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Just about everything in the news since late August is about the Obama administration plan to carry out an air attack on the Assad government forces in Syria for his alleged use of chemical weapons. Unless there is a terrorist attack on America, the Syrian affair will dominate the news for the entire month whether the U.S. attack is actually carried out or not.

The overwhelming majority of the American people do not want any U.S. attack on Syria. Most Americans are fed up with us intervening in Muslim nations and think we should stay out of the Syrian civil war. That does not mean that we will. Obama has put America between a rock and a hard place by accusing Assad of using nerve gas and saying because of that we will bomb his forces. If the U.S. does not now carry out the attack, America will look weak to bully rogue nations like Iran and North Korea and not acting will also disillusion allied nations like Israel, South Korea, and Japan that are under threat, and are counting on America to take action when rogue nations do cross the red lines that America set.

On the other hand, if America does carry out the attack, and if our Intelligence is later proven wrong, America will lose any remaining credibility that it has left in the world. And if America kills many innocent civilians as a result of the attack, some leaders in this nation could be called war criminals and America would become more hated and isolated.

Obama should never have put himself in this spot, but what-goes around-comes-around. The same people who were protesting  America’s military intervention in Vietnam and Iraq are now in leadership and they are getting us into a no win war of their very own making. They intend to use America’s military to help the Sunni fight the Shia Muslims. I talked about Syria and this developing regional war between the Sunni and Shia Muslims in my last article, so I will spare you those details again.

The questions now are: will Obama get the congressional authorization to carry out this attack on Syria; and if not, will Obama attack Syria anyway? As of this writing, it looks like Obama may have the votes in the Senate to pass the resolution but the votes are not there in the House.

Obama is planning to take his case directly to the America people in a TV speech to the nation on Sept 10th. However, some are saying it will be too little too late to change enough votes in the House. I would not be so sure that it will play out that way. The House probably will not vote for at least two weeks on this resolution and by that time many things could happen that would change views and votes.

For example, last year on the 9/11 anniversary terrorists attacked our consulate in Benghazi and killed four Americans. If there was an attack on this nation or an ally on 9/11 or on any date before the House vote, and the attack could seemingly be tied to Syria, Hezbollah, or Iran, it could change the whole equation of support. Other possibilities, are that there will be another alleged gas attack or that convincing smoking gun evidence will be presented.

Speaking about 9/11, the plan as of this writing is for the Senate to vote on the bombing resolution on 9/11. Twelve years ago on 9/11 Al Qaeda brought down the twin towers that killed over 3000 Americans. Now on 9/11, the Senate may vote to bomb and that action could help Al Qaeda take over Syria. Ain’t that freaky? Any Harbinger fans see any hidden message in that? And just in time for Halloween.

If Obama does not get the votes in Congress, for an attack he has other options. He could attack Syria anyway and risk the consequences of getting impeached and removed from office, especially if America gets dragged into a wider war, or if the attack does not go well and kills a lot of civilians. Obama also could say that he will wait for the U.N. investigation to be completed to get international support.

That would be the smart move because even Putin said he would back the removal of Assad if solid evidence is presented in the U.N. that proves that Assad carried out the nerve gas attack. In that case, an attack might not even be necessary because if Russia told Assad to step down, Assad probably would see little alternative.

Obama also could say that Congress has spoken and is now to blame for whatever happens in the area and just wash his hands of the whole matter and hope to use any negative fallout for the spot he put us in against the Republicans in the 2014 election.

What will Obama actually do? I don’t have a clue, and at this point I am not sure that Obama has a clue either. After the box he put himself in with his own words, I don’t think world leaders are going to be drawing red lines much anymore.

If America does attack Syria, there could be unforeseen consequences to America. A cyber attack that can bring down our electrical grid and infrastructure is not totally out of the question. Even the departing head of Homeland Security has warned us that it is not a matter of if this attack happens, it is just a matter of when. I also wrote an article on that cyber threat danger. We have been very careless in this country and we are very vulnerable to enemies using cyber warfare.


With this military action looming, all the prior Obama administration scandals are now pretty much lost in space. By the time this crises is resolved, if not before, we will have a budget crises. The government will be totally out of money by the middle of October if Congress does not increase the national debt limit. For a couple of months now, our government has been “borrowing” from every fund they know of to keep paying the bills. That is why the national debt clock has not moved in months. Once the debt ceiling is raised the national debt will suddenly jump to over $17 trillion.

The economy and the employment figures as told by our government remains deceptive. The government says that unemployment fell to 7.3 percent but that falling rate is only because more people continue to be removed from the work force. The percent of people in the work force is now the lowest that it has been in 35 years. Almost ten million people have left the workforce since Obama became President. Unbelievable.

I remember when one wage earner could make enough to support a family, but today half the families in the U.S. need two wage earners just to stay above the national poverty level. However, for many families these days there is only one parent. That is why the number of people below the poverty level keep rising along with the numbers of people on food stamp rolls. Most single parents are getting financial aid and many married couples do not see the point in both of them working low paying jobs when both working would just cut off their government aid but not improve their standard of living.

I guess the Feds will have to keep their house-of-cards printing machine going because the economy is not improving for most.  The very rich are getting much richer, the middle class is losing ground, and the poor are getting poorer under Obama’s “spreading the wealth around” administration. Next up, will be increasing inflation. Then there will be more lying about the data and more downward adjustments to any cost of living increases to make everyone but the rich poorer.

Jas 5:1   Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.2  Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.3  Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.


After Thanksgiving watch for Comet Ison to be rising in the news and watch my article on Ison to magically start rising into the top one-hundred in my blog sidebar (wanna bet?). Of course, the comet might not turn out as bright as expected, but it also could be even more spectacular than expected. If things continue to deteriorate in the Middle East, Ison just might turn out to be a harbinger of a coming great war.

Things are not going well in Pakistan. They have about 100 nukes and the Jihadists would like to get them. We certainly are not going to allow that to happen. The Snowden leaks are very revealing, it seems about half of our satellite surveillance efforts are now spent on Pakistan. We would not be doing that if there was no threat. Pakistan might be the major news story before long.

You might also keep in mind that North Korea is a nation of the insane that is armed with nukes and we will soon be within their missile range. They are now building an expanded missile base from where they can better launch ICBMs. There are recent reports that N. Korea allowed 20,000 prisoners in a 28,000 prisoner camp to starve to death. If those incarcerated in these prison camps cannot grow enough food, they just let them starve. We use the U.N. Responsibility to Protect Doctrine as the excuse to intervene in Libya and Syria but millions have died of starvation under the insane tyrants of N. Korean and we do nothing. Nerve gas kills quickly, starvation is very slow torture. I guess our leaders think that it is America’s responsibility to protect only when there is no risk to Americans.

Iran is going to have to make some nuclear agreement real soon or they will become the next major news story. The rest of this year and next year probably will not be dull. With all these major crises popping up one after another, don’t expect much to be done about the lawlessness that is going on in Washington.

The best policy now may be to give the Marxist radicals running this nation enough rope to hang themselves through their own actions. They may totally destroy the whole progressive/liberal movement in this nation if they do not destroy our country first. If we try to force conservative values on leftists they will still exist and they will still blame freedom loving people who are not enslaved to the government plantation for the problems that they created. One book you might look into is the Liberty Amendments, by Mark Levin. It is a way to restore limited federal government by a constitutional method that will bypass the obstruction professional politicians set up in Washington D.C.


9/11  is also the day picked by WND and some of our media evangelical leaders for a national day of fasting, prayer and repentance for us Christians. I hope it is not the first that you heard of it, but I suspect for most it is. Fasting and prayer next Wednesday in America will probably consist of delaying the evening meal until after the Wednesday night church service, if that.

Some think it will be the start of a great Christian revival. Somehow, I don’t think so. The star of this show will be Jonathan Cahn who wrote The Harbinger prophetic fabrication that is getting air time all over rather undiscerning Christian media. It is more likely that a patriotic dominionist religious Harlot will be idolized on the very same 9/11 date that the Senate Harlot votes to assist Al Qaeda in the killing of Christians in Syria than any true Christian revival will take place. This WND call is not to be confused with the Billy Graham last call program scheduled for November 7th. However, even B.G.E.A. does not preach like Billy Graham once did anymore, with their inclusive views toward Harlot religions. But I digress. The whole 9/11 thing is getting freaky.


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 Don Koenig founded www.thepropheticyears.com website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


34 thoughts on “Koenig’s perspectives on Bible prophecy and world issues Sep 2013

  1. Don, haven’t read this latest article on commenting on yet, but I just want to let you know how much I appreciate you, the time you take to write and gather all this information, and for keeping us in the loop. I think you are one of the most trusted sites I visit, and no hoopla to suck readers in like many conservative sites do. God Bless, you are much appreciated.

  2. Last week I received an article on Facebook claiming that Obama was a card carry member of the Muslim Brotherhood. The article states sources from the Egyptian Intelligence and Al Jazeera news service. If this is true, Obama’s foreign policy suddenly makes sense (kind of). The so-called Arab spring, Egypt, Libya and now Syria are all about the Muslim Brotherhood. The Muslim Brotherhood wants control of the Middle East and the elimination of Israel just as Iran does. It seems all the players are lined up and sides already chosen. If an attack on Syria doesn’t result in World War Three, I’ll be surprised.

  3. William,

    If they even have cards, I do not think Obama would be carrying a Muslim Brotherhood card. Obama’s past lifestyle and support of abortion, homosexuality, allowing woman to rule over him, drinking, etc. says that he is not a Muslim. Obama is either is a socialist universalist or an atheist Communist passing himself off as a Christian for advantage. Obama has said in the past that he believes that there are different paths to God.

    Islamists are socialists that think their theocracy is destined to rule a socialist world. The common tread with Obama and people like George Soros that promote him, is global socialism not religion. The reason they support the Sunni Muslims is because they represent 85 percent of Islam.

    Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. The military in Egypt have their own agenda for claiming such things about Obama.

  4. Don and All,

    It sure does seem to me (if we can trust what we are reading these days) that Vladi Putin seems to be the only one working with a clear head these days.

    Placing the Syrian chem-weps under the responsibility of the “international community” at least seems like the best solution so far.

    With Obama and Kerry’s shoot first, seek answers later way of diplomacy, it seems to be taking Putin to do the job that our administration should have been doing all along. Of course, that being said, Assad might not have been so willing to listen to U.S. resolutions, so in fairness, that probably has to be taken into account.

    Wait a second, isn’t Putin regarded as the communist dictator ?…we can only wish we had an administration that good.

  5. ~David,

    Putin, is not a communist. They still have a Communist party in Russia but it does not get anywhere near the majority of votes and Putin is not a member of it. Nor does he want to return to anything like communism. I believe they now even have a low flat tax in Russia. Putin has linked up with the Orthodox Church like the Czars before communism.

  6. Hi Don:
    Now that the US has backed off their missle strike it puts the rebels in a bad position. The way I see it is that they now have to attack Israel with a WMD in order to get us in that war. With their backs against the wall they may only have that option. I don’t want our troops in their civil war but I pray that we will have Israel’s back when and if that happens. Makes me think that the Psalm 83 war may be near.

  7. Hi Kevin,

    I think Israel will know who it was that fired gas at them. They are not going to get suckered into a war with Syria. They know Assad now has no reason to launch gas at them and if he did it would not be a limited small strike. I am not convinced that Assad will actually follow through in getting rid of the gas. Also, if there is any funny business in complying, I do not think Obama will be asking Congress for any more permission and the ships are still in place.

    The Psalm 83 war is questionable and more recent conjecture. You might read this take on that Psalm by Dr. Thomas Ice.


  8. If we aren’t there already, this debacle with Syria has shown me that the attitudes of the nations are akin to those prophesied in Eze. 38 & 39. They will stand by and allow the Gog & Magog alliance to attack Israel without a whimper. Just 2 nations are willing to intervene against a dictator who has gassed it’s own people and that is without the support of the UN, congress, the American people.

    I have no idea what Obama is up to. He has never wanted Congress’ support for anything in the last 5 years and he has been vehemently apposed to Bush’s wars in the past. Incompetent or devious like a fox? I don’t believe he seriously wants to strike Syria and he is desperately trying to find ways to retreat. He is one of the best at leading from behind. What a stinkin’ mess. Or so it seems to the unbelieving eye. Russia is gaining power and influence in the middle east through this spectacle of our dithering and weakness. Yet Israel has destroyed weapons en route to Syria from Russia on at least 2 occasions without a peep from anyone, not to mention numerous cyber attacks in Iran. NO Retaliation or outrage from the world. I find this present situation to be extremely interesting. Nation positioning for the final days continues. Who is like our God?

  9. Sherri,

    Assad is a ruthless dictator but it clear that he did not order the gassing of his own people and if nations intervened so that the rebels won the civil war you would get people taking over the nation that would gas other nations for their Allah.

  10. Regardless of whether the attack was ordered by Assad or a mistake by his military or done by the rebels, which I doubt, my point is that there does not seem to be world outrage. We see here the same impotent reaction that the world will have when Russian, Iran, et. al invade Israel in the future. Information is suspect, conspiracy theories abound, everyone lies and the truth cannot be known because of political spin and the result is no one acts. And no, I don’t want to go to war in a country that has no good guys. But when do you confront evil? The world waited far too long in Europe. This is amazing to watch and I wait with expectation to see how God will use these events to move things forward prophetically.

  11. Sherri,

    The world we live in is evil, so why would you expect the world to perform as if it was a Christian theocracy?
    So what do you suggest that the world do about Syria if they had the outrage you expect?

    Recently millions have starved to death in North Korea and millions have been killed in Africa because of evil people and you think the world should now be all outraged over what may have been a gas attack or possibly an accident in Syria? Nations in the world usually only take action against what they see as evils in other nations for three reasons.

    1. Their own national security is at risk.
    2. They believe that their own nations are morally superior and thus are willing to sacrifice their own lives and their treasure to confront evil in other nations to try to establish some moral ideal.
    3. They believe that somehow they can carry out the enforcement of their moral superiority on others.

    The Islamic Jihadists attack America under reason number two, but so far they have not been very good at carrying it out. If we or any nations are going to get involved in a civil war between Muslim sects, they better make sure they have the means to carry out their end.

  12. Don,

    I do agree that non-Islamic nations should not get into a skirmish with these Islamic nations if possible, however, what is Israel, the U.S., and the UN going to do if the rebels are able to procure chem-weps and fire them into Israel to draw other nations into their war.

    It seems like a possibility and a valid strategy by the rebels to do something like that, especially if the rebels get to the point where they have nothing to lose.

    I wouldn’t think it would matter at that point if it were Assad’s military or the rebels, it would have to be stopped by military force at that point.

    Vladi Putin’s idea seems like the best idea to prevent any of that and hopefully, it works.

  13. ~David,

    from the sources I have read some rebels already have an unknown amount of nerve gas. In fact, the gas attack blamed on Assad probably was kitchen sink type Sarin, it was not weaponized Sarin like Assad would have. It probably came from the Saudi’s and it may have come through Turkey.

    If that is true, I am not suggesting that that rebels fired the gas into their own area. They may have had an accident while handling the gas in the area that they held. That is why it is critical for the U.S. to release the proof they say they have, that chemical capable rockets were fired from actual government held areas. So far this administration has not released proof of what they claim.

    Israel has the best Middle East intelligence in the world. I think they can determine the origin of any gas attack on them. As I said before, any WMD attack on Israel by Assad would be massive, it is not in his interest to lop a few gas shells at Israel. So if that happened the perpetrator would become obvious.

    Of course, there is little reason to believe that Assad will actually follow through on giving up all his WMD. Sadam of Iraq agreed to put his chemical weapons under international control after the first gulf war, but he did not and that was at least part of the reason for the second invasion several years later.

    Assad has about 50 WMD sites across Syria and has over 1000 tons of chemical agents. This is not going to be dealt with in a few months especially in the middle of a civil war. Who is going to do it? Meanwhile, the ships are still in place and there are countless reasons why Obama may still order the strikes if he is led to believe that Assad is playing games with him.

  14. Does anyone honestly believe that all these chemical weapons are going to be turned over to international control? I mean, come on. I’m sure a lot of them have already been moved to Iran with the help of Russia. How have we come to the point where the Russians are calling the shots? I’m so embarrassed at what is happening with this administration. I absolutely do not believe we should be getting involved in their civil war. It’s horrific what is happening to their people, but as Don said, it’s been going on with other countries for a long time and now all of a sudden everyone gets a conscience!! I bet Obama is hoping the debt ceiling crisis starts to get a full head of steam so everyone can forget Syria. What he and Kerry have done reminds me of when you’re a kid and did something wrong and your parents said “if you do that again, you’re really going to get it” then you do it again and your parent says “ok, now I’m really mad and this time I mean it” and so on, and so on. And nothing ever happened and you got away with it. That’s what this administration sounds like.

  15. I think this administration would rather bomb Charleston SC, although they might wait for Comet Ison to lie the blame there. They (the Charleston-ites) could be holding WDDs (weapons of Democrat Destruction).

    BTW (by the way), Isaiah 18 could be about the area encompassing Pakistan as the offensive power (and America as the victum). Although, I continue to contemplate the phrase “vessels of bulrushes”.

    In any case, I can’t even believe this administration would be so stupid and sadistic and self destructive enough to risk the loss of the country / power-grid for Muslim-versus-Muslim hatred in a land very far off, let alone whose only real threat is to Israel – and we all know this adminstration has zero interest in being a blesser / protectorate / ally with Israel. As far as this adminstration is concerned, they’d rather just leave Israel to fend for itself.

    Warning: the above has speculation and facetiousness sprinkled about.

  16. Why is Obama all concerned with the Syrian resistance but didn’t lift a finger to help the Iranian people who attempted to protest awhile ago?

  17. Is there really a good answer or a valid reason for the U.S. to get involved with Syria at this point ?

    Until the U.S. is threatened or Israel comes under attack, I don’t see a good reason to get involved with it.

    We have enough problems in our own nation and cannot continue to police the world…if nothing more, than for the economic reasons that Don has talked about on his blog for a very long time now.

    Regardless of Assad’s tyranny, he at least allowed the Christians to survive in Syria….according to the news I’m reading, it is the rebels who are brutally murdering Christians in the name of their Ba’al God Allah.

    Same thing happened in Egypt after Mubarak’s ouster. Yeah, wasn’t it sold to the U.S. public as Egypt getting Jeffersonian democracy once Mubarak was gone ?….right.

    From a Christian point of view, we had a worst case in Egypt until Morsi’s ouster…and I suspect if Assad is removed, the wildcard who would take over will probably be worse than Assad.

    Whether Putin and Assad hold up their end of the bargain, or not, that they are today (9/12/13) promoting with the chem-weps…it’s still better than anything the U.S. administration has come up with so far.

  18. ~David,

    Only problem is that Assad cannot carry out the removal of those weapons even if he really wanted to. His military leaders are busy fighting a war, they cannot at the same time be dealing with destroying chemical weapons even if they wanted to do that and they don’t. Who then is going to put the boots on the ground to do it for Assad in a hostile war zone?

    Also, we are aiding the rebels to defeat Assad. If Assad starts losing more of the country or falls to the Rebels how is Assad then going to carry out any agreement on the WMD? Seems we will be aiding those fighting against our own interests. And if Assad defeats the rebels and gets more Russian support why would he be in any hurry to fully comply with anything? Saddam of Iraq played with us for years on the same WMD issue.

    Let’s face it, the Obama administration put themselves between a rock and a hard place. Now they have allowed themselves to be suckered by Putin and Assad.

    The only realistic way to secure and destroy those WMD is for the U.S. to invade with 50,000 to 100,000 troops but we do not have the leadership or the will to carry that out. What does that say to Iran and North Korea that are creating their own WMD? And unlike Syria, they intend to use those WMD against us.

  19. Yes, it is the Kobayashi Maru, aka, the no win scenario.

    Perplexity with no solution.

    Putting our U.S. boots on the ground would be a terrible error at this point, I think…and I think we could count on facing a large Iranian force among other things in Syria if we did that.

    Both Assad and the rebels hate America and Christians, yet we are sending arms to the rebels.

    Now, if any of those chem-weps are used on Israel, then my support for Israel goes through the roof and I would be for all guns blazing…but that’s just me.

    Iran and N. Korea, I’m sure, are using this U.S. predicament as a case study to gauge how best to take us down in the future…can you imagine if we put 100,000 boots in Syria then Iran and/or N.Korea launched an attack on the U.S….then what ?…how many fronts would we be able to cover at once ?

    I vote to stay out of it until there is an imminent threat to Israel or the U.S…and quit sending our tax dollars to these Islamic nations that want to destroy us in the first place !

  20. I see Assad is already setting conditions on his giving up the WMD. Obviously that is not going to fly.

    “President Obama must promise not to arm rebel forces or Syrian dictator Bashar Assad will not hand over his chemical weapons, the embattled leader told a Russian state media outlet today while demanding that Israel also surrender its nuclear arsenal.

    “When we see that the U.S. genuinely stands for stability in our region, stops threatening us with military intervention and stops supplying terrorists with weapons, then we will consider it possible to finalize all necessary procedures and they will become legitimate and acceptable for Syria,” Assad told RIA News.”


  21. Hi Don,

    Yeah, I read that and partially agree…Quit arming the rebel terrorists !

    As far as Israel surrendering anything, yeah right, not going to happen nor should that be relevant…of course, all of Israels neighbors want to see Israel weakened…I hope Israel doesn’t give an inch, they have given up way too much already.

    In the long run, none of that will matter anyway…in the not too distant future, Israel is going to be on the brink of being decimated and destroyed AGAIN, then when they cry out for The Lord, He will destroy those enemies with force.

  22. I hope no one will be stupid enough to grab hold of the idea of Israel being the first to give up their WMD and start pressuring them. I’m not saying it would happen but stupid seems to be the rule rather than the exception.

    I just watched a video clip on fb. http://www.westernjournalism.com. Obama Supporters Sign “Karl Marx For President” Petition.

    Mark Dice is on the street telling passersby that president Obama is endorsing Karl Marx for president in 2016. He’s telling them Obama has worked closely with Marx and uses his principles and wants to keep the communists ideal going by putting Karl Marx in the White House. People are signing the petition.

    Ok it’s laugh out loud funny but at the same time unbelievably stupid and an example of where are people’s heads? [Don’t answer that.] Does the absurd even surprise us anymore?

  23. Over last week and this week, I have watched a lot of TV programming per all of the “Syria” issue. You see a lot of reporters on the ground getting comments from “Everyday-Joes” and their opinions. It has rattled my brain hearing some of these unbelievably stupid comments from my fellow Americans. I just cannot believe that this country has gotten to such a level of ignorance. Unless the news media is deliberately trying to create a certain spin with their use of only presenting the most stupid remarks, the USA is ripe for destruction coming from both inside and outside the country. And, to our peril, it is obvious God has a “hands-off” policy toward us.

  24. I don’t see a problem with a Marx/Stalin ticket in 2016.

    Ayatollah Khomeini as the U.S. Head of Indoctrination Education.

    Harvey Milk on Mount Rushmore.

    And, our very own, Anthony Weiner as Speaker of the House.

  25. Hi ya’ll. David, that’s funny.

    Don mentioned that Putin has embraced the Orthadox Church, which I did not know, but this morning I saw a quote that made me curious. Apparantly this was from a lecture to Obama written up in the New York Times. “We are all different, but when we ask for the Lord’s blessings, we must not forget that God created us equal.” That made me wonder just what Putin believed, exactly , so I looked up Russian Orthadox Church beliefs. I read several of the articles, but there is too much information to wade through. What I seemed to find was a belief somewhere between Catholicism and Evengelical.
    I would like feedback from anyone who has a better understanding.
    Why I am interested is because the lines are getting blurry. America has a godless president, but on the other hand Russia is allied with our enemies. I know Putin has taken a stand against same sex marriage being equal to heterosexual marriage, but on the other hand he is an old KGB fox. I’m getting confused and I don’t want to be deceived. HELP.

  26. Caitlin,

    Pultin found out that he was baptized as in infant in the Russian Orthodox Church and he sees advantage in the Russian Orthodox Church being the official religion of Russia. However, nobody should confuse Putin with a Russian orthodox practitioner or think that the Russian Orthodox religion is not a heretical religion.

    They do not buy into some of the stuff that Roman Catholics do, but they add their own practices and traditions that are just as bad. For example, infant baptism makes you a member of the Church and thinking that you get grace from Icons. The control that the Orthodox Church has over the government in Russia has just about stopped the spread of evangelical proselytizing in Russia.

    Pultin sounds a lot like the Pope in his beliefs. His worldview is that all men of goodwill worship the same God. That is not what scripture teaches. Neither did God create us all equal like Pultin said, God created each of us for His own purpose.

  27. Don, something that happened here in Australia in early September – the people overwhelmingly elected a true conservative government after six years of a socialist/greens’ alliance (the greens being more accurately referred to by some as watermelons – green on the outside but red in the middle). Some of the more “activist” types have been spewing all kinds of hate towards him and he is not even sworn in as Prime Minister yet! (That happens on Tuesday.)
    Our new PM elect, Tony Abbott, campaigned on a platform that involved getting rid of the carbon tax and strengthening our borders, amongst other things.
    He’s been left a massive debt to clear,and I’m sure there will be some nasty surprises regarding the deficit, when the new government takes office but there is an air of optimism here that hasn’t been in the air for a while :)

  28. Christina,

    Congratulations on the election of Tony Abbott as Prime Minister. I heard that the Australians were fed up with the carbon tax. I did not know that you had a border problem. How do I sneak in?

    The Australians always go out of there way to do the right thing like old liberals, the problem is that new liberals or progressives are really humanistic communists and environmental wackos. I hope things will now change, although these radicals will do everything they can to prevent any change back toward common sense.

    Taking measures against carbon when increased carbon is good for plant life and has little to do with global temperatures is about as foolish as believing that Al Gore actually practices what he preaches. I hope Australians have heard that there is near record ice in the Arctic for this time of the year and the polar bears are wondering if they should head south for the winter.

  29. Hi Don, and thanks :)
    I helped vote Tony Abbott in to office (first time ever that I voted for the conservative party in a Federal election, the last nail in the coffin of left-wing socialsim for me!).
    How do you sneak in?
    Well, you should have tried prior to this election as the previous Labor/Greens/Independent govt. were letting people in left, right and centre. No id? No worries! We’ve got a bleeding-heart lawyer who will represent you using Australian taxpayers’ money, while the same taxpayer will feed, house and clothe you (excuse the flippancy but the situation had become ridiculous).
    The MSM is very left-wing biased here, and that means we also get a lot of guff about climate change, blah, blah but, thankfully, some journalists do present the facts:


  30. Obama’s red lines are full of white lies. I seen Barry on tv and he said “he didn’t draw a red line the world drew a red-line” so now the POTUS speaks for the world? Assad is a dictator and dictators love power. I can’t see how he would be so stupid to use WMD on his own people when he knows that would put his power in jepordy. As bad as it sounds, dictators keep some sort of government order. If we would take Assad out that would creat another chaotic grab for power with who knows which fanatical group would succeed Assad. I could see if it was like WWll and some nut case was trying to wipe out an entire race while simultaneously trying to take over the world. These cultures in the Middle East have been fighting for thousands of years. And no matter what the US does or who may take over power they will continue to fight. Our best bet is to stay out of it, pay our avalanche of debt down and secure the homeland from EMP’s and other threats. Call me an libertarian but if it doesn’t threaten us we should keep our noses where it doesn’t belong. We have spent enough blood and treasure policing the world in countries where we do not understand the culture and in most cases not changing anything for the good.

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