Obama may want Israel to attack Iran

After reading the latest news report on Fox News about Iran’s nuclear progress and the doubts that the Obama approach will stop Iran , I have come to the conclusion that Obama is not serious about sanctions. The facts are that Obama and his cronies continue to obstruct any meaningful sanctions on Iran. Obama may actually want Israel to attack Iran for reasons I will get into shortly.

There is no question in my mind that the United States could put a virtual end to the Iranian nuclear program with just a few days of air strikes. Obama knows that Iran intends to build nuclear weapons. He would have to be completely out of touch with reality to actually believe that sanctions will now stop them. Therefore, I believe Obama has already made his decision. I think He actually wants Israel to attack Iran. The debate then becomes why does Obama want Israel to attack Iran?

I think Obama hopes an Israeli air strike on Iran will take care of two major Middle East problems and his own popularity problem. Israel would take out the imminent Iranian nuclear threat and the attack on Iran would spawn a regional war against Israel that Obama probably believes that Israel cannot win. He might think this war will force Israel to give up Jerusalem and the territories gained in the 1967 war and allow for the creation of a Palestinian state.

The details of my speculation on what Obama thinks, might go something like this:

Israel attacks Iran and destroys the worst of the nuclear sites. Then the Iranian and Syrian supported Hezbollah war against Israel and then Israel will be forced into a brokered peace deal led by the great “O” Himself. He will show the world that the Nobel Peace Prize he received for getting elected was well deserved in advance. He expects to become a hero to Muslims after Jerusalem is divided and becomes the capitol of a Palestinian state. A peace deal in the Middle East will insure his political future. I think his political objective is to become Secretary General of the United Nations no matter if he runs for President of the United States again or not.

That is what I think Obama believes will happen. This is not what I think will actually happen. What will actually happen will be that there will be a huge Arab defeat by Israel and a greatly expanded Israel. Obama is not the promised one or the Antichrist, he is just another usurper trying for the world throne.

Remember “The Secret” promoted by Oprah? “The Secret” is really pagan new age teaching that among other things teaches that those that evolute to Christ-hood or Christ consciousness have the power to create their own reality. Oprah was a huge supporter of “The Secret” and of Obama and called him “The One”, if I remember correctly. Obama used Oprah’s media platform to gain support and power. Obama might actually think he is playing out “The Secret” in his own life. I don’t think things will work out for Obama. (I guess I could be wrong, Obama could be Rosemary’s baby, if Obama actually become Security General of the United Nation then I guess anything becomes possible).

Some might think that I am being disrespectful to our “President”. For the record, I am not sure he is a legal President of the United States. I took an oath more than once to uphold the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. I will uphold that Constitution. It is law of our land. Until Obama proves that he qualifies to be President under the articles of the Constitution and until he quits unconstitutional actions Obama very well could be that domestic enemy. Until Obama renounces his documented claims that other religious lead to God and he quits signing laws forcing abominations on the population, I also believe he is a enemy of the cross.

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 Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


3 thoughts on “Obama may want Israel to attack Iran

  1. Interesting article, Don, thanks for posting.
    I am amazed, and disturbed, at how many Christians think Obama is a “great” man and ‘wonderful” leader. Our church recently did a series of studies that ran for eight weeks and one of the speakers referred to Obama and called him the above. I was so irritated by these comments ( his stance on abortion, amongst other things, came to mind) that I switched off from the rest of the talk (which may have had some valid points).

    I live in Australia so the most likely excuse I can give is that the speaker only listens to the mainstream media here, which is quite biased in Obama’s favour, but it doesn’t take much searching to see beyond the surface of how this man is portrayed and come up with a different picture.

  2. You sure have a lot going on in that post Don! I tend to lean toward an attack on Hezbollah and Hamas first due to they are more of an immediate threat. That being said, I think an attack on Iran could certainly follow after the IDF cleans up the mess in the north and south.

    Though a bit off topic, did you read how Abbas now wants to sit down with Israel with no preconditions? Why the sudden change of heart after 15 months of stonewalling? Something stinks here in my opinion. I smell a big, fat Islamic rat!

    Be good!

  3. My guess is to put on International pressure to stop Israel from carrying out any preemption against the Scuds and Hezbollah and/or he is afraid he will be cut out by the more radical players.

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