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Even though there is a lot going on in the news, my monthly perspectives will have to be fairly short this month. I have way too many irons on the fire right now. I am getting a high-speed satellite system installed this morning for Internet and then I will have to set up a router and wireless network for our various computers.

I also just got a laptop, so I will be spending a lot of time getting the software I need downloaded and working on that computer. In addition, we are hoping to get rid of the two land line phones we now have. One line is not working at all and the other is plagued with a hum. With cell phones, we only get two bars when on the roof, so for an all cell home phone system to become feasible, I have to install a directional antenna on the roof and another antenna in the house and then amplify the incoming and outgoing signals.

I also purchased a modern Orca TV antenna. It came in yesterday. I will have to install that on the roof or in the attic so we can receive local TV channels. We have not had any TV since we moved here a few years ago.

In addition to that, the remodeling on the house just got done this week but the contents of the house is in quite a mess, it will take weeks to get this place straightened out, cleaned up, and more livable. There are others things that have to be taken care of as well within days. Anyway, you get the picture, I do not have a lot of time to spend on this post and responses on this post might be slow to be posted or answered.


It looks like Israel will have to clean up some areas that are now rocketing them. I do not think Egypt or any other Arab nation is  ready for any major war with Israel right now. So, contrary to those hyper ventilating every time there is any military action in the Middle East. This is not the start of the Psalm 83 war.

If Iran and Hezbollah get involved, Iran will probably lose their nuclear capability and it will be the end of Hezbollah as a military force but I really do not think they will get militarily involved. Even so, the rhetoric could be fierce and the pressure on Israel substantial.


There obviously is more going on with the former CIA Director, David Petraeus scandal, and what actually happened in Libya than we are being told. Petraeus testified to Congress yesterday that he knew it was a terrorist attack from the start but his references to terrorism were edited out and all references to Al Qaeda were removed from the original CIA memo. Now who would do such a thing to a document that went to top people in the Obama administration?

We might wonder if there is any connection to this and the release of information about his extra marital sex affair and his immediate resignation?  I have no inside information, so your conjecture is as good as mine. I doubt if the truth will come out because there is just no way to get truth out of this Obama administration.

If the truth ever does come out, it will come out from a credible John Dean type source that would be seeking to save his butt from prison by spilling the beans on higher-ups to Congress. However, if there is such a person, he probably is already blackmailed and if he gets off the leash, he may wake up dead after a fatal accident or some unexplained suicide. The convenient strange deaths during the Bill Clinton era come to mind.

Even if the truth becomes known, and it leads to illegal activity by Obama, there is no way that the Senate would remove him from office. Even the Republicans fear the race riots. Racists helped elect racists to rule, and the consequences of even trying to remove the Racist-in-Chief will certainly bring race riots.


I believe the election was stolen. Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania had enough voters that were not qualified to vote and there was enough other election fraud to change the outcome in these states. This is something that I cannot prove because nobody will ever know what went on in all the Democratic Party thug controlled big city wards. I am sorry to say that there is much election fraud going on in the major cities of our nation and high-ranking people are in office because of this rampant voter fraud.

I think the only way a Republican could get a fair election in some parts of this country is for the people to demand proof of citizenship, use paper ballets, and have impartial people count those ballets. Nevertheless, even though such impartial people exist, they would never be acceptable to the dishonest people controlling these fraud wards. Neither will any of these things be attempted. The local political machines in the big cities do all they illegally can do to control the outcome of elections. So much for democracy in America!


The secession petitions are all over the news. The MSM likes to play it up because they believe that there are millions of whacked out right wing-nuts and this proves it. I think putting your name on a petition to secede and sending it to the White House can be equated to voluntarily starting a NSA brochure on yourself. I am not saying that they will do that, but where do you think those names will end up? Homeland Security could end up with them and NSA and I would not even rule out the IRS.

Asking Obama for permission to secede is stupid anyway. The Executive Branch does not have the constitutional power to grant anyone secession. If you had every person in the state on your petition, it would not change a thing. If there is any secession, you will have to convince the government in your state to pull out of the Union. Even if they wanted to secede, the Federal government is not going to allow it. That is what the Civil War was really about and the Union won. States cannot secede and if they do, they will bring the might of the union federal forces on their head.

One way there could be secession is if the whole federal system collapses so that each individual state has to take matters into their own hands. The other ways it could happen is if the government starts rounding up guns in the heartland and/or starts rounding up Bible believing Christians. Then I can see their unconstitutional actions start an insurrection or civil war against the federal government that might only be resolved by the overthrow of the federal government or some brokered secession.

Further down the line, I also can see it happening when the Southwest Region of states gets a strong Latino majority and the people in those states overwhelming demand to depart from the Anglo dominated Union.

Meanwhile, don’t put your name on lists that are anti the established federal government. You are just making it too easy for them to categorize people who do not go along with their agenda. There is a very good chance that they will put the names on these petitions on a government watch list and on a round-up list during any time of martial law or insurrection.


Some in my Church may be sorry to hear this, and a few others may rejoice. I have decided that we will soon be attending elsewhere. It will happen around the end of the year. The church we now go to is 30 minutes away, 40 when the creek is running (about 4 months of the year). We have been at that church for about three years but it is time to go.

I believe troubled times are going to hit this nation hard and it is now time to network with neighbors that are local Christian people. We have a pretty good Church only 5 miles from where I live. We will miss the choir at the old church and many of the people but the teaching where we will be attending will probably be more in-depth and have less expressions about whatever is irking the pastor that week.

The church we now attend is a First Baptist in a small town but I bet half of the people in my church voted for Obama last week. In this area, pastors, even in rural towns, dare not say anything about Obama or the Democrat platform or they could lose whole extended families from their congregation and split the church. We do not live in town, we live in the deep woods and the churches out where we live are much more conservative than the often liberal government dependents and family tradition democrats that tend to dwell in the small towns of the Ozarks.

Of course nothing is set in concrete. I will not know if that church five miles away is suitable for us until I attend for a while. If not, there are other candidates not much further away.

It is now time to get to know your nearby conservative Christian neighbors. Things are not going to get better in this nation, in fact, it is all downhill from here. Anyway, that is what I see coming, and I am going to practice what I am preaching. It is time to get prepared for the storms that are coming on America. But do keep in mind, that I just analyze world and church trends, I do not claim to be a prophet.


Europe is officially back in recession and the economic situation is causing a lot of social unrest there. The governments will cave and most of the austerity measures and budget cuts will not be made to solve their debt problems. With what is happening in Europe, and with the effects of the East Coast storms, and with the effects of the Obama policies, I think talk about any imminent recovery is pretty absurd.

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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


36 Responses to “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Nov 2012”

  1. jimNo Gravatar says:

    Great post Don. I hope all goes well with your many chores around the house. I agree with you in that I also believe the election was stolen, at least that was my gut instinct. If the spineless republicans cant bring themselves to demand fair election results then they deserve to lose. In fact I am switching to become an independent. I registered as a republican in 2008 when i became old enough to vote and I cant handle being associated as one anymore. Like I said before I have even less respect for the republican establishment than I do for the democrats. As for secession I also think its a futile attempt. It will never happen. I just wonder how the election in 2016 will look like. I just don’t see the far leftists just giving up power. they worked really hard getting their man Obama in office.

  2. jakeNo Gravatar says:

    don, i wonder how do you get all this information if you barely have tv or cell phone service, or even internet that you can watch news on it, maybe even youtube.

  3. Hey Don,
    We’ve done the Reno thing too so I hear you on that. It is a lot of work but doing it mostly yourself is a real money saver and a gives one a good felling of accomplishment. So don’t feel bad about focusing on that. :)

    It is indeed hard to say where things will go in the Middle East. I tell people that we have to look at them as reminders that what God had determined to happen will happen and the one thing we can be 100% sure of is that they will increase in frequency and intensity for Christ called all this birth pains. The Israel hating nations, Muslim Brotherhood and terrorist groups are not going to have a sudden change of heart so we know this hatred will lead to war.
    I like how Joel Rosenberg’s site put it. “Remember: at its core, this is a spiritual battle. The violence is a physical manifestation of a spiritual war that is going on in the heavenlies.” I believe that this is something here in the west we over look that part and thus fail to recognize what is a stake even for ourselves. We need to wake up and realize that we too are being engaged in this battle. Things need to change and it is something I will continue to strive for. There is hope for change in our Church and I pray that God will lead you wisely Don

  4. AlNo Gravatar says:

    “We have a pretty good Church only 5 miles from where I live” …”Of course nothing is set in concrete. I will not know if that church five miles away is suitable for us until I attend for a while. If not, there are other candidates not much further away”

    Only advice I’d give you Don, is that this 5 minutes away (I presume drive) church that you will be attending, surly posses the high possibility that many of your neighbours also may be in attendance – some of whom you perhaps have not even met yet. Maybe this (meeting neighbours at this church) is a very good thing…. yet not so very good if in time you find this 5 minutes away church, not suitable for you either – for whatever reasons. A fallout for you here, may turn the unfamiliar and quiet neighbours into the well acquainted crotchety critics. Leaving a church is easier than moving. I pray it all works out well for you and your family.

  5. DonovanNo Gravatar says:

    Looks like I’m the first. I’m glad that you are getting new satellite for your internet. I remember you mentioned that you dial-up. So did you expand to your home or just did some updating?

  6. DonNo Gravatar says:


    I am generally am on the Internet all day. You can information with dial-up, you just have to do alot of waiting for it to download. It gets worse all the time that is why I now have the new Hughes.net broadband.

  7. DonNo Gravatar says:


    That would be true with any local church, but not going to church where your Christian neighbours are for fear that they will be unchristlike if you choose to leave seems rather odd. Also, if you live in the area but go 30 miles away some are not going to think much of that either. So there is no perfect answer. There are only three neighbors within a mile of me and one goes to Assembly of God and one goes nowhere. We get along fine. I don’t think people miles away that I never see if I do not go to their church give a hoot where we attend.

  8. DonNo Gravatar says:


    We both expanded the house and changed some of the existing floorplan

  9. Hi Don

    The Arab world is certainly gearing up for war and maybe they are not yet ready as you say, but a premature outbreak could be the very reason they are soundly defeated (once again). Given the nature of the Arabs, they are their own worst enemy and destroying each other is an historic norm (and isn’t prophecy of more of the same just history in advance?).

    However you are probably right with your time frame so I will continue to keep my hyper ventilating under control.

    In line with your take on future events: until Anti-Christ goes megalomaniac we can discount any real action from the non Islamic world against Israel (except Russia). There is plenty of anti Jewish rhetoric but by and large there must be a deal of pro-Israel sentiment in the world – the presence of the Church today as well as the sheep of the future ‘sheep and goats’ judgement would indicate this. At the moment the red rags are too busy defaming Israel for their own agenda and would not think of reporting any pro-Israel sentiment – so we do get a highly distorted presentation of sentiment.

    The fact that AC makes a pact/covenant with Israel would also indicate a certain unanimity with a non Islamic world, so at the present time Islam/Arab hatred is the only real threat to Israel and to peace within nations. I think your take (given over the past years) is becoming more and more likely.

  10. AlNo Gravatar says:

    yes…a valid point Don. Although a lot of odd things are happening these days – including un-christ-like behaviour from “christians”

  11. One has to wonder a bit as it seems like there are a lot of forces at work. The timing does indeed seem like sabotage for when the Pallestinians put forth a bid to be recognized as a state with the UN and then Hamas starts shelling Israel. Not a way to win votes with the international community. This will only increase the tension of war and to me shows the true intent. It has also shown Egypt’s true colors to the world and the US. If Obama thought he could just make a phone call and have a sympathetic ear he certainly got set straight. I am assuming this is why he recently made the stament that no country in the world would tolerate being continually shelled and that Israel has the right to defend itself.
    This is probably not the Ps 83 war but I’m sure most here would agree that with each recent change in governments and with each conflict things are falling into alignment. As things progress I think things like these Arab countries meeting in Cairo are already setting the foundation for a collaborative war effort against Israel.
    Hope you all have a blessed time of worship today.

  12. Hi Don,

    Good luck on all your projects! I was somewhat hopeful that we would see the Psalm 83 conflict, as watching Israel put a good smiting on it’s neighbors would have been enjoyable to see.. But your probably right.. It’s probably just a “pressure release” for now.

    I’m still of the belief that Obama is in office not because the dems managed to “steal the election”, but because God wanted him left in place for a reason. The reason of course being the fulfillment of His plan.

    I enjoyed your short but to the point article! And again, good luck on all the transitions.

    Rod in Oregon

  13. David HenleyNo Gravatar says:

    Every time I hear about secession I think about that old song from the 70’s “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down”.

    Good post, Don. I enjoy reading your blog (and the comments) and do not wish to overthrow the government. I do not believe you wish to overthrow the government either.

    If you can, please try and enjoy life in spite of political events which we realistically have no control over. God bless you, sir. Enjoy your turkey day.

  14. DonNo Gravatar says:

    David Henley,

    I want people in this nation to believe and be saved and not go down the broad path of the demonic world system that leads to destruction.

    Turkey Day??? Last I heard it is still called Thanksgiving day. We all have many things to thank the Lord for, especially Christians.

  15. JimmyNo Gravatar says:


    I was wondering your opinion (and those of your readers) about the best states and regions to weather the storm if everything continues down hill like you suspect. In a previous post you mentioned that texas isn’t what it used to be. furthermore, when it comes to secession, you gotta expect the regime has some plan to punish these states.


  16. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jimmy,

    The problem with many states is that many have already become like police states themselves and others are rapidly becoming police states. The same can be said for some counties. So if a state government somehow becomes its own country nobody should assume that it will be less tyrannical. Can you imagine California or New York as separate countries? Would you want to live in them, and if you would, do you think they would become less tyrannical then our federal government, or more tyrannical?

    As liberal Latinos more and more dominate Texas, and as the population increases, that state is becoming more statist and socialist. The Baptists still prevail in a large part of the state but the state government is not really that conservative anymore.

    So, the best state or location for people is where the people in locals have similar values as you do. If you do not want a lot of government you will have to go to low population density areas. And If you want Christian values you would do better in the Bible belt.

    By the way, In the natural, I don’t think there will be any weathering the storm anywhere. The decline of the United States cannot be equated to a storm anymore than the fall of the Roman Empire could.

  17. I quote these verses only for the encouragement they give: We too have a socialist government which is implementing morally destructive legislation so I can see Christians in my country being in the same fix in coming years. (In regards to the questions re where to flee to, verse 11 in the KJV shows a little humour.)

    Philippians 4:11-13.
    “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever STATE I am, therewith to be content.
    I know both how to be abased, and I know how to abound: every where and in all things I am instructed both to be full and to be hungry, both to abound and to suffer need.
    I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me”

  18. AnnaNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Don,
    We have been commuting a long way to church for many years now, in order to be part of a sound Bible preaching assembly, but I often think how in our own small town, we will have no real community of believers to fellowship with when terrible times arrive. I hate the thought of being isolated from faithful believers who are not still “sleep walking”. I would miss my church family desperately. Not sure what we would do! All our Christian friends are such a long drive away. Hope all goes well with your decision. May the Lord order your steps.

  19. MarkNo Gravatar says:

    Off topic I Know…My the LOVE of GOD be with everyone this Thanksgiving. As bad as times are I still feel very Bless and all needs meet by Our Lord and Savior. I wish everyone here a hope of a wonderful and Blessed Thanksgiving…

  20. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Thanks Mark, and I also wish you and all, a special day of remembrance of God’s blessings and a wonderful feast day with family and friends.

  21. jakeNo Gravatar says:

    don i’m getting really angry, there is this guy “bill nye the science guy” who is brainwashing kids about evolution. He has youtube videos saying how creationism is stupid and false. He claims the bible says the earth is 6000 years old as his evidence, he is sending alot of kids to hell. i just can’t believe how many people agree with him, im shocked.

  22. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Jake,

    I believe Ken Ham challenged Bill Nye to a public debate about a month or so ago, after Bill Nye started his crusade against creationism. I do not know what Nye’s response to that was. I suppose he declined.

    Nye is not sending kids to hell. He is just repeating the indoctrination that he received from the Bible skeptics in academia. Your kids get the same lies from those teaching science in all public and many private schools. It is up to parents to take their kids out of these demonic indoctrination centers of lower learning and give them credible information to refute the lies given on the media. They can start by learning what the Bible says and by visiting creationist sites that have good answers for any of the false claims of the skeptics.

    I have two links to two good creationist sites on my links page.

  23. NathanNo Gravatar says:

    There is a book out by Joel skousen on “strategic location” for when society breaks down. You can find it at infowars.com. Hope everyone had a blessed Thanksgiving!

  24. Lloyd CrumpNo Gravatar says:

    Don and frineds,

    surely the Apocalypse is coming soon. I am stocking up on guns, ammo, toilet paper, etc. When the monitary system collapses, barter items such as toilet paper, cigarettes, and beer will be worth more than gold bars, so i am stocipiling these materiels.

    Let us pray for amiracle.

  25. DonNo Gravatar says:


    If the Apocalypse arrives that stuff is not going to save you. That is not to say that the economic system of the US will not collapse before the Apocalypse. I think it will, or worse. In that case, people are going to need a whole lot of toilet paper but more likely it will just go in their pants.

  26. jakeNo Gravatar says:

    hey don, pat Robertson was just cought saying on his show that the bible is not 6000 years old, he said dinosaurs were before it and all the fossils.

  27. Hi Jake, its early morning where I am and I have just opened my morning read and hope you won’t mind me giving some thoughts to your comment.

    Although the content of the Bible goes back to around 6000 years, the records (whether they were written or word of mouth) were not edited into the form we know until Moses. Moses was well after the flood which (I believe) obliterated the dinosaurs.

    It would be interesting to know the context of Mr Robertson’s comments.

  28. DonNo Gravatar says:


    I think you meant to say Pat Robertson said the earth is more than 6000 years old. Some scholars say the earth actually could be a few thousand years older and the account in Genesis still could be taken literally. Robertson, on the other hand, apparently buys into the gap theory between Genesis chapter one and two. That makes God a liar because there would have been death before the creation of man and the fall of Adam that scriptures tell us brought sin and death into the world.

    Pat Roberson is a false prophet as well as a false teacher. The sad thing is that Christians still watch and believe this self anointed narcissist and sensationalist.

  29. ~DavidNo Gravatar says:


    I say this in all due respect to you, your readers, and even as a reminder to myself.

    How can we ask why God would let the world come to this ?

    How can we challenge the judgment of God ?

    Whatever happens now or in the near future to the United States or to any nation for that matter can’t be looked at as doom and gloom in my opinion.

    I am not saying that we shouldn’t be prudent and prepare ourselves by whatever means possible but this “doomed us” attitude that I have read by some of the comments on your blog, I find unsettling.

    We really think our future is bad ?

    Could any of us imagine by any stretch of what it would have been like to be one of The Lord God’s “Covenant People” and be dragged into Assyria by rope, naked, with hooks through our noses and our tongues cut out ?

    Or, being taken out of our land into captivity in Babylon ?

    Or, for more modern times, being subject to Nazi death camps solely because of our heritage ?

    No, we can’t even fathom such a reality, yet, we as a nation turn our backs on The Lord.

    This United States nation has become so spoiled and self centered that we only think of ourselves (Christians included) and the daily lives we lead, instead of loving and seeking The Lord Jesus above all else. I am guilty of this myself.

    This United States has been blessed, in modern times, above any nation that I can think of but like every leading nation before it in history, have become haughty, proud, arrogant…and determined to kick The Lord God out of our society…so, what does anyone really think would happen ?

    Don, as you’ve pointed out in your articles, an elected Mormon Bishop as President was not going to change the course, it might have delayed it a bit, but not changed it.

    It’s really an easy answer, this nation could turn its course tomorrow if we, as a nation, sought The Lord…of course, this is not a reality…the reality is quite the contrary.

    We really have no idea what catastrophic events are going to happen or when.

    Personally, I think this is a glorious time to be alive and see the season of the Written Word of The Lord being fulfilled and yes, I’m quite aware that I’d be among them to be persecuted. And, I know it is not a nice thought to see the one’s we love in pain.

    So, to those who are worried about their children’s future or their own future…the answer is to make sure you, your children, and all your loved one’s have a deep and abiding relationship with The Lord…just my opinion.

  30. jakeNo Gravatar says:

    i’m glad i stopped watching him years ago, and Joel osteen is fishy too.

  31. DonNo Gravatar says:

    well said ~David.

  32. rosebudNo Gravatar says:

    Hello Don/just reading your well written article and the comments today. Say a little prayer all of you for my husband. He is a Vietnam Veteran and he is very discouraged about the way this country is going. He was a combat soldier and came home in one piece but others did not…..I agree with you Don that “folks” should not sign online petitions to our nations leader. Brainwashed individuals that do not know Jesus Christ cannot understand these requests to seceed.///Also, following the topic about churches, it seems as if many people in churches do not know Jesus Christ personally. This compared to an example of Corrie Ten Boom who never wavered from her faith. She would have had something to say to them.

  33. ~DavidNo Gravatar says:

    Hi Don,

    Well, I’m sure glad we, as a nation, can afford to give Egypt F-16’s.

    I am sure that Israel appreciates that also.

    I cannot think of any good reason why our “powers that be” would still be doing this nonsense…oh wait, we have an administration that wants “equality” in the world…I’m sure those F-16’s are ONLY for defensive purposes vs. Israel.

    Yeah, OK….and Iran is pursuing nukes for peaceful purposes also.

  34. DonNo Gravatar says:

    Yeah -David,

    We might ask our insane politicians who do they think Egypt needs 200 of our advanced F-16 fight jets to be protected from, but what good would it do?

  35. Hi Don

    My first response to these last two comment was – Your politicians are not insane but very deliberately anti Israel. Followed by – ‘God help America’.

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  72. What if Muhammad was a myth and Islam a Gnostic teaching?
  73. America chooses judgment through the fascist tyranny of Obama
  74. Will the fallen angels claim to be Aliens or Gods, that is the question?
  75. The Satanic world system is rapidly progressing toward Antichrist
  76. Seventh millennium in two decades, these are the prophetic years
  77. The demonic progressive agenda to turn man into rebellious beasts
  78. Spiritual formation is gearing the Church up for self delusion
  79. Mary apparitions may be the deception that unifies world religions into becoming the Harlot of Revelation
  80. Joel's Army the manifest sons of deception!
  81. Beware of getting snared by legalistic churches that love to put heavy burdens on your soul.
  82. Christians will be caught unaware because they gave up premillennialism.
  83. Mark of the Beast communication system may now be under development
  84. Disbanding of the United States of America now grows inevitable
  85. If Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, why expect worldly solutions?
  86. An EMP strike and the end of our nation as a superpower is more likely than not within a decade.
  87. Muslims rage over the false prophet that promotes a demonic god
  88. The revived Mediterranean Union will also be the revived Roman Empire
  89. Will the Antichrist be a Jew or a Gentile? - A bakers dozen different views.
  90. Bill Salus teaching blazes an alternate path to Revelation Road
  91. Bible Prophecy wars over an Antichrist out of Islam
  92. Christians of America accept demonic choice for President in 2012?
  93. "I Am" beckoning by Glenn Beck
  94. America will default on national debt or have Hyperinflation before 2020
  95. Jesus was born on the Feast of Tabernacles
  96. From 2010 until the Messianic Age Millennial Kingdom of Yeshua.
  97. Evangelicals and Apostates Together: Warren Osteen and Oprah
  98. Where is that great revival in America?
  99. Deception is epidemic in America.
  100. Is it a Islamic Antichrist, Western Antichrist or an Alien deception? The question might be solved in the big prophetic picture.