Progressive Liberal race riots are predictable and inevidable

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Even though most media will not dare mention that many blacks are racists and that the latest riots are mainly race driven. It does not change the fact that these violent civil upheavals are race driven as well as the result of an amoral undisciplined people. These are people that largely grew up without fathers but instead were mentored by government and media Marxist social engineers. They were also mentored locally by a gang rap culture of drug pushing criminals.

Much of these ghettos are now in rebellion against their institutional keepers and the inmates want to attack all those that do not belong in their own mental ward. The Progressive Liberal race riots that are coming are because of the results of this institutionalized mass insanity. The riots are therefore predictable and inevitable.

I think that you have seen nothing yet, the recent riots and mob actions will turn out to be just the tip of the iceberg. By 2013 the riots will be occurring in every major city in America and Europe. In Europe the Islamists will join with the minorities of color and the labor Left for their own advantage. The Arab Spring violence and upheaval is coming to the West but for different reasons.

In the latest riots and mob actions it is not poor people attacking rich white people, it is really young blacks of all economic classes joining in to attack whites of all economic classes. I am sure that they are not asking the whites about their bank account before they attack them and set their property on fire.

Many of these people think that they are entitled to riot because they are not totally pleased and this permissive kowtowed society is afraid to address the fact that racial social issues exist and need to be dealt with. Many of these people think rioting is fun because they see no negative repercussions to themselves when they resort to acting like a mob of predatory animals. They get material advantages if they loot and they can vent their misdirected rage about the problems that they largely created themselves, by demanding that the government plantation owners take care of their every want.

Obviously there is something fundamentally wrong in their thinking but is it any wonder when Marxist indoctrination is being taught in their schools rather than life skills and real education. Many of these rioters have never held a job and probably never will unless it is a gift of government. Most are illiterate and cannot even communicate in clear English. They are rebellious, abrasive, lewd, foul mouthed, tattooed slobs that act more like animals than civilized human beings. If you were a business owner would you hire them for a job?

They are lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, untrustworthy, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God (2 Ti 3 1-4). The few young among them that even attend “places of worship” often go to places that teach Hate Theology.

When the leader of the free world believes in government forced redistribution of the wealth, is it any wonder that people that worship him and also practice the Black Liberation Theology that Obama bought into think that they are entitled to redistribute wealth through their own mob actions?

When the leader of the free world lies continually on media about the economic problems being the result of rich people not paying their fair share of the taxes, is it any wonder that people will use that as an excuse to attack white people that they identify as rich people? Nevertheless, it is a fact that only three percent of the American people fall into Obama’s rich category and many of these “rich” people are not even white.

Obama is rich and he is a man of color. The richest man in the whole world is a Mexican and many more on the Forbes list of richest people are not white. You could raise the taxes on all those “rich” people in the United States like Obama wants and you will still only collect less than a trillion dollars over the next ten years. That would not come to pass either, because they will find ways to escape the tax, or they will make less money because of the tax. So how does raising the taxes on just three percent of the people solve the projected ten year ten trillion dollar additional debt shortfall?

When people see the leader of the free world blaming everything on business owners that create jobs, is it any wonder that these brainwashed people will attack business owners? Business owners are now sitting on the sidelines because future big government mandates and regulations gives them no incentive to risk their money to expand. Riots in the cities are not going to encourage businessmen to open businesses there either.

When Marxist philosophy has bankrupted countries, states and cities and created a class of people that are dependents on government, is it any wonder that the dependents will riot when they feel that their source of income will be cut?

It is obvious that the cuts that need to be made, cannot be made, because the dependents will not allow them to be made. If the cuts are made, that need to be made, the cities will burn.

The majority of people in Europe have been brainwashed. It is already too late for them. People in Europe will increasingly start rioting against themselves. Soon, dependent class will be rioting against dependent class thinking that they are attacking the problem.

Some in Europe are now seeing that the problem is Marxism with its multiculturalism and collectivism and socialism and they are gaining power and they will continue to gain power. The end result in Europe will probably be another world war. That is almost predictable.

America is not quite that bad yet, but Americans are becoming increasingly divided. When the inevitable entitlements are cut or a default happens what will be the result? How it shakes out will depend on who is elected in 2012. However, the future does not look good no matter who is elected.

If the Left stays in power it will mean much higher taxes and the end of the free enterprise system. That will make unemployment so bad in America that cities will burn and Conservative America will divide and attempt to create their own country. America would certainly have to default on their debt or hyper-inflate and that is a recipe for complete social breakdown.

If the Right gains power they will have to make massive cuts in entitlements and that will also cause massive riots in the cities. So any restoration to a smaller government and a true free market system in America will come at a great price. Troops in the streets will become necessary to keep order. The whole dependent class will have to be deprogrammed and educated (I did not say reeducated because that would assume they were once really educated). If anyone believes the hard Left will not turn to violence against the Right they have not lived in a country where Marxists have significant support. Even the 60’s in America had Left wing terrorists.

The following is the picture I see for the cities for the next few years: (If you believe I am correct then you might find good reason to get out of these areas if possible.)

This year the flash mob riots in the United States and the riots in Europe will probably wind down with the cooler weather. Even so, if someone gets killed we could see one or more full blown race riots develop.

Next summer full blown riots become likely in Europe through race riots, labor riots and even Muslim riots. If Obama is loosing and inflames the dependent class in America we could also see race riots here in 2012. I do think the flash mob violence that we have seen this year will become a plague in many cities next year.

By the summer of 2013 I think there will be race riots in every major city in the United States and military troops will have to be deployed in the cities. If Obama wins the election there will be an economic collapse and riots. I think there will also be a secession movement and tax rebellion from the Right. If the establishment Republicans gain control there will also be race riots and no long term remedy for America’s debt problem and that will lead to economic collapse and increasing riots down the line. If the Tea Party conservatives gain control either by controlling the Republican Party or through a third party the cites full of government dependents will explode. On the bright side, if the nation turns very conservative after a few years of martial law things might even get back to some kind of sanity.

I already said enough about Europe elsewhere on this Blog so I am not going to rehash all that I expect to happen there. I will say that I expect that much of Europe will be in flames within a couple of years because of progressive liberal “race” riots, labor riots and Islamic riots in Europe and then the inevitable backlash that will come from the native Right.

Out of progressive Liberal disorder, order will come by necessity, but unfortunately that order also means control and tyranny. That is the inevitable near term future for the West. The future will not be a Socialist Democracy.


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