New Age Christians applauding as believers are thrown to the lions

How can there be any hope for America when many in America calling themselves Christians are also promoting and even embracing New Spirituality/New Age doctrines? We might expect that from unbelievers in America but we have people who claim to be Christians promoting and believing Satanic doctrines?

How did “Avatar” become the highest grossing move of all times without support from Christians in America? I know for a fact that “Christians”  support this blasphemous demonic move and tell others that they should see it because they liked it. Nevermind, that this film promotes New Age pantheism and is anti-Christ. Nevermind, that supporting these anti Christian movies just encourages others to make more of them.

Just throw in some eye candy or a little tickle of the ears and some “Christians” apparently will support the teachings of the Devil. They have no discernment and do not know the scriptures! Avatar is just the latest of many movies that distort and mock Christianity and promote demonic doctrines but New Age “Christians” are right there applauding in the new coliseums as the lions are set loose on true believers.

From Avatar and the Coming One World Religion on Lighthouse Trails website

Overall, the movie is strewn with ritualistic magic, communion with spirits, shamanism, and blatant idolatry as it conditions the audience to believe these pagan occult lies. In addition, the audience is led to sympathize with the Avatar and even ends up pulling for him as he is initiated into pagan rituals. Even the lead scientist becomes a pagan in the end, proclaiming that she is “with Eywa, she’s real,” and goes to be with her upon her death.

Given James Cameron’s track record of attacking Christianity, and specifically Christ’s resurrection in the roundly discredited documentary, The Lost Tomb of Jesus, it should not be surprising that he would write and direct a $300 million dollar propaganda piece that promotes the worship of nature and spirits.

Clearly, Hollywood has had a steady hand in turning America away from her conservative Christian roots to new age occult beliefs and practices. Pantheism appeals to the Hollywood crowd because it teaches that we are all God and that we need not be concerned about being obedient or accountable to a personal God who created the universe. However, it is not only Christ-rejecting directors who are seeking to get the world to embrace the worship of the earth under the guise of their imaginary Mother Earth Goddess; it is also the leader of the global warming movement himself, Al Gore.

With leading Hollywood directors and Washington political figures leading the way, America is quickly returning to the paganism that shrouded the world in spiritual darkness for millennia. May God help us heed the warning of the apostle Paul, found in Holy Scripture, who warned that the worship of nature in ancient times was the result of turning from the worship of the one true God who created nature in the first place:

No need for me to just pick only on Avatar the New Age paganism is now everywhere, It is even in the churches. How did the Twilight Series get so popular or the Harry Potter movies if American people do not want the occult? It is not just novels, there also are the “Christian” supported New Age teachings that are found in Books like “The Secret” and “A New Earth”. American Christians that watch Oprah makes her a big success and it does not seem to concern these New Age “Christians” in the least that Oprah promotes pagan doctrines that are contrary to true Christianity on her show.

Many of these same “Christians” also watch the TV prosperity teachers and attend their coliseums on Sunday where they throw truth to the lions for their own personal gain. Other New Age “Christians” go to Emergent Churches where they teach New Spirituality mysticism and make it acceptable by calling it contemplative prayer. They also subtly redefine Christian absolutes truths like sin, hell, and salvation to conform to politically correct universalism and pantheism.

Seems to me that “Christians” applauding the New Spirituality Movement are very ignorant of where this doctrine originated. Actually it originated with Satan in the garden and later became a religion in Babylon. The New Age version of this Babylonian religion was partly inspired by Alice Bailey and is now promoted by her many students. The New Spirituality Movement has become the new religious movement of hedonistic people that worship the created rather than the Creator.

Read what Ray Yongun has to say about this

In a manner of speaking, I consider Alice Bailey as an apostle of New Age occultism, and her writings as mystical revelations. She is telling the world the path it will be taking and how it is going to be done–in essence, a combined manifesto and blueprint. The fact that much of what she predicted has indeed actually happened gives even greater credence that her work really could be the design for the one Paul called “the son of perdition.”

Various church statements reflect Bailey’s dark prophecies that speak to the “revitalization” of the churches. Even now a recent Catholic dictionary states: “Current ideas about mysticism underscore that it is for the many, not just a chosen few.”11 An article in America, a national Catholic magazine, shows the result of this mysticism in regard to evangelization. The article, titled “Rethinking Mission in India,” states the spirit is active in Hinduism as much as Christianity and therefore both religions “are co-pilgrims on the way to fulfillment.” 12 The significance of this is clearly revealed in the following view from the same article:

Any claims to superiority are damaging. Religions need not be compared. All we are expected to do is to serve man by revealing to him the love of God made manifest in Jesus Christ.13

What is happening here is a complete turnaround regarding the meaning of evangelization. In truth, if you want to reveal to man the love of God, made manifest in Jesus Christ, you proclaim the blood of Christ for salvation! … [But] the view that Christianity is not the only religion that offers salvation fits the Merton/Nouwen notion of salvation rather than the one the apostles of the New Testament held.

Some day, and it could be soon, the Lord will allow the man of lawlessness to emerge. In the mean time, the world is opening its arms to wholly embrace a spirituality that will exist under the umbrella of mysticism. The correlating theme will be–we are all One. When the man of lawlessness does rise to power with a one-world economy and political base, he will seduce many into searching for their own Christ consciousness rather than the Messiah, Jesus Christ.

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Even many “Christians” claiming that they are following Bible prophecy are often really following New Age beliefs.

Dr. Hitchcock: All the 2012 hysteria can be traced back to José Arguelles back in 1987 when he came out with his book called The Mayan Factor.

He talked a lot about Harmonic Convergence at that time. After all, the real underpinnings of this whole 2012 phenomenon really is based in the New Age. In fact, this has been called by some “The New Age Eschatology” and the end time view of the whole New Age Movement. Just like the other religions of the world all have some view of how things are going to end. 2012 is from the New Age viewpoint.

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I hope this article will help Christians become very aware of two things.

First, much of Christianity in America is about one inch deep and that does not say much for the future of this nation no matter if the Left or Right is in charge running government.

Second, the world is being prepared for a New Age/New Spirituality Antichrist. The Antichrist will not be monotheistic.  He will honor the God of forces (Dan 11:38).  The lie of Satan from the beginning was that men can become like God. Thus the Antichrist will  claim to have evolved to fully contain the God force within himself.  In other words, the lie will be that God is a force and you become one with God when you attain Christ Consciousness.

So knowing these things any true Christian should stop applauding while other believers are being thrown to the lions in the new coliseums of the world.

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  1. I heard this movie was wicked. I personally refuse to see most movies these days. They are simply junk and not worth infecting my soul and mind. For some reason the Holy Spirit inside me said this was a bad movie.

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