Reasons to believe why Jesus will return before 2050 AD

In various other articles, I have given my rationale why the coming of Jesus in glory will not occur during this decade but now I will explain why I think that it is almost certain that Jesus will return before 2050 AD.

Let me first say that Paul said the true Church would know the general season of the Lord’s return. He said, that we are not in darkness that this day should come upon us like a thief (1 Th 5:4). We are told to watch for the Lord’s return and we are also told to fellowship with other Christians even more as we see that day approaching (Heb 10:25). That statement would make no sense if we could not observe that day approaching.

The day Paul and the Hebrew writer was talking about, for us to watch for, is the Day of the Lord. That does not mean that those in the body of Christ will actually be here on earth to see the Day of the Lord. The actual second coming of Jesus in Glory is not until after the tribulation of those days during the Day of the Lord. Those in the body of Christ will not partake in the tribulation because we are not appointed to experience God’s wrath (1 Th 5:9).

If I am correct that Jesus comes in Glory before 2050 AD, the Rapture of the Church is some years sooner than that. Just how much sooner Jesus comes for His Church before He comes in Glory to establish His kingdom on earth is debatable, and is not the focus of this article.

I believe that there are some observable reasons that indicate that the Lord will return before 2050 AD:

One sign is that Israel is a state in the Middle East. This had to occur so the end time prophecies about Israel could be fulfilled. Israel still has 7 more years to fulfill and finish the 490 years of transgression determined upon her before she will accept her Messiah. Only then, will the kingdom of righteousness be established (long story).

Correct exegesis of Daniel chapter nine tells us that the last seven years starts when the Antichrist confirms a seven-year covenant that involves Israel and many others. From the understanding of other scriptures on these end time events, this covenant appears to be a brokered peace treaty. According to 1 Th 5 :3, at a time when “THEY (those that did not go in the Rapture) are saying peace and safety (most likely due to this brokered peace) the Day of the Lord will suddenly come upon “THEM” like birth pains.

Today the tiny nation of Israel is hated by well over half the world and Israel is hated by all the nations that surround her. This makes the fulfillment of end time Bible prophecy possible for the first time since Israel ceased being a state and the Temple was destroyed (70 AD). With the hatred against Israel in the world today, can anyone see Israel existing as a state past 2050 AD without some divine intervention from God?

When speaking about the time of the Day of the Lord, God said that Jerusalem would be a burdensome stone for the nations of the world, and all that come against Jerusalem and Judah would be cut to pieces (Zec 12 1-9). This prophecy is only possible in our time. The prophecy could not be fulfilled if the Arabs, the Islamic nations, or anyone else removed Israel from being a nation again.

Israel once again being a nation-state in her covenant land is the top reason we can know the end is very near. However, that is not the only reason why we can know the Day of the Lord is near.

With declining birth rates all over the world, the population on earth of people who have already reached the age of knowing good from evil (about age 20) will peak before 2050. Any farmer knows the reaping comes when the crop peaks. In the parable of wheat and the tares in Matthew chapter 13, Jesus gives us details about a future harvest of people on earth by the angels. This scripture indicates that the tares (satanic people) are gathered and burned up in the tribulation fires and the wheat (God’s people) are put in God’s barn.

Psalm 90:10 says that our lifespan will average 70 to 80 years in times prior to the Lord’s return. With man’s achievements in medicine, genetics, and science, man by 2050 would most likely have a longer lifespan than the Psalm states. Consequently, if God be true, we are now very near the end of the age or the Psalm would read differently. One nation already has a lifespan that averages over 79 years and scientists are working on many issues that will allow man to live even longer lives in the near future.

There are well-funded foundations working on ways to combine humans and machines. They call it achieving singularity. Some are saying that they will achieve singularity by 2030. They certainly expect to reach singularity before 2050. With man’s knowledge doubling every year, the idea of their being “transhumans” (part man, part machine) becomes likely if the world continues as is. There is a lot to be said about this whole concept, but the point here is they expect to vastly increase lifespans soon.

Other scientists are trying to improve man’s DNA. They would change humans so that they are no longer fully human beings. The intent is to improve upon man’s DNA by using DNA from animals or artificially grown new DNA sequences. Again, this research is man’s attempt to improve their capabilities and lifespans.

It is not just about the thought of Psalm 90:10 being in error that leads me to believe these long lifespans will not be achieved during this evil age. God cannot allow man to play Creator without the required divine knowledge. The outcome of these experiments will be mistakes, freak mutations, the killing of human like life forms, and new deadly diseases just for starts. What happened before the flood would happen again and the outcome this time will be destruction of ungodly men by fire (2 Pe 3:7).

The age must end soon or humans will not be as God designed much longer. A new artificially evolved being is not that far in the future. Such beings might be seen as supermen but these designer beings would still remain trapped in their fallen sin nature. I could be wrong, but that is what I conjecture taking the Mark of the Beast promises people.

Angels confused the languages at Babel to slow down man’s ability to act in one accord and use their combined knowledge in their rebellion against God. However, man has now used computer technology to defeat what the angels did. There already is a phone application where you can speak in your native language and foreigners will hear what you said in their own language. Thanks to computers, man’s knowledge is now doubling every year but fallen man lacks wisdom and uses this acquired knowledge for evil.

Some time in the next two decades, there certainly will be a worldwide buy-sell system in place that will make the buy-sell system of the Antichrist and his false prophet possible. The devices are already invented, all that is really needed now is a communication system that can reach everyone on earth. Entrepreneurs are working on it. There is a project being funded that will put up 66 low orbit communication satellites that will be able to relay communication data to and from every point on the earth.

The last I heard, the launch date for getting these 66 birds up is just a few years down the road. I don’t think it will put the other communications systems out of business, but I bet by the end of this decade, this new satellite system will have the capability to fill in the remaining coverage gaps.

The book of Revelation tells us about an army of 200 million men that will come from east of the Euphrates River and that they will kill one-third of the men on earth. That was never possible and still is not possible. That is about to change. Revelation tells us that this 200 million man army would be prepared for a hour, a day, a month and a year for this purpose. We can see now that this army of 200 million will be available from just the surplus men in the East by around the year 2035.

There will be a huge surplus of men because of abortion, infanticide, one child policy, birth control and the desire for couples to have a male child rather than a female. Sometime before we reach the year 2050, the falling birth rate and the aging of the populations of these eastern nations will no longer make the fielding of a 200 million army of able bodied men possible. That most likely means this army will push east sometime between 2030 and 2040.

Some people think this is an army of demons, but that view is mainly held because such a huge human army seems impossible. However, they miss the obvious point. Demons can do nothing physical on earth unless they possess real physical bodies, they certainly cannot kill a third of the men of the world with the weapons of war that are described.

I think it is obvious that Russia, China, the Muslim block of nations, and other demonically controlled oppressive nations are building up their military for some future perceived war with the West. The Bible talks about great wars taking place in the end times. Obviously, kingdoms have to arm themselves before kingdoms can be warring against kingdoms as Jesus indicated.

The astute see that humans have not spiritually progressed at all since the two prior world wars of the 20th century. Another world war is inevitable early in this century and it will be so destructive that people of the world will want world government, world religion. and a world leader to prevent any more world wars.

If we believe in the biblical week, where the last day is the Sabbath reign of Jesus for 1000 years, we are running out of time by any stretch of the ancient calendar. If that theory proves to be true, I would think that Jesus started the fifth day when he announced the acceptable year of the Lord when He began His ministry (Lu 4:19). Therefore, if we are talking about two days of 1000 years each and then the start of the seventh day, I can’t see it occurring much beyond 2030 AD.

Homosexuality, and sexual promiscuity is becoming accepted and promoted over much of the western world and marriage is being destroyed. Pedophilia, polygamy and abuse of women is commonly accepted in the Islamic world. Fascism, warlords and pagan polytheism rules much of the eastern world. Good is being called evil and evil is now acceptable to much of the world. True Christians are being increasingly persecuted all over the world. It cannot go on much longer. Sodom and Gomorrah got judged for less.

Paul said there would be a great falling away from the faith just before the end. Peter, James and Jude pretty much indicate the same. Today, millions that once identified with Christianity have now rejected the doctrines that it is founded on. All popular church movements today seem to be moving toward the Harlot of Revelation 17. The churches of the West now lose the majority of their youth by the time they become adults. Children are being indoctrinated to reject Christian truths in our educational systems and by media. Most of the upcoming generation have been programmed to reject biblical truth and Jesus.

When these brainwashed children become adults, do you think they will support the morals and doctrine of true Christianity? We already see a lost generation in America who are the offspring of the 60’s communistic counterculture movement. Can you imagine what it will be like when their own offspring take over? The godless generation will be the appropriate name, and many of them are already old enough to be running the show. Can you even conceive where 20 more years of this downward spiral will take the world? I can’t see beyond that 20 years because it is not even likely to continue that long before it leads to worldwide judgment.

Jesus asked if there would be faith on the earth when He returned. The answer for most calling themselves Christians is no. Just about every major Christian movement today either twists scriptures to fit their own agenda or rejects the scriptures that refutes their worldly or inclusive agenda.

If you correlate what the prophets said, to what is happening in our world today, there are many reasons to believe that Jesus will return before 2050 AD. If your interested, I made a more detailed effort to do that in my World Current Events and Bible Prophecy series


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 Don Koenig founded website in 1999 after almost thirty years of independent study on the Bible and learning from many astute teachers within Christendom. Don created his website to write about Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and his Christian worldviews. Don wrote a free Revelation commentary ebook in 2004 named "The Revelation of Jesus Christ Through The Ages". The World and Church and Bible Prophecy section of this website was started in 2007.


27 thoughts on “Reasons to believe why Jesus will return before 2050 AD

  1. Hi Don,

    Very informative. I look forward to reading the additional information you linked at the end. I do have a question though. On what do you base the “knowledge of good and evil age at about 20?”. It is interesting to note that population growth is slowing among many nations. However, Islamic countries are still putting out a lot of babies.

    The stage is certainly being set for a very godless generation that has no moral compass or belief in any central truth. The truth of this generation coming up is based upon “what they think is right”. Reminds me of Proverbs..”All a man’s ways seem right to him”.

    I really enjoyed your article today.. Thanks for your work!

    Rod in Oregon

  2. Hi Rod,

    I base it on the fact that God did not hold those under 20 accountable for the sins of Israel during the time of Exodus. Those under twenty that came out of Egypt did enter the promised land. Also those under twenty were not numbered as part of Israel’s military. I am sure there are other examples in the OT as well.

    I believe I read some medical article that indicated a person’s brain is not fully developed until that age. You would know more about that than me.

  3. I think we have just recently seen a “taste” of the results of the truth-rejecting, God-less, wicked, immoral indoctrinated generation(s) “taking charge”, acting according to “what they seem is right”.

    I only take note of the time period of the 200 million man army being 2030 to 2040 (“about 2035”) in that I would have thought the number would have been reached sooner. Then again, this army marches at the end of the 7 year period (up to Armageddon proper). [Correct me if I’m wrong, for which I give thanks]. Actually, taking 2035, that puts the tribution at 2027 / 2028, and I/we prognosticate another 3.5 years (plus) of “wrath of man” (‘er, numerous seal judgments) prior, plus [not discussed, likely with good reason) the rapture a few years prior. Which, if I were to double check your (Don’s) timelines, probably all “jives”.

    And, still, looks like the “non-mention” (fall of the Americas) would still likely occur this decade. Again, please correct me where I’m wrong (amid much speculation, of course) – much appreciated.

    Well, we are “watching” (and, praying).

  4. Craig,

    Seems you have my conjectured time-line about right. However, I don’t think the Rapture has to be before the warm up to the tribulation. It could be, but nobody knows.

  5. Hi Don,

    that makes sense.. Interestingly.. Research indicates that the male brain is not fully developed until around 28-30 years old.. About the time, in Jewish custom, a man is considered ready to marry, and pursue his own business, etc… Women’ brains fully develop around age 25. Thanks for your clarification.. 🙂


  6. Don,

    Awesome article. I was just asking myself(and the Lord)the other day if these truly are the End Times. My questioning arose from comparisons of the Dark Ages to today’s headlines and life styles. Obviously there is much more in play given the rebirth of Israel and all of her prophetic implications, but this article really solidified any doubts. Thanks

  7. Another excellent article, Don, thank you.
    I was just slightly confused with one paragraph:

    There will be a huge surplus of men because of abortion, infanticide, one child policy, birth control and the desire for couples to have a male child rather than a female. Before 2050, the falling birth rate and the aging of the populations of these eastern nations will no longer make the fielding of a 200 million army of able bodied men possible. That most likely means this army will push east sometime between 2030 and 2040.

    Did you mean after 2050? (not before,as is currently written).

    Thanks again for the effort you put in to keep your readers informed, Don.

  8. Don,

    As someone whose been reading your blog for a couple years now, this is one of my own personal favorite articles that you’ve written.

    This is why we, your readers and commentators come to your blog, because we know the season of The Lord Almighty’s Prophetic Timetable is close…and of course, our great hope of being with The Lord for Eternity.

    Personally, I believe that Prophetic Events are imminent without a doubt because of the 7th Biblical Week/Sabbath theory. The Lord, through His Word and proven in world history, has shown us that His timetable is done with impeccable pinpoint precision.

    The Lord Jesus Dying On The Cross for the Sins Of The World is way too big of an event to not be significant in prophecy…in the 2030 (start of Sabbath) estimated date. This is just my opinion and belief and has been for a very long time.

    I think your correct in your estimations on probable timelines which means that the events we see today and in the near future will intensify greatly…what an exciting time to be alive and witness these things : )

  9. When I read Joel 2:1-11, it appears to align with Rev. 9 This 200 million army seems to be supernatural or something other worldly.

    The prophecy speaks of cosmic chaos and of “mighty men”, who when they fall on a sword, do not die. Mighty men usually depict nephilim fallen angel hybrids. When I looked up various words in Strongs, in Joel 2;2 “darkness” (02821 secret place) and of gloominess (0651 wickedness; Rev 9:2), plus the other descriptions mentioned such as their “horse like” appearance, running to and fro, scaling up walls and entering windows like a thief, it sounds like man creatures with super human strength. Whatever it is, if secret wickedness is behind it, it can’t be good.

  10. Singularity was something I had not heard much about. So I did a little googling and found this Time’s article from 2011.,9171,2048299,00.html

    I found these recent articles interesting in that as God has given humanity a general awareness of right, wrong, God and that there will be an end. The link to part one is to the right of the picture.

    If a journalist can sit down and ponder this in a newspaper then surely we can amongst fellow believers and our churches. We have to stop being afraid of sounding fanatical and like Don start having more intelligent discussions at home. I’m praying I will start hearing more of this from the pulpit and I hope to inspire more talk in church.

    Happy New Year to all!!
    God Bless

  11. Hi David,

    Thanks. That was a great read. And I think it makes it clear why this age will end before man can accomplish Kurzwell’s projected 2045 singularity.

  12. Thanks Don for all your articles and study which over these past few years have given me such a broader view and understanding of the Bible and the world I am living in. This plus other study has just amazed me with just so much information. No longer can we let slip ignorant statements that because no one knows the day that it could be still hundreds of years. There is just so much God has told us about the season to come. singularity aside one has to consider that we simply can’t even continue on an exponential knowledge growth path without being intervened by God. We have to face the reality that time for us is limited. Knowledge, genetics, economics, the Middle East, the EU, etc. all this just cant continue on it present path for long. It just brings such a new perspective as I consider another New Year and what 2013 may bring. It’s not doom and gloom it is a reason to rejoice but it is something I know so many approach with fear.
    God Bless us as we all continue this journey.
    Heb 10:25

  13. Dear Don, I have read your writtings on Russia and when Russia tuns to invade Isarel it looks like they might use the ISS to their advantage, I went tp you-tube and clicked on nasas time lapse, spooky. any thoughts on this? Don if you have read this email thank you for taking the time for me. I would realy like your take on this.

  14. Hi John,

    Without a link or more explanation I am not sure what you are talking about. I know this. Putin plans to recreate a new Soviet Union under the name of the Eurasian union.

  15. Hi Don, I was wondering what your views were on the subject of the pre-wrath rapture of the church. I see a lot of websites that are promoting this. Thanks for your thoughts.

  16. Hi John,

    The rapture of the Church is before the wrath of the Father but is also before the wrath of the Son that starts the trumpet judgements. Therefore, the Rapture occurs before the sealing of the 144,000 and occurs before God deals with Israel again to fulfill the final week of the 70 weeks of years determined. This last week of years cannot even start until the fulness of the Gentiles comes in.

    Ro 11:25 For I would not, brethren, that ye should be ignorant of this mystery, lest ye should be wise in your own conceits; that blindness in part is happened to Israel, until the fulness of the Gentiles be come in.

  17. Don, I’m trying to understand if the first 4 seals are part of the wrath of God. If not the rapture wouldn’t have to take place until right before the signing of the covenant. 2 Thess 2:3 says that the antichrist will not be revealed until the restrainer (Holy Spirit) is removed. If he is revealed at the signing of the covenant at the beginning of the 70th week then the church will miss the whole 7 year period. If he is revealed at the mid-point (the abomination of desolation) then the church may go through part of the first half of the 7 years. We know the church will miss the God, but is the first 3 1/2 years really the wrath of God or simply the wrath of the antichrist and just plain tribulation? 2 Thess.2:4 seems to indicate he may be revealed at the midpoint. What say you?

  18. John,

    Angels carry out the wrath of the Lamb and of God. Judgment through angels do not even start until the Trumpet judgments. The first five seals reveal evil acts of men that bring about world destruction and bring about the wrath of the Lamb and later the wrath of God because they refuse to repent of their evil ways.

    It is my view that the first five seals are prior to the seven year covenant (commonly but erroneous called the 7 years tribulation). There is no Son of Perdition on earth until the last 3.5 years so the first 3.5 years cannot be the wrath of the Antichrist it is actually the period that God’s two witnesses will be giving their testimony. The Antichrist figure will be revealed when he suffers the deadly head wound and lives and kills those two prophets. That occurs at the mid point of the seven year covenant but it says nothing about the timing of the Rapture.

    The Rapture does not have to occur until right before the signing of the seven year covenant but that does not mean that it will. It does not have to occur in the same year, it could happen some years sooner.

    The scripture says the Son of Perdition cannot be revealed until the restrainer is taken out of the way but that does not mean that there is no gap between the Rapture and the revealing.

    By the way, The Holy Spirit cannot be removed or nobody could be saved. I have a post on the restrainer that has some interesting takes from myself as well as the many others that commented.

  19. Don, It is true that Michael has a guardian relationship with Israel. That he restrains sin on a world wide basis is another matter. That sounds like Marv Rosenthalls theory. Before the flood God said, “my Spirit shall not always strive with man…” Jesus said that when the Comforter (Holy Spirit) was come that He would reprove the world of sin, righteousness, and judgment to come. The Holy Spirit could be the “He” restrainer. When the rapture takes place, the Church removed, the Holy Spirit will still remain on earth, saving souls, but not sealing them with Himself, but his ministry will not be the same as it is in this dispensation. He would no longer be reproving the world of sin, etc… His ministry could be more like it was under the O.T. dispensation of the Law. That is why they must endure to the end to be saved or else seal their testimony with their own blood. The first seal is the rider on the white horse, many who believe is the anti-christ conquering through peace. (he has a bow but no arrows) Some think this pictures the peace covenant between the man of sin (the Antichrist) and Israel in Daniel 9:27.Do you believe there’s no gap between the rapture and the revealing?

  20. John,

    In that article that I directed you to I never said that Michael restrains sin on any basis. I implied that he restrains the Son of Perdition from coming out of the pit. If the Holy Spirit is restraining sin at all, He is only doing it through the salt and light of His people.

    Were getting off post topic and repeating old arguments given elsewhere on my website. The place to argue who the restrainer might be is in the comments section of the link that I gave you. However, If you read all the comments in that post you will probably see that your argument was already brought up and addressed.

    There are various views on who the rider of the white horse is. Even if he becomes the Antichrist, he is not the Son of Perdition until the Beast out of the pit enters him in the midst of the seven year covenant.

    By the way, I am not dogmatic about any of my own conjectures because it would not be an issue if we were all in agreement. Only one view is correct on these difficult passages and I am sure I do not get them all correct and I am reasonable sure that nobody else does either.

    I am not going to give you my views on many different issues in Bible prophecy on the comments section of this post or any one post. You will have to read the appropriate articles where I probably already addresses these issues. The best way to find my views on topical issues is by doing a keyword search from the search box near the bottom of my website homepage.

    In my commenting policy, I indicate that I want posts to stay on the post topic as much as possible or the comments degenerate into everything but the post topic.

  21. Don, Thanks for your time. After reading the other posts I realize there are quite a few differences we have. I was trying to find some common ground and further enlightenment on the pre-wrath theory. God bless.

  22. Sherry,

    I was just going to just trash what you said but I guess I should explain why your comment was deleted since you did take so much time to write it. I don’t even like to do that because doing that breaks the thread as well, but sometimes telling people about my commenting policy is necessary because they either never read it or seem to have forget it.

    All you wrote is off the post topic. And there is so much conjecture and faulty exegeses in what you said that I doubt if I would post it anywhere. Refuting much of what you said would just take a great deal of my time and it would take the post down rabbit trails. I intend to keep my posts focused on the topics. This post is not about the restrainer etc.

    I remind people to read my commenting policy. We cannot have a dialogue related to the post topic if we get off topic. Once we go down rabbit trails those that read here because of the topic are going to give up on reading any further comments. I know I would.

    There were a few other comments that I deleted in the last couple of days because they added nothing to the subject and were just telling me something that they should have told me by email if they thought it was something important that I should know.

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