Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Jun 2013

Americans elected a first class deceiver for President and now we reap the consequences. None of what is being revealed about what is going on in this administration surprises or shocks me. I really do not want to even address the issues because there are too many of them and I know that nothing much is going to be done about most of them anyway. The House show will go on but they are dealing with racketeering pros and they will never get to the top.

The evil people behind Obama and the people that he appoints will continue to ignore our Constitution. It’s not just Obama that is the problem, getting rid of the figure-head of the radical left in this country is not going to stop their agenda. Only Americans can change the direction that Americans have allowed to be taken but most Americans are complicit in the unconstitutional actions, brainwashed, ignorant, or apathetic.

Even if they found a smoking gun, nothing will be done to remove Obama. One reason is that they fear the race riots and they know they cannot get the votes to remove him in the Senate. Then there is the thought of crazy Joe taking over. Even if the Republicans could get the majority in the Senate by 2015, they are not likely to be thinking about removing Obama just before a national election. (If what is left of the Republic even survives that long.) So I hate to break the news to you but barring an act of God we will suffer with the Obama administration until at least 2017.

The best that conservatives in House can do now is to try to hinder the progressive tyranny that is underway.  When Americans chose to elect leadership that would promote their own covetousness and immorality they brought upon themselves this Obamanation.

This “progressive” government just ignores our Constitution and that lawlessness is not limited to the Executive Branch. The progressives also control the Senate and they influence the House. The Supreme Court and lower courts are also increasingly taking Liberal positions.


Those reading this blog know that I have said for years that you need to assume that all electronic communications are being monitored in this country. Now it comes out that our government has access to just about all electronic information in this country and it has had it for years and Americans act shocked.

What did they think would happen under the Patriot Act, when now the administration just needs to go to their own appointed judges to legally give that order under the national security umbrella? If Americans are willing to give away their constitutional rights for security, I can assure you that government will take those rights. The rights were put in the Constitution to protect the people from tyrannical government. Take away those rights under the guise of national security and tyranny becomes inevitable, as some now see.

We cannot just blame the Obama administration for the big government surveillance programs that are now in place. It all started under George Bush. The Top Secret PRISM program started about seven years ago according to whistle blowers of the NSA. It is now greatly expanded and will continue to expand with the data center that is now going online in Utah. Congress knew about this program. Some in Congress helped set the guidelines and Congress funded the program and Congress has oversight over the NSA.

For Congress to feign shock because NSA took this data mining program further then some in Congress are now comfortable with shows great hypocrisy or complete naivety about bureaucrats given unconstitutional powers and a blank check.

None of this is going to impact Obama. He can claim national security or even claim to be out of the loop and to a large extent he probably was. Valerie Jarrett actually runs Obama and the white house. This is a government run amok because most of the high level appointees and bureaucrats are on the same page, otherwise they would not be in those positions.

Those appointed to top levels of government did not need Obama to order anything. They knew what was expected of them before they took the job. Obama did not have to micromanage the Justice Department, IRS, EPA, Homeland Security or the rest of the Executive Branch. Obama put in place people as radical or more radical than himself and then just sat back and let them do their thing. I doubt if you will find impeachable activity on Obama on the golf course.

We are now getting to a point where all electronic data can be tied together and that is the big danger. Everything about everyone will be on a database. That data on individuals and everyone that they ever were in contact with will be accessible to people the government deems has the need to know. The data about each of us in that central database will be as simple to find as you doing a Google search for information on a topic.

I can see a day with all of your personal information, financial information, medical information, etc. will appear before an analyst with just a few key strokes. If you ever watched “Person of Interest” on TV, the system being fictionalized is not that far off from becoming reality.

So what does the average American say about this total invasion of privacy. Ho hum. And this apathy is why there will be no stopping the Big Brother surveillance. The Obama administration is abusing its power but thus far Obama has let most of that abuse remain in the hands of the control freaks that he appointed. Obama is not a control freak by nature. Put natural control freaks like Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Andrew Como, Michael Bloomberg or Chris Christie in the Presidential office and the Big Brother surveillance capability gets really really scary.

Valerie Jarrett is one of those control freaks and she clearly said that pay back time was coming after the 2012 election. From all the latest abuses of power coming out, apparently she was not blowing smoke. We heard about the IRS targeting but with this surveillance capability who really knows how many people may already be being blackmailed?

Lots of people have secrets that they don’t want exposed, for example, Hillary, Petraeus, and certain other generals. And who got to George Bush in the second term that suddenly turned this conservative anti terrorist hardliner into a big government progressive wuss? After seeing the sudden change in Bush, I though he was being blackmailed back then. Who knows, maybe I had it right.


It certainly looks like the world is heading for a major war. I do not see how the Syrian and Iranian situation can be put off much longer. I have read a report that we now have hundreds of Marines on the ground in Jordan near the Syrian border to do the ground work for a no fly zone. I do not know if that report is true, it is hard to find reliable sources on the Internet.

Thanks to Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia, Assad of Syria is now winning the war against the resistance. This is infuriating the Sunnis led by Saudi Arabia and Turkey. I think they will soon pressure NATO into establishing a no fly zone in Syria. Then all bets are off to where that will lead. Syria is not Libya.

On one side there is Assad, Hezbollah, and Iran all being supported by Russia. Then on the other side we see the Sunni’s (with their terrorist factions) and NATO aligning against this alliance of Shia Muslims. Israel is now neutral but any NATO effort will bring Israel into their camp. If Assad gets the upper hand in this war because of Hezbollah and Iranian backing they will make sure that Israel pays a price for striking targets in Syria. That would bring a response from Israel and that probably would lead to a regional war.

Violence is also rising in Iraq again between the Shia and the Sunni and a civil war there is becoming likely. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others are Sunni and they will oppose any movement of Iran to take over Syria. This whole thing very much looks like it will turn into a regional or world war between the Sunni and the Shia with Russia supporting the Shia and the U.S. and NATO supporting the Saudi Arabian funded Sunni. Any such war is not going to be limited to this area, it is going to bring terrorist violence to many nations of the world.

The foreign policies of the West with its appeasement against the Jihadists of Islam is doomed to fail. A number of regional powers are going to try to take over this oil rich area of the world within this generation and they all will have their own brief day in the sun. The exact order of these wars is debatable but the Shia Sunni war looks to be first war on the horizon.

If the U.S. gets in a war or a proxy war with Iran, N Korea, China or Russia I think an EMP and cyber attack could very well bring down our electrical grid. You might want to think about moving close to a local non nuclear power station if that is possible. Hydro would be ideal. Most of Texas is on a separate grid, you might consider living there.

Even apart from the EMP and cyber threat, the U.S. national grid is aging and is in pretty bad shape. If nothing is done to improve the grid, blackouts will become increasingly common in some areas. The needed improvements in our grid infrastructure will not happen if we continue on the road to higher energy prices and a declining economy.


There is nothing much new to say about the economy, it is a phony recovery. It will only last until the Fed stops printing money or others demand more dollars for the same amount of goods. Once prices start rising and interest rates start rising the jig is up and then Katie-bar-the-door.


Pope Francis has been in the religious news with his claims of what he thinks the good works of even atheists might mean. I think this pope is a likeable guy but when he speaks he confuses theologians both in an out of the Catholic Church. I don’t know where that will lead but I guess we will not have to wait long to find out.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


36 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Jun 2013

  1. Hi Don,

    I do wonder about the level of apathy and short term memory being seen by so many in our society. I believe it may be due to some level of “systematic desensitization” to scandal. People are becoming somewhat numb to it. That along with the complicit media makes it very easy for the government to continue doing what it has been doing. A pretty sad state of affairs that started well before our current president took office.


  2. Hey Don, I live in Texas (DFW), I read about the grids in the US how Texas is on a different one than the rest of the country. What does that mean in the even of an EMP? Elaborate more on that.

  3. Donovan,

    85 percent of Texas is on its own grid. A nuclear bomb generated EMP over the West Coast or the East coast in not likely to knock the Texas grid out but a EMP over Texas or the central US could.

  4. Even though my heart grieves for my country, I know America has drifted far from her Christian roots and must suffer the consequences. I strongly believe that the current situation will worsen and one of the possible scenarios that Don has outlined will be upon us very soon. All that we can do is be true to the Lord Jesus and be the best witnesses we can be. Thank God we have each other!

  5. Donovan, I live in Mineral Wells. You can do a google search and get a lot of information on the Texas grid. I did one last night.
    A while back N. Korea was threatening to nuke Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Austin. I wondered why Austin but now I think it was because of the Tx. grid. These three cities are on three different grids so that takes care of the biggest part of the U.S. [Just my opinion].

  6. the sad thing is that we christian conservatives have no way out. With the probable upcoming amnesty of the illegal aliens and the voter fraud from the democrats soon we will not even be able to vote out these evil people even if we wanted to. Plus Washington would not let conservative states secede from the union.

  7. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that “Obamanation” sounds similar to “Abomination.” The signs that we are in the last days are escalating and I pray that they lead some people to Jesus.

  8. Jim,

    I don’t think it matters who we elect, it is not just a few individuals or a group that are corrupt, it’s the whole ‘out of control’ system.

    Freedom itself has proven to be more than humanity can handle…reading history, all the world empires were destroyed, if not by a hostile takeover, by internal greed & corruption.

    Vote who out of office and who into office ?

    At this stage, even if Ronald Reagan (or whatever party you want to name) was elected, I don’t think he (or a group like him) could do anything to turn this tide.

    And, I do not blame just the elected democrats, the elected republican conservatives have their fair share of the blame also.

    Keep in mind that the U.S. is a very young nation, comparatively.

    I think the U.S. had the best plan from a human perspective (by the founding fathers) for a Republic…but, as history has shown, greed and corruption find a way.

    To expect humanity to change, especially with today’s powerful emergent information technologies, is insanity in my opinion.

    So, I place my hopes and trust in the eternal things of Jesus…that I can trust.

  9. There are so few real republicans, and not enough conservatives to make a difference. In practice, it seems we are very nearly a one party country. It definitely is a bittersweet situation. Are we prepared for some suffering in the event we opt to continue to express our feelings, beliefs and ideas? Or, will be cower under to the “big brother, 1984 Orwellian” society that the powers that be have brought about in amerika? The saying that ‘Freedom isn’t free’ is beginning to take on a whole new meaning. That is the bitter part. The promises of Christ’s are the sweet part, as it looks like the fulfillment of them are closer each day.

  10. Some time back I looked briefly into US locations that might avoid the fallout from reactor meltdowns and the only place that looked possible was S. Oregon or N California near the coast. There is a deactivated NR along the Colombia River in N Oregon and other reactors further south in California, but considering the prevailing winds the coastline might offer a possibility of survival.
    Speaking of interest rates and the economy, seem like rates are already rising. Maybe we need a stock market plunge to get interest rates back down.

  11. Tim,

    Of course the problem with the West Coast is the the threat of more melt downs in Japan. I don’t know how many Nuclear plants would melt down after an EMP so fallout might or might not be the critical issue.

  12. In Don’s Revelation commentary, Chapter 13 Verse 2, there are a couple book references. I purchased David Jeremiah’s “The Handwriting On The Wall” for the Nook and am reading through it. I’ve read the Economic Armageddon book by David. His writing style has a bit more Engish to it than, say, Don’s commentary, which is more direct (I like Don’s writing style better as it works for me). In any case…

    There is quite a bit of “God is in control / sovereign” theme. Unlike Obamanation, this is backed up by scripture, particularly from Daniel. All good, thus far.

    However, then he makes another statement, more directed to America, but otherwise applicable generally. Paraphrased, Judgement will come to America unless we (presume American Christians) repent and pray for revival. I’ve seen similar from fellow Christians along the “I’m praying for revival” theme.

    Unfortunately, to them, with the reading / studying I have done, I don’t see revival being prophecied. When you look at historical judgments and warnings from God, I did not see revival — other than one: namely, Jonah. In that case, repentence pretty much immediately followed God’s warning. I don’t see that for America.

    Namely, we (the watchmen, if you will), are Jonah. We (well, I know I am) are doing just what Jonah did: “judgment is coming / scoff at your own peril.” I say just those words. God’s warning is out there, from the Jonah’s in America, and the people are not repenting. Simply put, I don’t see revival and it certainly isn’t prophesied (at least, based on the reading / studying I have done). Correct me if I’m wrong.

    I would like to “step out in faith” a bit more, and stop leading this triple life of attempting to live in the world in some semblence of “the American dream” and go to work to chase after money, pretending things are normal, while I’m being forced out of a job because of my age / experience, and “prep” on the side.

    My calculations, based on, say, 12 years max (either country collapse to rapture, which ever comes first), I could simply drop out and cash in the 401K while it’s still there, and get way more productive work done on my own. I could even freelance as a software engineer, where my age wouldn’t be a factor. But, alas, I can’t even convince the spouse of the prophecies (she won’t even read the book of Revelation, although she’s stuck in the old testament, pretty much buying all the “revival” nonsense, but she is coming around slowly). Very frustrating. And so I walk in this absurd triple-life of normalcy in 2013, pretty much looking for a coronal mass ejection at this point. Shrug. Back to your local station (see, no acronyms — deep breath).

  13. Craig,

    I, don’t think that the problem in this country is with the true Christians. It is not they that need to repent, it is all the phoneys and the unbelievers that need to come to receive Christ. Therefore, if just Christians pray for revival but few are converted to Christ, that is not going to change the direction of this nation.

    John MacArthur implied in one of his recent interviews that what we seeing taking place in this nation is happening because God already gave her over (Rom 1 18-32). In other words, we are already under judgment. Obama with his antichrist agenda could not happen if true Christians actually controlled this nation, but they do not. I agree.

    There remains a misconception among Christians that first came from Word of Faith and Dominion Theology teachers, but is now being taught everywhere thanks to their influence on Christian mass media. That is why I wrote the following article.


  14. I also agree with John MacArthur Don, only I believe it applies to the West generally.

    It is a waste of time praying for a corrupt system, but praying for individuals constrained within the system is I believe, demanded of us.

    I do not, in fact I cannot pray for my country. This does not mean I do not pray for individuals within her borders (I have family members and ‘neighbours’ still unsaved).

  15. Brian,

    I, personally, have come under scrutiny in talking to some Christians because I don’t pray for The Lord to delay his judgment on this nation, The U.S…or the world for that matter.

    I don’t want The Lord to delay, I want him to come as soon as possible.

    I do agree with Brian also in that our job is not done, there are plenty out there who need hear The Good News, and hopefully be saved.

    I have also found it tricky to pray for those with illnesses or severe problems because sometimes those maladies can in fact, lead someone To The Lord.

    The best prayer to me is one that, regardless of the ills of this world, that ALL, including myself will grow closer to The Lord each and every day.


  16. Hi Don:
    With all the talk right now about cyber war and the deception coming from the left i can only wonder if the government can use this to bankrupt our bank accounts. The way they deny just about any scandal how would we ever know the truth? We could wake up some morning and hear on the news that China or Russia or Peter Pan just drained our 401’s and there is nothing we can do about it.

  17. Kevin,

    Ever hear of “Buy in’s” that is what government did in Cyprus to pay bank debts that were due to the EU. “Buy in’s” essentially means that the account holders are responsible for the debts of the bank or financial institutions. Now instead of government bail outs of too big to fail institutions, during future crises the account holders are going to lose part of their deposits to bail out the institution. This concept is being written into law in some nations and it is spreading all over the world. The banks love it because they can gamble irresponsibly knowing that the depositors will pay if they lose.

  18. By the way Kevin,

    Most 401’s are at risk because the stock market and the bond market is going to crash as soon as interest rates start rising.

  19. Probably the best immediate investment, besides security related, is [long term] food. No affiliation, and as we’ve compared various products (efoods, ready store, etc), we found preparewise.com to be our choice for long term food products of the freeze dried variety (particularly when it comes to serving size). [not sure if this ‘recommendation’ crosses some kind of comment policy line].

    Although I know of some that have cashed out and traded for metal in the hand, I guess I’m going to let the 401 / savings go the way it’s gonna go (whatever that may be, which doesn’t look promising). I’m just not witholding much and, instead, using that amount, month to month, to assemble a reasonable / rationale food stock. At a 25 year shelf life, even if the US were to be a Roman state (as Mr. Jeremiah seems to teach), that shelf life would survive long past the rapture. After that, it’s up to God to deal with us as He sees fit.

  20. There is no safe place to invest or store your investments or cash. If economy collapse, all will be in the same boat, unless you are one of the elite, then you will be credited your full amount, dollar for dollar. Precious metals won’t help, put options, nor holding cash. Only physical necessities as water, food, industrial parts, car parts, and your skills at repairing and hunting will have any value.

  21. Robert,

    I always say the best thing that you can invest in for physical security is a skill that will be needed in spite of any economic collapse. I think having some freeze dried food around like Craig is wise for the worst cast scenario like an EMP, cyper attack or war, especially if you live in the country and feel the locals will band together to keep out the scavengers. Other than that, the best long term physical investment is probably the land that an expanding world population will need for all the resources that they live on. Just make sure that land has a water supply.

  22. I recently discovered that a popular new video game is having the enemies you have to kill be American patriots. Does that not make you sick?

  23. Jim,

    About as sick as the IRS targeting those that call themselves patriots or Homeland Security equating patriots with possible terrorists. Something is very sick when leaders target those that love their country.

  24. Don,

    You have stated several times that it is the duty of “the people” not to allow tyranny in this country.

    I personally don’t know what to do about all that is happening in our country.

    Then, I read this article….


    So, we here in the U.S. don’t oppose the tyranny, but those in Hong Kong do…maybe this is a lesson to us American people.

  25. ~David,

    That little show in Hong Kong is deceptive and probably orchestrated by the Fascists running China. Keep in mind that Hong Kong is part of China and Edward Snowden could very well be a double agent working for the Chinese. If people in China actually knew what to do about tyranny they would not be living under it.

  26. Yeah, the showing in Hong Kong could very well be an orchestrated deception.


    Off of my original point…

    Just because “the people” of any nation oppose a tyrannical government doesn’t mean that they are going to get their point made…or have any type of success.

    In Iran a few years ago, there was a demonstration and all it did was get people killed.

    In Syria today, though there have been mass defections by Assad’s Army, the death toll is still somewhere around 100,000 lives.

    Just to name two on a huge list.

    All this brave talk from “the people” of the U.S. opposing or demonstrating against the government for Constitutional Rights…does anyone really think that today’s American people have the stomach to endure any of the deadly consequences, should it turn out that way ?

    I don’t.

  27. ~David

    The people in those nations you talk about largely gave up any means of self defense and that is why bullies rule over them. The founders of our Constitution wisely put in an amendment that allowed the people the right to bear arms to use as a last resort against a tyrannical government and so it remains in most of the country.

    Would the people have the stomach to endure deadly consequences? Some would and some would not like in any conflict. Do you think everyone fought against the British in our war of Independence? Just a few percent did. We already know that you do not think much of American’s will to fight for liberty and freedom, you have said it before. Nevertheless, anytime anyone has taken a military stand for anything that is right in the world during recent times it is Americans that led the way with their own blood. I also remind you that there are tens of millions of war vets in this country that are not the wusses that you think they are. We all know that you said you would not fight for liberty, so maybe it is just that you think all American’s are like yourself.

  28. Don,

    I was talking about the “average Joe Rambo” who proclaim loudly today that “there is a revolution coming” and how they will fight against a tyrannical government.

    I hear their mantra and their slogans, “they’ll have to rip the gun from my cold dead fingers”…some of those people are interviewed at gun ranges and have absolutely no idea, none, what it is like to take another life, let alone risk theirs or their families.

    For those hunters who think that hunting an animal is the same as killing a fellow human, they have another thing coming.

    Ever spent time in a VFW ?…or talked to a former Vet living on the streets because he can’t get his head together ?…I assure you, it is not because they suffer from jungle fever.

    Taking a life with a firearm is not as easy as pulling a trigger unless one is insane or demented.

    Would I personally take on a US or US/UN military for the sake of Constitutional Liberty ?

    No, your correct, I wouldn’t…and neither would most who are proclaiming that now.

    As far as our retired military, the former enlisted men, an unknown (to me) percentage of them I’m sure would….the retired special forces, absolutely would in my opinion.

    Will the gun bragging weekend “Rambo’s” join the fight against U.S. military ?…I suspect a very small percentage.

    My original point was about demonstrating or opposing a tyrannical government…most Americans will only do it until things get nasty.

    Me personally, I will not surrender my Bible or bow down before any God other than Jesus Christ…yes, for that, they’ll have to pry my Bible from my cold, dead hands.

  29. ~David

    The average Joe Rambo that you spout about is just some figure made up in your own mind or else you are just repeating the talking head liberals that like to mock those that they think cling to their guns and religion. Many of those saying they will not give up their guns mean it. Many of the people saying they will not give up their guns and that visit gun ranges are also veterans of foreign wars.

    You’re also wrong to assume that our military would fight against the American people. That is one reason why there is a progressive program to destroy the military by politically correct liberal regulation. They know that many of the men in the military are more for the rights in the Constitution than the average American. They want to force these people out of the military.

    More then once here you have said you will fight to keep your Bible, but apparently you will not fight for the liberty to do what your Bible says and that is to proclaim the gospel. That is not going to be allowed in a totalitarian country, you know. Try preaching the gospel in the streets of China or North Korea or any Islamic nation.

  30. The government claims NSA is not listening to our calls, just looking at call durations and numbers. Do you believe that? I know of a former Verizon wireless customer who cancelled his service cuz in the contract it said they will not hand over personal info to anyone but they did…

  31. donovan,

    Government knows how to get around the legal restraints. They have been doing that for decades. For example, there was no law that says other nations cannot spy on Americans or that NSA could not spy on foreigners. So other nations spied on us and we spied on their citizens and then the information was just passed on to each other. It was called project Echelon. Now with NSA farming out PRISM to contractors how much oversight do your think there is over these thousands of contractors that can hack into any system? Even under present laws all NSA needs to legally listen to conversations is a court order and the court is nothing but a rubber stamp.

    It is not just Verizon that is being monitored, just about all electronic data is being stored in databases including this one and agents can listen in if and when they want.

  32. Wow, that is crazy. I had no idea about the whole thing you mentioned how other countries were monitoring us. I was talking about this with the womam I have been with the last 2 years, she was like, “well if it is to stop terrorists then I am ok with it.” She gets that nonsense from her dad. I said do you really want the government monitoring what you are doing? Dont you want privacy? And by the way, if it applies to you Don, happy fathers day.

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