This elevator is going down

Here is a very good summery of the latest going on with many of the “Christian” leaders that seem to be running their own heavenly elevator. Next stop the bottom floor.

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We welcome new leaders and recognize them for their service to Christ. Today
there are many new leaders, but there is a shortage of biblically well trained
leaders who are aware of the issues and have answers to them. There are just as
many new leaders serving an agenda, themselves and money than Christ.
Postmodernism, pluralism, relativism, interfaith and occult ideas and practices
have reached so deep into the church that we can’t seem to see through the murky
waters we are now swimming in.
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The pulpits are silent except when pulpit puppets preach the national feel good gospel.

Coach Dave Daubenmire spells out the problem and most of the pulpits will remain silent. We could also insert the word Christians in place of pulpits.

Dave Daubenmire — …and the Pulpits Are Silent

Public schools are destroying the faith of Christian children and the pulpits are silent.
Legislation is introduced to remove the rights of parents and the pulpits are silent.
Children are taught they came from apes and the pulpits are silent.
Millions of children are “medicated” to control their behavior and the pulpits are silent.
Gambling is promoted to pay for schools and the pulpit is silent.
Precious babies are being murdered in the womb and the pulpits are silent.

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Rick Warren is an example we should follow?

I have not heard the clip the below statement links to since I do not have the bandwidth for videos. I have no doubt that what is said is true. Rick Warren has been consistent in not sharing the gospel to unbelievers and has indicated in many ways that he thinks God is pleased with everyone and all they need is to find their purpose.

Seems to me Rick Warren claims to have Orthodox Christian beliefs to Christians but talks a Universal social gospel to everyone else. By the way, this is not the first time that Warren has had insults for Conservative Christians.I used to think Rick Warren was just a bit dumb and over his head but now I think Rick Warren is really a master of using postmodern moral relativism to his own advantage and certainly not to the advantage of the true gospel.

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Rick Warren from Nation Cathedrel says that Evangelicals should unite with dead mainline churches

Rick Warren is the top guru in the most accepted movement in the evangelical churches – The purpose driven movement. Rick Warren never ceases to amaze me by what comes out of his mouth and where he will go to speak. In this case, Rick Warren speaks from a well known apostate Church but he does not give the gospel of Jesus Christ to them he tells these apostates that Evangelicals should unite with mainline churches without regard to their apostate doctrines.

Ever since I read the Purpose Driven Life and started following what Rick Warren has been preaching I have become increasingly concerned about this man.

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Dave Daubenmire puts his finger on the problem in today’s Churches. They have Christian versions of Oprah and Dr. Phil preaching in the pulpit and filling bookstores with sugar coated books. They sell Christians junk food.  How else do you explain what we see them buying for their consumption? Now many Christians keep craving more sugar until it puts them into a diabetic coma.

I expect this type of “preaching” from Dr. Phil, or Oprah, or a myriad of “pychobabalists” who dot the world of plasma TV’s. But it is tragic that the best selling Christian books in America today happen to be of this ilk.

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Are Those That Oppose The Purpose Driven Agenda Leaders From Hell?

The purpose driven leaders are teaching pastors to demonize Christian leaders that are against their purpose driven program. All that is documented in the link below.

Are Those That Oppose The Purpose Driven Agenda Leaders From Hell? : “Think carefully about what is being said in that statement. Southerland is encouraging pastors to think of those who may be their brother or sister in Christ as actually ‘leaders from hell!’ Why? Because they question the validity of a
church growth program which lacks Scriptural basis to support it. Talk about
demonizing your opposition because you don’t have a solid argument with which to respond to them except ‘Everybody’s doing Purpose Driven’ or ‘it gets results.’
I guess this motes operandi is not reserved for pundits and politicians alone.”

I don’t know where the Bible teaches that church gathering for fellowship, teaching and worship were to be designed to Evangelize the world through a water down entertainment service?

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Shaping the Global ‘Christian’ Youth

Like usual Berit Kjos gives too many good points in her well documented articles to do justification in a clip or two. I hope you will read the article. Berit has a very good handle on what is happening in the world and the church of today. It is not a pretty picture.

Berit Kjos — Shaping the Global ‘Christian’ Youth: “Like our secular guides, today’s postmodern, purpose-driven church guides keep sounding the call for continual change. And their restless audience — dulled by decades of ‘progressive education’ and corrupt entertainment — are fast falling in line behind the most popular pied pipers.

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What Happens When the Church Puts Primary Value on Attendance and Not on Discipleship and Doctrine

That is why I call the Emergent Church Rosemary’s baby of the seeker friendly movement. The leaders of the Emergent Church grew up in the seeker churches where Bible doctrine was downplayed.

The post-modern emergent movement along with Rome’s leadership fits to a tee the Harlot Woman who rides the Beast of Revelation. They most likely will be brought together in a war against Islam and it will hate fundamental religion of any kind and embrace all beliefs except those who claim to have absolute truth.

What Happens When the Church Puts Primary Value on Attendance and Not on Discipleship and Doctrine – CWN: “The Emerging Church Movement is about evangelizing the consumer.

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Purpose Driven support for Rosemarie’s baby

Ever wonder why Rick Warren gets all this news coverage? I guess it really helps to be a member of the CFR. I wonder how many of this globalist elite club he has reached for Christ? Paul Proctor, in this article hits the main points so I just want to add my belief that this movement is also the mother of Rosemarie’s baby (The emergent church movement). I explain that and talk about some of the issues that Paul Proctor brings up in my dominion theology article. It gets into Psychology, the Purpose Driven and the Emergent church movements and much more.

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