow damnable heresy to flourish, and even support it with money and prayer, it’s no wonder America is in the mess it’s in. We’ve been listening to doctrines of devils for so long, we accept them pretty much in the same manner as the pre-diluvian crowd accepted the doctrines of the Angels which left their first estate and produced the nephilim. I am sick of it all, and feel powerless to effect any change other than to those few whom I speak with on a daily basis. America is sick, and I am greatly saddened to watch her righteous ones get ran over by evil politicians.

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