Spooky stories and experiences fit for Halloween

For the last four years, just before Halloween, I wrote a spooky article that was fit for the fright night occasion. If you have not read them you might want to. These will be best read in the order that I have them here.

Halloween 2009 – Obama: Rosemary’s Baby?? A scary Halloween story!

Halloween 2010 – Being scary is just too cool on Halloween

Halloween 2011 – A unified conspiracy theory fit for Halloween

Halloween 2012 – Halloween spirits are behind the haunting of the Ozarks hollows

This year you get the opportunity to write something that is fit for Halloween for others to read. It could be a spooky scary story, or it just might be some weird experience that you had on some Halloween night. Just keep it in the spirit of the season. In the Ozarks, where I live, haunting of the hollows festivals are a big tradition. There, on frosty nights, story tellers talk about freaky and often spooky legends of the Ozarks. I can’t provide the wooded fall setting to set the tone but maybe your own words can.

Some might think that Halloween stories are not fit for Christians to read but I look at this way 😈 😯 :roll:  I think Christian lectures talking about the evils of Halloween do have their place. However, rather than have someone ruin the spirit of one of America’s leading national holidays and fantasies for all the readers, they will not be posted here unless it is part of a freaky story or experience. Nothing can be more scary than the reality that we see in our own nation today and most Christians are doing little or nothing to change America’s horror story.








Don’t forget to paragraph if you want people to actually make the effort to read your story or experience.

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14 thoughts on “Spooky stories and experiences fit for Halloween

  1. A very true story. I mentioned on another thread a while back that I had experimented briefly with astro-projection. Only a day or two later some very strange and chilling things began to happen. The list is way too long to name, but a few examples are: suddenly being gripped for no apparent reason by a feeling of terror; being alone in the house, in the bathroom, and someone knocks loudly on the door; footsteps up and down the hall all night long; locking doors at night and finding them unlocked in the morning; night terrors and finding myself paralyzed in bed and unable to move. Just a few examples, but this is just background.

    As I also mentioned before, I drove OTR for 14 years. At one particular time I was employed by a company that only ran teams. Because of the scarcity of other female drivers at the time I teamed up with a man I knew who was a new Christian.

    We were laid over in Sacramento so we went out to the TA truck stop for food and showers. By the time I finished it had gotten dark. I found my co-driver playing video games and told him I was going to go back to the truck and go to bed. No sooner had I climbed up on the top bunk and laid my head on the pillow when a male voice groaned-sighed in my right ear. I don’t know any other way to describe it. I didn’t move. I didn’t want “it” to know that my blood had just turned to ice in my veins. I pretended to look for a logical explanation so I swung my head over the bunk and looked into the bottom bunk, knowing there was no one there. I climbed down and opened the curtain and looked into the cab, knowing there was no one there. I think I shrugged my shoulders and mumbled something like I must be imagining things. I did this so “it” wouldn’t know how scared I was. I climbed back up on the top bunk and pretended to sleep. Believe me, I was wide awake. About 30 minutes later I heard my co-driver unlock the door and get in.

    The next day I asked him if he knew there was a poltergeist in the truck. I wasn’t sure what he believed about demons yet so I used the word poltergeist. He said he knew. He had also experienced strange activity.

    It turned out that before he was saved he had been into some strange beliefs that he would never fully tell me about.

  2. Well, Don, If no one else wants to play maybe you will let me tell one more story. I could just be entertaining myself, but here it is.

    This happened on a hot June night when several family members turned up for a visit at mom’s.

    Dad had passed away the year before and mom still lived in their retirement house in small town rural Kansas, pop: 200, if that. My sister, I’ll call her M, and I decided to walk around the mile section one night about 10:00 pm just for something to do. After we had passed the last house and the last street light I said, “Let’s tell ghost stories.” M said if I started to tell even one ghost story she would turn around and go back to the house. I had to promise.

    If you live in the city you might have forgotten that the sky is still chocked full of stars, but in the country they are awesome to see. I thought I could still have a bit of fun so I told M that the sky didn’t look right, there was something very wrong. I suggested we had walked through a time portal. M agreed that the sky was definitely not normal. We could see pin-points of light moving high up in the sky. M said they were planes, but I said no, that airspace wasn’t on anyone’s flight plan. They could be alien spaceships. I pointed out one that was hovering and said they were probably watching us and planning to abduct us.
    We were about half way down the second mile road and anticipating our probable abduction when we heard a rustling in the weeds that had grown up along the side of the dirt road. We ignored it and kept walking, then we heard a much louder rustling. M and I stopped at the same time and turned toward the noise. When we turned it put M somewhere behind me and out of my line of vision; but I saw the flashlight come on and it was shining on a body laying face down in the weeds. Then the body slowly, very slowly began to rise from the weeds. We stood frozen. While my brain was trying to decide whether to put me in fight or flight mode I watched as the body was almost to it’s feet. Then I heard a big sigh of relief from M and at the same time I recognized the owner of the body.
    My son had seen us leave for our walk and jumped on his motorcycle. He went in the opposite direction, left his bike at the side of the road and ran through the wheat field to wait for us. He had recently finished his four years in the Marine Corps so he just laughed while M and I attempted to beat the devil out of him. We were all doubled over with laughter and voted it the best practical joke ever. To top off the fun we took a walk through the cemetery on the way back to the house.

  3. Caitlin, I had similar experiences with astral projection but it was as a victim not a perpetrator. This New age leader/guru had threatened me….guess i wasn;t listening ( I thought his group was just about meditation but i was wrong. and got out….lesson learned.Then I learned everything about his methods and posted all of it/ strangely. he was mostly truthful about his past! so why should that make him angry…)

    I was sitting in our family room and watched a smoky, snaky thing wrap itself around my husband;s neck. And i knew instantly it was from this person.. he boasted about what he could do with astral projection.I rebuked it and it disappeared.

    My friend in London, the same day, had a projection of a vaguely pyramid shaped pile in her living room. he hated HER so much he had her website taken down,she also did some prayer and got it to leave.

    demonic activity is not funny at all. It is only through Jesus Christ that I was protected from this man, and returned wholeheartedly to the Church.So maybe my nasty visitor did me a favor.My haunting certainly opened my eyes.


  4. Don’t really have a scarey tale, but a bit of humor. I do remember last year about this time, I had to take a trip to NYC on business, being loney, I went on line to your site only to read your horror story about the “hollers” of the Ozarks. Being stuck in the middle of Hurricane Sandy, with the wind howling and torrants of rain, I figured I was much better off.

    BTW: Wasn’t Hallow (sacred) ween (week) started by the RCC to remember the All Saint’s Day, ounteract a pagan holiday? Or was it the pagan holiday to counteract the Halloween?

  5. AnnS,

    Just about all of our Holidays were to Christianize pagan Holidays but how that effort turned out is a continuing story.

  6. Faith, I’m glad you shared your story. I debated about sharing mine because I know I can get a “psycho” label over it. I thought this Halloween thread would serve as a perfect place to post a warning just in case someone else was contemplating messing around with it. I do want everyone to know though that it wasn’t connected in any way with Halloween.

    Don, lol on your comment about my son knowing M and I weren’t carrying. That tickled me. I’ll just say he wouldn’t do that today.

  7. Nothing unusual, but I have a dog story (dog’s are cool).

    We adopted a mix (greyhound / shepherd / dane) back in April. She’s now 3. I don’t think she’s had trick-or-treeters before. If we put on a jacket with hood, she will bark at us.

    We don’t get much trick-or-treeters (we’re on a bit of a main neighborhood street), although we did get a 2 year old Cinderella. In any case, our dog pretty much decided to park by the front door.

    Anyway, about 11 pm, on the TV there was a loud bang and a knock and the dog ran barking to the front door expecting, presumably, a trick-or-treeter. We got a chuckle out of it.

    I will say, comparatively, this dog isn’t all that bright. Loves to play.

    Frankly, the real scary stuff today is being played out in reality.

  8. I wanted to reply to Caitlin to let her know that I know exactly of what she speaks and I suspect many more out there besides Faith have had similar experiences.
    When I returned from Vietnam, I was a confused kid and I sought explanations from all the wrong sources. One of these mis-adventures was spiritualism. One night, I had an “out-of-body” experience. My best friend had recently been killed in Nam and I believed that I was speaking to him while sitting at a table. One of the questions I asked him was what the death experience was like. At that moment , his appearance changed and I knew I was not speaking to my friend. Thankfully, I don’t know how I escaped that situation, but I found myself back in the living room of my apartment but I knew that evil presence was still there. I sensed this creature was laughing at me. I got up and got out of there.
    I wish I could say that was it and I sought the living God at that time, but it took years and some other bad experiences. I really don’t like to talk about this stuff, but if what Caitlin, Faith and I have experienced keeps someone else from making the mistake of getting involved with the occult, praise God!

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