Ten signs that the American president is under demonic control

Presidents unfit for the office are something for secular historians to debate, but I think any President under the control of the Devil should be a major concern and prime focus of true Christians in America.

Ten signs that indicate that our America President is under demonic control

1. Promoting the killing of life in the womb here and all over the world.

2. Promoting homosexuality, sexual immorality and the destruction of marriage

3. Seeing that the Christian God and His Son are removed from the public arena

4. Rebellion against the laws of this nation (unconstitutional actions)

5. Self aggrandizement – narcissism – tyrannical –  thinking that he defines the law

6. Receiving praise, worship and financial support from the known reprobates of society

7. Compelling woman to fight in the military

8. Compulsive lying –  obsessively secretive about personal life

9. Covetousness – wealth confiscation by taxes – Robin Hood syndrome – Communist ideals

10. Promotes hate by denigrating and belittling and setting whole classes and races of people against each other.

A moral people should be able to determine if a president is under the control of demonic entities. So, the real question is why would such a person get elected in America, if there even remains a moral minority? Our system of government was set up for a moral people. American’s can only keep our system of government if they elect moral leaders.

Most Americans did not vote. Obama only got about 20 percent of the adults in this nation to vote for him. If America is to survive, the 80 percent that did not vote for him are going to have to do something about what they see.

I think the wise thing would be to form a new party with a goal to get at least 25 percent of the adult vote in America. The power brokers in the Republican Party want you to believe that a third-party cannot win. The truth is that if the constitutional patriots and true Christians in America actually had someone who was not a progressive statist to vote for, they certainly should show up and win.

There is no more time to waste trying to convert the Republican Party power brokers that have their own statist agenda. The America that our founders set up is lost to demonic forces if the well over 25 percent of constitutional patriots and true Christians in America do not make this third party movement happen. I know it is easier said then done, but people with money and influence can make this grass roots movement get going if they get on the same page.



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 Don Koenig is the founder of ThePropheticYears website. He has been publishing articles on the Internet on Bible prophecy, biblical discernment and Christian worldviews since 1999. You can find well over a thousand articles and thousands of comments written by Don from the homepage of this website.


30 thoughts on “Ten signs that the American president is under demonic control

  1. I’m 52. I just want to sit down and cry sometimes becaues of what I see the country becoming. Most of the popel I know, who are Christians, are asleep and can’t see what’s going on.

    Our government is satanic.
    Our medical system is corrupt and only “manages” disease. Cures are illeagal.
    Our food supply is poisened. Eating good food takes agreat deal of effort and time.
    Churches have followed the 502(c)3 heard like lemmings off a cliff.

    What do I do? We’re on a roller coaster to a control grid society, and few care.

    But I guess that’s what’s supposed to happen.

  2. Amen Don. I’m sure you’ve experienced what I have when mentioning a third party. I don’t trust the media, Fox included. Though they may ask questions the other MSM channels don’t, they still back the good old establishment. If we could get 25% of so called Christians to come out and vote for a 3rd party candidate that is a true Conservative, God fearing, anti establishment, Constitution abiding citizen, we may have a shot. As for Obama being demonically controlled, I totally agree. I think hell on earths HQ, is right here in my once great city of Chicago and many of the demons run our state and local govt, including the demon Rahm.

  3. i agree a million percent on this article. and also dave, i think you are spot on with what u said. Its exactly as predicted in the bible, many will say they believe, but they deny its power.

  4. Wow Don, you’ve wholloped David Breese’s “seven men who rule the world from the grave” in one fell swoop. Good job. Yes we need a third party, a conservative, constitutional party. There is also a book out that teaches how to counter all of Alinsky’s attack methods. We need someone who can do that effectively. The grand destroyer is having fun pulling this country apart but I do disagree about Obama being possessed. He is certainly full of himself but he is a puppet in a grand plan for the evil one; a useful fool. He has been preparing for this day since his birth. He believes those seven idiots. Satan has used them as well. 11 million people didn’t vote the last election because there wasn’t a candidate to vote for. We need one badly.

  5. He is a real life Robin Hood. Stealing from the hard working (“wealthy capitalists”), and giving to the lazy (“victims of the capitalist establishment”). It sickens me to think that this Marxist in Chief is breaking down the country while millions do nothing about it. Now would be the best time to act.

    Business owners has to choose between their faith or heavy fines. Seriously, Christianity will be destroyed within the next decade, whatever is left of it. You did see this coming right?

    I think the time for calling Obama names and stuff should end. What he is doing is simply not funny. He should be escorted by the military (who pledged to uphold the constitution) to whatever Islamic hell hole he was spawned from. The same barbarians he tries so hard to appease would probably gladly await him with stones in their hands.

  6. Juan,

    Christianity is never going to be destroyed in this age or the ages to come and the gist of your comment seems rather confused.

  7. Mr Koenig,

    Can you please clarify your two positions: 1. “Americans will not elect a President with a biblical worldview” 2.Thoughts contain in this article stating a 3rd party should be formed and “The truth is that if the constitutional patriots and true Christians in America actually had someone who was not a progressive statist to vote for, they certainly should show up and win.”

    You will recognize these as two of your quotes. They seem totally incongruent.

    I am a new reader and like your thoughts overall, but don’t know what to think about seeming to say two different things about the same subject

  8. I am completely astounded by what I have seen and heard from this president for the past few years. Most recently his claim that God’s love extends to the abomination of homosexuality. I just cannot believe what I am seeing! Our government is so corrupted I almost feel that it is too far gone for any real leadership to arise. So, I do agree that the only true leadership will have to come from the grass roots. A main problem I see with this is the Media’s complete high jacking of any opposition group, e.g. “The Tea Party” and Glenn Beck or whoever. It seems that it is our only hope to really change our direction, so we would need the backing of some major funded businesses and high profile earners. Other than that, we may be headed for secession and much internal strife as you have previously mentioned Don. Thanks for another great topic!

  9. HI Duane,

    The one article was written before the election and I was talking about the political realities within the present political structure.

    This article is saying that if true Christian and patriotic conservatives started a third party that would run on abiding by the intent of our Constitution, they could win political control of this nation. Obama has shown that it only takes getting about 20 percent of the adults in this country to vote for him to control it. We have more than enough true Christians and Constitutional conservative to raise those number if there was a worthy candidate to vote for.

    I am not saying that they would unite on a Christian candidate, but they could unite on a candidate that believes in the system of government that our founders set up with its built in individual liberties and freedoms. 20+ percent could unite on the proper role of federal government, traditional moral values, the free enterprise system, etc. Obama proved that 20 percent of adults can move the people of this nation toward godlessness, hedonism and statist socialism. If so 20+ percent of adults can change the direction of the nation back toward traditional values and a representative Republic.

    The Far Left with their Communist agenda are all united on the same side the road but the Republican leaders want to walk the line and they split their vote allowing the Communists to win. I see no hope for reforming the Republican party anymore. A new party is needed that will stay on the right side of the road and if that can be done there will be plenty of grass roots support for them to win.

    Do I think it will actually happen? Probably, not before a lot of violent conflict.

  10. Without scripture and without the light to understand it, people will believe any deception – all the while, hostile to actual truth (since the original deception at the garden — hence, all the feminization of the world culture).

    Leaders shall be more and more diabolical and demon-led across the world and you can see that in political leaders over the past couple decades, particularly the west and future state Roman empire countries. Their deception skill set is improved since WW-II and, this time, the Harlot is vastly more influential in supporting these demonized leaders (which is rather disturbing in that the “counterfeit religion(s)” [usurping cults] are able to manipulate and deceive using scripture fragments out of context without light — at least it brings out their followers more overtly so you can identify the wolves masqurading as sheep).

    Hope is only in Jesus, but the wolves will deflect that and, instead, choose mortals as their idol of [counterfeit] hope. All this Obama hope nonsense is just that – a form of counterfeit hope.

    Note that violence, past/present/future, is mostly formsOfEvil-against-otherFormsOfEvil, vice Christain-against-nonChristain. As Don said, Satan is an equal opportunity killer. The future holds a progression of untold violence. And then there’s judgments, prophecied and “non-mentioned”.

    Leaders under demonic control shall naturally spurn class hatred, breaking as much ground for killing and violence as possible. All the while, operating with improved skills at deception and counterfeiting God, attempting to ride a [false] white horse.

  11. Shawn,

    Libertarians differ among themselves and I do not claim to speak for them. You can do a Google search to find out what they stand for. In brief, my own opinion is that the significance difference with conservatives might be wanting to end the war on drugs, military and economic isolationism, doing away with almost all taxes, not paying our accrued debts, legalizing drugs, and getting rid of almost all government regulation.

    What they might have in common with conservatives is the desire for small government, a sound currency, and keeping government and the UN out of our life as much as possible.

  12. Thank you Don. It needed to be said. The solutions you propose in this article are not happening because the same demonic entities which control the individual in question also have a stronghold on the entire system. The prince of the power of the air leaves nothing to chance. It’s why proposing political solutions becomes so frustrating for many of us.

  13. Don, I do like your idea about turning out a new party with 25% of the adults.

    However, in the 2012 US Presidential election, Obama received almost 66 million votes – that is 28% of all people in the US over 18. (Our Census says 314 million total in 2012 with 23.7% under 18 [in 2011] so that would be about 240 million adults.)

    Romney got about 61 million (so he got your 25% number) and all others about 2 million. That is a total voter turn out of about 129 million or only 54% of the US adult population. This lousy turnout is AFTER spending $2 billion on the Presidential battle and another $4 billion on all other 2012 elections – $6 billion towards the struggle for power!

    After that spending tsunami of $15.50 per Presidential vote I don’t think you can get significantly more folks to the polls. This is reconfirmed by the realization that Christianity in the US is shrinking in both numbers and in commitment to Biblical principles. I just don’t see 60 million (your number of 25%) or 70 million (what it would really take) adults being the real Christians it will take to move the US back into its proper spot “Under God”.

    We can still pray…

  14. Fount,

    You might be more correct about the percentages but I would not go with 2010 census data either. There probably are about 330 million people living in America. Also, I think a couple of million of Obama votes are fraudulent.

    I obviously was not only talking about true Christians showing up, I also included conservative and libertarian patriots.

  15. Good article. I believe the voting apparatus has been totally corrupted. Hence, I do not put a lot of faith in finding ONE candidate to pull us up out of this mess. Besides, with all the corruption that has been going on with every politician, businessmen, bankers, judges, etc. I think John Q. Public is too jaded to believe that there is anyone out there who ultimately won’t also turn out to be Joe Corrupto!!

    However, we can “vote” in other ways, perhaps much more effectively. First, stop paying taxes in mass (there are no laws requiring this and it is totally unconstitutional). If there were a movement to do this, this small cabal of criminals at the governmental level wouldn’t be able to throw everyone in jail. Believe me, (former Masters in tsx CPA), they are very aware of this and that is why they make big examples of anyone who tries to stop paying taxes on their own.

    And second, take a very firm stance against any type of gun control.

    There is also another element at work here that is allowing these demonics to be in control. Satan and his minions (at all levels) absolutely need to have the shedding of innocent blood (babies and children) to become more and more powerful. I think that the US involvement/allowing of abortion here and now worldwide is the main reason that the antichrist will come to power. There has to be a way to shut this killing machine down.

    We are actually only standing up against less than 500 people in control. Our God is everywhere, all powerful, all seeing, all goodness and on the side of right. We can call down this power. We have so much power at our fingertips – it is strange really that the church is so whiny and incapable??


  16. Susan,

    I disagree that those that do not support the Obama-nation should just stop paying their taxes. There are plenty of people in federal prisons that held and taught your view. Courts have repeatedly supported the tax laws, let’s not be gullible.

    As for there not being enough prisons. True, but who wants to be the first million sacrificial lambs to do time there? And believe me if push comes to shove consecration camps are not out of the question. How many tens of millions of people did Stalin incarcerate? Also, by just freeing those in prison convicted on marijuana charges they can free up a whole lot of space for tax protesters.

    I also disagree that there are just 500 people in control. There are that many in a small area of Washington DC alone. Obama is not getting 50 percent approval ratings because there is nobody supporting him. Homeland Security has many thousands of people under his direction and it will soon be millions.

    The Antichrist will come to power when the restrainer allows him to come to power and not before. That is in God’s timing, not ours. We cannot call down God’s power to destroy the enemies of Christ. We that died in Christ, have been left here to tell the good news to the lost. We are not here to destroy the lost.

    We are not to call down judgment. That is the false teaching of those believing the lies of Dominion Theology. First, all appointed to be saved must come in, and only then will the end come. The Kingdom of God is not going to come to earth through the works of carnal Christians.

  17. Perhaps I was unclear. I am talking about prayer and making the effort to change the abortion laws. I am not a RT subscriber – not by a long shot. Also, I am not for calling down “judgment” on anyone and I don’t think I said that.

    Re: your tax reply. There are at least two guys I know of who have an anti-tax ministry in that they are bringing to light the illegality of the tax laws. Both of them WON in court and they were facing prison time had they lost. Another person, Sherry Jackson, a former IRS agent, lost because the judge would not let her present her evidence.

    I am not suggesting that anyone do anything illegal, however, I have a moral dilemma in my heart when I consider the wars and abortions, and horrible prison conditions which exist and the fact that my tax dollars are funding this.

    Sorry if I was unclear. I am not some wacko person sitting in the woods with a shot gun waiting for a confrontation with the IRS. Susan

  18. Susan,

    So you think paying the lawyers much more money than it would have cost you if you actually paid your taxes is a good idea to suggest to others?

    Anti-tax Ministry? At least you did not say it was a Christian ministry. Even if they like to identify themselves as “Christians”.

    If anyone is not going to jail, it is because the government could not prove their was intentional fraud for not paying their taxes or for some other such reason. It is not because the tax law is unconstitutional. The Supreme Court already ruled it was.

    Keep in mind that most of the people telling others these things are in the business of selling stuff. Believing what they are selling might get you hit with a heavy fine on top of years of back taxes. I know that there are some people doing time because of believing what these guys are selling.

    Having said that, if you think you should not pay taxes as a Christian because of the evil that government is doing with some of your tax money then civil disobedience is one option. However, keep in mind that breaking government laws also brings consequences.

  19. Ephesians 6:12 For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.

    You called it right. West Point is training it’s cadets that firing on American citizens is OK. The NWO brought in by Daddy Bush and Clinton is just being proliferated by Obama. All paid lackey’s for Satan, the grand destroyer and deceiver. Obama is especially hateful as his training was Marxism, not capitalism. The bankers run the show and while Bush was from a wealthy banking family the rest are useful fools who bought the koolaide. The tea party congress at this moment contemplates the agenda that we know is our undoing. Our hope is to get out of this mess that man has made without letting it turn us against God, Jesus and salvation. Righteousness tells us gun wielding criminals should suffer the consequences but man is pragmatic, utilitarian so it is much easier to go after law abiding citizens than the criminals. They can’t afford the prisons now. Fortunately gun legislation is being omitted by the Senate, for now.

  20. My people perish for lack of knowledge.


    The federal income tax “law” is not constitutional. Period. The supreme court cases you cited (2 that I know of) are in conflict with the majority of supreme court rulings that go in the opposite direction.

    Joe Banister, a former criminal investigator for the IRS, would be the most obvious person I can think of that has the anti-tax ministry I mentioned. Yes, he is a Christian and no, he is not “selling” anything. Other than knowledge.

    There is a great article by Devvy Kidd, written on Nov 5th, 2007 regarding the conviction of Sherry Jackson. I am not going to post the whole thing. Anyone who is truly interested in the truth regarding the illegality of our so called federal tax laws, will take the time to google this article and educate themselves.

    Kidd’s article is chock full of links to the actual cases and arguments presented by constitutional experts, (of which I am definitely not one), so you/others can see this information for yourselves.

    As I stated before, it would take the vast majority of citizens to realize they are being financially raped by the federal reserve and that the 16th amendment was never ratified, and then to simply stop paying taxes to put a dent in the seemingly, unstoppable tyranny that “we the people” see forming against us before our eyes.

    Ron Paul was going to end the IRS and the Federal Reserve and Christians didn’t get behind him. This is one reason why I think your idea about a “candidate” will not work. The tea party was also infiltrated with opposition that quickly quelched the momentum. If Christians do not see and know the truth themselves, they are not going to support someone who pledges to bring that truth to light.

    Christians have to be educated on an individual level. The problem is that we are not educated and we don’t take the time to find out the truth. Hence, we are led to the slaughter. Personally, I will not go quietly into the night. Even if the only footprint I leave behind is a plea for others to wake up.

    Thanks for your ministry, BTW. Susan

  21. Susan,

    We are getting off topic.
    I did not say the federal income tax system is really constitutional, but you’re not going to win in the Supreme Court by claiming that you do not have to pay taxes because it is unconstitutional. The facts are that much of what our government had done in the past and is doing now is not constitutional in the minds of Conservatives and Libertarians. However, we do not rule this country. Was the civil War constitutional? Do Christians want to start another war over taxes? Nobody wins that one.

    No matter what anyone thinks the federal income tax has establish legal precedence and is now the law of the land and helps pay our bills until Congress legislates a new tax system. I wonder how Devvy Kidd would deal with the civil war if the government had no money to send checks to the half the people in America that receive them because everyone just stopped paying income taxes? Some people’s solutions are much worse than the status quo. I have read Kidd’s articles, she cherry picks what she wants to make it sound the way she wants. A one sided argument does not make for a good case.

    As for Ron Paul, Conservatives and Christians rejected him because he is too libertarian, not because he wanted to go to a different tax system. I think we need to live in the real world and not in some idealistic world that does not exist and will not exist before the second coming.

    Christians need to get back on Christian issues. No political system in the history of the world or any that man can devise is ever going to bring salvation to the lost. The root of the political, moral and economic problem in this country is that most Americans have never been saved.

  22. Hasn’t the time arrived for Christians to choose which hill they are willing to die on?
    Weren’t the taxes in the first century lawless and confiscatory? Wasn’t the government ruthless and tyrranical? When I read The books of Acts I find that they prefered the great commission and the cause of Christ to legislating. If we’d get busy like first century Christians got busy doing the things they were doing, maybe we’d be spreading the gospel rather than concerning ourselves endlessly with loopholes and unratified amendments,legal precedents,and yes even illegal government institutions, yadayadayada. Why stop with he IRS?
    Hey lets fight the department of education and the EPA and the National Endowments for the Arts, etc. So much to be done! So little time! The enemy must love this.

  23. Sorry to get off topic, Don. One final thought……there were many Americans and Christians who shed their blood for the freedom (albeit diminishing)which we enjoy.

    The globalists agenda and satan’s favorite tactic is going to be the mass killing of 90% of the world’s population once the resistance is gone. There won’t be too many people left to witness to. I’m done.

  24. Susan,

    I think there will be more people converted to Christ by the preaching of the 144,000 Israelis than were ever converted prior to their ministry. All die in the flesh. The real point is that people receive everlasting life by the Spirit before they die. Actually, even the Antichrist and the tribulation has a purpose. During this great trial people will have to make a choice.

  25. Hi Don,

    I’m new to your blog and am not familiar with all of your beliefs as a Christian. From what I have read we seem to think along the same lines. I am not an Obama supporter nor was I a supporter of Romney. What I do believe is that Obama is in Office because God has put him there. I should have taken the time to accurately quote the scripture, but it goes as follows: The Lord appoints those who are over us and we should be good stewards. They are there for His glory and purpose. By complaining about Obama and his policies is akin to not trusting God… Just a thought!!!

  26. Fred,

    God often gives the nation the leader that they deserve. I have been saying that Obama is our judgment.

    By complaining about Obama and the evil he represents maybe some people will learn why we got him and turn from their evil ways. I do not agree that complaining about Obama is akin to not trusting God. We ought to realize that we have Obama because we have turned from God and then do something about it.

    With your reasoning I guess you think that nobody should have opposed Hitler or Stalin. Just go with the flow and let them kill Jews and Christians because God put these demonic leaders in charge for His glory. Yeah, sure.

    The scripture was saying that lawful Kings are set up by God to administer justice it was not saying that we should enable unlawful tyrants to oppress the nation.

  27. Yes God does set up ungodly Governments in that He ALLOWS them to reign (it is his permissive will)… and it IS for the purpose of revealing His glory.

    Glory is the revealing of God’s perfect character.

    One of the attributes of God’s character is perfect inviolable JUSTICE and that is revealed after ungodliness has prevailed in a nation and judgement falls upon that nation in the form of injustice and tyranny. When such tyranny prevails God’s inviolable justice is being carried out. Don is absolutely correct when he says the Obama administration is God’s judgement on the US.

    But we in other Western nations cannot point the finger, for we are on the same downward path.

  28. Has anyone ever heard of Virginia Prodan? She was raised under the murderous Communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and decided to become a lawyer because she was seeking “the truth”, in a country filled with lies and deception. Through one of her clients she came to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Risking the lives of her two children and her own life, she used the existing laws that were still in place in Romania to take Ceausescu to court. Eventually, the cops and secret police who were murdering their fellow countrymen came to realize that the real villian was Ceausescu and turned on him and his wife Elena. After a mock 90 minute trial, they were executed.

    Prodan’s message is one of great hope. She sees all this happening again in America. And what transpired in Romanis, happened over decades, as it is happening here. Slowly.

    There is a great 37 minute video on youtube from 2-26-2013. Almost at the end, she makes a statement which is so profound: Faith and fear are both contagious. Spend time conquering your fears with God’s help and then spread your faith. You are not alone. People will believe what you are saying even if they don’t vocalize it, many will follow you.

    I know that Obama is a judgement, but I also know we as Christians have been given great responsibilities to speak the truth, guard the truth and always, always, stand up for the truth.

    While this article and the next one Don wrote about the despairing conditions which most likely will occur in America, I cannot help but be drawn to people who have hope and trust in God to do the impossible. To turn this situation around and stop these evil, deceptive people using nothing more than truth and courage. One person can change the destiny of a country.

    And the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. Susan

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