Rick Warren apologizes to homosexual leaders because some thought he was against homosexual marriage.

Seems Rick Warren was not against California’s Proposition 8 and homosexual marriage after all. Quoted below is the exact words Rick Warren made on “Larry King Live”.  Also in the same article that I quote and link to at the bottom of this post is Joseph Farah’s appropriate view of this wishy-washy pastor.

Why is Rick Warren always in the news? If he was actually preaching the gospel of Christ he would not get on the worldly media. He is CFR member for a reason and he has a Global Peace Plan because it conforms with the CFR globalist socialistic agenda. Rick Warren is yoked together with some very powerful globalists unbelievers and their own purpose driven lives wants global governance. What Rich Warren says to the world implies religious pluralism and a form of universalism that includes aspects of religious dominionism. He  is not presenting the gospel of Christ to the world.

Everything Rick Warren says is a compromise with the world instead of presenting the gospel of salvation to the world. I find this to be true ranging across the spectrum from Rick Warren’s purpose driven seeker friendly gospel lite movement to his many media opportunities that never clearly presents the gospel of Christ.

If a Christian pastor cannot stand up for clear teachings of their faith he certainly should not be standing in your church pulpit! The only reason I think Rich Warren is standing at Saddleback Church is that the church membership has been made in his image.

It is amazing to me that a “Evangelical” Christian leader would actually apologize to homosexual leaders because some of them might think he took the biblical stand against homosexual perversion and marriage perversion.

Need another opinion? Here is Dr. Norman L. Geisler’s postion on Rick Warren and the Gay Marriage issue.

I think America’s spiritual condition is reflected in the choice of leaders that Amercians put into power and that is doubly true in its churches.

America’s wishy-washy pastors

(Rick Warren on Larry King Live)

“You know, Larry, there was a story within a story that never got told,” he said. “In the first place, I am not an anti-gay or anti-gay marriage activist. I never have been, never will be. During the whole Proposition 8 thing, I never once went to a meeting, never once issued a statement, never – never once even gave an endorsement in the two years Prop 8 was going. The week before the – the vote, somebody in my church said, Pastor Rick, what – what do you think about this? And I sent a note to my own members that said, I actually believe that marriage is – really should be defined, that that definition should be – say between a man and a woman.

“And then all of a sudden out of it, they made me, you know, something that I really wasn’t,” Warren continued. “And I actually – there were a number of things that were put out. I wrote to all my gay friends – the leaders that I knew – and actually apologized to them. That never got out. There were some things said that – you know, everybody should have 10 percent grace when they say public statements. And I was asked a question that made it sound like I equated gay marriage with pedophilia or incest, which I absolutely do not believe. And I actually announced that. All of the criticism came from people that didn’t know me. Not a single criticism came from any gay leader who knows me and knows that for years, we’ve been working together on AIDS issues and all these other things.”

(Joseph Farah)

What are we to make of such mealy-mouthed, wishy-washy, namby-pamby hokum?

It’s a great illustration of America’s most prominent church leader equivocating and backtracking and saying almost nothing coherent so that he will offend no one.

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13 thoughts on “Rick Warren apologizes to homosexual leaders because some thought he was against homosexual marriage.

  1. Rick Warren. Author and certified salesman of Purpose-Driven Drivel. Teacher of idolatry and self-enlightenment. Twister of the Truth. Moral Relativist and self-styled Ambassador to rogue Christian-persecuting regimes. Savior of the victims of AIDS; Apostle of Obama the Messiah.

    What was to be expected of this crypto Socialist and self-anointed Postmodern Pope of the Evangelic Church. Nothing, apart from blasphemy as befits a False Prophet.

    I’m truly glad he made this preposterous statement and has now finally revealed his true liberal colors.

    Perhaps this will finally convince the unconvinced that this man and his “theology” is phony and unbiblical and that there is no guarantee of eternal salvation found in it.

  2. Nasrani, I like the picture of James Bond, I use to be handsome with hair I could comb over the top of my head, was able to hit a knat’s butt with a 30/06 and iron sights at over a hundred yards, but now I have to stay close to my inhalers and O2 generator :), .

    Mr. Warren has been seduced by the things in this world, instead of concentrating on God’s Kingdom to come and trying to convince more that that is where we belong. We are but sojerners, walking through this wilderness, heading for the Promised Land. Watch out for the mines and the trip wires (ie: Purpose Driven Life and such books).

  3. Perhaps someone should send Mr. Warren back to basic Christianity 101.

    Newsflash! What we have to say is not going to be popular in our culture and will not tickle itching ears.

    I was thinking how Mr. Warren spoke so eloquently back at our dear leader’s “coronation” back in January. I believe that Warren did not hardly mention the name of Jesus. How different would it have been if the Apostle Paul would of had the opportunity to speak to millions of people in a single setting as Mr. Warrren had. A chance to present the gospel and the Kingdom of God to untold souls. What a waste.

    I understand “hate the sin and love the sinner”. But when put on the spot, one must lay out what the Word of God says and not tap dance around the issue with some politically-correct platitudes. If one is an Christian, then they are against gay marriage, whether they be an activist or not. Period, end of story. His words left me speechless. How can a pastor even say that?

    It’s sad that a prominent christian is more concerned about his appearance in the popular culture and media than presenting the truth; no matter who it offends.

    Sad state of affairs.

  4. Talk about tap dancing. This article on onenewsnow.com about what Rick Warrens said on Larry King quotes a speech he made to his church strongly supporting proposition 8 and telling Christians to vote for it.

    That is part of the problem with Rick Warren he will have one song and dance that pleases Christians and another song and dance that pleases the world. Rick Warren is a wishy-washy double minded man and what he said to Larry King is not the truth either. Just read what he said to his church and compare it to what he told Larry King.

  5. Hi Joel, thanks for your kind words about my avatar. :) Sorry to hear about your health though. I’m just a young man so I have no idea what all that must be like. Maybe if Christ really returns in my lifetime I won’t even have to worry about deteriorating health. In any case it’s a comfort to know that we’ll all be changed at one point and receive brand new and glorified bodies. What exactly that’s going to be like I don’t know but there’s no doubt that it’s going to be a heck of a lot better than the bodies of flesh and blood we have to deal with while we wait.

    Good post, Ken. That basically sums up what kind of person Warren is. He’s more like a politician than a pastor except that he doesn’t have to worry about votes but church membership. Someone who likes to have it both ways and changes like a chameleon depending on his public.

  6. So… I understand the controversy. The question I ask is, “do any of you know Rick Warren personally?” Can you approach him and find out where he really stands?

    There is obviously some confusion here whether it is on his part or the people who write about him.

    Regardless, it is highly inappropriate to sit in our ivory towers and make judgments about what his stand is without more knowledge. Since Rev. Warren is not a part of this conversation, then the verbage I have just read is nothing more than gossip.

    Gentlemen, I would beg you to consider the example you are setting for evangelical churches. This is inappropriate! Yes, Rev. Warren may be in error. That is not the issue here. Gossip is the issue! And gossip occurs when people talk about another individual when he is not present!

  7. Rick Warren said where he stands on this issue. I suggest you read the links that I provided in this article they quote his own words. The only confusion is the confusion of Rick Warren. He lied to Larry King about what he said to his church (that is recorded) and he is apologizing to the homosexuals because they believed what he said to his church (also recorded). Not to mention his spin with Larry King about him not taking a position on gay marriage.

    Rick Warren is one of the most well known people in America. His every word is a matter of public record. It is not necessary to know Rick Warren personally to know what he said publicly anymore than we need to know the Pope personally to know what he said publicly.

    We have all the knowledge we need to make judgments on Rick Warren’s public positions because Rick Warren is using world media to speak to the world. We are not talking about what Rick Warren said in a closet or in confidence. If discerning Christians did not judge the words of other public high profile leaders most “Christians” would be in cults.

    It is not the example we are setting for evangelical churches that is the issue here. It is the example some evangelical churches and their church leaders are setting for us.

    This is not gossip! Learn the meaning of the word. It is a issue of Christian accountability and biblical discernment. If you cannot tell the difference maybe you should just be silent instead of judging us and causing undue discord. Your rational about not talking about the teaching of high profile Christian leaders when they are not present is frankly, loony. How do you suggest we get public figures present? Therefore, if well known Christians are going to take public stands on issues in front of the whole world they will also be corrected publicly when they are in error. Otherwise many will be misled. If all Christians checked out what their leaders say against what God said in His Word we would not have most of the problems we have in “Christianity” today. If Christians are supposed to just play follow the leader we might as well all submit to the highest profile of them all and just bow to the doctrines of Popes and Catholicism. But, didn’t we have a reformation or was that all gossip?
    Give me a break!

  8. Beter to listen to the voice of Jesus than Rick Warren. They went out from us but were not trully of us. Take great care to what you hear in this day and age.

  9. Thanks Don for such a clear a account of the true nature of this man. I appreciate that someone is willing to tell it like it is rather than drink the Rick Warren kool-aid like so many others.

  10. A Christian friend of my wife and mine happens to be a homosexual; but he is a homosexual who can put Rick Warren straight!
    This friend of ours finds the idea of any Christian being a practising homosexual as the height of absurdity. He doesn’t hate homosexuals. Indeed, he witnesses to them and to unmbelieving heterosexuals at every given chance, giving his own personal testimony.
    He has been a Christian for as long as I’ve known him–10 years–and a good bit longer. But he considers the idea of “gay” Christians as utter hypocrisy. I once heard him rebuke a liberal lady church-goer for claiming that homosexual sex was fine in God’s sight as long as they loved each other.
    How is it that when heterosexuals become Christians they must only have sexual relations when married? Yet, according to some “Christians”, it is okay for “Gay” Christians to have sex.
    These days homosexuals want to get married and are doing so, albeit that Scripture only sanctions marriage for heterosexuals. The Bible is very clear on this matter, for which our friend contends.
    God, so far, has not healed him of his homosexuality but he chooses to obey the Lord over that leaning. He is a great exemplar of a true Christian. And we know that homosexuals can be Christians as Paul reminds us, “And such WERE some of you” [I Cor 6:9-11].
    I find it astonishing when heterosexuals who claim to be Christians think it is okay for churched homosexuals & lesbians to marry or have sexual partners.
    Do they not see the times we are living in when we have so-called Gay Pride marches in our major cities? When they see same-gender couples demanding the right to foster children, and have surrogate mothers be impregnated with a homosexual’s sperm, don’t those words jump into their minds: “As in the days of Noah…”, “As in the days of lot…”, As in the days of Sodom…”
    Evidently they do not enter the minds of people like Rick Warren or the apostates in those churches which condone such blatant anti-biblical evils.

  11. ATTEND JUST 1 local celebrate recovery meeting. Talk to 1 CR. Leader. Then say what you want. If you have no clue what CR is about, don’ t judge till you get all your facts straight. Read the CR. bible it’s no different than most bibles. God says you judge and you will be judged. I am a born and Raised Christian. And i DO NOT BELIEVE IF YOUR GAY IT’S A SIN. LYING, SEX, ECT……… THEY ARE ALL THE SAME SINS ON THE EYES OF GOD.

  12. Celebrate Recovery member,

    My wife actually once co-lead a Celebrate Recovery group so don’t be so judgmental about things you know nothing about. Its not the Bible the church uses that is the problem, it is the 12-step man made doctrine that they add. Christianizing a demonically inspired 12-step program is like Christianizing Eastern mysticism and saying its okay because some people find self help in talking to spirits that they conjured up in their own mind.

    Is the real root cause of addition the substance abuse or the spiritual condition of the person? And if it is the spiritual condition then why the need to force fit the program into scriptures that do not apply? All programs work with some people or they would not exist. Nevertheless, some program just get some people off of chemical substances and onto a self centered religious addiction and not necessarily true Christianity.

    I think Dave Hunt points out the problems with Celebrate Recovery in his article on a way that seemeth right

    God tells us not to judge a Christian’s brother’s intent but He does tells us to judge all things against the scriptures. It is the only infallible standard to judge right and wrong. If people are claiming the scriptures are the foundation of their Celebrate Recovery program but the scriptures they use are misapplied to say what is not even suggested. We should judge that.

    Sin is sin and all can be forgiven for those in Christ but different sins are far more destructive to society than others and will bring swift judgment. Try reading the Old Testament. God is not blind He knows that there are different degrees of wickedness. In fact, He killed Er because he was evil. He sent angels to destroy Sodom because the city was evil. The sins of Christians are covered with the blood of the Lamb, that is why the Father chooses not to see the sins of those in Christ but remember all in Christ still will appear before the Judgment seat of Christ to give account for what they did in their bodies good or bad (2Co 5:10). Sin is not being ignored because we are believers and the truth of that is death of the body.

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