Many exhibit insanity because God gave them over to a reprobate mind

There are books and teachings going around telling those in the Body of Christ that they need to repent and pray to restore America to something that would be more like 1956 rather than 1776. Many quote 2 Chron 7:14 but that passage applies only to Israel (find out why). The big rage in some circles is “The Harbinger” book, as if God is behind the falsehoods presented therein to get Americans that have rejected Him to repent.  Some Christians obviously are confused by the bad theology that is going around, so let me try to clarify things a bit. The passage of scripture that Christians should be quoting that fittingly applies to America and much of the world is the following:

Rom 1:21  Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened.
22  Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,
23  And changed the glory of the uncorruptible God into an image made like to corruptible man, and to birds, and fourfooted beasts, and creeping things.
24  Wherefore God also gave them up to uncleanness through the lusts of their own hearts, to dishonour their own bodies between themselves:
25  Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever. Amen.
26  For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature:
27  And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
28  And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient;
29  Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers,
30  Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents,
31  Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:
32  Who knowing the judgment of God, that they which commit such things are worthy of death, not only do the same, but have pleasure in them that do them.

This passage totally explains what is happening in America. Many in America do not want to retain God in their knowledge so God gave many Americans over to a reprobate mind to do those things that are not convenient….(for any moral civil society).

As long as most in America want nothing to do with God there is no hope for any change for the better in America. Praying for those willfully rejecting the knowledge of God is not going to make these people repent. Since they choose not to retain the knowledge of God they can no longer make sane choices based on anything that God reveals in His creation or in His written word.

Those given over to a reprobate mind have minds that are devoid of good judgment. They continually chose evil and deceive themselves into believing their evil is good. Poole said in his commentary:

They were not given up to this reprobate mind all at once, but by degrees. First, they were given up to their own hearts’ lusts, #Ro 1:24; then, to vile affections, #Ro 1:26; and then, lastly, to a mind void of judgment; to such an evil habit, that they could do nothing but evil.

Romans 1:24 is where many are at in this country now. The only remedy is people believing the gospel that unfortunately they have no God-consciousness remaining to accept. Obviously then, once people reach the point of exhibiting their reprobate minds for all to see, there is little hope of ever changing their minds. Praying for these people to repent is much like expecting that your prayers can sway those that have already made the deliberate choice to reject God.

People wonder why many in this nation now choose and exhibit self-destructive insanity. The fact that many have been given over to a reprobate mind explains why America is now so self-destructive. Here are 50 rhetorical questions for the sane people remaining in America to consider. After reading them, you also might be convinced that many Americans have been given over to a reprobate mind.

  1. Why did Americans elect and reelect a Godless administration that is leading it to its destruction?
  2. Why do Americans have an unconstitutional tyrannical government in power and why are Americans allowing it?
  3. Why do Americans allow a government that pushes evil on our society and obstructs good?
  4. Why does America get themselves into one war after another?
  5. Why is Marijuana the largest cash crop in this nation?
  6. Why can’t our political leaders recognized the real enemies of our nation? (no mirror?)
  7. Why do Americans allow their government to continually spend much more than it has?
  8. Why have Americans allowed a private bank to destroy the dollar?
  9. Why does one private bank have almost total control over the U.S. economic system?
  10. Why do the people of our nation elect and reelect reprobates to office?
  11. Why do Americans allow their government to spy on everything that they do?
  12. Why do Americans allow government to understate inflation to rob them and overstate employment to deceive them?
  13. Why does the American government prejudicially and selectively choose to enforce or not enforce laws?
  14. Why does the American government pretend that Islam is not a world threat?
  15. Why does the American government allow Iran and N. Korea to develop nuclear weapons that are being developed to destroy America?
  16. Why has our government not protected us from the threat of an EMP attack?
  17. Why will our government not enforce our borders?
  18. Why do we live in a surveillance state if Islam is not our enemy and the war against terrorism has been won?
  19. Why do most Americans believe that homosexuality is a normal lifestyle when it is obviously abnormal and proves to be deadly?
  20. Why do half the marriages in America end in divorce?
  21. Why do most people shack up when they should be getting married?
  22. Why do woman in America choose to abort their babies?
  23. Why would blacks with sound minds allow themselves to be manipulated by black racists?
  24. Why do blacks overwhelmingly vote for the political party that enslaved them and that still enslaves them to the masters of the government plantation?
  25. Why do most black men abandon their children?
  26. Why is most everything on TV about sex, violence and the abnormal?
  27. Why is porn half the Internet traffic that is not SPAM?
  28. Why do most preachers in America not preach the gospel, and why do most Christians go to these churches?
  29. Why do Christian leaders teach works and humanism when the Bible teaches faith in Jesus Christ?
  30. Why do Christian leaders teach mysticism when the founders of the faith taught biblical doctrine?
  31. Why will most preachers in America not preach about the second coming of Jesus?
  32. Why do Christian leaders in America claim that unregenerate man is basically good when God says that none are good?
  33. Why do American Christians make their pastor an idol? Why do Christians support TBN?
  34. Why does Joel Osteen have the biggest church in the country?
  35. Why are Christian book stores full of heretical books?
  36. Why is the heretical “Jesus Calling” Part onePart two one of the top books in Christianity and why is the SBC sweetheart Beth Moore promoting this new age mystical clap trap?
  37. Why are Christian men allowing woman to feminize their churches?
  38. Why is Wal-Mart the largest employer in the country? Why is Kelly Temporary Services the second largest?
  39. Why are politicians still pretending that global warming is the big threat to the earth when the earth has not warmed in almost two decades?
  40. Why do Americans allow DUI check points that consistently arrest or ticket 95 percent of the citizens for something other than DUI?
  41. Why are the local police militarized? Why are there 50,000 swat raids in America annually?
  42. Why does America have the highest incarceration rate in the world?
  43. Why are inner cities in America controlled by gangs?
  44. Why do Americans allow their schools to indoctrinate their children in Humanism and Marxism?
  45. Why is sex being pushed in our grade schools and morning after pills being made available to children at drugstores without parents even knowing?
  46. Why do parent not protect their children from the most destructive influences in our society?
  47. Why are Americans obsessed with sports, especially on Sunday?
  48. Why is America the second fattest people in the world (Mexico is number one)?
  49. Why do Americans use more illegal drugs than any nation on earth?
  50. Why do Americans use legal mind alternating drugs more than any other nation on earth?

The list showing that America is becoming a nation of reprobate minds can be almost as endless as our news headlines. If you agree, don’t worry so much about some specific judgment coming upon America, although they may come. Those with reprobate minds bring continual judgment on America through their own insane destructive choices. How do you turn a nation around when the reprobate minds say that they do not care about God –  just give us more bread and circuses? No nation can survive when the majority have been given over to a reprobate mind.


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 Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


53 thoughts on “Many exhibit insanity because God gave them over to a reprobate mind

  1. Wow Don,

    I cannot thank you enough for this post. Everyone I know is trying to get me to read The Harbinger and my friends are using counseling and Beth Moore to solve their marriage problems, (with some pretty weird and unbiblical insights being thrown my way). I could never relate to Moore and after watching/listening/reading your links about her I have to say my discernment was right.

    Your list was scary and I’m sure you left out a lot. After seeing that the pope is making it a crime to “leak” crimes like pedophilia in the CC, and knowing that my catholic friends will get back to me with their “defense of the pope’s decree”. I am about to give up on American Christians. Are there any thinking people left?

    Best, Susan

  2. Why indeed! Lord help us. Whether America ever resembles 1957 or any other year should not be what Christians are interested in. It’s so frustrating that so many believers equate revival to some kind of Norman Rockwell painting. I believe America is passed the tipping point but Jesus promised better for his church and we know the gates of hell will not prevail. He will always have his “Little Flock”. I too have asked many of the same questions, but they need to be asked again and again to get people to think and to hopefully, wake some more Christians up!
    Regarding Q #10, though, there seems to be enough evidence to believe that the voting process has been thoroughly hijacked. I believe a better questions would be, why do so many Americans put their faith in electronic, optical scan, and touch screen voting. So now, even at the polls, we resemble the banana republics of the world.
    God bless and keep up the good work.

  3. I have asked this question of several people. Are you feeling more awake, or more asleep? It seems most Americans are focused on one or two pet “peeves” and not caring about the bigger is alarming.

    good ol Virginia is now 50% in favor of gay marriage/ while i believe this was another rigged poll, and meant to discourage the “opposition” it seems we might soon follow the rest of our area on this horrible path.

    Murder is on the rise in DC. people die…for cellphones and laptops. Detroit is bankrupt, but they give us the ‘good news’ about the stock market daily.

    It is not creating jobs.

    So, thank you Don. i will tuck this post away to bring out the next time I am in a position to explain why Christians must resist “the ways of the world.” i guess to others who profess belief, though always I will pray that God offer to salvation to all.


  4. Hi Don,

    Susan, don’t waste your money… I did.. And I still feel like a fool… As I was reading the “harbinger”, I was struck with what Don said… This passage applies to Israel.. The writer took a passage out of context, found a few coincidental tragedies, and is now cashing in… I unfortunately donated to the author’ bank account..

    Don, as for your list.. Very right on. I wanted to address the “sex being taught in schools”. In the work I do, as a State licensed facility, I am to address health risks associated with drug use. The state wants providers to teach “safe sex practices”… And I have been criticized a few times for teaching in my curriculum “abstinence” as the best policy. More and more, in schools and other government programs, teens and younger kids are being taught some very vile stuff. Thankfully, I own a private agency, so the state has more limited control… For now…

    I have also wondered about this trend of “pray for the repentance of America”. The state of rejection that people are in is a clear indicator that many are not deceived, they have made a choice. There is no “ignorance”, people are clearly marking their position, and choosing evil because it just “feels so much better”.

    I cannot remember when I heard a sermon on the 2nd coming of Jesus, or need for repentance from sin. The majority of messages out there are Oprah-ized feel good self help talks.

    Greatly enjoyed the article this morning… Thank you Don.

    Rod in Oregon

  5. After being in northern Saskatchewan fishing with my two sons, I’ve had to return to the reality of this world. I see a nation divided by race, as this whole Trayvon Martin issue had taken front and centre. The cauldron is about to boil over, as you stated Don why we are in such a mess in North America. Our governments should read the book of Proverbs, it would answer so many of our questions as to why things are going so wrong. One Sunday I was watching a football game, my wife passed by and stated “So that’s were America Worships on Sunday” I certainly could not argue the point. Things are going to get much worse, we must hang on to every word of God, for his promises are not empty. We have put ourselves in the position we are presently living in, God is the only answer, through his son Jesus Christ, who shed his blood for people such as I. We boast of our freedoms but are afraid to go out of the house at night for fear we are going to be robbed or murdered, what kind of Freedom is this. The remnant is growing smaller by the day, pray for one another for the day is soon coming when blogs like Don’s will not be allowed. On the good news side God is still in control.

  6. Don, Q#37, will you give some examples of “feminizing the church?” I’m not sure what you have in mind exactly. Before I dive in and bump my head yet again I should be on the same page with you.

  7. WOW!!! Don,

    Once again you are spot on. BUT it is NOT just America that has fallen to reprobate minds. Europe is now beyond a lost cause and Australia is not much more different than America.

  8. Don, thank you for the link. There’s nothing I can say because I agree with every bit of it. I just wasn’t aware that the issues were considered “feminizing” as I can’t identify with fluff. {Bling but not fluff. lol}
    I heard a SB pastor say once, “I don’t believe in being political behind the pulpit.” All I could think was omg, why not?
    I don’t know how reliable this information is but I read that during Hitler’s reign only two pastors in Germany spoke against him.
    I wish I knew why so many people lack courage and why so many Christians take a passive stance. If any one ever asked me who my favorite bible personalities were, other than Jesus, I would say Uriah the Hittite and Jael. [Judges 4:21] A person can learn a lot about integrity and courage from these two people’s stories.
    And I have a question that may make me unpopular but why have men turned child care over to the women? Fathers are supposed to teach their children.

  9. “Romans 1:24 is where many are at in this country now.”

    ^^ Now THAT is really scary… Meaning, the full extent of the evil they will commit is yet to come.

    Question(s) [generally rhetorical in nature]: at what point is the restrainer taken away?, or will perilous judgment and the rider on the white horse trump or interrupt the progression of Romans 1 and 2 (as applied to America)?

    I still can’t see a non-perilous scenario resulting in the context of the book of Revelation (a world without America). Even a civil war scenario, in my opinion, would not result in “a world without America”.

    … the scheming of all the reprobate mice and men comes to utter ruin.

    [On an aside, there’s a book out called Gridlock by Senator Dorgen and David Hagberg – about a cyber attack that takes out the power grid]

  10. Re: Caitlan post of July 21

    I think the two pastors were Karl Barth (actually, a Swiss that preached in Germany) and Diedrich Bonhoffer – who was part of the assassination attempt on Hitler and was executed.

    Rod, I was given a copy of The Harbinger by a deacon in the SBC. I read to page 193 when George Washington raised his hand and a piece of paper from heaven floated into it. I shut the book and wasted no more time on it.

  11. I agree 100%. This is why I moved from Boston. Apostasy. And some Christians are like, “No Jimmy, that’s wrong. As a Christian, you should stay and make a difference.” Uh, no. God is the one who makes the seed grow. I can only plant or water. When a whole state, i.e. the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, decides it’s going to reject God, I’m leaving town. There’s absolutely nothing I can do.

    There are only three conditions that a society can live in: no knowledge of Jesus, obedience to Jesus, or rejection of Jesus. When you have no knowledge of Jesus, you at least have nature to inform you of God’s nature, so you have some sense of sanity based on reality. When you live in obedience to Jesus, you prosper at an amazing rate to testify to God’s wisdom. If that prosperity causes you to reject Jesus, you’ve also lost the foundation of God’s nature revealed in nature. That’s where the insanity comes from. America has lost touch with reality while rejecting Jesus. That’s why so many want gun control, for example. Or think that a man can “marry” another man. They are not living in reality.

    The bible says step one of knowledge is to fear the Lord. In America, we idolize “science.” Americans teach that the first step to knowledge is to reject god and embrace “science.” Therefore God gave us over to a delusion. The delusion I love to mock on my website is food based foolishness. Suddenly “science” discovers that salt is bad for you. Even though human beings have eaten it in all history. It’s an ironic delusion since America avoids salt like it avoids Christians, who Jesus called the salt of the earth.

  12. Hi Craig,

    I do not think Americans should presume that they are so special that the nation can not fall before any of the end time events that you mention take place.

    Having said that, the fact that America is built upon pagan Masonic occultism could mean that America still has a unique role in future deception. If you tie together Roman paganism and Masonry in the U.S. one should be expecting the return of the gods any time now. Read Tom Horn’s latest books and research for more information on that. I am just saying that if you buy into the possibility of the the occult having some actual fulfillment in an America that has rejected God. America might have a very satanic role before the end. How many people know that the Statue of Liberty was given to us by French Masons and is actually a statue of Semiramis a.k.a. the Queen of Heaven, and how many people know that the Washington DC capitol area was totally built according to pagan Masonic geometry.

    All this ties back to Babylonian mystery religion. Why was this all set up in America if those doing it did not think America played a huge role in the pagan fulfillment in the return of the gods and men then becoming like gods? The present thinking in the world could change overnight if there were some kind of unrestrained demonic deception like at ancient Babylon. Just food for thought.

  13. Hi Caitlin,
    I believe that one of those pastors was Martin Niemoller. He was liberated by the allies at the end of the war. If you are interested in the subject, Erwin Lutzer has a couple of good, short books on the subject of the churches in Nazi Germany. I just read them last year and I recommend them: Hitler’s Cross and When a Nation Forgets God. In them he compares America to the Germany of the 1930’s. Scary.

  14. Yeah, the Harbinger was a nice little money maker for the author. I was thinking about #46 on Don’s list… It is stunning what people are allowing their kids to be exposed to. When I first entered the field of chemical dependency treatment, around 15 years ago, when doing evaluations, I remember two significant things that stood out. Around 75% of the teens at least acknowledged a belief in God, and around 25% had parents that used drugs. Now, it’s around 25% that profess a belief in God, and around 65% of the parents of teens I see use drugs. So number 46 on your list is very telling…

    Rod in Oregon

  15. Since my first comment, I have started reading E. W. Bullinger’s Commentary on Revelation. Though I am only about 20% through this book (can be had for $.99 Amazon Kindle edition) I am most thoroughly convinced at this point, that the 7 “churches” in Revelation have nothing to do with Christian churches but everything to do with Israel. Bullinger’s argument starts with a comparison between Old Testament promises and covenants and then looks at what Jesus is actually saying to this “ecclesia” which is always translated gathering, set apart people, etc in the OT. I now believe the church has been in error for a long time by translating the seven “ecclesia” as pertaining to the church.

    We simply are not around in the book of Revelation and a lot of the instruction to these ecclesia groups seems to be very works based – in contrast to Paul’s epistles to the church. I have to agree with this assessment because if I read Jesus’ words to these people in Rev 2-3 and apply them to myself very carefully, I find myself realizing that I will not make it in the rapture because I am not good enough!!

    The commentator also lived at a time overrun with the replacement theology crowd as we are in this day. I loved his comment that rather than Jesus delaying His return because the world is not yet good enough, God has delayed His coming because the world is not yet BAD enough.

    All in all, it certainly seems like we are getting very close to this BAD ENOUGH time. I would love to hear what others think of Bullinger’s work should God lead you to study this.

    Best to all, Susan

  16. Susan,

    Please stay on the post topic or your comments will not be posted. I almost trashed this comment.

    Bullinger is wrong for many reasons, the prophecy is to the Church. It is the revelation of Jesus Christ through time which includes the Church age. Here are two links that point out just some of the problems with Bullinger’s theology.

    And I wish that people would not promote some theology just because they have been swayed by the latest book that they are reading. The best book I ever read on Bible prophecy was the first one until I read the next one that saw things differently, and so on it goes.

    No followup comments on Bullinger’s theology will be posted since this is off topic to the subject of this post.

  17. Bob and Anna, thank you for your responses. We’re up to three real men now and I only started out with two.

    I’ve really been contemplating on Don’s 50 questions, as though I could answer them if I just thought on them long enough.
    I think it was in the 70’s that singer Anita Bryant took a public stand against homosexuality. I remember my parents signing a petition at church supporting her views. The media crucified her and eventually it fizzled out; as I remember it.
    Then there was an attempt to stop abortion after the supreme court legalized it. Some bombings of abortion clinics that didn’t go over well with the public at all.
    What I was wondering was were there not enough voices to stop the evil; did they give up the fight too soon?
    I’d like to pretend I was never part of the problem that helped lead America to the point of no return, but I was busy with other things and wasn’t paying attention.
    I don’t know if Christians could have changed the course of America if they had banned together with one mind. Maybe not. Just saying…

  18. Caitlin,

    There has never been as many Christians in this country as some people like to believe. Having a Christian like culture is not Christianity. Believing the doctrines of Apostate religions is not Christianity. True Christians are not anywhere near a majority in this nation and they never were. It was inevitable that the U.S. would go the way of the satanic world system. The evil in our nation did not start in the 1960’s it already started in 1776. However, now we are about to reap the culmination of our collective national evils. It has happened before, for example in the civil war. At that time about twenty percent of all able bodied men died or were wounded. Is America now more moral than before the civil war? I think not.

  19. I must admit I am struggling with the feminized church but everything else was right on the money. I often wonder why the pulpits don’t talk more about what is going on in this country. It feels as though today’s events happening are of no concern. I wish Dr. George Woods would be more forward about these things. Our pastor stated John 18:36 Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world. If it were, my servants would fight to prevent my arrest by the Jewish leaders. But now my kingdom is from another place.” Basically saying that Jesus didn’t bother with politicians because this isn’t his kingdom, there is no salvation in it.

    In order for the prophecy to come true, things which are happening must pass. Is this the wrong attitude to have? No where in the end times is America mentioned. I honestly believe we will be broken and states will succeed from the union. It will look much like the USSR in 1991 when it broke in to 15 different countries.

    My reasons for thinking this way is by kicking God out of everything this country was built on. The “One nation under God” was what held this country together. Now they’re kicking him out at every chance they get. Hell, there is organizations that do nothing but legislate to remove Christianity from EVERYTHING. I don’t believe all 50 states can continue to function as one without God. That is my .02¢

  20. The Tram,

    You say your not understanding why I think the church has been feminized? Did you read the link to the article that I presented to Caitlin that also did not grasp what I was talking about? I think the article is clear enough. The pulpits don’t talk about what is going on in this country because men are afraid to speak up in our churches.

  21. Yes sir, I did read that blog you presented to Caitlin. That is why I said I am struggling with it because on one hand I love my church and on the other hand I would like more of what you speak of from the pulpit. The later would make me feel better but would it do anything for me spiritually? My brother and I had this conversation (again both raised in AG) and he has grown spiritually stale. His opinion falls right in line with your article of feminization of the church. That it is the reason you see more woman and children in churches and not men.

    But like you said, we have fewer Christians now than the civil war. Sure we have lots of CINO (christian in name only) but they won’t do anything unless you mess with their football(sports).

  22. Good post, Don. It’s sad, but true that America has been in the process of being given over to a reprobate mind for a long time. Your take on the feminization of the churches is accurate as well. It’s absolutely sickening to look at the typical church today and compare it to the church in the book of Acts. In many cases, it would be very difficult to find any parallels. Please keep up the good work, Don.

  23. That was a great link to Dave Daubenmire’s article. I confess if I ever heard anything that strong preached in church I might fall on the floor on my kiester!By the way, Am I the only one who has observed that in many churches women are setting the agenda and in charge of most ministries?

  24. Don,
    Are you saying our nation was never founded as a Christian nation at Jamestown or that our Founding Fathers were not Christians, but Masons who are Paganists or that our country was co-opted after our independence from the Brits. Didn’t know if you were serious with your reply to Caitlin. I have seen programs that explain the infrastructure of DC and that the streets around the Capitol are in the outline of an owl.

  25. Robert,

    Our country was largely founded on our founders concepts of God, but there were Christians with bad theology and theists among the founders. Masons obviously had a huge influence in early America. 1776 was the founding of our nation, but if you read U.S. history you will see within a few years of 1776 Americans were already squabbling over the interpretation of the founding documents and the direction of the country.

  26. The context of Romans 1:26-27 is concerning the 21st century pandemic which is the disease of the mind, is called by liberal theologians as gay sexual rights.

    This pandemic is not only plaguing America but all the world and I mean all the world, little Jewish state included.

    The world is heading towards Sodom and the only solution for this pandemic is not by government but a swift hand of judgement by God who will neutralize this disease by fire.

  27. Don, I’m sure I never suggested that people in 2013 are more moral than people in 1865. I was making contrast-comparisons among people who have had the courage to confront evil and people who only complain about it or accept it.
    I would never count you among the complainer do nothings. You study the issues then sound the warnings. Then what do the people do with the warnings? [That was a rhetorical question.]
    I did suggest that there might have been times in America’s history when the people could have kept the nation from becoming what it is now. Reprobate. As you pointed out, probably not.
    Gotta run now; Maranatha

  28. I agree with Don. Vernon McGee said he didn’t believe more then 10% of church attendees were saved based on his conversations with “Christians”. Maybe that is why our country is were it is at, religious convictions without the Holy Spirit changing someone, will not last the test of time. We only have to look at the history of Israel. They followed their false prophets and look where it got them.

    America is getting darker by the minute, and we are called to be a light on the hill. Let’s stay faithful to the great commission to the very end by encouraging the faithful and warning of the false prophets among us as Don does. The feel good message out there certainly is not in the Bible I read. The early Christians did not have it easy, and as the days get darker we will have to spend more and more time with the Lord if we are going to keep from getting lukewarm. Thank you Don for your warnings, it helps me to stay vigilant.

  29. To fulfill the Law one should love his neighbor as himself. (Simple but not always an easy task)
    but during my 53 years on this planet, I’ve found that forgiving and forgetting is essential to living in peace and harmony, plus I am content with what I have. True there are those out there who want everything and want it handed to them on a silver platter, but I am not like that!
    I am content to have what I have and the fact that I am a 100% D.A.V. and my wife is also listed
    as 100% disabled and still in a wheelchair seems like nothing anyone would want as a life long situation, but I was where she is once and I know the frustrations she deals with! I Love Her!!!!And she is My Other Half!

  30. This is for Don or any one else who can explain it to me. There have been comments about the lack of “true Christians” in America, not only on this blog but in other books and articles I have read. I have always been taught and I believe once saved always saved. [I’ve read your article, Don.]
    This is what I really don’t get. The bible says; “that if you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead you will be saved. Foe with the heart one believes unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation. Romans 10:9,10.
    And Luke 23:42. “Then he said to Jesus, Lord, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”
    vs 43. “And Jesus said to him. Assuredly, I say to you, today you will be with me in Paradise.”
    I don’t have the numbers but I’ve found that many people believe this whether they act like it or not. I thought that was the criteria for being saved and going in the rapture. Now I’ve become concerned about some relatives after hearing about the lack of true Christians. I’ve always thought there would be more people going in the rapture than what we would think.
    So what is the definition of a true Christian?

  31. @ Caitlin
    So what your asking is those people who have accepted Jesus Christ in to their hearts and believe in the resurrection. Yet they don’t do anything further. They don’t practice ie going to church, bible study, private gatherings in peoples homes, reading their bible, praying & trying to live their life as Jesus did. Living their life worldly and not biblical. Not asking for forgiveness (some think it is a one time deal).


    Those who have accepted Jesus Christ in to their hearts and believe in the resurrection. And do all(\most) of those other things as well?

  32. Caitlin,

    The Bible teaches eternal security for the believer but not all that confess Jesus actually believe, many just have religion or Jesus is whatever they want Him to be in their own mind and is not the Jesus of the Bible. Jesus said why do you call me Lord if you do not do what I say? A True Christian is someone that actually trusts in the work of Jesus Christ for their salvation. The scripture you quoted says believes in your heart and confesses. What is meant here by believing in your heart is believing with all your being. This is more than reciting some words because one day you were talked into coming forward. You must have a heartfelt change. A repentance from wanting to be the God of your own life and living in sin to trusting in God’s Savior to save you from your sins. Unless one is born from above, that person is not in the Body of Christ.

    You can know that you are a Christian by your faith in Him and the inner witnesses of the Holy Spirit. However, lest people deceive themselves with voices of their own mind, a Christian will hold fast to faith in Jesus until the end and if you died and were raised with Christ there should be some ongoing sanctification process over the flesh nature. If there is not, one should examine themselves to determine if they are really in the faith.

    I believe it was J. Vernon Mcgee that said he doubted that ten percent of the people in the churches that he preached in were actually saved. The definition of a true Christian is one who hears the salvation message of Grace through trusting in the Jesus that died for your sins and actually believes it and confesses it.

  33. Thank you. Really scared for some family now who we thought were saved but just on the stray.
    Some have made statements saying they are atheists now; religion is just superstition; or they don’t believe that stuff anymore. This is why I asked the question.

  34. To confess means to agree with God. Repent means to turn away from your old sinful nature. We are not saved by our own works, but we are known by our works. One (who believes God at His word) need be only concerned with having the Father know our good works. Only the genuine believer (who confesses and repents) is capable of good works.

    Back to Romans 1 — versus 29 through 32 are quite scary. Yes, in short. instanity. Presuming that’s what’s to come [in America in the impending future], that is very disconcerting. As for notions of America being an extension of the new / end-times Roman Empire, I will continue to keep this on my radar, but at this point I still consider the high probability of the “dangers to America” (as posted on the prophetic years site) as the most viable course of judgment that I will prepare for as best I can.

    Blessings to fellow genuine Christians.

  35. I stopped trying to figure out this countries insane policies once I realized they were just that! insane! There is no way intelligent rationale people would behave the way they do today unless they had a death wish. It’s very frustrating watching everything we worked centuries to build be ripped apart.

  36. Don, I have also read on Jan Markell’s site and a few others about people who are saved and who isn’t. If you gave your life to Christ but worry or sometimes have doubt because you sin and you are saved. The people that don’t give it a thought are the ones that are in trouble. All of us sin no matter what, it’s being repentant and asking for forgivness that differentiates between the two. Also if you truly asked Christ in your life that gift which is given freely to all who ask cannot be taken back. Your reward may not be as great. I kind of wonder about rewards or crowns we are supposedly given in heaven, would that not promote jealously if one has more than the other?

  37. Robert,

    I agree. We all live in the flesh to differing degrees but the spirit man born from above will hate and war against the sins of the flesh and for their own good those believers living in the flesh can expect discipline from their Father if they persist in living in a sinful lifestyle. I also think when all things are brought out in the light we will all know why some got more rewards than others and we will totally agree with the Lord’s judgement.

  38. I think the crowns and/or rewards that The Lord may give us is a beautiful thing, however, it is certainly way more than I deserve or could desire.

    Being in heaven with Our Lord is the most beautiful thing of all, rewards or no.

    Robert Rivera, I wouldn’t think jealousy would be a factor in heaven, I wouldn’t think that our perspective would be materially or status minded as we are here in our earthly vessels, I think it might be more of a definition of who we are in our heavenly bodies than anything else…I am not an expert on this and I could be wrong about that.

    I am certain that since The Lord knows us better than we know ourselves, he has that all worked out.

  39. Individually we can be assured of our own salvation, both from the penalty of sin through forgiveness and regeneration, and the power of sin through sanctification, but can we know the hearts condition of those who take no heed to Paul’s warning against being castaway? That warning has nothing to do with loss of regeneration, but has everything to do with loss of sanctification and all its blessings.

    With this in mind can we be certain of the regeneration, or lack thereof, in the lives of others? I don’t believe we can.

    Yes we are told to know “false prophets” by their fruit but what is the fruit of a false prophet? In context it is lies and deceit in regards to God’s word. This principle of fruit inspection may be applied to members of any fellowship who show the fruit of an ungodly life but such fruit is no final proof of lack of regeneration.

    God also speaks of handing ‘believers’ over to Satan for the testing and /or destruction of the flesh, and it may be coming persecution and tyranny that is used for this purpose. Those who might seem to be unregenerate could very well be stubborn, wilful, lustful believers whom God will deal with. It is at least a positive thought.

    The bottom line is that we should not despair over loved ones, whether they have strayed from the truth or have never known the truth, in either case it is God’s affair.

    In regards to Robert’s hesitant query on jealousy or envy in eternity:
    It is easily overcome when we look at the lives of some of the great men of God throughout history, men such as the Apostles John, Peter and Paul, the Prophets of old, and even those whom we love and admire from our own lifetime. Are we envious of these beloved brothers? Or do we rejoice over their ministries AND their eternal rewards?

  40. I think this is the correct place for this comment as an example of reprobate minds.
    I came across a heading the other day on my fb newsfeed; Petition for mandatory euthanasia program for seniors. I thought oh no are we there already? Don’t panic, it was a fake petition but the people signing it didn’t know that. The man on the street was explaining very clearly to passersby that the program would cut costs under the Obamacare plan. People were signing. Yow they were. I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they didn’t understand the meaning of euthanasia. The man with the petition explained clearly; it’s just like putting your dog down. We’re just going to put the seniors to sleep to cut costs.
    Mr. Dice had a few choice words for those people who signed after they were out of hearing range.
    I shared the video on fb and three days later no one had watched it.
    How’s all that for reprobate?

  41. Hi Don,
    On squawk box tonight, the anchors were talking about Germany confronting Obama over spying allegations and one of them made a very strong statement against the US. She said that the French and the Germans were upset with the US and that the Saudis were reviewing their relationship with the US and that it seemed that the US is losing more friends then gaining. She went on to say that she thought this was the end of the US as we know it, based on the declining dollar as a reserve, losing it’s influence in foreign policy, and the fact that the gov’t here can’t pass any legislation. She believes this is a turning point and the end of the US as we know it. Hmmm interesting.

  42. Hello, is there a way out of the strong delusion? Scripture doesn’t make any mention of this.
    I have experienced all manner of out right bizarre occurrences with regard. From references to torture and persistent references and innuendo’s with regards to ‘heat and temperature’. God causes my spirit to understand that I am in a lot of trouble.

    I keep running because I don’t want to suicide and face Hell. Is there anyway of out this?
    Often times the pressure to commit suicide is so great that I can hardly breathe but the thought of going to Hell and what is waiting there makes me want to run the whole time. When it comes to actually trying to ‘escape’ this torment, I am faced with eternity spent in terrifying torture and then the lake of sulfur.

    God was speaking to me outwardly for years but I never heeded the warnings, I never thought God would be ‘done with me’ so soon. I’m only 28 years only, very charming but also full of deceit and lies. I also felt the Holy Spirit speak to my spirit calling me ‘son of perdition’

    I clearly did not know who I was in Christ and was raised a crooked branch. I wish I could live another life to escape this restlessness.

  43. Jaime,

    The strong delusion to believe a lie is not even given to the world until after the two prophets of God first give the world the truth during their testimony for 1260 days during the first half of the last seven years.

    It was not God that was speaking to you, and God is not done with anyone looking for the truth. It sounds to me like you’re under the oppression of Satan and the way out of this is to turn from your own ways and accept the Savior that God already gave for all those that will place their trust in Him.

    How you do that is said in the following:

  44. Hi Jaime,

    I can feel the distress in your comment.

    I would implore you to do as Don said and read those links he recommended and also this might be a good time to get on your knee’s and pray fervently to The Lord Jesus.

    There is no solitude or peace for any of us unless we seek The Lord Jesus.

    Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life…only He (Jesus) can save us.

  45. Jaime,

    I read your post about 6 times. From the brief explanation you gave of your bizarre experiences I can agree with you that you are in trouble. I lived in that place for many years. There is nothing I can add to what Don told you and I hope you read the links he provided. That is the way out.

    I want to encourage you with that hope as one who has experienced the bizarre, the Satanic oppression, and the temptation to end it all. Jesus brought me through to the other side.

    I also recommend that you start reading other articles on this website. You will gain understanding and perspective.

    I will stand in the gap and pray for you Jaime.

  46. I just happened upon this site and it got my attention-I started out looking for what it means to be a reprobate.I have had family members that are so cruel and mean and one goes to church.Pray for me that I will hear the Lords voice in my understanding of what being born again means and how to survive the reprobates in my life. I have many children and grandchildren who I worry about.

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