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I was going to write about how the only hope for this nation was for wealthy people to pool their resource to start their own TV networks to counter the government controlled mainstream media brainwashing that is going on in America. However, even if there was the motivation, and there is not, there would not be enough time to change hearts and minds to change this nation before it self destructs. We simply do not have the time left to undue all the evil that was done over the last fifty years.

I also have come to the conclusion that mass repentance and conversion is just not going to happen in America. Eternal optimists preaching this possibility are just preaching to the choir.  I think if obvious judgment came because of  evil choices that Americans make, most would just shake their fist at God for allowing the consequence of their evil choices to happen. In other words, they would make God the scapegoat for their own evil choices. Those that see any possibility of a revival in a nation that demands – yes demands – immorality are unfortunately delusional.


Recovery is not coming to this nation to fix the economic problems. There is no way to get out of this debt spiral where the government keeps spending much more than it takes in. Last month the disposable income after taxes fell more than anytime since the government was keeping records and we are told to believe that things are getting better?

The Government needs to cut the spending by a third to balance the budget but this administration will not  even cut 2 percent without first peddling fear by releasing illegal alien criminals into society and not refueling an aircraft carrier needed for adequate defense in the Middle East. They blame their own treasonous choices that put our country at risk on a two percent budget cut?

Obama blames the sequestering on the Republicans but the sequestering was actually part of Obama’s plan if Congress could not come to agreement on where to cut the budget. The taxes were agreed upon and enacted  to even get these small cuts but now the Demorats want more taxes rather than making the sequestering cuts that they already agreed to. What you hear from this administration and its mainstream media mouthpieces are lies and this administration is using these lies to make the Republicans the fall guys. The Republicans never seem to get tired of being the national punching bag.

Even Liberal journalist Bob Woodward pointed out the sequestering facts, but then he was threatened by a hack in the White House. As was Liberal Lanny Davis for articles that he wrote that did not conform to the White House spin. Juan Williams is another well-known Liberal reporter fired from NPR for saying the wrong thing. He just said this, “It is big media institutions who are identifiably more liberal to left-leaning who will shut you down, stab you and kill you, fire you, if they perceive that you are not telling the story in the way they want it told.”  That is the way it is. Liberals kill their young and old and the abortion pun is intended.

We might as well not even have a second party. The Republicans control the House but they just fold. They always do what the Far Left wants in the end. Those that consistently take a stand for what is constitutional or moral can be counted on two hands.

The Congress just overwhelmingly passed a bill named the Violence Against Women Act. Like we need a new federal law because woman are not already protected under state laws? There was no reason for a new federal law except for more federal government control and to make more people federal criminals. Who really knows what is in this bill? I heard on the Mark Levin show that verbal abuse or even unpleasant speech directed toward a woman can get you arrested for a federal crime.

Who determines what is unpleasant speech? If you have an argument with your wife and someone reports you, are you now going to be charged with a federal crime? If I tell some woman that she is trapped in a cult is that unpleasant speech? Keep in mind that a federal conviction means that you cannot own a firearm either. Did you know that under age prostitutes will no longer be able to be charged with a crime under this law? I am sure the gangs peddling sex or teens wanting to make a quick buck will love this law. The problem with these new federal social engineering laws is that they do not stop crime and they create more problems than they solve.

The Canadian Supreme Court just ruled that teaching against homosexuality is hate speech. Now, ain’t that grand! Believe me, the homo lobby is working very hard to take your right to identify sex perversion as sex perversion in the US as well. When queer marriage becomes the law of the land, do you really think they will allow anyone to call such marriage sin or evil or queer?

Do you even think blogs that tell the biblical truth will even be allowed to exist on a government controlled politically correct Internet? When that happens, free speech is dead and the First Amendment will mean what they want it to mean, just like the other constitutional amendments.

Without radical change, and that is not likely, this will all occur before the end of the Obama administration.


With all the petty reasons coming down the line for disqualifying people from owning guns, it won’t be long before government can take firearms away from anyone at their whim. And you can be sure that they will find a whim to declare you unqualified if they wish. Obviously, those that believe our government has become tyrannical would qualify as threats to their own national security, so they would take away firearms from these people.

Washington is filled with psychopaths. This is not going to end well and time is running out. I don’t mean that time is running out to change the government back to sanity. It is already too late for that. I mean, time is running our for this nation period. In fact, we are living on borrowed time as well as borrowed money. It is only a matter of months or a year or three before the cash flow ends and the riots start. Then you will find out why Homeland Security has been arming to the teeth.

Second Amendment rights are big around here where I live. After all, this is the Ozarks and the heart of red neck country. I will be going to a second amendment rally this Saturday at a  church just a few miles from here. I wonder how many people will show up in the small backwoods church where the meeting is being held? I have been in the Ozarks for a long time and I have never seen so many people so angry with the federal government.

The militia movement after Waco during the Clinton Administration include only a very small percentage of the people here. On the other hand, the reaction to the Obama threat is intense and very widespread. I don’t think anyone should be thinking about taking away firearms from people in the Ozarks. I know the people. They are not bluffing. If anyone tries to come and take their firearms it will not go well for them.


The whole world is getting flaky. Stocks keep going up because the governments keep printing money but the world is in recession except for China and some oil states. Europe is in a deep recession and it does not look like it will end well there either. One fourth of Italy just voted for a convicted killer and antisemitic Iranian loving buffoon. Along with the center left party, they will control politics in Italy. That means austerity is dead and the cuts promised to Germany will not happen. That means rising interest rates and a new economic crises in Europe and the rise of Fascism (you have to read this).

Did you know that people who save in Spanish banks can lose all their savings there if the bank fails or even if it merges with another? Knowing that, would you put your savings in their banks at any interest rate? Unemployment continues to rise in Europe and there is an ongoing deep depression in Greece and Spain and a recession elsewhere. Things are not looking good in Europe.

Islam is increasingly taking over the old cities of Europe and the people are being cowered into submission. Europe has a debt bomb and an Islamic bomb that will bring much turmoil to Europe. I have read that so many whites have moved out of London that British whites are no longer the majority in London England. Who would have believed that this would ever happen? This is becoming the case all over Europe. And you think American inner cities have become a race bomb ready to go off? Europe is in the same boat with Islamists that want to sink their ship.

Europe also has problems that are not solvable. If they make any spending cuts people riot, and if they don’t cut, the debt piles on until the whole system collapses. It must be about time for another world war. At least the elite can use that as an excuse to scrap democracy and replace it with Fascist tyranny. Of course they would not call it Fascism because that would not be political correct. How about calling it the New Holy Roman Empire where leaders are joined at the hip with a religious theocracy? They can use religion to keep the people in line? There is nothing new under the sun but it seems that a new old Pope is on his way.


I guess everyone forgot about the Iranian threat. They already have nukes but probably do not have the ability to make them small enough to mount on Missiles. N. Korea is actively working on that issue for Iran. A real nuclear EMP threat to the US might already exist from N. Korea and it certainly will exist within a year or two from both nations.

I am not sure what Israel will do. They have been wishy-washy and seem to be trusting in Obama to get Iran appeased. That is very foolish, but Israel has a long history of snatching defeat from victory because they are always trying to appease the world.  I have news for Jews. You cannot appease those that hate you. The hate is demonically inspired. You will continue to be the victim if you continue to try.

With our new Defense Secretary, Israel will not be getting much support from the US. They probably will get a knife in the back. It is hard to believe that we now only have one aircraft carrier in the gulf. I keep getting this feeling that we will have to lose an aircraft carrier before the grownups take over.

Maybe there will be a nuclear plant core melt down in Iran and that will take care of their nuclear program. The world should be so lucky.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


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