Koenigs perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Mar 2013

I was going to write about how the only hope for this nation was for wealthy people to pool their resource to start their own TV networks to counter the government controlled mainstream media brainwashing that is going on in America. However, even if there was the motivation, and there is not, there would not be enough time to change hearts and minds to change this nation before it self destructs. We simply do not have the time left to undue all the evil that was done over the last fifty years.

I also have come to the conclusion that mass repentance and conversion is just not going to happen in America. Eternal optimists preaching this possibility are just preaching to the choir.  I think if obvious judgment came because of  evil choices that Americans make, most would just shake their fist at God for allowing the consequence of their evil choices to happen. In other words, they would make God the scapegoat for their own evil choices. Those that see any possibility of a revival in a nation that demands – yes demands – immorality are unfortunately delusional.


Recovery is not coming to this nation to fix the economic problems. There is no way to get out of this debt spiral where the government keeps spending much more than it takes in. Last month the disposable income after taxes fell more than anytime since the government was keeping records and we are told to believe that things are getting better?

The Government needs to cut the spending by a third to balance the budget but this administration will not  even cut 2 percent without first peddling fear by releasing illegal alien criminals into society and not refueling an aircraft carrier needed for adequate defense in the Middle East. They blame their own treasonous choices that put our country at risk on a two percent budget cut?

Obama blames the sequestering on the Republicans but the sequestering was actually part of Obama’s plan if Congress could not come to agreement on where to cut the budget. The taxes were agreed upon and enacted  to even get these small cuts but now the Demorats want more taxes rather than making the sequestering cuts that they already agreed to. What you hear from this administration and its mainstream media mouthpieces are lies and this administration is using these lies to make the Republicans the fall guys. The Republicans never seem to get tired of being the national punching bag.

Even Liberal journalist Bob Woodward pointed out the sequestering facts, but then he was threatened by a hack in the White House. As was Liberal Lanny Davis for articles that he wrote that did not conform to the White House spin. Juan Williams is another well-known Liberal reporter fired from NPR for saying the wrong thing. He just said this, “It is big media institutions who are identifiably more liberal to left-leaning who will shut you down, stab you and kill you, fire you, if they perceive that you are not telling the story in the way they want it told.”  That is the way it is. Liberals kill their young and old and the abortion pun is intended.

We might as well not even have a second party. The Republicans control the House but they just fold. They always do what the Far Left wants in the end. Those that consistently take a stand for what is constitutional or moral can be counted on two hands.

The Congress just overwhelmingly passed a bill named the Violence Against Women Act. Like we need a new federal law because woman are not already protected under state laws? There was no reason for a new federal law except for more federal government control and to make more people federal criminals. Who really knows what is in this bill? I heard on the Mark Levin show that verbal abuse or even unpleasant speech directed toward a woman can get you arrested for a federal crime.

Who determines what is unpleasant speech? If you have an argument with your wife and someone reports you, are you now going to be charged with a federal crime? If I tell some woman that she is trapped in a cult is that unpleasant speech? Keep in mind that a federal conviction means that you cannot own a firearm either. Did you know that under age prostitutes will no longer be able to be charged with a crime under this law? I am sure the gangs peddling sex or teens wanting to make a quick buck will love this law. The problem with these new federal social engineering laws is that they do not stop crime and they create more problems than they solve.

The Canadian Supreme Court just ruled that teaching against homosexuality is hate speech. Now, ain’t that grand! Believe me, the homo lobby is working very hard to take your right to identify sex perversion as sex perversion in the US as well. When queer marriage becomes the law of the land, do you really think they will allow anyone to call such marriage sin or evil or queer?

Do you even think blogs that tell the biblical truth will even be allowed to exist on a government controlled politically correct Internet? When that happens, free speech is dead and the First Amendment will mean what they want it to mean, just like the other constitutional amendments.

Without radical change, and that is not likely, this will all occur before the end of the Obama administration.


With all the petty reasons coming down the line for disqualifying people from owning guns, it won’t be long before government can take firearms away from anyone at their whim. And you can be sure that they will find a whim to declare you unqualified if they wish. Obviously, those that believe our government has become tyrannical would qualify as threats to their own national security, so they would take away firearms from these people.

Washington is filled with psychopaths. This is not going to end well and time is running out. I don’t mean that time is running out to change the government back to sanity. It is already too late for that. I mean, time is running our for this nation period. In fact, we are living on borrowed time as well as borrowed money. It is only a matter of months or a year or three before the cash flow ends and the riots start. Then you will find out why Homeland Security has been arming to the teeth.

Second Amendment rights are big around here where I live. After all, this is the Ozarks and the heart of red neck country. I will be going to a second amendment rally this Saturday at a  church just a few miles from here. I wonder how many people will show up in the small backwoods church where the meeting is being held? I have been in the Ozarks for a long time and I have never seen so many people so angry with the federal government.

The militia movement after Waco during the Clinton Administration include only a very small percentage of the people here. On the other hand, the reaction to the Obama threat is intense and very widespread. I don’t think anyone should be thinking about taking away firearms from people in the Ozarks. I know the people. They are not bluffing. If anyone tries to come and take their firearms it will not go well for them.


The whole world is getting flaky. Stocks keep going up because the governments keep printing money but the world is in recession except for China and some oil states. Europe is in a deep recession and it does not look like it will end well there either. One fourth of Italy just voted for a convicted killer and antisemitic Iranian loving buffoon. Along with the center left party, they will control politics in Italy. That means austerity is dead and the cuts promised to Germany will not happen. That means rising interest rates and a new economic crises in Europe and the rise of Fascism (you have to read this).

Did you know that people who save in Spanish banks can lose all their savings there if the bank fails or even if it merges with another? Knowing that, would you put your savings in their banks at any interest rate? Unemployment continues to rise in Europe and there is an ongoing deep depression in Greece and Spain and a recession elsewhere. Things are not looking good in Europe.

Islam is increasingly taking over the old cities of Europe and the people are being cowered into submission. Europe has a debt bomb and an Islamic bomb that will bring much turmoil to Europe. I have read that so many whites have moved out of London that British whites are no longer the majority in London England. Who would have believed that this would ever happen? This is becoming the case all over Europe. And you think American inner cities have become a race bomb ready to go off? Europe is in the same boat with Islamists that want to sink their ship.

Europe also has problems that are not solvable. If they make any spending cuts people riot, and if they don’t cut, the debt piles on until the whole system collapses. It must be about time for another world war. At least the elite can use that as an excuse to scrap democracy and replace it with Fascist tyranny. Of course they would not call it Fascism because that would not be political correct. How about calling it the New Holy Roman Empire where leaders are joined at the hip with a religious theocracy? They can use religion to keep the people in line? There is nothing new under the sun but it seems that a new old Pope is on his way.


I guess everyone forgot about the Iranian threat. They already have nukes but probably do not have the ability to make them small enough to mount on Missiles. N. Korea is actively working on that issue for Iran. A real nuclear EMP threat to the US might already exist from N. Korea and it certainly will exist within a year or two from both nations.

I am not sure what Israel will do. They have been wishy-washy and seem to be trusting in Obama to get Iran appeased. That is very foolish, but Israel has a long history of snatching defeat from victory because they are always trying to appease the world.  I have news for Jews. You cannot appease those that hate you. The hate is demonically inspired. You will continue to be the victim if you continue to try.

With our new Defense Secretary, Israel will not be getting much support from the US. They probably will get a knife in the back. It is hard to believe that we now only have one aircraft carrier in the gulf. I keep getting this feeling that we will have to lose an aircraft carrier before the grownups take over.

Maybe there will be a nuclear plant core melt down in Iran and that will take care of their nuclear program. The world should be so lucky.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


55 thoughts on “Koenigs perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Mar 2013

  1. I leaves me near speechless and wondering what to do next from a ” I still have to live on this planet” perspective. From a spiritual one I know the fight to preserve the remnant of true believers is more critical than ever.


  2. Brian,

    What irresponsible fools would put our aircraft carriers in a position that half our force could be taken out in one attack?
    Sean’s article was very thought provoking as well. I recommend that everyone click on your link and read the post. What happens to Egypt? Does she destroy herself in civil war or does Israel do it, or perhaps both?

  3. I would use the word traitorous rather than irresponsible.
    Yet in their eyes a world socialist system is their belief and their goal, so they would deny the charge.

    They are however callous murderers and deceitful liars without question, for they don’t care who they destroy on the way to their goal. Satan was a liar from the very beginning and a murderer so these people are easily identified. They are ‘earth dwellers’ whose god is the the god of this world.

    Egypt is bit of a mystery, for although the Hagarenes (Psalm 83:6) MAY be a reference to Egypt, it doesn’t ring true to me (a servant girl representing Egypt???).

    We do know from Isaiah 19 the Egyptians will suffer great destruction. If she is not seen in the Gog invasion as Shaun tells it and IF she is not part of the Psalm 83 war, your question is very relevant. ‘Perhaps both’ just may be the answer.

  4. Wow.. Thanks for the link to the blog.. I have a friend who is an economist.. We were talking about the foolish stock market stuff.. The only reason it’s going up is there is no other profitable place for people like these investor types to put their money and hide it from taxes.. So the artificial stock market will eventually pop… And it wont be pretty.

    The worldwide defiance of Godly principles will eventually lead to global systemic collapse… all paving the way for the antichrist… I am still going with my Rapture/EMP simultaneous event theory… LOL….

    If I were not putting my trust wholly in God’s hands, world events would probably have me more concerned. Thanks for the post Don, and the Brian! That was great.

    I figure we can all enjoy your blog Don, until the government starts shutting these types of informational sites down… I suppose that is only a matter of time.

    Blessings folks,

    Rod in Oregon

  5. Hi Rod,

    I can go along with a EMP Rapture scenario if you make it a solar event in God’s timing and have it happen all over the world.

    i went to a rally today hosted at a local church that claimed to have a just retired government insider that claims to know what is planned for us. If you believe what he said, it will make your hair turn white. It did not hurt mine much for obvious reasons. At this point I am not buying into some of what he said. He was blowing his own horn a little to hard for me – among other things – to actually believe that he knows what he claims. I have to find out more about this guy.

  6. Hi Don,

    Maybe I am just wishful thinking… LOL.. Yeah, there are quite a few of these so called “insiders” running around. I think anyone who really knows anything would either be loyal to the “company”, or disappear somewhere in the Area 51 desert… Remember back when you were in the service, I always figured that the guys who talked the most, often knew the least.. But I am sure our government does indeed have a clear agenda that wont be much of a surprise to the true believers in Christ. I look forward to hearing what you learned about this guy… lol


  7. Hi, For a long time I’ve wanted to ask someone about Ezekiel 29. Because the subject of Egypt was brought up I thought this would be a good time. I haven’t read any articles where this chapter was mentioned. Hopefully I won’t end up sounding ignorant, but I can’t recall the land of Egypt being desolate and uninhabited for 40 years so I assume it’s future. Will you comment on this chapter? I’ve been reading your articles and blogs for almost a year. Very interesting. Thankyou.

  8. Don there are a couple of points re a solar EMP.
    1. Would it not destroy the worlds telecommunication system (Banking, ID, communication etc.) and…
    2. Wouldn’t such a system be necessary for anti-Christ’s universal control?

    From my limited understanding of an EMP such an event would seem unlikely until at least half way through the seven years.

  9. Rod,

    I just looked the guy up on Google the only entry I found is where he was speaking today. And this guy was supposed to be a Command Sargent Major for 37 years? I think somebody is snookering the gullible people of the Ozarks that are fed up with the federal government. Oh Yeah, at the end of the meeting he suggested that the only way we are going to turn America around is to kill people and he told us how we should set up cell groups to kill them. And the rally was held a half mile from a small League of the South confederate group that is listed as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center hate group.

    Why does this all seem like a government fishing trip to me? There were 150 people that showed up in this backwoods area for this “Second Amendment rally”. I hope people do not actually get sucked into trying to set up one of these proposed cell groups because you know who will be enabling and watching them.

    By the way, as a person in the mental health profession you will love the statistics that he gave on IQ’s. They were presented as known facts. Blacks average IQ’s are in the 60’s, Hispanics are in the 70’s and whites and Asians are over 100. We got 8 hours of facts that were right out of Alex Jones stuff. And all this was done in the name of Jesus, of course.

  10. Don,

    wow.. You know what is weird… Here in the small town in Oregon I live, there is this retired Sgt. Major with supposed 37 years experience.. A former “special forces” guy.. Talks the same way.. I wonder if it’s the same guy.. He is a real conspiracy nut.. Alex Jones type..

    His stats are ridiculous… But straight out of Alex Jones… LOL.. I wonder if this guy got paid well? As for planned “cells”, well, that is clearly against federal law and will result in a visit from the black suits. But as you said.. It was probably some “home cooking” going on. The government likes to make sure they can watch the potential resisters.

    There were probably a few in the crowd taking names and pictures…

    All in the name of Jesus of course…….

    Rod :)

  11. To Don and All,

    I want you all to know that I am an “insider”.

    I know what’s going to happen and what we should do about it !

    Here is some “insider” information that you can take to the bank.

    #1…We must read out Bibles.

    #2…We must tell others about the Gospel.

    #3…We must get on our knee’s and pray to The ONLY True and Living God, Jesus Christ : )

  12. Hi Caitlin,

    Some scholars think it already happened but that is doubtful and some think it is about to happen real soon and others think it will happen in the tribulation. Right now with the impending civil war in Egypt the second choice seems like the most logical one to me. However, that view could be wrong. Guess we will have to wait and see how events play out.

  13. Brian,

    The Major damage from a Solar EMP would be to long lines, high voltage transformers and satellites. They could get a even better system up again between the Rapture and the Mark of the Beast System. Don’t get me wrong I do not think the Rapture and a Solar EMP will actually occur at the same time. But I can’t say for sure it will not either. What is the shout of an Archangel, and how may it effect our grids? Or will it at all? Who knows.

  14. “It is only a matter of months or a year or three before the cash flow ends and the riots start. Then you will find out why Homeland Security has been arming to the teeth”

    When a country is borrowing money just to pay for the interest on its debt, that country is essentially already bankrupt. The inevitable financial collapse is not a matter of IF but WHEN. Cities are already collapsing financially, soon it will be entire states/regions, and finally the entire national system will fold and crash on its own gigantic sinkhole. And, oh yeah, a large portion of the debt in the country is debt created (i.e. fabricated) through fraudulent money policies since the Fed took over the money supply for the US government.

    “It must be about time for another world war.”
    Sometimes it is necessary to be supportive of war since certain wars are necessary to reset undesired situations and imbalances in the world. It would be nice to see China and India go at each other for a while until their populations have been significantly reduced and their economies severely disrupted. These are two of the most evil and corrupt (if not the most corrupt) countries in the world. Other than that we can expect more wars to break out soon and the scale of wars to increase. For the elites in control of national economies wars are good for business.

  15. I do not even want to name his name on this blog because then his name would show up on Google. So I will just give you his initials. DLP.

    All recording was supposed to have been stopped before he made his suggestion to kill people. He said saying this could get him thrown in prison. Now, who in their right mind would take such a risk other than someone that knew he would not get thrown in prison because the government actually put him up to it? Heck, he said he knew there were at least two DEA agents in the audience. And from an independent source that was verified to me. So, did he really think the DEA agents would go along if they were not already going along?

    I think they are looking for more than names and pictures of who was attended. I think the feds are actually hoping to find people in the Ozarks to join an anti-government terrorist cell group that they help enable. Then Homeland Security can say I told you so about those fundamental Christians. Believe me, there was a lot of Bible quoting to make him sound genuine and much verification of what Alex Jones preaches in order to suck in those that distrust government.

  16. hey guys,

    I was wondering if there ever is a time when we SHOULD take up arms to overthrow the government? What act crosses the line where armed resistance is justified? I cant think of many instances where that would end well for said people who try it though.

  17. Regarding CME (in the physical sense, not the prophetic sense), from what I’ve been able to gather, a positive charge of plasma is the most destructive (counter-activing the negative charge of the earth’s defense mechanism) and the key area of damage is “line of sight”, which would not be the “whole world”. Supposedly this spring will see increased activity. As Don pointed out, CME is the ‘E3′ component — “long lines” that absorb and transmit the electrons.

    EMP is definitely “line of sight”.

    Any/either of these events actually occuring would very likely be the catalyst to the world hardening the [remaining] infrastructure.

    Of course, hoping the rapture would be a “get out of jail free card” is great, but I don’t see scripture telling me that. Joseph was told there would be 7 good years and 7 bad years and he acted accordingly – for which many people were saved (both jew and gentile).

    Satan and his minions can plan their evil, but the book of Esther tells a story of how that evil ends up “back-firing”.

  18. Jim,

    That really is a secular citizen decision and that line in the sand would vary with the actions of the government and the individual. Everyone should fully weight the price that will be paid before making any decision to take part in overthrowing a government through violence. One thing I can say is that time has not come yet for 99.99 percent of Americans. If anyone wants to be in that .01 percent remainder they are going to get caught up in these Feds stings and end up in prison. That is a word to the wise for any that attended that local rally yesterday and were swayed by the Alex Jones on steroids arguments of a very likely government plant.

  19. Hi Don,

    what your saying is true.. Taking arms against the government is behavior Jesus never advocated. I think the very thought of taking up arms to “fight for our rights” is really symptomatic of a deeper problem. The problem is we in America have become “entitled”. We are entitled to fast fries, convenience, cheap toys, and “rights”. We have placed trust not in God, but in the whims of government legislation and constitutions. My security and trust is not in the whims of our government, but God, period. It’s almost like people have placed their trust in their guns and food stockpiles, or government. Again, I think it is symptomatic of deeper spiritual problems.

    Just my 2 cents… :)


  20. Thankyou for answering my question about Ezekiel 29. My comment now is in response to what Rod in Oregan said. I know the bible says to obey the government and also that we obey God not man. In Luke 22:36 Jesus tells his disciples to buy a sword so I know He isn’t against arms. I’ve had to seriously consider what I would do if there was a revolution. My personal decision is to fight based on the fact that millions of Americans have died defending our freedom. They might as well have stayed at home and lived if we’re going to give it up to an evil government without a fight. I won’t last long with my one little box of hollow points, but I think I’ll stick with Patrick Henry,”Give me liberty or give me death,” unless the Lord directs me to do otherwise.

  21. History is repeating itself even though Hitler’s Europe was less than a lifetime ago.

    But God uses the evil actions of men for his own purposes. World War I prepared the land FOR the people; WWII further prepared the land WITH people; WWIII will almost certainly be the catalyst for the regathering of ALL the people.

    The rise of worldwide anti-Semitism and its subsequent persecution will drive the Jews home to Israel and if in the meantime Israel has extended her borders (i.e. Psalm 83) there will be plenty of room for them all.

  22. Brian,

    Yeah, but even then unfortunately the Jews will lose 2/3rds of their population before they call on the Lord Yeshua. Then I figure the world will be paid back double for what they did to the Jews and only 1/6 of the population of the world that did not go in the Rapture will survive until the end.

  23. I concur with Rod in Oregon, what he said is the way I see it also.

    Not to mention that those who take up arms against a tyrannical government are in for a rude surprise regardless of the revolting number of people, Que Ruby Ridge, Waco.

    If those who revolt think that the U.S. Government won’t pull out all the stops (ie. drones, advanced war fighting technologies, etc) against the American people, then I think they are misleading themselves.

    I am not saying that we should lay down and just take it either, I think the only answer is to assert our Love and Faith in Christ…and yes, that will also lead to slaughter, but for the right cause.

  24. Hi Brian,

    Bill Salus made a great case (in his new Pslam 83 book) for not only the Jews returning after the Psalm 83 war but also how they will be living in a false peace…before the Ezekiel war.

    This, of course, is just man’s theory and could go any number of ways in reality, however, it certainly does seem viable.

    Don, you truly do have some awesome minds on this blog, including yourself.

  25. ~David

    You are such a fatalist.
    You might be speaking for some pacifist Christians in America but you certainly are not speaking for most Americans. I suppose in hindsight you would give that advise to the hundreds of millions killed by the tyrannical world powers in and after World War II.

    I do not know why Christians think they can tell the American people what they should do, or what the end result would be if they did decide to overthrow a tyrannical government. In the long run the people of a nation determines the outcome of civil wars and not the ruling government. With your mindset no revolutions would have ever taken place in the world and everyone would be living under tyranny. Has it ever occurred to you that God uses wars and civil wars to deal with evil people on the earth? He certainly did in the Bible.

    You are being very cynical about our military. Most would fight for Americans, not tyrants. Our military men are much more conservative and patriotic and constitutional loving people than are the average American.

  26. “the Jews will lose 2/3rds of their population”

    This is clearly stated in Zechariah 13 but I have always thought that same figure pertained the the gentile world as well.

    Where would I find the 1/6?

  27. Don,

    I think that the Syrian rebellion and the 80,000+ dead against a modern military would pale in comparison to what would happen if a mass number here in the U.S. tried the same thing vs a much more advanced military.

    No, I am not speaking for “some” pacifist Christians, I am only speaking from my perspective.

    There was a time when the U.S. stood for human rights and freedoms, I don’t see us as that any longer…so, what has happened in the past wars was far different than what we see today.

    I know we also disagree about, “would our military fire upon the U.S. citizens ?”, I do believe that with the escalating brainwashing, the confusion, and when the bullets start flying…they definitely will.

    I am most certainly not looking forward to any of this, however, it is what I see as an inevitability, hence, the reason why I see The Lord and His Word as our only real defense.

  28. Brian, that is conjecture because God is just and the wrath of God is poured out on the nations of the world during the great tribulation period. If God cuts off 2/3rds of the Jews I think He will give double the punishment to the Gentle nations that come against Israel showing that they reject Him. Keep in mind, that a huge number of people that nobody can even count will be killed by the Beast Antichrist even before the bowl judgments are poured out. It could be far less than 1/6th that survive until the Kingdom.

  29. ~David

    We had strong central government and a much more moral nation in 1860’s and we still had a very bloody civil war over the right of secession.

    Some of our military certainly would fire on US citizens and others certainly would oppose them if they did that. That is how civil wars start. If there was a civil war, all of the military is not just going to be on one side. You seem to think that military people are totally detached from the families and people that they come from.

    Having said that, the real danger in our near future is not the kind of armed revolt that some think will be coming from the Heartland. The real danger is that after the inevitable economic collapse or EMP the riots and roving gangs will make life hell on earth. Containing them will require martial law and a police state presence and our government knows it.

    However, once government uses an inevitable crisis as a pretext to disarm law abiding citizens and take away their inalienable rights the people either resist that action or they become victims of evil despots. America’s founders, Constitution, and world history tells citizens to resist.

  30. Don,

    I thought this was about overthrowing a tyrannical government just because they are unjust as we see today…but still, the above scenario still puts the American militia back at square one in this conversation.

    OK, so the riotous roving gangs happen, then the law abiding citizens are going to have to fight the roving gangs AND the losing battle against the military or “peace keepers” to keep their weapons ?

    Let me be clear here….

    Under no circumstance am I going to be one of those rioters in the streets when things go bad in the near future in these United States.

    I would not be surprised to see the riots themselves lead to the aggressive military (possibly Martial Law) stance against the American people as you said, which in turn, most likely will lead to those who will find it necessary to pick up arms against our tyrannical government, which in turn, will lead to a bloody massacre by our military.

    No, I will not take part in any of that.

    I will not volunteer to give up my weapons but if the Feds take it, I guess all I’ve got is a baseball bat and rocks.

    With my “pacifist” prayerful dependence on The Lord and His Word stance, perhaps both sides will want to shoot me…it almost sounds like you would shoot me yourself : )

  31. ~David,

    The point was from your position as a pacifist Christian you were telling Americans that they should not oppose tyrannical government as if all Americans should believe as you do. You do not speak for all of Christianity and you certainly do not speak for most of America.

    If Americans think it is necessary to overthrown their government they do not need pacifist Christians telling them they should just go along with tyranny. That is what happened in Germany and the Soviet Union. Christians MAY be pacifists and reap the consequences but real world nations are not pacifists because there are real foreign and domestic predators in the world that will devour them.

    If Washington left loose ten thousand raging lions to your Arizona schools to devour your children would you protect them, or would you enable your children to go there to get eaten. Frankly, that is happening, they are not lions they are godless humanistic “progressives” that are eating your children’s brains and it is not just their physical life that is at stake it is their very souls.

    After you made yourself an easy victim by letting them take away real weapons that might make them reconsider, who do you think your going to fight with baseball bats and rocks? Don’t fighting with baseball bats and rocks also violate your pacifism?

    With the history of the 20th century when tyrants ruled at will and killed hundreds of millions you would think that people would say they would never let it happen in America. But you are proving otherwise.

  32. Don, I am surprised that you are in support of a foreign nation taking out another sovereign nations nuclear facilities – be they for military purposes or otherwise.

    As I recall it has ONLY been the States that has used nukes against another nation and its populace.

    Also is it not true that close to 25K Jews live peacefully in Iran (Mostly in Tehran) and also have a representative who sits in on parliamentary proceedings?

    I would also like to know why adherent Torah Jews are vehemently opposed to the existence of the POLITICAL state of Israel?

    One last thing: Have you any idea what the great lie is that the Lord says, that if not for our God opening our eyes, even the elect/saints would be taken-in by it?

  33. Don,

    I will continue as I always have, to defend myself and my loved one’s at home best I can…I am not the pacifist that you might think. I must have made an error in a previous comment in the way it was perceived.

    For example, in the case of a household break-in robbery, of course, it is not likely that I would have much choice as there are only seconds to kill or be killed…no options. This is a defensive measure.

    I will not, however, engage or challenge the Feds for a “cause” in urban warfare. This is an offensive measure.

    Yes, by not fighting off the Military at my front door to defend my possession of weapons, I guess you could say, “letting them take away real weapons”.

    It is assumed and likely, as you said that “The Mark Of The Beast” won’t be involved until The Tribulation, which, of course, is a time I hope to be with The Lord…but, if there is another scenario where I am put to the test of deny Christ and live…or proclaim Christ and die, I, and I’m sure many true Christians, will choose the latter. That was my original point that I think has ended up in this rabbit trail.


    The tyrants are already here, I don’t see any way to stop it, you’ve further convinced me of that in your articles, and to me, certainly, urban warfare is not going to stop it.


    The Lions are surely loose, I’m sure you’ve read in the news that a number of illegal alien criminals & criminals in general have recently been let loose because of the economic crisis excuse.

    And yes, I am aware that the public arena (in every medium) is destroying the minds of our children with their humanist nonsense, it’s not just in the schools.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you the only solution that I know of, I have stated it many times.

    I am not saying that my perspective is going to be the right way for everyone, I am saying that for myself and for anyone I come into contact with, it is what I’d advise.

  34. Al,

    Keep in mind that the twelver’s in Iran have an active agenda to destroy Israel and the United States and nuclear weapons are part of that agenda.
    They have made that abundantly clear. You cannot wait until the EMP causes the death of over half of the US population or an attack on Israel or Europe before you believe that they want a holy war so that their Mahdi will come.

    Besides, they violated the nuclear nonproliferation treaty that they signed. Nobody is going to permit Iran to have nuclear weapons and that includes the 85 percent Sunnis in the world. They will obtain their own nuclear weapons and the Middle East will be in a fine mess when everyone has nukes.

    I do not know how many Jews are in Iran and that is meaningless. They are not living peacefully as you suggest or else they are fringe groups containing Jew hating Jews just like we have here.

    The US used two nukes against Japan and saved a million American and Japanese lives by not having to invade Japan. Believe me if the enemy had them they would have used them against us also. War is hell. We are not planning to use nukes on Iran. In fact we do not even want to bomb them. We just want them to stop building nukes and the ability to deliver those nukes.

    The Torah Jews think the State of Israel cannot exist until Elijah returns. They are a fringe group that can be equated with Christian cults that think that everyone else is apostate and only they are the chosen people.

    The Bible just say what it says about the deception that even the elect would believe if that were possible. There is going to be a great deception coming from the False prophet’s ability to produce signs and wonders. I frankly think it will be beings claiming to come from another dimension with a message contrary to the God of the Bible. These will be fallen angels and the demonic forces coming out of the Abyss.

  35. ~David,

    Fine you can do what you want, nobody is asking you to do anything accept stop suggesting to American citizens that they should not oppose a tyrannical domestic enemy. I guess you never swore an Oath to uphold our Constitution and never said that pledge of allegiance to the flag that represents a Republic and not a military dictatorship.

  36. Don,

    Yes, I did swear an oath to uphold our Constitution in the military and did say The Pledge of Allegiance through much of my life and I believed strongly in those core principals.

    That was a time of hope.

    I have no hope that the world’s course is going to correct itself, nor do I have any hope that there is anything that can be done by standing patriotic over a once great nation, The United States.

    From everything I’m seeing in the news on a daily basis, your articles, The Biblical Teaching I’m getting from all sources, etc…it’s over, it’s done !

    I doubt the U.S. will get out of this decade intact…whether it be EMP, economic destruction, or whatever.

    I don’t see going down swing’N now is to any avail.

    The only thing that matters from my perspective is a relationship with The Lord for myself and everyone I come into contact with, I see everything else as irrelevant.

  37. ~David,

    You are correct, but most of the rest of the nation does not think we are toast. That is why you are a fatalist. Before the end there still will be people existing in our land. There are things that can and should be done even in a divided nation. Most of us probably still have at least one or two decades before the end comes. There will still be some free areas in this country during that period because people did something. Of course if your going to blindly follow a lawless government it won’t exist where you are dwelling. Are you going to turn in your Bible and your church membership card to the government as well when they outlaw what they believe is hate speech? Not everything is about armed resistance but armed resistance may be necessary or you might not have any of the others things you cherish either.

  38. Last night after I read the comments and the article on Europe I thought everthing over. I understand happy days America is gone and not coming back. I also understand the kind of government that will eventually come to power. The kind that will not tolerate anyone who does not conform to their agenda. Off to the camps they go where it will be too late to protect our families. I don’t believe for an instant that the helpless who live in nursing homes or other institution type facilities will ever make it that far, unless they’re selected for “experiments.” It happened already, it will happen again. I don’t have delusions of granduer. I can’t stop it or make any significant difference. I only know my own conscience won’t allow me to be a part of a do nothing people and just “let it happen.” I suppose a lot of you will find a fault with my line of reasoning. Ok. There’s no intent here to be part of a plot to overthrow the government or riot in the street. I’m less than a hundred pounds and no match against anyone. My idea of protecting my family is to keep them from falling into the hands of those who will definately kill them. That means resisting when the time comes.

  39. Brian,

    Great article. Pete Garcia brought in some very good points in that article. I would just add that I think Christians in America that believe the Bible and Pre-trib Premillennial Theology are in a bit of a panic because many thought that the Rapture would come before Christians in America would see hard times and any persecution. Now they are seeing the real possibility that they might not escape the fall of America.

    Great Persecution of Christians is happening in many places in this world today. So I would disagree with Pete on his point that Satan gave up on that approach. Satan uses all possible methods to defeat believers in Jesus. In the end times believers will see the greatest persecution on earth ever. That is made clear in Revelation.

  40. Hi Don,
    I thought it was a settling outlook overall and one that might help quiet some of the apprehensions many seem to be feeling.

    I have the advantage of age I think; the valley of the shadow is not as ‘disturbing’ as it once was.

  41. Brian and Don,

    For what it’s worth, I really liked the “Castles In The Sand” article also.

    I think it is obvious that the media and the power brokers of the world and this country specifically are priming the public minds for a greater persecution of Christianity.

    We certainly read daily about the persecution of Christians all over the world, it just hasn’t come to that in the U.S. quite yet.

    I think that a persecution in the U.S. to any extent will greatly test the metal of said Christians in the U.S. as we’ve had it so good, for so long…I think it will greatly weed out the tares quickly.

    On a very positive side note, I was glad to read that Sears and J.C. Penney have pulled advertisement from ‘Saturday Night Live’ because of their mocking of Jesus Christ.

    Also, ‘The Bible Mini-Series’ scored a very high audience…good news indeed : )

  42. ~David

    I think the Muslim position is that Jesus never died. God just took Him. Why try to figure out the thinking of a mad man? The 12ers have their very own eschatology which they probably can make up as they go along. They probably learned it from some Christian Bible prophecy teachers.

  43. that article is pure nonsense and i think its very sad that people like mahmoud can get sooooo brainwashed to actually call jesus and prophet and say chavez is coming back from the dead… iv never seen a brainwashing level as this.

  44. :smile:

    Brian, I guess I should explain. You type in “colon smile colon” and then you get the graphic face. There are other commands but they are all bracketed by colons.

  45. Jake,

    I think Islam, in and of itself, is a brainwash.

    For instance, the 72 virgin nonsense is nowhere in the Koran but is preached to motivate suicide bombers.

    You don’t see the upper echelon of Islam doing those deeds.

    I wonder if the Islamic “motivators” actually believe anything they preach as they seem to create a lot of nonsense for their internally justified end game, world conquest.

    Then again, Mahmoud seems to be motivated towards bringing the “Mahdi” by world destruction and chaos…so, maybe he’s willing to die himself, sounds like it.

    The brainwashing really isn’t that hard to fathom, I have a Catholic family member who believes that whatever the Catholic Priest tells her or the congregation is absolute divine fact, not to be challenged.

  46. yea that 72 virgins thing is beyond brainwashing… why not a 100 or 40 or maybe just 4 u know.. who came up with that number anyway. when i think into this more it makes me angry of how stupid humans can really get. and ur last sentence david is pretty shocking, i hope u can change ur family members’ mind somehow.

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