Muslims rage over the false prophet that promotes a demonic god

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I for one, have had enough of the endless Muslim rage against the West. The militant Islamic radicals will always find something to incite people who seem to have nothing better to do than to with their lives than to spew hatred against anyone that does not respect their demonic false prophet with his demonic god. The first thing we need to do, is to get rid of the Muslim appeasers in our own countries, and the second thing we need to do, is to tell the Muslims the truth about what will happen to them if their violent actions drag us into World War III.

Before Militant Muslims are allowed to incite a world war, the Muslim nations better be given the facts of life in this real world. If there is a war with the West, the Muslim nations will soon lie in ashes and many Muslims will be killed. Those that survive will be eating their camels and licking the dust for lack of food.

The combined Islamic bloc outside of small capabilities in Iran and Pakistan and Indonesia cannot even manufacture their own weapons. The weapons they have now were bought from the West. The weapons and manufacturing capabilities of Iran and Pakistan can be neutralized in weeks and Indonesia can be isolated if she even gets involved with the Muslim radical insanity.

All the forces of Islam can be totally destroyed in one year by the forces of the West. The West has unlimited manufacturing capacity to build new weapons but Muslim nations do not even know how to manufacture such weapons. If the West went on a world war footing, for every new weapon the Muslim bloc could build, the Western forces could build ten thousand. And the weapons built by the West would be vastly superior. Muslims have no idea what they will be getting into, if through their violence, they push the West into World War III.

Muslims will not even bankrupt the West because a war footing would vastly increase production, give everyone jobs,  and wipe out certain debts. We would also take over Arab oil fields and the war would give our governments full control of how national resources are spent. Think of the US in World War II as a prime example.

This is not the middle ages, and Muslims are not going to win wars against the West with aging weapons given to them. Today, these nations cannot even grow sufficient food to feed their people. They have to import it. In many Muslim nations, a good number of men do not work, they have no skills to produce anything. Oil is a curse to them because it allows them to sit on their butts, learn nothing, develop nothing and manufacture nothing. With this, the Muslim militants want to fight the West for disrespecting their demonic oppressive religion? Believe me, you should not want your Muslim militants to push you into a world war with the West.

The only hope of world control the Muslim radicals have is based on a myth. The imams tell Muslims fairy tales about a Mahdi coming to fight for them. It won’t happen. There is no such being with special powers that is coming to rescue Islam. The actual reality of what will happen in a world war with the West is that Muslim nations will lie in ruins and millions of Muslims will be dead. Is that what you militant radicals really want for your people, just because someone in the West disrespected your false prophet? Can’t your false god defend himself without your help? What is his problem here?

Ancient history tells us what the Jewish God did to prove Himself to Egypt and others. Jesus, His Son performed many miracles and even raised the dead, proving that He was the Messiah. What has Muhammad ever done to prove that he is a higher prophet of God than Jesus, or a prophet of God at all? The answer is nothing. Islam clerics prove that Allah is God and Muhammad is his prophet through forced submission, tyranny, wars, murders, mutilations and spewing hatred toward everyone that will not submit to them. In other words, living under Islam is very much like living in hell on earth, and that is why the sane people in the West have no intentions to go there.

Islam has a Rodney Dangerfield complex. They feel their religion gets no respect from infidels. Therefore, to get respect, the Islamic imams use their platform to enrage the people to defend Allah and especially his mystical prophet from all harm. They must think that Allah cannot defend himself, so he needs his people to go on rampages and commit many evils to get unbelievers to submit to him.

The Qur’an leaves no doubt that Allah is one strange being, and if you read what Muhammad reportedly said and did, there should be no question that the god he reportedly talked about, either does not exist or is a demon. The imams of this insane religion reminds me of the priests of Baal. There really is nothing new under the sun. I will explain.

In ancient days, Jezebel was promoting a false god named Baal and she was killing the prophets of the true God of Israel. The prophet Elijah stood up before the people and challenged the priests of Baal to a little demonstration to see who was really God. You can read the account in 1 Kings 18: 21-40.

Apparently, Baal could not perform one act to prove that he even existed or had any power. Elijah held this so-called god up to contempt, ridicule, and scorn when he claimed that maybe the priests of Baal should try ranting a little harder to get Baal’s attention. He mocked them suggesting that their god might be sleeping or out eliminating himself. Of course, this just incensed the priests of Baal even more, and the record shows that the followers of Baal acted like a mob of fools even cutting themselves so that blood ran out (that sounds familiar to some Muslims that hit themselves over the head until blood gushes out), but in spite of all their rituals to get Baal to respond, no response ever came from Baal. Then it was Elijah’s turn, and with just one simple prayer the God of Israel sent fire from heaven and consumed the whole altar in the sight of all the people. The people then killed the priests of Baal. Jezebel was also killed when thrown from a tower and dogs ate her bones.

What has changed under the sun? Muslims now worship a false god that has similarities to Baal, so why should Christians not be acting like Elijah and ridiculing this false god of Islam to free the people who are confused by the imam Jezebels? Instead, even most “Christian” leaders want to appease a religion that promotes a god that does not exist or is a demon.

Islam has a god that was made up by a man who was apparently mentally ill or demon possessed. The man may never have actually existed at all as reported. Muhammad might just have been a Gnostic myth. It was at least a hundred years after he reportedly lived that anything was even written about Muhammad. With this flimsy evidence about Muhammad that does not hold up to modern scholarship, 1.5 billion people are now being held in bondage to the control freak militants of Islam.

Should Christians take part in appeasing those that are keeping so many from hearing the only true gospel? I think not! What would Elijah do (WWED)? If Islam can still stand as a religion after getting the academic scrutiny that Judaism and Christianity have gone through, then let it be done. It cannot, and that is why nobody is allowed to criticize the false prophet of Islam. If the prophet fails, the whole religion fails. The threat of death is how they keep Muslim people bound in perpetual lies. Then some “Christians” will say that we should not proselytize Muslims because they worship the same God as us. That is nonsense. They have a false religion and a false god.

If Muhammad is true, let’s see his Allah even do one thing on earth to prove that he has any power of his own. His power is all in the hate of the people who pretend that he exists. The more that people of the world disrespect this oppressive religion, the more the control freaks have to hype up their prophet and his Allah. That is what we see happening in the Muslim world today.

They make up stories like the coming Mahdi because the people have to believe someone is coming to make their life better on earth than the hell on earth that the clerics and radical militants have made for them. Open minded Muslims might question the sanity of submitting to Islam that is really fascism disguised as a religion.

The Islamic problem is not going away before a world war. You can see on the news daily where appeasement has taken the West. The majority in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Iran, and others, and even Iraq would go to war with the West in a minute if someone could just unite them in hate.

The main restrainer to this Jihad insanity has been the authoritarian secular dictators leading Muslim countries, but now even the West has helped the militant radicals by helping them to remove secular government. Perhaps, only a minority actually say they want a war with the West but the vast majority would certainly be complicit in such a war against the West. Just as many Muslims are also complicit with radical militant terrorists for the cause of Jihad. So don’t be deceived. The Nazis and the Communists controlled the areas of their domain with a far less militant radical base than we now see in the Muslim world.

Let’s be clear, Islam has an agenda of world conquest and any person that does not submit to Islam will be killed. The Qur’an teaches this. Sure, we all could convert to Islam and/or be enslaved, but any true Christian or Jew will not, neither will those in other religions or people who want no religion at all. That means for militant Islamists to carry out their Jihad, they will have to kill most of the people in the world. Of course it won’t happen, because Islamists are as delusional as their appeasers are in the West.

The delusional in the West will soon find out that there won’t be any appeasing of groups like the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, or the Taliban. The delusional in Islam will soon find out that they are not as strong as they like to think. Uniting against the West with words is not going to get the Jihad job done. Not only will the West quickly destroy Muslim military forces, most Islamic countries are tribal, so the tribes in these nations will soon be fighting each other for dominance. They will defeat and destroy themselves through civil wars after the restraining military in these nations is demolished by the West. Islam with its false prophet and false God will be exposed for the fraud religion that it is when it defeats itself.

Muslims that are allowing people to rage in the streets, and burn flags, and kill people from the West better get a grip on reality before the radical lunatics among them take them to a place that they truly will regret going. Right now the militants only get away with this crap because liberal idealist appeasers have been running the military forces of the West, but don’t think these liberal appeasers will continue running the West if Muslim violent actions against the West causes the Right in the West to rise to power. Our military has been handcuffed in all our wars by these appeasers since World War II. If Muslims take them out-of-the-way because the people of the West decide that appeasement has failed, Muslims will be in for a deadly rude awakening.

The West is far more capable militarily than Muslims are being led to believe. Muslims should not get the delusion that they are more powerful than what they really are just because the West has chosen to limit its war actions for one reason or another in all of our recent wars in the world. What America and the West has or has not done militarily, and what they are capable of doing are two entirely different animals.

Frankly, you better hope that right-wing people such as myself never come to power in the West. Because if we were running the show, you Muslims would not currently be running in the streets, burning American flags and killing American diplomats. You would be spending all of your time hunting for your next wild locust to eat.

Now, there really is a better way than violence and hate. Just dump your phony god and the Jihad agenda for world conquest for this phony god. It is never going to happen anyway because the real God of Creation has made known far different plans. Those plans are in the Bible. You can know the real God through His Son who is the express Image of His Father. Jesus became a man to show us God and He died as a man to save mankind from their sins, but after paying the blood price, He rose out of the grave as God and is now waiting for all those given to Him by the Father to come in. Then He is coming again to set up His Kingdom from Jerusalem. You can join with God now or fight against Him later, if you even live that long. If you do not join with the true God and His Savior, you have no hope in this world or the next. Here is all you need to know. Your imam taskmasters will not tell you this good news because they want to keep you in bondage.


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