Rick Warren and the Saddleback Cult?

I also have been warning about Rick Warren. Christian pastors do not continually let the enemies of the cross use their platform to deceive. I have observed Warren saying one thing to Christians to appear orthodox and then leading the church and the world astray by promoting heretics and universalism. My question to members of Saddleback is why do you put up with it? Have you all become disciples of Rick Warren rather than disciples of Jesus Christ? Is your Church now just a social platform for deceiving people into a wide gate all inclusive type of Christianity? I say either censor Rick Warren, leave the church or expect to be labeled as cult members by true Christians.

Rick Warren’s Church is Teaching The Same Thing As Oprah? – CWN

Best Selling Christian/New Age Author Leonard Sweet will be speaking for Rick Warren’s church this April of 2008. For those of you who did not think Rick Warren was part of the Emergent Church movement, time to think again. Leonard Sweet is an Emergent Church, New Age, New Spirituality as you can get.

Read some quotes from Oprah and her New Age Movement friends and compare them to what Leonard Sweet is saying. No difference. Yet, Rick Warren has put his stamp of approval on Leonard’s worldview by having him as a keynote speaker at his church.

People can not say we did not warn them about Rick and his friends several years ago.

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12 thoughts on “Rick Warren and the Saddleback Cult?

  1. Hi Brother,

    Thanks you for obeying the Lord in exposing the darkness! I beleive that Rick Warren is either THE antichrist, OR he’s pavinng the way for him…. P.E.A.C.E

  2. I think that the Lord would not approve of what you are saying…Rick is doing the work of the Lord and many people have come to know Jesus through the great God blessed things that they are doing at that church. All Christians are a part of one body, the body of Christ, don’t try and divide, thats what the evil one wants.

  3. I think the Lord would not approve of many things Rick Warren teaches. The evil one today also works through double minded leaders to turn from the gospel to post modern philosophies of men. Paul continually warned and corrected the Church and so did Jesus in the 7 letters to the churches in Revelation. So did the great Christian reformers throughout Church history. Rick Warren needs to decide if he is going to preach Christ crucified and raised from the dead to the world, or his watered down social gospel of works, gimmicks and compromise. So why is Rick Warren a member of the world globalist CFR? Why does he appear on many national platforms but never use it to clearly give the gospel of salvation? What is more important to Rick Warren the message of his P.E.A.C.E. plan to a temporal world passing away or the message of eternal life through Jesus.


  4. Don, I just read your essay, “The Woman on the Beast…Dominion Theology” and I must tip my hat to you. Not only are you twice the scholar I thought you were but I have to agree with you 100% which surprised me since we’ve had more than one squabble in the past. I think we agree that our purpose on earth at this time, after salvation, is sanctification or becoming more like Jesus through dying to self and being led by the Holly Spirit within us. Even though we aren’t saved by keeping the law, I think the “Christian” “Church” leaders biggest mistake has been teaching that God’s law has no part in a believer’s life. Jesus said, “heaven and earth would past away before one jot or tittle would be taken from the law”. The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sins after we are saved. Sin is the transgression of the LAW. The do’s and don’ts of the Word are the criteria we use to measure ourselves as we develope our charactor until we come into the “full measure of the stature of Christ”. There are over 1000 laws in the New Testiment. We reknew our minds by reading and feeding on the milk and meat of the Word. Easy believism has tossed the baby out with bathwater! Sin is rampent in the “Church” because of this false doctrine. God told the Jews He would write the Law in their hearts when the Kingdom came. If the Law is good enough for the beleiving Jew isn’t it good enough for us? Also, James writes in the New Testiment, “if we confess our sins God is faithful to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us of all unrighteous”. What say you? Dolph

  5. Dolph,

    Thanks for your remarks on my Dominion Theology article.

    The Law teaches people that they are sinners and thus need God’s forgiveness for their sins to have a relationship with Him. The Law is meant to lead people to the Savior that God sent to pay for sin. Mortal man cannot keep the spirit of the Law. One must be born from above and led by the the Spirit to keep the perfect Law which can be summed up in Loving God and loving those He created in His likeness. After we are saved, Christians can certainly use the Law in the sanctification process to determine if they are walking in the flesh or the Spirit, but the Law was not made for the righteous man but for sinners and the disobedient.

    Ga 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

    Ro 13:10 Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law.

    Ga 5:18 But if ye be led of the Spirit, ye are not under the law.

    I do not know what you mean by easy believism? Either one believes and trusts in Jesus for their salvation, or they do not. But obviously if one confesses salvation but shows no works of the Spirit in their life one has to wonder if they ever believed in the true Savior of God at all. Perhaps they just believed in a religious figure like Mormons and most that now identify with Christianity do. Perhaps by easy believism you are really talking about those that think that Christians have it all when they are saved? All believers need to work out their salvation to determine their eternal standing with Christ. We will all appear before the Judgment seat of Christ to receive rewards or the taking away of rewards for what we did in our bodies after salvation.

    There is no need to have Law for those who have been perfected and keep the Law by their very spiritual nature. What is of God cannot sin. The problem is that while we are living in the flesh we are not yet perfected. The problem in these seeker churches is that many in them never turned from their sins and accepted Christ for forgiveness. The problem is that they think they are Christians because they attend a church. They think belief in Christ comes through osmosis. They think if they associate with a “Christian” fellowship that makes them a Christian. Then after the majority of a fellowship thinks Christianity is an association, the fellowship starts reflecting the associations of the world rather than Christ.

  6. Don, what I’m saying is this not some kind of parlor game and if you say the right words at an alter call you win, all your sins are forgiven, past, present and future, next stop heaven and it’s impossible not to sin so don’t even try, once saved, always saved. This liberal thinking has opened the door to the present great apostacy. One sinful habit leads to another and soon the divorce rate, abotion rate, etc is the same in the “Church” as those in the world. Following being “born again” one gradually reduces the sin in his life. That’s what I call sanctification, becoming more like Jesus, developing Godly charactor, making the right choices with the free will God has generously bestowed on us through trials and tribulations. This righteous charactor dosen’t come at the alter call. The Holy Spirit comes immediately at salvation and convicts us when we sin as our teacher. Developing Godly charactor is an act of our will and depends on how humble, ie, teachable we are as we study the Word including the 1,000 does and dont’s in the New Testiment not to mention the ten commandments. Some liberals call this legalism but God’s criteria for good behavior, the Law, is not only needed as a teaching aide, but is the backbone of God’s effort to restore fallen Adam to the restored Second Adam. Some who make Jesus their Savior are slothful at making Him Lord of their life, don’t bring forth much fruit in their lives and won’t be ready to rule and reign with Him in the Kingdom. However, most “Christians” don’t even know where they are headed, what’s God’s goal for their life and are looking forward to resting on cloud somewhere in Heaven. The Law is part ot the Word forever and Jesus is the Word. It will always be wrong to kill,lie and steal, but some “Christians” who can’t walk and chew gum somehow think this means you’re trying to earn your way to Heaven. No, I’m not talking about salvation but sanctification. What say you? Dolph

  7. Dolph,

    Salvation is not a parlor game it is a work of the Holy Spirit. People hopefully confess that they believe because the Holy Spirit opened their eyes and they realized they were a sinner in need of God’s Savior.

    You seem to create straw-men arguments. Nobody I know teaches that people should not even try not to sin. The arguments I always hear from once saved always saved Christians is that sin still has real consequences in your life, your relationship with God, and your eternal rewards. The Bible does teach eternal security to the believer so let’s not confuse believers. As for the non believers, they have nothing in Christ anyway.

    You imply that liberal thinking in the Church corrupted the Church. Not really. The Spirit led Church cannot be corrupted. What happened is that world church leaders attracted like minded phony Christians. Most probably are not even in the Church. I know we like to use the word “apostasy” like the Church has gone into “apostasy” (departure) but that is really quite impossible. What is really happening is that the phonies that identify with Christianity are now departing from Christian truths into doctrines inspired by demons. We can see that taking place when they depart from sound doctrine to man-made and spiritualist centered movements like Emergent, Seeker, NAR, Universalism, pantheism etc.

    Obviously there is a sanctification process for Christians. We do not mature in Christ at the alter call but if we die before we mature we will still be saved. To mature in Christ Christians need to learn to walk in faith. It is a process of do’s led by the Spirit rather than don’ts. Trying to keep 1000 do not’s probably will take you into legalism. The scripture says whatever is not done in faith is sin. So walk in faith with love and a pure heart and the Law of don’ts have no effect. Don’t confuse the instruction manual for driving the car with the driver. The instruction manual does not cover everything. The driver still has to use good judgment and with a Christian that comes by learning to walk by faith.

    The Law is not the backbone for restoring man to before the fall in this dispensation of Grace. Being born from above into the body of Jesus Christ makes us new creatures that cannot fall. The Church is not going to go back to the ways of Adam. Now, if you talk about those mortals that live in the kingdom restoration on earth that would be true and they like Adam also fall in the end.

    Your last statement might be true of the church but probably 90 percent of the church is not part of the Church anyway. There is also a school of thought that not all that confess Christ will be given the honor to rule and reign with Him in His thousand year reign on earth. I admit I have not thought that concept through. Nevertheless, works are not required for salvation of the soul since it is a act of God. For example, if one confesses Christ today and gets hit by a bus the next hour and has no works. He is just as saved as someone that had the opportunity to work for the Lord for decades on the earth. Nevertheless, all will give an account for what they did with their lives, good or bad.

  8. I am super agreeing with you. I am not anti Rick but I just hate what he spreading. Have you read the copy of Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren? I believe we should burn every copy of the Purpose Driven Life that has ever been printed! Whatever information that was in that book that I thought I believed 6 years ago, has now been negated. It’s now out the window, Mr. Warren has not only lost his credibility, but he has lost my respect! I am almost certain he voted for the terrorist. And now, he is going to pray at the overthrow ceremony for him? Well you Mr. Rick! You have thrown disgrace at the name Christian!

  9. Sir, I have read many of your articles regarding Rick Warren and Saddleback, including your criticism of Purpose Driven Life. My first question is have you ever attended a service at Saddleback? My second question with regard to your criticism, where are your footnotes as to where you drew your conclusions? I saw quite a number of statements, but they were not backed by anything other than your apparent opinion. Why should I trust you over Rick or any other person?

  10. Karen,

    My articles on Rick Warren are my opinions based on my knowledge of what Warren has said and my general knowledge of what the scriptures teach. I cannot footnote views that come from a general knowledge of the scriptures and reading and hearing hundreds of teachers over 40 years. I often quote scripture verses or give links within my articles to discerning teachers rather than footnote. You seem to think that footnoting others somehow makes for a valid argument.

    Why should you believe what I say over Rick Warren? You should not. You should study the scriptures for yourself, listen to the arguments against his teaching that is coming from many discernment ministries, and then form your own conclusions based on the evidence. The main problem with most calling themselves Christians today is that they will not study God’s word for themselves and instead just follow the teaching of a personality.

    Most of what I write is for the Bible literate to help inform them about what is going in the world and the Church in these last days. Biblical illiterates cannot discern the difference between truth and error and that is why Christian books stores are selling a lot of heresy.

    I don’t live in California, and even if I did, why would I attend a service lead by someone’s teaching that I obviously disagree with? I do not have to attend Saddleback to know what Warren teaches. If he actually kept his teaching within Saddleback church I would not even know about it.

  11. Rick Warren is certainly a catholic jesuit plant. He goes on EWTN, promotes a book (“catholics come home”) which tells people to become catholic and to reject the free Gospel of Jesus Christ, he tweets the new pope.

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