Rick Warren from Nation Cathedrel says that Evangelicals should unite with dead mainline churches

Rick Warren is the top guru in the most accepted movement in the evangelical churches – The purpose driven movement. Rick Warren never ceases to amaze me by what comes out of his mouth and where he will go to speak. In this case, Rick Warren speaks from a well known apostate Church but he does not give the gospel of Jesus Christ to them he tells these apostates that Evangelicals should unite with mainline churches without regard to their apostate doctrines.

Ever since I read the Purpose Driven Life and started following what Rick Warren has been preaching I have become increasingly concerned about this man. I am at the point where I think he could be the most dangerous man in Christianity today. He has a different message for each audience. When he is talking to the world and the apostates he only tells them what they want to hear rather then any truth. When he talks to Christians he uses the right words but he obviously is a double minded man and increasing looks like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

What I truly do not understand is why the huge membership of Saddleback cannot see this and would still retain him as their pastor. I also do not understand why the garbage he preaches is accepted by half the churches in America. If you wonder why Christianity is losing in America just listen to what post-modern preachers like Rick Warren are preaching and what alliances they are making with apostates and unbelievers. Also notice the people they allow to speak form their own pulpits to influence their congregation and the world. They have a gospel of tolerance, socialism and universalism but no gospel of Christ.

I think it is very near the time when true Christians will have to separate from these apostate “evangelicals”. They are marching in lock step to a world universal religion where all paths lead to your own higher power but nobody finds salvation.

All of you Christians who thought that the divinity of Christ, the Virgin birth, the penal substitutionary atonement, the literal resurrection of Jesus, and the inerrancy and authority of Scripture are doctrines worth dying for are apparently wrong. The Christian Post reports that Rick Warren is calling on evangelicals to reconcile with mainline churches to stop the mainline churches from dying. Let me repeat that line: Rick Warren is calling on evangelicals to reconcile with mainline churches to stop the mainline churches from dying. Wow.

Rick Warren’s presence in the pulpit of National Cathedral on January 27, and his call for “reconciliation” with such churches should disgust every Christian who believes in the authority of Holy Scripture and who understands the critical importance of the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith. National Cathedral is a New Age pantheon to the gods of the world religions. That’s why the church can feature goddess theology proponents teaching women how to dance in “sacred circles”, welcome the worship of Tibetan monks, teach Buddhist meditation techniques and introduce attendees to the Jewish Kabbalah. Where is Rick Warren’s concern about the people who are on their way to hell in these churches that blaspheme the Lord Jesus Christ with goddess worship, homosexuality, a rejection of Christ’s penal substitutionary atonement, a denial of the authority of Scripture, and the promotion of the doctrines of anti-Christ?

I have news for Rick Warren and the dean of National Cathedral. Most mainline churches aren’t dying, they’re already dead, and increasingly apostate evangelical leaders like Rick Warren aren’t going to change that.

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