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This week the major news headline is the coup in Egypt. Those that oppose an Islamic Fascist theocracy ruling over them got the backing of the military and the military took over the government.

As usual the Obama administration shows every indication that it is on the side of the Muslim Brotherhood. Those in Washington seem to think that a democratically elected leader should serve out their term even if that leader becomes a tyrant forcing a new constitution and Islamic law on everyone. Much of Egypt apparently thought differently.

Egypt still has big problems ahead. The Muslim Brotherhood clerics are stirring up counter reactions against the military as I write. The military in Egypt has the means to kill a lot of people if they need to do that to stay in control.

There is a professional military class in Egypt that we helped create and they have all the heavy weapons. The Muslim Brotherhood really has the best chance of getting back in power by protests and international pressure forcing an early election that they are allowed to participate in. However, the military class should not be foolish enough to think that any future democratically elected government would continue to allow an independent military. It’s a difficult situation and all outcomes look grim.

Some that study Bible prophecy think this is the start of the Isaiah 19 prophecy about Egypt and that it will turn into a bloody civil war. It may, but if this is the start of that Isaiah prophecy, this will play out for a very long time because that prophecy appears to span decades. The prophecy ends in the millennial reign.


What can be said about Edward Snowden? Some call him a traitor and some say he is a great American whistle-blower hero. He claims that NSA is doing things that are unethical and unconstitutional and he offers proof. The paper that published his information said that there will be even greater revelations in the future. This could get interesting.

I was pretty sure this type of stuff was happening. We have had communications surveillance capability for a very long time. The only thing that stopped communications in the U.S. from being monitored was the law, but after the un-Patriot act was passed, some in government decided that they should be the law and not our Constitution.

What I don’t get about the Snowden affair is why none of the countries that always oppose everything that America does will not give Snowden asylum? Even Russia, our arch foe, said that Snowden could only stay in Russia if he stopped giving up any more secrets. You would think that Russia would love for the world to know what NSA is doing? Obviously, the Russians already know but they are not talking.

Something is going on here that has the power elite of the world shook up. Three European countries that were vocally critical of the NSA surveillance, recently kowtowed to the U.S. try to stop Snowden from relocating. They were told that the Bolivian leader had Snowden on his jet and these three countries did not allow the aircraft to fly over their airspace causing a diversion of the aircraft.

It turns out that Snowden was not aboard. Now the Bolivian leader is calling that action U.S. imperialism and is threatening to break diplomatic relations with the United States. Way to go Obama!

If this low-level contractor can be that much a threat to the United States, they never were going to keep their secrets anyway. I can’t even imagine NSA allowing thousands of agents to have access to the information that Snowden claims that they had access to, and then NSA believing that no one would leak information. If what Snowden said is true, it seems to me like our top-secret National Security Agency needs skilled people to surveil their own security.

There is another long shot explanation. Maybe someone is, and will be, feeding us information or disinformation through Snowden for their own purpose? For example, there may soon be a revelation that NSA knows that there are aliens living among us? Steve Quayle stuff, I know.

Does NSA acquired information make it possible to blackmail world leaders, or could there be something even more sinister going on? Could there be another level in the world that we know little about that is also using the surveillance capabilities of NSA?  Why the huge surveillance expansion when terrorism is supposedly in check, there is no cold war, and at a time when we are downsizing our military. It does not add up. Any conjectures?


I hope I am wrong, but if George Zimmerman is acquitted of the murder of Trayvon Martin I would bet that riots and black on white violence will take place in many cities this summer.

Whites that think that black racism is an oxymoron need some education. I have a suggestion that is certain to remedy that progressive learning disability. Take your vacation in North or East St. Louis this summer. I rest my case.

I can now see the race baiters mouths watering, they see a gravy train coming. I suppose if riots start, the federal government will quickly charge George Zimmerman with a hate crime to appease black racists. Or will Zimmerman just have a fatal accident? Better that one man die for the nation than all the inner cities burn, you know!

If Zimmerman gets off, he should move to Peru or the Ozarks if he wants to survive. If he goes to prison for any charge he probably will be dead in no time. No matter what happens, the verdict and the reaction to the verdict will probably be the top headlines before the end of the month.

The best outcome for the cities of course would be a conviction. A hung jury would be second best although some would still riot. Even so, if the prosecutors get to do the trial over and over, blacks may gradually lose interest and not recreate the summers of 1967-68.

I just want everyone to be aware that being a white person in a black ghetto may be pushing your luck this summer.

What do I think happened, you ask? I think George Zimmerman was following Trayvon Martin and Trayvon did not like that. Trayvon then ambushed George and decked him with one blow and then jumped on him and was beating the daylights out of him. So George, fearing that he would get his brains bashed in or eventually get shot with his own gun, pulled out his gun and shot Trayvon. I don’t think Trayvon went for George’s gun. It seems to me that Trayvon did not know that he had it.

The whole case for me comes down to who it was that started the assault. A person has a right to defend themselves from physical assault. This is not some school yard fight, the person being assaulted could very well be seriously injured or killed especially if the attacker finds a gun on him. I don’t think anyone proved who started the assault. Under criminal law in America, when there is reasonable doubt, you should not be returning a guilty verdict. Therefore Zimmerman should get a not guilty verdict. Of course, the jury may see it differently for their own reasons.

It’s really a sad tragedy for all involved. There are lessons to be learned here. Playing cop and jumping to conclusions about who looks suspicious and following them might get you killed or ruin your life, and thinking that you can just punch out someone who you believe is following you might turn out to be your fatal mistake.


The immigration bill that passed 68 to 32 in the Senate is a bad joke. It will bring in 40 million or more no skilled people within a decade. Where are the jobs going to come from? Maybe our senators intend to have low skilled American workers competing with emerging nations for the lowest wages? Do most politicians even care if everyone else is on minimum wage?

If the Republican House lets anything like the Senate immigration bill happen, I say that it is time for a new political party if we are not inclined to do the Egypt thing. People who believe in the limited federal government that our founders set up with its Constitution and personal liberties seem to have little representation in Washington. A bad immigration bill passing a Republican led House would make the case for a new party.

Mark Levin and Sarah Palin have floated the idea of a “Freedom Party” it has a nice ring, but the name has been used before. Any party that stands for freedom from the big government tyranny that is being shoved down our throat by both Democrats and Republicans is an upgrade.


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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


29 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Jul 2013

  1. Don,

    From what I’ve read about those neighbors living among Zimmerman, they were very happy to have him looking out for the neighborhood.

    Did he racially profile Trevor Martin because he was black ?

    I don’t know, and I don’t know if that is relevant in this fatal case.

    There were other black people in the neighborhood who apparently liked what Zimmerman was doing also.

    One thing is certain, getting your head slammed into the concrete, a broken nose, and being punched while your down is not being looked at as an obvious assault case where deadly force is warranted…I guess Zimmerman should have said, “Please” or “Uncle”.

  2. Hi Don,

    I just read some stuff on the Isaiah 19 passage.. I also visited with a retired Pastor friend of mine about this passage. This section clearly has a fulfillment that spans a very long period of time, appearing to carry on into the millennium. What is interesting also is an article I read that says the ousting of Morsi, of the muslim bro’hood, if it stands, will potentially open the door for the possibility of someone even more committed to islam… So they could get an even worse leader… Which would be in keeping with Isaiah 19. Also, one of the issues that the Egyptians are upset about is the Ethiopian “Rennaissance” dam, which will cut off at least for a year or so a significant amount of water from the Nile. Which Isaian 19 seems to talk about. Very fascinating events to watch and see what happens.
    Rod in Oregon

  3. The immigration bill that passed doen’t surprize me at all…Seems the Legislative branch is very good at passing things into law that they neither read and or understand. They all took an Oath of Office to defend the constitution which most do not. They should be tried for Teason. The corruption flows from the highest levels of Government and from there on down through the ranks…

  4. My husband went to the same high school as Zimmerman( many years apart). Manassas was not kind to someone with brown skin i can tell you that. I can see how he would develop into this uber- security person. he was basically running the Neighborhood watch by himself. that;s a control freak. the theory was, the local break ins had all been black men. i don;t know if it is true….but that was the belief.of COURSE he profiled Martin.

    he was friends with the cops- including a lot of guys I went to school with. i went to Oviedo not Sanford, but it;s a small county…..where million dollar condos are 2 blocks from the old shanty town that was once part of my mother’s health department beat in the 60’s( registered nurse) An awful lot of folks think the worst of any person with a dark skin, down there.

    the kid was stupid, walking through a gated community and jumping the guy. i understand his fear but…bad move…..George Zimmerman was stupid not following the dispatcher;s orders…this is such a tragedy. and i remind you the cops did their jobs…it was a district attorney and the police chief who didn;t want to charge him.I am not sure what will happen.

    On Snowden, he confirmed what most of us believed. and yet the public shock! i hadn’t thought of that meaning a bigger picture was emerging with all this spying going on.this seems to be a season where small truths bring down bigger plans.

    Truly any truth seems to just completely take the “world” off guard.

    I’m glad God is in control because it sure is a scary world right now.

  5. Don,

    Thanks for the Horn article. For same reasons you cited I had drifted away from the hype of the Raiders website…….I do know there are sometimes yummy nuggets like the one you picked up on.

    We recently started attending a church in Colorado (when we are there) because the pastor was highly recommended by Terry James of Rapture Ready. Every week the pastor would say things which had me scratching my head. Not quite right? Doesn’t ring true? I was never taught that, etc.

    He always had “canned” theological arguments at the ready every time I challenged what he said. No one else in the church challenged anything he said because they had been under this guys teaching for so many years. (No Bereans here, I guess). My husband, who never reads the Bible thinks he is right on because he went to the Dallas Theological Seminary.

    So the last sermon I heard before we went to another state for vacation was an overview of the Bible. We got to hear his rant on why God could never have completed his creation in 6 days and why the flood was local.

    I did quite a bit of follow-up on these topics because I am a lifetime member of the Creation Museum and wanted to make sure I had MY understanding correct. To me even these positions on creation and the flood give great weight to science and serve to dilute God’s Word into meaningless pulp. I cringe to think of the kids in the audience who are saying to themselves, “Gee, I guess my teachers were right about an old earth and Darwin”.

    Blessings, Susan

  6. You said that “Satan has infiltrated Christendom and is actively subverting Christian institutions and churches through demonically influenced heretical leaders.” Don, I don’t know if you are familiar with the book “Be Wise as Serpents” by Fritz Springmeier (released 1991) but in this book Fritz provided a large body of well researched information that any person (Christian or not) would benefit from in terms of learning how Satanic inspired forces control and manipulate world events. There is some real eye-opening information in this book even though it was authored over 2 decades ago.
    The subversion of Christian churches and institutions has been planned for a very long time and is clearly now in the advanced stage (and will continue to worsen as the future unfolds). At the very top of the religious hierarchy (such as the World Council of Churches, etc.) most(if not all) of the so-called church leaders are likely completely corrupt(and secret worshipers of Lucifer). Unfortunately it appears many people have become so blinded with deception and the various smokescreens that are presented to hide dark activities that they fail to see the true character that exists in much of the conventional christian institutions today.

  7. Isaiah 19 came to mind when I first heard about the events in Egypt. Not only because of my interest in prophecy but because I have a friend there whose safety I pray for.
    I wondered why we couldn’t do the same thing, then I read that on June 25, 2013 FEMA signed an agreement with the equivalent of the Russian FEMA for Russian troops to monitor and provide security at American events, in America. These are Russian soldiers. I thought about this for two days. I have no facts to back me up but I’m thinking that something is being planned for us we aren’t going to like. If our own military has qualms about firing on American citizens Russian troops won’t have. Am I being completely paranoid? Is there some other really good reason for this agreement I don’t know about?

  8. Caitlin,

    They are here training on emergency management for contingencies in Russia.

    Russians are not about to fire on Americans any more than Americans would go into Russia and fire on Russians. I do not know where people get the idea that Russians want to be killed fighting in America. They have enough problems in their own yard.

    Actually, I do know the root of these foreign troops are here to kill us claims. It comes from the false prophets that appeared on conspiracy sites and forums to sell crap and help itch the ears of “Christian identity” types who think that they are going to save “God’s nation” through their armed resistance.

    This was all supposed to happen in the 80’s or 90’s but even though some of their “prophets” are no longer with us, their false prophecy has a life of its own thanks to unstable people on the Internet and some other media.

  9. Hi Don,

    There appear to be a significant number of Christians being sucked in by these conspiracy false prophets. These people are so focused on building bunkers, storing food and ammo, and have forgotten about spreading the gospel. Meanwhile.. these conspiracy peddlers are filling their bank accounts selling survivalist gear.

    Pretty sad…

    Rod in Oregon

  10. Rod,

    There are some real dangers out there that people might prepare for, but Chinese and Russians camping in the bushes awaiting some order to kill us are not one of them.

    When I was talking about False prophets I was talking about people who claimed that they got a message from the Lord about a Russian or Chinese invasion, not those that see the coming economic collapse or the possibility of an EMP and prepare for that contingency. People used to prepare for the winter. It would be wise for Christians to prepare for the long winter that is likely to come on America because of her folly.

  11. Excellent blog once again Don, Egypt surely has many eyes upon it right now. Is Isaiah 19 coming to pass? Sure could be the start, that’s for sure. Just need to keep watch for what else will be done in its name. Or watch the left hand while the right hand is busy.

    Mr. Snowden hasn’t made any additional video’s since he released the one. So I am suspicious as to what is now being reported. Even the so called “chat room Q&A” has me wondering. What I do know for fact is that the government has and is continuing to record all electronic communications. Snowden’s video exposed what most already knew was happening. (abuse of the 4th amendment) Yet it doesn’t seem like the majority care. As long as you don’t mess with their bubble (NFL, NBA, MLB) aka each persons own little world. They really could care less what your doing. Did they purposely expose this to test the waters to tyranny? Who knows!

    Zimmerman is a racial case and not a self defence case. Had this happened say here in Texas, chances are this would of never gone to trial. Conspiracy theory is prosecution purposely messed up so they would lose. Hoping for public rioting so they may try martial law out. I don’t buy into that but I do believe they are making this case out to be much more than what it was.

    Immigration bill is another one of those “pass it to find out whats in it” bills. Why in God’s name would illegal immigrates who are already here “illegal”. Going to our funded schools, going to emergency rooms, receiving tax refunds working for less than minimum wage register them selves? They won’t be getting a raise, they will be subject to paying TAX on an already low income for working under the table. Do they think that they will all just run down and register? Why? There asking for more money to be taken from them. The logic just isn’t there.

    The border has to be secured for any immigration bill to be successful. Like Mr. Savage says, borders, cultures & languages is what makes a country. If you cannot have these three things, than you cannot call your self a nation. I tend to agree with the tinfoil hats here that they don’t want to enforce borders because they want to create the North American Union. Canada, America and Mexico with one currency. Why else would the Federal Government take sherif Joe Arpaio to court? Why is one little sheriff in the ENTIRE USA causing SO much stink with the fed’s? Because he was enforcing the law and protecting the border.

    After finding your site and reading your blogs. I do question myself when it comes to the men of faith who hold leadership. It wasn’t until recently finding out about the Rick Warren fiscal. The small church I left in AZ pastor idolized the man. Almost heard the name Rick Warren every Sunday as he would fold something he said in to his own sermon. I love the pastor but I think he emphasized Rick Warren more than he should have. There should be no doubt that the #1 angel, the most beautiful angel of all name was Lucifer. He know’s the word and would have little trouble infecting the church by means of this earth.

  12. Thanks for the information. I can live with that. I appreciate knowing that maybe the news links I saw it on are prone to trying to get people stirred up. We have enough to stir us up without misguiding us. [Me.]

  13. Don, thank you for this blog entry and particularly for the article you linked at the bottom.
    Our church is in the process of looking for a new minister and last week we hosted a prospective pastor and his wife, who are from overseas, for 10 days (I’m in Australia). They were great people: Bible-believing with an evangelical approach and a heart for mission and outreach. Most of the congregation think the same so there was overwhelming support for offering them the job.

    But, several on the church council want to hold off and give it more thought and prayer as they are not sure he is the “right” person.Some of the reasons they cited were what was touched upon in the article: they (prospective minister and wife) are “too evangelical”; “they need to realise we have diversity in this church” (for diversity read some in hierarchy have liberal views and are not Bible-believing); “we don’t feel comfortable with such a focused evangelical approach and so much outreach beyond the church walls”; “his sermon felt too much like preaching and teaching us rather than going on a spiritual journey with us.”

    These were just some of the reasons given in the minutes of the council meeting. When I read them I was gobsmacked! Having read that article by Tom Horn I am no longer gobsmacked, I am concerned. Still, I know the Lord has it all in hand and I, and others, are praying for God’s will with this decision and that He would protect the man and his family. Once again, thanks for this, Don, it’s given me food for thought and focus for prayer.

  14. @Christina
    RUN! No seriously, you should look for a church that is teaching and preaching according to the word. The word Diversity SCREAMS political correctness. Political correctness and the Bible cannot co-exist. Political correctness is on of the devils tool to discredit the Bible.

    You can stay at home and tune in “feel good” sermons. Sadly, many of those spiritual journey churches are going to be wondering what they did wrong. Just my .02¢

  15. The Tram, I hear what you’re saying but I do believe that this prospective new minister, who is Bible-based, will need all the support he can get if he is offered the job. I intend to be one of those people offering support. The majority of the church are Bible-believing and we just need to pray and gently, but firmly, stand on the Word in our congregation. I’ll be praying and attending this fellowship unless, and until, The Lord calls me out of there. Appreciate your concern, though, and your prayers would also be very welcome.

  16. Rod In Oregon,

    I have a question out of curiosity because of the anti-Jesus movement (especially in the work place) in our nation.

    Are you allowed to talk about Jesus and Biblical Solutions as a means to help some of your clients ?…or it is somehow prohibited.

    I am guessing that if you are working for a Christian Therapy Group or own your own Therapy Practice, that might not be an issue.

  17. http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/lifestyle/2013/07/17/vatican-pope-twitter-followers-can-now-spend-less-time-in-purgatory

    Well, thank god for the internet….this might prove that the internet is a divine gift to all of us….huh ?

    According to Pope Francis, those who follow the Pope on Twitter for important events get to spend less time in purgatory.

    I wonder if I follow the Pope via 4k-HD on a Virtual Reality headset if I can bypass Purgatory all together.

  18. The Tram,

    What me Sarcastic? I was just stating the facts for ~David from the official doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. He has no chance of going to Purgatory as a grace through faith in Jesus alone heretic who is under the anathemas of the Popes. He must join the Roman Church, confess his mortal sins to a priests and do what they say to have any chance of getting to Purgatory at all. Since David is in Mortal Sin according to the Roman Church he will go straight to Hell and he will not pass go nor collect $200.

    That’s just the rules of the game. Check it out.

  19. I have seen quite a few quotes from both black and white people regarding the Zimmerman/Martin case and still, the question that nobody is asking is….

    What did Zimmerman do wrong ?

    Where was the law broken ?

    White people are only seeing it as Zimmerman’s self defense and black people are only seeing it as whitey killing an unarmed black child.

    The case clearly shows that Martin attacked Zimmerman and after Zimmerman had his face beat into the concrete, he shot Martin.

    There are the spin doctors who are trying to make it sound like Zimmerman was out “to get” Martin and only suspected him because he was black…and that Martin was just an innocent kid who wanted to get some skittles and enjoy his day….spin, indeed, by anyone doing the research.

    It does look by what I’ve been reading that there is going to be stricter ‘Neighborhood Watch’ guidelines….and perhaps, we’ll even get federal ‘Neighborhood Watch’ guidelines….450 pages of rules and regulations by the feds that nobody can follow should just about end any ‘Neighborhood Watch’ endeavors…I mean this hypothetically, I don’t really know if this could/would happen.

    Doesn’t all this sound awfully familiar on what we’ve experienced over recent years with Islamic racial profiling and tolerance ?

    So, I guess any white person who suspects a black person for anything from here on out is going to be labeled a racist, plain and simply.

  20. Don,

    Great “talking” with you today. I enjoyed reading this blog. Egypt is one strange country. Imagine if USA was like that with the military calling the shots. Hmmm, maybe that’s not a bad idea after all.

    As for the Zimmerman trail, yes it was a tragedy for all parties involved. Both had opportunities to avoid it but chose not to. The guy with the gun won, but somehow, I don’t think he’s going to have much time celebrating.

    As for the Immigration Bill passed in Senate, my Congressman just email me wanting to know my thoughts. I hope he listens. LOL

    Snowden? Heroes come cheap these days.

  21. To All,

    I have been reading some comments that has led me to believe that some are finding it difficult to find a church or teachings that deal with today’s world issues….and most importantly are Biblically sound.

    If I may recommend Calvary Chapel if you have one close to you, I have found most of the Calvary Chapel pastors to be verse-by-verse type teachers…and they do most certainly address U.S. and world issues.

    For daily teachings, I listen to http://www.kwave.com (by streaming over the internet) pretty much all day….not only do they have great pastor teachers, they also have programs that specifically address world events.

    There is also http://www.hischannel.com that will allow you to watch some really great teachers on video-on-demand.

    Just trying to help : )

  22. http://www.amazon.com/Fish-Out-Water-Abby-Nye/dp/0892216212/ref=sr_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1374973385&sr=1-3&keywords=fish+out+of+water

    I was just listening to an interview on KWAVE with this young girl Abby Nye….

    At her college, Butler University, as a Freshman and being a Christian she was certainly put to the test…

    Part of the curriculum in this college is that it is MANDATORY to take the Islamic course and buy a Koran for the course, also, the kids are taught to respect the Koran by not putting it on the floor and the Koran must always be on top of any other books in a stack….and somewhere in the course structure, it is talked about “why the U.S. deserved 9/11″….what ???….are you kidding me ?…is this a college in Saudi Arabia ?…nope, it’s right here in the U.S.A.

    The Bible is looked at as myth and is not permitted for open discussion….those who buck this trend are castigated and downgraded in grades if they are Christians and/or do not conform to evolutionary and tolerant thinking.

    According to Abby Nye, the teachers intimidate the students to embrace their liberalism thinking….most of the Christian students succumb to this, of course.

    I do not know fully why Abby stayed at this college.

    The point of this is, yes, we occasionally read things like this in Christian news reporting…but Islam being mandatory and The Bible being scorned by the teaching staff ?

    Is there something radically wrong with this or is it just me ?

  23. ~David

    Butler used to be a Christian university. In fact, it still is home to Christian Theological Seminary. I wonder what her major was, perhaps she was on some religious studies degree. Still, there is no excuse for what you describe. The Christian denomination is out in left field on many issues.

    Islam has increasing influence in our universities because they receive large donations from oil rich nations for playing ball. Saudi Arabia plays a huge role in that and it probably is also why Obama went to Harvard and almost kissed the toe of the Saudi Arabian king and still supports and is highly influenced by the radical Sunni Muslim Brotherhood.

  24. Christians in this country, may face real persecution, before long. I mean to the point of death. We need to rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us, and we also need to be studied and prayed up, if we are going to take our stand for our Lord, Jesus, Christ. In other words we need to have on the full amour of God. What you described is just the beginning. So far our country has been spared the persecution other nations have and are going through. But we may face some of it before the rapture.

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