Muslims rage over the false prophet that promotes a demonic god

I for one, have had enough of the endless Muslim rage against the West. The militant Islamic radicals will always find something to incite people who seem to have nothing better to do than to with their lives than to spew hatred against anyone that does not respect their demonic false prophet with his demonic god. The first thing we need to do, is to get rid of the Muslim appeasers in our own countries, and the second thing we need to do, is to tell the Muslims the truth about what will happen to them if their violent actions drag us into World War III.

Before Militant Muslims are allowed to incite a world war, the Muslim nations better be given the facts of life in this real world. If there is a war with the West, the Muslim nations will soon lie in ashes and many Muslims will be killed. Those that survive will be eating their camels and licking the dust for lack of food.

The combined Islamic bloc outside of small capabilities in Iran and Pakistan and Indonesia cannot even manufacture their own weapons. The weapons they have now were bought from the West. The weapons and manufacturing capabilities of Iran and Pakistan can be neutralized in weeks and Indonesia can be isolated if she even gets involved with the Muslim radical insanity.

All the forces of Islam can be totally destroyed in one year by the forces of the West. The West has unlimited manufacturing capacity to build new weapons but Muslim nations do not even know how to manufacture such weapons. If the West went on a world war footing, for every new weapon the Muslim bloc could build, the Western forces could build ten thousand. And the weapons built by the West would be vastly superior. Muslims have no idea what they will be getting into, if through their violence, they push the West into World War III.

Muslims will not even bankrupt the West because a war footing would vastly increase production, give everyone jobs,  and wipe out certain debts. We would also take over Arab oil fields and the war would give our governments full control of how national resources are spent. Think of the US in World War II as a prime example.

This is not the middle ages, and Muslims are not going to win wars against the West with aging weapons given to them. Today, these nations cannot even grow sufficient food to feed their people. They have to import it. In many Muslim nations, a good number of men do not work, they have no skills to produce anything. Oil is a curse to them because it allows them to sit on their butts, learn nothing, develop nothing and manufacture nothing. With this, the Muslim militants want to fight the West for disrespecting their demonic oppressive religion? Believe me, you should not want your Muslim militants to push you into a world war with the West.

The only hope of world control the Muslim radicals have is based on a myth. The imams tell Muslims fairy tales about a Mahdi coming to fight for them. It won’t happen. There is no such being with special powers that is coming to rescue Islam. The actual reality of what will happen in a world war with the West is that Muslim nations will lie in ruins and millions of Muslims will be dead. Is that what you militant radicals really want for your people, just because someone in the West disrespected your false prophet? Can’t your false god defend himself without your help? What is his problem here?

Ancient history tells us what the Jewish God did to prove Himself to Egypt and others. Jesus, His Son performed many miracles and even raised the dead, proving that He was the Messiah. What has Muhammad ever done to prove that he is a higher prophet of God than Jesus, or a prophet of God at all? The answer is nothing. Islam clerics prove that Allah is God and Muhammad is his prophet through forced submission, tyranny, wars, murders, mutilations and spewing hatred toward everyone that will not submit to them. In other words, living under Islam is very much like living in hell on earth, and that is why the sane people in the West have no intentions to go there.

Islam has a Rodney Dangerfield complex. They feel their religion gets no respect from infidels. Therefore, to get respect, the Islamic imams use their platform to enrage the people to defend Allah and especially his mystical prophet from all harm. They must think that Allah cannot defend himself, so he needs his people to go on rampages and commit many evils to get unbelievers to submit to him.

The Qur’an leaves no doubt that Allah is one strange being, and if you read what Muhammad reportedly said and did, there should be no question that the god he reportedly talked about, either does not exist or is a demon. The imams of this insane religion reminds me of the priests of Baal. There really is nothing new under the sun. I will explain.

In ancient days, Jezebel was promoting a false god named Baal and she was killing the prophets of the true God of Israel. The prophet Elijah stood up before the people and challenged the priests of Baal to a little demonstration to see who was really God. You can read the account in 1 Kings 18: 21-40.

Apparently, Baal could not perform one act to prove that he even existed or had any power. Elijah held this so-called god up to contempt, ridicule, and scorn when he claimed that maybe the priests of Baal should try ranting a little harder to get Baal’s attention. He mocked them suggesting that their god might be sleeping or out eliminating himself. Of course, this just incensed the priests of Baal even more, and the record shows that the followers of Baal acted like a mob of fools even cutting themselves so that blood ran out (that sounds familiar to some Muslims that hit themselves over the head until blood gushes out), but in spite of all their rituals to get Baal to respond, no response ever came from Baal. Then it was Elijah’s turn, and with just one simple prayer the God of Israel sent fire from heaven and consumed the whole altar in the sight of all the people. The people then killed the priests of Baal. Jezebel was also killed when thrown from a tower and dogs ate her bones.

What has changed under the sun? Muslims now worship a false god that has similarities to Baal, so why should Christians not be acting like Elijah and ridiculing this false god of Islam to free the people who are confused by the imam Jezebels? Instead, even most “Christian” leaders want to appease a religion that promotes a god that does not exist or is a demon.

Islam has a god that was made up by a man who was apparently mentally ill or demon possessed. The man may never have actually existed at all as reported. Muhammad might just have been a Gnostic myth. It was at least a hundred years after he reportedly lived that anything was even written about Muhammad. With this flimsy evidence about Muhammad that does not hold up to modern scholarship, 1.5 billion people are now being held in bondage to the control freak militants of Islam.

Should Christians take part in appeasing those that are keeping so many from hearing the only true gospel? I think not! What would Elijah do (WWED)? If Islam can still stand as a religion after getting the academic scrutiny that Judaism and Christianity have gone through, then let it be done. It cannot, and that is why nobody is allowed to criticize the false prophet of Islam. If the prophet fails, the whole religion fails. The threat of death is how they keep Muslim people bound in perpetual lies. Then some “Christians” will say that we should not proselytize Muslims because they worship the same God as us. That is nonsense. They have a false religion and a false god.

If Muhammad is true, let’s see his Allah even do one thing on earth to prove that he has any power of his own. His power is all in the hate of the people who pretend that he exists. The more that people of the world disrespect this oppressive religion, the more the control freaks have to hype up their prophet and his Allah. That is what we see happening in the Muslim world today.

They make up stories like the coming Mahdi because the people have to believe someone is coming to make their life better on earth than the hell on earth that the clerics and radical militants have made for them. Open minded Muslims might question the sanity of submitting to Islam that is really fascism disguised as a religion.

The Islamic problem is not going away before a world war. You can see on the news daily where appeasement has taken the West. The majority in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, and others, and even Iraq would go to war with the West in a minute if someone could just unite them in hate.

The main restrainer to this Jihad insanity has been the authoritarian secular dictators leading Muslim countries, but now even the West has helped the militant radicals by helping them to remove secular government. Perhaps, only a minority actually say they want a war with the West but the vast majority would certainly be complicit in such a war against the West. Just as many Muslims are also complicit with radical militant terrorists for the cause of Jihad. So don’t be deceived. The Nazis and the Communists controlled the areas of their domain with a far less militant radical base than we now see in the Muslim world.

Let’s be clear, Islam has an agenda of world conquest and any person that does not submit to Islam will be killed. The Qur’an teaches this. Sure, we all could convert to Islam and/or be enslaved, but any true Christian or Jew will not, neither will those in other religions or people who want no religion at all. That means for militant Islamists to carry out their Jihad, they will have to kill most of the people in the world. Of course it won’t happen, because Islamists are as delusional as their appeasers are in the West.

The delusional in the West will soon find out that there won’t be any appeasing of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, or the Taliban. The delusional in Islam will soon find out that they are not as strong as they like to think. Uniting against the West with words is not going to get the Jihad job done. Not only will the West quickly destroy Muslim military forces, most Islamic countries are tribal, so the tribes in these nations will soon be fighting each other for dominance. They will defeat and destroy themselves through civil wars after the restraining military in these nations is demolished by the West. Islam with its false prophet and false God will be exposed for the fraud religion that it is when it defeats itself.

Muslims that are allowing people to rage in the streets, and burn flags, and kill people from the West better get a grip on reality before the radical lunatics among them take them to a place that they truly will regret going. Right now the militants only get away with this crap because liberal idealist appeasers have been running the military forces of the West, but don’t think these liberal appeasers will continue running the West if Muslim violent actions against the West causes the Right in the West to rise to power. Our military has been handcuffed in all our wars by these appeasers since World War II. If Muslims take them out-of-the-way because the people of the West decide that appeasement has failed, Muslims will be in for a deadly rude awakening.

The West is far more capable militarily than Muslims are being led to believe. Muslims should not get the delusion that they are more powerful than what they really are just because the West has chosen to limit its war actions for one reason or another in all of our recent wars in the world. What America and the West has or has not done militarily, and what they are capable of doing are two entirely different animals.

Frankly, you better hope that right-wing people such as myself never come to power in the West. Because if we were running the show, you Muslims would not currently be running in the streets, burning American flags and killing American diplomats. You would be spending all of your time hunting for your next wild locust to eat.

Now, there really is a better way than violence and hate. Just dump your phony god and the Jihad agenda for world conquest for this phony god. It is never going to happen anyway because the real God of Creation has made known far different plans. Those plans are in the Bible. You can know the real God through His Son who is the express Image of His Father. Jesus became a man to show us God and He died as a man to save mankind from their sins, but after paying the blood price, He rose out of the grave as God and is now waiting for all those given to Him by the Father to come in. Then He is coming again to set up His Kingdom from Jerusalem. You can join with God now or fight against Him later, if you even live that long. If you do not join with the true God and His Savior, you have no hope in this world or the next. Here is all you need to know. Your imam taskmasters will not tell you this good news because they want to keep you in bondage.


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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


71 thoughts on “Muslims rage over the false prophet that promotes a demonic god

  1. Hi Don,
    How optimistic you are about the supremacy of the West. I want to believe it too but what about the EMP scenario?
    It’s unbelievable to me, the media spin regarding this video that insults and enrages muslims and incites them to violence. For my entire lifetime and even longer, Hollywood has been making movies that take the name of our precious Lord Jesus in vain and blaspheme the Christian’s God, and we have yet to burn down Universal Studios or attack Oliver Stone.
    How can the west keep excusing this behavior and apologizing for something we haven’t done?
    I can’t believe the news these past 4 days! Is this the October surprise a little early?
    Unrest has spread to 3 continents. Whose interests will be served if it spread to the USA, God forbid?

  2. Hi Don,

    I think you covered all the bases. I wonder how long God’s patience with these people will last? I am doing a study through the book of Isaiah… And so far, God can only tolerate insanity so long before he brings justice down in a very impressive manner.

    I am curious if this current flare of insanity is going to ignite the Psalm 83 war???

    Rod in Oregon

  3. Hi Don
    I too have had enough of the Muslim insanity, and of the fear revealed by the mealy mouthed, and the complicity of the mainstream press, and the complacency of fence sitters. But there is nothing new under the sun and history will repeat itself and Bible prophecy will be fulfilled.

    Hitler came to power and tens of millions of people died. With the weapons now available the next repetition of history will see the destruction of hundreds of millions.

    We can only stand for truth and ‘look upward’. This article was a strong stand for truth.

    I found your comments on the naval movement very interesting. Are we seeing the trigger being set for Psalm 83 I wonder? We live in interesting times.

  4. Hi Anna,

    The EMP possibility and the instability of Islam is precisely why we cannot not play games with Iran and Pakistan anymore. I do not think they have the capability to deliver an EMP over the US yet but give them two or three more years of appeasement and doing nothing about their nuclear programs or the hardening of our infrastructure and that might be another matter. On the other hand, we could now shut down all the Muslim nations with EMP’s. They would be back to heating their homes with dung and fighting each other with pointy sticks, but it would also cause a world depression because the oil would stop flowing until we got the oil facilities back up again. China and Russia are also wild cards but I think they have too much to lose right now so they will stay out. That will not be true 10 to 20 years from now.

  5. An Israeli EMP may be coming soon to a theater near Tehran…. Israel informed Hillary that a Nation that will not give Iran a “red line” cannot give Israel a “red line”… So, they are basically on their own…

    Were up to 20 nations around the world right now with Anti American protests going on… I wonder how long this protest will be going on?


  6. It probably will go on until someone in our government grovels and the Left try to make this hate speech or something else comes up to make the heathen rage.

  7. I really wonder if there will be any difference in American policy regarding Islam with either of our two presidential candidates… They are both Godless… So either one will continue are steady march toward the New World order of things.


  8. Don,
    Love your articles. We need to go Roman on these folks and stop wasting precious American blood in their rot gut culture!!!
    It is amazing how our so called “leaders” appease these idiots. It’s nice to know there are real Christian MEN out there who are lead by the Spirit. Keep up the great work!!! I also like to read articles from who also has a grip on reality and doesn’t mix law and grace

  9. An appropriate Aesop fable for this item.

    Once upon a time a Wolf was lapping at a spring on a hillside,
    when, looking up, what should he see but a Lamb just beginning to
    drink a little lower down. “There’s my supper,” thought he, “if
    only I can find some excuse to seize it.” Then he called out to
    the Lamb, “How dare you muddle the water from which I am

    “Nay, master, nay,” said Lambkin; “if the water be muddy up
    there, I cannot be the cause of it, for it runs down from you to

    “Well, then,” said the Wolf, “why did you call me bad names
    this time last year?”

    “That cannot be,” said the Lamb; “I am only six months old.”

    “I don’t care,” snarled the Wolf; “if it was not you it was
    your father;” and with that he rushed upon the poor little Lamb
    and WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA WARRA .ate her all up.
    But before she died she gasped out… “Any excuse will serve a tyrant.”

    Here is a good site if you want to know more about why “they” hate Christians.

  10. Don~It’s surreal to watch these events unfold & the response of the current administration. It shows the spiritual blindness not only of the Islamist followers, but also our politicians. I do hope if things continue to spiral out of control, that we have the resolve to respond with the veracity that you put forth in this article. Thank you for the clarity concerning our capabilities should it come to war. I pray our government would do what is necessary to keep the world from a melt down. I know God has everything in control, but I do find myself concerned for the future…not eternally, just the here & now. Thank you for your insights. I was hoping you would have an article concerning this issue. Maybe a few of the misguided will find it & read ‘all you need to know’.

  11. Hi Don – I agree with Kiki’s comments about the seeming inability of our administration to respond appropriately to these events and appreciating your insights and clarity. May we all be so well prepared to speak the Truth in love to those that are lost.

    Could our response (or lack of) be a part of the “strong delusion” mentioned in the Scriptures. Also, if we were to unleash our military in a way you describe and take over that region (with the oilfields included) might that be the trigger for the “200 million man” army to come from the East and protect those assets for their own preservation. Why do you think they won’t be ready for another 20 years?

  12. Don,

    I find your viewpoint to be a valid, strong one that would be greatly served if the ‘powers that be’ in Washington actually had this resolve.

    The U.S. at this point surely has the capabilities to do what you said in this article…but will we ever actually fight a war as a war must be fought ?..even a World War ? I guess we’ll find out shortly.

    The latest looney tunes Islamic fiasco certainly has no basis in fact or rationale.

    From what we are reading, this film was produced by an Egyptian Copt Christian living in California…,7340,L-4281493,00.html

    So, why the beef with the U.S. when this is coming from one of their own countrymen ?…because the U.S. is synonymous (in ideology) with Christianity ?…and allowed its production ?

    And, why the attack on the German Embassy or the British Mission ?…what does that have to do with their cause in any rational sense ?…nothing !

    Killing Christians to prove or justify Islam is ludicrous by any stretch and should be obvious to any human with two brain cells to rub together.

    But no, we have Hillary telling Islam, among other things, that they are a great religion…

    Yeah, I’d like to see Elijah do a job with Islam as he did with Baal…well, Elijah is one of the two Prophets coming in the tribulation…but this will probably be old news by that time.

    Islam, once again, just proves to the world that they are nothing more than unstable dynamite just waiting for a reason to explode.

  13. I don’t know if this is totally appropriate with the topic of this article, however, because it is also a message to Muslims, I want to try.

    Having a loving relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ is the greatest thing one can experience in this life. There is absolutely nothing that can compare with it.

    It is about the ultimate LOVE, not religion, and not man’s idea’s of happiness.

    There is also tremendous power in The Living Word, The Bible, that has to be experienced to understand.

    The prophecies in The Word are 100% accurate and tell the Christian exactly what is going to happen in these last days.

    So, to any Muslims, if you want to experience, The Way, The Truth, and The Life…get into The Word and seek The Living God.

  14. Hi Ron,

    I do not think the oil fields would be held onto by the West after the defeat of militant Islam in this world war. The reason no 200 million man army will not come from the East at this times is because first the nations of the East would have to unite in hate to form such an army and second they would have to build the supply lines to support such an army. I can see that happening in 20 years but there is no way that can happen now. If 200 million from the East came today most would die on the way and the governments of the East would be overthrown.

  15. ~David the Church has the Holy Spirit and it should be the Elijah of this age. We Christians should be challenging the priests of Baal that make false claims about God and not appeasing them.

  16. A good article that expresses what most decent ordinary people think. But whilst I agree liberal appeasers are partly to blame for the situation, I see a far more devious agenda behind it all. The more Muslims attack Western societies, the more Western governments react by taking away our freedoms. I don’t think it is OTT anymore to suggest a conspiracy.

    The cheapest and simplest way to sort the problem is to ship those who despise our Western infidel culture back to their country of origin. They go back there for terrorist training, so its not like we would be dumping them in a desert with no food or shelter. Instead of this, our governments spend unnecessary billions on methods designed to watch and control ordinary peoples lives. Its obvious to me that Islam is serving a purpose on the ruling elite’s agenda. And its obvious what direction we are being taken!

  17. Phil,

    Here in the US the culture that half the nation has descending into is despised by the other half that tend to be Christians. Do you suggest that these Christians be sent back to where their ancestors came from, and how would you carry such a plan out?

    Removing people out of America is not going to solve the Islamic Jihad agenda to take over the world for Allah, and they have no chance of success anyway.

    The ruling elite agenda is a one world system where everyone is managed and controlled by themselves. That is the whole conspiracy in a nut shell. Everything will lead toward that end, including religions and wars. The problem is that in this evil age control by Satan, the elite are working to bring in a counterfeit kingdom that God calls Babylon the Great. I do not suggest that most of the elite even know that. A one world system ruled by a spiritually enlightened elite will take place in the Kingdom age under Jesus, but that is good.

  18. Don,

    What I am observing is the Islamic activities are driving many to Beck/Romney for a solution. SBC members (that I know) are buying and promoting Joel Richardson’s stuff and sending WND propaganda amongst friends. They tell me that Beck is “secretly a Christian.” Lakewood friends say Romney is a Christian because he told Osteen he is.

    Two friends cancelled orders of The Harbinger after I sent your blog addy and they read your blog. They may have cancelled orders for Richardson’s book, too. (I told them to link to Sean Osborn’s site through your site – so WND is undoubtedly unhappy with you.)

    I don’t see you running out of material to write about any time soon.

  19. It is rather unfortunate that leaders don’t even known what makes a Christian a Christian. I like Joel Richardson and think he is sincere in what he believes but he is wrong. Saying the Antichrist comes from Islam just feeds the people that need other people to hate. I don’t think WND even knows about me or cares.

    Well I am going out to watch the movie 2016 now. Yeah, they will be preaching to the choir. But I will be out for a while.

  20. Don,

    The difference there is that real Christians are not murdering people they disagree with.

    Islam cannot peacefully exist within any society that values freedom. If our governments enforced laws that already exist, the Quran would be treated as an illegal publication. And Mosques would be closed for inciting sedition.

    The UK has suffered several attacks by these people. They didn’t fly in from some Muslim country. They were home grown. That is something that could have been avoided. The people who groomed these killers were known to our security services for years. One of them (Abu Hamza) was preaching Jihad for years before they did anything to stop him.

    Only very recently has the British government started to expel/exclude these people. If they had done it when they first started to preach, we might have avoided the 2005 London bombings. But they have done it with some, so it can be done!

    What I see is the ruling elite using this to make it a crime simply to disagree. And I think it possible that they are using Islam to galvanize public opinion against anyone who takes a religious position on issues, even if it doesn’t involve Islamic style threats.

    The way things are going in Europe, it won’t be long before they will be accusing us of hating mankind, similar to what the early church was accused of. They have already made a link in the public mind between Fundamentalist Christianity and Fundamentalist Islam.

  21. Phil,
    “I see a far more devious agenda behind it all. The more Muslims attack Western Society, the more Western governments react by taking away our freedoms. I don’t think it is OTT anymore to suggest a conspiracy.” BEAUTIFUL. You said everything I wanted to say and you said it better.

  22. Phil and Anna,

    I don’t disagree that they should not have tried to introduce multiculturalism in Europe by bringing in Muslims. It clearly did not work. However, on the other hand, the people of Europe did want the cheap foreign labor to do all the jobs that they did want to do. It is just too easy to blame the elite when the people elected or pressured the politicians to do these things.

    I don’t know how Americans can believe in our Constitution and outlaw Islam? Perhaps they can do it in Great Britain but that is also why they can outlaw criticism of Islam or other evils as hate. When Islam becomes illegal what makes you think that certain types of Christians would not be next? For example, those Christians that actually believe in a coming world judgment followed by rule by Jesus.

    Islam bring its own problems because of Jihad but the people in the West demand security from their governments and for security they obviously are willing to give up their freedoms. It does not start out as a sinister conspiracy by the elite to take away freedoms but when the people give up their liberty tyranny is not far behind. Many people blaming their government or the elite ought to look in the mirror for the real problem.

  23. In regard to the last three posts, could this be the “and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity” building up ? Ref.Luke 21:25.

  24. ~David

    Of course not. Read the context, it is talking about the great tribulation. Do you see the signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars and see the waves roaring?

    20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.
    21 Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.
    22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.
    23 But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people.
    24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.
    25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;
    26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

  25. Don and others:

    Since the Bible says that all the nations of the world will come against Israel; a question that I have been struggling with for awhile; if you think our military would ever fight against Israel? Or is this a 7-year trib event, once all the Christians are gone?

  26. Hi Don,

    Interesting timing for all of these riots and such, as we have now moved three Nimitz class carrier groups into the straight of Hormuz. I was sure I had read that there was a fourth lurking close by, but could not find the article. But three carrier groups is enough to light up Iran like there is no tomorrow. I must say, I am a little confused.. Are the Carrier groups there to back Israel if/when it attacks? Since we are openly discouraging them from attacking. And do you have any sense of what the end game is for the current riots going on?


  27. AnnS,

    It is near the end of the great tribulation after the demons like frogs come out of the mouth of the Dragon, Antichrist and False prophet to gather the nations to Armageddon to fight against the coming King of Israel. The Christians will be long gone, they will be the ones coming back with Jesus. I do not think the United States, if there even is these United States anymore, will be much of military power in those days.

  28. Rod,

    The carrier Charles De Gaulle from France is in the Med and probably one of the two British carriers are also in the area. So there are four or five carriers in the area but three from USA.

    Officially these carrier groups in the Gulf are supposed to have an exercise in October to give a demo to Iran that we can handle all contingencies and keep the gulf open. Unofficially we have no clue what Israel will do before the election so we need to be ready for an attack on our forces or Iran closing the straight. And a third possibility is the Obama military strike contingency if Obama feels he needs a boost at the polls.

    The Carrier groups are there to do whatever they are ordered to do.

    I am not sure there is an end game for the riots. Muslims riot whenever their leaders incite them to riot. I think the movie riots all started as cover for the well planned attack on our consulate and it will probably run its course until they need more riots in support of something else.

  29. There are currently 25 nations represented in the task force that has built up in the Gulf region. I believe they have been drawn there by God to fulfill Jeremiah 49:34-39. I think they represent the four winds mentioned.

    From the motivation standpoint, I don’t think there is so much as a wooden raft there to help Israel. They are there for the same reason they were in other Middle East countries during the last 70 years – Oil.

    The Saudis are terrified of Iran, so they have called on the Western politicians they own to whack them. Israel will benefit of course. But that is the last thing on the agenda, if it is there at all.

    I do expect the army of my country and all other Western countries, including the USA to eventually come against Israel. All our armies will be at the disposal of the Antichrist. Otherwise where would he get such a powerful fighting machine that people will ask “who can make war with him?”

  30. First, I cannot recall any verse whatsoever coming from Jesus saying for us to respect any other god; love our neighbors yes, but RESPECT a false religion? Uh-uh…ain’t gonna happen. Second, I saw the trailer for “the movie”….it was worse than a fifth-grade movie project. Kill people over THAT?????? Right. Third, the muslims are all PO’ed because they feel the ‘prophet’ was protrayed as a womanizer, psychotic, and a pedophile. What part was false? The truth really hurts sometimes.

  31. Everything is a conspiracy to Phil, so don’t take him too seriously. And the Antichrist is not coming in this decade or while the Church is still here, so don’t lose sleep over our armies being at the disposal of the Antichrist while we are still here.

    One more thing, Satan is forced unto the earth with his angels. These are supernatural beings and that is why people ask who can make war with the Beast.

  32. i keep thinking “what if i was born in the middle east. would i believe in allah and Muhammad? Its obviously a false religion filled with violence but its not fair to the kids who are born down there who get brainwashed by their parents into believing this nonsense called allah. i mean we are talking about spending eternity with god or hell here. iv been thinking about this alot.

  33. I thought from your other thread that you considered the Antichrist agenda to already be on the table. And if that’s not a conspiracy…

    I agree with you that the Antichrist man is unlikely to reveal himself for at least ten years, and we will be gone by that time. But I think he is already here, and his Antichrist kingdom is being formed right now, and our governments and armies are involved in that formation.

    As to your last point. I am more inclined to think Satan and Co will still have to work through the agency of man, otherwise why gather the kings of the earth to the battle? Revelation 16:13-14.

  34. Phil,
    there is antichrist agenda and there will be an a Beast Antichrist agenda. We have always had the first in the world but the latter is not underway yet, and won’t be underway until the Beast comes out of the abyss at the middle of the last 7 years.

    What you’re missing, is that the Antichrist will be a supernatural being, and although Satan will use men, he will also use his angels to deceive the world and possibly transport the armies of the world to Armageddon. What you see going on in the world today is not part of Beast agenda. That could even be twenty or more years in the future, so I do not think his kingdom is forming right now and that armies of governments are now bringing that about. I think Islam will be defeated and what remains will be absorbed by the Harlot before the Antichrist even comes to power. How? A world war will bring demonic Marian manifestations speaking religious pluralism and universalism for the sake of world peace.

  35. Don

    I agree he will be supernatural, in so far as he will be of the seed of the serpent (Nephilim). I agree he will be possessed by Apollyon at the mid-seven year point. But he will also be very much a man. Flesh and blood. Otherwise he couldn’t fulfill his role as Antichrist.

    I agree that the Marian manifestations are a part of the deception, and that Islam will be defeated and brought into the Harlot religious system. But I think that is underway right now. Just as I see the secular side of the plan ie, world government, is also underway now.

    A world government couldn’t happen overnight for him to just take over at the mid-seven year point. Its structures have been growing since the end of WW2. Equally, no man is going to walk in from obscurity and take over the throne. He is already here. He is already a respected figure on the world scene. He just hasn’t been revealed for who he is yet yet.

    The angels may not need to do much transporting. If things keep going the way they are most of the worlds armies will have a strong presence in the region already.

    I am not in anyway disagreeing that there will be a whole lot of supernatural happenings when it comes to the final seven years. But that is being restrained for now.

  36. Wonder at the education level of the author. Do you have any idea of what the religion of Islam or these rantings are based purely on the zionist media?

    Yes Muslims are upset and some individuals do get out of control. Which is unfortunate but this is not a perfect world.

    Looks like you guys are desperate to kill muslims or rather muslim children. Isn’t your appetite satiated with all the muslim killing in the middle east. You talk about muslim anger and incitement by muslims for a world war while your entire article talks about how powerful the US and its allies are and who best you can build weapons or killing machines. I agree with one thing in your article, most muslim countries are not capable to build on their own thanks to the stooges at the helm of these countries under control of zionist entities. Don’t forget the arab spring just started and it will take some before self reliance sinks in.

    This is article shows the limit of your literacy. This shows the ideology of hate and might is right. The zionist lobby is destroying America and unfortunately your greedy politicians cannot see beyond worldy gain and favours.

    Time, my friend, will prove if Islam is a message of peace or otherwise.

  37. Syed just violated my commenting policy in a number of ways. This is a good example of how not to get your comment posted on this blog. I suggest everyone read the comment policy before they waste their time writing comments that will not be posted in the future.

    I do allow opposing views as I have here, but I have no intentions of replying to this type of nonsense. If you wish to feel free. By the way syed, my Bio is listed, any more personal attacks on me and you will be talking to yourself.

  38. Syed, have you not seen the fruit Islam bears? You talk about waiting to see if its a message of peace. Can’t you see its destructive nature?
    Here is a verse to ponder:
    “faith is the underlaying of things hoped for, the proof of things unseen.” – the opposite of this I would say is blind faith. For instance someone hands you a quran or book of mormon and expects you to believe it without question.
    I know this very well for the followers of the religions of evolution, mormonism, etc. simply do not want you to bring your brain along when you “study” their religions with them. I found this to be the case for every single one of them.
    In contrast when you study the books and letters from Genesis to Revelation you can bring your most critical mind.
    Peter and the eleven gained tremendous faith after seeing and touching the risen Messiah, where only about fifty days earlier they scattered like cowards in disbelieve.
    The Bible is not “better” than the quran, because you just cannot compare the two. The Bible is an absolute.

    Syed, muslims are compelled to go on a rampage because their “faith” lack sustance. This is why they get emosional very quickly. They simply don’t have that assurance in them, like the assurance you have when your part of the body of the only begotten son of THE God.
    When you study with an open mind you’ll come to realise what is the most set-apart faith.

  39. syed,

    Let me first say that this blog clearly does not conform to any agenda, whether it be of a Zionism agenda, blind American patriotism, or incorrect doctrine…you can look at all the articles that the author (Don Koenig) of this blog has written, to obviously see that.

    Desperate to kill Muslim children ?
    saed, if Islam would quit raising Islamic militant children with hate against Israel and America as the basis for their existence, then Islamic children would not be getting killed.

    And speaking of hate, whether a Muslim is Sunni or Shiite, they kill one another out of hate because they can’t agree…the only thing the differing sects of Islam can agree on is the hate for Israel and America.

    saed, in my opinion, the military and world power of America is coming to an abrupt end in short time, we are a nation on the verge of collapse because we, as a nation, have turned against the Living God, Jesus “Yeshua” Christ, The Messiah.

    But don’t get too excited saed, Islam will not prevail over the long term either in its quest for world Islamic Sharia rule. Your religion is nothing more than a tool that will ultimately show the mighty hand of The Living God as Islam comes against Israel and is soundly defeated.

    The immorality and greed that have destroyed America are the sour grapes that resulted in America turning away from The Living God. The corrupt, greedy, and evil politicians in America are more proof of that.

    saed, I don’t know what your definition of “peace” is…but all actions of Islam indicate to me and most of the civilized world that it is the polar opposite of a “religion of peace”.

    saed, I implore you, if you truly want peace and joy in your life, seek The Living God, Jesus “Yeshua” Christ, he is The WAY, The TRUTH, and The LIFE.

    I am aware that this will put your life in jeopardy as a former Islamic minion is subject to the death penalty for converting to Christianity.

  40. Well, what we have seen in many people is a profound inability to separate emotional appeals from facts. Many have also lost the ability to discuss without personal attacks. I think it’s part of the changes we will see in the end times. The antichrist who sets up the “new world order” would not have been able to fool the masses in earlier generations. Perhaps I am wrong.. But it sure looks like the ability to think “critically” is disappearing.

    Rod in Oregon

  41. During the current times dialogue is extremely important. Thank you Don for letting my post through. This is the process of understanding the others view point on life and the here after. It is interesting to read about anti-christ and who is most likely to be the one.

    As a Muslim, I believe in Jesus. I believe that he will be the first to return and then the Messiah. Love and respect of Jesus is equally important to me as the love and respect of Moses, Abraham and Muhammad (peace be on all of them). Islam taught me that cheating is forbidden. It also taught that killing an innocent person is like killing humanity. Should I condone the people who protested last week and in the process innocent people where killed? Ofcourse I will. Its not something I can control other than my own behaviour and relationship towards other human beings. Islam as I understand commands

    Its not appropriate for me to comment on the Quran or bible as I am not a scholar of any of these Holy books. Just like you have many versions of the bible, there are many versions of interpretations of Quran. Extremists use this for their own political ends. The Muslim east has been ruled by unrepresentative rulers and it wont be before the Messiah returns that we will see true representations. Not just in the east but globally.

    Its refreshing to know that this site does not follow a zionist agenda. The pain Americans are facing is obvious and success only comes through sacrifice. Blaming the problems on Muslims is one way of looking at things. Another could be to build bridges and heal some differences that in reality may not exist. May truth prevail.

  42. Syed,

    I appreciate the charitable tone and that you do not agree with the people wanting to kill others. I think you have presented the true moderate Muslim position in your statement, so in return I am going to give you the true Christian position about Jesus and why we think Jesus is the Messiah.

    I already wrote an article on this so I will just provide a link to it.

  43. Don, thanks for posting the article on Jesus is the only way.


    You write you are not a scholar and in the same sentence that there are many interpretations of the Quran. You hold the responsibility to search for the truth.

    As Christians, we do not have have many interpretations, but we do have translations and some English phrases and words have to be studyed in Greek and Hebrew.

    So tell me which interpretation of the Quran so you believe. The one according to the Sunni, Shia, Taliban, Al Qeada, Salafists, Whabbies, Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Paletinian Authority etc….

    Most of the Islamic doctrine is political, not religious. Islam is a political ideology.

    Credit Bill Warner (

    “Islam’s success comes primarily from its politics. In thirteen years as a spiritual leader, Mohammed converted 150 people to his religion. When he became a political leader and warrior, Islam exploded in growth, and Mohammed became king of Arabia in ten years.”

    And when he started murdering Jews and Christian villagers in Mecca and Medina, invading countries, slaughtering their people and creating dhemmis, it has grown into 1.5 billion. Islam is only TROP when the Islamists raise an Islamic flag over the earth

    So what verses of the Quran do you pick and choose what you believe?:

    “9:5. Then when the Sacred Months (the 1st, 7th, 11th, and 12th months of the Islamic calendar) have passed, then kill the Mushrikun {unbelievers} wherever you find them, and capture them and besiege them, and prepare for them each and every ambush. But if they repent and perform As-Salat (Iqamat-as-Salat {the Islamic ritual prayers}), and give Zakat {alms}, then leave their way free. Verily, Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

    8:39. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah (disbelief and polytheism: i.e. worshipping others besides Allah) and the religion (worship) will all be for Allah Alone [in the whole of the world]. But if they cease (worshipping others besides Allah), then certainly, Allah is All-Seer of what they do.
    8:67. It is not for a Prophet that he should have prisoners of war (and free them with ransom) until he had made a great slaughter (among his enemies) in the land. You desire the good of this world (i.e. the money of ransom for freeing the captives), but Allah desires (for you) the Hereafter. And Allah is All-Mighty, All-Wise.

    9:29. Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger and those who acknowledge not the religion of truth (i.e. Islam) among the people of the Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.

    9:33. It is He {Allah} Who has sent His Messenger (Muhammad) with guidance and the religion of truth (Islam), to make it superior over all religions even though the Mushrikun (polytheists, pagans, idolaters, disbelievers in the Oneness of Allah) hate (it).”

    You think Jesus was just a true prophet, when the test of a true prophet was that what he prophesied was fulfilled 100% and that true prophets do not lie. The prophesies concerning the First Coming of Christ, were fulfilled 100% by Jesus. So why, if you believe Jesus was a prophet would He lie when He said he was the Son of God. If He fulfilled all those predictions then, we then can believe He is who He said He is and the subsequent predictions in the Milleneium and the Second Coming.

    The deceptive issue with “moderate” Muslims is they are all Islamists and all Islamists are Muslims and Islam is not and never has been moderate.

    I am a Zionist in that God chose the decendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to be the chosen ones and he gave them the nation of Israel (and much more than what they have settled for). Well, maybe I do not have an agenda other that standing in the gap for Christ until he returns.

    And you mentioned the “Antichrist” it’s possible that we will never know beyond a reasonable doubt until he comes to power in the second half of the 7-year Tribulation. But we do know his characteristics.

    Anti means “against and/or instead of” So, if you are not “for” Christ, you are against him and you are in the spirit on the antichrist. Which is what you should be concerned about.

  44. syed,

    What you just said about “believing and loving Jesus” is a very deceptive practice that Muslims commonly say, especially to unknowing Christians. It wouldn’t be deceptive if you explained who this “Jesus” is that your talking about.

    If your going to talk about “Jesus”, tell us who this “Jesus” is that your talking about…and where he fits in your eschatology of “Mahdi, Prophet, & Dajjal” !

    The Jesus your referring to…

    Is a Prophet, Supernatural, Kills Jews First, then Kills all who will not convert to Islam, Kills all Dogs and Pigs (Christians & Jews), Will Shatter Crosses and everything that stands for Jesus The Messiah and the Church…and the list goes on.

    …See Islamic Rev.12-20 and the Islamic version of Daniel for verification.

    And Syed, there is NOT many versions of the Bible, there are different translations…if they are at all worth the paper they are printed on, they deliver the exact same message about The Living God, Jesus Christ.

    We do have apostasy Bibles in circulation that are targeted at appeasement and politically correct nonsense…they are invalid.

  45. Thank you Don for the link. It will take some time for me to go over all the references, at least some of them. The Book of Enoch seems to be very interesting and I will try to read that when time permits.
    From what I understand, Islam encompasses all issues and religion and politics are not separate as in the current form of Christianity. Politics is not evil – man has become.
    Followed your link to the Political Islam by Bill Warner. Whew, there is lot of burning smell coming from the posts. Seems to be a serious Zionist. We have our own share of ultra-extremists and they call themselves “salafi”. Self-righteous and ready to kill. The only difference being that Zionist extremists kill in thousands and salafis in hundreds. They are catching up though trying to bypass their Zionist cousins.
    By the way, I randomly took one of his quotes in your comments and checked the meaning in the nearest Quran I could reach and the verse refers to a “battle of badr”. Totally out of context.
    I am not sure where you got the idea that I believe Jesus(s) was a [God forbid] liar? That’s beyond my ideology or any other Muslims.
    The God that I believe in does not favor a particular community because He is just. A verse in the Quran goes “So whoever does an atom’s weight of good will see it, and whoever does an atom’s weight of evil will see it.” [99:7-8]. The favored ones will be the ones who do good.
    Muslims[including myself] believe that Jesus is a Prophet of God, in other words infallible. We believe that he will return and be with Mehdi(may God hasten his appearance) who will fill this world with justice. He will first invite people to good with reason and miracles. Eventually there will be war. Yes! He will destroy symbols that maybe dear to Jews, Christians and Muslims, and to people of other beliefs.
    – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    This world will be a better place if people of religion live with forgiveness and tolerance. Please do not provide fodder to those that are going away from the religious path. In North America family life is in shambles with adultery having kids out of marriage being common practice. Profanity and drugs are ruining our youth. Greed is pulling apart families where everyone is working towards a selfish goal of earning more money.
    Jews, Christians and Muslims staunchly believe that their community is the chosen one. The real issue is that the chosen person is the one who does good. Period.

  46. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. No one goes to the Father except through the Son. That is non-negotiable. Period. Only those who are born again into the spirit of Jesus Christ can do “good” (in the Father’s eyes). Jesus said let your “good” works remain in secret. “Good” is a by-product, not a requisite.

  47. syed;

    No the chosen person is the one who follows Christ. One is not saved by being “good” but by being “Godly”. I’m sure commenting with you is close to mission impossible and there is absolutley nothing you can say that will change my mind. You only want to live with forgiveness and tolerance when Islam is the superior religion and/or the rest of the world is a dhemmitude.

    And please do not compare our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with that pervert pedophile Mohammad or your pseudo 12th Inman, Mehdi. If they have ever existed, they wil appear “before” Jesus at the Judgement.

    Because Muhammad is himself the measuring stick of morality, his actions are not judged according to an independent moral standard but rather establish what the standard for Muslims properly is.

    Volume 7, Book 62, Number 88; Narrated Ursa: The Prophet wrote the (marriage contract) with Aisha while she was six years old and consummated his marriage with her while she was nine years old and she remained with him for nine years (i.e. till his death).

    And yes Islam is at least 96% political:

    “There is no separation between the religious and the political in Islam; rather Islam and Sharia constitute a comprehensive means of ordering society at every level. While it is in theoretically possible for an Islamic society to have different outward forms — an elective system of government, a hereditary monarchy, etc. — whatever the outward structure of the government, Sharia is the prescribed content. It is this fact that puts Sharia into conflict with forms of government based on anything other than the Quran and the Sunnah.”

    It must be heartbreaking and embarassing for you to realize that all these years your leaders have deceived and brainwashed you into believing the mind controlling ideology of Islam.

    It is not God’s will that anyone should perish, so the last thing I shall do for you is to ask you accept Christ as the only Savior of the world. Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.

  48. AnnS,
    In Islam forgiveness and tolerance are supreme irrespective of the power balance. All the sheikhdoms and dictatorships that run across the Muslim east are totalitarian systems that do not represent the general public. But if you live and deal with common Muslims you will know the difference.

    You are correct in the matter of seerah i.e. way of life of Muslim needs to follow the way Prophet Muhammad(s) lived. Its important to follow what’s authentic and reject the rest. The traditions you quoted is a rejected one. You can continue quoting and misleading people but there are thousands of other traditions that teach how to spiritually uplift from a lowly creature to an honorable status.

    So if I follow Jesus and Jesus alone then I am free? I do whatever and seek his forgiveness and I am scot-free? Really is there any more substance than that? Is that why there are so many church leaders convicted of pedophilia in the court of law across the world?

    You can slander men of God and I guess that’s what free means to you.

    There is a saying:

    To know that you do not know is the best.
    To pretend to know when you do not know is a disease.

  49. Well, I sure don’t know many leaders that are taking a stand.

    That is why I appreciate your stand and calling it like it is.

    I was so disturbed when Richard Land (SBC) would not stand behind Pastor Terry Jones, but actually critized him and one Christian leaders called him a Nazi. This only emboldens our enemies. With the world in such chaos, the whole Christian community should stand as one but we are so divided.

    BTW: (Another woman, Anne Barnhardt, took the lead and burned the Quran on you tube.)

    Guess syed couldn’t stand the fire and got out of the kitchen. Sure out of his league here. (Just waiting for him to bring up the Crusades.)

  50. AnnS,

    I think you very astutely and accurately laid out the facts for saed…or anyone else who is interested in knowing The Truth.

    John MacArthur has a really excellent breakdown of The Biblical Jesus vs Islamic Jesus…and where the Qu’ran deception comes from.

    (Credit to John MacArthur & Bob From Texas who gave this to me long ago)

  51. It would seem to me that this exchange of doctrine is not going to change anyone’s mind.

    If a person has no appreciation of God’s perfection then he/she will never be convicted of sin or convicted of a need of righteousness or of certain judgement to come and will remain enthralled by his/her own righteousness.

    Just as perfection cannot lower its standards to suit imperfection without ceasing to be perfect, so God cannot lower his perfect standards without ceasing to be God. When any man attempts to offer God the works of his imperfect flesh he attempts to compromise God.

    Perfect God will not be compromised; but by paying the penalty of mankind’s sin himself and offering forgiveness freely, he remains uncompromised when he forgives those who do no more than believe – who do not attempt to compromise him with their works.

    Religions are mankind’s attempt to compromise God.

    Biblical Christianity is believing that God paid the penalty on our behalf.

  52. Brian, syed and others,

    I know this exchange it not likely to reach syed, However, there are many out there that can learn from this exchange. People are not going to know the arguments until they hear the arguments and ponder them. There is plenty here to give Pseudo Christians, Muslims and others food for thought, especially if they follow the links.

    It seems that syed comes from a Muslim groups that has learned to rationalize away many of the extreme Islamic views. Just as some “Christians” also rationalize away the absolutes that the Bible teaches. Believe it or not, this is probably how Islam joins with the Harlot of Revelation 17 in the last days. So don’t just blow syed’s view off. Many Muslims do not agree with the militants but saying something like that in most Muslim countries is very dangerous. Of course Muslims are also bound in a religion of deception, so you can’t expect them to understand Christian apologetics any more than Mormons do.

    It is my hope that syed will come to understand who Jesus really is. Jesus cannot be a prophet and liar at the same time. Even syed admits that. However, Jesus clearly said that He was God and that is evident throughout the Bible. The whole Bible is the Revelation of Jesus Christ. I showed syed the more obvious passages in the article that I linked to. The arguments were made but unless the Holy Spirit draws syed he just will not understand. Nevertheless, we must try to reach Muslims with the Gospel, some will hear. That is part of the great commission that Christ gave believers.

    The end is not coming before at least some of these Muslim people have a chance to hear the true gospel in spite of what the Muslim Antichrist proponents think.

    The Antichrist figure will not come out of Islam at all. Muslims that survive the religious war will be converted to either join true Christianity or else they will join with the Harlot of Revelation 17. We should try to make it possible for Muslims to learn the truth, because the dung is about to hit the fan and then there is going to be only a short window where those that were bound in Islam will get to hear the good news and make informed choices. Muslims are being saved today even in radical countries. I know people that are in this ministry and the Word does not come back void.

    Syed. Christians cannot just do anything they want without temporal and eternal consequences. That is not true Christian teaching. The gift of salvation is freely given because it is a free gift of God you cannot earn a gift through your own deeds. However, you must accept it or you refused God’s gift of salvation. So how can you then be saved?

    Once you accept the gift He offers He gives you His Holy Spirit to help you live as He intrusts. This new life of the Spirit is only the start of the Christian walk it is not the end. There will be a transformation into the likeness of Jesus for all true believers. There also is a judgment seat of Christ when all Christians will have to appear before Christ to give an account for what they did in their bodies, good or bad. Do not confuse the permissiveness going on in the West or hate toward others with teaching of true Christianity. Institutional Christianity for the most part is apostate and these apostates identify with Christianity but they are not of Christ. Read my very next post, I think it makes that point clear.

    It is not religion, be it called by the name of Christian or Islam that saves anyone, it is a personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe that saves people and that only comes through belief in Jesus the Messiah. He was the Creator of all things visible and invisible, but He choose to come in the form of a human to save us from our sins. He loved us enough even when we were still dead in our sins to die for us to save those that trust in Him. Only a loving God would do that. After he was crucified and put in a grave, he preached to souls bound in Hades, three days later He rose from the grave so that all believers in Him can be saved into His new spiritual creation called the Body of Christ. This is the true Christian Church. Those raised with Him will soon become one with Him and one with God for eternity by Marriage.

    I know you cannot understand these things now, but ponder them and research what good Christian teachers actually teach rather than just what you hear from Christian and Jew haters. In fact, there is much written on this website that will help you see certain things and could bring you to salvation if you just had ears to hear and accept Jesus as Lord. For example, the way of salvation is explained in depth in this article that I wrote. It is my hope that you and others trapped in religion will hear about this free blessed hope that God has given to all that will believe and receive.

  53. Syed, according to you, what is the image of the living God? Is it the West? A convict? I can see you have a rather worldly view of what truth is. The almighty God is a spirit and those that worship Him should worship in spirit and in truth.

    When He makes a promise He does it in His own name, because there is no-one higher than Him. He promises by His name YHWH and also through His Son who came in His name.

    You have worldly believes which isn’t any wonder since your god when he makes a promise in the quran he swears by natural elements such as the stars and so forth.

    You can see that heathenist mentality. In simpler words, your god is subject to the conditions of that time. Just like the god of the mormon church’s words were subject to the believes of the 1820’s and the mistakes and grammar of the king james bible.

    The words of our God he himself spoken. Free from heathenism and traditions of men.

  54. My thought exactly Don only more comprehensively put. I did read your earlier recommended article to Syed and hoped the simple fact of our imperfection might help work a work of enlightenment.
    The to and fro-ing here was graciously done so I too trust the God of grace will reveal himself to any who happen this way.

  55. I guess I can address some of syed’s comments, however contradictory and quite confusing. Commenting to liberals all these years should of prepared me for the battle. In that, they will ultimately address an issue with accusations or another questions.

    Once again you say muslims should follow the strict teachings of Mohammad yet pick and reject what they want to follow.

    As far as pedophilia in our country, it is against the law and those caught will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, whether it is in or out of the Church. Not so, in the Islamic world where anything is permissable for the male dominated Sharia law; if it is rape, honor killings, genital mutilation on female babies and young girls, stonings. Even in our prisons in the US, many pedophiles convert to Islam because it is permitted under Islamic law.

    There have been instances when mulims women were gang raped were put in prison too because she was alone with men.

    I can’t find any where I slandered a man of God. allah is not God and if Mohammad existed he was not a man of God.

    Leaders as discerning “real” Christians have a duty to expose hyprocisy and heresy in the Church. And if you look at Don’s archives you can read his well researched articles. Some of Paul’s writings to the Church were written as warnings that got away from the teachings of the true Gospel.

    So, none of us condone the corruptions and atrocities of the old Holy Roman Empire and we are the first ones to jump on the band wagon when any Church leader is going against Biblical teachings. You see, that is why Martin Luther started the Protestent reformation and the Pilgrims came to America. Granted, modern Christianity has suffered groaning pains and have progressed to what we have today. But there will be no perfection until Christ comes again and sets up His Kingdom.

    Christians also have a duty to expose evil in the world and we do. If it is communism, islam, new world order etc….

    You talk about Zionists, but I do not think you know what the Biblical description of Zionists really is. God is a Zionist.

    In WWII, the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem aligned himself with Hitler. The muslims had their own Nazi soldiers, they set up death camps in countries such as Bosnia and exterminated tens of thousands of Jews, Christian Serbs and anyone else that opposed them. So do not tell me a small element of islam did that. And a small element eliminated 1.5 million Armenians, took their home, property and deported them out of their own country?; and the whole of Christodom in the Ottoman Empire? please we are not stupid. The muslims had plenty of experience in genocide which I’m sure they were the ones who trained Hitler. Hitler adopted the Muslim Brotherhood who is leading the Arab Spring and taking over countries and the government. The MB created Hamas (a terrorist organization) and now setting up a headquarters in Cairo. They have been seen carrying the Nazi flags…

    Islam is Hitlers ongoing “Final Solution” and what starts with the Jews will not end with the Jews.

    The difference; Islam sends their sons to die for allah, but God sent His (one) Son to die for us.

  56. Ref: Ann S comment of 9/26. I, too, am disappointed in Dr. Land. I guess he is trying to maintain a big tent. I am waiting to see if he embraces the Billy Graham/Glen Beck prayer meeting. I see pressure being put on local SBC churces to embrace Beck and Romney as part of the Christian flock.

  57. Bob, thanks for that info. I have been a member of the SBC for all of my Christian life and have actually left some local Churches for many of their water downed Gospel and other worldly views such as teachings of Rick Warren to Harry Potter and Masonic teachers. It is amazing and am in agreement with you and Don and others here that can see through the deceptions of the recently popular Mormans. Even on Rapture Forum some of the commenters would gush over Beck that he was a Christian and go off in a rage if anything critical was said. (I do think the moderator finally step in and set things straight, as least the lip service anyway) Same on the comments in the Christian Post. I know I am not perfect or a Biblical expert but those things are central to our Faith and back in “the ole days” we we taught about the cults, ther erronous doctrine of the RCC, Eastern and Primitive Religions.

    (Don, OT,have you ever written anything on the sign gifts.)

  58. AnnS,

    I might have said something one way or the other in all my writings. Check out the search box on the bottom of my website homepage.

    I prefer to leave that argument in the hands of people like John MacArthur and Chuck Smith that are two well known and much loved Bible scholars on two different sides of this issue.

    It is really off topic here so I certainly am not going down that road. I have made it abundantly clear on this blog that those claiming to have sign gifts have never ever proved it to me and I started my real Christian walk in the Charismatic movement and heard all their hype. However, I would not limit God. He might still use sign gifts if He wishes especially in places where the written word is not available. I don’t believe the passage in scripture where it was talking about the prefect coming and certain gifts ceasing was talking about the coming of the Canon.

    Anyway, it is really off topic here, so I certainly do not want people going down this road on this thread. By the way, I do allow off topic comments and questions on my monthly perspectives articles. That don’t mean you will get any better answer there, but off topics comments on these topical posts will increasingly not be posted.

  59. What a demon community u have against Muslims

    Tell me

    Have we ever abused the god or jesus or judaism ?

    Do we say that your god is false or your prophet is false or demon

    never : A muslim cant do bcoz We muslims respect all prophets , moses, jesus

    they were all men of God we say him Allah, u may give him other name but shud not demon bcoz he is also your God.

    A prophet is just a messanger of God who pass God’s message to people
    for thier own betterment :what is God’s benifit in it?
    no enforcement in Islam to accept ;if u dont want then its ok
    u may stay on your own religion:
    balphamacy is the weapon of zionists(probably you) who dont want this
    world in peace. what is the need to abuse anyone if they r not abusing u?

    think over it again and again:if dont understand then study this religion
    and thin why people of your own WEST are converting muslims


  60. Abdali,

    You sir are totally deceived or are a liar to say that there is no enforcement in Islam to try to force people to accept the Islamofascist world ideology.

    People in the world convert for a lot of reasons, many are brainwashed and insane. Others think they can save their own lives by appeasing murderous Islamics. Many converted to the Nazi party and Communism that killed many millions. That just shows that people still in their fallen nature love to hate. Conversion to become complicit with an ideology of murderers is nothing for anyone to be proud of. There are many people in your world that are converting to Christianity as well, but they can’t tell you because your people will kill them.

    Peace??? Don’t make me laugh, almost all violence in this world today is caused by Islam. Even if you had an Islamic world you would still be fighting against each other just as the Shiite and the Sunni cannot get along now. What Arab nations could ever have peace with each other or even the tribes within most of the Islamic nations? You claim a Mahdi will bring that peace about but he will do it through war? And there is nothing about him changing the fallen nature of man in his prophecies so what changes with man if this Islamic fable rules? Some thought world socialism would bring world peace, it just brought World War II because they were different predators running their own version of socialism as their are today. Islam is just a religious version of fascist socialism.

    Zion was promised to the Jews by God. Jesus was a Jew from the tribe of Judah. The God of Israel is the true God of creation and He is laughing at Islam and all nations that think they can change His unchangeable promises to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob (Israel) and the promise to David from the loins of Israel that his descendent(Jesus) would sit on the Davidic throne and rule the world from Jerusalem. The descendents of Jacob (Israel) were promised that land because Ishmael was born of a slave girl named Hagar and was just Abraham’s attempt to make the prophecy of him becoming the father of a great nation happen through the means of the flesh. Issac was was the heir promise given to Abraham and he was born of the Spirit from Sarah and the slave girl Hagar with Ishmael was sent off packing into the lands that are east and south of Israel today. Esau (Edom) then also sold his birthright to the land for a pot of stew to Jacob (Israel) and Issac blessed Jacob (Israel) not Esau.

    All nations or people that attempt to stop Jesus from ruling from Jerusalem as the King of the Jews will be destroyed at His coming. That sir is the Biblical facts and you can take that promissory note to your Islamic bank.

  61. I just found your website and am impressed. I have been hearing for a long time that the Antichrist will be a Muslim. Your article on the subject made a lot of sense to me. I agree that the Antichrist will probably rise to power to save the world from radical Islam than the other way around. I’m enjoying reading your articles and keep up the good work.

  62. abdali,

    You said…

    “we say him Allah, u may give him other name but shud not demon bcoz he is also your God.”

    Really ? So, your saying YHWH and Allah are the same God ?

    One (YHWH) calls Israel “The Apple Of His Eye” and has clearly given the land Israel (including Jerusalem) to the Hebrews/Jews…and the other (Allah, according to Islamic writings) has a supernatural hatred against the Jews and continues to try to destroy Israel.

    After all this time in history, Islam still does not understand that coming against Israel is a losing cause.

    Reference: Isaac & Ismail…Jacob & Esau (as Don mentioned above)

    Have a happy Zionist Day,


  63. To Syed, Abdali and other defenders of Islam.

    Is your god a god with whom you can have a father/child relationship? Is he a god of peace and love?
    Has he made a way of salvation for you that gives to you a peace that passes all understanding?
    Are you ‘at peace’ with your god, or do you have misgivings about being accepted by him? If you can answer yes to the first of these questions Christianity has nothing more that will appeal to you.

    True Christians, those of us who believe and hold fast to the Biblical account have promises that we can and do vouch for as true and alive and powerful.
    “And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:7.
    “Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ” Romans 5:1
    “For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace” Romans 8:6
    “Grace be unto you, and peace, from God our Father, and from the Lord Jesus Christ” 1Corinthians 1:3
    “But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith…” Galatians 5:22

    Although a number of replies and comments on this blog have been tough and uncompromising it is because the issues for human kind are – forgiveness of sin as against eternal damnation. To speak falsehood in such a situation would display hatred rather than love, and isn’t tough love better than hatred; it is better even than indifference?

    And we do not hate nor are we indifferent.

  64. Before 9/11, I had very little understanding of Islam.

    After 9/11, like everyone else, I started paying attention.

    I read and heard on radio shows about the differing opinions of Islam.

    It wasn’t until I heard former Muslims, who are now Christians, speak out against Islam that I attained understanding.

    Of course, included in their conversion into Christianity is an awareness that says, if they are ever found by any practicing Muslim, they will be killed as we’ve seen in the “honor killings” right here in the U.S…and most of those “honor killings” I’ve read about have been targeted at women and young girls.

    The former Muslims turned Christians are awesome Christians…they are very devout and love The Lord with a great fervency…it’s really pleasing to see.

    One of the well documented and awesome stories is Mosab Yousef ( )

    I have listened to his story (available free at this site) and there is a book out ‘Son Of Hamas’.

    I encourage both Muslim and Christian to take a listen and maybe even read the book.

  65. /You can join with God now or fight against Him later, if you even live that long. If you do not join with the true God and His Savior, you have no hope in this world or the next. /

    Amen Don to those words in your article, you do come initially firm yet also balance it with Biblical love and extend God’s offer of salvation. I am an ex-Muslim who is a believer in the Living God. Praise YHWH, so many Muslims have come to Him and still will.

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