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In my article of Feb 10th, about the coming foreign wars, I said to keep your eyes opened for Russia invading Ukraine after the Olympics. At that time, our State Department was saying that Russia would not invade Ukraine. It should not surprise anyone that this Obama administration would be wrong. They have been wrong on everything.

It was not crystal ball gazing on my part that led me to suggest that Russia would invade Ukraine. Voices in the Russian Congress were telling Putin in early February that he needed to take the ethnic Russian areas of Eastern Ukraine within a few weeks or they would be forever lost to the West. Putin obviously could do nothing at that time because his security forces were tied up protecting the Olympics. So, I surmised that any action by Russia about Ukraine would take place shortly after the Olympics was over.

I also knew that Putin has stated that he wants to be the leader of a new Eurasian Union. The Western Ukrainian protests to overthrow a democratically elected pro-Russian leader in the Ukraine and a weak U.S. President just made it very easy for Putin to start the Russian expansion into Ukraine.

The protests started in Kiev in Western Ukraine because the Ukrainian President rejected an economic alignment with the EU and made an economic alignment with Russia. Eastern and Southeastern Ukraine have many ethnic Russians and most people speak Russian and are pro-Russian.  As the protests in Western Ukraine gathered more support, it was obvious that Russia would somehow get involved.

Suddenly the protests turned violent and scores of people were shot and killed. The Western Ukraine people blamed the pro-Russian Ukraine President for the shootings and there were actions to remove him from office. He fled Kiev to the East.

Who was really to blame for the deaths depends upon who you want to believe. There are many different spins on this which you will find all over the Internet. Some are saying that the President forces shot the protesters. Others are saying that neo-Nazies supported by Neocons in the West killed the protesters to make martyrs for the government overthrow. Still others are saying that Russian agents make it appear like the neo-Nazies did the killing and this was all orchestrated by Russia so that they could invade Ukraine.

Whatever the case about who did the shooting, I am sure that both Russia and elements of the West were, and still are, involved in this crisis trying to make it turn out toward their advantage. The Ukrainian people are just pawns in a re-emerging Cold War chess match.

Russia has invaded Crimea. That Ukrainian province and it is now under Russian military control. The people in this province will soon vote to either secede and join with Russia or to stay in the Ukraine. The outcome of the vote is obvious, Crimea was part of Russia until Khrushchev gave it to the Ukraine as a gift. Crimea will vote to join back with Russia and there is very little that the West can do about it.

After that, the real question is will Russia just leave it there, or will they invade all the way to Kiev and reinstate the democratically elected pro-Russian President? I would not rule it out. What Putin will actually do might depend upon how much Obama pisses off Putin. I think at the very least, the country eventually will be split. If that happens, then the question becomes what will Western Ukrainians and the West do about Russia’s expansion into the Ukraine?

I suspect another cold war is brewing between the West and the new Russia-China alliance. Gog is rising. There will be an Eurasian union much like the old Soviet Union.

Meanwhile, in our own hemisphere, the socialist dictator of oil rich Venezuela has brought the nation to poverty. Resistance against the socialist dictator of Venezuela is being put down by deadly force and the Obama administration says and does nothing. The Socialist MSM in our nation is also silent.


The debt of the world is now 3.13 times the annual GWP product. The interest on this debt alone is about 12 trillion a year. That means that about 1/7 comes off the top of everything earned in the world just to pay the interest owed or world debt will increase even more each year as it is doing.

Think about it. This is like you earning $1000 a week but having to pay $150 of that to just cash your paycheck. However, you need $1100 a month to pay your bills. Therefore, you need to borrow $250 more each month to make ends meet if you continue the same standard of living. You must continue to borrow 25 percent more than you earn each month and you will continue to go deeper in debt. That is where most of the world is at now.

At some point, nations caught in this debt spiral must find some way to get out of it. That can be done by devaluing the currency and paying the bills with currency that is worth far less or not paying the bills at all. One brings hyperinflation that destroys wealth in the nation, and the other brings the end of anyone investing in that nation. That brings high unemployment and depression that makes the nation poorer. Debt never makes debtor nations richer. The only rational solution for people of any nation to remain prosperous is to pay off their debts.


There are some interesting developments in apostate Christian religion. Kenneth Copeland is one of the top gurus of the Word of Faith heretical movement. One of the speakers at the leadership conference that Copeland was hosting was a Charismatic Anglican Bishop named Tony Palmer. Palmer is working with the Vatican toward ecumenism. He came to this conference with a video message for the conference that came directly from the Pope. You can see a short comment and the video at this link – Pope’s message to the Copeland leadership conference. What is amazing, is that I could not find much critical information on the Internet about what happened at the conference. At least not coming from the most well-known discernment ministries. Maybe that will still come.

The message from Pope Francis and Bishop Tony Palmer was mostly about Christian unity. The claim was that Catholics now agree that people are saved by grace, through faith, unto good works. They emphasized the “unto good works”statement as if this addition resolves all the protests that the reformers had and the differences that separate them.

Protestants claim that Catholics add a salvation of works, but the Pope is suggesting that there is no difference. It is all semantics. Therefore, the Pope suggests that the reason for Martin Luther’s protest is resolved so there should be no more division. They say there should no longer be any more protest (Protestants). Therefore, we are now all Catholic brothers.

What the Pope and Bishop Palmer conveniently left out of their messages was that there were 95 protests posted by Martin Luther, not just one. Even on the point of salvation by grace through faith, the Catholic Church is being very deceptive. The Roman Catholic Church puts a different meaning on grace then do the Protestants, a different meaning on faith, and even a different meaning “unto good works”.

In Protestantism, grace is unmerited favor from God. There is nothing that you can do to earn grace. In Roman Catholicism grace from God is earned through keeping the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church.

To clarify this point – in order to be saved in Roman Catholicism, the grace to be saved comes from observing the sacrament of Water Baptism, the sacrament of Holy Communion and the Sacrament of Confirmation. Then to stay in the grace of God, you must stay free of mortal sin which you do through keeping the Sacrament of Confession to a Roman Catholic Priest. So, for the Roman Church to say that salvation comes by grace, they are really saying that you must obey what the Roman Catholic Church teaches about how you get into grace and stay in grace, or you will be going to Hell.

In Protestantism, faith is trust in Jesus Christ alone; in Roman Catholicism, faith is trusting in the infallible doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church. In reformed or evangelical Protestantism, good works are works that are led by the Holy Spirit; in Catholicism, good works can be ritual or acts of humanistic social justice. For example, saying rote prayers like Hail Mary’s are good works in Catholicism and supporting evil Marxist social justice redistribution of the wealth schemes can also be good works .

So don’t be deceived, even though the Roman Church now claims that man is saved by grace, through faith, unto good works, the meaning they put on this statement is entirely different from what true biblical Protestants believe.

If you watched the video, it was obvious that these Word of Faith leaders bought into the bishop and the Pope’s deception. That does not surprise me. The meaning of salvation by grace through faith unto good works is not all that much different in Word of Faith. I may have this a bit wrong, but I think Word of Faith teaches the state of grace is something that you get after believing and you are baptized. Then to keep that state of grace you need to stay confessed up and persevere until the end or you are on your way to Hell.

In Word of Faith, you must have faith in your own faith to believe and you need to have more faith in your faith to get the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues. Word of Faith also believes like do the Catholics, that you can fall from salvation grace by sinning.

So, like the Catholics, Word of Faith “grace” is something earned by keeping methodologies and theologies and persevering in the state of grace until you die. If Word of Faith people sin, they believe that they must confess up. If they feel that they fell away, they must be saved again to stay out of Hell. That is why many of these people get saved over and over, and just like the Catholics they never can be assured of their salvation. In the final analysis, salvation for those in both theologies depends more on what they do in their life than what Jesus Christ did.

In Word of Faith, faith is not just trusting in Jesus, it is something you conjure up by believing whatever you say. Faith gets the Holy Spirit (or God force) to create what you say or believe (It is very much like New Age or Christian Science). Likewise, “works” in the Word of Faith movement can be using your faith to believe that your words will come to pass. For example, praying in tongues is good works of the Spirit, wealth and prosperity comes by the works of keeping spiritual laws like tithing, and healing comes from your own words of faith.

Now you see why the Catholic Church and Word of Faith can agree on a false gospel since the true gospel is taught in neither. Word of Faith theology is a convoluted theology to say the least. It is nowhere taught in the Bible without resorting to twisting scriptures out of grammatical and historical context.

If Word of Faith leaders actually believed the real gospel of the Bible, they would not have praised God for the Papal baloney that they all scarfed down without discerning the source. Copeland was ecstatic about getting this message from the Pope. He then “prayed” for the Pope in tongues because human words would not do. Copeland made sure that he prayed his tongues gibberish into the microphone, but none of these top Charismatic leaders dared to interpret Copeland’s gibberish because that presumption might put words into the mouth of their own Pope, and that is not acceptable.

You have to know what goes on in the Charismatic Movement to fully understand what I am suggesting. These people only presume to have a prophecy or an interpretation of tongues if their interpretation is very low risk or a pre-approved message.

The Pope’s message inferred that nobody can determine where the blame should be placed over the reformation protests. What an insult to the tens of millions of people who were killed by the Roman Church. They would not submit to the heretical “Holy Roman Empire” and its papacy because they believed the Roman Catholic church doctrine was antichrist. They died for the true gospel but the Pope cannot find who is to blame? It is the Catholic church that killed these Christians and it is the Popes that condemned Protestants to Hell with their “infallible” decrees, but Pope Francis cannot find who is to blame? By the way, the Roman Catholic Church have not, and cannot, rescind the damnation’s that these prior Popes made, because of claims of Papal infallibly.

It is very fitting that a leadership conference of Word of Faith Harlots would be addressed by the chief Roman Harlot, because all true Christians should know that all these Harlots will unite under this chief Harlot at the time of the end. And they will do it in the very name of “Christian unity” but will fulfill the prophecy of the Harlot of Revelation Chapter 17.

Unity among these Harlots is unity on their error that Jesus actually prayed for there to be unity among all the apostates that fell away from the one true faith. This Harlot unity has nothing to do with the prayer of Jesus that all believers given to Him by the Father be united in one spiritual Body with Him. Those that have departed from the foundational doctrines of the Bible are unifying in the body of the Apostate Harlot, they are not unifying in the body of Christ.

This is important, because it now looks like many of the Charismatic roads are leading people back to the Roman Harlot, just as some of the non Pentecostal New Evangelicals are also doing. Apostasy was foretold in the Bible to happen in the last days. We are now seeing the apostasy that we were warned about exploding everywhere. Those expecting the soon return of Christ should not be surprised. It is very revealing that all these Harlots on earth sees themselves ruling on earth before any physical return of Jesus.


You might be interested about how some of the New Evangelical leaders get their books to the top of the New York Times best seller list. Mark Driscoll, of Mars Hill church, used $210,000 of his church funds to pay a marketing firm to buy and deceptively distribute his new book. This article reports on the story of how Mark Driscoll bought his way to the top of the best sellers list. Apparently about 11,000 copies were bought in a deceptive way that makes it look like regular people across the nation were buying Driscoll’s book. I don’t think I will help promote Driscoll’s new book by giving out its name here.

After the scam was disclosed, Mars Hill church leadership made a statement to the press. I get the impression from what was said, that the leaders at Mars Hill had only minor concern about Driscoll’s methods. They say they get the money from the book sales anyway, and they claim that others do the same thing to get up on the best seller list. (Apparently, they will not allow him to do that again because he got caught.) How would they even know that others do it unless they already knew that others were doing it? It seems to me that Mars Hill leadership was in cahoots with Mark Driscoll all along. Further, just because everyone else is doing what is not ethical, does not justify pastors to do the same unethical deceptive practices. Ain’t postmodern rationalism in Christendom wonderful?

So, if you can just come up with a quarter million to buy your way to the top of the New York Times best sellers list, you also can become a world-famous author. And buying your own books to do that is acceptable as long as you don’t get caught. Any wonder why certain Christian authors always jump to the top? I guess the end justifies the means with these postmodern relativistic “Christian” leaders. Everything in these new evangelical mega churches is about marketing. They are selling the world a product, but their product is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Many Christians will be going to see The Son of God movie. I don’t know many specifics about the context of the movie, but I do know that a New Age Catholic named Roma Downey produced this film and is promoting this film through “Christian” leaders that should know better.

Roma Downey has a master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology (new age). These “Christian leaders” expect someone who is pantheistic, that does not believe the true gospel herself, to give people the true gospel of salvation in a movie? Downey believes that all humans are divine beings and she believes that all things are part of God. Also, keep in mind that the consultants used for this film have their own unique seeker gospels. Someone ought to tell the church leaders that are promoting this film, that false gospels do not lead people to salvation.

I have to ask why pastors rent theaters to tell the story that is already told in the Bible. The pastors should be better equipped to give a more accurate account to their congregation than some New Age Catholic produced movie. It really seems that pastors believe that most people in their congregations were never even told the basic story about Jesus in the four gospels. Now why is that? I hear that there is no true salvation message given in this movie, yet pastors want unbelievers in their congregations to see it?

I just heard some discussion of this film coming from Justin Peters on Worldview Weekend. He saw the film. He said the film contains blasphemy, does not give the gospel and no Christian should be taking people to this film to try to evangelize them. Justin Peters part I discussion of that film is found here and part II is here. (I do not know how long these audio links will be available.)

Marsha West has some very interesting information and perspectives on The Son of God film and she has many links that should tell you everything you will ever need to know.

If you must see this movie, here are some questions you might want to ask yourself. The questions are the list complied by Dr. Randy White for when he sees and critiques this movie. I will bet that many people will like this film, but very few if any will be saved by this film or come to your church because they saw it. So what is the point?

I do not know why Christians rely on pagans and heretics as if their accounts of the Bible will be biblical? Noah, is a fine case in point, that film gives a false God and a false Noah. However, that does not stop “Christians” from going to it. The ticket sales will just encourage other such blasphemous and heretical films to be made. Do you “Christians” that see these films really think that you should be aiding in the pagan effort to distort Biblical truth?

The Church of Osteen was robbed of  $600,000 from last weekend collection. The collection was in the safe. “Safe” in a church building full of unbelievers is an oxymoron. Think about this. They have more money on hand than most banks but they probably have less security then your own home office. The safe combo probably was something like 0, 0, 0, so as to not tax anyone’s brain. This will not cost the Church of Osteen anything since it is insured, but it will help raise the insurance premiums for everyone else now that copycats are going to find churches easy pickings.


This website was down at least once last week for a couple of hours due to a web host server problem. As a result, I now started using Cloudflare. It puts a cached copy of my files on the cloud on its own servers all over the world. So, if the web host is down you still should get the file from the cloud cache. The files also should now load faster and Cloudflare has its own security features to protect the site from the bad guys.

At some point I might look into a mirror site so I will have my articles on more than one web host and on more than one server. There is a lot of nasty stuff attacking all sites on the Internet. Website security is another oxymoron.

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