Jesus is not coming to rule the earth between 2012-2019

I am certain that this post will upset some people but with all the hype and speculation about Jesus coming between 2012-2019 the truth has to be said by someone. I will say dogmatically that Jesus is not coming to rule the earth between 2012-2019 as some Bible prophecy teachers are now saying.

First let me make it clear that I am not talking about the Rapture. The Rapture of the Church is not the second coming of Jesus Christ to rule the earth. The Rapture is always imminent and it can occur anytime even quite some time before the seven year tribulation.

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The Russians are coming! Pravda is visiting my website.

Today I see that the English version of Pravda has posted a major portion of one of my articles on their news website.

The article I wrote is called “Break up of the United States of America and Civil Upheavels – Imminent Danger #6 it is part of my imminent danger series. I wrote this sixth article in the series last year.

I do not mind that Pravda has posted this since they did not publish the whole article and they do provide a link to the full article. They also credited me with writing the article so that is fine.

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The revived Mediterranean Union will also be the revived Roman Empire

(Revised edition)

I have been saying that the Mediterranean Union (MU) will be the actual revived Roman Empire and not the EU alignment that we see today because many of the nations in the EU do not belong in the land area of  the old Roman Empire and others that belong in it are missing from the EU. Some have said I am wrong because the MU idea was recently not well received by certain nations. However, that is changing, it looks like Sorkozy’s MU idea will take root after all.

The Mediterranean Union as the revived Roman Empire makes more sense to me than the present EU for a lot of prophetic reasons.

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Revolution in Iran may bring moderation and solve the nuclear issue for Israel

It is interesting times in Iran these days. When 1 in 6 of all Iranians take part in the demonstrations in the streets of Tehran in rage against the fraudulent election results you know things are a changing in Iran. The Iranian people are taking to the streets knowing that they will be in danger from the Islamofascists running the nation. Their Islamic taskmasters are even using foreign hired Arab thugs to put fear in the people. You can be sure when city streets are totally filled with people that things are soon likely to change.

It seems to me that the Islamofascists are rapidly losing control of Iran and that Iran is now ripe for a cultural revolution.

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Telling the truth to Israel in these last days

While reading Carla’s excellent and always discerning More Books and Things blog I came across an article that I think needs further attention by those who study world events and Bible prophecy. I might not agree with every single point in this article but I certainly agree with Prof. Malan’s major concepts.

Bible prophecy teachers seem to convey that Israel today is in the will of God. Therefore they suggest we better not do anything that could be conveyed as touching the apple of God’s eye. Some even suggest that if we do not bless this largely atheist nation that God will judge our nation.

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Don Koenig’s world trends forecast for 2010-2020 AD

Things are getting pretty crazy out there to say the least so I think I will give you my world trends forecast for 2010-2020 AD. I think the next decade will be the most violent decade since the days of Noah. The only decade that will exceed it in violence will be decade of Jacob’s trouble which will probably begin sometime in the 20’s. Here is a glimpse of some of the things I think we can expect in 2010-2020. I am not a prophet.  They certainly do not have to occur just because I think they might. They are not in any specific sequence.

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Positions on the Ezekiel 38-39 war and the Rapture

Although I have seen this study posted in several different parts on a re-posting site elsewhere, the complete study is available on the link. This is about the best study I have seen on all the possible timings and positions on the Ezekiel 38-39 war. It gives all the different views and the pros and cons of each position. Nathan Jones position is quoted below. To read all the other views on this you will have to read the whole article.

By the way, Nathan’s position is the same as mine except for a couple of timing differences. I am not sure this war is before the Rapture and I do not see how Israel could be burning the weapons of war for 7 years during the great tribulation? 

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Netanyahu communicates to Obama that he must stop Iran from acquiring nukes and do it pronto.

This exclusive article about the author’s interview with Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel tells me that Netanyahu is not going to allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons. There are other problems with allowing Iran to get nuclear weapons besides the threat of a nuclear strike on Israel. If Iran acquired nukes it would upset the stability in the whole unstable Mid-East. The threat would also bully Israel citizens and some would depart Israel. Having Iran as a nuclear umbrella is certain to embolden all the terrorist groups in the area. Iran would also be a threat to Europe and Arab nations and could supply terrorists with a weapon of mass destruction that they might use anywhere.

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Will the Antichrist come to power after an EMP over Europe and the United States?

I almost fully agree with Hal Lindsey on this EMP issue. A couple of years ago I wrote that an EMP attack is the number one imminent danger to the United States. This danger has been reported to Congress by their own hand picked committee of experts. They reported to Congress that an EMP would send our nation back to the dark ages for months or even years. The link to that report is in my article. Guess what? Against the committee’s advice not one thing as yet been done to harden our electric and electronic infrastructure.

By the way, it is not just Iran that is a threat.

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The dangerous games the world allows terrorists to play

Hal Lindsay points out the scenario that time and time again plays out against Israel. The U.S. has once again been bullied by world opinion and the press into not voting in the UN security council. Now a 14 – 0 vote calls for an Israeli cease fire. Time and time again this game is played out in favor of the terrorists so Israel can never destroy their enemies. Thus, you can be sure that it will be played out again but next time under the new U.S. administration the U.S. will side with the enemies of Israel.   Then Israel will have to either commit suicide or ignore the U.N.

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Babylon the Great is about to rise.

This article probably has plenty of Bible prophecy significance. Iraq is trying to set up a group of nations like the EU in the Middle East. Many who study Bible prophecy have been saying that Iraq will rise again as a great world center of prosperity in the last days and fulfill the prophecies of Babylon and Babylon the Great. This most likely is the first major step in building the foundation for that entity.

Also notice that other regions on earth are doing the same thing as this EU pilot project prototype. All generally are following the Club of Rome’s plan for ten regional governments under a central world government.

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The subversion of the West by Socialist Marxists

This article gives some key points in the book “Shadow World: Resurgent Russia, The Global New Left, and Radical Islam“. The book and this article points out in much detail the Marxist Leftist agenda that is successfully subverting the West. You will not understand what is going on in the United States and the world today without understanding these issues. The author concludes that once these global socialist elements achieve significant positions of power within the United States, they will proceed with their plans to destroy Western civilization.

I have news. They have already taken over our educational system and the mainstream media and through lies of thousands of leftist groups they have just convinced enough people in the United States to vote in a socialist national government.

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A critique of the book “Isralestine” that suggests that the war of Psalm 83 is imminent

Is the war of Psalm 83 and a enlarged Israel imminent as in the book “Isralestine”?
One of the great mysteries for those who study Bible prophecy is the timing of the wars mentioned in Psalm 83 and the war described in Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39. They are obviously different wars but which war occurs first and when? Are they pretribulational wars or tribulation wars? How can Israel be living in peace and security prior to the Ezekiel war as the prophecy clearly indicates? That is the ongoing debate.

Bill Salus in his book “Isralestine” offers a solution but the thesis is very difficult to accept in light of real world realities but that does not mean the thesis he offers based on his selection and interpretation of certain scriptures is wrong.

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Russia takes steps to begin liquidation of many religions, Christian denominations, and mission groups including World Vision and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

This is the kind of religious freedom you get in Russia under Putin’s fascism. The religions get liquidated if they do not file annual reports on activities and it seems that they still get liquidated if they do file annual reports of activity and the State and the Russian Orthodox church does not like the religious activities. Basically, this means that all religion outside of the Russian Orthodox Church will not be allowed to exist in Russia. Even if this is just a scare tactic as some imply, what makes anyone think this liquidation will not eventually take place under Putin?

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Dr. David R. Reagan and the 2008 election.

Dr. David R. Reagan gives his discerning thoughts about the 2008 election. I totally agree with what he is is saying. I would point out that one of the reasons that only 59 percent of the eligible voters voted is that neither major party gave Conservatives and true Christians a candidate that we could vote for. We must never let that happen again.

We may only have one more national presidential election to get this right or in the out years we will find ourselves trying to elect an opposition leader in a fascist like climate of Putin’s Russia. Even in 2012 the playing field and the rules will give the Liberal home team a huge advantage.

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Rapture Ready Bible prophecy website back in the national news

It is nice to see Todd Strandberg and Terry James Rapture Ready website make the national media again. All the exposure helps to get the message out about Bible prophecy and that we are very near the prophetic end times on earth. If you have not visited the site I highly recommend it. For years RaptureReady has been the top Bible prophecy website in the world and I still very much appreciate the link they have up to my website.

Rapture: Distress about wars and the world economy feed apocalyptic warnings – Salt Lake Tribune

Strandberg, founder and editor of, the largest Christian prophecy site on the Internet, spends his days linking current events with biblical passages.

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Do you want America or a socialist fascist collective ant farm?

I list here two articles by two astute Christian teachers that also voice my concerns about America. We are at a turning point in America but we are turning toward a philosophy that we fought against during the entire cold war period – Marxist socialism.

In Jan’s article Joe Farah asked, were you polled on the recent huge leap into socialism when the government purchased banks with taxpayer money? The answer is yes and no.

It is yes because you were polled when you elected your Liberal leftist representatives to Washington. The American people can only blame themselves for the Congress they have and the pseudo Conservative President in office.

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Does the war of Psalm 83 come before the war of Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39?

I have not read the book “Isralestine”, by Bill Salus but it sounds like an intriguing prophetic explanation of end time events. Almost all futurist Bible prophecy students will agree that there are three end time wars involving Israel. However, we disagree somewhat on the timing of first two wars. Those wars being the Ezekiel Chapter 38 and 39 war where Gog comes down with a host of nations and the Psalm 83 war where a confederacy of nations attempts to cut Israel off from being a nation. In the mix somewhere is the destruction of Damascus since the prophecy has never been fulfilled yet.

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The ingredients for a one term American President or the recipe for a long term dictator?

On the domestic front the author of this article should also have mentioned the amnesty no win program, terrorism, a run on the dollar, hyper inflation, high unemployment, riots, energy shortages, rationing, a draft, perhaps an EMP attack, thought police and maybe a police state. On the foreign threat he missed North Korea, Venezuela, and probably the next world war. Combine what Gerard Baker suggested in this article and what I just added, throw in a few unknown ingredients, turn the world upside down and let it simmer for a couple of years and what will come out of America’s melting pot?

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Gog will be a nuclear guard for Iran

I believe Hal Lindsey will be correct that Russia will now actively seek to regain its former empire. It might not be all the same nations of the former USSR at least at first. But Russia will intimidate the nations of Eastern Europe to join a regional alignment of states to counter the West. Especially if the West is mired in the economic and Islamic caused turmoil that looks almost certain to come. These Eastern nations were not in the original Roman Empire and they will not be in the revived.

My advice to the U.S. and Israel is not to wait too long to take out Iran’s nuclear capabilities because within a very short time Iran will be protected under a Russian nuclear umbrella (thou hast been to them for a guard., Ez 38:7, YLT) and then we will not be able to take them out without a nuclear war with Russia.

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