Looking back from the future at an Obamanation that led the world

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You say you wanted an Obamanation? You thought he was the answer for all your problems because Obama was black and intended to play Robin Hood? You say he would give you things like an Obamaphone, so you voted for him six times? You say you always vote democrat because they care about the working man and the poor? Okay fine, now you low or no information voters and fellow travelers will live with the obvious consequences of electing a radical Marxist to lead America.

I do not say this lightly. Those that voted for Obama, voted for judgment on this nation. I am not saying that he will bring judgment from God, although judgment could come in various ways. I am saying that Obama is God’s judgment on America. Obama is worse than some national disaster, his policies will bring America down and remove America as a world superpower.

Obama and the communist “progressives” did great damage to this nation in his first term and he will finish off the free enterprise system in his second term. That is the real agenda of Obama and the Far Left and if you do not believe me, just ask his fellow traveler and co-conspirator – the unrepentant terrorist, neighbor, co-worker and enabler of Obama named Bill Ayers.

Looking back from the future, we have to wonder why Americans and their military leaders even allowed this coup by Marxists dressed in liberal progressive humanist clothing to happen. One has to wonder why the so-called “greatest generation” turned a blind eye to all the brainwashing that corrupted most of their offspring? What did they expect to happen when nobody did anything to stop the Communists from taking over the higher education systems in America?

After taking over the higher education systems, they took over TV media and everyone laughed at the communist inspired social engineering jokes (e.g. Meathead vs Archie Bunker.)

Then they took over many religious institutions and true Christians split and called themselves evangelicals.

Then they took over the lower educational systems and parents approved of the teaching of atheist lies to their children in the disguise of “human enlightenment” and “science”.

Then they took over the news media and their talking heads spun the news for Joe Six Pack and he just repeated whatever he heard to Soccer Mom.

Then they came against morality, marriage and male leadership and promoted animal like promiscuity and perversion and few opposed them.

Then they took over Evangelical Bible colleges and spit out leaders that would rethink Christian doctrine into a better life now, and mysticism.

Then they took over the government because the majority in America had now been brainwashed and they voted them into office.

Then they came against the leaders of the military that took an oath to uphold our Constitution with its liberty and justice for all. The leaders were fired, resigned, or more often they blew with the political wind like girly men because they were afraid that showing signs of God-fearing manhood would hurt their pretty careers. So the oath keepers did nothing to uphold what they swore to God to uphold.

That is part of the story of how the greatest free nation in the world was subverted and taken over from within in less than fifty years by its sworn Marxist enemies. Today, it is not politically correct to call anyone a Marxist even if they are a Marxist but that does not change the fact that if it quacks like a duck it is a duck.


I say Obama is America’s judgment. Now consider why I say that. Looking back from the future, this is some of what I see coming because of his polices in his second term:

Obama totally divided this nation by race and class. After the economic crash that his economic polices caused, the riots from the government dependents that he enabled destroyed inner cities and brought about a police state. Guns were confiscated from most law abiding citizens during this period and gangs ruled the cities at will until the national guard and homeland security took over.

During the Obama administration, the economy of this nation was destroyed by a huge expansion of government regulation, government dependents, debt, taxes, overspending and through other statist policies. The crash of the dollar has made living standards in this once great nation about equal to that of people living in Mexico. The real economic goal of the globalist Marxist Obamaites were actually achieved.

The most powerful military this world has ever known was systematically destroyed from within by social engineering and unilateral disarmament. What remains overseas is now under the full control of allied forces fighting a world war against militant Islam in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The draft was reinstated for both men and woman late in the second term of the Obama administration. Unlike the drafts of the baby boomer generation, this time there is no escape to Canada.

Illegals that were given amnesty are now seeking to return to their native nations.

Obama made the Constitution, and liberty and justice meaningless. Nobody has any rights anymore except for what the collectivist government allows.

Those living in this nation need to obtain ration cards for basic survival items. The government controls everything and special privileges come only through the ruling elite.

The Obamacare system is now totally government controlled and many life saving health procedures are routinely denied. Abortion and sterilization can be ordered if a woman has no means of support.

Children are indoctrinated almost from birth in government run day care centers and schools. Homeschooling is no longer allowed.

Proselytizing is not allowed in public and very subjective hate speech laws are capriciously enforced by local prosecutors and judges.

Drugs were legalized and taxed and all non violent offenders convicted of drug crimes were given amnesty in 2015.

Re-education work camps for so called “wrong thinking” misguided people are now as common as prisons.

There is a guerrilla war resistance in certain areas of rural America but they have all but lost the will to fight because government has all the heavy weapons and total control of the air and surveillance. Drones are used routinely to hunt down and kill the government opposition.

Police check points are everywhere, fishing for anything they can find. The whole nation is under total electronic surveillance. Sheriffs and other law enforcement that resisted national martial law were arrested by Federal officers and their whereabouts is unknown.

Mexico is petitioning southwestern states to secede and join with Mexico. Several states are seriously considering the offer. Those born in Mexico and their offspring have become the majority in much of the Southwest thanks to the various amnesty programs that are never called amnesty.

Russia formed an Eurasian Union and it is now well on its way to controlling the same area as the late Soviet Union. This time there is no American superpower around to contain her.

Japan decided it needed to develop nukes because of the threat from N. Korea and China and the closure of the American nuclear umbrella. Japan developed multiple thermonuclear weapons by 2016 and now she is on the brink of nuclear war with China and N. Korea.

Israel bombed nuclear sites in Iran in the fall of 2013 because America obviously was not going to do anything about the Iranian nuclear bombs that Israel knew the Iranians already had.

Right after the military strike by Israel, America lost an aircraft carrier and some other ships in the Middle East and also lost some other facilities due to Iranian military counter reactions. Then America’s generals gave Obama the choice of responding in full force or being removed from office. They finished the job for Israel and even nuked a couple of underground Iranian nuclear facilitates. Iranians in East Iran had to be evacuated to many other countries because of radiation from a melt down of their nuclear reactor.

Egypt is still in a  bloody civil war that started in 2013. The military is on one side and the Islamists are on the other. NATO, Saudi Arabia and Assad of Syria are supporting the military faction in Egypt and NATO is fighting against the Islamists in much of North Africa and in Europe. Whole Muslim enclaves in Europe have been surrounded by NATO forces and are being quarantined until they can figure out what to do with them.

India could not trust America to do anything about Pakistan’s nukes falling into Islamic terrorist hands so they nuked the sites in Pakistan in late 2015. There is still a bloody war going on between the two countries and China is lending its support to Pakistan.

The Chinese economic growth stopped because of the economic collapse and the wars in the West. China is getting ready for a major war in Asia that could involve India, Pakistan, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, the Korea’s, the Philippians, Indonesia, Australia and many other nations.

Looking back from this future you might ask yourself why Americans were so eager to let this future happen by enabling a communist coup and electing the likes of Obama to lead our nation and the world? Of course, it could be worse. If a nuclear EMP hits us first because America’s leadership was asleep at the wheel, there will be no future at all to talk about for most Americans.




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