Syrian Scud Missile move puts the whole Middle East at risk.

Israel has proof that Syria is transferring Scud Missiles to Hezbollah. From my point of view Israel simply cannot allow Hezbollah terrorists to have missiles that can hit its nuclear reactor and risk spreading radiation on much of Israel. So, I think that Israel will now seek to destroy these weapons in Lebanon and I would not rule out Israel hitting Scuds near the border in Syria as well.

As long as the Scuds stayed in Syria the Syrian nation knew it would pay the consequences of ever using them against Israel. Now Syria is making a huge miscalculation by transferring some of their Scuds to Hezbollah as if they will get away with it.

The next act after Israel takes out the Scuds will be up to Syria, but Syria did nothing after Israel took out the secret plutonium reactor being built and they probably will do nothing here in response. The day Syria miscalculates and attacks Israel with Scuds armed with chemicals weapons will be the day that Syria loses the city of Damascus (Isa 17: 1-3).

Also, do not rule out an Israelite hit on Iran if Iran gets belligerent about Israel’s counteractions to Syria and Hezbollah. The Russian built reactor in Iran goes on line in just a few months and if Israel is going to hit it without irradiating part of Iran it will have to do it very soon.

Syria’s miscalculations are a result of perceived weakness due to the Obama administration’s foreign policy of appeasement. Liberal Idealists never learn that we live in a world of reality. There actually are nations that are under the control of evil tyrants and any perceived weakness just brings out the predator in them.

Read Sean Osborne’s assessment of this at Eschatology Today, The Syrian Missile Crisis: Threat of War Very Real

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2 thoughts on “Syrian Scud Missile move puts the whole Middle East at risk.

  1. Read Sean’s article yesterday. Pretty sobering stuff.

    I agree with you that Israel has no choice but to act. It’s bad enough that Hezbollah has 40-50k missiles already, but adding scuds into the mix makes action all the more imperative.

    I believe that the Arabs, Iranians and the world will be in for a shock when they see the full force of the IDF unleashed. Hezbollah and hamas have made a fatal mistake thinking that they beat the IDF in their last encounters. They have confused Israeli restraint with weakness. We may really see some “Shock and Awe”.

    This is the most dire time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War. I don’t think it is beyond the realm of possibility that you’ll see Hezbollah and Syria go down and then see the IDF immediately go after Iran nuclear plants. Just my humble opinion.

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